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How to make (decent) feathers with craft foam!

Hello fellow cosplayers/crafters! 

So today, I was asked how I made my feathers for my Griselda (Odin Sphere) wings using craft foam and… well… I was on mobile and Tumblr ate it.

So I’ll make one with pictures! It won’t be that great but oh well…. It’s only a small tuto…

What you need:

  • Craft foam
  • Scupting tool/exacto knife/cutter (something to make creases)
  • Scissors or a cutter (to cut)
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint (whichever you prefer)
  • (optional) White primer
  • (optional) Glitters

STEP 1: Cut the feathers.

Be creative. Make ovals ones, banana shaped, whatever you want them to look like! I drew templates on paper and traced over them because I wanted them to have a specific form. Cut them with scissors or a cutter. I used scissors to have that sort of angle and irregular borders.

STEP 2: Make patterns.

You want it to look legit, right? Well, you got to put effort and patience in it! To guide my blade hand so it doesn’t look like a mess, I crease a line in the middle to know where the center of my feather is. Follow the shape, don’t make a straight line or it won’t look natural! 

Next, make diagonal lines toward the line you just made. You can make both sides symetrical or you can be irregular like me. Be creative!

STEP 3: Add details!

Now that you made them look like this, they look like leaves, right? Don’t worry! We’ll fix that with an exacto knife! Cut little triangles on your feather just like when you split the little hair on a real feather! It’ll look better and more feather-ish.

STEP 4: Hot glue details!

It looks ready to go, right? Wrong! See that white line on this real feather?

Well, you want THAT. So use hot glue on that line you made that you thought useless! Be very patient because you can easily mess up! Hot glue tends to love making air bubbles or huge SURPRISE LUMPS! So be slow, go back and forth and if you mess up, rip the glue off and start again.Try to loosen up the trigger at the end to have a smaller line.

ALSO, be mindful that hot glue leaves small dingly hot glue strings if you don’t clean it off well! it can drag your feathers together and mutate them or even flip over on your desk and that’s just the worst thing you’ll ever experience.

Be careful not to burn yourself like me!!!

STEP 4: OPTIONAL Prime the feathers!

This step is optional but recommended if you don’t use spray paint to color them. Why? Because the hot glue doesn’t like acrylic paint and it’ll still be visible even if you put multiple layers. So prime your feathers with whatever white primer you like IN A WELL VENTILLATED AREA. Let it dry. (Mine took 20 minutes to dry but just follow what the instructions tells you depending on your brand.) You can do both sides or add an other coat, but I didn’t because I’m lazy.

STEP 5: Painting the feathers!

Here comes the fun part! Use some acrylic paint or spray paint to color them! Obviously, you know how to use a can of spray paint, so I won’t bother explaining this. You want to do it with acrylic? GREAT! So get your paint ready and start mixing the colors you want! (I recommend priming your feathers first because of the hot glue problem and you’ll need 2 layers of paint if you didn’t prime them)

Apply a first coat of your base color on your feather. Move your brush on the same direction as the lines you did so you don’t see random vertical lines, plus, more realistic!

When it’s fully dry, you can add highlights! I usually add a lighter shade of the base color all along the feather line thinggy and spread to the outside of the feather but not all the way! Then I add a darker shade on the upper edges of the feathers because you know… it’s nice.

If you don’t want to add glitters, you’re done! Congrats to you!

STEP 6: Add glitters!

You want to feel like a princess? Or you just like sparkling things…? Then let’s add glitters!! I got mine really cheap at Walmart. (Martha Stewart crafts. Be mindful that these makes your feathers just a LITTLE bit darker)

What I like to do is start from the feather line and spread it towards the outside and add a few on the borders. Put a few on the feather line to have that extra spark! And like painting, go the same direction as the diagonal lines to avoid the lines.

Sparkles got in the creases? AWESOME. It’ll be extra sparkly!


