this is like before: fashion disaster

eiffel back home headcanons

ok strap in losers its time to talk about doug’s experiences back on earth after this shitshow is over

  • this guy can absolutely not get enough of cooked breakfasts. like decent hot food generally is a godsend but there’s something about a cooked breakfast that makes him appreciate being alive
  • if he gave a single fuck about fashion before he certainly doesnt now
    • probably looks like a disaster 90% of the time but he’s loving it
    • shops at thrift stores but has stopped worrying about looking classy in any regard
    • completely down to wear crop tops
  • he has a notebook of things to catch up on a la steve rogers
    • (a reference which he will get by the time he’s done with his list)
    • eiffel’s pop culture reference arsenal getting updated is probably the bane of minkowski’s existence and enough to make her miss space (but not really)
  • he takes quite a while to get used to gravity again so he’s always trying to leave things suspended in the air
  • forgets short people (minkowski) can’t reach the high shelves because she can’t just float up there any more
  • probably the kind of person who has an absurd amount of questionably useful things on them at all times
    • “eiffel, do you have a hairdryer in your backpack?” “of course, i’m not an animal”
      • sidenote brooklyn nine-nine is his new fave show
  • actually laments over memes he missed and will never have the opportunity to use
    • probably still dabs tho someone stop him
  • whenever anyone asks him what he was doing before he just says in a very sincere voice, “oh, well, i was actually a foreign correspondent for aliens” and it’s the best cover story he could hope for
    • random coworker: so, has eiffel ever told anyone what he actually used to do?
    • second random coworker: nope. there’s a betting pool going on. my money is on secret military experiment
    • random coworker: what? that’s nuts. i think he’s probably an assassin on the run from the feds

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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before... but we all know that silver and blue are the colours of the Wings of Freedom. And that perfectly match with the idea of why they made Erwin and Levi wear blue suit and silver leggins respectively. On that recent official art they are even placed on both sides from the kids just like the Wings of Freedom - silver Levi's on the right side and blue Erwin's on the left.

Oh my god! You’re right @bifidosmetana.  Now we know the real reason for this fashion disaster! 

WoW We're Nerds


Alex… Didn’t have a lot of friends. Between having a “super weird” little sister and being a total nerd whose only sporting activity was surfing (which wasn’t one of her school’s sports) it was difficult to get people to legitimately like her (and not just to use for the answers on the homework). No, Alex’s best (and probably only real) friend was Maggie Sawyer, someone she’d never met in real life before but was still closer to than anyone at school (besides maybe Kara).

They’d met when they were randomly teamed up to run a dungeon while playing WoW and had bonded over the course of several runs when it turned out they’re team members didn’t want to take them seriously because they were girls. (Alex had laughed when they decided to dump them halfway through one of the harder dungeons they were running, leaving them without a tank or a healer for what probably lasted over an hour with the que that night.)

They had kept in contact afterwards, randomly going to where the other one was working on quests to help get through them faster or (on one of the days when Alex was feeling like crap after some kids at school had decided it’d be funny to toss her backpack in the school pool) they had spend the evening tag-teaming higher level Horde players in Legion. (Because it didn’t matter how bad a mood she was in she wasn’t going to be the 110th level jerk who went around attacking newbies.)

That of course escalated into spending hours upon hours running Ashran cause Alex really wanted to get enough honor points to buy the new PvP gear they’d just released with the new expansion and Maggie was happy to tag along for the ride since she apparently “had nothing better to do.”

This in turn led to them exchanging phone numbers and spending hours on the phone just talking. Maggie complaining about her school’s truly terrible lab equipment, “how the hell am I supposed to know in the stuff has dissolved properly? I can’t even see inside the stupid thing there are so many cracks!” and Alex going on about her classmates, “if he ever tries anything like that again I’ll mess him up, no one messes around with my sister’s feelings and gets away with it…”

And that led to… Other things… (You’re dating her Danvers, just say it)… So she totally realized that she’d developed non-platonic feelings for her best friend. Which had led to Alex ignoring her for a week because she didn’t know what to say, until she was suddenly forced to figure it out cause Maggie had called Kara and now her sister was forcing her to actually deal with her problems and… Apparently Maggie is gay… “seriously Danvers? My username is Sapphic-Intentions, I couldn’t make it gayer if I tried.” And has a thing for her… “I’ve only been dropping hints for the last three months.” Which ended with the two of them dating. (Alex wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed or relieved when she told her sister and the younger girl’s response was to shout “finally” and start flying around her room).

