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What is it that you don't like about David?

Well, on a meta level the second David shows up is the exact moment when I could kiss any chance of two of my faves (Louis and Daniel) getting to do anything ever again goodbye. David stole Louis’ role as the bookish love interest and knowledge seeker so hard that even though Merrick (which is a shitty book, but that’s beside the point) is ABOUT LOUIS, David is the narrator. 

He stole Daniel’s role as the reporter/chronicler, too – I’m still flabbergasted that when we finally got to have Armand confess his backstory in a modern context (even if TVA makes me want to claw my skin off in several respects), it’s not his first and only fledgling who gets to hear it but this fuckwit yahoo whom Armand has no reason to trust (and who is a leering creep throughout).

On the subject of creepitude, I don’t like him as a character, either. Even in his capacity as the old, mortal head of the Talamasca he’s a patronizing dickweed (you just know that Actual Adult Professional Jesse put up with a metric ton of mansplaining all day every day), and he’s right up there with Marius as far as taking advantage of underage partners (see: Merrick – don’t worry, she’s PRECOCIOUS, so it’s FINE that she’s like 13). 

When he’s not being an asshole or a creep he’s just DULL – there’s not a single aspect of his character that another existing one doesn’t do better, but he’s Anne’s Chosen Love Interest for Lestat (you can SMELL the pissiness when she wrote that Louis reunion scene in PL, on top of all the other issues) so we have to keep putting up with him.

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☆ : give the first lines of a song which is originally in your language - asdjjasd MY TIME HAS COME!!! okay real talk we don’t rly,, have any good musicians/songs these days (other than party jams) but this is one of my fave songs ever and i’m pretty sure the singer is bi like he hasn’t come out or anything but i just Know (the translation goes up to 1:11) “my life is a souvenir from a dusty road i drove on drunk / this is just a souvenir from memories in which i was someone else / steps i’ve hidden, tears i’ve drank / what we were will stay in the past and the trace from this moment will become a souvenir” and there’s also a line that comes on later and it’s “and again, the wounds heal up and the scars become a souvenir” and and it’s such a Me song™ i always cry!!
❁ - answered!
✌: favourite proverb/saying from your language - (since the list just goes on and on asjkjkadf) there’s a saying that’s only half-bulgarian bc it’s from when we were enslaved by the ottoman empire - the original is“бели кахъри” and it basically means “white problems” like that’s the actual literal translation but the true meaning is “first world problems, not that big of a deal™” skadks i love my unintentionally woke country

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  • First impression: let’s be real here i was in love with him from the start cuz i watched mob city for jon 
  • Impression now: BUT as i watched the show for jon…i fell for joe. my sweet bby who deserves all the love and all of the soft kisses!! 
  • Favorite moment: there’s a lot but idk when he kisses jasmine at the train station something about that just rips me to shreds! HE KISSES HER WITH EVERYTHING HE HAS
  • Idea for a story: literally anything involving his marine days or him as a cop starting out or as a bby boxer
  • Unpopular opinion: idk?? he deserves better IS THAT UNPOPULAR
  • Favorite relationship: ned tbh like..their brotp is one of my faves i’ve ever seen on a show
  • Favorite headcanon: that he joined the marines to serve because he wanted to, not because he had to 

send me a character!

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✨❤ just wanted to let you know that everytime i see your blog coming by on my dash i get the biggest smile on my face. you are legit one of my fave blogs around... you are /so/ nice, one of the most (if not /the/ most, yes i dare say it) talented theme makers around, so good anything coding/graphs/gifs in general like how are you so good at all of it rip ?? and on top of that you use matt as a mascot... your blog is my personal heaven. just wanted to share this moment of admiration rip :') ❤✨

oh gosh i just woke up to this and??? i think this may have been the sweetest message i have ever received??? i hope its okay i posted this i wanted to save it dhfjg you are so so full of kindness sien i just wanna thank you omg this was incredibly heartwarming to read i love u sm wow

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annyeong, potato! well, i really love TCY and all the stories of yours (^ω^)hmm, i'd like to know about the best fics you've read, of course if you want to talk about it :3

omg thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥

well, this is quite a difficult question bec i’ve read tons of greatestestest fics so i’m not sure i have the time (or the memory) to recall them all. You probably won’t get anything from me but incoherent keyboard smashes but here’s at least a few of my favorites, that I’ve read over and over again:

make a day feel like a minute, - written by maia senpai. forever will be on my top fave fics of all time. who can resist GOLD JACKET GUY? i’ll die with this fic lol she is one of the most wonderful writers ever. i love everything maayacola wrote like masquerades, woodnote, and complications. I’m sad we don’t get to see her write now but yeah, what makes her awesomest for me is she doesn’t need to use really complicated words to make her fics beautiful. I think it’s all in the way she describes her char’s personalities and little habits, their mannerisms that make them relatable and unforgettable, FEELS, MAN.

even though we ain’t got money, i’m so in love with you honey - by nacseo. OMG like really. I just love how Chanyeol loves Baekhyun here. I melt very time the author describes what Chanyeol feels everytime he looks at Baekhyun. One of the top faves ever. I need more fics like this, man. ♥♥♥♥♥

and, things left behind - written by awesomest pim, and it’s so heartbreaking and well, this was basically my baekyeol headcanon before so. and she also wrote one of the most heartbreaking things: hand in hand (we swim in our sins).

someday dream - written by captain frances! and it’s really a sweet sweet fic. i think it’s one of the first few baekyeol fics ive read. Baekhyun hiring Chanyeol as date ashddfsgafk ♥

moments like these - by austyn-senpai \o/ who could resist anything she writes (i am still forever waiting for the OA update lol). it’s the best kind of fluff omg you just don’t know how much i’ve squealed reading this. BEST KIND OF BAEKYEOL TBH

lollipop division - by alex \o/ who hasn’t read this even? this is heartbreaking and i always have chest pains whenever i read it. but it’s happy ending so all good \o/ 

shoelaces - by dancingducks. SERIOUSLY EVERY BAEKYEOL SHIPPER SHOULD READ IT ;A; the epilogue ;;;;; 

instincts / control - by kiwi-ism. like all the others, i literally lost count of how many times i’ve read this. more than the cool au it’s in (MAMA powers) I love the relationship of the characters, especially of baekhyun and chanyeol. how chanyeol was so afraid of being in a relationship and how loving baekhyun changed his mind. bestest ♥♥♥

i’d take you over a million subscribers - by astrou. just AHSKD GASGHSFGKAHSDAHFHFGJGFgf YES. ♥

i just called to say i love you - by teastallpanda. PIXIE AND MEOW ;AAA; srsly, need i say more.

Folie à Deux - by vaxylia, lol  if you just want sexy fun and well OT12 being their wacky selves. \o///

and your name was? - by aimbord. i don’t usually come across fics like these. it read like a romance novel to be honest and just really really cool and sweet beneath it’s edgy writing style. SEXY TOO :D

SO OMG THERE ARE A GAZILLION MORE BUT IM DUMB I CAN’T LIST THEM ALL ;AAA; But you can probably notice that most of them are really romantic happy ending fics because i’m a sucker for happily ever afters ;AAA; this is just the tip of the iceberg o<-<

SO FOR TEH MEANTIME (until i come up w my on rec page), HERE’s WONDERFULLEST AVi’s FIC REC LIST. ehehe