this is like before: fashion disaster

“There is a photo on the desk. It is of a man. He is wearing a tie. He is not tall nor short, not thin nor fat. He has eyes like mine, and a nose like mine, and hair like mine, but I do not think he is me. Maybe it is the smile.. Is that a smile? I can’t say.”

Anyone who says Cecil is a well dressed, put together man is wrong.

I honestly think one of my favorite parts of the hxh fandom is that we can’t decide if killua is a fashion disaster or a fashion mogul.

Like on the one hand he changes clothes more than any other character on the show and has a bunch of cute shirts. On the other hand, if I mention /the pants/ everyone knows exactly which pair of pants I’m referring to and we all want to burn them.

I mean seriously just look at them. 

Both their street outfits are plenty casual for normal situations but still pretty classy considering. 

And then there’s Cu and Gilgamesh:

How did this happen


part 2…based from @ilkabrazins‘s commentary !! (ty for more angste ideas)

gabriel is the nefarious sorcerer who turns everyone into fashion disasters… LITERALLY. like they be wearing neon crocs with striped socks and a tutu and jersey?? while wielding hat stands and wrecking havoc

  • greed: i'm the ultimate shield
  • envy [in the background]: more like "the ultimate disappointment and fashion disaster"
  • greed: say what you want but you borrowed That One Vest that one time and you can't ever erase that
  • envy [horrified, at a higher volume]: YOU PROMISED
  • lust [inspecting her nails]: it's so understandable that neither of you are the favorite
  • greed [pauses before leaning in, speaking at a low volume]: you borrowed it too
  • lust [horrified]: i would never
  • father: When Will I Be Free