And now, after four months of dating she was finally going to get to meet her girlfriend. (Kara had offered many times to fly Alex to Nebraska but she wasn’t sure how she’d have been able to play that one off to her girlfriend without admitting her sister was an alien so she’d been forced to wait until spring break to finally see her). And she was a mixture of ridiculously excited and super nervous

“Are you sure I should wear this? Maybe I should wear something less revealing…” Alex made a move to go back to her closet (not the one she came out of) but Kara quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her back before she could stress change again.

“Alex it is hot outside and we live at the beach. Besides a t-shirt and knee length shorts do not really count as revealing clothing. I have seen you wear less than that at your surfing competitions on a regular basis.” Kara pointed out, gesturing rather haphazardly at her outfit. Alex groaned.

“I know… I just don’t want her to think I’m like… Angling for something…” Kara’s eyebrows scrunched together and a crinkle appeared on her forehead.

“What could you be… Angling… For by wearing less clothing?” Alex sputters, remembering that her mom had decided to skip of that particular conversation about human social interactions and she was probably going to need to fill her sister in before someone took advantage of her cluelessness.

“You know what… You’re right, nothing to worry about… We’ll talk about it later… Let’s finish panicking about meeting my girlfriend.” Kara rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around her sister.

“Look, you two have already established a great foundational bond, meeting is not going to change that. The biggest thing you need to worry about is ‘not turning into a big gay mess around her’ as you put it.” Alex sighed and leaned her head against Kara’s shoulder.

“You’re right… Come on let’s get down to the docks before we’re late and she thinks we bailed on her or something.” Alex pulled Kara to her feet and the sisters made their way outside and started walking down the street to where Alex had agreed to meet up with her girlfriend when they made plans for her to come see her.

Alex was practically buzzing the entire walk and Kara teased her, saying it was probably a good thing she wasn’t the one with the ability to fly otherwise she might have floated off. Alex rolled her eyes and sped up slightly in her haste to get to their meeting place, causing Kara to laugh.

Though Alex would never willingly admit it, she froze the second she laid eyes on her girlfriend. And not in the “holy shit I’m really terrified of meeting this girl” kind of way but in the “holy shit I’m really gay and my girlfriend is a total babe” kind of way. Because she’d never really understood the whole hype about finding “cowgirls” attractive, but damn, the other girl was decked out in jeans, a red checkered flannel (very gay), cowgirl boots and a straw hat leaning against her pickup truck and it was really hot. (She knew that Maggie was from Nebraska, it just didn’t occur to her that her super nerdy gamer girlfriend was basically a cowgirl by day.

Thankfully Maggie wasn’t facing her (she was busy looking out at the ocean for what Alex would later realize was for the first time) and didn’t notice her brain short circuiting at the very sight of her, unfortunately Kara was standing right next to her and definitely noticed her sister’s misstep.

“You okay?” Kara whispered quietly into her ear, clearly trying her best to be supportive in a less fangirly fashion.

“Yep… Just… Really fucking gay…” Alex whispered back and Kara simply laughed.

“Yes, you are a ‘gay disaster’ as it were. Now you should probably go and meet her before she notices you just standing here drooling.” Alex slapped Kara’s shoulder (which hurts) and slowly makes her way towards the other girl who had still managed not to notice her and she spends the entire thirty seconds it takes to cross the parking lot mentally coaching herself on what to say so she doesn’t sound like an idiot when she starts talking (or more likely rambling cause she’s a little nervous).

