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In Case // Spencer Reid x Reader

It had been 3 months since you walked out the door and took his heart with you.

Spencer had dealt with heartbreak before but this seemed to hurt more than anything he’d ever experienced. It was something that left him feeling hollow, as if he was just a shell of the man he had been when you had loved him. He would wake in the middle of the night with his face covered in tears, his cries loud enough to worry his neighbors. His sobs shook him to his core and he was left gasping for air. It was as if you had taken even the air he breathed.

He didn’t blame you. You didn’t blame him either. Relationships were always difficult. Even couples with stable jobs felt the pressure that came along with being together. Relationships needed time, dedication, patience. You both had managed for a long time, but it just wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to be irrevocably in love with each other. Those passion filled hours where the two of you would roll around in bed, the bed frame shaking and sheets soaked with the sweat of your bodies- they weren’t enough to fill the void that came from time spent alone when he was gone.

The beginning had been beautiful. It had been a rush, a feeling of ecstasy as you both fell head over heels for each other. Movie dates, book readings, art museums, nights in- your life had gained a new reason to wake every morning and you’d been gifted someone to say goodnight to every night. It was a love that brought smiles to even the youngest of children who could see just how much adoration there was between you.

He’d begun to take you for granted after a few years. Before he had always made sure to call, to send flowers when he’d miss special occasions just to make sure you didn’t feel so lonely. Years passed and his phone calls turned into texts which turned into one worded replies and after a while you’d be lucky to even get a goodnight message. But his job was rough and he’d be exhausted when the night came so you tried your best to think nothing of it. You both knew the other loved you.

That was his most fatal mistake. Words were just words unless acted upon. He knew he loved you. He knew you loved him. You never once stopped saying so. He tried his best to show he cared but in the end it wasn’t enough. He was a fool to think he could simply come home and wrap his arms around you and expect you to be okay. Love was more than good looks and sex. It was more than sleeping beside each other for a few days a week. Love was a garden, something beautiful that bloomed in great colors when it was nurtured and he had stopped tending to it, so his surprise when it had died out was unjustified. He knew this and it ate away at him every night.

For weeks he would pick up his phone and dial your number only to hang up as soon as the line rang. He was being selfish. He wanted you back more than anything, but he knew he would never give up his job. He knew you would never ask him to do that either. You loved him, that much he knew. He had seen it in your eyes when you had told him you had to go. He had seen the tears fighting to stay back as you fought to remain strong. You loved him so much you had let him go.

Spencer wanted you to be happy but the thought of you with someone else tore his soul apart. He’d often sit alone for hours and run scenarios through his head. He thought about what he would have done differently- he would have called you that one night he knew you were feeling ill, would have told Hotch he couldn’t leave when your mother had been in the hospital, would’ve sent you something better when he missed Valentine’s Day. These were all useless thoughts of course. It was too late for any of that. Funny how you only think of ways to fix things once they’re unable to be mended.

He found himself in the bottom of a bottle one night. He had picked it up on his way home from work and had drank the evening away. It was unusual behavior for someone who only ever drank on special occasions and never had more than one shot of whatever liquor was being served. But he had fallen into a drunken mess as he held a photograph of you in his hands which was soon replaced with his phone.

He got your voicemail, and instead of hanging up he began to talk. He left an incoherent string of sobs and ‘I love you’s’ as he begged you to come back. He would change. He would work less, he would be there for you. He wanted to marry you, he wanted to be he father of your children. You would buy a house in the suburbs where the kids would play in the yard. He would love you like never before. He still loved you now.

The message had taken you by surprise the next morning. Spencer was never much of a drinker and the drunken slur in his words immediately worried you. You couldn’t help the tears that spilled onto your face as you heard his begging, the pain in his voice strongly mirroring your own. Every day you had fought the urge to call him, to tell him you loved him and wanted to come back. You had convinced yourself that Spencer needed to find someone who his affections came for easily. Someone who wouldn’t have to worry about whether he’d call you that night because they knew he would. You replayed the message as your head spun, your emotions washing away your reasoning.

Spencer cringed when he awoke the next morning and looked at his phone. Twelve times. He had called your phone twelve times. He cursed at himself when he realized the last call had lasted a full five minutes which could only mean you either picked up or he had left a message. He figured it didn’t matter which one it had been, his drunken state would have only reinforced your idea that you were better off without him.

Spencer sat in his bed for hours. He looked around with his back against the wall, and mentally picked out the things you had left behind.

There was a small photo book lodged beneath a growing pile of his own books that had been abandoned. A bottle of perfume that was nearly finished still sat on his dresser. Two jackets that had been in the dirty laundry when you had left now hung clean in his closet. These were all things he had kept in case you ever decided to come home.

It had been 3 months since he lost a piece of himself.

He was so lost in thought that he had almost missed the fact his phone had lit up, a picture of your smiling face staring at him. He sat frozen for a moment before he scrambled to grab it, his hands shaking as he hit the answer button.

“I love you. Please come home,” he spoke before you could say anything. His entire body shook as he waited for your response, the gentle sound of your breathing enough to unsettle him. He held his own breath as he awaited your reply, silently begging that you wouldn’t simply hang up. Finally you spoke and he felt his entire being melt at the sound of your voice.


It had been 3 months since he’d smiled, but that simple word was enough to bring him tears of joy.

i want to remember the good things, like the first time i saw you in your grandfather’s suit. i want to remember you turning the radio down on the 401 so you could concentrate on the steering wheel because there was a snowstorm and you’d promised my mother you’d get me home safe. i want to remember speed walking through the crowd after the fireworks, when you knew there were too many people and how badly i needed to leave that place. and i know i’m awful at keeping it this way, my head just ain’t what it used to be lately. it’s hard to stay focused on anything good for more than five minutes. but i want to remember the good things, the bad wasn’t all that bad. i’m trying to keep it at bay. please believe me when i say that.
—  a.m

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prompt if you have time: regina finds it really hard to ask for things, but what she really wants is emma to hold her. she's usually the big spoon, but wants to be the little spoon. non-sexual touching specifically.

thank you for the prompt! this …hopefully fulfills what u want, i ended up going somewhere else i’m sorry!

