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KBTBB HC - Pregnant MC passing out

Anonymous Request:  Can you do a KBTBB where MC is pregnant and they come home to find her passed out on the floor and rush her to luke and days she is exhausted and no more working. Her and baby/ies are fine. Ends in happy fluff. Please and thank you.

Sure can lovely :)


Mamoru had stepped out for a bit to answer a phone call from work. A case had popped up and they were asking him for advice, so he stepped outside so as not to bother you. You were happily busying yourself with cleaning, your pregnant belly poking out slightly from underneath your T-shirt. He hadn’t been outside more than half an hour when he finally managed to get his co-worker off the phone. He returned inside and went to go find you, hoping to maybe see about taking you out to grab some lunch. He knew how hungry you’d been lately because of your pregnancy, so he wanted to help out as best as he could. 

But when he returned inside, he didn’t hear you. You’d been humming to yourself when he’d stepped out, but he no longer heard you. This slightly worried him, and he went in towards the living room to find you. When he stepped inside, he saw you collapsed to the floor, a few of your cleaning things fallen next to you. 

“__!” He shouted, running to your side and gently shaking you to try to wake you. 

When that didn’t work, he quickly scooped you up and rushed you downstairs to Luke, worried something dreadful had happened in his absence.  Luke looked you over, with a very worried Mamoru looming over him. After finishing up his check up, Luke told Mamoru that you had just been overworking yourself and that you needed to rest. Mamoru continued to look at Luke worriedly until he assured him that the baby was also fine. Your body had just exhausted itself and you’d passed out from it. Mamoru tucked you into bed, sitting there next to you diligently until you woke.  It took a little while, but you finally opened your eyes, blinking up at him in confusion as to why you were suddenly in bed and Mamoru breathed an immense sigh of relief. 

He sat on the bed next to you, running a hand through his hair. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were so tired sweetheart?”

You shrugged with a small smile. “I just didn’t want to worry you.” 

“I’m more worried when you keep things like that from me. I’m here you know. That’s my little scamp you’re carrying in there,” He said softly, placing a hand on her belly, “I want to make sure both of you are safe and healthy because I love both of you much and I don’t know what I would do without you.”  


He had been at the office working on some documents when you’d stopped by to visit him. An upcoming event with the Ice Dragons had been approaching and he’d been working himself silly to make sure everything would go smoothly. You’d brought him lunch, stating that he needed to take better care of himself, since it wouldn’t be long before he’d be a father. Knowing how busy he was and how important it was for his work, you went to leave when you were struck with an extremely light head, and you fell backwards. 

Inui had been escorting you out when you fell and managed to catch you before you hit the ground. He’d called out for Soryu when you passed out, and Soryu tore across the room to you. He tried to wake you, and when he couldn’t, he called for a car to be brought around and he took you quickly to Luke to be looked at. 

Soryu paced worriedly in front of your bed where you laid, Luke checking you over. In his head he repeatedly thought about how you’d been acting recently, wondering what he’d missed and fearing that he hadn’t noticed your declining health. Luke finished his examination and told Soryu that you simply were a little anemic and needed bed rest and plenty of fluids, and that the baby was just fine. Soryu thanked him and sat down in the chair next to your bed. Taking your hand in his, he squeezed it gently and sat there for several hours until you finally woke. Seeing your beautiful eyes looking at him, he felt such immense relief that he dropped his head to your hand, and placed a fierce kiss to it. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t pay more attention to your health.” He said, rubbing his finger across your cheek. You went to protest, but he moved his thumb to gently place it over your lips, silencing you. 

“I’m your husband, and you’re pregnant with my child. My job in life is to protect you, and that baby. You both are my life, everything I’ll ever want and need.” He leaned forward then and placed a gentle kiss to the tip of your nose. 


You had been at the penthouse with Ota, wanting to get some things done before the two of you went home. Ota waited patiently in the living room, flipping through some magazines while you finished up. You’d assured him that it wouldn’t take you very long, but as he looked at his watch, he decided to go look for you. He was standing up when he heard a crash come from the other room. Eyes wide, he ran towards the sound quickly. He found you collapsed to the ground, and his world crashed around him. 

He didn’t even hesitate, picking you up from the floor and placing you in bed safely. He then ran to find Luke, practically dragging him to the room when he did manage to find him. Luke did a full examination of you, seeing how pale that you were on top of everything else. Ota remained in the room the whole time, refusing to leave when Luke suggested it. He wasn’t going to leave your side. He’d made that mistake once today, and as a result you were laying unconscious in a bed. He wasn’t leaving you again. 