Naturally the first thing she does when she reaches her is trip and fall.

She closes her eyes cause they’re out in public and there’s no way Kara could catch her so she braces herself for the impending crash. Only to hear a squeak and feel a pair of rather muscular arms wrap around her waist and hold her up off the ground.

“Shit, are you… Alex?” Alex recognizes her voice instantly after so many nights of staying up late (but not as late as Maggie) on the phone talking and she feels her face flush bright red as she cracks an eye open to gaze up at her girlfriend.

“Ummm… Hi?” Alex awkwardly waved up at her and watched as her face transformed into a soft, rather amused smile as she gazed down at her. “Sorry I, uh, tripped…”

“I could tell.” Maggie moved one of her arms from around Alex so she could brush the hair out of her face before coming to gently rest her hand over her cheek,

“Am I gonna… Like… Stand up or something?” Alex mumbled, blushing even harder as she realized Maggie still hadn’t pulled her back onto her feet. Maggie smiled even deeper and bit her lip teasingly.

“I don’t know, I kinda like having you in my arms like this.” Maggie winked and Alex just about swooned, her insides turning to mush as she finally wrapped her arms around her neck to help steady herself.

“You… Are not allowed to be as nerdy as I am and still be so smooth… And attractive… That’s not fair… You can’t have it all…” Maggie laughed and pulled Alex onto her feet only to immediately pull her into a lingering hug.

“You forgot I have an equally nerdy, very attractive dork for a girlfriend. That’s definitely a part of it.” Alex turns away, blushing and Maggie reaches up to kiss her on the cheek. “I’m really glad I’m here.”

“I’m really glad you’re here too.” Alex bent down slightly and kissed Maggie on the forehead.

“Okay. I am glad everyone is happy everyone is here but I really need to go home and finish up my homework so can I assume that you aren’t going to kidnap her or inflict any bodily harm to her if I leave her with you?” They both jump when the other person starts talking and Alex realizes that at some point Kara had come over to the truck and was now addressing Maggie, who seemed to take the semi-threatening teenaged in stride.

“Yes Kara, she’s in very good hands.” Maggie winked at her and Alex groaned slightly before burying her face in the other woman’s neck.

“Okay, have a good weekend and I will see you on the Monday, Alex.” Alex smiled at her (thankfully) oblivious sister and waved goodbye as she took off at a normal human speed down the sidewalk.

“Come on Danvers, let’s get over to the hotel. We’ve only got three days til I have to get back and we’re gonna make ‘em count… Starting with running Ashran again cause I need that new two-handed sword they just released.” Alex laughed.

“You’re such a nerd babe.”

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I don't know if you're still doing this, but maybe some Jade Turtle AU with some Jade/Chat or Nino/Alya (please)


  • Fu accidentally gets his ass caught in the middle of an akuma attack because those are random af and even wise old guardian dudes can’t avoid everything ever. It is ALSO an akuma attack where the akuma is obsessed with jewelry because someone stole the box of it that is literally the only family heirloom they HAVE and the cops were zero percent helpful and they are fREAKING OUT HARDCORE. So basically, this is a bad time to be wearing an interesting bracelet in Paris. And letting Hawk Moth get his hands on ANY Miraculous would obviously be a FUCKING DISASTER, Fu and Wayzz are both already like “fuck fuck fuck a DUCK WE HAVE A PROBLEM.” 
  • Except then NINO LAHIFFE, idiot schoolchild who worries way too much about other people, chucks a trash can lid at the akuma and then FLEES–er, RETREATS IN A TACTICAL FASHION. Which to be fair anyone would do because the akuma is now a) pissed and b) fixated on the multitude of brightly colored bracelets HE is wearing. Fu uses the distraction to get the fuck out of there, but not before taking note of his running-as-fast-as-he-fucking-can savior. Poor kid, well, Miraculous Ladybug will fix up any–
  • And then Chat Noir proceeds to land on the akuma’s head, get bashed around for thirty seconds before managing to kick them through the window of a Very Distracting jewelry store, and then grab the kid and BOLT. Fu pauses, and watches. Chat gets the kid to the nearest semi-safe corner, which happens to be where that Ladyblog girl’s been recording from this time, and both of them are obviously already fretting the fuck all over him and waaaait a second, hold on, Fu’s SEEN this kid before, hasn’t he. This kid is one of Chat and Ladybug’s classmates. Actually, isn’t he–
  • Hello, lightbulb moment. Fu looks at Wayzz. Wayzz looks at Fu. Technically they were going to try and place the Fox and the Bee next, the Fox and the Bee seemed like the natural next step, buuuut … 
  • And then that night Nino Lahiffe literally comes home to a weird old dude in his living room with a floating turtle, a REALLY BIG BOOK, and a loooot of information to process. 