- the one where emma and regina are actually married idiots

it’s late when emma gets home, already well after midnight. regina can hear her key in the door, the soft sigh she lets out as she steps inside, into the quiet shuffling of her home transition: she’ll be taking off her boots, sliding out of her jacket, hopefully leave her shoes at the door and drop her jacket off somewhere where it won’t just slump over a couch or chair arm (it will). after ten years of marriage, emma has somehow managed to remain completely unburdened by the simple domestic rules regina had enforced when they first started living together, and only grudgingly let slide in the face of such unrelenting forgetfulness.

after a moment, regina can hear her breathing as her wife mounts the wooden stairs, no longer quite as amble now that they have both embarked on the journey of getting old together.

lifting up on an elbow, regina reaches for the bedside lamp and flips it on, knowing emma will attempt to undress for bed in utter darkness if she suspects regina might be sleeping – so, sitting up, she waits for the familiar entrance of her wife, the slightly startled, apologetic look she always gets whenever emma discovers regina waiting for her. (it doesn’t matter how many times it happens, emma still jumps like a nervous cat at the slightest outward sign of devotion).

when emma walks through, regina smiles at her slight jump. “regina,” emma sighs, as she settles herself again. “you know, my shifts are really not as exciting as you think they are. you don’t have to stay up late every time i have a late one.”

regina merely shrugs, and rests her shoulders against their wooden headboard. she knows emma is more in danger (to herself) in the middle of after-school traffic than she is in a late night shift, but sleep never seems to come when she’s alone. she needs emma’s soft, steady breathing, the way she sprawls all over the bed, taking up whatever space she can. it seems so vast and empty without her, like she’s in the middle of nowhere, with only the distracting blink of alarm clocks to track the progress of time.

she doesn’t know how to say that, though (even after all this time). she simply pulls back the covers on emma’s side of the bed and smooths an expectant hand over the soft, empty space.

emma smiles, all soft and warm, as usual. “i’ll be there in a second,” she assures, and starts slipping out of her work jeans, leaving herself in just her socks and bra as she searches for her old ratty sleep clothes. “how was your day?” she asks, reaching for a shirt.

regina gazes down the familiar bumps of her wife’s back and sighs. “oh, it was fine.” it was, in fact, not fine. the town meeting had been exhausting, full of unnecessary, loud caveats, resulting in so many delays, to the point that she had to push back several scheduled meetings, which filled her inbox with passive aggressive emails and a nasty looking schedule tomorrow.

emma gives her a knowing look over the shoulder, and regina sighs. “well other than the hour i spent looking for another curse, just to get these people out of my hair so i can finish my paperwork on time, it was fine.”

“any results?”

“oh you know, none of them really stood out to me. i’ll have to keep looking.”

“well i’ll support you regardless, babe.”

babe. regina smiles. the term of endearment started out merely as an ironic joke for emma, some private way to cope with suddenly having a confirmed True Love and being socially required to spend time with all the other ridiculous fairytale couples around them, and while she suspects emma never intended to use it seriously, at some point in the ten years they’ve been married, it worked itself into emma’s idle mind.

a spasm of tenderness closes in regina’s throat as she watches her wife tiredly crawl into bed, sliding beneath the soft comforter and groaning in exhaustion – regina appears to be taking growing old a little more gracefully than emma, who now constantly dismays over her aching joints and aging hands, the slight greying around her temples. regina has only noticed a slight crinkle around her own eyes and a few silver strands, simple signs of age that emma seems to take great delight in finding.

their life together has been so happy. looking down at her wife, regina suddenly wants only to be held by her.

scooting closer, regina quietly clears her throat. “darling,” she offers, and, after a beat, starts massaging her fingers against emma’s shoulder, to prob emma back from a deep sleep. “are you really already falling asleep?”

“hmm?” emma struggles to blink up at her.

regina offers her a warm smile, starts massaging her shoulder again. “i was just wondering if you wanted to switch things up for tonight,” she says. she enjoys sleeping with emma in her arms (both because she like waking up with emma in hear arms, and also, a little strategically, to avoid getting accidentally kicked out in bed). but usually, she can get emma to go along with her simply by nudging her in the right direction.

most of the time. this time, emma merely groans. “too tired.” she says, and reaches back, in sweet misunderstanding, to gently grip regina’s fingers and give them another squeeze. “we’ll do it another night, babe.”

regina purses her lips. “i wasn’t…” she sighs. “oh nevermind.”

sinking back down into bed, regina slides her arms around emma’s waist, tries to press as much of herself to emma to make up for not being held. letting out a soft breath, she leans her cheek against emma’s neck, closes her eyes against the soft, steady presence of her wife.

until, a few minutes later, emma suddenly slides out of her arms. regina frowns, grapples with her fingers. “hey,’ she complains, rising reluctantly from her half-doze to see where her wife is going.

emma doesn’t go very far. she just slides up onto her knees, crawls over regina’s body, and settles down again, knotting her fingers  beneath regina’s ribs to squeeze her closer, closing all the gaps between their bodies.

blinking back a silly sting of tears, regina hums. “i suspect a lightbulb flipped on.”

emma chuckles, butts her head affectionately against the side of regina’s neck. “you know me,” she whispers sleepily, settling her cheek against regina’s, “it always takes me a few minutes.”

happily, regina  sighs, resting her hands against her wife’s. “I know darling.”

Dex helping Bitty in the kitchen is such a regular occurrence lately that it takes Nursey a good couple of minutes to realize that Bitty isn’t actually in the room with them.

He stops short where he’s stooped down low in front of the open fridge, looking for leftover pie, and blinks up at Dex’s back. “Yo, where’s Bits?”

Dex doesn’t bother turning around from where he’s stirring something on the stove. “Class I think? Not sure.”

“So you’re just… cooking. By yourself.” Nursey stands up and lets the fridge door swing closed, pie forgotten.

“I keep trying to tell you guys it’s not a big deal,” Dex huffs. “All you have to do is–”

“–follow the instructions, yeah yeah, whatever. Why are you cooking?” Nursey narrows his eyes. “Is this for dibs?”

“Oh fuck off, Nurse. Unlike some people, not everything I do around the Haus is just because I–”

But lightning strikes Nursey’s brain then, and his eyes widen, a smirk creeping onto his face despite how fast his heart suddenly starts beating. “Oh dude, hold up, is it for a girl?

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Being Carlisle’s Mate Would Include:

Originally posted by geminoweasley

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:Could you please do “Being Carlisle’s human mate would involve..”? Thank you so much! There aren’t enough Carlisle fics out there.

A/N: Yeah, sure I can lovely! You’re very welcome, enjoy what I’ve come up with! This is my first Carlisle piece ever, so please bare with me, lovely! I have to agree with you about that, Carlisle is an amazing character and needs more fanfiction! Thank you so much for your request, lovely.

- If you ever grew ill, know that he’d look after you; ensuring that you get better ASAP.

-You would practically have the most compassionate, patient and phenomenal doctor in existence.

- You would always be well taken care of, no matter what.

- If Carlisle has his adopted children, they would love you to pieces and protect you, but also treat you like a mother.

- Carlisle would be fiercely protective of you, ensuring that nothing ever harmed you.

- Carlisle would always plant a soft kiss upon the top of your head every morning that he leaves for work.

- If Carlisle was working late, he would let you know as soon as possible and definitely make it up to you in more than one way. *wink* *wink*

- He’d be incredibly gentle, ardent, loving and attentive with you. You’re physically quite delicate, so he’d do everything to make sure that he does not harm you.

- You would certainly be spoiled in whatever way Carlisle could spoil you in. Whether that’s with jewelry, trips, cars, flowers, chocolates, taking you out on dates, spending time with you, etc.

- You would probably get breakfast in bed every weekend on a Saturday and Sunday morning: And if Carlisle couldn’t bring you it, Alice or Rosalie definitely would. There would definitely be a small romantic little note about how much Carlisle loves you and hopes you have a splendid day.

- If you aspired to become a vampire and be with Carlisle forever, Carlisle would plan and set an appropriate date to do this. He would certainly do this by himself and try to make the transition as less painful as possible by giving you morphine before he changed you.

