this is legit like the best thing ever

Man my mom pointed out I do this thing and now I can’t help but imagine Tony doing it

Tony’s just standing there, talking to Pepper before they’re seated for lunch, and when the hostess finally calls them to be seated he just reaches out and runs the tip of his finger over the edges of the petals on the carnations at her station, and he doesn’t even stop talking, doesn’t even notice he’s done it

Or the Avengers are walking into a charity gala and Tony’s smiling and answering the press’s questions and he makes it to the door and he pauses to trail the tips of his fingers over the edges of the petals of the irises before he gives a grand wave and disappears inside

Or Natasha gets a bouquet for herself because fuck waiting for someone to give her one and Tony tells her it’s lovely and trails the tips of his fingers over the edges of the petals of the daisies before he grabs a bottle of water

The best part is that Tony legit doesn’t notice he’s doing these things and his friends love seeing him do it every time there are flowers around, so they make sure they’re always around

They keep a bowl of flowers in the communal kitchen, vases in the common room, Pepper keeps a mason jar on her desk for a new flower every day and Rhodey always comes to visit with an armful of flowers because Tony has done this ever since he’s known him

Thor even brings a potted plant from Asgard that looks a lot like a peony except the petals are somehow softer and it sends out a sweet aroma that’s never cloying and Thor actually squeaks like a kitten when he sees Tony brush by it with his fingers as usual, then actually turn and walk back to it so he can lean down and let the petals brush over his cheek

The Avengers all want to cry when they’re at a park for a PR thing and a child shyly hands Tony a daisy-chain flower crown and Tony trails his fingertips over some of the tiny petals before he puts it on his head and it’s so cute

Bonus: A Poison Ivy-like villain appears and Tony’s face just softens and the other Avengers are like “DO NOT” but Tony can’t help it, the car nearest him has been covered in rose vines and it’s beautiful, and his gauntlet retracts as he reaches out to touch the petals and then one of the petals falls off and Tony looks honestly devastated and PI Villain feels so sorry for him that she conjures an Everlasting Rose for him and leaves without any actual damage except to that car and a building that needed to be torn down anyway

best things about oscars 2k17
  • you bet your ass ima start this off with moonlight, the one and only, the immortal, the ever-present, the historic
  • suicide squad?????? i guess??
  • fantastic beasts won that costume design award solely because of that sex on legs suit colin farrel walked around in
  • viola davis
  • she’s a bullet in and of herself
  • whatever obscure problem jimmy kimmel and matt damon have that’s been going on as their talk show gag for like a decade
  • moonlight
  • auli’i cravalho got hit in the head by a flag staff
  • on that note, i love color guards
  • michael j. fox legit sang something from hamilton and lin manuel was crying
  • moonlight
  • emma stone won an oscar but my attention was on leo dicaprio because honestly why wouldn’t my attention be on leo dicaprio
  • guess who shouldve won best actor
  • that’s right casey affleck there was a mistake that award is for leo dicaprio
  • moonlight
  • leo dicaprio probably left that envelope for best actress lying around bc that’s what he’s best at and then moonlight won in a stunning upset
  • thank u
Solangelo hc's

- it’s flirty bantering 24/7
- little to no physical contact at first
- glaring when they steal each others food because yours tastes better but it ends up into laughing because you made eye contact too long
- when people point out they Nico is smiling and random skeleton hand pops out of the ground and grabs onto there ankle just to scare them
- canoe races. Not romantic dates. Races.
- there teenaged boys yes there horny but no!! Physical!! Contact!!
- like in the future yes but at the beginning it’s all a fun and games
- I legit can’t see them making out until there 16 and even then its making out as in kissing longer than 30 seconds
- and than it leads into wrestling and star gazing and trying to find a dick in the stars b/c there teenage boys vvhat do you want from them
- Nico was raised to be against gays he had an internalized homophobia and is still weirded out by his desires until he remembers how great will is and will can’t possibly be wrong
- like why would anybody ever not like will? He’s honestly pure sunshine?
- they go skiing you can’t tell me otherwise
- Nico’s got frail bones and he sprains them easily which is annoying
-(it’s never an excuse to see will don’t ducking talk to me about lift up your shirt doctors orders or some shit)
-(he honestly just had crappy bones ok he needs to drink more milk)
-Nico’s always okay with will touching his shoulder or putting an arm around him
- and he’ll fall asleep on him sometimes at sing along fire thingys (bonfires?)
- will has this anxiety that his only talent is medicine and he can’t even save everybody?
- And although everybody’s like your great at it!! He just thinks no I’m not my own brother died??
- Nico’s got a mood disorder and doesn’t really make it out of his way to talk to people, but he doesn’t really only talk to will either??
- the word boyfriend is still weird for him like,, he knows there dating and stuff and he’s cool with it but labeling it that it’s just weird for him
- most of there time together is laying on nicks bed sucking on doctors office Lollipops
- they randomly dance sometimes when Nico’s feeling down.
- like they’ll close Nico’s cabin blinds and turn on heavy metal and just bounce on his bed and jump around
- wills got that accent where certain words are said with it and others aren’t
- Nico curses in Italian under his breath sometimes and that is how will learned Italian
- suddenly vvhat Ciara says makes sense to him after hearing Nico enough
- Jason doesn’t interrogate him and neither does percy and nobody is over protective of Nico anymore than they should be like
- they barely see eachother since Jason is in California and percy is at home??
- Nico becomes better friends with the campers than he ever was with the seven
- will wears his ski jacket ALL THE DAMN TIME
- it’s all in good nature
- let’s stop the doctors orders thing it’s just a joke they have nobody takes it seriously and if anybody at camp ever thinks they use it as an excuse well when Nico does cabin check he gives them a bad grade
- like suck it you idiots
- Nico wearing doctor stuff like gloves
- putting water in doctor gloves and making hand turkeys together to decorate the hospital at thanksgiving
- zombie doctors for Halloween
- bisexual will is canon will
- checking out other campers and getting jealous of the other
- Nico making it known there together when someone try’s to flirt with will
- Nico legit having an agenda against paolo like we can’t even understand him for all I know he’s been asking you to marry him like he’s not even that hot will wtf
- will; yeah no your hotter
- followed by tons of blushing and shut the fuck up will don’t be so gay
- Austin and Kayla and will are best friends and Nico just tags along
- let Nico have friends his own age 2k17
- legit fighting while fighting monsters like
‘Will you can’t fucking ask the monster to stop attacking us’
‘Well have you ever tried too’
‘No I haven’t because I’m fucking sane’
And this is while Nico is stabbing it and will is standing there helpless because nonviolence unless it’s self defense
- will has a whole thing about violence because it just means more work for him
- like when you were a teenager when did you ever go out of your way for more work??
- will having those no drug pamphlets and no sex ones from glee that Emma had
- Nico reads them for a good laugh
- idk autistic will / very high functioning
- wearing flip flops while at the hospital even though it’s a safety hazard
- wills scrubs are wearing baggy clothes and tank tops because he’s too lazy to find actual scrubs
- there are no more lollipops when he tries to hand them out because Nico and Kayla fucking ate them all
- Nico trying to spare with will but it doesn’t work so he does it with Kayla and she’s like meh
- he gets so angry because he isn’t challenged and will just like
- suck it up

