this is like my favorite gag on the internet

Just a little inbox from Matt i thought i should post

“Hi Marcus! Matt here from TBFP. I’m sorry I don’t have a tumblr account, but honestly, since I answer all youtube messages, do a lot on the facebook, and just got a twitter, my mind is too small to manage ALL DAT SOCIAL MEDIA. So I hope you can take it on face value that it’s me! I do browse the TBFZ tumblr pretty much everyday, as it does help me zero on on cosplay, fanart, and other great fan stuff! So thanks so much for doing it! I noticed recently there were some fans who made comments about me recently that I want to address, but really, this goes for all of us when there’s any negativity or misconceptions. If any TBFZ fans want to get an honest look at how we act in real life, I highly suggest sticking to just LPs and the Podcast, as that is when we are at our most relaxed. For me personally, the "skeevy” comments or attitude that I’ve portrayed are all jokes. I’m actually pretty shy/nervous around girls to this day! One of my favorite comedic gags is the “horn dog loser” like Leisure Suit Larry, so when I think I have an opportunity to portray that and get a laugh out of it, I’ll take it! It’s a huge responsibility, but I am up to the task! lol In real life though, I’ve had two major relationships, my first that lasted 9 years and my current one that I’m sure will far outlast that. I’m a very “one-woman” guy, but that doesn’t really equal into comedy, and that sorta act is what I fell into. These types of misconceptions are common on the internet, and they go for all of us; Liam is NOT a stuck up know-it-all who thinks he’s better than everyone, he’s one of the sweetest most caring people I’ve ever met, and Woolie is not a animal abusing thieving liar, he’s a standup guy who’s very honest and loyal to his friends. Hard to believe, but Pat is not actually a fisting-master shut-in who hangs out at playgrounds on occasion…he’s a knowledgeable guy who stands up for his opinions. Depending on the video, we play up certain things for the sake of comedy and entertainment, but when I see a comment or a message that’s WAY too personal (usually directed at Liam or Woolie) it really irks me cuz I know all these guys in real life, and it sometimes crosses the line. You are free to post this on the TBFZ tumblr if you like, just so to clear the air. We have so much fun stuff planned for the rest of the year, and I want the community to get along as best as possible! Thanks! ^__^“ 

rootsoforigin  asked:

The gemsona bit had to be my favorite part hands down.

oh man, I loved that. That was such a clear nod to the fandom and not to mention the whole Mr. Gusite thing, which actually happened, and this episode was already made so they had to plan on that or rather just got lucky there ended up being another Gemsona week before the episode aired so they could pull off the gag. Like, its so meta, I love it.

Also, I was thinking, this introduces the concept of gemsonas to little kids who otherwise wouldn’t know about it since they might not go on the internet. So maybe now other kids will be like Mr. Gus and make their own gemsonas