- You would definitely be married to Carlisle.

- Carlisle would be such a romantic and caring husband/lover/mate. He’s practically every romance novels dream!

- Carlisle would respect your views, opinions, aspirations, goals, etc. but would only intervene if you were going to hurt yourself or someone was going to hurt you, or if things were going to go down hill.

- You’d be Carlisle’s love and life. He’d never put anything above you or let anything come in between you two.

- Out of most of the vampires, Carlisle would be the most human, so he wouldn’t forget to feed you or anything. Your routine would practically become his in a way. It wouldn’t really feel like you’re dating a vampire, too be honest.

- You’d always know how important and loved you are.

- If you came home stressed from work, know that Carlisle would be there for you in an instant to talk things through.

- The two of you would seldom ever fight. You two just get along so well that there’s never really any room to argue in your relationship.

- Everyone would say that you’re “made for each other”.

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What Emma and Hook talked about on their way back to Storybrooke (3x12)? Any headcanons?

This got long. Sorry.

I started writing a fic about this last year but never finished it. So yeah, I got headcanons. This is more than just their conversation, but bear with me.

They left NY in the morning (9/10am I’m guessing) and arrived in town late enough that it was dark and no one was out, so it looks like at least 9pm (probably much later, but whatever). I estimate on the short side of things that the trip took about nine hours, which is obviously a lot longer than six, which is the Google Maps estimated travel time between the locations, so I’m guessing they made multiple stops to eat. Twice fast food (at least), and maybe they have a sit-down lunch or something in Boston? Henry and Emma reminiscing about their favorite food joint (from fake memories on Henry’s part, real ones on Emma’s) and deciding to spend a little extra time to have a decent meal. (Also I’m assuming Emma drives SUPER slow. And maybe they hit some traffic. Caught behind construction work or a car accident or something.)

But anyway, given the roughly 9-hour trip, surely there had to be a little conversation. They likely couldn’t discuss real stuff since Henry was in the car, so maybe they talked in code, as they did throughout 3B when the kiddo was around. I think Henry would probably for the first hour try to engage Killian in conversation, asking tons of questions, as kids do, and Killian probably tried his best to dodge stuff he didn’t understand or didn’t know how to answer, maybe taking cues from Emma on whether he should say yes or no. I’m sure Emma would answer for him a lot.

“So what exactly do you do, Killian?”

“He’s… a performer, Henry.”

“Like a street performer?”


“Oh. That’s why you’re wearing the pirate stuff?”

“Yes, that’s why he’s dressed like a pirate.”

“Swan, I’m perfectly capable of speaking for myself.”

“Shush. Drink your coffee, H-… Killian.”

“The mermaid emblem is apropos.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“A rubbish species for rubbish coffee.”

“What did mermaids ever do to you?”


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Fox Mulder’s Guide to Falling (and Staying) in Love with Your Partner

For author’s note and story description, see the first chapter!

In case you need to catch up:
(1) (2)


It’s the little things, he’s decided, that he likes most about her.

It’s the way the she greeted him this morning when he picked her up for their drive to check out a case in Connecticut, coffee in hand. She knows exactly how he takes it, how much room to leave and, subsequently, how much milk to add. The temperature he prefers. And as she slid into the car, handing over a travel mug, one that resides in her apartment specifically for him, a gratifying smile accompanied her.

Her smile is contagious, he has no doubt about it. The way her plump pink lips curl slightly at the corners. And when, on the rare occasions, he catches a glimpse of her teeth, stark white in contrast to the color they hide behind, he loses cognitive function. He melts. She doesn’t smile enough, which, in retrospect, is better for his sanity. But lately, she has been smiling more. He hopes, selfishly, that she smiles for no reason other than she simply likes this journey that they’re on, whatever it may be. That they simply spend time together.

It’s the face she makes when she’s reading a map, absorbed. Her posture is perfectly square in the passenger seat. So much concentration etched in the subtle wrinkles that fall above her brow. The tip of her tongue grazing the expanse of her lips. Her delicate fingers, fingers that pull triggers and make Y-incisions and fold over each other in prayer and occasionally tangle with his, tracing the lines of the highways as she follows the pattern of their route.

It’s the way she fidgets with the cross around her neck. Especially when she’s hunched over files that are spread on a motel bed. It’s as if she uses her cross to help her focus, to recenter her thoughts. She touches her cross, and he thinks she comes back to reality. And he likes that her faith wavers at times; it makes her more human.

It’s the rhythm they fall into as soon as they take their places in the car. She had complained recently about not getting to drive more often, and he, regrettably, made a comment at the expense of her height. But if he’s being honest, he likes when he drives and she rides next to him. There’s something about their ability to navigate like this. It’s familiar, like they’ve been doing it their whole lives.

It’s the way she says his name. “Mulder.” He’s heard it thousands of times, but never quite like how she says it. It’s why she’s the only one who calls him “Mulder” on a regular basis. He had told her that everyone called him Mulder, but truthfully, he was fine with “Fox.” Until he met her. Until she said “Agent Mulder” and eventually just “Mulder” enough that his name coming from her lips was like a breath of fresh air. A whisper of a prayer into the wind. It’s significance meant only for him. She says his name, and he feels whole.

And her mind. Oh, her mind deserves its own category of likeness. The way she spits paragraphs of medical jargon at him. The way she challenges and attempts to invalidate his theories with her sophisticated vocabulary. Sometimes he thinks he can actually see the logic of her brain, the wheels turning, the path it takes to substantiate her conclusions. Her mind is intoxicating. And he wants to know every inch of it.

He wonders what keeps her here, in this car right beside him. If it’s the same thing that’s keeping him here. For him, it’s more that just a quest for a missing sister, the proof of an alien civilization. It is something that he never expected. Since her, it is now more than the need for unrelenting justice and virtue, authentication of a government conspiracy. No, most importantly, their journey has become about finding themselves through finding each other.

He also wonders if his fondness of her is obvious. He knows that he doesn’t tell her enough, if at all, just how much he appreciates having her in his life. How their partnership, friendship, whatever it is, has given him new meaning. He thinks of the lives they’ve lost, the amount of times they’ve almost lost each other.

Just recently, he turned a gun so quickly on himself, yet held back with everything he had to protect her. He saw how shaken she was, by the ease of which he didn’t hesitate pulling the trigger on himself, the precision of which he had placed the gun at his temple, ensuring that had there been a bullet in that chamber, there would be no chance for survival. The single tear that escaped her lid, her anguished plea for him to fight the mind control. It was if something inside him clicked. The potential that he could mean as much to her as she does to him. And later, he knew by the desperate grasp of her hand in his at the bedside of their latest demon that he had miscalculated how much the notion of his death could affect her.

He’s done everything in his power to make sure she doesn’t know the depths of his feelings for her. He wonders if she can see right through him anyway.

He takes a mental picture of her as they cross over into New York, more than halfway through their drive, surrounded by the waters below the George Washington Bridge. He could see her in New York, the hustle and bustle of big-city life, constantly encompassed by civilization. A life she would thrive in, and one where he would suffocate. But he doesn’t really want her to be here, if it means he won’t be able to see her every day.

