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@banditess @celestyne8 @breath0ftheglacian because girl fuck your Ardyn x reader fic legit fucked me up oh so good @the-pug-addict because your fic brought me to my knees and @superpaulina10 because you always send me amazing shit! and…. and.. noo I know I’m going to forget someone and that’s why I already don’t want to make this post…. I don’t want to forget anyone. But there are so many…. I’m so sorry…. If you weren’t mentioned… I’m sorry.

A lot of people have impacted me in this fandom and just… I fucking love you guys.

Thanks for everything. Thank you for appreciating my garbage content and just…. just thank you. I love you

brinabear458  asked:

What is the significance of the crowns on the hands? I've looked for information everywhere but I can't find anything. You, my almighty resource of alfie, can surely tell me? 😆😆😆

Alfie’s crown tattoos literally indicate his status within the criminal world….  meaning he is a #$#@ King.   Legit badass.  Do not F*ck With.   

Y’all know Alfie can speak Russian right?   And he makes that comment about his mom to the Russians about being chased by dogs in the snow….

So my thinking (obviously the show would have to confirm by giving us his backstory)  is that Alfie may have grown up in Russia - or at least spent some time there.   And at some point most likely was in a Russian PRISON, or at least a forced labour camp (if so, technically he should have a shoulder brand too that would indicate the type of labour served.)   Since that crown tattoo is one of the very specific types of tattoos within the very complex system of symbols in Russian prisons during this time.   

The tattoo system was meant to differentiate between the criminal authority or “thief-in-law”, versus say a political prisoner, or even those forced tattoos meant to degrade or humiliate the wearer (sex offenses).   For a thief in law, they were most definitely earned.   The inmates bestowed them on one another.  Falsely representing yourself with one of these symbols and subsequently getting caught was punishable within the criminal world and meant the removal of the symbol.   Usually the wearer made to do it themselves.  With a knife.  Or burned off with chemicals.  Yeah that.   These folks don’t f*ck around.   Cause it’s also highly likely they will just kill you.

The crown on the hand specifically is given to represent a Criminal Boss or Authority, which tells us that Alfie absolutely obtained one of the most elite statuses within this world.  Remember EARNED - and with that comes a very specific set of rules – basically Alfie took no shit from anyone.  So while Thomas Shelby may seem to be one very bad mofo, in comparison to the level Alfie appears to have obtained?  He just playing.

But Alfie Solomons did not come to play.   That’s a solid bet mate.   And I would not be surprised that if we ever get to see a semi  naked Alfie, there will probably be other tattoos indicating his criminal history.  Perhaps even a cross on his chest, which would mean Prince of Thieves (the highest rank one can achieve).  Pretty sure Alfie has some Russian jewels lying around that might attest to that.  ;)

I’d by lying if I said I was not here for some naked Alfie.   You know, for research and all.  :)

Thanks for the great question @brinabear458  xx

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Relationship status: Married to a guy who was a legit lumbersexual before it became an Instagram aesthetic. You know - the beard, the flannel, the tatts, the boots, Tough Duck, etc. [Do you hear that? That’s Martin shrieking that he’s not a lumbersexual.]

Favorite color: All shades of green. When we redo our kitchen, I want to paint it retro green.

Lipstick or chapstick: I have chapstick stashed all over the house, in every coat, every bag, the truck, etc. I think Alberta is the driest place in Canada.

Last song I listened to: The Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers. The only song to listen to when you have to wash pretty much every dish in the house. The song is about people struggling to raise a sunken ship.

Last movie I watched: Logan at the movie theater - it was terrific! Run out and see it on the big screen. It was the first movie I watched after IP Man 2 gave me a movie hangover. I have never been as emotionally invested in a movie as I was in IP Man 2. I also rececntly enjoyed William Kaufman‘s Daylight’s End (Netflix).

Top three tv shows: Shows that are currently airing: Good Behavior, Into the Badlands, and Dark Matter (swoon for Anthony Lemke). 
Shows that are cancelled: Leverage, The Unit, and Firefly

Top three characters: Eliot Spencer (Leverage), Three (Dark Matter), and Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)

Top three ships: I really wanted Buffy & Angel to work things out. How sad is that?

