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Hi there! Can I ask you a bit of a random question? I was going through your tumblr checking out your awesome art and I noticed that you had ordered stuff from Fangamer. Being a fellow Australian wanting to buy all of the things from their store, I was wondering which shipping option you picked and if it was the cheaper one, did you have any dramas? I realise it was a while ago, so sorry if I'm bugging you. Have a good one!

I’ve ordered from Fangamer abooout… 5 times…. and each time i picked the cheapest option :)) No dramas, can’t remember EXACTLY but took around 3 weeks, you know, the average time it takes for anything internatonal to arrive at our doorsteps. i would never pay $70 for shipping that takes 2-5 business days, thats crazy. please dont do that. wait for your order, it’s fun when you forget about it then when it arrives and youre like OM Y GAAWWD ゚(ʘoʘ’) ノノ

I'm about to vent about depressing shit so keep scrolling if you don't want to read or whatever

i honestly haven’t had any friends since middle school and I’m already going to be a senior in high school..I’ve been so fucking isolated and cynical about letting people in.. , until I met this girl a couple of months ago and we clicked with each other so well and all. We had a lot of things in common. She’s made me feel wanted, like she would ask about my day, take me places with her and still even enjoyed my presence when i didnt have anything to say, we created art together etc. I did the same for her. and again she really made me feel secure and wanted.. to the point where I actually felt like i could be myself and talk about my feelings and fuck i havent felt like that for a couple of years now and we actually had plans to travel to california for this summer, but just 2 or 3 weeks ago she started talking to i guess theyd say the “popular” people and i started to see a change in her really fast. Our conversations started to become short and meaningless, and on tuesday she lashed me out in front of those people and they all just laughed at me.. i asked why she was treating me like this and just told me she didnt want to be friends anymore, i fucking told her to give me a reason at least to why and she just completely shut me out. now just today she blocked me on all social media.. like fuck i feel like fucking shit, i did a lot of shit with her, told her about my feelings etc, i really thought our friendship would last for a long time and this is what i get? i fucking told her to keep it real with me and i just cant fucking believe this.. there’s a fucking reason why i dont let people in, is because of this type of shit. ive been fucking crying for the past 4 days. i just wish she wouldve told me why i wasnt good enough to be her friend and now i feel like ill never have anybody,, sorry to be a depressing little bitch but i just need to let it out.


Daenerys Targaryen’s Fashion 

“I always put trousers underneath because in her psyche anything might go wrong and [she’s always thinking], ‘I might need to run away,’ Even with the longest, most beautiful gowns, she always wears a pair of boots and trousers. I like that sense of, 'I can play this [queen] but underneath, I can run.’“ - Michele Clapton on Dany’s Costumes (insp.)

What We Know About Purple

This is so long omg, sry.


He just wanted to do something exciting for the fans, respect that!!!

1. The announcement was made on the 1 year anniversary of Prince’s death.

2. The announcement was made in movie theaters across Chicago.

3. The initial release date for whatever is happening was on 4-28-17, but was moved up to 4-27-17, which is Patrick’s birthday.

4. Pete has previously stated that “someday we need to make the purple one” in regards to fob’s previous albums on Instagram.

5. Fob filmed a music video around two weeks ago, which was stated by a fan in the area who witnessed filming.

6. Pete backed this up through his now-deleted-tweet that said something like “this week was 😑and the next is😎” around the same time of the music videos filming. (I don’t remember the actual wording of the tweet, but it was something like that).

7. This now makes sense that the video he was talking about was probably either an actual music video or the teaser released yesterday.

8. Purple is probably an album because of all these previous statements above and the many hints both Pete and fob have dropped.

9. This is also the start of a new era, which is defined by the gif of a purple wave that is now of fobs official website and their new twitter layout.

10. Pete has a string of tweets that have the emoji 🔮, which is purple, and sound like lyrics. (Documentation of these are on this site somewhere)

11. The album is probably titled something like “young mania” or “young maniac” because of Petes current twitter name which is “yng mnc” with purple emojis in between.

12. The teaser for the movie theaters was also in a purple color wave and started off with the words “Mania Entertainment”. This is a music production company.

13. Late last year and into this one there was some drama about fob maybe leaving island, their current label to our knowledge, so maybe this is their new label? This is backed up by some of Pete’s tweets during late 2016 and early 2017.

14. If this is new music, it is probably a mixture of previous fob music styles with something new. This is because all of their previous albums have been red or blue, which switch every album cycle and red and blue mix to make purple.