He loves her, of that he knows for certain. But he will never voice it. He vows to never let that love become lust, to never be in love with her. Because having only just a part of her is better than having none of her.

So he lets the tires of the car continue to spin, and he dreads the moment they have to stop.


So this happened and I have no words to adequately describe how taken aback I am. All I can say is thank you and it’s not enough. You have been there for me when I’ve needed it most and you mean the world to me. 

Now… to celebrate. 10 days ago, I posted the master list for a writing challenge that was, in my opinion, pretty damn successful. I’ve had several requests to do another round, so, without further ado, round 2 of  the Album Fanfiction Challenge has been given the green light. 

Have you ever been listening to an album and the lyrics just spoke to you, inspired a work of fanfiction in some sort of way? That’s been happening to me a lot lately, so I thought why not make a challenge out of it. 

Here are the rules:

  • You do not have to be following me [mrs-squirrel-chester or @mamapeterson] but I ain’t gonna lie, it’d be kinda awesome if you were.
  • Can be any pairing or ship, reader-insert, OC; or even no pairing. Write what you want to write.
  • Pick a fandom, any fandom. BUT if you decide to write for more than one fandom, please pick a new album for the new fandom.
  • Can be fluff, angst, smut; whatever. Or maybe just a headcanon kind of thing.
  • No word limit. You want to write a poem or drabble? Maybe something longer, like 15,000 words. Your fic can also be a part of another challenge. Even if it’s part of a WIP. Go for it.
  • Pick an album that has inspired you. It can be old or new, any style, any artist, anything that you want.
  • Include the song title / album information anywhere in your summary or author’s note. Let’s give credit to these amazing musical inspirations.  
  • Post your fic by May 31, 2017. Time zones don’t matter. As long as it is May 31 where you are when you post, the it counts.
  • Your fic can either be a story based on the song, or just have it somehow highlight the song, BUT make your fic relevant to the song you choose, please! (Basically, please do more for this challenge than having a song from your album playing in the background.) 
  • If you also post on AO3, please share with the mrs_squirrel_chester_Album_Fanfiction_Challenge.
  • TAG ME IN YOUR FIC! If I haven’t liked or reblogged within a week, let me know!

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blurb im which the reader is feeling self conscious about having big boobs and Dan is like "wtf you're beautiful either way" ? because i honestly need some comforting right now.

It’s crazy how I’ve been feeling that way lately after my friends started talking about how big my boobs are, ugh.
It has probably more cons than pros.
(I’m gonna selfishly base this blurb out of my personal experience, hope you won’t mind!)
*In no means am I judging plastic surgery! Do whatever makes you feel beautiful, confident, and empowering!*

•You were at your friend’s house as she was having a small get together.
•"Okay, but I’m not sure if I should get a boob job?“ one of your friends said.
•"How does it feel having big tits, Y/N?” Your friend asks you. as a natural instinct, you crossed your arms over your boobs and let out a fake chuckle.
•"Oh c'mon, that’s probably why Dan is with you. What man doesn’t like a woman with big breasts?“ One of your friend’s ignorant acquaintances adds.
•Looking down at your feet you reply with, “I personally believe he’s with me for who I am as a person and not physical appearance.”
•When you arrived at Dan’s place, you felt like crying. Not only because you mildly harassed by your so called “friends” but you actually starting believing Dan is with you because of your physical figure.
•You walked into Dan’s room and he was seated in front of his desk typing what seemed to be an email.
•Face planting on his bed, you let out a loud sigh.
•"What’s up with you?“ Dan laughs as he spins his office chair around to face you.
•"People can be such dicks,” you mumble, face still on the bed.
•"Tell me about it, babe ,“ he got up and sat next to you on the bed.
•"Well, apart from being slightly harassed at the get together, they were commenting about our relationship,” you say getting up, “which is literally none of their business.”
•"What did they say?“ He says pulling you into a hug.
•"They started talking about boob jobs and then proceeded to talk about mine,” you sigh, “and you know how much of an insecurity it is of mine.”
•You began to tear up a little at the remembrance of the uncomfortable feeling you had.
•"They also started telling me shit on how you might only like how I look on the outside and stupid crap like that.“
•"And I’ll happy disagree with their comments,” he fixes your hair behind your ear, “first off, you’re beautiful and I don’t understand how you have insecurities if you’re drop dead gorgeous.”
•You blush, “second, the reason I’m with you is because of your personality, I mean you’re fucking perfect inside and out. I love how you stick your tongue out as you browse the Internet, text me random memes at any time of day, do your little dance moves as you play your music out loud, and how you can’t help but get excited when you see a dog or cat.”
•"Now I feel so squishy and loved,“ you say giving him a warming kiss on the lips.


Hope you liked it.
Just know you can fucking slay no matter what. You don’t need makeup or waist trainers to feel beautiful, but if you do, you do you! Do what makes you feel happy!
*As long as it’s legal, morally correct, and healthy!*
Love y'all. 💓🍪

House of memories

Words: ~1750 (this is way too long for what it is)

Genre: Nostalgic fluff (I was sad don’t judge me)

Warnings: A bit of swearing, but that’s all.

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Imagine you and Chris going to your best friends’ wedding weekend. (Part C)

A/N: Part 4C 😊 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B)

You stood at a distance watching Sebastian and Ava as they found comfort in the other’s arms. It was moments like those that you knew your best friend had chosen the right person to marry, someone who could disperse her nerves. Sebastian had chosen correctly too; he felt like he could breathe properly when he saw her waiting for him at the lighthouse. He swept her into his arms and kissed her until they felt like they were the only ones standing there. It was slightly uncomfortable for you, but you were happy for them. You found yourself smiling when you thought of the way Sebastian’s eyes lit up at the sight of his bride-to-be in her wedding dress. He had reacted similarly to the way Chris reacted when he saw you in your wedding dress for the first time; he couldn’t stop smiling, nor could he speak. Sebastian was in such awe, thanking the universe- and his best friend- for you so he could have Ava. The first words he got out after a minute or two of gaping was “I love you” and you’d almost swoon with Ava.

“Hey,” Chris slipped his hand into yours as he joined your side; you smiled at him then turned back to watch Sebastian and Ava. “I’ve never seen two people look as in-love as them,” he said and you immediately scoffed, gesturing between the two of you. “You didn’t let me finish,” he chuckled, squeezing your hand. “I’ve never seen two people look as in-love as them, other than when the two of us are standing in front of a mirror of course.”

“Of course,” you pulled your hand out of his and wrapped your arm around his waist instead, leaning into him as his arm draped over your shoulder. “Is it weird if I say I’m proud of them?” You asked Chris, smiling at Sebastian and Ava who had started their hand in hand stroll on the boardwalk. It was pretty obvious they were in their own world, talking and laughing. They looked so comfortable with each other now that you could barely remember how awkward they were when they first met; it seemed like a lifetime ago now. You were so happy for them as they were two fabulous souls that deserved everything they were getting with each other. “‘Cause I am really proud of them,” you continued when Chris said nothing.

