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As of now (3/30/2017), Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu has four total shows. 

I’m getting a lot of questions about this lately.  And while I’d like to remind everyone that I have an information page that explains all this: (x) I thought a refresher post would be helpful.  

The shows have only been running for a year and a half; if you feel like you’re super far behind, you’re not really.  The names of the shows are

  1. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!!
  2. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! - The View from the Top
  3. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! - Karasuno, Revival!
  4. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! - Winners and Losers

I have explained before that when organizing content from these shows on this blog, I tag them as below.  When asking me a question about a specific show, it is best to mention the secondary title, not the number of the show to avoid confusion.  Many people don’t count the re-run as a show in and of itself.  While Winners and Losers is the 4th play to be made, it is the 3rd play in the plot.  

  1. Shoen
  2. Saien
  3. Revival
  4. Winners and Losers

I provide easy links to these on my Tags page: (x

As always, I keep an updated FAQ Page: (x) in which I answer most questions you might have, including the ever-popular: How can I watch these shows?

As of now (3/30/2017), please keep in mind!!!  The Revival production’s DVD is still not yet released.  There is NO footage for this show anywhere online (except videos of press-showing previews), the DVD is not out yet.  And Winners and Losers has only just started touring; its DVD isn’t scheduled to be released until September 2017.  

When They Try to Take Us Down

Summary: Phil doesn’t like when hate preachers come to campus. They make him nervous and uncomfortable. But this time, Dan is there to help him through it in an unexpected, yet pleasant way.
Word Count: 2,201
Warnings: homophobic slurs, hate speech, anxiety
Title creds: Let the Flames Begin - Paramore
A/N: Thank you to @snowbunnylester (as always) for prompting me this! I’ve been on a writing splurge lately and I honestly don’t know how I’m doing it. Lemme know it you like this!

Read it on AO3


There is an angry aura surrounding campus in the form of ignorant slurs and angry responses. This only happens on the occasion, but it makes Phil nervous each time, a pit in his stomach and his throat closing up as he tries to walk as fast as possible past the angry crowd.

There was a man, dressed in preacher’s clothes and holding a sign with a list of the types of people who were going to “go to hell”. Phil didn’t have to look to know that homosexuals and masturbators and adulterers were on the list. He swallowed and ducked his head, trying to move as fast as he could. Dan was ahead of him, probably shaking his head and scoffing as he does every time they passed by a preacher like this. Sometimes Phil thinks he’s more upset about this kind of thing than Phil is, despite being the heterosexual one in their friendship, just by the way he wasn’t afraid to shout his opinions right back.

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Shantae being sleepy.
Should have a coloured version of this up in the next few days. I’ve been working on hair and fabric lately trying to make my art look less rigid, let me know what you think!

i feel like today’s young girls don’t get to have an awkward looking phase and that makes me feel sad + angry…i think like prior to the 80s and 90s kids just kind of looked like kids until they were teenagers but in the late 90s/2000s you know we were all wearing weird jeans and dressing up and stuff….doing weird stuff to our hair….having anime phases being awkward generally. and then now I see girls who are like 12 looking up to makeup gurus and such…shopping at sephora…they’re all out here looking like instagram models it’s so weird!! and models for high fashion are starting to look more and more like young teen girls it’s just this freak event horizon of young teenagers being the most consumable sexualized image….hate it! 

Harbor In the Tempest (3/5)

After an attack by the Lost Boys, Emma and Killian find themselves in an impossible situation. Canon divergence from 3x07.

A/N: This chapter is the reason I wanted to write this fic in the first place. Please don’t kill me. Endless gratitude to @caprelloidea for letting me yell at you about this.

Rating: T

Word Count: 4272

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

AO3 |

The sun slowly crawls across the sky, passing its zenith and giving way to soft late-afternoon light. Neither Killian nor Emma really know what to do with themselves, and they fall into an odd type of silence the likes of which he’s never felt before. It’s not exactly uncomfortable, not even sitting as closely as they are, not even with the full weight of what’s happening to her hanging between them. It’s not uncomfortable but defeated, like waiting for a ship to slowly sink on the open sea.   