Swear to gods this was my Grimoire when I was a kid. This was legitimately the BEST BOOK for me as a child. i used to tote this thing all around with me i took it to school and did astrology readings for my classmates.
This book had Lore on things like fairies and poltergeists, Astrology, the Elder Futhark runes (I still to this day write in them thanks to this book) Spells, DIY crafts (make your own robes, to spell ingredients like making dragon scales from pine cones or narwhal breath from bubble wrap) witchy stories. Legit the best thing ever. 10/10 do highly recommend for witches with kids as a great way to start them into it if they want to learn and have fun too.

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Hi this is the same person who requested what zack would be like if he asked you out and I loved thank you so much,would you be up for doing headcanons about what being part of the power rangers would be like pleaseeeee

Of course! I’m so glad you liked it! Here you go <3

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•First and foremost you are a family

     -You each would die a hundred times over to protect these people, you all love eachother sooo much. 

•Because of this, you are a practically unstoppable team

      -You are all underestimated all the time, there’s only five of you to a whole army sometimes, but it’s your bond that makes you strong. You aren’t just people fighting, you’re friends, family that are fighting for the cause you care about- keeping them and the world safe 

•Obviously it’s not always serious 

      -you’re teenagers thrust into this world or war and uncertainty, if you didn’t have fun once in a while you’re sure you wouldn’t make it 

•Prank Wars

       -Oh my god, it gets so intense. There’s literally no rules, and you guys okay dirty. There are alliances and double crosses and it’s normally a week of absolute madness. 

•Inside jokes 

      -Ya know “did you just slap them?” Well the longer you guys were together there are like 500+ inside jokes. And just word can set all of you off into uncontrollable laughter 

•You have separate relationships with each person 

       -Jason is the leader, and he’s and older brother. So he’s obviously the most protective. Legit this boy will threaten anyone who hurts you, he’s comforting, he’s the rock of the team. If you ever need anything you go to Jason first cause you know he will do absolutely anything in his power to help. 

     -Zack is like that f***boy that you cannot help but love. He knows he is adorable and he uses it to his advantage. He’s that guy best friend that wouldn’t sugar coat things, and he’d be willing to talk about anything. He’s protective too, sure, but he would more than likely let Jason and Trini beat the holy hell out of the person while he stayed behind to comfort you and make you smile. HE BECOMES THE MOM FRIEND (Dont fight me on this)

     -Billy, oh boy Billy. You are so protective of this precious boy. He’s brilliant, and is that one guy that always volunteers to tutor if he hears you hint at all that your having a hard time. He’s like that great little brother that everyone wants. He’s kind, loving, protective (to a degree he’s probably the one to simply make such a offhand comment that will terrify literally anyone without truly grasping just how intimidating he is). He’s always cheerful and always makes sure to brighten your day  

     -Trini is such a great person. This girl takes no shit from anyone and is willingly ready to put them in their place. She’s never fake- if she thinks it she will tell you it, have no fear. She’s such a secret mush though, it just takes a while. She’s right next to Jason the moment someone does something, and will burn anyone who burns anyone she cares about. 

     -Kimberly is the friend you take shopping and binge watch your favorite tv shows with. She’s so sweet and caring. She gives the best advice, but has trouble applying it to her own life. Kim is honestly the most loyal person, after she sent out that picture she knew how much she needed to change. If you entrust her with a secret, she will not tell a soul unless it’s a danger to you. 

•Okay but team game nights

       -Monopoly got banned, there were tears and threats and curses (generally just a bad idea to play that unless you want bloodshed) 

       -Karaoke all the time 

       -Stength tests; who can run faster, jump farther, climb higher, etc. 

•Y’all train so much, your battle techniques are Out of this world

       -The megazord takes so much teamwork but you’ve all mastered it insanely well

        - there are specific moves for specific groups that everyone has down 

•You all refuse to go to Krispy Kreme, like you just cannot force yourselves to go into those stores 

•You guys create so many distractions in detention, its a miracle you’re still even at this school

•You guys are a family and would do anything for eachother 

(I’m sorry this is so short! Hope you like it anyways!)  

Just a gentle reminder...

…that Reylo is not abusive, not pedophile, not incest and not gross and it is a legit ship at this point with many things hinting to it and many things Reylos predicted/were able to understand are confirmed by now whilst nothing the antis ever said had been confirmed in any way and their ships were busted.

The Reylo community is the best.

The most friendly, the least hateful, the best fanart, the best fanfics.