15. They have a show scheduled in Brazil in September of this year.

16. It has to do with the ocean because of the theater teaser and the wave gif on fobs site.

17. DCD2, Pete’s record label, has been tweeting more actively lately. Idk if this means anything, but it would also add more credibility to the whole “leaving island thing”.

18. Island Records hasn’t tweeted anything about the fob news to my knowledge, so maybe they really did leave the label?!!?

19. I’ve seen some speculation on this site that this is their last album. This is because all of the previous albums fall into either a blue or red theme in order (tttyg-blue, futct-red, ioh-blue, fad-red, greatest hits bnd-blue, srar-red, abap-blue). Purple breaks this cycle and thus may be their big finale. All the hype going on alludes to this as well.

(If this last point is true I will die)

And lastly, whatever this is, I can’t wait. It’s definitely something new and I want to be supportive in any way I can 😊!

Thanks to anyone who read through this long post. It means a lot.

If anyone else has more info feel free to add onto this post.

kpop is making me so happy right now. i feel like as a whole the genre is taking huge steps and western artists/media outlets are finally appreciating it, especially with bts being on the bbmas last night. i see big bang on the what’s popular page on youtube and gd is in every other instagram ad. i can’t go one day without seeing an idol or group trending at number 2 or 3 on twitter. someone who doesn’t listen to kpop came up and asked me if i had heard kard’s new song a few weeks ago. people at my SOUTH TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOL are listening to music that features namjoon or chanyeol or solo artists without even batting an eye because they like it. it isn’t ‘weird’ anymore. we’re getting somewhere, guys. we’re doing it.

i have a three-chapter test on thursday and friday for ap hug and i haven’t really read the textbook until today…my teachers are all cramming tests into this week since grades are due ://

a word of advice: don’t try to cram three chapters. start reading them like 2-3 weeks in advance even if you think it’s too early. you never know what’ll happen the week of the test!

okay so i originally made this post a few days ago and then saved it as a draft, and now i remembered to post it so yeah..the test is over, i managed to get an A on the essay portion (praise the lord), and we’ll see what i get on the multiple choice in a few days!

New Blacks who keep Defending French Montana's "Nappy" comment

1) French is NOT black. African =/= Black. He’s a Moroccan Arab. He’s from North Africa where anti-blackness runs rampant like hell there. Let’s learn basic geography and culture please. Africa is a HUGE continent with more than 50 countries in it. They’re not all filled with black people especially after it was colonized. 

2) He keeps using his Ex-wife and Son as a damn shield because they are Black. Yet he leaves out the part of how he treated her like garbage. But yet she’s his Queen and he brags so much about how much he loves his Queens, right? 

3). He’s been in this country long enough to know that “Nappy” coming from a Non-black person has racist undertones. His ass was here when Don Imus got fired; then Bill O'Reilly just got grilled for mocking a Black woman’s hair (Maxine Waters) a week ago. French ain’t new to this.

4) The amount of stretching, reaching, and self-hatred I’ve seen from ACTUAL Black people defending this idiot is astounding.

5) The girl he insulted didn’t even come at him. All she said was “The fact that French Montana  thinks anyone cares about him…” He went searching his name like an insecure weirdo and decided to respond with all the Nasty ass comments. You know how much French Montana’s slander was on Twitter prior to the incident? There were plenty of Disses coming from other men but his punk ass wouldn’t dare attack or say shit them.


If Yuma was your boyfriend - pt.1(?)

↳ requested by anonymous  ❀

ok enough of the criticism here is this thing im working on for a while now but i have been unusually ill for the past 2 weeks, like 3 years of great health and just two days ago i had the symptoms of a heart attack occur lol and all of this started when i did this animation. when i stopped working on it, i got better, and when i touched it again, even sicker www. cursed animation may finish one day

The Sleepy Scholar

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Words: 2.1k+

Prompt: College AU + Library AU

A/N: This is my AU day imagine for the @hamwriters Write-A-Thon! I’m excited to get this out because I had this finished for like 2 weeks or so now haha. Special thanks to @helplesslylins and @secretschuylersister for proofreading and pushing me to do this! I love you both immensely <3 Enjoy!

P.S. Y/F/I means your first initial!