Every time he’s lost someone it’s happened quickly, going far beyond just Liam and Milah. Crewmen lost in battle or knocked overboard in violent tempests, first mates taken down by a knife fight in a tavern, a father gone without warning in the middle of the night. Death and loss are abrupt, sudden things for him, a simple flick of a wrist and a severed hand.

This is new. He knows what’s happening as well as she, both of them helpless to do any more than listen to the cliff up above, hoping for the sound of her parents or Regina coming through the woods overhead and frightened that it will never come. That’s new for him too, the fear crawling up his spine, an emotion that hasn’t seized him so completely in centuries.

For awhile he contemplates taking her hand again, lacing his fingers with hers to keep them warm, give her something to hang onto. He eventually decides against it. She’d accepted his touch earlier, even seemed to welcome it when he placed his hand to her forehead. But a sort of grim acceptance seems to have come over her ever since Pan’s visit, and he’s reluctant to try and talk much - he knows the topic of conversation would likely drift into unpleasantness soon enough.

He doesn’t know how to be there for her, but he aches to try.

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Yo i hope Y'all realize I'm pretty much joking with everyone up here and am never actually mad at anyone on Tumblr, and I ain't really that mean. My bad. I think some people may be taking me too seriously lately so i wanted to pull back and apologize to all of you just in case you didn't know I'm just fuckin around with you talking shit as an alter ego that is basically an exaggerated version of myself.

Whether or not you forgive me doesn’t mean shit to either of us anyway. I’m just letting you know that i am aware of your possible suffering and am merely eluding you to the fact that it is unnecessary. I will be the one you just met that broke you free of your chains, then stayed and to let them punish me so you can be free.

All in this world are warriors and they are my brothers and sisters. We’ll keep fighting to survive because that’s what we do.

And Imma fight beside you.

Ascend Peace Love Unity Respect

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May I request possible scenarios of how the Chocobros and Cor got to know their s/o, why they appreciate them and got closer to them?

Yes, yes, yes you may dear Anon! :D I just want to say though- this was a tad bit rushed because I wanted to get something out tonight but I’ve been so darn tired lately LOL! So if there are any typos, please flag them and let me know <3 Love you all! And enjoyyyy!

Noctis: Noctis first noticed you two months into beginning high school. He was curious about you, because unlike the other people in his class, you kind of just sat by yourself in the back corner and stayed glued to your books. Noctis would find himself staring at you during class break periods, earning himself a lot of teasing from Prompto. Noctis didn’t really know why he found you so extremely fascinating, but he couldn’t stop himself from turning his head every hour just to check and see if you were still sitting there in the back corner, reading your books and diligently completing your work.

On Valentine’s Day, Noctis received many gifts of expensive, foreign chocolates and roses. Prompto himself had received a whole bunch of gifts from his many admirers around the school as well. However, Noctis found himself staring right past his desk, saturated with gifts and offerings, his eyes landing on your desk. There sat a single rose with a bag of what seemed to be home-made chocolates tied to the green stem. Noctis had felt a pang of jealousy then- though he soon came to realise that his jealousy was unfounded.

That afternoon, as he was about to leave for the front gates where Ignis was waiting to pick him up, you approached him from behind and tapped him gently on the shoulder. Noctis turned around swiftly at the touch and his midnight blue eyes widen at the sight of you holding out the lone rose and cute looking chocolate moogles. His eyes travelled up to your face and he saw your slight blush and endearing bashful expression.

“Um, these are for you, your highness.” Noctis watches you formally bow down to him, your gifts outstretched to him. Not even thinking about playing it cool, Noctis gently takes your gifts from your hands and smiles when you straighten up to face him with a mildly surprised expression on your face.

“Thanks, y/n.” Noctis replies back simply, his gratitude evident in his shy tone. Noctis watches you smile brightly at him, and from that moment on, he slowly grows closer and closer to you until one day, your lips meet and seal an unspoken contract- you’ve been inseparable ever since!

