this is like aurora and hook

Pairings who have broken a curse with true love

Snow White x Prince Charming (like 5 million times)

Rumple x Belle (when Belle almost made Rumple not be the dark one)

Emma x Henry (season 1 curse)

Phillip x Aurora (sleeping beauty)

Regina x Henry (season 3)

Ruby x Dorothy (season 5)

Jasmine x Aladdin (season 6)

Emma x Regina (season 6)

Pairings who haven’t broken a curse with true love

Emma x Hook 

You see a pattern here?

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What's your favorite Swan Queen scene?

Ahh so many to choose from, but my absolute favorite is Regina teaching Emma magic and Emma floating to Regina on that bridge. They both look stunning and gorgeous and it’s so romantic imo. Aladdin much?

Plus let’s not forget Regina crossing realms to find Emma - what was that about true love transcending realms and “I will always find you?”. Yes, Regina finds Emma and what happens? Regina sees Emma sing and they re-enact Aurora meeting Prince Philip. 

but also this - and what I love about this next one is that CSers used it to say that’s how Emma will look at hook and then when we pointed out she looked at Regina like that the person deleted the post. A hidden gem all that eye sex

then there is this one complete with the meet cute trope and aren’t the 2 of them just adorable? Regina didn’t even know Emma is the Saviour until later.

but then there’s this scene from Neverland and the fondness in Emma’s eyes as she looks at Regina and then their eyes meet as they both hug Henry

and then there’s this one from 3b and argh it just has me scream at throw stuff because again romantic much in a stakeout? I mean what’s with the framing and wind blowing and the focus on the lights and all that

As you can see, Anon, I can’t stick to one scene because there’s so many good ones, I just can’t. 

I hope we will see some more Disney tropes for SQ in 611. 


Traveling in Iceland gave a unique and wonderful experience of isolation, as though exploring on another planet. Léa and I spent two weeks traveling by camper van in the midst of an Icelandic winter. Living out of a van with limited wireless connection welcomed us to go days without human contact. Bitter winds, epic storms and icy roads constantly tested our minds, bodies and spirits. When the clouds parted to reveal the rugged landscapes and dramatic sunsets, we experienced it from a profound and new perspective.

Please enjoy this video of Iceland in full HD and with good speakers! Also, please like/comment/share to support my future travels and more videos like this!! Thanks :)

This video couldn’t have been made without the positive support of Léa Lefeuvre ! She was by my side while flying, keeping my hands warm, holding equipment, making food, and taking tons of photos!

Thank you to GO Campers Iceland for hooking us up with a wonderful camper van.

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Shot with:
- DJI Inspire 1 drone Zenmuse X3 Camera
- Canon 5D Mark III
- Edelkrone SliderPlus Pro


Aurora sat on the tall stool that Raine had brought into the bathroom, her legs swinging as her feet couldn’t touch the ground. It was early morning, and Raine had promised to do Aurora’s hair before leaving for school. 

It was Aurora’s first day of the first grade––so many new beginnings, and she knew that she wanted to look pretty for the start of the new school year. She wanted to look like her mom.

Raine yawned, stretching her arms above her head before running her fingers through Aurora’s soft locks. “Alright. Be good and don’t move, okay, sweetie?”

Aurora nodded. “Okay, Mommy.”

Raine got to work, parting strands of her hair and folding them over the other. Aurora smiled at her reflection as her hair was slicked back out of her face, save for her bangs, as Raine shifted the braid so that it came to rest over her right shoulder as opposed to falling down along her back.

“You look so beautiful, Rory,” Raine beamed, leaning down to kiss her daughter on the cheek.

“I look just like you!” Aurora giggled as Raine’s hands came to rest on her shoulders.

Raine’s eyes met with Aurora’s in the mirror, and she got quiet. Her smile seemed to falter just slightly, a sadness seeping into her eyes that the small girl couldn’t quite pinpoint.

“Mommy?” Aurora asked, her voice quiet. “Are you okay? Did I say something bad?”

“No,” Raine replied immediately, shaking her head slightly. “It’s not that at all. Nothing bad. But…I just…” Raine let out a small sigh, giving Aurora’s shoulders a light squeeze. “Are you still going to love me when you’re all grown up?”

Aurora couldn’t help but tilt her head to the side in confusion. “Of course. How come you have to ask?”