We are so not-bad that antis need to create fake accounts to make us look bad since they obviously couldn’t find actual problems.

Reylo unites thousands of people all around the globe and they all share something they like and love and spend their time with something they like instead of running a hate-blog.

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Okay but what if Tiny!Steve /does/ find a way back and he's not so Tiny anymore and BigSteve is like oh shit im -legit- going to get my ass kicked, make way, coming through, moving to Canada-

I’m just imagining it’s a whole lot like watching The Abomination and Hulk fight. Except angrier. And, somehow, louder.

“We need to stop them,” Tony insists.

Bucky puts his hands on his hips. “Nah.” Then he shakes his head, repeating, “Nah. I think this is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. All those times he got into fights he couldn’t win, all those times he fought me. I have lived to see the day when Steve kicks his own ass and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.”

Tony stares at him in horror before turning to look at Rhodey, brows furrowed together in confusion and hurt. “?!”

“I would never want you to fight yourself,” Rhodey says hurriedly, clutching Tony to his chest, then gives Bucky the side-eye because what the fuck kind of friend was that.

GET HIM, STEVE!” Bucky bellows, and literally does not care which one he’s talking to.

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Oh my god you are so talented, like this is legit the best style I've ever seen. Oh my god, I'm actually in love with it. I can't with all this goodness and talent. You must have a soul of happiness and purity and grace if you can make all these gorgeous pieces of art. Keep doing what you're doing because it's one of the most amazing thing I've seen in this fandom. So good. So great. So talented. You deserve all the good in the world for giving us all this beauty!!!!!!!!! Love this blog!!!!!!!!!

Such a nice thing to say, thank you very much. I feel so honored…Just like Naruto and Sasuke. Thank you!

Hyung line parenting 101

@svt-seokhoon-17  I have an family au. Cheolsoo are the parents of Vernon, jeonghoon are the parents of seungkwan, wonhui are the parents of minghao and mingyu, hoshi is a single parent raising seokmin and dino. It’s the 7 oldest being the parents and youngest 6 being kids |  Omg yes (like thoes soulmate, best friend bullet point things or something different)

requested by anon: “A Lee family au (father woozi, mother jeonghan, child seungkwan)”


Cheolsoo family

  • their kid is currently in elementary school
  • tbh Joshua and Seungcheol are the proudest hype parents ever
  • they’re proud Hansol can find his way from the house to the bus station
  • or if he remembers their phone numbers
  • they hype everything he does
  • even if it’s just putting on his shoes
  • nothing Vernon does can be called stupid to them
  • except for that one time he tried eating a mud pie made from mud, clearly
  • and Vernon isn’t a stupid kid
  • no not at all
  • he just likes hanging out with friends and watching youtube videos more than coloring in pictures of George Washington and reading short chapter books about a magic tree house
  • he only colors when he knows the homework is due the next day
  • and then he colors outside the lines because why would you want to color inside the lines, that’s boring
  • he somehow always finishes his math hw though
  • without fail
  • it’s like magic
  • he hangs out a lot with the Lee family’s kid, Seungkwan
  • not because the kid does Vernon’s math hw for him or anything
  • they’re best friends but Vernon denies this
  • which sometimes hurts Seungkwan’s feelings
  • but then they play tag or watch some mine craft videos together
  • and they make up and Vernon finally admits they’re best friends
  • and Vernon protects his best friend from the bullies on the playground
  • bullies being the girls who call Seungkwan ugly
  • Vernon will throw tanbark at them no joke
  • and you know he’d be that one kid that gets in trouble for putting gum in a girl’s hair but she was asking for it by making fun of Seungkwan 
  • and he pushes Seungkwan on the swings a lot too
  • never complains about it 
  • Joshua is the parent who works from home
  • because his child’s education is really important and they need to have one parent home at least
  • according to his how to be a parent book
  • also in charge of the school’s PTA 
  • so everyone knows Vernon
  • Joshua is always planning like fifty bake sales and a bunch of fundraisers 
  • also tries convincing the school to host a carnival
  • just so Vernon can ride the Ferris wheel
  • he also drags the whole family to church on Sunday
  • he always tries cooking dinner with an apron that says “Thank God for this chef”
  • but he can’t cook
  • at all
  • so Seungcheol always has to put out whatever fire is roaring in the kitchen
  • and then order takeout
  • Joshua’s one of those classy af parents sipping wine in the driveway with a book while their kid runs past screaming
  • “You’re doing great sweetie, don’t kill the neighbor’s cat like last time.” without even looking up
  • really loves his family though
  • reads bedtime stories to both Seungcheol and Vernon even though Vernon insists he stop
  • always packing Vernon’s lunch in a little brown paper bag with a heart drawn on it
  • which some people tease Vernon for
  • but he will fight them if they mess with it
  • and he secretly likes how much his parents care for him in the randomest ways
  • they have a pool in the backyard
  • so they’re always throwing neighborhood parties
  • Seungcheol can actually manage BBQ’s pretty well
  • so he makes stuff like hamburgers, hot dogs for Vernon and Joshua
  • he works downtown
  • pretty nice office space with a nice view
  • normal eight-hour work day type deal
  • never comes home and complains though
  • and always that parent dragging their kid out on the lawn to run through the sprinklers in summer
  • and tends to set things on fire with sparklers
  • rest in peace that poor rose bush
  • the one to mow the lawn in something embarrassing like just underwear
  • with Joshua covering Vernon’s eyes and yelling for him to put a shirt on there are children what are you doing you need Jisoos
  • Seungcheol also the one to go to the hardware store for a lightbulb and ends up getting the idea to build a treehouse
  • and makes Vernon help him
  • even though it ends up being Joshua putting all the planks together and Seungcheol meekly hammering them together
  • they often go on family vacations too
  • so they don’t have a pet
  • it probably wouldn’t survive
  • camping often because nature
  • though secretly they all bring like ten portable battery chargers each and use data to check SNS
  • they all drive to the beach and take lots of family photos
  • photos end up on the fireplace mantel
  • everyone who sees the pictures can’t deny how cute this family is
  • Vernon and Seungcheol teaming up to play a prank on Joshua, with whip cream
  • but they get caught
  • and end up being given a long lecture
  • Seungcheol nodding his head pretending to listen
  • Vernon mimicking Joshua
  • but mess with Vernon, or any of the family
  • and even Joshua can turn savage
  • next day your car is covered in soap or post-its
  • and you bring it up at the home owners’ association meeting
  • Cheolsoo will high five each other and smile innocently
  • like “we have no idea who could have done that”
  • fights are nonexistent
  • they all think alike too much
  • they all love each other
  • they’re family