Prompto: Prompto met you when the two of you were each twelve years old. Specifically, he met you when he fell during one of his morning runs. You were taking a walk down to the local corner store to buy some bread for breakfast with your family when you caught sight of a chubby boy sitting on the curb, staring at his bloody knee and crying. Prompto hadn’t even realised that you had approached him as he cried- he was so used to dealing with his emotions and problems by himself. So when you tapped him on the shoulder and offered him a shy, yet determined smile, Prompto was both grateful and fascinated by you.

He admired how you took him by the hand and pulled him up with a strong grip before pulling you along right towards your home. He remembered how your parents were so welcoming of your new ‘friend’, despite the fact that Prompto was almost positive someone as pretty and kind as you would never was someone as weird as him to be their friend. You had just nodded and stuck close to Prompto as your parents patched him up. He was extremely grateful for that act of consideration and kindness.

From that day forth, you and Prompto were close friends. You always made sure Prompto ran safely and Prompto always made sure you had a buddy to walk with to and from school. The two of you grew close over the years, and naturally, Prompto had asked you out on your birthday. At first, you thought it was too good to be true, so you took his invitation as just an outing between friends. But then, when he placed a tender kiss against your cheek that night at the end of your fun filled evening- both you and Prompto knew that it was the start of something special and long on the books.

Until this day, you and Prompto go to that very spot you first met as kids, and tell each other just how much you mean to each other. You tell Prompto that he saved you from a lonely childhood, and Prompto tells you that you saved him from himself.

Gladio: Gladio met you at an official royal dinner. He was absolutely enthralled with the vision of you wearing a black lace dress with golden accents, your hair in an elegant up-do. That night, Gladio’s job was to tail Noctis and make sure that the prince didn’t slip out of the main hall and sneak off into the gardens. However, he was distracted by your beauty and, damn it, he paid the price. Within an hour, Gladiolus Amicitia had already lost the prince.

In a panic, Gladio began to search amongst the crowds in the main hall. In his hurry, he began to job backwards to back-track towards the large mahogany double doors so that he could go and search the prince’s regular haunts around the palace. But then, he stepped on some flowy material and he heard a rather loud rip.

“Oh my…” Gladio stands stock still at the sound of you saddened voice. He cannot believe it. He ran right into you AND he ruined your beautiful dress. Oh, and he lost the prince. Gladio turned towards you, an apologetic look on his handsome and rugged features.

“I am SO sorry! Follow me to the coat room, I think Iggy left an emergency sewing kit in there for occasions like this, my lady.”

You nodded and gathered your ripped skirts, and Gladio felt terrible as he lead you out of the room. Soon, the two of you were in the coat room, and Gladio frantically searched for the sewing kit he mentioned, only to find Noctis fast asleep under a pile of expensive women’s coats. He was about to yank the prince out from under the pile and give him a piece of his mind when you suddenly cooed and reached out to run a sheer gloved hand over the thirteen year old prince’s dark bangs.

“He’s tuckered out, poor darling. He may be prince, but he’s still also just a boy.” You sighed quietly as you stroked the prince’s hair. Gladio couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Why did the prince get to have you touching him so tenderly? It wasn’t fair!

“Yeah, uh, I guess I should take him to bed then?” Gladio grunted, lifting Noctis gently from the pile of coats and into his strong arms. Gladio was about to tell you to wait in the coat room for him, until he caught you shrugging your coat on over your beautiful dress.

Gladio’s face was downcast as he thought you were going to be leaving. You see this forlorn expression in Gladio’s expressive eyes and you couldn’t help but smile at the large teen’s endearing reaction. You felt flattered that he wanted you to stay around longer.

“I’m not going anywhere, just so you know. I’ll be waiting for you outside the main hall. It’s too loud in there and I want to talk to you.”

Gladiolus came back to you in record speed after you’d expressed your desire to speak with him privately. That night, the two of you laughed and shared stories and aspirations between each other about yourselves. Gladio was absolutely ecstatic and VERY well-behaved. No wandering hands or eyes (despite your ripped dress) what so ever.

