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so i started reading the Ron Chernow book and i just


he’s already naturally rosy cheeked, imagine if he gets flustered and laughs hard enough that he blushes im cryI N G

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"I'm not blind, I see the way you look at them." Jamilton

“When did you first know you loved him?” Thomas asked, interrupting the comfortable silence the two of them had fallen into.

“I- what, Thomas?” Alexander responded, tilting his head in confusion and setting down his mug of black coffee, the dark liquid nearly splashing out of the cup.

“When did you first know you loved John Laurens, your best friend?” Thomas repeated, staring Alexander coldly in the eyes.

“I don’t- I don’t know what you’re talking about- the very idea that I would love anyone other than you-”

“I’m not blind, I see the way you look at them. Like he put the stars in the sky, like he’s your reason for waking up in the morning, like you’ve never known love until the moment you set eyes on him. The way you used to look at me.”

“Thomas, I don’t love him-”

“Stop lying to me!” Thomas screamed, standing up and ignoring the tears welling up in his eyes. “Answer me, you coward! When. Did. You. Know?”

Alexander stared up at Thomas, eyes wide with fear and the pain that Thomas knew, because of course Thomas knew- his cleverness was the main reason Alexander had been drawn to him.

“I’ve been fucking him for three months.”

“You….you what? You actually…you acted on….on your feelings for him?” Thomas asked, a tear falling from his eyes and trailing down his cheek.

“That was…what you were asking, wasn’t i- oh.” Alexander realized, unable to move or say anything or do something other than to stare into the heartbroken eyes of Thomas Jefferson.

“It wasn’t. It was what I was afraid of, but not what I asked.”

‘I Want Her’

For my lovely @sinnamon-smols for always being there for me. I love you. ❤️ I hope you enjoy this. 

It’s all fluff people. No warnings, I think. (Lemme know)

The title is probably temporary. I don’t like it but it’s been in my docs as ‘How Lams Met E” so I mean…


“Her,” John said pointing to the woman. Eliza. She had dark brown hair and gorgeous eyes. She was perfect, beautiful. “Can it be her, Alex, please?”

“Lemme see.” Alexander took the folder from John’s hands and looked at all the information inside. She was perfect; her education, her background, her looks- she was the total package. “She looks perfect Jacky, but shouldn’t we look through the rest of the files?”

“You can, but I want her.”

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Part 2 of me feeling bad about not posting anything today, feat. me trying out a brush that I haven’t used since I couldn’t sketch

Anyway, what do you think? Do you like this brush better? Should I go back to answering requests with sketches so I can do them faster, or do you like my clean monochromatic lineart? Do you want me to switch between them? Let me know!