Jeonghoon family

  • tbh if savagery were parents
  • Jeonghan always bringing in the latest gossip from the other neighborhood parents
  • ranting on and on to Jihoon about how one person didn’t trim their lawn
  • or how their cat keeps pooping in the petunias
  • like how dare they
  • and Jihoon just nods
  • until Jeonghan brings up the neighbors that party too loudly
  • then Jihoon joins Jeonghan’s roasting fest
  • as they both criticize their neighbor’s music taste
  • “why even throw a party at all?”
  • “I’d rather die.”
  • they’re always plotting their revenge on some random kid or neighbor
  • they tolerate the Cheolsoo family
  • though they low key like being neighbors because they can watch Seungkwan for them whenever he hangs out with Hansol
  • and then they can chill and do whatever they want
  • and the Cheolsoo family has lit pool parties
  • a bit suspicious of Vernon, but they love Vernon too
  • low key savage to their own kid too
  • “do whatever”
  • but they always secretly worry
  • and Seungkwan can tell this from their questions
  • “How’d you do on the spelling test? Not that we care it’s whatever.”
  • Seungkwan is a really smart kid
  • though they sometimes think he might be a pushover
  • so they try toughing Seungkwan up
  • going camping like the Choi’s
  • doesn’t go exactly as planned
  • too many mosquitos
  • not enough high speed internet
  • so the whole trying to toughen up their kid
  • doesn’t go so well
  • Seungkwan could end up crying
  • so they give up and give the kid ice cream
  • parenting experts clearly
  • Jihoon has an at home-studio
  • works on stuff and lets Seungkwan run around
  • might complain about annoying Seungkwan is
  • but let’s Seungkwan do whatever he wants
  • the kid running around and testing all the sound equipment
  • and listening to the music his dad is composing
  • being brutally honest and savage
  • because he learned rom the best
  • “you sure you want to put that key change there?”
  • “get out”
  • Jeonghan just stays home and watches reality tv shows
  • “Seungkwan, I swear if you keep doing that kid’s math hw… actually go ahead, we like that family.”
  • and Seungkwan will sit and watch too
  • and criticize the show’s plot points
  • before Jeonghan tells his kid to be quiet
  • but Jeonghoon love Seungkwan a lot
  • Seungkwan is always bring them his pictures, drawings, paintings, hw, tests, etc.
  • and they don’t say much
  • and so you’d think they don’t acknowledge the kid
  • but you’re wrong
  • all the drawings are hung up somewhere
  • the bathroom
  • the fridge
  • on the garage door
  • everywhere
  • and the tests always end up taped to the window with the perfect scores facing outside
  • and they’re always bragging about Seungkwan to their friends
  • “Yea my kid is a genius, I bet he could do algebra better than your kid” even though Seungkwan’s only in elementary school and doesn’t know algebra
  • Seungkwan’s always leads for the chorus shows and school productions
  • no one even fights him for it
  • the teachers just know
  • and he always drags Vernon into the shows
  • and on opening night Jeonghan and Jihoon are sitting front row center
  • with a huge af sign with Seungkwan’s name on it
  • not even caring they’re blocking other parents
  • proudest parents in the world that would never admit that nonsense
  • and they’ll tell you no recording because respect the school’s rules
  • but you know secretly they’re recording the whole thing on their phones too
  • to send to friends and family like they do every year
  • “The Lee Family would like to say Season’s Greetings”
  • and buy Seungkwan a flower bouquet afterwards
  • and all the ice cream the kid wants
  • maybe going with the Choi family
  • Jeonghan always buying takeout and putting it on fancy dishes to pretend he cooked it
  • fools Jihoon but not Seungkwan
  • who’s learning to be more savage each day from his parents
  • “If I wanted takeout, I could just eat next door.”
  • also Jeonghan’s the parent to smear the frosting on store-bought cupcakes to make it look home-made
  • “They’ll never notice”
  • Jihoon always the one doing the cleanup, washing dishes, mowing the lawn, changing lightbulbs (despite being short)
  • with Jeonghan telling him every five minutes “good job” without looking up from his drama series
  • the parents that prank all their neighborhood friends
  • “Quick we need to TP the house before they call the cops!”
  • Seungkwan’s just shaking his head being dragged into it like
  • “Again?!?!?”
  • “They forgot to bring in their garbage cans, this is deserving.”
  • end up all running away in the dark
  • and hiding in bushes
  • and laughing together as a family
  • before they start getting a bunch of insect bites from the bush
  • and rush home to shower and help each other with the anti-itch cream
  • they all love each other
  • they’re family