Books I’m currently reading: I’m reading the third book in Eve Silver’s Northern Waste series (which is set in Northern Alberta).

Name: Laura
Nickname(s): Vee
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5′9"

Orientation: Heterosexual

Favorite Animal: Czechline German Shepherd Dog. But I love the Snowy Owl that lives in our back pasture. Her hooting enrages Bosco and it’s hilarious.

Average Sleep Hours: Eight solid hours in the winter. In the summer, the sun is always shining here in Alberta so I struggle to sleep because it’s never dark.

Cat or Dog Person: Definitely, dogs.

Favorite Fictional Character: David Gemmell’s Waylander, Lindsay Buroker’s Sicarius, Isabel Jordan’s  Noah Riddick, Eve Silver’s Wizard, etc.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 5 because Alberta is cold.

Dream Trip: We’re going to Waterton Lakes National Park and Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park (both in Alberta) this summer. They are two places I have always wanted to visit since I was a kid.

Blog Created: I created my first blog, A Three Germans Production, in 2013. Shot in the Kidney is my third one. I always get exasperated by classic Tumblr shenanigans, hit delete, and take a break for a few months. It’ll happen again.

Number of Followers – 258. I had 12 followers on this blog (shotinthekidney) until February. ;)

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(part 1/2) I am so glad I found your blog!! Atm this is where I stand. Childhood was a very typical 'trans guy' childhood y'know like wishing i'd wake up as male (i used to legit wish on a star before sleep) boy clothes, boy friends, all that jazz. i'm now in my teens and identify as a lesbian, and while i don't feel like a boy, i do feel uncomfortable with: my period, lack of body hair, lack of masculine features such as face shape, hips, legs, hands, etc, VERY (dysphoric?) about my chest,

(part 2/2) like i bind every single day and my gender expression is 101% masculine. I literally don’t know what to do/think. i even put coconut oil on my face to attempt to grow a little bit of hair on my face. :( i’m really confused. do u have any advice?

First of all, as someone who used to bind all day every day, I can guarantee you it isn’t helping. The more you do it the more you get used to seeing yourself with a flat chest and the more it feels wrong when you don’t bind. My chest dysphoria got so much better when I stopped binding but I had to wean myself off of it. I started by spending as much time without a binder on at home as I could manage, then I’d go on short outings without a binder on with a friend/friends who understood and would be cool if I freaked out and needed to go home and get a binder on.

As far as your period goes, it’s helped me a lot to use a menstrual cup. It allows me to totally not think about it for up to eight hours at a time. But some people have problems with any sort of penetration so I’d suggest trying some different ways of managing it and seeing if any of that helps.

Some of your desires aren’t necessarily bad things to try to change. Body building may help you get control of your shape while also helping you connect with your body in a more positive way.

Some of it just comes with time. Radical acceptance of your body is possible but it takes a lot of hard time and work. Tell yourself you love your body, even if you don’t. Every time you think a thought, it strengthens the neural pathway that leads to that thought. It makes it easier to think that thought in the future. This works in reverse, too. The less you think about the things you dislike about your body, the more those neural pathways atrophy.

Focus on things you love about your body and not just what it looks like. Your body carries you through life. What else does it do for you? What can it do that you appreciate?

As an addition, here’s some survey results I gathered from dysphoric people not currently transitioning. The percentage by each method is how many people found it effective in relieving dysphoria:

Good luck. You can do this. You can learn to live in your body.

Call me a gross-ass liberal but Hamilton is a very good musical with a very good message that has done a shit ton of good for the world.

And call me an even grosser-ass liberal but if y'all are gonna take purity culture so far as to dismiss anyone who supports this thing as racist because they liked a musical about the founding fathers that actively tried to be inclusive, diverse, and progressive, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Go ahead and hate Hamilton all you want but you are really really reaching if you decide to hate every celebrity and piece of media that praises it.