Raine shook her head again, her eyes moving to lock onto the floor. “Because you’re going to get older, and you’re going to go through a lot of changes. We won’t be the same like you are now, Rory. Things will be different and I just need to know that even if you’re mad at me, even if we fight, that deep down, you’ll still love me like how I’ll always love you.”

Aurora spun around on the stool and wrapped her small arms around her mother as best as she could. “Of course, Mommy. I’ll always love you.”

Raine held back tears as Aurora snuggled her face into her stomach. She bent down and kissed her forehead, lifting up her little finger. “Pinky swear?”

Aurora hooked her pinky with her mother’s, and kissed her on the cheek. “I promise.”

As Aurora followed her brother out the door so that they could head off to school together, Raine wandered into the kitchen where Ignis was standing with his cup of Ebony. She came up behind him and hugged him her cheek resting against his shoulder blade.

“My love, are you alright?” Ignis asked, setting his coffee down and turning to wrap his wife up in his warm embrace. “I can sense a strange sadness in you. Is something the matter?”

Raine let out a shaky sigh. “No, it’s alright, I’ll be fine,” she promised. “It’s just that time moves so quickly these days. Our kids are growing up so fast.”

“You know,” Ignis said, running his thumb along Raine’s jawline. “Lucas and Aurora will forever be our children. We’ll always want to protect them and keep them safe from the troubles of the world. But at some point, we’ll have to let them go.”

Ignis could feel the tear leak out from her eye as it hit his skin, and he moved his thumb to wipe it away.

“You don’t have to fret about that now though, my love. Let us appreciate the time we have now, together, as a family. Those children adore you more than anything, and you have been nothing but the perfect wife and the most incredible person I could ever share my soul with.” Ignis tilted his head. “Would you grace my presence once more with your smile?”

Raine couldn’t help but let out a small laugh, her eyes sliding closed as Ignis leaned his forehead against hers.

“There it is,” he said softly, gently pressing a kiss to her lips. “You’re such an incredible mother. Your grandmother and Clara would be so proud of how much you’ve grown.”

Raine lifted her head, unable to hide the tiniest sniffle that escaped her nose. “You think so?”

Ignis kissed her forehead and held her close. “I know it.”


“Sometimes, at night, I think about Japan and I’m like, did I create this country in my mind?”                                                                                                                       “You have to enjoy life. You cannot rush a cherry blossom.”

  ♪ It’s a God-awful small affair,       To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling no,       And her daddy has told her to go                       But her friend is nowhere to be seen
     Now she walks through her sunken dream                                                              To the seat with the clearest view
             And she’s hooked to the silver screen ♪

Requiem: Part Two


Aurora took in the Spring Court, at the roses, the manor house, the trees, Dacia in a tank top and shorts and sandals, her golden hair tied back in a ponytail.  She ran down the steps, hugging her. She tilted her head, “How have the past two weeks at home been?” She opened her mouth but Dacia gave her a stern look, “Don’t say fine. Blake will start getting cranky about it.”

She examined Dacia. The females smile was still in place but there were circles under her eyes. She was stressed about something. “Why are you dressed like that? Are we going somewhere? I thought you were preparing for Calanmai.”

“I need a break so we are going to the war camps. We are going to train our stress out and you are going to make your move.”

She feigned ignorance. “I’m sorry, my what?”

Dacia rose a brow, “On Blake? Sweetie, the past two months with you two has been so sexually charged it made my hair staticy.” She rose a brow, the female’s hair was perfectly smooth. “So, to help my hair, you are going to go kick Blake’s ass and then make your move. Or I will make him make the move. Your choice.”

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Once Upon a Retcon/Plot Hole:

Does the musical episode take place in an alternate universe or something?

Because if not…. Then why, when Snow & Emma both met Hook in the EF with Mulan & Aurora….. Did she not recognize Hook? 

Unless of course this is just another way for the writers to make Hook like a hero for ‘saving’ Emma even in the womb….

It’s almost like no one believes the bullshit so they’re desperate to make him look heroic or something. Let’s ignore the fact that he’s singing about revenge though guys. He’s a hero!

