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get to know me: [4/15] favorite movies → la la land

Mia: It’s pretty strange that we keep running into each other.

Sebastian: Maybe it means something.

Mia: I doubt it.

Sebastian: Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Okay, so I just wanna talk about this shot from La La Land for a second. First off, this is from the end of the opening number (”Another Day of Sun”). Not only is this shot beautifully composed and executed, the color scheme is so pleasing, and there’s SO MUCH DEPTH. Also, this number is one continuous take with no cuts whatsoever which means that after running around catching everything happening among the cars and dancers, the camera operator and director still got this shot to wrap it all up. This is hands down one of the best shots on film in a long, long time, and I love La La Land so very much.

Guess who has 0 chill and is lowkey trying to peer pressure @uniquesora into doing Klance Fem! Paladin suits for Fanime;;

Nanna has all but said that John is the Heir of Breath, and he was taken to the Land of Water Wind and Shade.

Rose, the Seer of Light, was brought to the Land of Light and Rain.

These are the last two lands, and they are to be visited by the Witch of Space and the Knight of Time. I can extrapolate a few different things here:

  • The names of these Lands is related to the title of the kid who’s going to visit them.
  • My guess is that Jade is the Witch of Space, if only because the word “witch” is usually (not always) a gendered term. Obviously, that makes Dave the Knight of Time.
  • I was already thinking that Jade would go to the Land on the left, and Dave the one on the right. The left Land resembles Jade’s home on earth, and the Land on the right matches Dave’s color pallet. 
  • So knowing (okay, predicting) all that, the volcanic planet “belongs” to the Witch of Space, and the gear planet “belongs” to the Knight of Time.

My old predictions for the names of those lands were the “The Land of Magma and Water” and “The Land of Gears and Fire” but given this new info, I think it’s time to adjust that.

The volcano looks like it’s ejecting earth into space, so: The Land of Earth and Space.

With the added context, that gear makes me think of a clock so: The Land of Clockwork and Fire

tbh i think mistral allowing its inland villages and cities to practice art when her ally, mantle told her not to might’ve caused some rifts to form between them when mantle eventually found out

also forcing vacuo to take their side, in other words, follow us and crush individuality

which means vacuo and vale fought together because “they wanted to take my land” and “they want to take away my individuality” “get the FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY!!”

and then theres mistral and mantle going “come on just- just do like we do, its easier, grimm dont attack if you control your peoples emotions” “we’ll mAKE YOU DO IT BY FORCE” “well FINE, i guess we’ll just take these lands, i mean the more settlements that follow our example, the better, right?”

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i was having an ouji board session with my sister and when we asked for the spirit's age, it landed to 0 aggressively and as soon as it did my sister said to say good bye to it and we did. then later on she tells me that when the spirit landed to 0 it means its a demon. is it true?

No. You cannot summon a demon with a Ouija board. 

If a spirit tries to scare you by going to a certain thing on the board, it’s just that, a way to scare you. It doesn’t mean anything.