this is like a really neat headcanon

nearsighted Carlos cecilos headcanon:
or more like head idea bc I don’t quite headcanon it I just thought it was a neat idea, anyways
Everything unless it’s close to his face for Carlos is fuzzy but imagine no matter what Cecil is clear, at first it really fucks Carlos up because he’s been used to fuzzy blurred out faces but then he comes over to Night Vale and just so happens to look up while cleaning his glasses
then there is Cecil clear as day waving at him and Carlos may have froze and stared at Cecil for a somewhat uncomfortable amount of time/silence

TMNT Christmas headcanons

Its that time of year, so why not?

-Wraps his presents really beautifully, like nice paper, ribbon, neat little name tags
-But he’s actually TERRIBLE at buying gifts. Like, he tries so hard, but he always accidently gets someone something they already own, or just something they’re not actually interested in
-Rewatches the Space Heroes Christmas special every year, makes everyone else watch it too
-Is not allowed anywhere near the kitchen when dinner is being made

-1000% done with Mikey constantly singing Christmas carols
-Generally wraps presents in newspaper
-Actually surprisingly good at gift-buying
-Secretly loves watching all the cute Christmas films

-Wraps his presents in newspaper like Raph
-Generally makes his own gifts, designs neat gadgets for his friends and family
-His family refuse to let him do any work in the lab on Christmas. He gets to chill out with hot chocolate all day. He generally falls asleep really early, cos he’s warm and happy and ate a lot at dinner

-Wants to start decorating on November 1st
-Tries to wake everyone up at like 6 in the morning
-Gets people really wacky and fun presents. He totally gets gag gifts and stuff
-Goes overboard wrapping presents. Ribbons, bows, glitter, the whole shebang
-He is the master of Christmas dinner. Three types of potatoes, giant turkey, over the top gingerbread house. Christmas dinner is not a fucking game

-Probably spends Christmas day at home with her dad, but she sees the turtles on Christmas eve
-Definitely wears ugly Christmas sweaters
-Maybe she and her dad used to go to church on Christmas, but they fell out of the habit
-Maybe she and her dad volunteer at a homeless shelter? Perhaps not on Christmas Day, but sometime in the holiday season

-Sees the turtles on boxing day, not sure when he meets up with April. Maybe he brings some alcohol, and they all get tipsy before Splinter confiscates the bottle
-Christmas at the Jones is pretty chill. They sleep late, bundle up in blankets and watch movies all day
-Maybe his dad works a lot over Christmas, so Casey does most of the decorating and cooking
-Casey tries to get nice presents for his friends, bit they’re generally pretty small and simple because he spends most of the cash he has saved on his sister
-They don’t have a big Christmas dinner, neither Casey or his dad are great cooks. Maybe they just have a roast chicken, with store bought mince pies after

Karai and Shini:
-They probably visit with the turtles, but they spend most of the day cuddled up in their new Foot headquarters watching the crappy Christmas specials and folding paper cranes -Maybe Shini jokingly wears mistletoe behind her ear, and keeps pulling Karai in for kisses

Had a slightly strange yet cool dream this night, concerning BNHA.

I dreamed about a press conference, for the most part.

As mentioned in this post, I really can picture the kids holding press conferences in the future. I headcanon that they will try to restore the peace and calm the society by holding a speech much like All Might would have done – a speech about how they would protect society from now as the new symbols. Together.

Well, now my dream was about Class 1-A being up there on the stage, Izuku at the microphone talking – all of them in really neat suits and dresses, but wearing their hero costumes hidden under it – while Toshinori and Aizawa and their families watch from the crowd, really proud of them.

Then the view switched, and I was looking from above, from a building near the place the conference was being held. A villain was aiming for Izuku with some sort of shooting-quirk, aiming directly for his head, saying something along the line of “diminishing that new light of hope”.

(No, this is not gonna be a nightmare, stay with me)

And then, right before the sniper could shoot, Bakugou of all people showed up on the roof next to the villain, not only disturbing him in his sniping but also literally kicking his ass for trying to attack nerdy Deku. It was quite the short fight, really, poor villain didn’t stand a chance but Bakugou had to sacrifice his suit jacket for it.