Once his examination was done, he looked to the pacing Ota and assured him that you were going to be just fine. He said that you had likely passed out from overworking yourself, and that you and the baby both were going to be just fine. He recommended bed rest for a few days just to be sure. You had woken up around the time Luke was leaving, and Ota rushed to you. 

“You sure gave me quite the fright there Koro. I think I lost a few years off of my life there.” Ota said, leaning forward and kissing you tenderly on the forehead.

You silently looked at him, worried that you had caused him trouble by not telling him you had been feeling a little under the weather that day. Seeing the look on your face, Ota let out a sigh and leaned his forehead against yours. He hated seeing you look like that, especially for something that wasn’t your fault. 

“I love you Koro, you and the baby both. So much. Please lean on me more, I’m here for both of you.” He said, causing you to smile and lean into him. 


He had left to go pick up a couple groceries for the two of you. With all the work you’d been doing at the house with cleaning, he felt it was the least he could do. He didn’t particularly like seeing you work so hard being as heavily into your pregnancy as you were, but he knew how stubborn you were. He’d run up to the store and picked up a few things and was returning home when he found you laying on the floor. 

He dropped everything, letting it crash to the floor as he ran to your side. You were passed out, and he called out your name desperately, shaking your shoulder gently. When you refused to open your eyes, Baba scooped you up in his arms and ran downstairs to get Luke. The two had placed you in bed and Luke was looking you over, Baba sitting next to you with his head in his hands. His legs bounced uneasily, anxious of Luke’s determination. 

You had looked a little on the pale side he remembered as he waited, and he wanted to kick himself for not realizing sooner that you hadn’t been feeling well. Why hadn’t he just asked you? He scoffed slightly, knowing you’d probably try to excuse it so as not to worry him. Luke placed a hand on his shoulder a few moments later, letting him know that you and the baby were doing just fine. He assured him that you had exhausted yourself and that with some bed rest you’d be good as new. Baba thanked Luke profusely as he left, and he returned to your side. You woke up a few moments later, to Baba’s relief. 

“I’m so glad that you’re both okay. I don’t know what I would’ve done if something happened to either of you. I don’t know if I could go on without you. I love you, and our child, so dearly….” Baba said, tears stinging his eyes. 

You felt guilty for worrying him so, and took one of his cheeks in your hand. “I’m sorry Baba. I’m okay now, I promise.” He closed his eyes, letting a tear trail down his cheek as he took his hand and held yours against his face, pressing a kiss to your palm.  


It had been a lazy day at home, and you had been busy making Eisuke a cup of coffee. He was reading the newspaper, turning the pages as he quickly read through, distantly hearing you in the kitchen. He smiled slightly as he heard you humming, something you did regularly ever since you’d found out you were pregnant. You were well into your pregnancy, only a few weeks left until the due date, but you’d insisted on continuing to work just as much as you usually had. Eisuke hadn’t been particularly keen on it, but you had insisted you’d be fine. 

It was the sudden crash that rang out that caused Eisuke to instantly jump to his feet and throw the paper aside. He ran into the kitchen, seeing you collapsed to the floor with the cup of coffee crashed and spilled on the floor next to you. White hot fear stabbed into Eisuke’s gut as he gathered you in his arms, shaking you and trying to get you to open your eyes. You didn’t move, continuing to lay there still, and he immediately called for Luke. He carried you into the bedroom and had laid you down when Luke came rushing in. 

You woke up as Luke was inspecting you, and you’d insisted that you were fine. But Luke and Eisuke both silenced you, Eisuke a little more briskly than Luke, stating that you needed to be examined. He looked fierce as he watched Luke, but inside his mind was racing. Fear still ebbing at him, worried that something dire was wrong. Something that he should’ve noticed sooner, as your husband and as the father of your child. 

It didn’t take very long, and Luke assured the both of you that you simply had suffered from exhaustion, and insisted that you needed to rest for a few days. You worriedly asked him about the baby, but he assured you that the baby was fine as well. Eisuke heard the words and visibly relaxed, relieved that the baby was alright as well as yourself. Luke excused himself, leaving the two of you alone.  

 Eisuke came over to you and sat down next to you. “Don’t ever keep something like that from me again, you understand?” 

“I’m sorry…” You said shyly. 

He let out a sigh at your expression and leaned against you, pulling you into his loving arms. “No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t notice you weren’t feeling well. I’m going to be a lousy father if I can’t even notice something like this.” 

“You’re going to be a great father Eisuke, I know it.” You assured him, knowing that he truly would be, and you felt him tighten his hold on you, his arms trembling.