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Super late post for Klaroline Mashup Day 1 sorry! And also I ended up using 2 sentence prompts lol.

“Move away from the door and let me at him.” | “Are you taking his side against mine?” | College AU/AH


On second thought, keying Tyler’s car might have been the better idea.

“Easy, love. You’re making a scene.” spoke the British brick wall in front of her.

True enough, most of his frat brothers had their phones out, probably broadcasting her humiliation to the world.

What a fucking mess.

But it’s too late to back down now. No. She owed it to every scorned woman out there to see this thing through.

“I mean it, Mikaelson. Move away from the door and let me at him!” Caroline pushed the man to the side but barely moved an inch.

See? Brick wall.

She’s been here half an hour since her boyfriend (now ex) mistakenly sent her a pic that she definitely wasn’t meant to see. Tyler didn’t follow up with his usual string of excuses so she figured a.) he still had no idea what the hell he just did because b.) he’s so fucking out of his mind what with that manicured hand around his dick.

God, she wouldn’t be caught dead in that nail color.

And so, after getting over her disbelief, Caroline stormed straight to his Greek house only to be accosted by Klaus here who, for the first time in forever, decided to exercise his role as frat president and insisted on honoring “rules”.

Ha! This coming from Whitmore’s number one rule breaker? No doubt this untimely change of heart had nothing to do with honor but a lot to do with being a jackass.

“You know I’m bound by code to keep trouble at the door and you, love,” said the jackass.“Look like pure trouble.”


“But as lifelong best friend to your sister, you owe it to me at least to let me knee him in the balls.”

“Ooooohhh.” A chorus of dude voices chanted.

She shot them a glare the same time Klaus did and they all curiously dropped their phones.



“Look, Klaus…” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “This is really not the time to decide you’re over me! If you want to get on my good side, I suggest you–”

Suddenly the whole world turned upside down and she found herself tossed over Klaus’ shoulder.

What in the fresh hell?


Of course, that got her no answer, only the tightening of his hold on her back.

“I swear to God if that freaking hand strayed lower than it should, I would– Oomph!”

In a matter of seconds, she was unceremoniously deposited in her car, on the passenger seat with Klaus in the driver’s. She tested the door– it’s locked.

“You seriously used child lock on me?”

“Just a precaution, love.” The bastard dimpled. Dimpled.

“What? You’re protecting Tyler’s balls from my knee? Are you taking his side against mine?”

“Now, now, Caroline. Hear me out. You know I have a vested interest in this.”

“You have a vested interest on my breakup?”

He’s still smiling. The. Nerve. “Well, first, Rebekah made me promise to keep you doing anything you’ll regret.”


“Second, as much as I want to see Tyler get a swift kick in the rear,  his father is a treasured alum. It wouldn’t exactly look good on me if I just stood by while someone attacked his precious son’s jewels.”

“Okay but–”

“And last, you’re a smart woman, love. In fact, I wager you did expect your ex to screw up sooner or later so you can legitimately dump him. You’re more angry than hurt that he’d do something utterly low.“

That shut her up. TBH, he got her at "smart woman”. Albeit looking smug as shit, Klaus Mikaelson, the irreverent flatterer, actually paid her a sincere compliment instead of a cheesy line.

“Well… Nice points you got there, Dr. Freud but a few things though– Don’t try to manage my feelings and battles for me. I can handle them myself, thank you very much. And also, how does your third reason fall under your ‘vested interest’?”

The look he gave her then made her shiver. “You know.”

God, are they seriously discussing this?

Caroline coughed. “Are you hitting on me? Like right now?”

“When am I not hitting on you?”

That earned him an eyeroll. “I’m not making you my rebound, Mikaelson.”

“Then don’t. Let’s date.”

Say what?

Caroline would have laughed if not for the dead serious look on his face.

Her cheeks heated.

She’d always known the guy had thing for her. But she’d been with Tyler since forever and  Klaus always seemed to strike the wrong chord with her what with his bad boy looks and ladies’ man smile.

Or maybe just because he’s the one who always made her wonder.

“Fuck it.”  Caroline muttered.


And then she’s on him. On his lap. Against his lips. They’re probably giving everyone outside a show but whatever.

Tweet this, motherfuckers.

After properly fogging up her windows, she got off him.

Klaus’ smile was glowing. “Where to?”

“Just drive.”

“Is this a date then?”

She scoffed. “I haven’t even said yes yet.”

His answering look told it all. Oh, you will.

When I'm gone. Harry styles imagine

He smacked his hand on table “shut the hell up for a moment” immediately I close my mouth. Not because I’m scared of him, it’s because I never saw him like this. I can’t even remember how the fight started but it soon turned into a Tsunami.
“It’s just a fucking book y/n. I can buy you thousands of those and you still act like this over a fucking stupid book. That shit wasn’t the most precious thing” he said and that was enough to break my heart.
The book he’s talking about is the most precious thing in world for me and I thought he felt the same as well.
Tears fall down of my face. The first month we saw each other I was so into the book, After I finished it we decided to talk our cheesy conversation over book by marking the words. So the book includes our thoughts and emotions and he just gave the book to one of his friends that she lost it as well.

“But it was important to me” I whispered “I told you I’ll buy thousands of them. Just stop it right here. I know you’re just jealous. So stop this childish behavior because I’m fucking tired of you and your stupid behavior” he shout as he waltz over the mess he made.
After two years dating I thought I meant something for him but I’m so stupid.

“So you’re tired? Yeah?” I get into room as he was hot on my heels “the hell I am ” he said start unbuttoning his shirt. I pull out a suitcase , decided it’s not my place anymore. He look at the suitcase and my clothes “it’s the exactly what I’m talking about ” he laying on bed “maybe it’s for better” he mumbled before closing his eyes.
I don’t know how harry turned into this heartless man he is right now but it happened and before I know I was in airplane going back to my parents house back in America. My heart is in million pieces and I know it never gonna heal.