(I’m not doing any more of these right now, just finishing the ones I had!) 

dannymay day thirty one

Wow.. I can’t believe that this is the last day of dannymay. I’m gonna miss having to write something every day. But I’ll probably start writing an actual fic with actual chapters and not a drabble series soon so. There’s that to look forward to. 

ao3 link here:

prompt: free day/freedom

“What the fuck guys,” Danny said, glaring at his three friends. Sam shrugged, Tucker whistled and stuffed his hands in his pockets, and Wes grinned innocently.

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“hey, babe”

I need a fix of the first time Erin calls Jay babe. Like how at first it was an accident and she gets all embarrassed to now when she just is flowing it out in front of everyone! Please if you have time!

To be honest, I was thinking two days tops and maybe a few hundred words for this prompt and yet, here we are, six days and 3,320 words later, with the prompt finally filled. 

There are five vignettes, that start quick and end the same way, progressing from the first use of the endearment “babe” and ending with a short prose retake of the ending scene of CPD 3x15. The second one is mildly inspired by one of my meta bullets. And apparently I can’t go long without PTSD!Jay, so you’re warned.

(Random: It’s like “Hey, Jude” except not in the slightest.)

Hopefully this meets your expectations well enough, Anon! As always, I covet your guys’ thoughts and opinions. 

The third rumble of her belly in ten minutes finally gets Erin’s attention. It’s almost eleven at night, she’s finally getting drowsy, and she’s comfortable, leaning back against her partner with his legs boxing in her own and causing a source of amusement during commercial breaks. Erin, refusing to take the blame for ticklish feet, had offered, quite magnanimously, to go sit at the other end of the couch.

The shell of her ear is still warm from his offended nip.

Needless to say, it’s a very inconvenient time for the munchies.

A quiet breath escapes her. Fine. Jay, engrossed in their late night movie, doesn’t notice for several long moments as she pinches at his hands where he’s laced them together across her stomach.

“Jay, come on, I’m starving,” Erin lets her head back to rest on his shoulder, lower lip jutting in some semblance of a pout that gets him out of the movie a lot faster then digging her nails into his skin.

His gaze drops straight down a couple of inches and yes, she definitely has his attention now. “What did you say?”

Leaning in a fraction, just to tease him with the proximity, Erin smirks. “Let me up, I’m hungry.”

Jay blinks a couple of times before his brain cells reconnect and he casts her a flat, unamused look at her underhanded tactics. His grip does loosen though and Erin extricates herself with care, unable to help from grinning but not wanting to add injury to insult by elbowing him in the gut.

If there’s an extra swing to her hips as she walks away, well—Jay doesn’t call her on it.

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ok so today i realized that fashion-wise, my sleep clothes are a disaster. so then i was like “haha what if danny got home from ghost fighting like 2 minutes before he had to get up so he just grabbed random clothes and it was like my sleep clothes”

and then i was like “oh i should doodle this”

and then 2 hours of working and one hour of steven universe later, i finished this.


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"it fits them to talk about their feelings on the middle of the battlefield." Omg, what if- okay but what if. Years later,all grown up and pro heroes, todoroki proposes while rescuing civilians from a collapsed building. After the initial flustering, momo created their wedding rings and they got married on the spot as one of the civilians is a pope


I had already thought about Momo doing the rings and I just have to say that I LOVE IT.