Wonhui family

  • appear as the family that’s most got their ish together
  • with Wonwoo being a smart professor with a library at home
  • and Jun with his artistic performance arts stuff at the local theater all the time
  • gives lessons to Seungkwan for shows
  • which Jeonghoon is ok with because it’s free
  • and Wonwoo tutoring Vernon
  • pretty calm and quiet parents at social events
  • except if they’re the ones hosting
  • then ish can get crazy
  • don’t play charades at the Jeon household
  • tbh their kids are always trying to ship the other to Canada or somewhere
  • “Hey dad I need a box.”
  • “How big?”
  • “Mingyu, how tall are you?”
  • “I need a box as big as Mingyu.”
  • “Minghao stop trying to ship your brother to Canada, you can’t afford the shipping fee anyway!”
  • Wonwoo always running around trying to stop the kids from fighting
  • Jun just casually in a corner, sipping wine and staring at the chaos
  • not even trying to help
  • just shakes his head and continues whatever he’s doing
  • and Mingyu is the actual adult of the family
  • like yes his parents pay the bills
  • but they can’t cook
  • he and Minghao may be in middle school
  • and Jun and Wonwoo may be the parents
  • but he’s always the one to cook and change light bulbs and make everyone else’s lunch
  • wearing an apron too big for a middle schooler
  • but he’s tall
  • Minghao denies being his sibling at schoool
  • even though Mingu is older
  • Minghao’s like “Mingyu who?”
  • Mingyu always trailing after Minghao to annoy him but also to get attention from him
  • Mingyu also teasing Minghao for being taller than him
  • and people tend to call them 2Ming for short
  • which they hate
  • don’t ever
  • unless you want a fight
  • separate friend groups at school but always sit together for lunch on fridays
  • and although they often argue
  • pray for Wonwoo and Jun if they decide to team up for a prank
  • let’s just say 2Ming is still grounded after the last “incident”
  • middle school = angsty teens
  • but Minghao and Mingyu are surprisingly well behaved
  • sometimes
  • they both have a lot of extracurriculars  
  • hecka busy schedule this family
  • never enough time for anything
  • Jun’s performances at night
  • Wonwoo’s lectures in the morning
  • martial arts class for Minghao
  • home economics class for Mingyu
  • Minghao always being done with the rest of his family
  • “How am I related to all of you?”
  • secretly loves his crazy family though
  • especially when Mingyu sticks up for him when people say he’s a crazy nunchuck wielding ninja
  • which he is
  • they both do really well in school though
  • cuz smart parents
  • Mingyu always reminding everyone about important dates and appointments
  • being the mature parent one minute
  • and acting like a giant puppy the next
  • too busy for family vacations
  • so they just go out to fancy restaurants to eat every weekend
  • the one family to sing along to songs together in the car
  • but if the kids see someone from school
  • “I swear I don’t know them, my family actually lives in Antarctica.”
  • don’t prank other neighbors either
  • mostly because they argue how extreme it should be
  • so generally when the Lee family strikes
  • they do four separate things
  • which is chaotic
  • but functional enough
  • Wonwoo always the one trying to calm everyone and be logical
  • Jun not helping whatsoever watching everyone struggle
  • Mingyu trying to fix everything by peaceful terms
  • and Minghao wanting chaotic means
  • they’re a mess, but
  • they all love each other
  • they’re family 

Kwon family

  • Seokmin is in middle school with Mingyu and Minghao
  • often hangs out with them
  • though he can’t decide which friend group
  • so he floats from one to the other
  • like's hanging out with Chan too
  • but Chan is still in elementary school
  • a year younger than Seungkwan and Hansol
  • Soonyoung doing that hard carry as the single parent
  • dance classes for the whole family though
  • it’s always lit at their birthday parties
  • choreos always on point
  • you know they rehearsed for that wedding they attended
  • “we have to nail the choreo to wow all the grandparents”
  • tbh also has a who’s the adult crisis like the Wonhui family
  • with Chan having to scold Soonyoung for forgetting to pick him and Seokmin up
  • and Seokmin just being a huge happy fluffball
  • like idk what’s going on but I love you all
  • Seokmin likes singing in chorus
  • so ends up seeing the elementary school choral director
  • and volunteering to teach the little ones
  • like Vernon and Seungkwan
  • and drags his dongsaeng Chan along
  • likes planning out all the costumes for shows too
  • and gets his dad to teach them choreos
  • and to just choreo the whole show
  • and Chan’s just trying to hide the fact he’s related to two huge dorks
  • but he’s a dork too
  • and just gives up
  • he’s a smart kid
  • like a genius
  • he’s skipped a grade already
  • and can sometimes help Seokmin with his hw
  • which surprises Soonyoung who doesn’t know what to do
  • but give his unending support to both his children
  • Soonyoung always asking the other parents for advice
  • but tbh do any of them know anything about parenting at this point
  • lots of full street block parties
  • Soonyoung is just glad to be included
  • his kids have friends within the neighborhood which is nice
  • probably the only family able to have a pet and still function
  • though Chan is like “Why get a pet, isn’t that what Dokyeom-hyung is for?”
  • which gets him in trouble with soonyoung
  • and he apologizes
  • Seokshine is still smiley
  • they get a puppy
  • and that puppy leads them to get fishes too
  • and another puppy
  • and that’s a lot
  • so Chan takes care of the fishes
  • and Soonyoung and Seokmin walk the puppies
  • Chan also does most of the cleaning
  • and god forbid there's a SpIdER 
  • because none of them will be able to catch it
  • except maybe Chan
  • and maybe Soonyoung, if he learns how to use a flamethrower safely
  • Seokmin always relying on Soonyoung
  • don’t mess with Soonyoung’s kid unless you want a hurricane to hit you
  • Chan really relies on Soonyoung too
  • since he’s kind of quiet at school
  • he’d never admit it
  • but Soonyoung’s stupid dad jokes and silly dances make him laugh
  • Soonyoung would legit fight a dragon for his kids
  • they don’t travel often
  • but when they do they always have crazy stories to tell when they come back
  • like the trip to the beach
  • where Chan fell into a tide pool
  • and Seokmin fell in after him
  • and Soonyoung slipped trying to save them
  • so they all ended up in a tiny tide pool
  • with fish swimming between them and starfish surrounding them
  • would probably dance as a family for money at a birthday party
  • and they’re pretty good too
  • they all love each other
  • they’re family

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Lover boy ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader X Jack X Y/B/F X Conor X Joe

Word Count: 1395

Summary: “He is always staring at you like you’re a Queen. So I’m calling him your lover boy.”