Harry’s POV

she left and I was so scared to even stop her. I was under so much pressure because of media and my new album and the idea of engaging to y/n was over my head. I was so scared to decide so soon and without thinking, I was scared of everything and everyone and there was thousands “what if’ in my mind, what if the love is temporary? What if she finds out she can do better? Times pass and things changes so people so what if we change?
I was so scared that I didn’t even notice how I pushed the love of my life away until she’s mikes away from me.
"Earth to harry” Mitch waves his hand in front of me, I look around “sorry, I was, I was in …. let’s start again” I start playing guitar but Mitch didn’t budge.
“I think you should call her” he said “what?” He shakes his head “before it’s too late, you need to win her back, if you still have feelings for her”
Of course I do have. She’s still the biggest part of me and now thousands miles away. How can I survive without my soul?
What if she never forgive me because I hurt her so bad that I can’t even forgive me.
“I need to go” I stand up and unlock my phone, it’s now or never “hello Paul, book me a flight to France, as soon as possible”

“Ok stop it now” my mom came into room with this sentence “stop what mom?” I start reading again not really care what she want to say “stop being like this, stop being depressed” I sighs , I’m not as outgoing as I was but it doesn’t mean I’m depressed, I’m just not in the mood “I’m not depressed mom” she shakes her head “look y/n, your my only daughter and I’ll do anything for you, even if it means I kick you out so you can take a breath, if you know what I mean” I nod at her “I know mom”
She close the door behind her and I close my book as well. Without harry is so tough , without him everything is pointless, even sunrise!
I’m so broken , mostly because I can’t hate him.
Bell rings and I heard mom opened the door downstairs, minutes later she was in my room “this is for you” she gave me a packet. I look at it but there was no name on the packet “from who?” I ask but she was no where to be found.
I opened the packet and there was a book, not every book, it was our book, mine and Harry’s. and a tiny pink paper was in between pages

‘I know I screwed up, but give me a chance. If yes then open your window. H’
“What?” I put the book down and stand up from the bed walking to my window while my heart was beating so fast. Is this real? Am I sleep?
There was standing harry with a guitar in his hands “I know here isn’t Spain but we’re pretty close so” he looked in my eyes as his lips start moving while his hands play the guitar
“I can’t go on and
Let you lose it all
More than I take
Who will ease your pain?
And who is gonna save
You when I’m gone?
And who watch over you?”
He sings and I cried “y/n I know I was a dick” he starts “you were” I cleared my tears but it’s pointless “I know I am a joke but I want you to be the one to forgive me and I want to be the one to forgive you because I can’t promise you I’m not gonna act crazy because I’m madly in love that I’m losing my mind” he said
“So will you forgive me my amor?”
I nod how can I not “I forgive you harry”

Hope you enjoyed, this was one of the old requests I had, I’m sorry if it’s too late to post it but I hope whoever that request it still want it. All the love. Della

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Please can I have #56 of the prompt list! (I think that's the one with "I'm late"! Would like it to be with Sheamus, something like female reader finds out she late for her period backstage at raw and she scared of telling Sheamus! But she tells Finn who ends up telling Sheamus 💕

You had been dating Sheamus for around 4 years now and as cheesy as it was to say, they were the best 4 years of your life so far. You were currently traveling with Sheamus as he wanted to see you a lot more, of course you took him up on the offer because who wouldn’t want to see all the beautiful parts of the country with their man?

RAW was currently in San José California for Payback, Sheamus and Cesaro would be fighting the Hardy Boys for the tag team titles. Sitting back stage Sheamus and Cesaro we chuckling about some joke but you were too caught up in your own thoughts to laugh along with them.

“You okay love?” Sheamus asks concerned noticing your spaced out mood.

“Yeah I’m fine…Just need a bit of fresh air I think.” Forcing a smile you get up and start heading out the arena, the truth was you didn’t know if you were fine. Since being on the road you and Sheamus had been a little more……  active shall we say and you were supposed to get your period 3 weeks ago, you kept hoping that maybe all the traveling had just messed up your cycle but when you started to feel a little nauseous one moring you feared your suspitions may have been right. You were too busy being in your own little world to notice Finn was walking directly towards you, that was until you collided with him.

“Woah sorry (Y/N). I didn’t see ya there.” Finn apologised helping to steady you.

“It’s fine.” You mutter still in a daze a little, not really looking at Finn as you spoke.

“Everythin’ alright?” Finn asked looking at you concerned.

“Yeah just a lot of things going on right now.” You sign finally looking at him. Finn had become one of your best friends since Sheamus introduced you to everyone at RAW so he could tell when something was up.

“It’s not Sheamus is it? I swear ta God if he’s hurt you or anything I’ll kill him.” Chuckling at Finn you shook your head.

“No he hasn’t done anything really.”

“Really? That sounds like you’re not to sure.” Finn raised one of his eyebrows at you. Sighing once more you look at the ground, shuffling your feet. “(Y/N), please talk to me.” Finn pleaded, gently grasping your arm. Looking up at him you could tell how worried he was, puling away you motioned for Finn to follow you to a private area backstage. Once you found a quiet corner you double checked that no one else was around before taking a deep breath.

“I’m late.” Looking up to meet Finn’s gaze he gave you a confused look.

“What do ya mean you’re late?”

“My period is late Finn.” You were trying to hint to Finn what you mean without actually telling him what you were thinking, almost as if saying it outloud would make it more real and scary. However Finn still looked at you confused, huffing at him you glared daggers into his eyes, now was not the time for you to be a goofball Finn.

“I think I might be pregnant Finn!” His eyes widened as you continued. “My period was supposed to be here 3 weeks ago and I started to feel sick the start of this week.” Pulling you into a hug Finn rubbed your back gently.

“Have you taken a test to be sure?” He mumbled pulling away slighty to look at you.

“I’ve bought one but not actually had the courage to take it yet.”

“Why not?”

“What if I take it and it is possitive? What if Sheamus doesn’t want to have a child yet and leaves?” Finn could hear the panic rising in your voice and pulls you into another hug.

“So I take it Sheamus doesn’t know then?” Shaking your head no against his chest you feel him sigh. “Look, I’m not one of Sheamus’ closest buddies but I do know how much he loves you and he would neva leave you alone to look after a baby. Besides you’re focusing on the what if he doesn’t want to have a baby. What if he does.” Pulling away from the hug you give Finn a smile, wiping away some tears that had gathered in your eyes quickly leaning up give Finn a frienly peck on the cheek.

“Thank you. I’m gonna go take the test. If you could not mention this to Sheamus untill I tell him that would be awesome.” Chuckling he gives you a sweet smile, comfortingly squeezing your arm.

“I wont. Good luck.” Heading off towards the bathroom you go to take the test.

Sheamus and Cesaro did amazing in their match, unfortunatly they didn’t win back the titles but they put up a good fight, even knocking out Jeff’s tooth in the process! Sheamus was walking around backstage trying to find you. Spotting Seth and Cesaro chatting he heads over to them.

“Hey you guy’s seen (Y/N)?” Cesaro shakes his head no.