“Me too,” he nodded with a smile. “But I’m proud of us too,” he said and you turned to him with a raised brow. “I mean- we did play matchmaker, remember?” He reminded you and you nodded, laughing. “If it weren’t for us, those two would’ve never met. Well-” he scrunched his nose. “They probably would’ve met, but whether or not they would’ve dated- that’s a different story. They can be flirty when they want to be, but- I don’t know, I’ve always felt like they’re both fairly passive souls. That’s probably why they work so well together.”

“Are we passive souls?”

Chris snorted, “you’re kidding, right?” You giggled because you knew the two of you weren’t at all passive- passive-aggressive, maybe. “Have you seen us when we argue, darling? Have you seen my interviews and tweets about politics or sports? Or rather, have you seen yourself when you get vocal about something you believe in?” He pressed his lips on your cheek, nuzzling his beard into your skin and making you laugh even harder as you squirmed. “We are as far away from passive as humanly possible.”

“And that’s why we work so well together,” you grinned at him and he chuckled with a nod. “What do you think Jack will be like?” You diverted your gaze to your belly when you felt him kick; Chris did too, 'cause you’d flinched. That kick was his third kick of the hour, keeping up with the pattern of his fetal movement. He was always more active around this time of the day, and in the evening just before bed. “He’s going to be a Pisces, Pisces are said to be the passive-aggressive type.”

“As much as I enjoy astrology, you know it’s-”

“A whole lot of bullshit?” You asked then laughed when he did. “Yes, I know. But you have to admit there is some truth behind it. I mean- look at me and tell me I’m not a hundred percent Virgo with my perfectionism and other annoying traits.” He bit back his smile and you giggled. “Yeah, and you’re very much so a Gemini. I know it’s not the planets or the moon and stars controlling us, but star signs can be pretty accurate sometimes.”

“Yeah, because we morph our personalities into something similar after reading these things. Or our parents read them and raised us a certain way.” You rolled your eyes, but you knew it was the logical explanation. “People aren’t affected until they know about it, it’s like a placebo almost. We want to relate and we unconsciously adapt. Raise a child with no knowledge of astrology and you’ll see, they’d end up with all the traits of every star sign 'cause they’re generic traits.”

“Okay, since when did you become so logical?” He laughed at that. “I was just saying, God. I’m not going to raise him based on his star sign, he can relate and adapt when he’s older. You know, if you don’t turn him into a skeptic first.” You quipped, drawing more laughter. “I just want to raise him to be a good person, a gentleman and a scholar.” Chris chuckled then smiled when you kissed his jawline and said, “just like his daddy.”

“You’re too kind to me,” he dipped his head and met your lips.

“The two of you realize we’re the ones getting married, right?” Sebastian’s teasing voice forced you and Chris to break your kiss. You both turned in their direction, stifling your laughter. “God, will the two of you ever stop being disgustingly sweet?”

“Probably not, no,” Chris shook his head then smiled at you when you laughed. “You two ready to get married and join the disgustingly sweet train?” Sebastian and Ava smiled at each other, then nodded at the both of you. “Okay then. It looks like we’ve got five minutes to get the two of you to where you need to be.” He kissed your cheek while Sebastian kissed Ava’s. “I’m going to take the groom back, you handle the bride. Let’s go,” he pulled his arm off you and walked off, glancing back to make sure Sebastian was following.

“See you soon, baby,” Sebastian looked back to wave at Ava and Ava blew him a kiss, smiling. “God, Chris. Wait up!” He started to jog when Chris disappeared around the corner. “It’s not like…” His voice trailed off with the distance.

“Feeling better?” You asked Ava, locking arms with her as the two of you slowly strolled back. You had to be careful with your steps considering you were both carrying lives inside your bellies. Ava wasn’t too worried, it wasn’t a far walk and she was the bride; the bride could be fashionably late, she could do whatever she wanted because it was her day.

“Much,” Ava nodded. “Now I know why you had to sneak off with Chris on your wedding day too.” She commented and you shot her a smug look, making her laugh. “I can’t believe I’m getting married to him, I feel so fortunate right now.”

“He feels the same way,” you told her with a smile. “Believe me, I saw the way he looked at you and there is no one in the world he’s going to love more than you.” Ava placed a hand on her belly and was about to correct you when you cut her off. “No, not even little peanut. You are number one, believe me.”

“Of course I do,” she smiled. “You’re an expert when it comes to being a guy’s number one.” You chuckled, knowing she was referring to Chris. “Do you remember that article we read where he said family came from an extension of the love you have your partner? That you needed to want the relationship more than the idea of having a kid?” You nodded. “Do you remember us thinking he got that from your series?” You nodded again, chuckling. “Well, did he? Did you ask him?”

“I didn’t ask, but he did tell me. He’s always carried that philosophy, but after reading my series- it sorta stuck with him even more, which is sweet.” You said and Ava nodded in agreement. “I definitely felt like it was a load off my shoulders 'cause while I knew I wanted to have kids with him, I didn’t know when. You know me, we talked about this before I even met him- I was afraid that if I did end up with him and didn’t want kids yet, he’d dump me or whatever.”

“And I told you he wouldn’t, but you didn’t believe me until you read that article.” She reminded you and you nodded, laughing. “And look where you are now, you’re happily married to your celebrity crush and carrying his baby. And I am too,” she let out a nervous, but excited laugh. “It’s kinda surreal, isn’t?”

“A little, yeah.” You nodded in agreement, smiling. Ava looked like she was about to talk again, but you interrupted before she could. “But it’s real and it’s happening and we’re going to late, so enough on me and enough on the surreality. Let’s go get you married, girl.”

“Okay,” she grinned.

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Part 4D

Casual Sex - Happy Lowman

Song- Casual Sex by My Darkest Days

You’ll never meet my mom,
Strings will never be attached,
We’ll always get along,
‘Cause it doesn’t have to last,
And anytime I call you, you don’t have to call me back,
I’m never gonna fall, but I’m never hard to catch.
You met Happy at a club party and you instantly hit it off. You soon became friends with benefits. You were newly single and wasnt looking for something real just a causal fuck.
“You sure you ok with this, cause I dont do relationship”?
“Yes Happy, I’m good” “ Now are you going to fuck me or I’m I going to have to do it myself”?
“Yes ma'am”. He picked you up carrying you to his dorm.

She said she’s cool with it, She’s down with it,
There’s nothing wrong with it 'cause its easier this way,
She’s so cool with it, She’s down with it,
There’s nothing wrong with it, Don’t want it any other way.
It’s just your typical hardcore, casual sex,
We’re single, but we’re lovers, crazy for each other,
Just your typical hardcore, casual sex,
We’re wild under the covers crazy for each other.

“Oh god, harder Happy harder”. He thrusted deep
“Fuck Y/N your so damn tight”. Happy grunted
With your finger entwined together you and Happy came together. He rolled off, lighting a cigarette.
“Can I tell you something”?
“Yeah what is it”?
“I’m really digging you Girl”.
“I’m digging you too Hap”. You said smiling like a fool.