Requested: Yepppppppp

Notes: I have been struggling to write lately and I felt like shit for not posting any imagines lately… *My friend legit slapped me and told me to get my shit together* It wasn’t until I started writing this that I fell in love with writing all over again. I know someone of you want ‘Its been years’ but ever since my laptop shit down on me, I can never get it to go the way I want.

Not my gif

Part One ~ Ghost girl

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The First notice…

You hated public transport, you can stand the public transport part it was just the waiting that made you despise the whole thing. The buses in London were always late and making you late for important things, like your best friend’s meal which you were supposed to be arriving at in 15 minutes. 

But oh the Gods were on your side today once you spotted the Bus in the traffic further up the road, but spotting the hottie across the road from you was defiantly the more pleasant sight. 

He had brown hair with what seemed like blonde highlights on the top, he was wearing a white t-shirt with some blue ripped knee jeans matching with some white shoes and a tanned colour bomber thrown on to match the whole look.

 He was heart stopping.

When you first noticed him, you realised he was already staring at you with those bright blue eyes. Having caught him staring at you, you felt a teasing smirk stretch across you lips. He was so invested in staring at you, he didn’t realise the bus was coming to a stop in front of you.

You gave him a little cheeky wink and a two finger wave just as the bus stopped in front of you. You only took two steps before you were on the bus, showing the bus driver your seasonal pass before making your way up the stairs to the top level of the bus, where your other friend was sat.

Once you sat yourself down next to your friend you told her all about this boy, describing him as heart stopping but all she did was laugh and say you were imaging things because no one can be that beautiful.

The second notice…

A causal Friday night was where you usually found yourself hitting the clubs with your friends.

You had gone to the bathroom and were making your way back to the table where your friends had settled for the night. As you walked past the bar and mount of people sat around it, a certain blue eye boy caught your attention a few seats up. 

Smirking you walked closer to the bar and putting that extra sway in your walk, you were bound to catch his attention. Just as you walked past, you heard that beautiful laugh, that everyone should be jealous of. 

It was so damn perfect.

Feeling his eyes burn through your back as you walked past you decided to spin around and face the beautiful boy and his clueless friend. You saw his lit up in realisation and a small smile was tugging at his lips, while a smirk tugged at yours when you knew he was memorised by you too. 

You were just building up the enough courage to go speaking to him when you heard your best friend calling your name, sparing a quick glance at her, you saw she was calling you other with an excited look on her face. 

Turning back to the blue eyed boy, you gave another wink and two finger wave and slipped yourself back into the crowd, feeling a little pit of excitement in your stomach at the thought of seeing him again. 

Once you got back to the table your best friend and your other friend asked who was the man you were staring at, you told them it was the same man from the other day by the bus and they instantly smiled. 

“He was so memorised by you!” Y/B/F said.

“Yeah, babe if you don’t go get his number right now. We are having a falling out.” Your friend said, giving you a push out the booth. 

Laughing, you quickly traced your steps back to the bar where you were met with the disappointing sight. 

He was gone. 

The third notice…

You and Y/B/F were walking through the park on your way to meeting your brother and her brothers. She had two twin brothers whom were the same age as your brother and happen to be very good mates and have just came back to London after traveling most of Europe. 

Y/B/F was in the middle of telling a story about her brothers and your brother trying to pick up this group of girls and all tripping over each other and embarrassing the hell out of themselves. 

“Remember that one girls face? She looked so disappointed.”

“Oh my fuck.” You laughed loudly, “She probably thought they were some type of bad boys.”

Hearing someone shout “fuck”, you and y/b/f turned your heads to see him, laying on the grass looking directly at you.

“It’s lover boy.”

“Lover boy?” You asked with a frown on your face, feeling some concern wash over you for the boy.

“He is always staring at you like you’re a Queen. So I’m calling him your lover boy.” 

“I am a Queen but right now I want to make sure he was okay.” You started to walk forward but y/b/f grabbed your arm and held you back, making you face her.

“I know you want to but we are late.

Nodding your head, you turned back to the boy and went to mouth “hope you’re okay” but his two friends had dived down in front of him. Smiling slightly, you and your best friend walked away with her talking nonstop about how hot lover boy friends were.

Of course after the park incident, you saw him a lot more times in the past three months. Your friends still called him ‘lover boy’ as every time you saw him, he still looked at you like were a Queen. 

The final notice…

You were late for a meeting with your friend, so you quickly decided to run to the restaurant. Not looking where you were going he had run into someone.

Both of you fell onto the floor with loud groans by the impacted of your running and the person’s strong frame. The person you had knocked over was the first one up, sticking his hand out for you while you were groaning in pain on the floor.

“Oh my fuck. I am so so sorry. I was running and I didn’t see you.” You found yourself rambling in shock. You were about to ask if they were okay when the person lifted his head.

There stood in front of you was Lover boy. 

“It’s you.” He uttered.

You looked up at him and uttered the same thing, “It’s you.”

“Ghost girl.”

“Lover boy.”

You stared at each other in shock before large smiles grew on your faces.

You spoke first in a flirty voice  “I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Jack.” He smiled, bringing you into a hug, which you gladly gave back and you honestly thought you were going to faint from his hug.

It was so good.

However, their hug was interrupted by his friend, “Who’s this Jack?”

Jack smiled pulling away, his arm resting over your shoulder as you leaned into him. You smiled at the two boys in front of you as Jack spoke.

“Conor, Joe. Meet Y/N. Ghost girl.”

“Y/N, meet my brother Conor.” Jack pointed at the boy who asked who you were and he gave you a little wave, “And this is one of my mates Joe.”

“Hi love.” Joe smiled.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” You smiled snuggling a bit more into Jack but the beeping of your phone made you jump. “Oh my fuck. I am so late to meeting my friends. Are you guys busy? You can come along too.”