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If columbine happened today, it would not have made such a big impact as t did in 1999

strongly agree | agree| neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Part of why the world is numbed out by all these mass shootings is in part due to Columbine Effect.   Had Columbine not happened in the late nineties  inspiring others to commit mass shootings then an event like this happening today would likely not have the potential to spark a big impact.   But since Columbine happened two decades ago, and all other terrorist-like events have occurred since that time, people are now conditioned to it and the media does not treat the event as quite the spectacle that was Columbine. There can be no similar big impact like Columbine since everything thereafter is the continue ‘fall out’ or domino effect from it.. Even with large impact events having occurred since: Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Aurora Theater, Boston Bombing, the Orlando night club and now the Manchester Bombing.  It is all just ‘more of the same’.  Columbine was a one time event, a time in history that has come and gone. It was the end to a time of innocence in which the world had a rude awakening and it shook the foundation of our sense of security in public places that always seemed to be ‘safe’ in the past.  We are all acutely aware now that there really is no public places that can be assumed to have an illusion of safety. No longer our institutions of learning, where even our own student youth are suspect, even our places of entertainment where our guard should be down as we’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying in the moment. The enemy is no longer only just ‘somewhere else’ but it’s now about coming to terms with the fact that the enemy is within, WE our the enemy, and confronting why that is now A Thing, a regular occurrence in today’s self destructing society since profound events like Columbine and 9/11 too.. 

And I know. The scariest part is letting go. Let my love be the light that guides you home.

Sleeping Hook AU: They say soulmates are bound to one another across time and space, so when Killian Jones and Briar Rose keep running into each other at the local Storybrooke flower shop, they start to believe it’s not just chance. The smiles and longing glances come to a head when Briar decides it’s time to say hello. What makes this first interaction even more special is that Killian impresses her by giving her one of her favorite flowers, a white lily.

whoaa slow your roll there buddy boo

i most only watch clips of the show.

i stopped seriously following it when s5a hit. the only episodes of that season i willingly subjected myself to had next to nothing to do with the main plot.

i don’t care about anon hate. i simply can’t be bothered lol. just bc you took the time to come into my inbox and make your argument doesn’t mean you’re going to change my opinion and especially not by insulting my intelligence. i’m actually kind of flattered you feel threatened enough to send me a message so congrats buddy you failed in not only making me feel dumb but hurting any feelings i have left lmao

i am not the right person to come to on this. as much as i love analysis i’m not even moderately good at it. i can’t provide pages upon pages of proof to debate with you because what you want me to address is not my area of expertise. i really like regina, and i really despise hook, but i simply cannot be as thorough in my response as others can. so while i can’t shut you down, nor do i really want to tbh, you still picked a losing battle.

while you’re here tho… i’ll do my best?

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Blood of Passage: Part Seventeen


Adrien studied the view of Veralis from his window. The Sidrah sparkled from the sun beaming down on it. His wings ached, his heart hurt. Everything was painful. From the inhale of breath to the blink of his eye. His shadows picked up the conversation between Maze, his mother and the healer.


“It will be months before he can just move them without pain. Longer to even fly. If he can. Nerve damage, scar tissue. Each pair are different.” The healer’s voice wasn’t unkind. It was skilled into professional kindness. His shadows betrayed her sadness.

His mother had a hand over her mouth, tears shone in her eyes. “What can I do? What can we do?”

“Time. He needs time and support from his family. And from those he loves. Keep his wings bound but let them breath for a few hours every day. He needs to have exercises to help circulation and healing. And perhaps for him to see someone? His mental state is very important. Does he have a mate? Or perhaps a significant other of some kind?”

“Me,” Maze said. “I’m his girlfriend.”

“He will need you the most. He will need all of you.”


He didn’t want their help. He wanted to find a hole and never crawl out of it. He didn’t want Maze there out of pity or his parents and brothers to fawn over him with looks of sympathy. He wanted to break the world apart before he broke himself apart.

At least in the mountain, there was Cyrian and his desire to kill the bastard for touching Maze and baiting him. He had his anger and rage and desire to get Maze out alive and his promise to her in that mountain. Now he none of it and he was filled with a sense of bottomless empty that was going to swallow him whole.

