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What were the champions like when they were children? Who was the biggest brat? Who was the nicest and sweetest kid?


Androxus: He would have been a really nice person. Not necessarily the type to go up and help and old lady cross the street, he’s the type of quietly leave a cup of water for his friend or family who’s working. He would have been the one who was a bit intimidating at first glance, but getting to know him would allow kids to see he just has that type of face.

Ash: She must have been a very tough and strong kid. She would almost be considered a bully (she only yells at people who irritate her though), considering how strong and brash she could be. Kids in the playground would always dread being on the enemy team on in games, as she would show no mercy no matter who it is.

Barik: An inventor from a young age, you’d almost every time find Barik in the garage of his home working on small contraptions. He didn’t and still doesn’t care much about interacting with people, so the other kids found him strange for choosing to look at messy blueprints than play in the playboy.

Bomb King: No childhood. He’s been the same ever since he was activated.

Buck: Buck was a very happy kid. He was very relaxed and smiled at anyone who looked at him, giving compliments to his neighbours every day. He’d jump on a trampoline he had in his garden every day, and that’s where he learnt how or leap so far.

Cassie: She took care of birds from a young age, and often went to the market to shop with her father, who was very protective of her so he kept her in sight all the time. She was raised in a very positive environment, leading her to be charming and well-mannered, but it was a bit strict too. She felt trapped many times and that’s one reason why she snuck out with Zigs when she got older.

Drogoz: Immediately after hatching from his egg, he was a natural at flying. His wings were considered the most beautiful, often being compared to be as beautiful as gold. That’s when he got an interest in the object that his pride was compared to.

Evie: She was an eccentric kid, but too scary to some even when she didn’t mean it. Her jokes and ideas of fun are rather violent, so parents told their kids to stay away from her. Evie however, would go and bug any people she liked and once almost sent them to the hospital when they rejected her.

Fernando: Fernando was underappreciated a lot as a child, which explains his mastery title and extremely flamboyant behaviour now. He probably tried a lot to impress people, but he just was never good enough in their eyes. I believe he lived in a place where being a knight was greatly praised for, and so he worked to be one. He hid his insecurities by putting up a mask of confidence as he grew up.

Grohk: He would sit under large trees and watch the lightning in thunderstorms.

Grover: Being a small sprout that couldn’t move as a kid, he would often just spend his time day dreaming and enjoying tiny animals that walked by. When he could uproot himself off the ground, he used his vines everywhere to explore and ended up hurting himself a few times.

Inara: She was born from the spiritual energy of nature, so I would assume she has been like her current form since she first came to this realm. She was probably well-loved by nature and passers-by that travelled through the forest she lived in.

Jenos: He was always interested in astrology, often sneaking around to get books all about the stars. He drew diagrams of them, talking to them to all his friends. His parents found it adorable, and his friends were okay with it, since he was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic child, as long as he didn’t ramble on too much about them.

Kinessa: Kinessa was an excellent strategist from young, so she would be one of those kids who was picked to be it in any games that required a strategist. She would play with those paint guns and hide in trees where she would never be seen, and her targets would never know what hit them. She would be proud about it and wouldn’t be afraid to talk about it if she’s ever asked to speak of it.

Lex: He was a responsible and righteous child. If Lex ever saw anyone getting bullied or picked on, he’d slide in right away and make sure to tell the bullies off. If they didn’t back off, he’d find one way to make them remember, either by telling their parents and teachers or other civil methods. He would always make sure the environment he was in had order and peace.

Lian: Lian was taught to be a fair and graceful ruler. Even if she had servants she could command wherever she went, she was wise beyond her years and ensured that whatever task she was given was done with the best results one could achieve. Her assertiveness was often depicted as arrogance to other kids, but she knew better than to let childish friendships get in the way of her duties.

Maeve: She was abandoned by her parents at a very young age. She was confused, bitter and angry when her crew found her. She was very possessive over whatever she had, even if it was a simple piece of bread. Considering how many times she almost died on the streets she was a very cautious and quiet kid.

Makoa: Makoa was a very curious and quick little hatchling. Whenever he had the chance, he zoomed to the waters instantly, enjoying the feel of the water on his skin and basking in the sunlight. He would swim alongside his brothers and sisters and love hanging out with the other aquatic dwellers.

Mal’Damba: He was certainly raised in Wekono’s temple, a calm and philosophical child. He found Waffles when he was a kid while he was taking a pilgrimage with his fellow Wekonens. He took care of the other snakes in the area and became a father to the little creatures.

