this is like half serious half making fun of him idk idk

@notyourlaura requested Hermione and Fleur for the female ships headcanons and I got v carried away alright

  • ok lbh Hermione would have very mixed feelings about Fleur when they first met
  • But Fleur would fucking fall in love Hermione immediately I am 110% on this
  • Hermione’s confused bisexual heart would be in turmoil because like ‘she is too pretty, and she’s a veela, and she’s not that impressive I mean yeah she’s in the triwizard tournament but like whatever and why does she keep talking to me is she trying to get one over on Harry like what
  • And as sweet and lovely and pretty and fiery as Fleur is she would be tragic at wooing someone because all her life she never had to try, men just sort of fell for her, even if her english wasn’t perfect or she said something wrong they still liked her, so she is just a mess with Hermione
  • Fleur would talk to all her Beauxbaton friends about how smart and lovely and pretty Hermione is but anytime she tried to say something to Hermione she would mess up and insult her because her english is still a process
  • ‘She said my hair was terrifying’ But like she meant terrific or something equally ridiculous
  • Viktor takes and interest in Hermione too and him and Fleur get low key really competitive over her attention
  • Like to the point where literally everyone knows except Hermione, who sort of knows that Viktor is interested but is still pretty convinced Fleur hates her or something
  • But then also she knows Fleur doesn’t hate her but she also doesn’t know like?? why is this pretty girl talking to me and why is she insulting me again and why does she look so nice while she’s insulting me what is going on
  • Ron would be hella bitter ok because he still has a thing for Hermione and she’s ‘fraternizing with the enemy/enemies’ 
  • And he would insult Viktor and Hermione would be annoyed and then he would insult Fleur and Hermione would go 0-100 in a heartbeat 
  • and then later she would be like ‘im just being truthful’ after roasting tf out of Ron as if she hadn’t just let him rant about Viktor for like fifteen minutes and her only response to that was just to roll her eyes and ignore him
  • Hermione goes to the Yule Ball with Viktor because when Fleur tries to bring up the Yule Ball she is trying to ask if Hermione has been asked by anyone but says ‘You haven’t been asked, no?’ and Hermione had literally just had a conversation with Ron who had assumed she wouldn’t get asked so she thinks Fleur is doing the same thing and she just goes off
  • And Fleur is like?? both upset that she upset her but also like ‘wow look at her hair when she’s angry it sparks and her accent is so pretty and I wonder what it would feel like to kiss her’
  • So Fleur would go alone to the Yule Ball and she would dance with whoever she wanted and she would literally stare at Hermione from the moment she arrived to the moment she left the ballroom
  • Oh my god when she found Hermione crying she would, like, aggressively bolster her up
  • (Fleur would be the type whose pep-talks are like ‘you are literally perfect and everyone around you is fucked and you don’t need them–no, stop saying you did something wrong, you literally do nothing wrong ever shut up you’re perfect and this is everyone else’s fault’ even if the person she’s talking to literally does everything wrong all the time)
  • And because Fleur is angry that Hermione’s upset she’s not as flustered so she can speak easier and she can actually get her thoughts accross correctly
  • Hermione would listen to it and correct her on her grammar because obviously she would do that and internally she would be freaking out like??? ‘why is she being nice?? oh my god she’s so pretty and now she’s nice oh my god’ she would be so overwhelmed
  • When Hermione is Viktor’s most important person in the second challenge Fleur would be absolutely devastated because obviously that means they’re in love and she doesn’t stand a chance
  • (Her sister notices the pining looks she is sending in Hermione’s direction after the second challenge and she would ask about it and immediately regret it because Fleur would go on for, like, an hour, because at least in French she can articulate how beautiful Hermione is to her and her sister is the only person she can talk to about it now because all her friends have told her that they have heard enough about Hermione oh my god)
  • She would go to Hermione basically to say ‘I respect your decision and if you want me to leave you alone I will’
  • She rehearses the words because she wants to say it right this time
  • And oh my god Hermione would sit there in petrified silence because her little confused bisexual heart would be like…running around in circles and screaming 
  • It would definitely be one of those ‘are you flirting with me?’ ‘I have been for the past four months but thanks for noticing’ situations oh my god
  • Hermione would tentatively offer for Fleur to tell her in french, because once Fleur finds out Hermione thought she hated her she’s trying to explain that she doesn’t, but she’s nervous, so she keeps messing it up
  • And Fleur would just like…stop…like…you understand french?? are?? are you serious this is so much easier
  • and she would just like wax poetic about Hermione for like five solid minutes as Hermione tries to keep up because like yeah she knows some french but oh my god please stop talking so fast did you just call me angelic what is going on??
  • when they start dating Fleur would be so extra oh my god she would be around Hermione all the time and she would compliment her in french if she couldn’t think of the word in english and her and Hermione would have these odd half english half french conversations that no one can quite keep up with
  • Fleur smiling like a damn fool everytime Hermione corrects her grammar 
  • Hermione kissing Fleur everytime a guy is staring at Fleur not exactly because she’s jealous but because she knows Fleur hates it when guys stare at her so she doesn’t want her to notice so she just kisses her to make her happy
  • Fleur begging Hermione to let her play with her hair and Hermione doesn’t want her to but then when she finally does Fleur manages to wrestle it into impressively pretty braids so Hermione just lets her play with her hair all the time and Fleur is loving it
  • Ron would still be bitter but he wouldn’t say anything because Hermione would hex the shit out of him
  • Harry would ship fleur and hermione so hard oh my god he would be rooting for them so hard
  • Fleur and Hermione would be such a power couple I’m so in love with them oh my god

