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DukeofHell!AU (closed with fangoffenrir)

It was nighttime in Incubo. Spade had gone off to visit her brother in the spiral, so without her, Reaper had time to relax in the piece of world she created, the Land of Painted Roses. This place helps her think, without too much noise to distract her from her thoughts. But on this night she was distracted.

This night was the 3rd year anniversary of the day Fang had left her. She could still feel the pain the Caretaker first felt. Reaper tried to get rid of the pain, such as meeting new people, testing out new hobbies, and the usually killing of Grau and Normals. But none of them worked, it just made her feel more lonely.

Now Reaper just sits near the crystal clear lake, lost in her sad thoughts.