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Little blue prince, hanging out in the moonlight

He’s pretending to read but he’s really just staring at Keef <3

(from Watercast by the lovely @fishwrites)

edit: Keef is here

With all the discussion about what Fish’s death meant to Oswald and the tragedy and irony of it all, I’m surprised no one has talked about this ^ yet: Freeze and Firefly watching Oswald grieve for her.

Cause, this is actually quite a significant moment as well: both Victor and Bridgit have experienced tragic losses before, so they know how Oswald feels in that moment, which means this was probably the first time that both of them were able to truly emotionally connect with Oswald.

Which could be a turning point for the both of them, because so far, they both have not really been getting anything out of joining Oswald’s Freak Family yet, aside from constantly being annoyed by each other’s presence and doing whatever oswald/fish wanted from them. And clearly part of the reason why both of them joined him in the first place were not just the individual promises he made to them, but cause they both seem to have taken a liking to Ivy (especially Bridgit) and not really cause they wanted to be part of Oswald’s Army. so technically, at this point, it’s actually only a matter of time for both of them to start wondering why they should keep on doing it, if they haven’t gotten anything out of it for themselves yet.

However after witnessing Oswald genuinely caring about someone dying, which is surely something neither of them really expected of Oswald, it could change their opinions about him and give them a reason to want to stick around regardless.

Which I really hope they’re going to do, because, aside from the fact that it would be great if they kept freeze and firefly around more often now, the thing is, with Oswald finally opening his Iceberg Lounge now, his permanent business place in the canon, it means it’s also about time Oswald finally really gets a true, permanent crime family around him, as in, people who actually want to work with him constantly and not just cause they’re forced to like it was mostly so far the past 3 seasons. cause if they really want to finally establish Penguin as the future crime lord of Gotham (which they pretty much confirmed that they’re going for now with his plans for the lounge), they can’t keep letting him be surrounded by people anymore now who will immediately abandon or betray him whenever things get rough for him cause they never really cared for working for him. and what better way to start out his future crime family than with Ivy, Bridgit and Victor? cause all four don’t just have in common being considered Freaks, but experiencing tragic losses in their past/having crappy lives growing up, so they already have the perfect way to connect on a personal level.

Not to mention, both Freeze and Firefly are actually not real career criminals yet, cause they both don’t really have a cause, which is most likely another reason why they ended up sticking with Oswald for the time being, they both don’t really know what to do with themselves yet anyways. and so if they both end up taking a liking to Oswald now, they could decide for themselves to keep offically work for him, as his henchmen for example. which would especially be beneficial for Victor, cause remember, Oswald promised him to help him with his research, and with the Lounge around now, he’d guaranteed get payed pretty well by Oswald. so Oswald’s Freak Army actually really makes total sense as part of a permanent crime family for him.

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It’s been a week since the mid season finale and the first Shadowhunters AU Monday is finally here! We promise that there will be a wide variety of prompts in the following weeks (less mundane and generic ones), but we decided to start off with a familiar, much beloved au to make sure no one gets overwhelmed before we even get started. So without further ado:


But fear not! This theme does not only include coffee shops, but also bakeries, cat cafés, and any sort of quaint little coffee place to get your daily caffeine fix. And whether it’s in the middle of New York, in a small town somewhere, on the moon, or placed in the 1920′s is entirely up to you!

Remember to tag your work with #shaumondays (one of the 5 first tags), and make sure to make it clear if your work has any triggers. It would also make things a lot easier, if you could somehow try to indicate which main characters, otps and brotps are involved in the work, especially if it a piece of writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the tags or somewhere else in the post. 

Also a quick reminder that these prompts are meant for all sorts of fanwork and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Inspiration can be found under the read more if needed.

As always: Be respectful, have fun and get creative!

Love,  the SHAUMondays squad

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Levi being cute ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Gosh I should really stop procrastinating and finish the work I should’ve completed last week…

In other news…I feel like I’m the only person who isn’t using Reshade in their game. It’s pretty crappy because Reshade effects look amazing and my Levi deserves nothing but the best! So unfair ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

OK, I stayed up waaaaaaay too late doing this, but it was actually much easier than making the sky box, even though I thought it’d be way harder. :)

Anyway, new animated clouds, much wispier than @lowedeus‘s original ones, more like a wispy mist thing. It’s all handpainted by me. Yay, Smudge Tool! In the above pic, it’s layered over the new skybox I uploaded earlier, and I took a pic about every 10 seconds to make the above crappy GIF.

It still has a couple of issues that I need to fix, but I really gotta go to bed now, so I’ll finish it later.

Six years on tumblr!!!

On May 22nd 2011, this blog was born into existence, *explosion noises* *coughs* *waves away dust* *takes a breath*. under the username ‘ebonythestral’ but this past April I finally changed it to something I liked more ‘galaxymagick’! This has been the only year where I’ve actually, really, really enjoyed being on tumblr, thanks to VIXX and the St★rlights I’ve met!

Some short questions you may want to know, or not. I didn’t know what to put in this post so I’m adding them. ( ^◡^)っ

  • Who are you? I’m Rebecca, I usually go by: Becca, Beck or, Becks, so use whichever you prefer, I don’t mind.
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  • What do you look like? A potato! 🥔 I don’t want to upload a picture to here, but, I have an ★ → instagram ← ★ my face is on there with crappy lighting and quality, be careful you don’t look too long, you might turn to stone (๑ゝڡ◕๑) ~ ★
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Greetings! This is a one-shot for thegirlwiththeimpala​ which took a lot longer than it should’ve done so apologies. I hope I’ve done your request justice and it’s the happy ending you were looking for. If it wasn’t, let me know and I’ll give this story another once over. :)  I know that the ending is a lil crappy but endings are hard. Also if you don’t think my analogy involving puzzles and ships in bottles is the best thing ever then you are wrong. ;) Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Maybe you can do another oneshot for me!?💛 one where Steve and y/n are best friends, but a lot of people(other avengers too)think that you like each other and don’t tell it bc you’re shy. But you don’t know what you are feeling and you’re just really confused! The confusion and the whole talking about you two stresses you out a lot and you take your distance from Steve. I’m know sure how to continue but a happy end would be cute.

“Go Figure”

“(Y/n) loves Steve! (Y/n) loves Steve!” Clint sung at the top of his lungs, intoxicated incredibly.
“Clint, you’ve been singing the same three words for the past twenty minutes. Shut up!” Natasha ordered, searching the room for something to lodge in his throat. You were sat on the sofa beside Steve with your legs draped across his lap whilst Clint teetered dangerously on his feet in the middle of the room. His slurred words travelled through the air using the alcoholic stench on his breath so that no matter how much you tried to ignore him, you couldn’t.  

You and Steve had been best friends since you joined the team – your healing capabilities proving invaluable. The pair of you spent an immeasurable amount of time together: sharing jokes, playing around, and training together.
“I swear to God, Barton, I will strangle you right now.” You chuckled, pressing the cold beer bottle to your lips and taking a swig.
“What for?” Clint hummed, falling back onto his butt harshly.

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look at his little smile, he’s so cute ahh