In which I rant at length (and at times angrily) about the 1994 BBC adaptation of Middlemarch. With literally all of the spoilers. Friends, I am not kidding, this post literally has quotes from the last pages of the book, do not read this if you don’t want to know how Middlemarch ends. Seriously.

Okay. This miniseries pissed. me. off.

I mean. Okay, part of it was hype. I hyped this thing up so much because Middlemarch is legit one of my favorite books (and probably the best book I’ve ever read), and I was so hungry for an adaptation to do it justice. And I knew it’d be hard, I knew it forever ago, because Middlemarch is one of those Big novels with all sorts of threads that interlock according to a very particular mechanism. I had a gut feeling that it would just be hard to adapt.

I was right.

As I was watching “Middlemarch”, a thought kept coming back to me. Middlemarch works as a single novel, because novels enable you to see into the character’s heart and mind in a unique way. Any straight adaptation would instantly lose a lot by attempting to recreate the multiple threads, because they would thin out the story. They’d interfere with the natural progression of each plot point, by instantly forcing the filmed version to cut to an unrelated story. I started thinking that there’s simply no way to properly adapt Middlemarch to the screen with all three stories told alongside each other, and instead began to imagine a series of three films that have overlaps in very specific points (but always from different angles).

Part of this, of course, is a personal preference within the narrative. Middlemarch focuses more-or-less on three main stories: Dorothea Brooke, Tertius Lydgate, and Fred Vincy/the Garths (with Fred’s story moderately less centered). The overall plot is one of a changing culture, a changing Middlemarch, a changing England, but this is reflected also in the internal affairs of each character. And so I’m going to set aside the wonderful politics for a moment, and focus on the personal relationships. Mostly the shipping, to be honest.

Because seriously does the BBC’s “Middlemarch” get it wrong

And now I rant extensively with lots of long and amazing quotes from Middlemarch under the cut. You have been warned.

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 (100 days of productivity : day 5).  

22nd March

so in terms of productivity,,, ya girl is back on her schedule!! Like I was low-key so stressed bc I was legit 3 chapters behind but no worries tay is back on track asdfghjkl and all that shit in just 8 pomodoros 😭 #IAmLit (I’m lit tho seriously)

Also today was a kind of fitness day?? Like I actually for the first time did a frickin workout, yoga and meditation all together?? This has to be marked in history omg drumroll please.

tHIS was a wonderful day on an overall :’)

23rd March

gUYS I’m again behind schedule which is nothing new and im stressed af and I also woke up late today ughhhh this is horrible,,,, bUT you know what? I’m healing. I’m becoming a better human being with kIND of good habits and im proud of that :’) it is actually so important to celebrate your victories bc that is the only thing which will help you to keep going on ok

(also guys lemme know if you want to be tagged in these shitty text posts okay?)

I think the worst thing that fandom culture and the increasing acknowledgement of fandom culture from creators has wrought is this

incredible amount of entitlement that people in said fandoms get like

just because creators know something is a thing in a fandom doesn’t mean they have to do it or else they hate their fans. It’s a consistent thing I’m seeing more and more in fandoms and it’s getting worse. Like all the steven universe garbage that’s happened over that show’s run and now overwatch like

people are wishing other people dead because a robot ninja and an angel woman are dating. and there are people who are legit horrified at the sheer concept of characters being straight and I’m just sat here wondering how they can possibly tolerate real life.

the fact that people get so entrenched in what they perceive as author approval when their ships and headcanons aren’t immediately shut down, despite said author interacting with the fanbase, that their mental health deteriorates when something contradictory is even hinted at is just sickening like

I just went on twitter and saw people legitimately wanting to kill a man on the overwatch team because of gency and like

its. not. yours.

you do not own overwatch. you do not own steven universe. you do not own anything you’re fandoming so hard over. rebecca sugar could tomorrow have pearl confess her love to renaldo and the overwatch team could make torbjornXpharah and both of them would be canon because it’s THEIR CREATION AND THEY DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS.

THEY get to decide what to do with it. Not you. It is NOT YOURS.

