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Midnight Snack
Laurens x Gremilton(?)
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Burr was tired of the little monster that was handed off to him, but Alexander didn’t mind, in fact, he appreciated it. If his pranks hadn’t bore fruit, he might have stolen a hat to sail downstream.
“Your turn, good evening,” Burr said when Laurens opened the door, he wanted to give the beast to Lafayette because he knows the gremlin would end up as cannon fodder. But, alas, he had made himself indispensable quite a time ago. “Thank you!” Laurens responded in a slight shout. Alexander gleamed at him and clinged to his leg, “On forth Johnny! You promised me letters!” Laurens sighed at the nickname but couldn’t deny it was somewhat endearing in an Alexander way. The two ventured to the guest room, a snack of unsigned documents had been shuffled on the desk and a pile of towering novels so Alexander could reach with ease.
Laurens picked him up and set him on the top book. He sat on the opposite side of the desk and was able to take a small nap while the gremlin was preoccupied.
“Johnny, Johnny, John, Laurens, Cute Guy, Freckles, John, Johnny, Jo-”
“Yes, I’m up. I’m sorry Alex, did you not like this months letters?” Lauren’s eyes were clouded by sleep and still unable to adjust to the light no longer behind his eyelids.
Alexander smiled before pointing to his stomach, “I liked them a lot but you slept through dinner.” Laurens returned the cat like smile with a more gentle one of his own before getting up to find a small snack for the small federalist. It was only a few crackers and jam, only a happy mistake.


“Johnny, dearest, let me sleep with you.”

 “Fine Alex, I just want to sleep. Please.”

 “Hell yeah!”


Ford had always been an organized girl, and it all stemmed from the first time she came back with a grade less than an impeccable “A.”

It was in her first year of middle school.

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