Well, back to the stage a few minutes later, there was some shuffling and whispering as Bakugou suddenly appeared on stage next to his classmates, looking just a bit more ruffled than the others and without a suit jacket on. He lined up with the others, swatting Kirishima’s hands away as the redhead tried to pat his hair back down and offered his jacket to him.

Just then, Izuku finished his speech under loud cheering and applause from the crowd and stepped away from the speaker’s desk, letting Yaoyorozu take his place to answer whatever question there where.

And my favorite thing about this – Izuku stepped into line right next to Bakugou, patting the other’s shoulder only once, ever so slightly inclining his head to him as he said “Thank you”.

Of course, Bakugou just snorted and threw a quick insult, but I really liked that part.

Sadly, I had to wake up and go to school right then. But meh. I really liked that dream! It’s a nice headcanon, I’m gonna keep it.

some of my headcanons about sirius black (✿◠‿◠)

- okay so this one technically isn’t mine i guess because i saw someone else post it i forget who but it’s that sirius is multilingual and i fell in love with it like can you imagine him fluently speaking italian out of no where or yelling in french when he gets mad just omg i could go on and on about this

- definitely played quidditch like idk i just can’t picture a sirius black that didn’t play quidditch

- had really pretty handwriting like i’m talking cursive, neat af, perfect loops, like it was remarkable and it bothered him so much but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t help it

- sirius played the piano!!! and he was amazing!!!! from a young age he had lessons, and though he would never admit it he secretly loved it. like he could sit there for hours and just play. anyone who knew about it could tell you how beautiful it was and how lucky you were if you got to listen to him play

- okay so every year sirius had a huuuuuuuge birthday celebration like it was the party of the year. the professors eventually started to give up on attempting to shut them down because they were so insane like there was nothing getting in the way of these parties. harry was probably conceived at sirius’ 20th birthday bash. (the dates make sense just think about it)

- sirius loved muggle music. he originally only listened to it to piss off his parents but he grew to really love it, like waaaaay more than music in the wizard world. like can you imagine how many rolling stones and beatles records he had. and then when he moved in with james the collection just grew bigger and rock was basically blasting from the house 114% of the time. he also had a bunch of band tees too. actually now that i think about it they probably got high listening to the grateful dead all the time.

- pretty sure this is already a given but i feel like i gotta include that his hair was something completely out of this world like it’s indescribably amazing


- sirius got top marks in school without even trying. he was just extremely intelligent but in the most nonchalant and un expecting way. like he wouldn’t be paying attention in class because he was thinking about his supply on dungbombs or some shit and the professor would call him out asking him about the lesson expecting him to be like “idk” but he would answer perfectly and no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t one up him. like they tried so hard to catch him off guard but never succeeded

- definitely the first person to realize that lily liked james. like he realized before lily even did. and he pestered her endlessly until he got her to admit it not only to him, but to herself. he&remus played a huge role in their getting together. it took a lot of hard work, time, patience, and bull shitting but it happened.

- and sometimes, whether he liked to admit it or not, he was human and underneath his cool flawless exterior he was cold, he was hurt, he was damaged. he may be funny, smart, and a damn great friend but he could get snappy, angry, and lash out. because as much as we like to dance around it, he is scarred from his childhood. him and his brother had no relationship whatsoever and it broke his heart. he watched regulus get corrupted little by little, and he dealt with his family hating him. there were nights where he would just stay awake all night, and days where he would seclude himself from his friends because sometimes it was a lot to handle AND THIS POST IS BECOMING REALLY SAD REALLY FAST SO IM JUST GONNA STOP NOW BECAUSE I COULD GO ONNNNNNNN AND ONNNNNNN ABOUT SIRIUS BLACK OKAY I LOVE SIRIUS BLACK

italianghostking  asked:

■ Solangelo, please?

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon: will isn’t really a neat freak in most senses, but there are certain things that just drive him insane if they don’t look right. like,,, any and all artwork needs to be straight and parallel, silverware always needs to be put away in the correct cubby in their silverware drawer (the serving spoons and regular spoons shouldn’t be mixed on any occasion), and his socks should always be placed in neat stacks in his drawers― never in messy piles, etc. when they first started living together, nico learned about each of will’s pet peeves one by one as they presented themselves, and he’s usually respectful of them, but if he ever gets pissed at will for any reason, will soon finds his sock drawer to be a disaster.