“Uhh.” Jack muttered looking towards Joe and Conor who shrugged with smirks on their faces, “Sure we will come.”

You smiled brightly and lead the boys towards the restaurant which was a good 10 minute walk. Throughout the walk you and Jack talked about the basic things and you swear you fell in love with him from the minute he started talking about himself.

Arriving at the restaurant your best friend was stood with a glare on her face while your other friends were looking a little angry. Your best friend went to open her mouth to have ago at you, when she noticed the three boys behind you and instead a large smile grew on her face. “Who’s this Y/N?”

Holding Jacks hand you smiled up at him, “Guys. This is Jack. Lover boy.


I can’t thank you all so much for making my experience on Tumblr a great one. As a thank you, (and because I’m at 516 followers) here’s a massive appreciation post for all the people on here who have made this place extra-special for me.

Each of the people on this list has somehow made my day (and my dash) super awesome and made my experience on tumblr extra-special. Even if you don’t really know me all that well, or at all, know you’re here for a reason! THANK YOU ALL! (I even tried to do proper grammar for @dagurdewhite)

Remember that this list is not in order and I may have forgotten some people (I hope not haha) so bear with me here. 

Also, not everyone got a big long-ass description because I didn’t have time to write for everyone. 

Oh boy this is long so, list under the cut!

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Saw that you reblogged a Watch Dogs 2 gif set and so had to ask: are you going to play that game (if you haven't started playing it already)? Because if so... I'd love, and would forever be grateful, if you ended up writing some Wrench dating headcanons sometime in the future. ;)

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how dare you send this while i’m legit writing a thing for him right meow how did you— Here take a few for now

Just dating Wrench things

  • You legit get the best tech ever to use. If you’re in DedSec it makes your work easier, if you aren’t, the people are around you are fucking jealous because you always seem to have the coolest and most up-to-date tech and apps. Like what the hell? They’re always so convenient and everything handles really well? On that note, your digital profile is one of the most secure ever because Wrench cares about your online security. Like, digital bodyguard boyfriend for the win much????
  • Pros and cons, Wrench stalks you digitally. He backs off when you tell him you get uncomfortable, but expect some level of digital stalking, okay? But ONLY HE CAN DO IT. No one else can. No one in DedSec is allowed except for him. Because of this little digital stalking habit of his, expect teasing every now and then of past events. Nothing too invasive like bad break ups or anything, but maybe like:
    “Not sure if bangs were your thing when you were twelve.”
    “I think it’s time you visited your rich relatives overseas and you should pack me in your suitcase so I can mooch off them.”
    “Uh, you never told me you had a pastel stage in your life? We have things to discuss.”
    “YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANY ALIEN vs PREDATOR MOVIES? Nope come home right now it’s movie marathon time. Tell everyone to fuck off because you have to focus. Pop quiz at the end and everything.”
  • So you and Wrench more than likely get together because everyone is sick to death of Wrench’s secret-but-really-obvious feelings for you. I mean, love hearts <3 <3 flashing up on his mask display every time you walk by is kind of REALLY OBVIOUS, WRENCH, GET IT TOGETHER. Or kind of how he stops working on projects to kind of sigh dreamily to watch you read on the couch for a bit and when you catch him looking he just waggles his fingers at you. Marcus pretty much shakes you by the shoulders at some point, begging you to date his best friend and save everyone from the cheesiness. Luckily you reciprocate Wrench’s feelings and of course he’s ecstatic, but GUESS WHAT DEDSEC FRANDS it just makes Wrench get even more openly sappy with you. Congratulations, you played yourselves. Marcus is kicking himself.
  • During really long work hours you’d expect Wrench to get stand-offish so he can finish whatever the hell he’s doing, but he actually gets more physical? He’ll work on his projects at his bench with you in front of him, reaching around you to work on his tech. You always tell him you can get out of his way, but he won’t let you budge. If Wrench is waiting for his laptop to process something you’ll likely be sitting next to him and he’ll reach for your hand or he’ll just have you sit in lap. “Makes time go faster.” He says by way of explanation with a flash of love hearts <3.  Liar, that’s not how time works, Wrench.


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I wanted to send @yokoboo some Hope You’re Feeling Better flowers, but then I realized I’d have to draw them, because you can’t send real flowers through the internet (yet). And then I was like, if I’m gonna be drawing flowers obviously I might as well also draw Thistle. So here we are. Glad your migraines have been winding down, Yoko! We love you!


on another note, this is legit the best I’ve done at line variation ever and I’m kinda mad cause it turned out a lot better than the actual stuff I’ve been trying to work on for Doodleberry Jam lol. That might actually be because I’ve been practicing lines more this month though so hey!! :D 

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If they had kept the lizard babies around, how would you have wanted them to deal with it/what should have come out of it? Sorry this is a weirdly phrased question but I find that idea kinda fascinating.

OMIGOSH AND GOLLY I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to answer this question.

First of all, there’s no reason the ship and crew could not accommodate the lizard babies the way they do Naomi Wildman and the Borglings. It would likely have more of an impact because their parents are part of the bridge crew, the captain herself, but there’s precedent.

The babies are fully human so it makes sense The Doctor could de-lizardify them the way he did their parents. It would be cute if they had vague leftover lizardna like Seven has leftover borg implants. Maybe they don’t have hair or have heightened senses or a cooler default temperature or two hearts. Something. But they look mostly human and are raised human. It would make perfect Trek sense for them to age more rapidly than humans do, the way Naomi does, because they were born from a superwarp experiment in time space.

SO. Previously-lizard triplets who age up a little. Neelix is their primary caregiver but they live with their parents in adjoining quarters. Tom and Kathryn are INCREDIBLY AWKWARD for months. At first it is mainly centered around their being surprise parents. The babies probably spend at least a week in sickbay before they move in with mom and dad. Janeway has to be talked into the adjoining quarters but eventually acquiesces for the good of the family. There are many, many rules about maintaining personal space and boundaries. Tom has like four, Kathryn has about 400,000. And the number one remains the same: no fraternization.