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Once Upon a Time for the fandom ask

The First character I ever fell in love with: Henry

A character that I used to love/like but now do not: Aurora

A Ship that I used to love/like but now do not: Rumbelle

My ultimate favorite character: Emma

Prettiest character: I think they’re all pretty

My most hated character: It’s a tie between Cora and Tamara

My OTP: Prince Charming/Snow White (Snowing)

My NOTP: Emma Swan/Regina Mills (SwanQueen)

Favorite episode: Too many to count

Saddest death: Neal Cassidy

Favorite season: Season 3

Least favorite season: Season 4

Character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but I hate: Peter Pan

Character that everyone else in the fandom hates, but I love: Rumplestiltskin

My ‘you’re a piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: Captain Hook

My ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: Gideon

My ‘they’re kind of cute, and I lowkey ship them, but I’m not too invested’ ship: Robin Hood/Regina Mills (OutlawQueen)


of curses and tales | inspired by hollie’s fanmix

↳ 3. the witch’s plan / 4. birthday gift

While everyone celebrated the joyful occasion of the birth of the princess, the evil sorceress Maleficent arrived. Out of hatred and jealousy, Maleficent cursed the princess to prick her finger on a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday, condemning her to a deathlike eternal sleep.


This was supposed to go one way and ended up a totally different one. Oh well…

When Killian first sees Aurora out of a driving car, it could be the start of something out of a fairytale - if not for two small details. One - he is a priest, already struggling with the question if this really is what he wants in life. Two - Aurora is a patient in the mental hospital he’s been assigned to. Things quickly spiral out of control for the both of them and reckoning might come too late…

Ship: Sleeping Hook
Characters: Killian Jones & Princess Aurora
Song: Everybody wants to rule the World
by: Lorde
Clips: The Rite, The Moth Diaries

  • Friends: so what is this show actually about...
  • Me: well... The evil queen from Snow White is in love with Robin Hood, Rumplestiltskin's father is Peter Pan but he's also the Beast and so in love with Belle, The Wicked Witch from Oz is The Evil Queen's sister and their mother is the Queen of Hearts, and the Wicked Witch is in love with Hades the God of Death and so Cruella DeVille is now in charge of the underworld where Captain Hook was on a quest with King Arthur (who's actually a villain, but Merlin was pretty chill) to get back to life because he's in love with Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter - which he achieves because Zeus is just like sure why not. Oh and Dorothy is in love with Red Riding Hood and Mulan was in love with Aurora but she never told her and Merida's just sort of chilling but we all suddenly ship her with Macintosh because he's freakin gorgeous like mmm. Errr I think that's it? Oh and Snow White and prince Charming's daughter Emma had a baby with Rumplestiltskin's son - but she was also kinda buddies with Pinocchio for a bit - and he was adopted by the Evil Queen at one point so they're all like this one big happy mush of a family. Apart from the fact that people keep getting turned into the dark one but you don't need to know about that... And that's just one series.
  • Friends: what.

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Why are you anti hook?? 😐🙀

[adele voice] hello

(the following mess is just my opinion. if you like hook, that’s great! i just…don’t.)

why don’t i like hook? because i’m petty -no, actually that’s not it. 

well it kind of is but let’s start from the beginning.

now i started watching ouat from season 4 [cough cough] not because of frozen, what? [cough] and i had heard about captain swan and it seemed to me one of those solid ships and i never felt any reason to argue against it.

hook seemed…stale. i’d seen his type before in YA novels. that kind of white guy ‘swagger’, the british accent, the dark hair, the intense eyes, the arrogance that somehow looks “charming”.

i mean, let’s be real, colin o’donoghue is pretty. and i completely endorse and appreciate that.

but hook as a character…eh. i could basically tell what he was about to do before he did it. he was like a male manic pixie dream girl? like more of a concept and eye candy than an actual character.

i didn’t dislike him, but i was too busy crying over elizabeth lail and georgina haig to bother with him too much.

and then i found ouat on my netflix and decided to cycle through the first three seasons on my end of the school year binge last year.

and that’s where it crumbled.

it’s my firm belief, and i don’t know if this was confirmed or not, but i feel like hook was originally supposed to be like august or zelena or aurora, like maybe a two to five episode character? maybe a season-long character, at best. 

because he felt like a passerby. he didn’t feel too important. and i did actually like him. he was dastardly, yet funny. 

but he also did really bad things. and my memory is fuzzy at best, but i do remember he did some pretty bad things.

he was compelling to me, but he didn’t have regina’s allure. i didn’t really…want to care about him.

and then he just…didn’t leave.

they were pretty good about tying up his backstory in seasons 2 and 3 and i actually really liked his tale. season 3a probably did the best by him. he had a brother, he was a real captain who went through real tragedy.