Gladio fell for your forward nature and natural confident charm the moment he laid eyes on you, and you fell for his soft, kind heart. The two of you cherish each other immensely and cannot even imagine life without one another. Gladio is loath to admit that Noctis is the one who brought the two of you together.

Ignis: Ignis met you when he’d first arrived at the Citadel at the young age of six. He was extremely withdrawn and absolutely scared of everyone and everything he had encountered. His uncle ad advised the Regis that it would be pertinent for Ignis to have contact with kids his age so that he could normalise and re-socialise after the traumatic experience of losing both of his parents in a car accident.

And so, Ignis first laid his eyes on you in the royal day care. He had been plopped down beside a quietly playing Prince Noctis, and the prince didn’t seem like he wanted to be disturbed, so Ignis had no choice but to play with someone else nearby- lest he die of absolute boredom. He had tried to approach some of the older boys who were playing wrestling on the floor nearby, but he quickly back tracked when he noticed just how hard the boys were hitting each other.

Ignis was about to make his way back to Noctis when he felt a tug on his sleeve. Almost immediately after the tug, his glasses were pried off his face and Ignis felt a wave of panic settle into his chest, suffocating him as his field of vision became blurry. Whether it was from not being able to see without his glasses, or the mere fact that he was about to cry rather violently, he didn’t really know.

He never found out either, because the glasses thief, after stealing his possessions, had immediately perched the glasses back atop his nose after seeing the clear distress on Ignis’s face and in his stunning green eyes.

“I’m sorry- I just thought your eyes were really pretty. I wanted to see them better. Please don’t cry- I’ll take care of you! I turned five this year!” Ignis turned to you, and he was a little mad at first. But then, throughout the weeks, as you continued to bug him to play with you, he grew fond of you. Soon, you were his best friend, encouraging him through his specialised Crownsguard training program and holding him whenever things got to be too much.

One night, while Ignis was walking from the library with you beside him, he couldn’t hold in his feelings any longer. He had to tell you how he felt. But he didn’t know how to tell you in words. So he took his glasses off his nose and turned to face you. When you stopped your gait and stopped to face Ignis, you found him smiling sheepishly.

“I need you far more than I can say, y/n. Will you take care of me, please?” Ignis asked bashfully. You tentatively pressed you lips against his in the cool evening breeze under the murky stars in Insomnia, and it was from then on that Ignis the caretaker of all had someone special to come home to in order to have someone take care of him.

Cor: Cor Leonis met you when you were a newly recruited Crownsguard trainee. Clarus was not available to train you, so Cor had to step in. With no training experience what-so-ever, Cor was a pretty terrible teacher. He basically did everything for you and didn’t give you much opportunity to learn. And so, you naturally had to confront him about this oversight because you were there to learn and become good at your job.

“Cor… could I possibly take a solo mission someday soon?” you asked, your voice slightly shaky out of nerves. You were speaking to the marshal- of course you were going to be nervous. Cor had immediately frowned at shaken his head in disagreement.

“No. You’re not ready.”

“Of course I’m not,” you snapped at Cor, “you don’t even give me a chance to practice what I’ve learned!” you yelled, very frustrated all of a sudden. The man wasn’t letting you lift a finger, and you had no idea why. “Is it because you think I can’t be good? If so, then just tell me. Let me look for another job- be rid of me!” you have started screaming now. Luckily, the training room you and Cor were in was sound proof.

Cor frowns at you, his glare softening in its intensity.

“Are you immortal too?” Cor asked you, throwing you off all of a sudden. The question came out of the blue, and was unlike any question Cor had ever asked you in the past four months of your training. You shake your head silently in response. Cor lets out a sigh and clasps your shoulder gently with one of his large, warm hands. “Then how can I let you risk your life out there? I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you…”

You caught the soft, barely there blush on Cor’s tanned skin, and your heart began to race a mile per minute at the affectionate thoughts apparently running through Cor’s mind, directed solely at you. You were flattered… and you felt special and protected. Suddenly, you weren’t so mad.

“Cor, I know what I signed up for. To serve the Crown is my life. My duty. My entire soul.”

