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cy-lindric remember when we were in Hyde Park and imagined an AU where teen!Loki was banished to Midgard during Darcy’s high school years and they of course became bffs and partners in crime ?


Hope you’ll like this at least, like, a 10th of how much I love you, because that’d already be fucking huge. Happy 20th, and I hope to be there for many more of your birthdays to come ♥


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There’s not much of a story behind these photos honestly.It was warped tour on July 10th of this summer & it was around 3:30 pm. Damon & the rest of the youtubers had just finished the selfie booth & I of course didn’t get to do it. Damon tweeted he was at the youtubers tent and I ran like I was going to die or something ( I accidentally knocked over patty from as it is & I apologized for like 10 years & he said it was okay and we talked for a few moments ). So I waited in line with my friend & the line was rather short so I didn’t mind. But honestly hugging Damon was beautiful and I love him with all my heart and he’s helped me with everything and Jordan had the sweetest soul and I was so happy that he took pictures with me but hugging Johnnie was like he was my entire world for just a few moments. I’ll never forget the face he had when I told him I’ve been following his crazy self since before he had YouTube and he knew who I was by my name when I showed him proof & after it he had no one standing around and I had been a few feet away sitting down and like crying after everything that happened and he came over and talked to me and I told him everything & It was just a few seconds that everything seemed okay. Honestly I didn’t know where Bryan was but I was still happy to meet someOf them and I hope they like their tyedye shirts & I can’t wait to meet them again. I love them all so much and this was the best warped experience

So let me do a little thing real quick

Last year, on January 10th, 2014, my mother found out I identified as transgender (I have, mostly in secret, for the past five years). She threw a massive fit and, well, let’s just say I found out that my mother is transphobic.

I decided to drop all of it - after four years, I dropped my interest in my gender. For about five and a half months, I went back to conforming to society’s expectations of DFAB peoples. And I was miserable. I was constantly anxious about how I looked, what people thought of me, of my body, of my makeup and hair, everything. Going out in public (which I rarely do) made my stomach tie up in knots and my hands and legs shake, more so than it did before my mother found out.

Here’s what I looked like then:

Now. Before I left for Mississippi last summer, I had a breakdown about my gender, realizing how I was only hurting myself. I knew I couldn’t push my identity aside and pretend I was someone I wasn’t any longer.

I went through the summer, shyly testing the waters in public and with my aunt by switching my gender presentation every other day or so. I never got any negative feedback.

I came back to West Virginia (I nearly made a run for it the night before my flight back up here - that’s how much I hate being here), and found my parents weren’t letting me go back to public school for my senior year (they wouldn’t allow me to get the vaccinations - they’re huge conspiracy theorists and they have a LOT of problems). I was horribly devastated. I got tumblr and slowly became more and more comfortable with myself as I sat alone in my room… with myself… for seven months. I made friends, learned a lot, bought a couple binders… I found that after some practice with presentation and a few self-haircuts, I was a new person alone and in public!! I never get anxious in public (except when it comes to men’s restrooms, which I always use now), I can talk to people, I carry myself well, I FEEL so fucking confidant and HAPPY. I almost WANT everyone looking at me, because I feel SO GOOD and I want everyone to know that!

Here’s a picture of me in the men’s room for the first time (at a Japanese hibachi restaurant lmao):

If there’s anything “good” about this isolation I’ve been forced into, it’s the people I’ve met online (especially my amazing boyfriend, grandhighbloodsbonebulge, who has taught and shown me so much and given me so much hope for the future and something to actually look forward to when I get out of here) and the things I’ve learned about myself.

And so… this is me now:

Hey y’all,

The response to my blackout posts has been incredible! I’ve gotten so many great messages from y’all (and a few not so great ones) and I wanna say hello, welcome to my blog, you are are beautiful and I love you! There will definitely be more selfies to come and I hope you guys have fun on my blog! Here are some get to know me things:

My name is Destiny and I’m 15 years old (my birthday is April 10th aye) I am Black and Korean (half and half) and I like singing, playing the violin and ukulele, drawing (both traditionally and digitally) and painting.

Yes I know that white people deserve to be proud of their heritage and should feel welcome to show others how beautiful they are. The only thing that makes me personally uncomfortable is that a lot of white people only wanted to have a white out to spite the black people who wanted to have a day just for themselves. In my own opinion, I think that if you wanted to have a white out, you should totally do it! Just be mindful about how close it is to events that are important for people who aren’t white, because you don’t want to be rude or steal anyone’s shine, you know what I mean? That being said, I personally would not participate in the white out, because I feel like the whole concept is kind of imposing on the black out (that’s just in my own personal opinion)

Yes I know that hate breeds hate, but the point I was trying to make is that it’s not okay to just throw that statement out whenever you feel like you don’t want to face the consequences of your actions. In my own personal experience, I have been witness to white people (not all, just some) using that phrase to make me feel as though my feelings and experiences aren’t valid and that I should just let them make statements about my race that make me feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. That’s what I meant by that, please don’t take it any other way.

No, I am not Chinese. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being Chinese, but just because I look very East Asian doesn’t mean I’m Chinese by default. Asia is the biggest continent on this world, there are more than just three or four countries. I am half Black and half Korean and I refuse to let anyone take that away from me, so that’s the end of that conversation.

Sorry for the long post, but this will be going into my about me tag, so if you need it, it’ll be at

Thanks and I love you

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My selfie game is going strong this afternoon ✨. Is it just me, or has the year gone really, really fast?! Like its the 10th of May already, but it feels like Christmas was just yesterday! Things are changing so quickly at the moment, I wonder where I’ll be this Christmas 🎄, I wonder who I’ll be with, what I’ll be like, and what I’ll be feeling. This time last year I was just about to be discharged from p.i.c.u, I wonder what I’ll be doing next May 🌟.

            Since my birthday is coming up this Sunday, May 10th, I figured I’d do something fun with you guys! So here is my Tumblr Birthday Bash! This is just something small since I don’t have much time to come up with something bigger and better. So here’s what I got for you all: fancasts, since you all seemed to like them before, and blog rates, who doesn’t like being told how flawless their blog is am i right?

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Additional Shit:

  • Please have fun with this
  • This is for you guys making my year amazing and those of you who helped me make it through this year
  • You’re all amazing