 But it’s so awkward! They are co-parenting triplets! Tom has to deal with feeling personally responsible for the whole situation, and with all the scary reasons he chose her, of everyone on the ship!, and all his amazing mixed up feelings about it. But he also falls instantly in love with his kids and with fatherhood, he tells himself he is 1000% going to be a better dad than his dad, and on top of that he’s also going to be a Good Dad. He throws himself into it to prove something – to his absent father, to Kathryn, to himself – but he ends up just really actually ultimately loving being a dad. 

Kathryn, who has this Career, and had chosen against mommyhood even before Voyager got stuck 75 years from her fiance, and definitely after, feels like a fish out of water with the whole thing. She’s good with kids but not with her own! That’s just not her! Plus Tom is not only under her command, but ten years younger, and her mentor’s son. It’s so weird. Not bad, but for sure weird.

So they are super awkward for months. Sexual tension. Sharing quarters but not really. Worrying about their babies and their responsibilities and wtfever the rest of the ship thinks of all this. Feeling disturbingly inadequate about their parenting skills. Super duper stressed out all the time. And then – they realize they can talk to each other. About all of it. And they can laugh because omigod it’s so funny?! And also cry because it’s so damn hard. And it’s like a switch goes off and they end up in this amazingly close relationship that tbh I always want Janeway and Paris to have but keeping the kids makes it necessary and explicit. They don’t hook up, they don’t fall in love, but they are tied together, they love each other, they are a beautiful happy healthy family unit.

Neelix loves the kids, loves being nanny, takes incredible pride in watching after the Captain’s children. Chakotay hates everything but then he gets close to one of the triplets, a girl, and she’s the daughter he always wanted, and she’s Kathryn’s, and Kathryn and Tom aren’t together together, and once he sets aside his ego he’s a great tutor. Tuvok would never admit it, but he is so sad to be missing his children growing up, and having his best friend’s kids around make that a tiny bit more bearable. Harry and B’Elanna are like Legit, this is the strangest thing to ever happen but hey. Tom’s happy and the kids are cute. Harry teaches one to play the clarinet.

They become the whole ship’s babies. Even more so than Naomi, who is herself, far less lonely with some peers. The ship becomes a hometown that much quicker. If the captain can have kids and still be captain, anyone can. The crew start to live their lives more fully, with less fear. 

Gah. I get really upset thinking about the abandoned lizard babies. They deserve so much better!!!

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maybe an imagine where Lances S/O is quietly mumbling negative things to themselves and Lance overhears this

Sure! :) Enjoy??? My heartache… 

-Lance would actually get pretty upset, angry even

    -Not just at s/o but at himself, for ever letting you feel that way about yourself

-Would walk up to s/o and spin them around, telling them not to say things like that about themselves

    -Would legit go through a list of all the amazing things s/o has accomplished 

    -Especially how they’ve helped him specifically 

-He wouldn’t make them out to be the perfect work of art, since no one is, but he knows how to make them feel better and confident about themselves

    -”Sure, you’re not the best at everything you do, but you’re better at keeping me happy than anyone else… and I need you, /we/ need you. Always have, and that will never change.” 

-Would go over how caring they can be, how much s/o has effected the lives of others

    -How grateful he is of s/o’s talents, wisdom, etc. 

-Would get super emotional and sincere

-Afterwards, he’d treat s/o to dinner, a damn spa day… just to remind them how special they are 

    -And how much they deserve 

Toddlers - Avengers x Reader x Tony Stark

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Words: 867
Paring: Tony x Reader, basically
Feauturing: like everyone
Warnings: swear
Requested: i cant get myself to get words out of my head s here is a writing from like, five/six months ago.
Authors Note: idk I thought it would be funny to be the ‘mom’ of the group so then I imagined the avengers as toddlers. This is the result. I also hate the ending. << LEGIT THE A/N I HAD WRITTEN FOR WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA POST THIS

Masterlist. Request List.

“This is going to be one of the best things ever!” Tony cheered to you, kissing your cheek.

“Isn’t that what you said last time and it blew up half of your lab?” You asked, handing him the tool he was trying to reach for.

“Yes, but this time I know it will work. With you, my lovely assistant, and Banner being a great help, it’s going to be great!” He told you.

You laughed and shook your head. “Just don’t kill anyone, okay?”

“Mhm, yeah.” He said, apparently not paying attention to you anymore.

You walked over and gave Tony a small hug and smiled. “I’m gonna order some pizza’s for the tower to celebrate your new invention.” You said and walked out.

The team seemed happy to hear that we were going to have pizza and celebrate. No one really knew what this new invention was going to do, but it was an excuse to eat a shit load of pizza.

And even better, if this worked, Tony would throw another party. It’s been a while since the last party; it was time to wind down and have some fun.

And so time passed, and the whole team was gathering around Tony’s lab. Everyone was waiting for Tony to start the demonstration of his new project and you were very happy for him.

“This could help us predict what’s coming next,” Tony announced.

“If it works.” Hawkeye laughed a bit.

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Friendly reminder you don’t need to be an alcoholic (or have a serious character issues) to get sh*tfaced drunk and do something stupid.

I’m ???? at ppl acting like Jinki got a drinking problem. Ever thought this incident is simply a case of him having a lapes in judgement? It happens to the best of us you know. People really need to stop jumping and spreading these OTT theories/ideas.

I hope we’ll get an offical police statement clearifying things soon. Everything pm points to the incident legit being a big misunderstanding so I hope an offical police statement will clear all doubts about Jinki with the general public. Afterwards he and SME should go after the media outlet(s) that initially broke the story as sexual harrasment. They’re the true villains of this whole mess…