We don’t have to go on dates,
You don’t have to like my friends,
I won’t get in your face when you’re making other plans,
If you’re tired of the taste,
We can try another blend,
My heart will never break I’m just here to break a sweat.
That’s why she’s cool with it, She’s down with it,
There’s nothing wrong with it 'cause its easier this way,
She’s so cool with it, She’s down with it,
There’s nothing wrong with it, Don’t want it any other way.
It’s just your typical hardcore, casual sex,
We’re single but we’re lovers, crazy for each other,
Just your typical hardcore, casual sex,
We’re wild under the covers, crazy for each other

A couple days later you saw Happy at the store. He was there with Tig, you had met him a couple times.
“Hey guys”.
“Hey doll, what you been up too havent sen you arouns lately”.
“Umm, just around”.
“Heard you were going out with David Hale”. Happy finally spoke up.
“It was one date and you no we are just friends”.
“Seemed more than that to him”.
“Whatever, I got to go”. “See you around bye”.
“I thought you were with her”?
“Just fucking nothing else”.

She so cool with it, She’s down with it,
There’s nothing wrong with it 'cause its easier this way,
She’s so cool with it, She’s down with it,
There’s nothing wrong with it, Don’t want it any other way.
It’s just your typical hardcore, casual sex,
We’re single, but we’re lovers, crazy for each other,
Just your typical hardcore, casual sex,
We’re wild under the covers crazy for each other.
Everybody wants a lover like that,
Wild under the covers, crazy for each other,
Everybody wants a lover her like that
Wild under the covers, crazy for each other

Some how you ended back in Happys bed and it was great. The best sex you’ve had with Happy.
“Shit Hap”. You screamed as Happy rubbed circles on your clit.
“Shh Little Girl, you dont want them to hear you”.
“Fuck Hap dont stop”.
Happy licked up your folds and swirled his tongue on your swollen clit. He never went down on you unless he was trying to make someone jealous.
“Fuck fuck fuck”. You tried to over your mouth as you came hard.
Happy crawled up wipping his mouth.
“That was so fucking hot as you squirmed underneath my tongue”.
“Lets go to the party, I need something to drink”.
“Didnt you get enough liquids  just a second ago” You laughed pushing your skirt down
As you walked out you saw David Hale sitting at the bar talking to Jax. He turned around as Happy walked past him. He had a sad face.
Happy had the biggest smirk on his face knowing David was there. He heard you scream for sure. He got up and Happy stopped him.
“She’s mine so stay away from her”. “Got it or else”. He lifted his shirt up showing his smiley face tattoos off. You felt weak in the knees. He was a sexy beast and all yours. Just causal sex right?

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i wish you the best - markiplier imagine

word count ☆ 2329

prompt  ☆ mark and the reader mutually fall out of love. kinda sad, kinda fluffy. i’m in a weird mood just enjoy the imagine, it has a nice ending. i gotta go work on a request but i had lots of motivation for this apparently.

pairing  ☆ markiplier x female!reader

requested  ☆ nope. requests are, however, open.

“We fell out of love, mutually. There wasn’t any use in continuing what was there. I’m happier now.”

“Good morning,” a soft voice found its way into the living room, only getting a grunt in response from the other being there. They didn’t mind, this was how they had been interacting for months now without question.

The house held two people falling out of love after years of promising to hold each other dear for the rest of their days. It wasn’t a drastic change, it had been happening gradually for a while now on both ends of the spectrum. There was no late night cuddling and conversations about the world, when they looked at each other, they no longer saw perfection held in two glowing irises.

It started slowly, little hints and foreshadowing that something was changing. The enthusiasm in the relationship had diminished and neither of them were trying anymore, they were just falling out of love.

Of course, it wasn’t always like this. They had loved each other for a very long time and still did but it was no longer in the way that they desired it to be. No matter how much they wanted it to be different, they lacked the motivation to do absolutely anything about the relationship falling apart right in front of them. They idly sat by, both in a constant state of awareness that eventually one of them had to speak up; the only problem was neither of them knew when would be an appropriate time to bring it up. Time was of the essence, and maybe it was part of the reason they were no longer cohesive as romantic partners anymore.

Whether he was busy with videos and editing or she had to go work on her master’s degree in her dream field, there was seldom a time when they could talk anymore. Their lives had become overwhelmed and they knew that they had to leave some parts of it behind, even if they never thought that the ones they once loved were part of that deal.

Maybe things would have been different, could have been different, if they made sacrifices in their jobs. However, they never felt like it would matter enough and chose their work over each other. It may of hurt their relationship, but they were much happier with the state they were both in now, but not with each other.

They didn’t bring one another happiness anymore, it wasn’t the other that caused so many smiles and laughs. Sure, they had their moments of love but it was over quickly and they reverted to a routine where they wouldn’t have to see each other except the occasional dinner. They weren’t ignoring each other, they were just acting much more like distant friends than lovers now.

And, slowly but surely, they became friends, working together to get to know each other in ways they couldn’t while in a relationship. They talked business, what would help the other move on in life and everything was fine until they realized that they were still, technically, together. One of them knew something had to be said, but they still didn’t know how.

Until that morning.

“We should talk,” the same voice spoke, sitting down next to the other, “I think we’ve both been trying to bring this up for a while and there’s never going to be a good time, so I’m just going to say it: I don’t love you anymore, at least not in the way that I used to.”

The response was simple: “the feeling is mutual.”

Again, with a less tense tone, “I don’t feel like we should be together anymore, Mark. I do love you, I’ll never stop, but I feel that it’s more platonic now than anything. There’s certain things I want to do that I can’t when I’m restricted, not to say that this relationship has been restrictive, it’s been amazing… just, I think it’s time we end it.”

The other voice, a man named Mark with calm brown eyes and tousled brown hair, had to pause for a moment. He was wearing a white sweatshirt and black jeans, looking like he just woke up from his spot on the couch he had been staying at for a few weeks now. Hell, he knew this was coming, they didn’t sleep in the same bed anymore, but he didn’t have the right words to say. He was always ready for this, or at least he thought he was; now that everything was weighing down on him it felt incredibly intense and he felt that if he opened his mouth he might cry. Not because he still loved her, but because it was the end of an era of mutual support and even love. Every relationship end, despite it being a totally reasonable answer that they both felt, still hurt a bit.

He stayed quiet for a while longer, thinking off all the things that they used to say, feel, and do around each other. Simple giggles and kisses while they confessed their feelings in the back of a movie theater, to desperate make-out sessions when things got too heated and they couldn’t help themselves, to telling the other that they loved each other for the first time after a huge fight. All of those things would be gone, they could no longer continue as there was no love to fuel the fiery passion they once had. Funny, that all those ‘forever’s they whispered with just sincerity had an expiration date that was long overdue.

They had both seen this coming for so long and did nothing to stop it, they just let it crumble around them with total knowledge that they might’ve been able to do something. However in reality, nothing could have helped the relationship stay together when there wasn’t anything wrong with it to begin with. There was no infidelity, no lying or anything of that sort, they just didn’t love each other anymore.