“That’s unfair- can’t you leave some of your soul for me?”

Cor’s smooth words from that day were what led you to throw your arms around his broad shoulders and kiss him senseless. His words were also the reason why you decided to take on an administration role, much like Monica. Cor was happy with your decision, and supported you one-hundred percent with your career from then on.

Over time, you fell in love with the way Cor only smiled for you, in private. You fell in love with the way he kissed you so tenderly that you were convinced you would break if he applied even the smallest amount more pressure because every affectionate act shared with Cor was extremely overwhelming.

You could feel the love exuding out of the stoic man for you. And Cor’s simple reason for having you set in the centre of his world-

… he absolutely loved the kindness and determination settled deep into your eyes. One look at you, that first moment he met you as his student… he’d broken his vow to remain unattached to others. And until now, with you by his side, he didn’t regret falling for you one bit.

The one argument I can’t stand in Jily vs Snily thing is “People change”.

So, Snape can change but James can’t? Snape is a person but James is a…??

That’s what I thought. 

Yes people change. Yes Snape changed. No he didn’t change when he needed to, he changed when it was too late. I won’t be talking about the way he treated some of his students at the moment, no I won’t, that’s another story.

If you love Snily, okay whatever, your mind works differently than mine. Just stay out of Jily shippers’ blogs. Not that difficult to do. Just press block or unfollow, use tag blocker so many options y’know.

i gotta get something off my chest

you guys know im the biggest karamel trashcan, and i adore sanvers, but lately i feel like we get sisters scenes only when there’s problems in their love lives and they need advice from each other. i love the action and the drama in s2, but i wish they would bring back our favorite sisters’ relationship.

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When did you know he was the one?

From the moment I met him but it was all put into place when we were up late talking to each other and we didn’t wanna go to bed and we were confessing our feelings for each other it was the best day of my life it’s true when they say the talks in the am are the realist

Being cpecific and chillaxing

Before I start I want to say that yes I used other ship tags on this post for a reason. I usually don’t tag my ship related posts with any other ship tags and this probably will be the last time that I do, so please read this to the end and you will see why.

So it has come to my attention that KookMin Worlds has kind of shutdown. All of her 60+ videos are gone, for some reason and this happened within one single day. I don’t know if the shippers who do not ship KookMin/JiKook reported KookMin World, since lately there has been lot of hate appearing from other ships on the KookMin/JiKook tags not only here on Tumblr but on KM world videos as well. I really hope that this is not the case, because I want to believe we can actually be mature enough to let people ship what they want without it having to result in shipping wars. Which in my opinion are more like baby fights to be honest (Yes I’m looking at every BTS shipper while saying this including myself). Or if she is just having some copyright problems or if it’s something else who knows. But I just wish her the best of luck and hope she can come back soon! I really loved her videos. Strong power to you KookMin World!

And I also want to add that it’s starting to get pretty old and tiresome seeing that the Jikook/KookMin things like Satellite Jeon or Jeonlous are being taken by other ships, smh. Like I know you like your ship and I don’t hold it against you but for the love of our lord an savior holy Kim Namjoon please stay in your lane, don’t tag your ship posts with our ship tags and let us KookMin/JiKook shippers enjoy our things and ship moments in peace. Originality is an actual thing, please try it!!! So live and let live, ease on that sodium in take once in a while it’s healthy for you and all that jazz. (ATTENTION this is mostly dedicated to those shippers who send hate not only to us KM/JK shippers but to Jimin and Jungkook as well).

