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I'm just glad it wasn't as simple as the healing spit; the leak had me worried for a little bit that Centipeetle would be healed right away with just that much which would've been jumping the shark big time.

really, if they’d just healed Centipeetle 100% (physically and “mentally,” the latter of which is in air quotes because I know it’s complicated but I don’t wanna get into that here), it would kinda work against one of the show’s core messages? love takes time and work and all, there is no magical potion that makes everything better instantly - but that’s no reason to get all doom and gloom about life either.

if I remember correctly, it was revealed at SDCC that the story of SU already has an ending - I don’t think this was stated directly, it was something about the writers (or at least whoever was speaking) having a timeline from before, during, and possibly after the show. so I’ll keep my hopes up that Steven Universe won’t be jumping any sharks any time soon, as far as the overarching plot is concerned they know what they’re doing.

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How about child gajeel D7

I tried to change the style a little so now it looks more like a pre-teen than a child. Oh well.


my only question is: are Metalicana’s scales edible??

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Nico has low key met gods and heroes from like every pantheon.... like fuckin Egyptians, Celts, Vikings fuckinhg everyone one

TRUE ok my headcanon is that all the death gods from different pantheons get together every once in a while to discuss death god things. Its like a PTA meeting, but for ancient all powerful gods of death. theres a shit ton of bickering and petty squabbles and no one ever eats the grim reapers brownies :( :( :(

ANYWAY they were havin their meeting at hades’s place when nico was like 12. nicos just walkin around the palace when he sees a dog!!!! he’s like, ‘ :O !!! gotta pet that doggo’ so he and the dog become Best Friends but then Holy Shit Anubis Just Walked In And I Think This Dog Might Actually Be A Jackal Whoopsie Sorry Lord Anubis. BUT! Anubis gets real excited cause ‘he never lets anyone pet him he must rlly like you!!!’ anyway thats why u sometimes see nico taking jackals on walks in central park


summer memories with Kyden

updated entry for @icronagorgon‘s summer contest, since the deadline was extended I asked if I could add one more page of the comic and I got the go-ahead to do it :3c. I’m pretty happy with this
individual scrapbook pics here!

Kyden stop writing on ur partners things, I mean giving him the notebook paper with the FoB lyrics was different…

don’t tag as #kin or #me

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Jungkook for #1 pls

1. “Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me hate you?”

Originally posted by jungkooz

It’s been a month since you confessed to Jungkook. He didn’t give you a solid answer that day you poured out your heart to him. He just kinda laughed it off and changed the topic, as if it was a joke. 

Since then, he’s changed. He’s been acting really weird towards you lately. He’s been showing you messages between him and other girls from the school. He would gush all day about the girl he talked to the previous day. He must have thought it wouldn’t affect you. But it did. So much.

Yesterday you saw him smooching off another girls’ face. You called your mom, begging her in tears, to come take you home early from school. Jungkook tried asking you what was wrong, but you just simply shrugged him off. Does he really not realize what he’s doing to you?

“y/n! Guess what!” Jungkook came running over to you.

“Hm?” You sounded unamused. But you can’t be blamed because it’s probably about another girl. And the truth is, you could’t give two shits about some other bitch. 

“Just guess!” He urged, not paying attention to your non-existent interest. 

You sighed, “Jungkook, just tell me. I’m not in the mood for games.”

“Yoojung finally messaged me back today! I was starting to get scared that she didn’t like me.” That was the last straw, you had enough of this bullshit. 

“Wow.” Was your sarcastic reply. 

“What? Is something wrong?”

“Do you even care if something is wrong? Because quite frankly, I don’t feel you do. The last thing I need in my life is a fake friend.”

“What do you mean?” His brows came down and furrowed.

“Jungkook, if you don’t feel the same way then tell me. Rejecting me, straight forwardly, won’t hurt as much as whatever the fuck you’re doing now.” Tears began to burn at the brim of your eyes. 

“Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me hate you? Because I think you’re achieving your goal here. I need you to be honest with me. Do you think I’m stupid? You don’t even like Yoojung, don’t you remember all the shit you’re always saying about her? Who are you trying to fool? I tried to let it go, I thought you’d just let it go and we would go back to normal, but no. You’re still doing this crap. JUST FUCKING SAY YOU DON’T LIKE ME IN THE WAY I DO! BECAUSE SEEING YOU EAT OFF ANOTHER GIRLS FACE IS BREAKING ME APART! Just tell me, so I can get over you. This way I can never let you go, and I’ll always have an ounce of hope for something that won’t exist.” 