Ravenclaw common room headcanons?

•it’s not super neat like everyone thinks •Ravenclaws are creative and creative people aren’t usually that neat •their thoughts are messy and random so their work area probably is too? •smells like wind (I don’t know how that works but yeah) •smells like rain •smells like books •smells like paint (this is the last “smells like” •lots of music all the time •different kinds of music being played and clashing together loudly but also its really beautiful •lots of chatter •so much talking that it’s kind of overwhelming •like lots of introverts •but introverts can talk to other introverts pretty well (from my own experience) •random students sleeping everywhere •they stayed up really late cause they had a burst of inspiration •paint splatters all over the walls from paint fights •enchanted origami flying everywhere •it’s pretty much chaos

Okay but, Wander knowing really, really old languages. Wander and Sylvia on some random adventure coming across an ancient structure, Sylvia going “Dang, looks like this is written in some kind of secret code…” And Wander going “Oh hey I know this language! Haha it says the key is under the mat and to wipe your feet before going inside. Neat!”
Wander going through entire songs and Sylvia commenting, “None of that really rhymed.” Wander going “It rhymes in its original language, just wanted you to be able to understand it is all!” Repeating the entire song over again in the original language because Sylvia wanted to hear it.
Wander offhandedly saying some phrase that sounds like nonsense, then apologising and saying it in the common language, because “It doesn’t make as much sense in common, sorry ‘bout that, haha.”
Wander coming across some other very, very old force that only speaks those old languages, and the two of them gushing for like twenty minutes about grop knows what before Sylvia finally asks Wander to like, please translate?? What is going on?? Pardon me????
Wander singing children’s songs in those old languages for some kids because they think it’s cool and who is he to disappoint?
Wander speaking really old languages.

Hey, this isn’t a shitpost but a request: We love hearing your headcanons, especially stuff like “Luna is autistic” and “Harry is Indian” and “Ginny is trans” and “Sirius is gay”. it really brightens up our day, and it means a lot to us that we’re the first place you come when you think a neat Harry Potter thought! Thank you, and please, send them in (and, again, feel free to send in pictures of your pets. one person sent us in a photo of a pony!)

- Mod R

ok handwriting headcanons GO
shiro: ambidextrous, mech arm is perfect, real arm was messy in the first place but twice as much now bc his hand shakes
keith: sloppy, small letters that run together, he constantly writes like he’s doing a paper that’s due the next class even when there’s no rush
lance: either perfect print or literally unintelligible there is no inbetween. letters r really loopy. busts out the cursive sometimes 2 impress ppl
hunk: neat, big letters. takes forever to write. writes mostly in short hand
pidge: “hey pidge what does that say” “idk lmao”
allura: perfect, super nice script that looks like a fukin font. aesthetically pleasing at it is, even if it was in english no one would be able 2 read it
coran: writes in all caps (does altean even have capital letters idk)

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I was just thinking, i wonder if Hotaru ever had a super-girly phase where she dressed all frilly and liked painting her nails. I was very tomboyish as a kid and am also now but i did have a super girly phase for a short while, so it makes me wonder if Hotaru ever did.

That would be a neat head-canon, it would be cool if she did! I kinda want to draw her like that now, like hanging out with Kanae ^^ oooh like I might swap them girly Hotaru and tomboy Kanae!
- Mod Haruki

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Lemmy, you use your bracelet for combat, like magical blasts, but can you use it for your illusionist performances as well? Can it work that way?

Lemmy: Aw, sure it can!… If I wanted it to, that is! Everyone knows about Magikoopas and the Koopa Magicks and all that, and with practice, it’s easy to do! I think the key to being an illusionist is being able to come up with really neat tricks to psyche people out! Some Magikoopas might criticize me for not taking advantage of my magic, but I think by not relying on it too much, it helps me be creative in the tricks I come up with, and it’s challenging, too!

OH I got a neat headcanon about Pearlcatchers and their pearls earlier

Their pearls are believed to be the “essence” of their memories, right ? But there’s a shift between lores in which the pearls really are a part of the dragon’s soul, and those where it is only a superstition.