“I haven’t but maybe you should ask Finn.” Seth smirks causing Sheamus and Cesaro to look at him confused. “I saw the 2 of them before the match. They were up some private hallway getting all cozy hugging and stuff.”

“What do you mean and stuff?” Sheamus pressed feeling his heart rate increase and anger boil up inside him.

“Well I couldn’t see exactly what happened but it looked like she kissed him and I heard Finn say something along the lines of ‘I take it Sheamus doesn’t know’.” Sheamus was nearing at his breaking point. How could you do that to him? Storming away he went to find you and Finn hopefully he’d get some answers from the 2 of you. Unfortnatly Finn was walking towards Sheamus at that moment. Seeing Finn Sheamus quickened his pace, grabbing the front of his shirt Sheamus shoved him against the nearest wall.

“Woah man what’s going on?” Finn asked panicing at why the hell Sheamus was doing this.

“I know about you and (Y/N)! Seth saw you two getting cozy down the hallway earlier!” Sheamus was fuming his breathing was heavy and face red.

“Woah what? We weren’t doing anything down a hallway! I know how ya feel about (Y/N) Why would I do something like that to you?!” Finn managed to get Sheamus to let go of him and was now stood trying to get some distance between him and Sheamus.

“Then why the fuck did Seth say he saw you hugging and kissing down a hall way earlier?!”

Realisation washed over Finn’s face as it clicked in his mind what Seth saw. “Oh that! That wasn’t what you think it was. (Y/N) was just upset about some things and didn’t know how to talk to you about it so I offered to be someone to vent to. Yes we hugged and yes she kissed me but only on the cheek to say thank you for listening.” Sheamus ran a hand over his head and breathed a sigh of relief.

“What the hell was it that she couldn’t talk to me though?” Sheamus looked up at Finn and he gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Okay just because you scared the shit out of me I’m gonna break my promise to (Y/N).” Finn paused and Sheamus motioned for him to go on. “(Y/N) thinks she might be pregnant.” Sheamus’ mouth dropped and his eyes went wide.

“She does?”

“Yeah. I think she uhhh went to take test earlier.” Finn nervously scratched the back of his head, feeling bad that he was the one telling Sheamus not you.

“I gotta go find her.” Sheamus sprinted off down one of the corridors and Finn let out a sigh of relief. Shemaus quickly turned round and headed back towards Finn. “Uhhh sorry about that……” Motioning to what just happpened between the 2 gentlemen Sheamus nervously smiled at Finn before walking off.

You were anxiously trying to find Sheamus, Finn was right, no matter what Sheamus would be there from you so you decided to tell him. Looking up smiling you see Sheamus practically running towards you. Once he reached you he pulled you tightly into his chest.

“You think you’re pegnant?!” Shemaus excitedly breathed into your hair.

“How do you know?” Pulling away from him slightly giving him a confused look.

“Finn may or may not have told me.”

“That little shit I’m gonna kill him.” You chuckled smiling at Sheamus.

“So are you?” Sheamus was practically jumping up and down on the spot with excitment.

“Yes. I’m pregnant.” You breathe out, Sheamus picks you up and spins you around chuckling.

“Thats awesome! We’re gonna be parents!” He leans down and captures your lips with his, both of you smiling into the kiss.

“I’m so glad your happy. I didn’t know if you wanted kids yet.” You blush, shuffling your feet.

“It’s a bit sudden but I think we can manage, plus I think we’d be awesome parents.” Smiling down at you he rests his forehead on yours. “Thats if you want to do this.” Nodding your head in respose you smile and pull him in for another kiss, excited to start your family with Sheamus.

Prompt from this list.


imrix  asked:

Back in your post about marriage ages, you said that blacksmithing was a woman-heavy line of work. Could you explain this, or even just provide a citation? I'm interested in learning more, because my understanding was that once iron came into use, the profession became heavily male-dominated, but thinking back, that's just something my mom speculated about.

I’m so glad you asked!  (I’m supposed to be working right now, but I won’t tell if you don’t!) Women did indeed work the forges!  Keep in mind I’m focusing on Western history as that’s what I know.  I couldn’t tell you what was happening in other part of the worlds because I don’t know enough and I don’t want to be That Kind of researcher.

Here’s part of the Holkham Bible Picture Book, an illuminated manuscript, showing a lady with a wimple going at some nails, one of the stables of the female blacksmith:

Here’s two more women working while their bearded friend works a very exciting looking bellows.

There were rules to this sort of craft, in the highly regulated world of London guilds, a woman was discouraged from becoming a master blacksmith unless she was married.  In fact, for most of Europe Master Craftswomen were expected to be married and only to take on female apprentices.  Read more about it below:

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I love your blog! It's one of my favourite MM blogs. I hope I'm not too late for a request. If not, can you please write about the RFA, V and Saeran getting chocolates from MC on Valentine's Day? They're already together at this point and this is their first Valentine's Day together.

it makes me happy to hear that i am one of your faves :3


  • MC and Yoosung decide not to do anything big together since Yoosung is a poor college kid
  • but when MC surprised him with chocolates on valentines day he was the most reddest blushies boy
  • “f-for me?”
  • opens it and looks at all of them
  • then immediately offers one to MC
  • “no, silly! those are yours!”
  • he’d offer them to MC again and say “everything is better when we share it, right?” 

Originally posted by aniweak


  • he got MC chocolates too!!!
  • they both laugh at how cheesy and cliche they are
  • Zen’s chocolates are way bigger and heart-shaped
  • they both eat a ton of chocolate in one sitting
  • probably get stomach aches and just laze around for the rest of the day
  • Zen attempts to romantically feed MC but they’re both just laughing at how cheesy it is


  • she totally forgot valentines day since she’s been so busy
  • when MC comes to her office with chocolates she covers her mouth and starts to apologize
  • “i’m so sorry i totally forgot about-”
  • “hey, no need to apologize! i wanted to surprise my valentine~”
  • also has never felt this happy her whole life
  • MC is her first valentine
  • she doesnt even want to eat the chocolates she just wants to TREASURE them
  • but still eats them because they are so delicious


  • he thinks it is so cute
  • little chocolates all arranged in a red heart shaped box
  • the first thing he does is ask which MC which ones are their favorites
  • then he asks which ones they think he’ll like
  • his questions take MC by surprise so they’re all blushy and flustered and he loves watching them look carefully at the box as they point out their favorite flavors and then point out the ones they think he would like
  • when MC is done he ponders over the box for a moment, hand covering his mouth
  • he picks up one of the chocolates MC said they liked and feeds it to them!!!
  • so cute!!
  • they feed each other chocolate and Jumin is having so much fun


