this is like amazing for me


The concert in Portland was amazing! About 45 minutes before the concert my friend and I were in our seats when we saw Zack walking towards us. He said hi and asked if we wanted to meet Brendon. My heart literally stopped beating. Obviously we said yes and Zack brought us backstage. Brendon was so sweet and he hugged me like four times and I was so happy. Apparently my dad’s best friend had planned this a couple weeks ago. Also, before Brendon played This Is Gospel he said “Before I start I would like to dedicate this next one to Christian (my father who died a couple of months ago) and his awesome family and friends that I got to meet backstage, you guys are very fucking awesome” I was in tears and I thought it was so kind of him. Again, the show was amazing and honnestly it was probably the best night of my life.


Lucy Rose bringing awareness to the stigma people have of those who genuinely love and care for something - in this case, for her music

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Seriously. Nearly everyone except Mia and Sebastian were people of color. The directions was PHENOMENAL. The acting kicked ass, and the score was amazing. How did you not like it? Was it just because it started white leads? Because that's kind of a flimsy reason.

lmaoooo ok man talk to me about diversity later when it’s not a movie about a white guy saving jazz
never gonna give you up
Tooru just wants to take someone home for the three day weekend so that his family will stop insisting that he 'find someone to be happy with' and leave him in peace. The problem is that he doesn't have time - or much interest, really - for things like dating and romance and all of that. Bokuto, being the awesome roommate and all around good guy that he is, agrees to go home with him as his boyfriend. Everything goes great. For the weekend, that is. Everything kind of goes to hell after that.
By Organization for Transformative Works

aka that OiBoku fake dating idea that @tobioslilgiant was kind enough to let me borrow.

(I took it and ran away cackling into the night with it apparently seeing as how it is 22k.  You can also play spot the (ranging in rarity) background relationships with it.  One is very obvious.  Two are kind of obvious.  One is a very slight hint at the very end.)

Amber thank you so so much for letting me get away with this thing!  :D

(if you like things like fake dating, pining, asking for consent for even casual touches, Tooru’s sister dating a girl who can best Bokuto in arm wrestling, mutual pining, cuddles, hand holding, OiBoku fluff, demiromantic!Oikawa, Bokuto being amazing, some minor angst, group chat shenanigans, and more fluff than this is a fic for you dear friends)

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6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations! 14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

Oh my goodness, if I could tag ALL of my favorite artists, I’d have to tag 100+ and maybe that still wouldn’t be enough. LOL So I guess let me just tag six artists who’s been inspiring me for the past three days:

-My birb family, Brittany @malcolm6  and Xai @xaidrawsandwrites 
-My close friends Onon @lancemyboi2k17 and C-chan @chikuop01110
-The amazing Orrie @jali-jali (I hope you will like the SaNami sketch I’ll be sending you along with the doujin XD)
-And last but not the least, Vichan!! @vichan91312 I only got to know her earlier today. I saw her art late mainly coz I seldom browse Tumblr recently but your work is beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuul. OMG.

14. I already answered this HERE :D

Okay! So first off, I just want to say you are on of my most favorite artists of all times! You have inspired me so much to draw and thank you for that!! Also I love the Eddsworld gem au you made! It is so amazing and I wanted to draw this precious bean here! I hope you like it!!


O h m y god? ? t y sm? ?  i? ? love it oh my g oD

Just quick shout out.
I started this blog back in november after leaving my other blog due to extremely toxic people.
I honestly didn’t think I’d reach 750 followers at all and the fact that I did so in such a short time is so shocking and I just love you guys so much.
Like you’ve made me want to stay on tumblr and enjoy it like I used to. You’re all so amazing and I wanted to thank all of you for being so incredibly nice and unbelievably amazing. I’ve made so many new friends in these past 4 months and I’m so grateful for all of you.

Okay, seriously. Eugene is the MOST underrated character on the Walking Dead. He is the most intelligent human on that show and all the fans can’t stand him and I’m over here like. I want to be his best friend. He is the most lovable character on this show next to Carol for me. To all the fans that hate him and this season, to all the fans complaining about how slow and zombieless this season is, shut up and watch these amazing characters survive the best they can, or stop watching. Like stop. Go away if you can’t appreciate a sweet soul like Eugene who is much too good for this world.

im lol at all y'all saying it was not fair to embarrass lala land like that, or why they do lala land like that etc… okay first of

- lala land still took home more awards then any other film

-yall r praising a movie where a white boy saves jazz… i can’t even begin with that (like y'all can @ me and were gonna discuss this) 

- y'all didnt want a movie with poc lgbtq, with an amazing score, cinematography, brilliant across (some of them new to the industry), the only type of movie to win this category, but lala land is better? 

-and also, emma stone won over ruth negga. im forever shook

-i get what you guys are saying but… moonlight would have BEEN ROBBED IF LALA LAND ACTUALLY WON. DONT  @ ME

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Hello there! I just thought that I would say a few things then ask a question after. Well, first, I would like to express my gratitude towards you for making videos on YouTube that include us Black people. They gave me insight that K-Pop stars, or Asians in general, like Black people. And as for my question? I was wondering if you knew if any K-Pop stars would visit the Caribbean on their World Tour. I would like to know. Thank you for everything again. Love goes out to you. ^^

Thank you! ❤ so far I haven’t seen any dates yet but that would be amazing if they did

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i definitely like. had a good time watching LLL but it wasn't incredible? i thought it was very visually pretty and i liked the music but i wasn't emotionally invested except for when they did the montage of them imagining what their life could've been. i think it's a good movie but it's not amazing idk

me exactly. this is EXACTLY how I felt. and before and during the movie I had no idea that black people where the inventors of Jazz? I actually went and did research after the movie and was like really??????? why did it star a white dude???? why was john legend not the lead I mean his role was completely unnecessary???