Pip: Like Barik, he preferred to stay at home and work on chemical compositions rather than play with the other kids in Brightmarsh. He would often be called a nerd, considering his intellect and performance in school, but he could care less. He knew how smart he was and how it would help him in the future.

Ruckus: Having lived with other goblins that were mechanics, he was taught on how to build prototypes and contraptions. He was happy and somewhat arrogant of his skills, having been able to build better than others his age. Because of this, not many kids worked well with him and explains why he and Bolt never get along -  he never had the chance to learn how to interact with others.

Seris: Seris has been alive far longer than anyone in Paladins. Her existence is timeless, and she’s been healing wounded souls and punishing evil doers for as long as anyone can remember.

Sha Lin: He was never left alone as a child. He was followed everywhere by servants, bodyguards, and was always in vigorous training with his bow and arrow. Having lived with royal blood, Sha Lin as a prince never had any friends due to his restrictions and the fact that he was always busy. He was not a happy child, always wanting to go out and learn about the world. When he finally snuck out of the palace, let’s just say he had the same cheeky grin you always see him with now.

Skye: She was raised by the monks of Silver Moon, taught to be kind and respectful of others and herself. However, Skye was the silent rebel. She’d hone her skills and slip in and out to listen to secret discussions, steal a cookie way past her bed time, and so much more. She was rarely caught due to the nature of her fighting style, but when she was, she would not care and in fact bask in the attention she was getting, even If it was a scolding.

Torvald: A very studious kid. He was the one that others would go to if they ever needed to know anything. He always had his nose buried in scrolls and books, always learning. Even late at night, the elders would find Torvald sitting curled up in a corner of the local library reading.

Tyra: Tyra lived in a village of hunters, and she would follow her parents on hunting trips a lot. She would spend her days in the woods, learning how to set up traps and shooting different types of guns. She did have friends who knew how to hunt too, and they would always learn from each other’s mistakes. She was well respected by other kids for her maturity and skill.

Viktor: He lived with a military background, and constantly admired his father’s troops, who was a soldier. He would follow his father to the training grounds, imitating them and doing their exercise drills with them, and that’s where he learnt how to fight and stay clam in combat. His father gave him a set of toy soldiers for his birthday. He stopped training for a while after his father didn’t return home from a mission one day, turning him to be rather bitter and cold.

Willo: She’s rather young still, so her immature and playful personality hasn’t changed much. She was one of the bullies (somewhat) in her community, picking on others with mean words, but that’s about it. She still was kind to those who appreciated flowers as much as she did, but would bomb those who showed even the slightest bit of distaste to flowers.

Ying: When she first manifested, her mirror was owned by a mystical being. She would often follow her owner in silence, quietly observing the world she has come to. She would float around and kindly give help to those she saw needed it, and when her owner passed, she began to find her own purpose in life, giving care and concern along the way.

Zhin: He was ‘thrown to the wolves, but now leads the pack’. I would assume Zhin’s family had given him up to the Thousand Hands Guild for some reason. The leader back then must have seen some potential in the lost and confused child, and trained him to be the ruthless and sadistic leader Zhin is today. He must have gone through abuse to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore, and mercilessly (and ironically) killed the ex-leader in cold blood.

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If you had to link a crystal/gemstone with each champion's eye colour, what would they be?

Ooh, this will be a fun ask to answer because I love gemstones. Visuals included in the links! If any champion’s eyes are not visible, I picked a gemstone that matched their general colour scheme instead. - Mod Mal’Damba

Makoa: Tiger’s Eye

Fernando: Melanite

Ruckus: Chocolate Opal

Inara: Citrine

Ash: Axinite

Barik: Malachite

Torvald: Boulder Opal

Drogoz: Apatite Cat’s Eye

Bomb King: Fire Opal

Willo: Imperial Topaz

Viktor: Tiger’s Eye Matrix

Tyra: Aquamarine

Lian: Sapphire

Cassie: Peridot

Kinessa: Pink Ruby

Sha Lin: Sphene

Evie: Sodalite

Skye: Amethyst

Maeve: Paraiba Tourmaline

Lex: Lapis Lazuli

Buck: Tsavorite Garnet

Androxus: Emerald

Zhin: Smoky Quartz

Mal’Damba: Serpentine

Jenos: Moonstone

Ying: Hematite

Seris: Iolite

Pip: Mint Tourmaline

Grover: Chrome Tourmaline

Grohk: Amber