I absolutely think fandom/tumblr culture has led to more death threats and harassment than any other thing on the internet and I think if creators want to avoid it, the best way is to just stop acknowledging the fandoms. Because they’ll twist whatever they can get their filthy hands on so they can shit on other people and never feel remorse or grow as people because they’re doing it to be “progressive”


Hey, I was a bored kid, and Dean actually played along.

…. For the first twenty pies, anyway.

Yuuri and Victor pair-skating

Okay, I’m still not over the fact that they actually skated the legit pair program because you know what does it mean? Oh, so many things. It means it wasn’t spontaneous. It means that at one point one of them said “would you like to dance an exhibition with me” (I’m 99% sure it was Yuuri and when Victor realized it’s not a joke he probably died from happiness). And it also means that they choose the music together and talk about how important this program was for both of them and what does every line of the song means and then they had to prepare matching costume for Yuuri and then Victor choreographed them a program and decided that he will be the one to offer support for Yuuri’s jumps and I’m sure Yuuri isn’t light as feather and Victor had to actually exercise a little to be able to hold him and THEN they had to practice the whole thing, like imagine Yuuri being a bit scared and embarrassed to actually lean on Victor and Victor just taking him in his arms and all that innocent holding hands a bit too long and hugging and falling on ice together I can’t is this show even real, I swear we don’t deserve such happiness.

  • MC: Did you take out the trash, Saeran?
  • Saeran: I tried but Saeyoung is still here

i don’t think they’re trying to take us

looks like some one changed thier twitter bio again :P I don’t know what’s funnier though, the fact that it’s the outro or that I legit heard him say it I’m my head sound effect and all XD (I’ve seen too many videos man…)

u know how i know that Tony and Steve were never actually friends and Tony never understood Steve as Steve and only ever knew Cap?
bc at the end when he was all “u don’t deserve that shield, it doesn’t belong to you” he legit thought that being Cap was the most important thing to Steve, that hearing that would make him stop and hand Bucky over and reevaluate his stance. and then when Steve just sighed and dropped the shield and readjusted his grip on Bucky, the actual most important thing to him, and walked away, Tony was sat there like wasnt_expecting_that.mp3

for everyone who wants to know what bex said about klance in afterbuzz:

  • basically they’re talking about ship discourse and bex suddenly goes
  • “Can we just….. for a quick second talk about klance?” (around 4:43)
  • she then says that she loves the chaos that occurs “when all the klance shippers blow up”
  • in relation to this, the hosts mention jeremy being in one of their previous episodes (and klance shippers’ reactions to it lol) and bex immediately says “OH MY GOD” and looks to the camera like she just knows
  • so my theory so far is that she knows we drag him and tbh i hope she drags him too god bless that boy
  • later on they talk about the emperor’s new groove moment in episode 5 and bex cheers (around 8:30??)
  • and eventually she’s crying-laughing and she legit curls up into a ball and wheezes “yOU BROKE ME” (pictured below)
External image
  • they also mention how keith keeps the towel on his head throughout that entire scene
  • bex says “He knows that his hair just sets Lance off. It just wasn’t the right time.”
  • she also jokes that it sticks to his hair because of all the hair product

and ok i think thats it basically bex is so sweet and great she makes lots of references to tumblr posts and has great insights about discourses like hunk not getting enough moments this season and the pidge bathroom debate AND HOGWARTS HOUSES so yes watch it

Why I think Bangtan didn’t starve and turn the house upside down while Jin was away.

A.K.A. The long overdue “Yoongi is a Responsible Adult and will Probably make a Great Husband in the Future” post

(Attaches multiple gif and jpg receipts from Bon Voyage)


They legit trusted him with their money from the get go! 

He gave them all money equally and they all listened to him to know how much they will all spend!

And he was really responsible in budgeting and accounting the money to last euro/ krone for them all.


He was present in all grocery trips except for the Namjin one.

And he knew which items to buy for the dishes they wanted to make.

He also thought about what the other members wanted when they did their grocery shopping.

And yes, he settles the bill. Everyone else can carry the stuff for him.