P.S to my fellow KookMin/JiKook shippers let us stay in our lane as well. .Don’t use other ships tags on KookMin/JiKook related posts (I’ve seen some do this so we aren’t all that innocent either) because it’s immature as fuck and will only end in backslashes that unfortunately sometimes even start effecting the BTS members themselves. By this I mean the incidents where some people have gone as far as taking their hate out on the members, because they believe they are getting in the way of their otp. Remember not all the shippers who don’t ship JiKook/KookMin are bad, but are just like us trying to enjoy their OTP in peace. Which they have the right to do us much as we do with our ship. Let people ship what they want ❤️

Sorry about this rant but I just needed to get this off my chest. 🙏🏼✨

Thank you and bye…?! Yeah *awkwardly slides away)

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people are so fucking weird 

‘junkrats like 20 and roadhog is like 50 thats like… mega gross!!!’

like first of all junkrats closer to being 30 than 20, and also i never see anybody on this site getting pissed at people in their 18′s-early 20′s for wanting to fuck reaper or 76 or ana despite being in the same age bracket as roadhog like i know this might be a Concept for you but comparing age gaps between people in their late 20′s and 30′s acting like its the same kind of condemn-able as an adult dating like a 16 year old like they’re comparable in any way is batshit and there are infinitely better things to get all mad about 

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Could you do a tag about the political problems in Canada? Lately I've only seen American problems and not enough Canadian...

I tag (or try to tag) everything that relates to Canada with #Canada, and I also sometimes use the #Cdnpoli and #canfem or #canadian feminism tags (I also tag whatever province it’s about if that’s relevant) and I try to post lots about Canada since others don’t as much

I really feel your frustration with the lack of Canadian posts, I follow @allthecanadianpolitics which is a *great* canadian politics blog, if you’re looking for others to follow, I know other canadian blogs on here but that one is all Canadian content

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I've been in a heterosexual relationship for 13 years and I never really thought I had any other choice, but I've always noticed the hotness of girls a lot more than of guys, if that makes any sense. I'm a girl btw. But last year I found myself sexually attracted to a girl and lately I've been fantasizing about having sex with girls but I don't like have a crush on a specific girl. So does that make me bi or just weird?

Well, it’s up to you to choose your label. But it sounds like you know what you are. If you are attracted to multiple genders, you can absolutely identify as bi if you want to. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a specific crush at the moment, or if you never have a relationship with someone of the same gender. Your orientation is a part of who you are, not something external that is defined by your relationships with others. And it doesn’t make you weird! There is a whole community out there of people with similar experiences :)

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Your mafia au is the purest thing but i can't help but think that Viktor would have been, like, dissolved in acid or drowned in the sea for dating an actual cop so (and then they'll kill Yuuri too, you know) Yup, that's how actual mafia works and it's fucking awful! They kill people and hide their copses in cement pillars! And they kidnap and slaughter innocents too! 4 example., when my mom was studying in Palermo (late '80s) there were people driving with actual guns pointed out on the street

Haha, true enough! XD
It’s true Mafia’s are pretty serious business, but, this is a work of fiction and all :3
Of course Victor’s hands aren’t really clean, as will be seen in the future installments, but he’s still a good guy who’s silly and outgoing :D
All those in Victor’s mafia are extremely loyal to him, so, they don’t exactly understand why he’s getting involved with a cop, but, they aren’t really gonna do anything about, they know how Victor is X3

By The Way

Originally posted by howlsunscript

Spencer couldn’t wipe the grin off of his face as he walked through the doors of the BAU. You were all he could think about, these last couple of months with you had been amazing, the endless conversations, the romantic dates, he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that you we’re real. This was it, nothing had ever felt so right for him. 

“Well, well what do we have here,” Morgan said loudly calling everyones attention to Spencer “A big huge smile, travel bag clothes, and you’re late I think we know who’s responsible for this.”

Spencer’s head dropped down unable to control his laughter. “So tell me pretty boy how is the oh so amazing Y/N” 

“She’s pretty amazing” he replied. 

“How amazing we talking? Amazing enough we could possibly have a Mrs. Reid around here” Morgan continued teasing him. 

Spence couldn’t deny that’s how strongly he felt about you, but couldn’t get him self to say it out loud “Aren’t you behind on paper work Morgan, shouldn’t you start on that?” 

The day felt as if it were dragging on, Spencer had made lunch plans with you, he was diligently working on all the different files hoping it would pass time. Right as he was about to walk out the doors his phone rang, he smiled uncontrollably as your name flashes across his screen. 