  • he is pretending that he’s forgotten about valentines day to mess with MC, so he’s just sitting at the computer
  • “hey Seven~ i got something for you~”
  • “whassat?”
  • MC presents the chocolates to him enthusiastically and he says “oh thanks” refusing to look away from his monitor
  • “i’m a little busy right now, can you feed them to me?” 
  • he opens his mouth, expecting to be fed chocolates he is trying so hard not to laugh right now
  • MC decides to take this opportunity to mess with him right back
  • they place a chocolate between their teeth then sit on Seven’s lap, feeding it to him with their mouth


  • he really wasnt expecting this
  • almost moved to tears and MC is just like V….they’re just some chocolates
  • “its not the chocolates thats making me emotional, MC, its the fact that i dont think ive been so happy on valentines day before”
  • he wants MC to have all of them
  • they end up going halfsies! 
  • V tries to throw some of them in his mouth and misses, the chocolate lands on the couch
  • he’s not good at that but he just wanted to make MC laugh
  • saves the box forever as a memento of their first valentines day together


  • valentines day is cheesy and lame and a made up holiday and-
  • …is that a box of chocolates?
  • he can honestly say that he LOVES this
  • and MC wasnt expecting it, but Saeran instantly offers some to them
  • sometimes MC will bite into a chocolate and then decide they dont like it and give it to Saeran to finish
  • he happily finishes them off and makes jokes about only ever getting MC’s leftovers
  • he is so happy just to do something simple and cute like eat chocolates with his valentine 

I REALLY HOPE U LIKED THAT!!!! HAPPY VALENTINES oh, and thank you all so much for 4k, i can honestly say it means the world to me

laneyloooo  asked:

I was wondering if you could do a fic where dean has a daughter (it's not impossible he's had enough one night stands for it to be probable) and they take her back to the bunker and are like "this is-" and she's like "mr. Novak?" and everyone is confused and it turns out that the novaks helped out her mother and her when she was younger before he disappeared and she was friends with claire and has read the supernatural books and when they reveal he's cas she showers him with compliments and yeah

    Dean and Cas had gradually happened. It wasn’t all at once - which was obvious to anyone watching - but rather like a slow, rolling ball that just kept collecting love on the roll down the hill. There wasn’t a need to say it out loud often, because they just… knew. The angel and hunter had an understanding between each other - between the long glances, between the short hugs - that never was breathed out loud. Honestly, Sam probably knew that Dean was in love before Dean knew. 

Now that Dean’s realized it, things are relaxed. There’s a little ‘babe’ that slips out now and then. Cas doesn’t try to hide his glare anymore when a woman approaches Dean. The two spend long nights where Dean can’t sleep and they sit close, arms pressed together and legs stretched, whispering about their days and laughing as they make their way through Dean’s favorite sitcoms. Cas secretly hates Doctor Sexy - the show is so god damn bland and the doctor really, really gets under his skin - but he watches it anyway, just to see the corners of Dean’s lips pull up when a cheesy joke is made. 

No, there was never an official label, or an official “I love you”, but it was just understood. 

So that’s why, when Dean went out on a hunt with Sam and brought back a young girl, Cas was hurt. 

Another witch case - black magic, bad stuff. This coven wasn’t playing with the Little League anymore. 

When they crashed the barn where the coven was, the last thing Dean expected to see was his own eyes peering back at him. His freckles on someone else’s face - his hair grown out and a little messy. His bow legs turned in and his stubborn personality being spouted out of his own soft, pink lips. But there she was - just like Dean, wrapped into a beautiful young woman. 

Sam didn’t notice at first. He was going to capture her. Thoughts raced through his mind, and the most loud, pounding one was that this girl shouldn’t be scared. The thought of him frightening her was a burning stab right in his core. The ache in Dean’s chest was unreal - it was like protecting his soul as he shouted for Sam to stop. His brother halted the chanting, stopped walking towards her, and his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. He stared at Dean, expecting an answer. 

“Don’t… don’t hurt her. Please.” 

The whole coven was running now, except for a few who stayed behind - the truly brave (or truly stupid). 

One of the witches left behind gestured towards the girl. “Anna, let’s go.” 

She stood, staring coldly at the man in front of her in the eyes. “Why should we have to go? This is our place. They go.” 

“Anna’s your name, yeah?” Dean spoke softly, taking a step forward. “What are you doing? You’re what… thirteen, fourteen?” 

“Sixteen,” she retorted, disgusted with his interest. “Not that it’s any of your business.” 

And that - that sentence - was all it took to snap Dean back nearly seventeen years, standing in front of a tall blonde who went by Stacy. Dean had asked her name - which resulted in the answer “Stacy - not that it’s any of your business.” 

Now, standing in front of her, Dean could see pieces of Stacy poking out. Her high cheekbones, her thin figure, her stubby eyelashes. 

“Stacy,” Dean breathed, taken aback. 

“What did you just say?” She was fuming that the hunter knew her mother’s name - what had he done to her? 

“You… your mom is Stacy, isn’t she?” 

Sam put his hands completely down, turning towards Dean. 

“Kill him!” 

“WAIT,” Dean cries, trying not to escalate the situation. “Your dad, do you know him?” 

“Why the fuck do you care?” 

“Because I think I’m him.” 

Sam face reads complete disbelief as he glances between the two, realizing that the faces are almost identical. 

“What? No, he didn’t know my mom. It was a one-time thing.” 

“I know, believe me. My name is Dean.” 

“Dean?” she whispered, barely below her breath. “My name is Deanna… after my father.” 

“Listen, do you want to come with us? Grab a bite to eat or something?” 

“Why should I trust you?” 

“I can’t tell you why you should, other than that I’m a good guy and I really want to get to know you. Where is your mom? I could call her, I’m sure she’d remember me.” 

Anna stared at him a moment, completely quiet. “Okay, I’ll go.” 

“What?! He’s lying! Don’t go!” The two remaining witches are freaking out. 

“It’s my choice.” 

But then, Dean and Sam begin to choke. “Stop it!” They don’t stop, despite Anna’s protest. She looks down at Dean, squeezes her eyes shut, and mutters something. The witches fall to the ground and the boys catch their breath in their burning lungs. 

“Did you knock them out?” 

“No,” she says, and she begins walking - fast. “We need to go now.” 

Sam and Dean exchange glances. “Dude, are you sure you want to do this?” Sam asks. 