and then [sighs] then came the love triangle.

now let’s rewind a little bit, back to neal cassidy my angel, my precious one, my love

the second i met neal/baelfire for the first time, i was glued. his childhood was tragic, horribly, horribly so. abandoned by his own mother, and then he was forced to watch his father gradually turn into such a despicable monster that he chose his own power over him.

and he was still kind. he was still sweet, gentle. not a saint, no, not by any means, but still.

and he and emma shared that. a lost girl, a lost boy, both stupidly in love and both trying to survive.

was neal tortured? probably. but he didn’t use that as a crutch? he had every chance to be evil and he never did.

not only that, but he and emma had a child together. and no, i’m not saying he should have ditched her and let her go to prison, of course not. but you can’t deny that emma still loved him so much, more than she could even bear and he felt the same.

so when emma and hook kissed for the first time, i was like

because emma and hook’s relationship was more of a slap-slap-kiss routine. for me, at least, it didn’t have the same appeal. sexy, maybe, but it lacked substance. they as a unit lacked substance. like i just felt that putting the relationship there was…bad storytelling? sure, they were two pretty people who could exchange sassy lines, but that wasn’t enough for me.

also, they way hook talked about wooing emma seemed really creepy? like that whole “i won’t stop until you say yes” mantra is really…gross to me. “when you say yes”; it’s not romantic in my eyes. maybe it was supposed to come out different, but compelling romances aren’t just driven completely by one side, and usually when the other side isn’t as forward i feel like the other should, you know, take a hint

but i think people really liked it? and hook still wasn’t leaving. so episodes go by, i keep watching.

and then neal died. 

and i was like

i was livid. and it seemed awfully convenient, at least to me. neal and emma had confessed their love to each other, and then he died. and hook still wasn’t leaving.

and that’s where the pettiness lies. to be completely honest, one reason i don’t like hook is because i like neal better

so then, i get to season 4 again. my perspective is tainted, and i’m bitter and salty but nothing really happens so i go on to season 5.

season 5 season 5 seASON FIVE.

the real mess.

and i can complain about season 5 in another post, but watching emma and hook, they seemed so forced. i heard a good rule of thumb once: if a couple has to kiss for people to see they’re in love, you’re writing it wrong.

not only that, but hook suddenly became so important that emma appeared to be prioritizing him over other people, and i nitpick because this is a show about family, so i felt like we’d see more of emma and her parents and regina and…i don’t know, her son than her and hook.

and then we learn the real reason emma went dark. 

because she didn’t want to move in with her boyfriend

ok, i shouldn’t put it like that. but at this point, i felt like the writers were beating a dead horse with emma’s emotions. emma has commitment issues, emma has commitment issues, emma has commitment issues, yes. and they are valid. but proper character development dictates that emma should overcome that. and i know she’s scared, especially because people she loved have been ripped away from her, but at the same time, i didn’t like how it was written. i didn’t believe the darkness had to be about…him.

and now most of my bitterness stems from what i believe to be bad writing. i don’t agree with emma’s decision to turn hook dark to save him. but at the same time, he took that opportunity to instantly become such a douche. emma and rumple didn’t necessarily go around terrorizing everyone the second they became dark but hook just went right for it.

and then they’re spending season 5b trying to do what looks like to me damage control. hook suddenly has a really sad childhood and his brother and all this stuff and this is why you should feel sorry for him and it’s like um…great. not working for me.

tl;dr: i don’t hate hook, but i don’t like the way he’s written. i don’t feel like colin is getting the room to act at his full potential.

he isn’t a compelling character for me.

i don’t like the way captain swan was introduced into the show, nor how they interact. i feel like neal and emma, and in turn, michael and jennifer are more natural and have better chemistry on screen. this is biased thinking, but there it is.

and finally, i don’t like the way they’re trying to quickly whitewash him. i feel like that he’s done some really horrible things in his life and he needs to spend time answering for them, and i don’t think he can achieve that by putting the burden on emma and using her as a sort of morality pet, using just her as a motivation to be good or noble.

he needs more time.

[so thanks for reading my graduate thesis on why hook is not my favorite. again, these are personal opinions and i’m not trying to attack anyone who feels differently, but this is what i feel. also, i just tag ‘anti hook’ because it isn’t fair to post my negative opinions and shove them in the faces of people who do like him.]