Now assemble it however you like with hot glue. It made nice wings like these or a pretty headdress that I never posted!

*Be aware that the feathers will easily bend because it’s still craft foam after all! 

**You can do the same process on the back of the feather if you’d like.

***The thickness of the craft foam depends from sheet to sheet! I got some who were thinner than others. I got mine at my local art supply store OmerDeserres and they were very irregular (8.5x11 sheets) compared to the ones I got at Walmart. (I think they’re 5x8?? but it comes in packs of 50!!! )



blah blah gemstuff 

bonus non-pink lars version for free, huzzah

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How do you make your sapphic user boxes? Is it a certain app or program? Btw I love your blog, you seem like a very open person :)

Thank you! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner! I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to make userboxes, but I’ll show you how I do mine. I’ll use one of my current requests as an example.

1. The website that I use is: It looks like this:

2. You have to fill in the “ID” and “Info” parts of the userbox. The “ID” part is for the picture that will go on the userbox and the “info” would be what you want the userbox to say.

For the “ID” side, you have to put in a code. The code that I use is:

<img src=link height=“45px” width=“45px”></img>

The part of the code that says “link” is where you put the link to the image that you want on the userbox. For all of the images, you want to resize them so they are 50 px by 50 px so they fit in the little square on the actual userbox. I use this website to resize my images. All you have to do is upload your image, scroll down to the “resize image” section, and type in the 50px x 50px ratio. You can then click “resize image” at the bottom and save the new image to your computer.

Because the code requires a link for the image, what I do is save the resized image to my tumblr drafts. Once you have it there, you can then right click on the image and click “copy image address.” Then you can just go back to the code above and replace where it says “link” with the image address. Once that’s done, copy the entire code and paste it into the “ID” part of the userbox website. It will then pull up the image. It should look like this:

For the second half of the userbox, just type in whatever it is that you want the userbox to say. It should look like this:

3. Now you can pick the colors for your userbox. If you’re wanting to be technical about it, you can put in the code for specific colors. You can do that where it says “Borders and Backgrounds” and “Text Options.” However, if you’re lazy like me, just click the “Select Color Scheme” tab and you will see this:

I like to go the easy route, so I just use one of their options for color schemes.

4. Now you have to get the userbox itself. You can use the coding that’s right under the userbox, but I think that’s too much work. Instead, I just zoom in to 200% and screenshot it.

After screenshotting it, I just paste it into Paint and crop it. Once it’s cropped, save it to your computer.

5. The final product:

There you go!


HI the colors on this are really boring but i wasnt sure what to go with so dzhdsnafkjndsfkdlsf if u ever wanna like.. draw charli you can just use whatever color u want for the clothing it doesnt matter. idk what the fuck im doing

ALSO this is super late bc i im lazy + really sick atm godd

sooo a lovely anon requested a tutorial on how to do something like this:

and i’m not really sure how to call that effect, but it’s actually really easy to make and i hope my incapability to explain won’t make it hard for you to understand :) you need some basic skills for this (how to make a gif and how to color it), i’ve already made tutorials on both of these things, you can find them here: [x]

aaaand here we go

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☆ Well, I’m just gonna leave all this trash here. I’m surprised, I took the time to even color them…my patience was wavering through it all but it was a little fun stepping out of the undertale fandom and drawing something more original. Enough said…lemme just type these bio(s) for the comic called Shadow that @rt-creep is making. Also I’m gonna apologize in advance for how short the info is…you see I wanna classify the characters from the viewers (or I’m just too lazy). Here ya go!

▪ Alexander
Gray’s childhood friend or something. Feel free to do whatever you want with him lol

▪ Lucy Eater

▪ Jester Mil

▪ Coral Fairy

I know I am not on a published level yet, but I feel like I have some good and simple advice on how to handle the stress of writing.