And that’s how Anna ended up in the back of the car, laughing at the coincidence of names between her and her paternal grandmother - and that’s how they end up talking about how Anna got into trouble, how she practiced witchcraft after her mother passed because she had no where else to go. The coven took her in when she was thirteen. 

She also mentions how her favorite books growing up were the Supernatural books. Sam and Dean are quiet for a moment before the younger brother bursts out laughing. “What?” She whines. “You don’t like them? Because I gotta say, Dean and an Impala? You’re practically living in the stories.” 

“My name is Sam,” he chuckled. 

“No way. No way there is that many coincidences in your life between you two and the books.” 

“For God’s sake, Anna, you were in a coven. You know what’s out there. Put two and two together.” 

She thinks hard and long for a moment. “I… what?” 

“The books are about us,” Dean finally says, not amused. “Hate those things.” 



She sits back, totally quiet. “So - so the angels, and God - that’s…” 


Completely astounded, she starts asking a million questions. 

“You have plenty of time for my dad stories, okay?” 

Finally, they get back to the bunker. Cas is reading and sipping on tea - something that Sam suggested to him so he’d relax - and he hears footsteps outside. His heart skips in the little pattern that only happens when he knows he’s about to be with Dean. 

“No way,” Anna says, totally quiet. “It’s real?” 

“Totally real.” 

The door opens, and Cas stands up, ready to greet his boys. Instead, he sees a mess of blonde locks step through the door. His heart breaks a little bit. He had misunderstood, of course - how stupid of him to think Dean could return his feelings - he was just being friends with him, not the other way around, and, oh god, thank god Cas hadn’t made his move… 


His heart leaped again, jumping in wild circles and dropping to his stomach, and he hated himself for it. He wanted to cut it out of his chest. 

“This is Deanna.” 

The girl turns around, and Dean’s eyes are peering at him. They’re a little different, in a way Cas can’t quite put his finger on it, but they’re that unmistakable green forest that Cas had never found in anyone else’s eyes. And suddenly, maybe the world isn’t so bad, he thinks, as the sinking feeling eases up and lets go of the death grip it had on his throat. 

“Mr. Novak?” Anna asks, carefully coming down the stairs to greet him.

“Jimmy Novak was my vessel. I am Castiel.” 

“Oh,” she said quietly, clearly a little bit disappointed. 

“You knew Jimmy?” Dean asks. He’s genuinely curious, hungry for knowledge. The girl sitting in front of him is… well, half of him. 

“Yeah, yeah. When I was young, my mom couldn’t afford a lot, and my friend Claire invited me to attend church with her. Once we got there, Mr. Novak - uhm, he was Claire’s dad - he, uh, he could tell we didn’t have a lot, and so he helped my mom out for a while. He became a dear friend of ours.” 

“That sounds like something Jimmy would have done,” Cas says quietly. 

“So - so can Jimmy - is he in there?” 

“I’m afraid not.” Anna’s face looked sad. “He’s in heaven, though.” 

“If there was anyone who deserved to go there, it would’ve been him,” she smiled. “And you’re… wait, you’re really Cas? From the books?” 

“Well, yes.” 

“Oh my god,” she said quietly. “I love you.” 

Cas was taken aback, never having heard the words. “Thank you.” 

Most people would take ‘thank you’ as a poor answer to an ‘I love you’, but Anna knew from the five shades of red that covered his face, and from the look in his eyes - he meant it, he was grateful. 

And, that first day, that was about all the interaction they had. However, everyone noticed that Anna was Cas’ little shadow. When they ate dinner, she took the same things as him, and she refused the same things he did. When they went to get pajamas for Anna, and Cas suggested the ugliest pair of pajamas that the boys had ever seen - Anna smiled and told him they were perfect. When Cas watched a show, Anna plopped down in front of him to watch, too. Suddenly, Dean’s late night arm cuddles were accompanied by his daughter’s laughter and equally cheesy jokes. 

In the following days, Anna brought Cas gifts - small pine cones she found that ‘looked interesting’, a plate of pancakes she made for him, small flowers that she tucked into his hair. Cas let her make flower chains and braids in his hair, and he kept them there all day. He put the pine cones on display on a shelf in Dean’s room that belonged to him. They shared the pancakes. 

Cas had never been treated so kindly. Everything he did was complimented - “That’s a great show!” “I like your tie today.” :Your eyes are gorgeous!” “Wow! You have really great taste.” 

And every time, Cas’ cheeks would turn bright red and he would fumble for words. “I - I, just, uhm - thank - thank you, you also have nice… nice preferences.” 

Cas wasn’t used to being admired. He had been told over and over that he was useless, expendable. So when he became a father figure to the small girl, Cas was flustered all of the time. He got especially flustered when Anna would tell him “love you” so casually - “goodnight, Cas, love you” or “I’ll be back in a couple of hours, love you.” He felt showered with attention. 

At first, it made Cas uncomfortable. The amount of affection jarred him. However, pretty soon, Cas became a little more used to his fumbling about and her compliments - so used to it that he started giving again, too. 

When he walked through the kitchen door one morning, Anna told him how heavenly his pancakes tasted. The next time Dean passed by, Cas told him how lovely he smelled. And when Sam sat beside him that night, Cas didn’t hesitate to tell him how smart he was. 

Still, any time anyone gave Cas affection, it made him turn bright red and fall over his own words - but giving became easier and easier for him. He started looking in mirrors differently, and instead of seeing a tired, broken angel, he saw himself as a hero, as a strong provider, as the man with the “beautiful ocean eyes”, as Anna had put it. 

Dean loved to watch the two together. Anna adored Cas, and Cas protected her fiercely. 

One time, when they were at a restaurant, a man walked up to Anna. He was middle aged. “Hey, you like to play?” He gestured at her violin case. 

“Yeah,” she answered. 

“I’ve got a studio at my place. Want to come check it out? I could hook you up with the business.” 

“I’m only sixteen,” Anna answered him. 

“No problem. Let’s go.” 

Before she could answer, Cas wrapped an arm around her. “She doesn’t want to go.” 

“Oh, come on, what are you, her dad?” 


“Then you don’t get to speak for her.” 

“She isn’t going with you.” 

The man picked up Anna’s violin. “Come on, gorgeous. My car is just outside.” 

“Put down her violin. Now.” 

But he didn’t put it down, and instead, he put his hand on Anna’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze. “Come on, baby, don’t listen to this loser.” 