He couldn’t hold contact with your pleading eyes anymore. Instead he stared down at the floor, speechless. 

“Nothing? You really aren’t going to say anything?” He still kept quiet.

“Fine. Don’t try to see me anymore, I’m done crying over stupid shit. Bye Jungkook.” You walked past him, your shoulder bumping into his in the process.

Jungkook felt something warm trailing down his face. He wiped it away quickly, slowly turning around, watching your figure disappear into the distance.

I’m sorry, y/n. You’ll understand why I did it, one day. I promise.

-Admin I

hey guys this is kinda important

I know Gerard going to a convention ur gonna be able to go to is fuckin amazing and with the whole mcrx thing I know ur gonna wanna ask questions about mcr, but please don’t
he’s there for the comics and his comics and stuff, not for my chemical romance and for people to bombard him with questions that he probably shouldn’t even answer? plus it’s kinda rude
and also don’t ignore the other artists,
gosh I felt so bad for them when I went to nccc last year with the Friday night panel the twd guy was pretty much ignored even though he seemed really nice, and a few (thankfully not many) went off topic with the questions so that they weren’t related to comics and their artist career and it’s ok to be interested in that but when it’s a panel for three different people show everyone some love like
but you could see with questions or things implying mcr they would get a little uncomfortable and answer then steer it back into comic territory so just
be respectful please? sorry it’s bulky just kinda worried with everything

Soundcheck Highlights

SLFL Atlanta: 

They played Out of My Limit and If You Don’t Know

They all wore black shorts and Luke, Calum, and Michael had on hats
Michael sat on a bench, Luke sat by himself on bench, and Calum and Ashton shared one.

First question: If they could have any of their favorite musicians teach them how to play their instruments who would they choose? They said Jimi Hendrix and Luke spit out all this knowledge about him. He kinda went off topic but I didn’t care because I love listening to him talk

Calum started talking but he stuttered and had a lisp and the rest of the boys were making fun of him. He said he had just woken up 15 minutes ago. He was so cute. Then Ashton mimicked him.
Ashton said he failed his music class and then Calum asked him if he would want to go back to that class and Ashton cut him off and was like nah fuck em

What keeps them motivated on tour? and they said ‘you guys”
Calum talked about how Michael is learning to produce and he’s getting really good and he’s the new skrillex.

They talked a lot about where they’re from and how that if we could see it we would understand exactly how big all this is for them. And they wish we could all go there like a 5sos road trip.

If someone had never heard them as a band before what is the one song they would want them to hear first to represent them? They all agreed on Girls Talk Boys or their newest music in general because it shows how much they have progressed as a band and how their sound has changed.
Ashton told a story about how his friends will play people their music in the car and they’re like “I like this song who sings it and then they tell them who it is and they’re like never mind I don’t like it anymore”

Most recently purchased album on iTunes? Michael said its some weird Zen album because theres this one song he listens to while he sleeps.
Then he talked about this weird dream he had and said he wishes he could animate it. It was such a precious moment. 

Ashton complimented this one girls shirt (it was a 5sos shirt) and he said he had the same one and wore it to a club and got laughed at

What do they like in America that they don’t have in Australia? Michael said Amazon and kept talking about it.

They talked about how its like the dark ages in Australia because they didn’t have Netflix for awhile and it once took them 4 days to upload a Youtube video.
Then they talked about how they had Skype meetings and Calum would be in his lounge area and a bunch of stuff would be going on in the background like his mom blending things while they were talking to some really important people.

When did they fall in love with music? Michael said when he got good at guitar and talked about the music his dad played. Then Calum said he fell in love with music because of this one artist and he was like “Im not going to say his name because everyone is going to scream and it’s going to make my head hurt” and then Michael was like now you have to say it. And we all thought it was Justin Bieber (idk why) and it was Alex Gaskarth

Then he said he fell in love with the other members and then everyone was like awwwww.
And then Luke had like a similar answer to Michaels and they were like your dad Daryl and he was like my dad Daryl Cifford-Hemmings

And then Calum was like tell them the story of when you heard your first pitiful song and Luke was like I just heard “*rolls his tongue* and 305″ and he said something else I couldn’t really hear. 