It’s so hard trying to picture Todoroki in this kind of settings since he is so oblivious omg why are they so pure help. But here it goes, under the cut.

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Her fingertips tremble when the silence cracks. Heart hummingbirds like a mouse’s, straight out of her chest. The lights stay on at night.

But hers is a careful reinvention, veneered chrysalis of anxious laughter, speckled glass bullet casings and eleven types of misery crawling under her skin. A laughter that sounds like swan song but sometimes just like laughter. A hitching breath that stutters but not quite far enough to become a sob. A fluorescent happiness that shadows something deadly and ugly that can’t be pulled out no matter how hard you try.

Yet this is a childlike heart she protects in her chest, still. She bleeds emotion like they’re gifts, or apologies, she hasn’t figured out which yet, and she pulls her chrysalis over her face like a blanket to smother herself with, all that metamorphosis and disaster, and you keep watching it sink in. Watch her smooth it over herself the way she brushes down her skirts or slides a hot gun into her holster or sinks a blade into a gut.

She fashions her nails sharp, clean, pretty, and honey, those same nails have come close to your throat before. They glide against the knife under her pillow when you sleep. And did you ever actually think she might stop your breath in the night?

Hasn’t she done it enough times already?

She loves you though, you must know that, right?

Because, even though you’ve caught yourself wondering where she keeps all that blood now if it isn’t in that death of hers she keeps inside herself, if it isn’t in her heart or her lungs or under her fingernails or on the bathroom tiles by the bathtub where you fell asleep that one time you were too high to make it to bed, it’s all in you, all her heart and all that happiness, and you oughta know.

You oughta know by now that you make her afraid of death. You oughta know that you make her afraid of living.

Now, her hands still shake and it might be you or it might be that gunshot wound or it might be how hard the whole world presses down on her but sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s just the way you look at her and the way she shakes into pieces against your chest and the way she smoothes herself over and over and over and over again until there are only pitch black ceilings and a weightless whisper and she reaches for you instead of that knife and you tangle together like you never knew how to be apart and she falls asleep and dreams of nothing.


So here is how it goes,  because it’s been counting down to this your entire goddamn life:

Her fingertips still buzz when the silence cracks.

But this is a careful reinvention,

And hers is a childlike heart you’ve always held in your hands,

And you love her. God, you love her.

She loves you too.

—  GENTLY, GENTLY // H.X.L. · A.B. · K.A.T.
(@firstnameagent​; @cptsdgavino)

[★] → @ryougakamishiro-kingoftheocean ♥’d for a starter!

【ϟ】 “…Talk about a walking disaster. And here I thought Sho’s hair stuck out like a sore thumb.” Manjoume mumbled to himself, obviously not bothering to filter the thought any before he’d said it out loud. 

He couldn’t help it though. In a school full of students who at least tried to keep their fashion statements under control, this kid and his train wreck of a hairstyle were a strobe light in a pitch black cave.

Ragnor and Magnus and Catarina were absolutely early adopters of camera technology. Ragnor got one early and took pictures and Catarina was one of his favorite models. 

Magnus loved having his picture taken and when the first handheld cameras came out? Magnus was one of the first people to take selfies. You know those pictures of edwardian gentlemen looking like total dorks trying to get their boxy brownie camera far enough away to get a picture of themselves? That was Magnus. Except he used magic to make them even better. 

Also Catarina and Ragnor loved it when pictures finally got color and they could admire themselves in all of their glory but before that they would sometimes painstaking paint color into their skin. 

They have boxes of ancient pictures and whenever they go through them they’ll periodically find nudes Ragnor and Magnus (and on one occasion Catarina) posed for. Also, it’s like a timeline of fashion disasters. They can spend days making faces at each other and going through old pics. 

Raphael hates getting his picture taken but Magnus has lots of pictures of him anyway. He’s unfairly photogenic. 