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I cant wait to see Jeanne reaction when she confirms that Azazel, an old enemy/demon saved her child *-*

lol I also actually kinda dreading this after ep10, but then the preview kinda blows my mind bcs holy shit aren’t you two already getting along so well gimme back my worry omg

Jeanne’s lack of reaction when Nina mentions Azazel’s the one with Mugaro is also interesting? I can’t read her there; I wonder if she doesn’t remember Azazel despite literally destroying everything he had lmao or if she just chose to process that for another time bcs there’s more pressing concern right now. Also, Nina does mention that Azazel’s a demon and the demons’ve been victimized by the time Jeanne gets captured, so maybe it really doesn’t matter to her as long as Mugaro/El gets saved and alive somewhere.

…actually, it’s totally possible that she doesn’t even know Azazel’s name and only knows him as that one demon who got Amira and attacked Anatea ten years ago orz

(pls god staff-san director-san you can’t make her forget Azazel that would be too cruel on azazel lmao)

Idk where the show’s gonna take them, but personally, I think they could be the best of friends.

  • They both have this very serious personality (azazel’s even more than Jeanne; she at least could understand a joke)
  • they both were once saints (well azazel was an angel but i digress) worshipped by ppl, now fallen from grace (azazel’s probably by his own fault, but again, i digress)
  • already calling each other by nicknames (Azabel/Bell & Jeannety)
  • death to Martinet and Belzebub (the same guys who make their lives difficult in S1)
  • honestly what happened between them in is S1 is technically not personal since they both only doing their jobs at the time.
  • (she still destroyed his castle and his lower horns tho)
  • both getting saved by their better halfs (Lucifer & Michael respectively) during Bahamut fiasco (if we count Favaro’s narration as canon that is)
  • I like to imagine how Azazel could try to get jeanne riled up about the whole angels/demons/gods relationship thing and every time instead of ignoring him she earnestly mistakes his intentions, and it riles *him* up instead
  • much like in the ep11 preview, he can’t decide whether she’s genuinely mistaken him or if she actually makes fun of him, so he ends up seriously trying to correct her
  • she keeps making it worse from his correction and he can’t do a thing about it other than growling at her silently
  • this is how their beautiful grudging friendship begins
  • after some time much like Rita, Jeanne also starts treating Azazel like some angry elementary kid who keeps getting hurt from fights (except she’s less obvious about it than Rita)
  • they bond over taking care of Mugaro (or getting taken cared of, in azazel’s case, bcs let’s be real here)
  • they avoid talking about how Mugaro might be secretly Michael
  • they totally, completely, avoid talking about how Mugaro may and may not have a tiny crush on Azazel
  • they also (secretly) bond over how Nina actually has bad taste in men bcs charioce xvii maybe a gentleman but he’s still charioce xvii yo (jeanne secretly includes Azazel in this category)
  • they both get drunks from time to time and complain about their better halfs and how powerful angels leaders (fallen, in Lucifer’s case) are maybe cool but the mysterious aura is getting tiring and how they’re so hard to understand and also how they’re absent most of the time like wth
  • Hamsa and Bacchus while also drunk mostly can’t decide if it’s okay for them to hear all these personal things about Lucifer and Michael bcs hello leader of fallen angels army and an Archangel respectively, so once Azazel and jeanne’s drunken talks starts mentioning Lucifer and Michael, they leave them alone.
  • comes morning Mugaro would find them and float them to each of their own bed.
  • what gets discussed in drunken stupor would stay in drunken stupor
  • jeanne kinda hates azazel a little every morning after bcs with his stupid angel/demon power he could avoid getting a hungover and he preens at her while jeanne has to suffer
  • Favaro is totally baffled by their sorta friendship while kaisar cries bcs everyone getting along is beautiful (now if only azazel and jeanne could include charioce xvii in their friendship, it would be perf– “only if bahamut rises,” azazel retorts, while jeanne only conveys that with her piercing gaze.)
  • Nina, who hears that from a distance, perks up. she just has this brilliant idea.
  • (let’s not forget that azazel once calls her a small bahamut)
  • (Odin help them all)