It made Mark begin to tear up, something he never prepared himself to do. He hadn’t expected it would hit him so hard, the realization that this woman and him shared a relationship with nothing wrong. They loved each other as much and as passionately as they were capable of, but it just didn’t work out, there was nothing wrong and he so desperately wanted there to be an excuse he could use to make sense of the tears pouring down his cheeks.

She was crying too now, then laughed slowly and moved one of her hands to wipe the tears delicately from his face, “I’m gonna miss you, Mark. Not to say you’ve seen the last of me, but I’ll miss the side of you that I got to love. The next person you date, whether or not that forever lasts longer than ours, is going to be so lucky to have you at their side. You’re an amazing person, Mark Fischbach, it’s been such a damn honor to have you love me. I still love you, and I’ll say that a million times, I wish it was in the same way that I’ve been loving you all those years but it’s not. But you know that, and you feel it too, don’t you?”

He finally spoke up, voice breaking through as he hiccuped through tears his girl- now, ex-girlfriend wiped away each time they showed. Somehow her touch reassured him, and as did her words, that everything was going to be alright between them. There was no ill intentions, no poor feelings towards the other, just two hopeless adults who fell in love and fell right back out of it because the world decided they weren’t meant for each other. Maybe not then, maybe in another life where they could spend more time on each other. Perhaps they would’ve worked out in the long run, but it had just felt right to end things where they were before anyone got seriously hurt.

Mark put a trembling hand on hers, pulling a smile as bright as ever, “I still love you too, you know, always and a longer forever. I promise you that this won’t be the last time we cross paths, and even if its not the way that I thought it would be maybe this is for the better. I wish you the best, my friend. I really hope that we can be better friends, that I can be a better friend than I was a lover. You’re welcome here anytime, and you can stay with me anytime you need if you just need a friend. I’ll always be here for you.”

She hated the way tears fell at his statement, profusely falling over in the way his were. They fell harder, causing her whole body to shake as she fell into his embrace. These warm arms would never hold her in the same way that they did all those times ago, and maybe that was okay, maybe they were never meant to hold her in any other way than this: a friendly embrace of comfort that meant nothing romantically. However, that didn’t mean she would make herself forget all the times that these hugs meant more than what they did now.

Those little hugs where she wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind while he was sitting on the couch to surprise him when she was working late, or the one-armed hugs when Mark was just getting into bed and held her as close as possible to his chest. Mark hugged like his life depended on it, and when he really missed her he would drop whatever was in his arms to scooped her into his arms and twirl her around the room.

She cried because she would miss that, and so many other things. So many little gestures that no one would be able to do like Mark did, all the spontaneous dates when they were both finally free of their schedule where they’d travel out to the middle of nowhere and spend hours just talking about everything and nothing all at once. All those anniversary dinners he cooked just for her, and they’d eat while watching horrible movies standing up together. Since he could never sit still, lots of dates were walking together or hiking, hours filled with chatter with no awkward space. Mark could continue a conversation like nobody’s business, it was one of the reasons she fell in love.

It would be hard to grasp that that was over now, she no longer loved this silly man. She may have loved things about him still, but Mark as a whole wasn’t someone who she loved romantically. It felt so weird to say out loud, she had rehearsed this conversation in her mind so many times but never said out loud before now that she didn’t love him anymore. It felt both heartbreaking and relieving to get it off of her chest, but now it could never be taken back.

“It’s odd,” she sniffled, using a free hand to wipe her eyes as they pulled away from each other.

“What do you mean?” his voice was soft, no longer hoarse from crying. It had changed so quickly, making her wonder how long she was nuzzled in his chest reminiscing on all the memories they shared. He sounded sure of himself now, speaking clearly. If it wasn’t for his cloudy, bloodshot eyes, she never would’ve known he had cried.

“I keep thinking about all the things that we used to do, all these memories keep coming up in my mind. I think I’m in love with the memories, in love with the past and it’s… weird. I don’t love you anymore, but I love the concept of you, the memory of you, but - God, I’m not making any sense, am I?” she shook her head and they both erupted into a small bit of laughter.

“No, I think I get what you’re saying,” the laughs died down until a calm silence settled over the room, “because you did love me then, you have memories of loving me. Those memories will fade until it’s just the idea of what we had, you know? I’ll just be another blurry face you dream about when you’re old and gray with someone who will love you for a very long forever, but I will never regret being that blurry face. Even if you can’t remember my name.”

“I sincerely promise you, Mark, that I will never regret you,” she shook her head, and they both stood up. This was their house, but she needed to go stay somewhere to put her mind at ease for a while. So to all the memories, all the promises, she bid them ado with a tight hug that reassured her that everything would fall into place. They both remained trapped in the other’s embrace, mutually reassuring each other that even if they weren’t together, things would get better.

Though there was no more love, there would always remain the memories of her and Mark Fischbach, the two silly adults who loved each other more than anyone else would be able to comprehend. Memories of falling in love, being in love and falling back out of it much slower than they fell into it. They would never forget each other, her and Mark Fischbach, and they never would even till the end of their days.

“I wish you the best,” Mark repeated.

“Likewise,” she spoke, closing the door behind her with a smile. It wasn’t scary anymore, to think that there wasn’t going to be a partner to come home to or new memories to make with someone she loved. It was a world of new opportunities and a chance to further her education, with a new friend by her side.

There wasn’t a doubt in her mind that she would find the best she had wished for.

“You missed“

Words: 567

You‘ve been friends with Tyler and Josh for a while now. All three of you get along great, there‘s no tension between any of you whatsoever. At least until last week. There was a party on Monday, which you all attended, and since it was new years everyone agreed on getting completely wasted. The amount of shots you had, is countless and let‘s not talk about the other alcoholic beverages. 

But that‘s not the worst thing that happened, let‘s cut it short. You woke up in the afternoon with a pounding headache, in a stranger‘s bed, naked, with no one other than Joshua William Dun. Not only the sore feeling gave it away, but also the several used condoms and condom wraps that has been randomly thrown onto the wooden floor. Instead of trying to forget about the incident and never ever talk about it again, both of you somehow end up ringing each other at the most random times for the past week out of lust and desire for sexual affection of the opposite gender. In other words, sex. 

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a rebloggable and moblie friendly masterlist that contains all of my own work in relation to 5 seconds of summer. hope you enjoy! ♡.

i update this every time i post a new writing piece or au meme or anything else for that matter 

Order: Oldest at the top. Newest at the bottom.


ashton irwin:

1. He plays Tate Langdon {American Horror Story: Murder House}

2. A date night resulting in him telling you how much he loves you

3. When his friends confess his undying love to you for him

luke hemmings:

1. He plays Landon Carter {A Walk To Remember}

2. Punk!Luke is your guardian angel with a shotgun

3. You had a blank space and you wrote his name

4. One drunk “mistake” leads to him telling you that he loves you

michael clifford:

1. He plays Patrick Verona {10 Things I Hate About You}

2. He misses his sunshine; you

3. You are Banksy and he has no idea until one very late night

4. Dating in secret is harder than you thought || pt. 2

5. Sometimes he thinks a ‘no’ means ‘try again’ but he will always make you laugh

calum hood:

1. He plays Seth Cohen {The O.C}

2. A best friend love story comes true for the both of you

3. College!Calum has a thing for you though he has a weird way of showing it


ashton irwin:

1. Talking on the roof was a tradition that makes him wonder why you never tried

2. “There is nothing more i want to do than to smash my lips against yours sexually, but like whatevers.”

luke hemmings:

1. Love for a woman of colour [technically no specific boy but i was thinking about luke]

2. “ It’s been 6 months, 8 days, 12 hours since you went away”

michael clifford:

1. Proposing to the love of your life is daunting, but not when you have your best mates to help you out

2. What would dating michael be like [blurb? preference? idek]

3. “You’re doing that thing again”

calum hood:

1. What would dating calum be like

2. “Wait so i talked to you more than him?”

