this is like my 10th selfie

Okay so, at my middle school, there was a 6th grade girl who had bragged about fucking her 10th grade boyfriend. Well, one day when everyone was loading into their buses and leaving the school, a huge group of kids found a condom. They found out that it was used because one kid actually like, played w/ it when they found it. Everyone was taking selfies w/ it too. 

A Final Goodbye

This blog is turning one year old! And to celebrate it, I will be closing! So this is my goodbye letter!

If you’re reading this, my blog is officially one year old (is it July 10th already?) Yes future me, it is! And here is why, if you even care. If you don’t then well… I can’t really blame you.

If you don’t want to read all the way to the end: Monday July 10th will be the last day I’ll be around, until exactly 11:59pm. Happy reading!

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Nico’s Birthday Headcanons

I don’t have many, but

  • All his friends from Camp Jupiter and pretty much half of everyone from Camp Half-Blood attend
  • Will wakes him up and brings him out of his cabin at 11AM (Nico was allowed to sleep in for once) and there are so many people outside, and they start singing Happy Birthday (they try to sing it in Italian too, but, well. It’s a disaster)
  • There’s blue birthday cake (Sally made it), candy, presents…
  • Nico smiles after blowing the candles
  • The first slice goes to (”you’re supposed to choose someone special to you”, Will whispered in his ear when he noticed the confused expression in his boyfriend’s face) Hazel. The second one goes to Reyna. The third one goes to both Jason and Will, because they were bickering about who would get a slice first and now they have to share it (Nico’s orders), the fourth one goes to Frank…
  • Basically, my sweet child of the Underworld doesn’t understand that he was only supposed to choose who gets the first slice, and no one has the heart to inform him that
  • “The 8th slice goes to Jules-Albert, the 9th goes to Clovis, the 10th goes to Apollo…”
  • There are party hats. And pictures!
  • Hades passes by and gives him a selfie stick and a professional camera, because teenagers nowadays like to take selfies, apparently, and he thought Nico might enjoy recording random moments of his life.
  • Other presents include: new weapons, posters, headphones with a cute skull pattern, audiobooks from successes from the last decades (like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings), the Star Wars DVD collection (some people have already figured out he is a complete nerd), an iPod…
  • I ran out of ideas but it would basically be very cute and Nico would cry in silence that night because he was very very happy
  • (Solangelo bonus: Will and Nico have their first kiss that day in somewhere private, and they both giggle and blush and hold hands [clutches heart] because they’re both very happy :’’) )

STORY TIME. So I threw an MCRX listening party because i’m trash right and I got Gerard Way’s phone number (don’t ask for it) off a friend who knows someone who knows someone etc. who’s dad worked with him years ago and we fuckin… we caLLED IT. and i was hoping he wouldn’t pick up because I really wouldn’t know what to say and like yeah he didn’t pick up so like cool so we put the phone down and chilled. anD THEN THE PHONE STARTED RINGING AND WE ALL SCREAMED AND RAN TO THE PHONE AND IT WAS HIM. I picked it up and he said “Hey this is Gerard Way, I just missed a call from this number” and what did I do??? I SLAMMED THAT PHONE BACK DOWN AND RAN I S2G. NOT TODAY. So everybody started screaming again and then he called back again and me best friend answered it and it went to voice mail for some reason and then he called AGAIN. LIKE 2 MORE TIMES. yeah nobody answered we were all just freaked out it was a mess anyways yes this was my day what did you do

(i s2g I didn’t even make this up like- my heart is still pounding i’m a fuckin idiot)
(picture above is emo squad selfie from today ask any of them) (one is @pegasistersrock oi) (i’m the one in the back w/ the hair and no face)


Mail October 10th


Seichan said
she will make me a
choco mint dessert〜(*°q°*)waaaa

I would also like
ro try make one … but

the only one I can make is omurice
and fried egg
Is it possible for me to make choco mint dessert …(´・3・`)?lol


I keep frowning 、、、lol

I will took a smiling photo


yesterday I don’t know why
I hold my nose like this while taking selfie …

aaaaand… today
My nose bleeding really bad lol

maybe yesterday’s selfie is premonition
of today’s nosebleed(;q;)

Hello Kagawa Prefecture

we took a ferry
looking at beauty of the sea in the night
very nice … so cool …(*′q`*)


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My name is Axel I’m 24
since December 10th 2015 🎉😎

cy-lindric remember when we were in Hyde Park and imagined an AU where teen!Loki was banished to Midgard during Darcy’s high school years and they of course became bffs and partners in crime ?