What if that belief, strongly ingrained into Pearlcatcher culture, was made into a real thing by the will of the dragons tending to their pearls ? Dragons who believe in this superstition subconsciously infuse their pearls with their own magical energy when tending to them, weaving a spell that brings back their old memories when coming in contact with the pearl. 

Some pearls become so full of elemental energy that it becomes like a second magic reserve to the Pearlcatcher, and stops being a foreign object to be constantly linked to the dragon’s own magic, thus making it effectively a part of themselves.

However, dragons who do not give the superstition any credit will not infuse their pearl with magic, their pearl being therefore a magic-less one, since the process of creating it is purely biological.

This whole thing is fully subconscious/instinctive, and therefore not many Pearlcatchers are aware of whether or not they put magic in their pearl. Depending on their own beliefs, other people may be able to gaze into their soul while holding the pearl, or it may be something only the pearls owner is able to do.

So… who’s with me on this :D ?

Random Headcanons - Kuroo

- I honestly see Kuroo as somewhat of a neat freak. I feel his school notes would be really tidy and organized, and his room is probably immaculate. Not to the point where it’d seem OCD, he just likes things organized. To me, he seems like the type who has a simple, modern, perfectly arranged room. Probably something that looks like it came right out of a muji or ikea catalogue.

- Kuroo is a complete and total nerd, I think he’s actually quite an academic. He’s a really analytical person, I imagine he has an aptitude for chemistry, physics, and maths. On the other hand, he also seems like he’d be a bit of a history buff. His downfall is likely to be English and visual arts.

- In the Harry Potter AU, it seems a lot of people see him as a Slytherin, but I see him as a Ravenclaw. The sorting hat may have had to ponder its decision whether to sort him into Slytherin or Ravenclaw. On the one hand, Slytherin’s value ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness. On the other, Ravenclaw’s value intelligence, knowledge, and wit. In the end, while he carries a little bit of the traits of a Slytherin, I believe ultimately Kuroo would be sorted into Ravenclaw.

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So since your 10 days characters have 2 sets of ears I'm just gonna headcannon that one set works normally and the other are "deceiver ears" that only hear things that aren't actually there like when you hear your name in a store even though no one actually called you or they hear faint music that you just can't quite distinguish the words to or other annoying shit

Ohhh, that’s actually a really neat headcanon!

I’ve never really thought about how their ears worked, huh

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Random headcanon meme! 

✍ : What is your muse’s handwriting like? Is it neat? Sloppy? Fancy? 

[[Dingo’s handwriting is an absolute mess x) his cursive letters are close to unreadable, because he simply doesn’t care to make his writing look nice. He writes in a tiny, mess scribbling, and it only gets worse when he has to write in Japanese. Kana he can handle, although they’re hard to decipher, but he’ll probably never be able to get even the simplest kanji right x)

That’s going to be something he’ll have to work really hard on, now that he’s so close to going back to school. Writing essays will not only be hell because he’ll struggle with the content, but unless he can type them, the simple act of writing them down will be a real hardship for him too ^^”]]

RusAme Headcanons (Pt 2)

• Despite yearning for a warmer climate, Russia really does love to play in the snow! He’ll grab America out of bed on a white powder covered morning and pelt him with snow balls or perhaps build dopey looking snowmen armies.

• Like Germany, Russia is a bit of a neat freak when it comes to the condition of his kitchen and will implore the rage of a thousand suns if America goes and messes it up. (America does this quite often, being a bit messy in the way he leaves things)

• Russia often will get random bouts of loneliness and when this happens America is at his side in an instant. Whatever it takes, America gives. Hugs? Kisses? Russia is the light of his life and he can’t bare to see it be dimmed.

• Russia is extremely poetic when it comes to expressing his affection. America often will find tears pricking the corners of his crinkled eyes at some of the things Russia will say to him. When Russia cares for someone he leaves no word of love left unsaid.

• Russia likes to be kissed anywhere and everywhere. He’s never been given much loving contact in his life so the prickly warm feeling of soft lips against his skin is always welcome.

• America always seems to be in Russia’s arms. He likes to snuggle into the tall Russian’s burly chest and just take in the smell and feel of him. Whenever they watch a movie that features ghosts, Russia’s chest is America’s hiding place.