Burdens of Blood - Chapter Two

Chapter Summary: Thea has deal with the usurper of her crown.

Warnings: None

Tags: @ivarthebonelessx @javinancupil

Notes: I’m so in doubt with this fic aaaa I suck at chapter summarys aaaa

Chapter 1

“It was very brave of you. Try to attack me like that. If your army had the same bravery you wouldn’t be here now."His said as he moved closer. He stopped beside my bed, pretending cosiderate what he had said."Nevermind, you would anyway.”

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“She said she’s leaving Sunspire.”

            “We’re in for some world shattering news tomorrow…”

                               “I need to speak with you privately tomorrow.”

                                                                       “We both fucked up….”

It had taken simply hours minutes for him to feel the weight of the world closing in. It was not a crown on his head that he wore, but a vice and each of them had their hand on the lever and were cranking it slowly. He couldn’t begin to fathom how everything had become so disheveled, so ruined or who was truly at fault– for any part of it– as he gathered up all the blame like a starving man hoarding food.

Lledwyn and Ilyea both were quick to remind him that they had advised him to withdraw Vel from her task. Citing concerns and danger, but he had risked it regardless. He had risked Vel’s very existence, believed that she would succeed in acquiring a second sample of Celestine’s blood and though she had failed in almost the worst kind of way he was angry at no one but himself. Angry that he hadn’t listened.

It was so much more than Vel’s life he risked as he walked the very perimeter of Erudition into the late night. There was concern to be had for the standing involvement of the Crimson Wings with Sunspire.There was whatever backlash yet to come when Winter’s pulled from the Port. There was potential friction for future alliances to be made and there was the microscope that Kerrwynn once again held him under. There was the burden of all of this that blanketed out across the family which had built up around him.

If Ilyea came to harm, it was his fault…

It was just before dawn by the time his roaming had brought him to the Demytrya’s quarters. Croak’s had found him at the halfway point, delivering what could have been called the final straw that broke him. The enchanted letter read its message out loud when the sheet of paper was unfolded saying simply:

“Blaque has resigned as Purveyor.”

The timing couldn’t have been worse and though it wasn’t a statement that Blaque, or rather Orchid as Kurel had first come to know him, was leaving the Port town. It still felt like a casualty all the same. It was the beginning, all of this, of a same sequence of events that he was damned to suffer every turn of a century. He built kingdoms out of nothing and built armies out of broken chains. But eventually Time had its way of reminding him that he was destined for nothing in the end. That it would all eventually crumble like broken glass and slip through his fingers like very fine sand. And this felt so much like the very start of exactly that. The collapse.

Devoured by his thoughts Kurel wandered towards a chair and sat, and from the corner of his none existent vision he saw something in that infinite field of shadow. With the turn of his head, standing among nothing at all the bloody presence of Thelonas’ ghost and the gaping hole in his chest.

“Hello, brother.” Spoke the phantom with a grin. “It looks like you need me again. Have you missed me?”

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As much as Bakugou hates to admit it, he can almost always tell when Izuku isn’t wearing his chest binder. He’ll notice the difference in stance, the way Izuku will hold his arms over his chest more than usual. If he can find that rare moment alone with Izuku, the class had gone off to lunch before they did or it was a quick moment in the morning when no one was looking, he will bring it up. He’d do it in his Bakugou way, stating that Izuku wasn’t wearing his binder and asking why, with a few choice words in between. Maybe it was in the wash that day or maybe Izuku had woken up late and simply forgotten it. Whatever the case was, after Izuku thanked him for being worried, Bakugou would bombard him with a “dumbass! I wasn’t worried! You just stand fucking weird when you don’t have it on and it creeps me the fuck out!” before doing whatever he was previously doing

Drawing the Stars

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, reader, Ruby(mentioned), Amelia (mentioned) 

Pairing: Sam x reader 

Warnings: Smut, fingering, oral (male receiving), penetration, unprotected sex (wrap it up guys), pregnancy, angsty, abandonment issues, I think that is it. 

Wordcount: 5500ish 

A/N: This is a Sam x reader one shot based on this request from @tia58 

Hi can I make a resquest. Could I have fic set after “Baby”. Where Sam as his one night stand but instead of that waitress I could be the reader he spend the night with. She didn’t want more because she remember that Sam always left her behind to go with either Ruby or Amelia. Even went to looks for Dean on his own. Then after a while she finds out she is pregnant and want to leave but one of the boys find and try to convince her to stay. Can it be a lot of smut.please 

It is also my entry for @one-shots-supernatural hiatus writing challenge – week 2: “I know. Isn’t it great?!” 

Also thanks to @blacktithe7 and @lacqueluster for their help on this one!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


You froze when you saw the black impala pull up by the dinNer and saw the tall longhaired man step out from the driver’s seat. You couldn’t believe it was him. You had left that life behind long ago and now here he was standing outside the diner where you had worked for the past two years after leaving hunting behind for good.

He had hardly changed. His hair was a bit shorter than the last time you saw him but he still looked as good as he always had. He looked a little tired but it was late and knowing the Winchesters they had probably been on the road all day and half the night.

Your best guess was Dean was hold up at the road house just up the road charming his way into one of the bartenders pants while Sam was here looking for a pot of coffee that could keep him awake for a few more hours while he dug through the lore of whatever the boys where hunting tonight.

When Sam got closer to the door you quickly disappeared into the kitchen where you leaned against the wall out of sight from everyone in the dinner but with a perfectly good view of the room.

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Granted II

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|Granted -Part I, Mino Angst|

Granted II

It’d been almost half a year since your break up with Minho. The adjusting period was easier than you thought. Though, part of that was probably because of how distant he was in the later half of your relationship. Either way, you were happier. No longer walking on eggshells, or worrying about him. Now it was just about you. You even moved into a new apartment across town.

“Thanks for helping me Jiho” you struggled with a few grocery bags before setting them on the counter.

“No problem, besides you wouldn’t even have all of this stuff, if I didn’t ask you to cook dinner” he set the rest of the bags aside and helped you unload them. Putting everything in it’s proper place. He knew this apartment like the back of his hand.

You laughed and gave him a smile. “I like cooking for you Jiho, it’s lonely cooking for myself.” you sighed. “It’s damn near impossible for me to make a serving for one and by the middle of the week I’m sick of the left overs.”

“Lucky for you, I’m a man deprived of home cooked meals” he stepped closer to you, his eyes falling to your lips.

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