If a scene isn’t fleshing out as easy as you’d hope, and it’s taking up days of you wanting to write but you can’t because you’re stumped, skip it. For real. Put the scene in brackets or change the color- whatever helps you feel okay with leaving it alone for now. Summarize in all caps after the blocked scene a simple rundown of what’s supposed to happen. Then just start the next scene after that. Or whatever scene feels like it’ll be fun and enjoyable for you!

The biggest thing I tell myself to help get over a stump is that “this is just a draft!” This isn’t to encourage me to be lazy, but to comfort me that I don’t have to have everything perfect just yet.

And I know I just reblogged that post about that author’s revision process, but it’s still true. Finishing a story start to finish in draft is a huge accomplish of itself. You’ve given yourself an organized bigger picture, and that sounds like a big relief to me.

I can’t wait to finish my basic drafts of all my stories, because it is still a big important steps. All the time consuming processes are. And since it’s what I want, it’s what I’ll endure lol

Keep writing!


…uh well I was thinking about the post-genocide pacifist ending, and also the floweypot au, and this was made :^)

Well uh after the post-genocide pacifist ending, it shows that Chara is still in control of your soul after you sold it to them, so like… what if they had a change of heart and decided to live on the surface peacefully with the rest of the others? idk :^)

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can you do a tutorial on how you do those comic edits where its the comic but with a plain background? how do you do that?

yes i can because i actually love doing tutorials for some reason lmao okay let’s do this

this is going to be slighly long because i’m pretty thorough with tutorials so it might seem complicated but like five edits later you’ll get used to it and do it in five minutes.

i’m going to use this panel from silk #01 in this because it’s cute

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heck 5'5" female. blue eyes and blonde/light brown shoulder length hair. A slut for cooking, so our date would just involve me inviting you over and making you dinner. Whatever you'd like, honestly. I'll pull an Iggy for you. Let you play some games and browse my giant ass collection of books and I'll try to woo you very slowly with my cooking bc dammit I just want a good s/o that'll spend some lazy days in bed with me and let me cook for them.

ok well shit…color me smitten. I am a slut for both cooking and eating, so I’m down. 

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did..... did you just imply a black actor is not black enough to play Static? WOW.

lmao what a reeeeaaaacccccchhh

No, I said what I said. It has nothing to do with Jaden Smiths “level of Blackness” (whatever that means) but the fact that brands like Marvel and DC constantly cast light(er) skinned actors and actresses to play originally drawn dark(er) skinned characters. With this casting it is very blatant that they did not want a dark skinned actor to play Virgil/Static Shock who is clearly dark. Colorism is a big problem in Hollywood but its ridiculous when characters that obviously look one way are deliberately portrayed in another.

Its super lazy casting cause I’m sure they just thought “Whose a relevant black kid with dreads that we can have play this role” and Jaden was the first to come to mind. As if there aren’t millions of dark skinned black boys with dreads (or that can get fake ones done) that they could cast.

Virgil/Static Shock looks like this

Jaden Smith looks like this

I mean, if they wanted a “somewhat” relevant or known black kid with dreads to play this part they could’ve EASILY gone with Leon Thomas III (Andre form Victorious) 



all he’d have to do to complete the look is dye his hair black.

I really have nothing against Jaden but colorism is a huge (and extremely annoying) issue that has been going on in Hollywood for waaaaaayyyyyy too long

What does my fibromyalgia feel like?

I get that question a lot.  I’m going to list my personal symptoms and see how they gel with yours…

1. My skin feels like when you have a big bruise and you push on it.  Imagine that feeling all over your body.  

2. Along with that I feel like i’m in the second day of a major flu.

3. I have also done some extreme weight lifting after years of not lifting a thing.  It is now the next day when the heaviest soreness has kicked in!!

4. My stomach may or may not be in serious distress, depending on the day. What I eat will always inevitably affect me right away.  This includes severe stomach cramping, diarrhea, constipation, excessive gas, nausea, more diarrhea… you get the picture.