Dean came back from the restroom just in time to see Cas’ fist land squarely on the guy’s nose. He can’t say he wasn’t thankful for what the angel did, but he didn’t tell anybody that. 


“Hey dad?” 

Dean stopped what he was doing, shocked to hear the word ‘dad’ coming from her mouth. “Yeah?” 

“Why don’t you tell Cas that you love him?” 

anonymous asked:

Can you do 32. Tell me a secret and 45. I think I'm in love with you and I'm terrified with Scott?

Then: for the “Tell me a secret” and “I think i’m in love with you and i’m terrified” be combined? like maybe the reader and scott are best friends and she’s always been there for him like when his dad left and when he turned she was also there with stiles and found out and she hid her feelings when allison came along and tried to get over him and now that kira is in the picture she somehow gets the courage idk (sorry if its too detailed)

A/N: My first Scott requests, and imagines!

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified. & Tell me a secret.


Scott looked at you and smiled, and you couldn’t help but return it, though in your head you were muttering swear words.

He had been your best friend since forever. Stiles, too. The three of you were known to be quite the troublemakers around your neighborhood.

You were there when Scott’s dad left, helping him cope with the pain. Promising him it wasn’t because of him, that he was good enough, and these things simply happened.

When he had been turned into a werewolf, you and Stiles had shown up right away, the two of you getting spotted by Sheriff Stilinski before Scott, taking the rap for your friend.

Stiles would tease you about your obvious feelings for Scott, making kissy noises and batting his eyelashes over dramatically whenever your friend wasn’t looking.

You’d smack him in the arm, and he would just laugh.

When Allison came along, you decided it was time to move on. Your feelings would never be requited when someone like her was in his life. You knew he thought she was his soulmate, and there was no competing with that.

When she died, you wept not only because you had lost your best friend, but because Scott had lost his soulmate.

Kira obviously had feelings for him, and you were glad Scott had finally found happiness again, so when she disappeared to try and tame her fox, Scott showed up on your doorstep with a bottle of whiskey and a pathetic smile. “Got a few minutes?” Both of your parents were working late shifts, so you nodded, letting him in.

Why he had brought alcohol, you would never know. He couldn’t get drunk. He claimed the burn made him feel human, but to you it just felt like a burn.

Your head began to buzz, the room spinning slightly. The two of you shot the breeze, talking about anything and everything, letting the quiet sit between you when it needed to.

Suddenly, Scott turned to you, his eyes serious and clear. “Y/N? Tell me a secret.”


“Why not?” He chuckled.

“Because I just drank truth serum and you can hear my heartbeat, so those are two good reasons,” you slurred slightly, grinning at your own voice.

“Come on! We used to play this game all the time! We used to tell each other everything! And Stiles isn’t here to blab later. Come on!”

You stared down at the bottle in your hands. “Yeah, you told me everything until girls started paying attention to you.”

He lifted your chin up, staring into your eyes with a lopsided grin. “You’re a girl, and I think you always paid attention to me.”

“I don’t count. I’m your female Stiles. You’re like my brother.” You pouted and he laughed.

“Exactly! I miss you! Come on. Tell me something.”


“Please?” He elongated the word, sounding pathetic and smiling a cheesy grin, his hands clasped in front of him.

“You’re pathetic,” you laughed. Picking at the label on the bottle, you began to rattle off what you had been too scared to say. “Ever since you became a werewolf things have been different. And I mean, I know. That comes with the territory, but…. We used to be inseparable. We terrorized the neighborhood. We played superheroes instead of being them. We rolled in the grass and wrestled whenever we fought.”

“We still do all those things, just…. They’re a lot bloodier now.” He said, ending with a grimace.

“Dammit, Scott!” You set the bottle down in your lap, looking up into his eyes. “Can’t you see what I’m trying to say? I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.“

Scott had no words. He stared at you, holding your gaze while neither of you blinked. He must be listening to your heartbeat.


“Do I need to say it again? Do you need to make sure my heart doesn’t lie?”

He didn’t say anything, just stared at his hands in his lap, finally speaking softly. “I had no idea….”

You laughed bitterly. “Well, now, you do.”

“The truth is, I’ve always loved you.” He looked up at you, and you scoffed. “No really, Y/N.” You snorted. “No! I did! I’ve always loved you! And, while yes, I believe Allison was my soulmate, aren’t we allowed two in this world? Because if not, that is a sick joke. To meet your person and then have them taken away, never to find anyone again.”

He picked up your hand. “I know you can’t listen to my heartbeat, so feel it.” He placed your hand over his heart. Your breath hitched in your throat. “I’ve always loved you, Y/N.”

The steady beating beneath your palm brought tears to your eyes. “But Kira…..”

“I don’t know where we stand right now, honestly. And until I know, I can’t do anything. But know this, Y/N. I always have, and always will love you.”

As promised, finally a compilation of hopefully all of my AkiraMonHide headcanons as reminded by goldensunshinesmiles. Special thanks to my bro ohcrab for building this utopian family AU with me gw bakal bawa ini AU ampe mati. ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡;)

Headcanons you can find under the cut; AkiraMonHide, a dash of AkiraMon and last but not least, yes, crack Parents + HideKane.

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Eighth Time’s the Charm

Fandom: Love Live
Pairing: NicoMaki
Summary: Nico fights for what she wants. Maki’s a (maybe) willing victim. Coffee shop AU.
Notes: Written for the ever awesome nishiklno <3 Eiko’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in all my years on this planet, and also definitely one of the coolest. When I first met her, I thought to myself, Wow, a memer I can truly respect. I want to be just like her someday. She’s a worthy role model. That said — Eiko, you’re fantastic and I hope you have a great birthday and a super fun year!