Jin cooks complicated shit but Yoongi will definitely not let them go hungry even if it is just Ramen and Meat all the way! LOL

He was legit always in the kitchen during cooking time!

AND AND AND! He always made sure that he served the kids first before he digs in. He kept counting the bowls and split the ramen to make sure everyone had some.

When he was cooking the meat, he kept standing up to cook while the others ate. And when they were grilling sausages, he told Jimin to give Jungkook some coz the maknae hasn’t tasted it while he was cooking ramen inside the van.


When everyone was packing to leave, he was still picking up the mess after everyone.

He was barely awake but he started cleaning up when they were in the camp.

He even takes the trash out. (a.k.a. Yoongi taking us out)

Ok… we know he hates washing dishes (I do too) but they have Jimin for that.

and Kookie is the official laundry man…

And as a BONUS for the KIDS…

He loves spoiling them… He always buy them ice cream!!

He loves them so much and will take care of them. It might not be obvious, but he will do it without being told. He is a responsible hyung.


as long as Namjoon doesn’t break things faster than Yoongi can fix em

TRUST MIN YOONGI! Yoongi can handle this shit!

P.S. The Yoongi is a lazy ass joke is sooo old. He loves sleep…who doesn’t? When you work as hard as him… You’ll also miss normal sleep and catch naps where ever and whenever you can. You’ll probably love sleep and treasure it all the more… 

An open letter to fangirls and fanboys alike

So fangirls and fanboys alike, it’s time for us to sit down and have a little chat.

So as a new year begins and the news that Got7 dating ban has been lifted, I felt it was time for all of us to have a little chat.

It’s time for all of us to realize that there is a very legit chance that your bias is going to date somebody this year, and I do not care if they are dating a fan, an idol or bloody potato peeler, you will not and I repeat NOT give this person any hate!

As fans we all want to best for our fav’s to be happy! You know what make people happy? LOVE! You want your fave to write better music? LOVE! You want your fave to have a lower chance of crippling depression coming from all the antis? LOVE!

You get my point, so I have written a list of things you won’t do!

  1. Give said idol/fan/potato peeler hate on social media.
  2. Give said idol/fan/potato peeler hate if you see them in real life.
  3. Start a hate blog dedicated to said idol/fan/potato peeler
  4. Throw a temper tantrum that your bias dares to date somebody that aren’t you.
  5. Leave said bias nasty social media hate.

I think that’s about the gist of it, here is what you should do instead:

  1. Be happy for your bias!
  2. Treat them like you did when they were single

If you are unable to do this, there is a door to my right, please use it! If your opinion changes on a person based on if they are dating or not are you real a fan at all?

That was all for now, too everybody who is still here, happy new year! ALSO THIS GOES FOR MALE OR FEMALE GROUPS!

- Prussia

  • Thomas Jefferson at a dinner party: *Bites into a tomato like an apple* Wassup
  • Everyone at the Dinner: *Stares in awe because Americans thought Tomatoes were poisonous*
  • Thomas Jefferson: Why are we all loo-- *Remembers they don't know that tomatoes aren't poisonous*
  • Everyone at the Dinner: *Screams and runs to go find doctors*
  • Thomas Jefferson: *Pretends to choke and die, dropping face into food*
  • Everyone at Dinner except for Alexander Hamilton: *Screams and cries*
  • Alexander Hamilton: *Celebrating*
  • Thomas Jefferson: *Sits up, food still smeared on his face.* bitCH I SWEAR
  • Everyone at the Dinner: *Screams because Thomas is a fucking zombie*
  • James Madison: *Hits Thomas with a chair*

My secret headcanon is that all these shots of Yuuri that tail-end the ED (you know, the one whose lyrics are ‘you’re so beautiful tonight, you entrance me, take my breathe away” etc etc etc) are actually from Victor’s point of view.

Like, think about it for a second, Yuuri is very beautiful in general, but in these shots he looks especially gorgeous and ethereal (compare to the goofier shots at the start of the ED that feature the three of them)… So maybe he looks like this because that’s how Victor sees him