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This all started a week ago. You were doing your typical 11-3AM shift at the campus library. Many people would shy away from the graveyard shift but it was your favorite because it was quiet and no one was typically at the 24/7 library past 2 am so you would binge TV shows or read one of the many books that surrounded you. Plus, your classes were in the afternoon so it was most convenient for you. However this week, there was one lone student that would stay at the same table, nose in his book as he mumbled words until he fell asleep at the desk every night without fail. It was only the 3rd week of school and already some poor soul was in the library until ungodly hours. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the mysterious man with the bun, every time you went to clock out he was face down on the desk, using his arms as a makeshift pillow. By the eighth consecutive night of the stranger’s appearance, you couldn’t keep watching as he wasted his life away. So, that night when you clocked out you brought a water bottle, the PB&J sandwich you never opened, and a blanket you kept in the break room with you on your way out. You delicately placed the blanket over his sleeping form and set the sandwich and water bottle in front of him, along with a short message on a Post-it note.

“Take a break! -Y/F/I”

You took a closer glance at him, mystery man was actually really cute when he was asleep. Before he could catch you staring, you left the library; giving a quick wave to Claudia as she clocked in to take over the information desk. You were leaving Pre-Calculus the next morning when you got a text from Claudia.

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The calculus of vectors! This is from awhile ago, but I really liked this page! ^-^ With inspiration from other fellow studyblrs, I’m trying to color-coordinate my pages a bit. I only used one color on this page (besides black), but I’m working on it! Also, college decisions come out in 3 weeks and that’s literally the only thing I can think about right now. Sighhh. ALSO. DOES ANYONE SHIP DRARRY. IF YOU DO, 1) I LOVE YOU 2) PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP

Split - Kai Scenario. Part 2

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family. 

Word Count: 2574

A/N: the “strong women aren’t feminine” defenders probably won’t like this chapter either, just saying.


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

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Parking in his usual space - well, what used to be usual - Jongin gets out of the car and tightly wraps his coat around his body. It has gotten so cold lately and he can’t wait until he’s let inside the house.

Quickly running up a few steps leading to the front door, he knocks on it three times and jumps around trying to get warm. No one answers him so he tries knocking a little louder, but no sound comes from the other side of the door.

An uneasy feeling grows in his stomach and Jongin decides to do something he had decided not to do again. He punches in the code of the house and quickly opens the door to get in.

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Got7: Jackson as your brother

•  whether he was your older or younger brother, he’d annoy you like it was his job
•  but you know he’s only good intentions
•  ….most of the time
•  if he sees that you crushing on someone and decide to bring them home, expect to have him sizing them up and asking them all sort of questions
•  "so, oranges or apples?“ "what exactly are your intentions with y/n?” “where do you see yourself in 17 years?”
•  but then he’d flip a switch and get along with them perfectly
•  he’s always in your business oml
•  though he doesn’t mean to be nosy, he just wants to know about everything happening in your life bc he loves you
•  throwing shade at the members if they’re being really nice
•  which is why he’ll probably hesitate before introducing you to them in the first place
•  whenever you tell him that he’s being way too nosy and it’s unfair, he’ll be like “okay, go ahead in my room and my closet, do you wanna see my phone? Do you wanna see my underwear drawer? Do you wanna know what I had for lunch 3 weeks ago?”
•  he’s the best at giving comforting hugs
•  he has a sixth sense when it comes to you
•  always knows what to say and do when you’re upset, but sometimes he’ll just hold you without saying a word
•  is always posting about you on insta then blocking the people who say you look hot ???
•  sharing a tub of ice cream late at night when you’re both supposed to be sleeping
•  it’s just become a habit when one of you can’t sleep, and it’s been like that since you were kids
•  him pinching your cheeks like you’re 2 years old still
•  being hella protective over you
•  but sometimes he’s lenient, bc he wants you to always come to him when you’re having trouble
•  is screaming in your ear about protection when having sex, then goes on to lecture you on how kids are going to ruin your life
•  and at some point he’s completely lost it and the whole neighborhood can hear him
•  stands up for you even when he knows you’re in the wrong
•  bc he knows you’d always do the same for him 💚

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Advice/FYI’s to High School Seniors

My main pieces of advice for all those students starting their senior year of high school this fall. Of course, these won’t all apply to everyone, but take what you want from it. Here’s some advice from someone who just graduated. 