Some new OCs and some quick sketches
Fifth Digit a popular alternative/folk/rock/pop/and classical band made from five members who each think their the lead of the band causing them to play songs of five different genres
Danna Deeiz - A natural fashion disaster who plays piano, bass and electric guitar an all around mamas girl who knits before big shows
Lana Deeiz- A fashion icon who plays drums, violin, saxophone and is a lead vocalist, they like to party till they get messy af can’t cook for their life
They’re twins who love each other dearly but still fight regularly over the bands next direction
The rest of the band is in progress

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Everyone in the dan is a fashion disaster it's like 90 something degrees and and ya'll are wearin jackets vests and long ass dresses it's a miracle the heat didn't get to them before Kuroha did

AU that in one timeline the Dan ends up dying from heatstroke instead of Kuroha killing them

I mean seriously remember when they went to the amusement park

Shintaro was like, “As expected, Kido had her hood down because it was hot”

  • It’s the hottest day of the year
  • Kido is wearing at least three layers
  • All she does to deal with the heat is pull her hood down

Mekakushi Dan, everyone

meditake replied to your post : [[MOR] I got so frustrated at some dude’s…

Shino is too good for this world.

And he belongs in the trash that’s secretly a fun ball pit with the balls that looks like they are insects trapped in round-light amber… just… us carrying him to the trash before he can process what’s happening and affectionately dunk him in it as we let him question what he has done in his life to appreciate deserve the confusion he’s experiencing bc none of it makes sense no matter how hard he tries to wack his head. 

… Just like his treatment in the Boruto series but still love him, bc Shino is Shino, it’s still him no matter how much of a fashion disaster and eternally socially awkward man he is. We love him and each other and that;s all what matters tbh.

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hakukai 18

18. Waking up with amnesia au

When he came to, his vision was overwhelmed with flashes of white and red.

There was a loud ringing coming from every direction and he couldn’t help wincing as the noise meshed together with vibrations.

It took him a moment to register the vibrations as a human voice.

A frantic human voice.

“H-Hakuba? Oi, Hakuba you’re awake? Oh thank god, stay awake okay? I-I’m calling someone right now, j-just please can you- will you-I-fuck-” The hazy fog started to lift and he refocused his vision.

The white blob before him turned into a clearer picture. It was a man (or was he a teen?) He was young with bright-watery?- violet eyes. One eye was hidden behind glass (how strange…) He was also wearing a glaringly bright suit and cape.

What kind of person wears a fashion disaster like that? He blinked up and opened his mouth to speak, pushing himself off the ground (why was he on the ground?) 

“Ngh!” And he immediately curled in on himself at the sudden onslaught of pain.

What? What is this? He panted erratically, his hands reaching up to grasp at material of his shirt. As he shifted, something wet ran down his hairline and into his eyes.


He was covered in it.  

“H-Hakuba?” A gloved hand was on his shoulder, slowly easing him back down.

“W-what happened?” He groaned and blinked again, reaching up to wipe the blood off his face.

“Stop, you’re going to make it worse.” The gloved hand swatted his bloodied hand away from his face.

When he didn’t reply, the man continued to speak with a shaky voice. 

“Shit, I’m sorry. If only I hadn’t went up that exit. They wouldn’t have-you wouldn’t be-shit.” His voice was getting softer as he rambled on. His violet eyes were flickering to look at everything- everything but him. He kept pushing his spiky hair back-a nervous habit perhaps?

Why the hell was he analyzing every small detail he saw?

“…Hey…” He murmured, interrupting the panicked mantra.

“What’s wrong? Is something else hurting? Are you feeling light-headed?”

He watched the mysterious man towered over his prostrate body, violet eyes wide and filled with concern.

“Why…are you worried?”

A pause.

“E-eh? Why wouldn’t I be? We’re at my heist and-”

“I-I apologize but it’s rare to see a stranger get so worked up over someone he doesn’t know. Even if that person is injured, the most anyone would do is call an ambulance and stand at a distance.”