5. I feel most mornings like I was in a major accident at some point in the week and am obviously feeling like I have received either a blow to the back of my neck or whiplash.  This has caused a headache (or migraine) from hell to settle right behind both of my eyes.  (Occipital Neuralgia/Cervicogenic Headache).

6.  My hands are like sandpaper from the Dyshidrotic eczema…I am always afraid to touch people with my scaly hands.  If I put them in water too often I get to wear the cute little bandaids I picked out for just that purpose.

7. I receive fantom nerve twitches and stings on a regular basis everywhere on my body.  I guess the bright side is watching my finger twitch involuntarily for 20 minutes.

8. The tendonitis in both elbows is always fun.  Makes lifting things a breeze!

9.Fatigue is great!  I get to stop what I am doing because my body has decided to rebel against me at the most inopportune times and just sit and rest.  This in no way makes me look like a lazy ass.

10. My hands cramp for no reason and want to release whatever I am holding at that very second.  Cutting my nails is now a chore where I used to give myself a really nice pedicure and color every 2 weeks.

11. I am officially a fat cow due to the medication and inability to be very active.

12.  I now have social anxiety where I never had that before.  I have trouble just going to the grocery store now.

13. My OCD’s have gotten progressively worse with this illness.  Heaven forbid I use the stove or the restroom.  Both kitchen and restroom are nightmare rooms for me now.  I just can’t get out of the damn room without checking things a bajillion times.  Sometimes I eventually just ask someone to check for me, that helps sometimes.  

14.  Worst of all is my memory deficit!  I can’t remember a DAMN THING!  I get lost easily when going somewhere and as soon as I walk into a store I go blank.  Like super blank like wtf was I doing here anyway?  I know I needed stuff but what stuff was it?  

So here’s a partial list but as usual I can’t remember the rest.

Thanks for listening and if you can, share just the corresponding # of the affliction we share so I can see how alike we really are.

(oh ya, and I can’t spell worth a damn anymore, that was never, until the last 7 years, a problem, thank God for spellcheck)

Oh, one more…#15 Restless Leg Syndrome sucks ugly monkey nuggets!!

5/31/15 revision :D  I’m adding migraines to the list… I know there’s more but I still can’t remember.  Migraines are by far the worst symptom of all…they bring nausea, fatigue, irritability, sensitivity to light and temperature, they’re just all around miserable.

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i’ll discuss this based on sunstone from this post

1. i make a messy ass sketch in which i figure out the basic silhouette, shapes and very basic outfit elements (i usually draw things like the rest of the arms but here i was lazy lol) usually when i start i have a vague idea of what the thing will look like, but most of stuff appears when i work. sunstone was a bit different since i just redesigned the previous one, so i even had color palette already set.

note, i leave the drawing messy and fix proportions later, but the sketch is where you usually should do those things. but do whatever works with you best.

2. i make a new layer on top, and start locking shapes. you can do it however you want - lasso tool, magnetic/polygonal lasso, or just good old hard round brush. anything that leaves solid edges works. here i used a mix of lasso tool and brush. i make sure to do every shape or at least groups of shapes that do not touch each other on new layer, like this:

this allows me to change one area without touching the other. remember to lock the transparency after you’re done with setting the shapes, so the shapes stay the same and you can fill them quickly.

also, this is the step where i fix proportions and stuff (since this is my weakness i can’t say if i do a good job) i feel like working with solid shapes is quicker and clearer than a messy sketch i usually do.

3. adding things like patterns and other colors: i make a new layer on top of the one with base shape and create a clipping mask

aaaand this is where the real fun starts. once i have the shapes all prepared, i start messing with color palettes and patterns to put on top. remember to make a new layer for every new shape - this makes the workflow faster cause you can fill layers with one click and only change one desired shape instead of the entire group. this is the longest part since i usually am indecisive or can’t get something right. in this case this is the patterns and color placement i went with:

in this case it went real quick cause i had palette and patterns from previous sunstone :P

i hope this is clear enough!