  1. By the time you get to senior year you either have 3 close friends. or you’ll be friends with everyone. Either way, cherish them all. 
  2. Do not slack off. If you do, at least wait until the second semester. 
  3. Take easy classes. Unless you don’t mind lower grades in hard classes due to senioritis then I suggest you keep your senior schedule pretty simple. 
  4. Take off periods. You will LOVE them. You will be surprised with how much longer your days feel.
  5. Definitely start driving to school, or carpooling with someone who does. 
  6. Go to the football games. Even if your team sucks. They’re just good experiences.
  7. Actually, go to as many school events as possible. Senior year was my first time going to volleyball games, or the dance shows. This is your last chance to experience them.
  8. You do not need to go off campus for lunch everyday. You do not want to earn your freshmen fifteen as a senior.
  9. Your senior year group of friends will be the group of friends that you wish you’d had all throughout high school.
  10. You will meet new people, and become friends and wish that you met them sooner. Because some of them will be juniors and you probably won’t see them for a very long time. 
  11. Start applying to colleges as early as you can. Preferably once you start senior year, or the summer before. 
  12. If you haven’t already taken your SAT/ACT you definitely need to get started on that your first semester. 
  13. Go to prom if you can. It won’t be the BEST night of your life, but it’s a good one. 
  14. Start thinking about what you want to major in. This is definitely subject to change, but you’re going to want to know a couple options once you start applying to colleges.
  15. Once you do accept your offer for a college, and it becomes definite, high school becomes so much harder to get through because you just want to leave. 
  16. You’re going to be waiting for graduation THE WHOLE YEAR. 
  17. If you’re in a relationship and are going your separate ways after graduating now would be a good time to either end it, or figure out ways to be long distance.
  18. Long distance very rarely works. 
  19. At prom, it is a very good idea to invest in some comfortable shoes.
  20. Take lots of pictures.
  21. Go on college visits to as many colleges as you can.
  22. Save your absences for the last weeks of school because that’s when you are REALLY not going to want to go. 
  23. Be one good terms with some of your teachers, because you’re going to want letters of recommendation. 
  24. If you want to take pictures with your friends after graduation, be ready to pick a place to meet up beforehand because it will be very hard to find them afterwards.
  25. Do your homework. Please. 
  26. Stop talking to the people that you realize you’re only nice to because you have classes with them. 
  27. Now is just not a good time to develop a crush. 
  28. AP tests are suddenly very hard to study for considering that you’ve been taking it easy all year.
  29. Your SAT score does not define you and getting a bad one is not the end of the world.
  30. However, do as well as you can because colleges often give assured scholarships to students who meet certain SAT/ACT scores. 
  31. Your GPA is either going to drop, or raise A LOT. 
  32. GPA doesn’t really matter at this point though. Junior year grades matter the most. 
  33. Spend a lot of time with your family. You’ll be off to college before you know it.
  34. High school parties are honestly overhyped. 
  35. Now would be a good time to acquire a taste for coffee. 
  36. If you oversleep, I honestly recommend just staying home that day unless you have a test. 
  37. T-shirts will become your clothing of choice. 
  38. If you love makeup, like me, by the last 2 months of school you just won’t have the energy to wake up 20 minutes earlier to apply it. So learn to be okay with how you look without makeup. 
  39. Please eat breakfast. 
  40. No one cares if you eat in the cafeteria. 
  41. The freshman look SO tiny and it makes you wonder if you looked that small 3 years ago. 
  42. Go to all the pep rallies. 
  43. Have fun during spirit week. Some colleges don’t have them, so take advantage of it now.
  44. It is totally okay to not have a date for prom.
  45. One of the happiest moments you will have all year is being able to walk across the stage. Also, one of the shortest.
  46. Despite what everyone says, there is a very good chance that you WON’T cry at graduation. 
  47. The senior year teachers are always the best.
  48. Be nice to the freshman.
  49. Be nice to any underclassmen actually.
  50. But also, take pride in being a senior. This is your last year. Own it. 

I started this like 2 or 3 weeks ago, but then my computer decided to be a dingus and not work. Luckily, I finally got one of my friends to help me fix it and I have finally finished this! I just kinda wanted to draw some of the characters with clothes that showed the colors for their pride flags. (Sans and Papyrus’ sexualities are my headcanons since I know that a lot of y’all like to ship them with just about anybody, especially Sans.)

Also, ignore the background. It’s kinda crappy and I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

Oh, and in case anyone isn’t sure what the colors mean:
Papyrus - Panromantic Asexual
Sans - Aromantic Asexual
Undyne - Lesbian
Alphys - Bisexual