• America likes to do the cliche he’s seen in so many movies in his past, which is to press his hand up against Russia’s to compare the sizes. Russia’s hands are always bigger of course, but America likes to see the blossom of a blush which usually grows upon Russia’s cheeks.

• America loves to go shopping while Russia usually has little patience. He’ll tap his foot inpatiently as America sluggishly (and maybe a bit purposely) takes his time choosing which brand of corn chips are better in mango salsa.

• Russia takes pride in things that are homemade most definitely. He’ll often knit America warm woolen sweaters for the colder months and bake him some of the sweets and goods that are native to his country. (America nearly always is overwhelmed with gratitude, Russia puts his love into everything he does)

• On the rare occasion that America is big spoon, he’ll burrow safely into Russia’s neck, his thumb rubbing slow circles into his lovers waist. (More often than not he’ll be forced to kiss Russia awake, since he takes a while to get up in the morning)

•These two love chess. They’ll usually play by a warm crackling fire, shooting a glare at the other once in a while if they make a cheeky move. Whoever wins automatically gets bragging rights until they play again, and the teasing that is thrown at the loser is relentless.

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Kasamatsu, Hanamiya, Mitobe

even tho the three character one came in after I closed it, I’ll just accept it since it’s only headcanons and i really dont wanna study


  • Smell: Hanamiya smells of his own musky cologne, which gives off a very dark and sexy vibe. 
  • Music: Hard rock or metal at times but he also loves to listen to soothing instrumentals when he’s studying.
  • Collect: Darts. He likes playing darts and he enjoys buying the different kinds and colors, and always keeps them in tip-top condition.
  • Bedroom: Very neat and simple. He has a small bookshelf which he keeps all his books on educational things and how to ruin people’s lives
  • Eating: He’s very unhealthy since he doesn’t keep track of the things he eats and he has an undeniable obsession for dark chocolates.
  • Intellectual Pursuits & Other Hobbies: Bullies people in his spare time. Picks on people. Breaks their legs. Aside from that, he likes reading people’s biographies, mostly criminal ones because they’re interesting.
  • Most Prized Possession: His dick. He has a sudoku book which he completed in a day and he was very proud of it. “IT’S NO BIG DEAL GOD.” Hanamiya says as he strokes the book lovingly.


  • Smell: Very refreshing, like lemons and oranges. 
  • Music: Alternative is one of his favorites though he can also listen to hip-hop songs to get him pumped up for basketball. Shhh, he also really likes Lady Gaga but he’ll never admit it.
  • Collect: Action movies and CDs of his favorite musicians. 
  • Bedroom: Organized. He doesn’t have a lot of things aside from his DVD collection which is always stacked nicely.
  • Eating: He’s a quiet and neat eater and especially hates it when people talk with their mouthful of food. 
  • Intellectual Pursuits & Other Hobbies: As much as he loves kicking Kise, he has a bigger interest in action movies. He’s an addict when it comes to action movies.
  • Most Prized Possession: A small trophy he received when he won his first basketball tournament.


  • Smell: Calming and relaxing, like sweet fruits but not intoxicatingly sweet. He often smells like food though because he cooks for his family.
  • Music: His taste is very eclectic since he can listen to practically anything but he leans more towards easy-listening.
  • Collect: Cool photographs of either landscapes or portraits.
  • Bedroom: Neatly made with just a bed and a desk but he also has different pictures hanging on his walls which he took.
  • Eating: Clean and quiet just like him. He doesn’t like messy food all that much nor junk food because he believes in healthy eating.
  • Intellectual Pursuits & Other Hobbies: He loves photography since he thinks pictures speak more than words and finds it extremely relaxing compared to basketball.
  • Most Prized Possession: A photograph his parents took of the whole team where everyone looks so happy after their victory in the Winter Cup.

I’ll be honest, I think it’s really neat when someone you’re following finds something new to love. Like, there’s that period of them apologizing, going “hey I still love that other thing and all BUT LOOK AT NEW THING OMG” and often they slowly just become dedicated to new thing, not because they love old thing any less but because there’s so much stuff for new thing! New headcanons to think of, fics to write, art to make, things to reblog!

And I like it. Even if I followed them for old thing and i have no idea what new thing is, I like seeing people fall in love with something.