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Weeeeelll… I don’t want to hurt Yuuri’s feelings, so I’m gonna have to put this delicately. WOW, is he bad at fashion! I mean, have you SEEN his favorite tie? I like wearing his clothes because they smell like him, but I also wanna burn like half of them!

Buuutttt~ I’m a fashion genius, so sometimes I pick us out some cute matching outfits? ♡ We look amazing! Yuuri’s so pretty.


“There was one birthday… you asked me what I wanted,” he reminded her, pressing his face to her shoulder. “and I said: I want to be happy, and I am so, so happy, Mom.”

so i made a little edit and wrote a meaningless little fic for the birthday boy. can’t believe he’s 23. happy birthday, percy!

“Look at you,” Mom said, smoothing at his shirt and straightening his snapback even if they both knew he’d turn it back around again by the end of the day. 

Percy grinned at her, feeling like a little kid again under her gaze, even if it’d been years. 

“Look at you,” he said, fishing his keys out of his pocket. “You look great, Mom.”

And she did, in a dark blue dress the same color as Percy’s patterned top, her best accessory the bright smile on her face.

They linked arms as they walked down the short two flights of stairs to the lobby, the elevator having broken a day earlier. Neither of them minded, catching up happily even though Percy texted her almost every day. 

“Where are we going?” she asked. “And where’s Annabeth?”

Percy hummed. “She’s gonna meet up with us later. And it’s a surprise.” 

“So just us two?”

He smiled at her and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Just like the old times.”

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Blood & Gin

I believe I promised to post my Sea Devil song a while back, so since I’m avoiding studying for finals, here you go!  I apologize for the crappy iPhone quality and funky construction things happening in the background.


I don’t know how I’m feelin’ tonight, wrap your tentacles around me, hold me tight
Kiss me real hard, I know I taste like gin, but in the mornin’ when the sun hits you’ll be comin’ round again
Sometimes it seems crazy, the thought of me and you, but dahling tell me something, tell me what you’re gonna do
To make me wanna stay another night in your bed, to make me wanna feel something more glorious than death

And I, I wanna cry, I wanna die, I wanna see your face again
You left me so fast, and now I’m lying dead
I shoulda cried, I shoulda died, much sooner than I did
Cause now I’ve lost it all, you’ve gone and shown me, and I’m dead
mmm mm… there’s blood stains in my fur, this gin is going to my head

Sing me a song, dahling, to put me to sleep, cause I could sit and listen to you soothin’ me for weeks
I know why you left me, but I still don’t understand, why you couldn’t pull this trigger first, you know I never can
All I really want is one more taste of your skin, as I pull your bottom lip between my teeth like you’re my sin
So come on darling listen to my heart one last time, it’s all for you, the rest I love is just as gone as me

And I, I couldn’t kill, I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t find anything left
You fled from me so fast, and now I’m falling to my death
I craved to kill, I craved to feel, I craved it til’ I wept
And now I’ve lost it all, the world has shown me, and I’m dead
mmm mm… there’s blood stains in my fur, this gin is going to my head

There is stardust in your eyes
And honey on your lips.
Your hair is the silky night sky,
Framing the pale face of the moon.
Your voice is thunder stemmed from
The lightning in my heart when I see you.
I see you in everything
for you are my world.

You are the ground beneath my bare feet,
You are the tranquil silence of the forest in the early dawn,
As sunlight breaks through the canopy to nourish the star-starved saplings.
You are the gentle gliding water over the smooth stones of a brook.
You are everything I find beautiful in this mortal world we are but temporary residents of.

—  Jill Fate (mythical-being-jill)

anonymous asked:

Will you please please please write a. Imagine for either Luke or Michael where you guys are in high school and are best friends that are all cuddly and cute and everyone thinks you're dating but you're not pls pls pls

Okay so I really struggled with choosing between the two but since I’ve already done two Luke writings this week I decided to go with Mikey (who seems to be my go-to best friend writing lol) and I also made it so they kinda end up together? Oops. Anyways, hopefully that’s alright, it’s kinda crappy but I hope ya like it! :-)

The first time it happened was at one of your family occasions. A distant aunt or something of the sort had assumed Michael was your boyfriend which you two had awkwardly denied with flushed cheeks. It was an unspoken agreement to have a couple of weeks away from each after that one.

But that was ages ago now, the very beginning to your long-lasting friendship and it seems the more people that assume it the more normal its become.

You can definitely see why people are always so quick to jump the gun and make the assumption. You get it, you do. You and Michael have a particularly close friendship. As easy as you two can be playing video games and shouting at each other, you can just as easily watch a movie and cuddle on the couch. It’s not weird. Except for the fact that it kind of is.

Not a bad weird, just a..that’s probably not how most friendships go weird. But it’s more so weird for people on the outside. They don’t really seem to get that yes you and Michael cuddle and have movie nights and share food and okay maybe you’re guilty of stealing a couple of his shirts but it’s totally platonic. Totally and completely not weird.

You’re honestly so used to having people ask that you almost expect it now. Sometimes you guys go along with it just to poke fun after about how someone could possibly believe that you two were actually together. And maybe those days are a little weirder than normally, for multiple reasons really.

For example, you two usually have to hold hands - which is also something normal - but it’s more affectionate, it’s not just because you’re nervous or scared. Michael also does this thing where he looks into your eyes all lovingly and he gets all smiley and giddy and it does something to you. Something you’re not sure how you feel about. Something weird.

Today is one of those days. You’re at a usual weekend party you two like to at least show your faces at every week or else you’ll get shit from every one of your friends - you’d learned that the hard way. Michael had been particularly hard to get out of the house, whining and moaning about just wanting to stay at his for the night and fuck them he grumbled when you reminded him about the last time you two decided to ditch one.

But eventually you got him to agree to go with the promise of leaving early then spending the rest of the night eating all the junk and playing all the games his heart desired.

You’re sat a couch - in Michael’s lap because that was normal, when some guy whose name you couldn’t for the life of you remember comes up you. Before he can even ask or attempt to flirt, Michael’s already snapping at him, stoping midway through his incredibly lame joke to turn to the guy.

“Need something?” He sizes him up with an unimpressed look. Which - weird. Because Michael’s usually the best wing-man. “Oh, sorry, are you two together?” The guy looks genuinely embarrassed which seems to satisfy the red head. Just as you go to clarify you two are in fact not together, Michael does the opposite. “Yes we are, aren’t we babe?” He does that thing with his eyes and you find yourself agreeing.

The guy looks between you two cautiously, then shakes his head, “I don’t believe it.” “Why not?” Michael frowns looking almost offended by it. “Ash said you weren’t.” Okay, whatever. This is usually when you two give it up anyway with a laugh and ha ha psych! You thought we were together but again, today is weirder than the usual so of course it doesn’t happen that way.

Instead, Michael waits for you to turn your head to get confirmation from him that you two are going to let up now and just sort of crashes his lips to yours. You’re not sure what to do, if you should even close your eyes so you just go incredibly still.

That is until Michael is giggling against the kiss and mumbling a move your lips loser. You’re body just takes over after that, shutting your eyes, grabbing at the side of his face and moving your lips against his own perfectly soft, perfectly pink lips the guy - whatever his name was - long forgotten.

“Weird,” you pull away to catch your breath for a second. “Very,” Mikey nods with a breathy chuckle before leaning back in, muttering something about dying to do this for ages.