If they could only listen to 3 albums what would they be? They liked this question because it gave them options. Luke said he would cheat the system and choose discographies of artists like albums that have all their greatest hits but he didnt know which artists.
Michael said MCR- The Black Parade, some album I can’t remember, and Stressed Out by twenty one pilots. Calum copied Michael answer and Michael got up and walked away
Then Michael said Calum would listen to voice memos of Michael talking to him and I was like bitch me too.

If they could have an already existing dance move named after them what would it be? Everyone was shouting whip and dab, but Ashton chose the Worm, and Michael chose the sprinklers, the Macarena, and  the like disco dance (Michael called it the grease lightning dance). And then everyone was shouting for them to do the dances but they didn’t.

Last question was like if they could only use one app what would it be? Everyone was shouting pokemon go but they were like we need the important apps that are already downloaded on our phones. So they each chose one that they would all share on like one phone.
Michael- messages
Luke- emails
Caum- Pokemon Go (he said John played the Pokemon theme song in his their ear pieces)
Ashton- Google Maps

Off topic & I’ll delete this later but I’m getting kinda nervous. It’s started snowing ash on us. The fire is getting bigger, is 0% contained last I read, and yeah. I’m afraid to go to sleep and have the phones blare the emergency tone or something :(

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I have a weird question for you. Can you describe Jared's voice for me? I am pretty deaf so I've never heard it. Again sorry for the weird question. I know it's kinda off topic of what's going on right now but...

Oh wow! This is a great question.

Ok i will give my answer and i will tag some people that i know will help even more to describe this wonderful man’s voice.


I’d say Jared’s voice is deep but not TOO deep , masculine enough without sounding like a baritone. It has a certain raspiness to it, just a little bit, which amplifies when he’s singing. 

It has a little vocal fry but It’s also smooth and soothing. He has great pronunciation. He doesn’t drag words and takes pauses when he talks so it’s highly unlikely that someone will misunderstand him.

His voice is raspier when he’s tired. 

I do feel like Jared has a sleepy voice. Like the way he sounds when he just woke up, stays for the rest of the day and now i am just dying because it’s so sexy ahaha.


It sounds like he’s talking or declaiming poetry, there isn’t much melody in his voice, it doesn’t mean he’s bad, it’s his style. His voice tends to break a bit when he sings which i love. He can sing very low notes but then he can scream with a very high voice and it kinda sounds like Bono from U2 in songs like “With or without you” or “One love”

I hope i helped, dear! I think this SKWAD can add a bit more to this:

@letoingucci @clockgirl94 @rayonship07 @paigeletohiddleston


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from the person who asked you to color natsus mother (2) yes thats her and her pink and natsu look the same to me and i can wate to see it ^_^

Hello again :D Okay, cool then I know what to do now. Now that I think about it, I’ll probably have my best friend do the lineart for me because I actually suck at doing it or rather it just takes me ages and yay for abusing friends ;A; 

This is a good occasion to tell all of you to drop by her blog @yerawizardberi and wish her the best of luck with her art folder for her university application. She’s been dedicating over one year to create it and is still working on it. Her art is super amazing, she’s almost at 1k now eventhough she only has that blog for like four months. In the past, we promised to do a drunk Q&A on her blog once she hits 1k so yeah check her out and send her a sweet message if you have time. And don’t drink unless you’re over the age limit in your country!

Found You - BrutalTown Drabble

So… I wanted to play off the whole Ian-hates-crowds thing and kinda.. turn it up a little bit? So I feel like I should warn you that if you’re sensitive to the topic of anxiety and/or panic, I would maybe not read this..? Idk, it’s pretty weak but I thought I’d better do this just in case! I don’t want people to get upset with me!

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Kinda off topic but: To anyone seeking to watch abuse survivors completely wreck people's shit in a total gore fest, (all while being kawaii pink haired anime girls and playing around with moe tropes) you're probably better off reading/watching Elfen Lied. I remember Elfen Lied sorta being the YanSim of the early 2000's, if that makes any sense? In that it was bloody, kawaii, and had a cult following. The anime is kinda shitty, but I've heard good things about the manga, so there's that.