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barney and robin's real ending (in my personal universe it's a bit too fairytale)
  • It's 2030, Robin is driving and Barney is on the passenger seat, they're talking
  • R: Remember when we were in Hong Kong?
  • B: Yeah asian boobs, I mean, girls, everywhere
  • Robins rolls her eyes
  • R: I mean //that// day
  • B: Of course I do, Robin, how could I forget?
  • Robin sights and pouts slighly like she's upset but not in an entirely sad way
  • R: She was so small
  • B: Yeah
  • R: And now, college
  • B: Yeah, about that, do you think it'd be too much to put a tracking device on her? I'm thinking on the teeth maybe-
  • R: Barney!
  • Robin takes one hand off the wheel and slaps his arm
  • B: Ouch! Don't pretend like you haven't thought about it. Remember: dorms, booze, frat boys
  • R: Frat boys?
  • B: It's college anything could happen, we have to take precautions
  • Robin looks thoughtful for a moment
  • R: We could ask Marvin to look after her
  • B: That's not enough! we should-
  • R: Shut it Barney she can see us
  • B: Fine but we'll discuss it later
  • It's 2019, Barney and Robin are on a hotel room in Hong Kong. Robin is rushing around looking for something work related and Barney is sitting on the bed looking anxious
  • B: Robin?
  • She doesn't listen
  • B: Robin, hey
  • Barney holds her wrist as she walks by
  • R: What Barney? I can't find my things and I'm late
  • B: There's something we need to talk about
  • Robin finally pays attention to his expression and her own shifts from frustration to concern
  • R: Is something wrong?
  • Barney takes a deep breath and tugs her toward the bed. She sits in front of him, their eyes lock
  • B: We have to talk about where this - he gestures in between them - is going
  • R: What do you mean?
  • B: Look, Robin, neither of us ever wanted to get married-
  • R: Wait, Barney, I know you hate being away from home but I just got a proposal to move back to New York, I'll barely travel anymore you won't even have to come if you don't want to I-
  • B: Hey Scherbatsky, calm down
  • R: No! You're about to ask for a divorce!
  • B: Wow, wait, no, that's not it
  • He holds her hands and shifs so they're sitting closer now
  • B: When we got married I vowed to always be honest with you, and lately I've been wishing for something, something you might not want to share with me, and that's why I've kept it to mysel only because I thought-
  • R: Cut to the chase Barney, you're making me nervous
  • B: Okay. I think. No. I know I want kids, but I want you more, so if you don't want them, that's fine, but if you could do this for me, Robin, if you've changed your mind even a little bit about this please
  • R: Barney, I told you, I can't
  • Robin let's go of his hands to rest her palms on her own flat stomach
  • B: I know, I know, I was thinking we could adopt
  • Robin gets up covering her mouth with one hand and starts pacing around the room
  • B: I get it if you don't want this, I knew about it when I married you
  • R: Be quiet I need a minute
  • They stay in silence for a long time Barney on the bed and Robin still pacing. Eventually she stops in front of the window contemplating the view of that strange city
  • R: We could do it here
  • B: What?
  • R: Before we leave for the U.S., I can call some favors
  • B: I don't follow
  • R: A little girl, I think, they leave so many of them here
  • B: Are you saying...
  • She turns around to face him, the corners of her mouth are curved up just slighly
  • R: We're getting a daughter
  • Robin's voice is a whisper but the words make Barney smile openly
  • B: We're getting a daughter!
  • He jumps off the bed and rushes toward Robin taking her in his arms and kissing her. When they break apart there's laughter and tears and they're terrified but really happy at the same time
  • Barney and Robin are on an orphanage, there are kids running everywhere, they are starting to regret their decision and are about to leave when a little girl stops them, she looks about seven and her black hair is tied back with a red ribbon, an employee comes running after her
  • (M is for the little girl and E is for the employee)
  • M: Miss, Mister, do you think I'm too young to know if I like girls?
  • Barney and Robin smile in surprise at her question and the employee looks mortified
  • E: I'm sorry, she's always like this, out of control
  • R: It's okay
  • M: Are you gonna answer?
  • E: Mae!
  • Barney laughs
  • B: I think that's something you always know
  • M: See?!
  • The little girl looks victorious but the employee eyes her angrily
  • E: Let's go, that's enough for the day
  • M: You need to get over yourself
  • Barney bursts into laughter then and Robin slaps his arm but she's holding back one of her own
  • E: I apologize, she watches too much TV, hockey games made her agressive
  • That sentence makes Robin freeze and Barney looks over at her smiling in utter amusement
  • B: So you like hockey?
  • M: Yes, and the news, actually aren't you Robin Scherbatsky?
  • Barney pokes Robin's ribs and she comes back to the real world
  • R: Yeah, I mean, yes, I am
  • M: You're everywhere, your life must be awesome
  • R: I guess, I've seen a lot of places
  • M: That's so cool
  • E: Okay, Mae I'm serious time to go
  • M: Fine, fine, bye
  • She waves her little hand at them as she walks away and Barney and Robin are left with a sense of accomplishment
  • Back to 2030
  • There's a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl on the sidewalk, her hair is tied back with a red ribbon, she smiles when the car pulls over and opens the door to get in
  • M: Hey mom, hey dad
  • B: Hello baby girl
  • M: Dad I told you to stop doing that, I'm going to college!
  • B: But you'll always be my baby girl
  • M: God you're so cheesy
  • Mae rolls her eyes and Robin laughs
  • R: Are you excited?
  • M: Are you kidding me? It's gonna be legen - wait for it - dary! Legendary! Plus, lots of college hotties
  • B: That's my girl!
  • Barney and Mae high five and Robin rolls her eyes
  • R: You do remember we're going to Canada in two weeks right?
  • M: Of course! Not gonna miss the Scherbatsky's annual hockey game on the year we kick aunt Katie's team in the ass
  • R: Now, that is MY girl!
  • Robin and Mae high five and Barney smiles
  • M: Why are we going to uncle Ted's again?
  • B: It's the anniversary of the gang
  • R: The day they met me twenty five years ago
  • M: Wait does that mean aunt Lily is cooking?
  • R: No, I think it's aunt Tracy's turn
  • M: Thank god, aunt Lil's "gourmet" taste kills me
  • R: Yeah, don't ever tell her that
  • M: I know, I know "Aldrin justice"
  • B: Your aunt Lily is an evil mastermind that must not be toyed with. We're serious
  • M: Sometimes I think you guys overreact
  • Barney and Robin exchange a serious look
  • R/B: Just don't tell her
  • M: Wow, okay
  • They arrive at the Mosby household and Robin stops the car, as soon as she does Mae jumps out and runs for the door screaming she'll get revenge on Marvin and Daisy for whatever new prank they pulled on her, her parents stay in the car watching
  • R: Does it ever bother you?
  • B: What?
  • R: That she doesn't look like us
  • B: Robin, she's exactly my type
  • R/B: Asian with some boob
  • They say it at the same time
  • B: Yeah!
  • R: That's disturbing
  • B: For once I agree let's never say it again
  • He's starting to get out of the car but Robin holds his arm to keep him in place
  • R: Seriously, does it? Bother you I mean?
  • B: Robin, I think if we did have children that were of our own blood they still wouldn't be as perfect as Mae is, so no, it doesn't
  • Robin smiles
  • R: Thank you
  • B: For what?
  • R: Everything
  • B: I agreed to a divorce three years into our marriage why are you thanking me
  • She slaps his arm once again playfully
  • B: Okay, you know what, it was entirely my pleasure
  • Their eyes lock and they smile in perfect sync leaning in for a kiss but are interrupted by Mae shouting from the door
  • M: Hey! Are you guys coming or what?
  • R: We'll be there in a second!
  • Robin gives Barney a quick kiss and they get out of the car and walk toward the house, their second pair of wedding rings gleam under the sunlight

anonymous asked:

Hi ally this might sound weird but I feel like I have no future. I look at everyone around me and know they'll have an amazing life, but I just know I won't. I've made so many mistakes in my past, I messed everything up. I'm not smart or pretty. I won't have a great future so I don't really see the point of staying alive? I've made too many mistakes already, it's too late, too late to fix anything, I don't know what I should do :(

Hey lovely. I’m sorry to hear you feel that way. I’ll let you in on a secret though, most of us feel that way, at least once or twice in our lives. It’s sad, because we all have UNLIMITED potential, and can do literally anything we want to. You are smart. You are beautiful. You can be anything you set your mind on, just as long as you believe in it/yourself. 

There’s a quote I love that goes ‘whether you think you can or can’t, either way - you’re right.’

If you have confidence and faith in yourself, there’s nothing that can stop you from reaching your goals. Similarly, if you tell yourself straight off that you can’t achieve your dreams and give up before trying, then you’ve already taken yourself out of the running and don’t even get a chance to try. That doesn’t seem fair, does it? You deserve a shot at life, just like anyone else. You’re a good person, you are a human being who makes mistakes like the rest of us, but ultimately wants to have a positive influence on this world… so choose to!

It is never, ever, ever, ever, ever too late to live the life you wanted, or be the person you want to be. Your past is only a story, and it only defines you if you let it. Don’t let it. Let go of any regrets - all we have is the present. The future isn’t certain either, so why not just focus on today? What can you do today that will make you happy? That will make someone else happy? What can you do today that will help you get that little bit closer to the person you want to be? I know it probably sounds like something you’d read on a mug or cheesy card, but YOU CAN CREATE ANY LIFE YOU WANT. Why are you saying you won’t have a great future? The only thing that determines that is you. Not your past, not your mistakes or your history, but the choices you make TODAY and from here on out! And if you think making mistakes or failing in the past means automatically failing in the future, let me tell you about:

  • Walt Disney - originally fired from his job at the newspaper because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”
  • Albert Einstein - Didn’t learn to speak until he was 4, didn’t learn to read until he was 7, leading his parents and teachers to think he was mentally disabled.
  • Thomas Edison - Told by teachers he was “too stupid to learn anything”, was fired from his first two jobs for not being productive enough, and made over 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the lightbulb before getting it right.
  • Oprah Winfrey - Suffered an abusive childhood and then many career setbacks, including being fired from her job as a reporter as she was deemed “unfit for tv”.
  • The Beatles - Rejected by recording companies who said “we don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out”. The rest of the world disagreed on both counts!
  • Michael Jordan - Cut from his high school basketball team, and had been in the cheerleading squad previous to that. He said “I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
  • JK Rowling - She was living in poverty, depressed, divorced and trying to raise a child on her own, depending on welfare support from the government and was rejected by publishers 12 times before finally having someone sign on for Harry Potter. In 5 years, she went from relying on welfare payments to survive by each month, to being one of the richest women in the whole world (and responsible for making me fall in love with reading/becoming the person I am today).

All some of the most powerful people and recognised names, all went through turmoil, and failed over and over before finding their biggest success. 

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

413. Letters
  • Author's Note: major fluff warning. And I'm such a sucker for handwritten letters.
  • Harry: Sometimes when you're missing Harry and it's too much to handle, you curl up at your desk at write to him. "...I miss you so much it hurts, my body aches for you in ways I didn't know were possible. I can hardly smell you on the sheets anymore, it's probably my fault for sleeping on your side of the bed but it's the only way I'll fall asleep. My body sinks into the imprint you left on the mattress and just for a second it feels like you're holding me..." The letters are meant to be therapeutic, something you write down then hide away in a drawer but that never happens. You make a few calls the next day and get it delivered to him wherever he is in the world that day.
  • Liam: It's early and you can already tell Liam's gone before you open your eyes. The bed feels empty and you reach your hand out to feel his side of the bed, it's still warm which means he hasn't been gone for too long. You roll over to his side and hear paper crinkle under your head. It's a note from Liam. "I couldn't wake you, hell I could barely leave you this morning. I'll be twenty minutes late at this rate but you just looked so damn beautiful this morning. The sun shined through the window and laid across your cheek. You looked so warm, so happy. You looked like home..."
  • Louis: It was the day after Louis left and you seriously contemplated not going into work. But you dragged yourself to work and into your office. You took your sweet time getting started, sipping your hot tea slowly. You reached into your work bag and pulled out your laptop. When you opened it up you found a letter laying across keys. "If you're reading this it means you made it to work! (Or at least out of bed) either way, I'm proud of ya! I know it's hard love. I'm so sorry I have to be away from you for so long. The one thing I've learned from all this time alone is how unconditional our love is, there isn't anything we can't overcome. So hang in there love."
  • Niall: it was safe to say that today just wasn't your day. You almost didn't bother getting the mail when you finally got home but you were waiting for a new book. There was no book, just a single letter. Your eyes started to well up with tears when you saw his writing. You sat down on the curb and ripped it open. "I had a dream about us the other night Princess. It felt so real I started crying when I realized it wasn't. I was back home, you were sitting in my lap and we were watching the cheesy movie you love so much. I wrapped my arms tighter around you and I swear I could feel you. I was so happy to be there with you, it made me feel guilty for not wanting to watch that movie with you. When I get back we can watch all the chick flicks you want babygirl, as long as I can hold you."
  • Zayn: Before Zayn left for tour you hand him a letter and told him it was for him to read on the plane, but you knew he wouldn't wait that long. You could picture him reading it in car. "...My mom asked me the other day what I do when I miss you and when I think this is all too much. I never really realized it until she asked but every time I get so overwhelmed with missing you I picture the elderly couple we saw in the park, how he held her hand and kissed her knuckles and how she looked at him with so much love it made me cry. When you saw me looking at them you pulled me in closer and said 'I want that to be us one day.' All of the hard work, nights alone, and missing you, it's all worth it if it means we get there one day..."
  • Written by: Anna