Hope you’ll like this at least, like, a 10th of how much I love you, because that’d already be fucking huge. Happy 20th, and I hope to be there for many more of your birthdays to come ♥


Its about that time yall. Get your pictures and selfies ready!

I usually have a super long post to accompany my announcements. But i think yall can do without all the reading. Lol. I do have a mass post of all the upcoming dates but ive been working like crazy and haven’t found time.

So yall can tag me or submit to me as usual!

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Family squad goals?! 

After the 372 day wait I can’t believe I am finally making my tour post but we will be seeing Taylor in 11 days for the last three shows of the tour in Melbourne, Australia! 

We’re so super excited to be seeing Taylor again as it has been the longest two years since the Red tour. And my parents are excited about it too. I’ve been hearing so many terrible Taylor related puns in preparation. 

Melbourne Night 1 (December 10th): 

Floor Section E2 Row A Seats 19-22

Melbourne Night 2 (December 11th):

Floor Section C4 Row N Seats 17-18

Melbourne Night 3 (December 12th):

Floor Section A1 Row A Seats 8-9

If anyone is going to the Melbourne shows please come and say hi so we can excitedly freak out together and get selfies! :)

Only 11 days to go! I can’t believe it’s actually finally happening!!!

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thank you all my followers i actually never thought i would gain so many i love all of you with all my heart :’) 


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There’s not much of a story behind these photos honestly.It was warped tour on July 10th of this summer & it was around 3:30 pm. Damon & the rest of the youtubers had just finished the selfie booth & I of course didn’t get to do it. Damon tweeted he was at the youtubers tent and I ran like I was going to die or something ( I accidentally knocked over patty from as it is & I apologized for like 10 years & he said it was okay and we talked for a few moments ). So I waited in line with my friend & the line was rather short so I didn’t mind. But honestly hugging Damon was beautiful and I love him with all my heart and he’s helped me with everything and Jordan had the sweetest soul and I was so happy that he took pictures with me but hugging Johnnie was like he was my entire world for just a few moments. I’ll never forget the face he had when I told him I’ve been following his crazy self since before he had YouTube and he knew who I was by my name when I showed him proof & after it he had no one standing around and I had been a few feet away sitting down and like crying after everything that happened and he came over and talked to me and I told him everything & It was just a few seconds that everything seemed okay. Honestly I didn’t know where Bryan was but I was still happy to meet someOf them and I hope they like their tyedye shirts & I can’t wait to meet them again. I love them all so much and this was the best warped experience

Hey y’all,

The response to my blackout posts has been incredible! I’ve gotten so many great messages from y’all (and a few not so great ones) and I wanna say hello, welcome to my blog, you are are beautiful and I love you! There will definitely be more selfies to come and I hope you guys have fun on my blog! Here are some get to know me things:

My name is Destiny and I’m 15 years old (my birthday is April 10th aye) I am Black and Korean (half and half) and I like singing, playing the violin and ukulele, drawing (both traditionally and digitally) and painting.

Yes I know that white people deserve to be proud of their heritage and should feel welcome to show others how beautiful they are. The only thing that makes me personally uncomfortable is that a lot of white people only wanted to have a white out to spite the black people who wanted to have a day just for themselves. In my own opinion, I think that if you wanted to have a white out, you should totally do it! Just be mindful about how close it is to events that are important for people who aren’t white, because you don’t want to be rude or steal anyone’s shine, you know what I mean? That being said, I personally would not participate in the white out, because I feel like the whole concept is kind of imposing on the black out (that’s just in my own personal opinion)

Yes I know that hate breeds hate, but the point I was trying to make is that it’s not okay to just throw that statement out whenever you feel like you don’t want to face the consequences of your actions. In my own personal experience, I have been witness to white people (not all, just some) using that phrase to make me feel as though my feelings and experiences aren’t valid and that I should just let them make statements about my race that make me feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. That’s what I meant by that, please don’t take it any other way.

No, I am not Chinese. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being Chinese, but just because I look very East Asian doesn’t mean I’m Chinese by default. Asia is the biggest continent on this world, there are more than just three or four countries. I am half Black and half Korean and I refuse to let anyone take that away from me, so that’s the end of that conversation.

Sorry for the long post, but this will be going into my about me tag, so if you need it, it’ll be at

Thanks and I love you

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