There was no reply and he watched the other man’s expression intently.

“H-Hakuba…what are you saying..”

“Hakuba?….I see…so you do know me. But seeing that I can’t seem to recall my name, I feel no attachment to that word at all. It might not even be my real name as far as I’m concerned.” He was blurting out his thoughts without caring to think them over. He was confused and frankly terrified. He was surprised at the paranoia that overcame him suddenly. What kind of person was he to be that suspicious of others?

“Y-you’re joking….right?” The man was still staring at him in disbelief and he was starting to get impatient with the lack of answers.

“I don’t see how this would be a humorous situation. And-”

“Kuroba! Kuroba Kaito. That’s my identity!”

He blinked, irked that he was interrupted. The unfamiliar name bounced around his mind.

“….And?” He spoke uncertainly. The utter look of despair that enveloped the man’s entire frame almost made him feel sorry for speaking up.

“Kuroba Kaito….Kuroba Kaito….doesn’t that mean anything to you? My identity? The proof! It’s what you’ve been looking for, right? It’s it’s-” He stopped to let out a sob, tears were falling and it made his heart ache for some reason.

“I’m…I’m your…” The soft-spoken words made him inhale sharply. I’m your? Who was he? Did they have a close relationship? Could he be-?

The desperate violet eyes searched his, seeking for….recognition? Guilt flashed through his mind when he realized he couldn’t give the man the thing he sought.

“No…sorry.” He breathed out.

He watched the man cautiously. The man stopped moving completely for a split second.

Then he…collapsed. Like a glass statue, the man seemed to have shattered, shedding the collected front to reveal the broken insides. He didn’t know why, but he knew. He knew…that the man in front of him rarely dropped his masks like this. He was witnessing a private and immensely vulnerable moment. A moment no one was supposed to see.

He looked away.

“Damn it….damn it Hakuba. Please don’t-you can’t…you can’t-” His voice pitched up an octave as his fists shook. 

“You can’t leave me to deal with this alone.”

The man swayed and fell forward to bury his head on his chest, body shaking. The sudden shift made him uncomfortable and he was lost on what to do.

“T-those bastards, I’ll-I’ll make them pay.” The man hissed under his breath and he narrowed his eyes.


The man looked up at him with a questioning stare, eyes puffy and red.

“I would rather not have someone kill because of me. It leaves a bad taste.”

The man blinked and averted his eyes.

“They hurt you…they…they made you…you”


“It’s fine….what’s lost can be found, right?”

There was no reply.

“Besides…I’ll need help right?”

The man looked at him.

“I can’t really get anywhere without knowing anything about myself. Also these injuries will be troublesome.” He gestured to his wounds with a wince. The man immediately got off him with a soft apology.

“I’d rather not face this crisis alone….Will you….will you help me?” He swallowed and asked the million dollar question. He felt a bruise to his ego, having to ask for help. He could only guess what a prick he used to be if having to ask for help offended his pride.

The man stared at him with the same, wide eyes. With a blink, his entire face morphed into one of happiness as tears fell from his eyes contradictorily.

“Yeah…yeah. Of course I’ll help.” The man grinned and sniffed, grabbing his bloody hands.

“I’ll protect you. I-I won’t let them get to you again. I’ll never leave your side. I’ll never leave you alone.” The smile that spread across the man’s face almost made him smile as well. He didn’t tell the man that he didn’t feel a thing besides a vague sense of discomfort.

He didn’t want to see the man shatter again.

“That would be a little suffocating, don’t you think?” He snarked and watched the man give a sheepish grin.

Alright…he thought. He supposed he could follow the man. He needed answers. Answers about who he was and…

He looked down at his enveloped hands.

Answers about Kuroba Kaito.

A thief and a detective who loved each other. What will happen now? 

Oh crap that was an ambiguous ending (Does he really have amnesia or is he just doing this to find out more information on Kaito? Hakuba please tell me that’s not true.) Thanks for the ask anon!

This is also my entry for PoirotCafe’s Themed Competition #7- Alone.