“Hey you, I’m just about to leave the office, I’ll be there in about 15″ 

“Spence, a little bit of an emergency popped up, and I can’t make it” 

“What? Emergency? Is everything okay? Are you okay” he said concerned.

“I’m fine, look i’ll explain later, okay I’m so sorry” 

The day got slower as all he could think about was what you had to explain to him. He continued trying to think about what it could be, running every possibility through his head, analyzing every conversation you two had shared. 

He stood out side your door nervously, as soon as you opened the door you threw your arms around his neck. “Well hello” he said holding you tightly. 

He dropped his bag on your couch and sat down across from you. 

“Is everything okay Y/N” he could tell you were nervous, you didn’t know how to begin the conversation. 

“Spencer, I couldn’t make it to lunch today because my daughter was sick and I had to pick her up from school” you spat out nervously. 

You watched his face carefully for his reaction, “Um your daughter ? I didn’t know you had a daughter” he said confused. 

“I didn’t tell you when he first started dating, and I am so sorry, I haven’t had much practice at this no relationship has ever gotten to this point for me, but you, you have and things we’re just going so well I couldn’t think of – I didn’t want you to change your mind about me” 

Spencer was still taking in the whole situation “So you have a daughter?” 

“Yes, her name is Leonor, she’s 9″ 

“So you have a 9 year told daughter named Leonor, who is sick” he repeated. 

“Spencer I’m so sorry, I know this looks awful, I’ve heard it all, and I just really didn’t know how to tell you” 

“Y/N, it’s okay, I understand, I just wish I would’ve known sooner”

Well there it was, you could only imagine what would come after those words. Your eyes began to fill up with tears, the thought of your relationship with Spencer ending shattered you, you loved him. 

“Yeah she could’ve gone to Henry’s birthday party, and Jacks” 

You looked at him confused “Y/N, this doesn’t change the way I feel about you, the way I feel about us” he reached over cupping his hands over yours “Do I get to meet her?” 

Tears rolled down your cheeks, you finally felt like you could breathe again. “Of course you do Spence” 

You walked back into the living room with Leonor walking behind you, she was wearing her favorite pajamas holding on to a book. You stood between them both “Lea this is Dr. Spencer Reid” she looked up at you confused “I already went to the doctors” she said. 

“Oh no I am not a people doctor” Spencer said laughing. 

“Spencer, this is Lea” 

The rest of the night was spent watching funny movies, and eating popcorn. Spencer showed off some of his magic tricks, earning his trust with your daughter. They talked about her favorite books, and all about her school. 

You sat back watching them interact still in disbelief, you made it. This was it. 

ok listen to me. listen. canonverse sasunarugaa au where naruto goes with sasuke on his Angst journey post-699 and they stay the hell away from konoha for sasukes sake for now but they actually stop in suna a lot.

gaaras thrilled because he finally gets to see naruto somewhat consistently. he loves naruto despite time and distance but that doesnt mean having more of naruto doesnt fill him w joy. he was surprised at first when naruto came with sasuke, even with his knowledge of sasukes basic pardon, but he’s happy that sasuke looks more at peace. they dont talk about the last time they battled at first but they both remember and at one point, when narutos already passed out and gaaras up late workin on kazekage paperwork (and bc he cant sleep so well still even w/o shukaku), sasuke just says to him, “you can say ‘i told you so’, you know.”

and gaara knows what he means but he still wants him to go on and sasuke says, “i didnt have to keep my eyes shut.” and then he goes to bed and gaara feels so much fondness for him then.

and it goes on like that for a time, occasional visits that sometimes are longer than they need to be. and somewhere in traveling naruto and sasuke grew close romantically obv and then somewhere in these visits naruto starts to with gaara also and its really nerve wracking but they talk it out and it all works and theyre happy

eventually gaara stops being kazekage. its a mix of his own bitterness and realizations coming to fruition and the way he wishes his life wasnt bound to this. he doesnt feel as guilty about being responsible for a village that never treated him well anymore (and maybe both naruto and sasuke play a big role in that). he leaves the position to temari if she wants it (and she does) and he leaves and joins them and its good and happy and sasuke wont stop feeding every cat they see on the way