My dad does this thing now where he picks a topic like gun control or some major political topic and tries to get me to agree with his highly conservative opinion. He had me read his Facebook post about the guy who killed a lot of people with his truck and comparing the truck to guns and oh my god he just pissed me the fuck off because he wouldn’t listen to my opinion. like I’ve shot a fucking gun, it was kinda fun to be honest. I actually kinda want to own my own gun, but like for fucks sake, we need fucking gun control. Like we at the very least need better regulations on guns in the United States!!!! Like I understand that people want guns to protect themselves, but like we are not in a state of war (which is why the second amendment happened because the British would come into people’s fucking homes and literally be like “we’re gonna live here now and you’re gonna feed us and make us feel comfortable” like this was to prevent people from doing that shit). Like literally if people had less access to guns, PEOPLE WOULD GO ON LESS SHOOTING SPREES. LIKE HONESTLY LOOK AT ENGLAND, LOOK AT AUSTRALIA. THEY DONT HAVE GUNS AND THEY DONT HAVE PEOPLE GOING AND SHOOTING UP RANDOM PLACES. DEAR THE FUCKING US GOVERNMENT: BAN FUCKING GUNS. DEAR MY DAD: STOP PISSING ME OFF BY GETTING INTO POLITICAL ARGUMENTS WITH ME GODDAMMIT.

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This is going to seem really random and off topic but do any of your characters (besides Henry, obviously) have any siblings? For some reason, I can imagine Kennith having older brothers who pick on him constantly.

oK TBH I JUST REALIZED i don’t really. have any characters with siblings. in communications, anyways, since i’m an only child so i kinda??? forget people have siblings?????? omfg……….. i could see bri maybe having an older sibling tho, maybe stephanie having a few younger ones?

kennith’s definitely an only child, though. i dunno why but i don’t really want him to have siblings.

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Kinda off topic from like...everything lol but just wanted say Cowboys From Hell by Pantera is sooooo Knights of Ren. It's just /dripping/ with Extra™ Biker Gang

It really is omg it’s so badass. This is what is always playing in Kylo’s mind.
Until he sees Hux. Then his mind is playing Lovin You by Minnie Riperton.

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Omg I want to tell my bf that I'm an abdl but he doesn't even know what ddlg is or what a 'little' is 😥😥 what exactly did your daddy say or do when you told him??

well DD/lg has been a large part of our relationship for about 2 and ½ years, we’ve been together for 3 and ½ years. when I first told him I was little, he was pretty put off. I waited another few months and brought the topic up in a different way and he was a lot more accepting and open then. it was another 2 years before I told him I was an ABDL, and he was very open to that, but said we should hold off until we move in together(I still live with my parents). then we kinda put the topic out of our heads until another 6 months later(last night) when I couldn’t hold it in anymore and let it slip. I kid you not, his reaction was so accepting and reassuring. then I told him that it would take me a long time to get the nerve to use the diaper for its intended purpose, and he was almost excited cause we would be able to sorta get used to the whole thing before we move in together without having to deal with the *mess*. so I ordered the thing and we’ve been totally normal since then. my best advice would be to just tell him in small doses. give him time to adjust to each little tidbit of information so it’s not so overwhelming all at once. best of luck!! 💖💖💖

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I can't even begin to put into words how much I appreciate it that you use gender neutrals pronouns when writing- seeing nothing but female pronouns in most reader insert works can feel so invalidating at times. Never stop being the best, Momther.

off topic for a second there’s some kinda bug on my ceiling behind my shelves and im like what the fuc k-

but yea, I’ll admit I was guilty of that when I was younger- since I’m a cis female, I always defaulted to “she/her” while writing reader inserts (at least, from what I remember I did). I guess it was mostly because I didn’t like… learn about agender and gender fluid and stuff until later.

I do feel bad when I see a lot of reader inserts like the one I was complaining about- with the “he/she” instead of “they” thing. I guess it depends on how old the writer is, and if they know about that stuff yet? 

Sorry abt gettin into that there lmao. I’m glad you’re happy with how I write! I aim to please uwu. That, and with how I write reader inserts, I almost always default to “they” now lmao. I catch myself having to go back and change “they” to other pronouns.