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2017-05-09: Half Birthday

Long time no blog~🙂

Said I was going to keep it updated
but I haven’t doing that lately so I apologize💦
I’m late on Children’s Day~❤️
Successfully got a shot of Third Son-kun with all smiles❗️
But, please excuse my own face😜

But, really, that smile of his saves me~☺️
When I’m exhausted or depressed,
this is the greatest smile,
the one that keeps me going❤️
Speaking of which, he reached his half birthday✨

Half a year passes by fast❗️
Gotten so big already,
even the third kid is growing up so fast…😱
Gonna have to treasure these
precious moments of their growth❗️
With his new shoes and handmade crown,
here is Third Son-kun, full of joy❤️



for moose-and-squirrel-inc

hahaha okay so I know this is literally more than a month late bUT I WANTED TO AT LEAST FINISH THIS ONE. I’m so sorry friend, I hope this is acceptable (i even threw in some demon!dean for u)

kolusola: I’ve got to take a second to reminisce and thank my brother @avi_kaplan for everything he’s been in my life. This has been one of the most unbelievable journeys that I never imagined for myself, and to go through it with him has been the absolute greatest pleasure. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried (a ton), we’ve gone straight from the stage to the studio to work laaaaate night to finish studio albums only to find ourselves getting a couple of hours of sleep before another flight (yay Singapore), we’ve gone through bed-bug/ant infestation in our apartment, we’ve fought, etc. But that’s what brothers do; that’s what brothers go through. And I’m honored that I got to do all those things with Avi. You are a light, an inspiration, and I can’t wait to hear all the music you create that will touch the lives of maaaaaaany people. It will be a beautiful new chapter. Love you, bro!! And if you call another cellist that’s not me for your albums, we’re gonna have to talk 😂

What if...

…Larry isn’t coming out bc if they did they’d be asked constantly about their relationship and their music would be pushed in the back?

Louis’ recent interviews have been about Larry even though we said we don’t want him to be asked about it. And the stuff with his promo team and not asking enough about his music.

Harry, as far as I know, is not doing any ‘Two Ghosts’ promo bc he knows he will be asked ‘if the song is about Louis’, which happened before.

And if they’d come out when they’re back as a band, Niall and Liam would probably also be pushed in the back, and they’d talk about their relationship more.

*I think either:*
• They’re gonna come out when 1D is back
• They’re gonna come out after 1D is “finished” [meaning they’d be done as a band (hopefully in a laAAAATE time)]
• They’re not gonna come out at all bc-
• -Larry is not real (but it is and I am patiently waiting for it)

Thanks for reading.

A Single Domino

Phanniemay Day 6: Anniversary/Favorite Headcanon –> Lichtenburg Scar + reveal

All she did was accidentally bump into him. The lab was a mess, so of course Maddie sent Danny down to take care of it. Since there were certain experiments running that she didn’t want disturbed, however, she joined him in the basement as he did his chores. Despite having expected her accident-prone son to clean up something that supposed to remain a mess, she needn’t have been so concerned about him. Ironically, she was the one who clumsily elbowed over a test-tube rack full of precious, recently-extracted ectoplasm.

She cried out in shock, a cuss slipping from her lips, and she jerked away from the spill, only to back right into Danny as he was passing. Whatever sassy klutz comment he was going to make was swallowed by a sharp hiss of pain.

“Danny!” Maddie exclaimed in alarm, spinning around. The spilled ectoplasm could wait. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

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