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characters who don’t ever get sick are v cool but lemme tell u..I am so wEAK for characters with literally no immune system

Characters who spend more time sick than healthy–that being not sick is a luxury!! Maybe they aren’t always super sick–maybe a bit of a cough, giving a sneeze here or there..but it’s such a constant they’ve began to get used to it. They’re so aware of it, constantly whining about their non-existent immune system. Characters who are healthy for like a week and suddenly they start coughing and man, they know. They know this shit’s about to start again.

They’re always sick that unfortunately some people have stopped really giving a shit when they are sick, and never notice when it gets really bad because they’re always sick?? It’s not like they’re trying to be mean but it just happens?? Or characters who are constantly doting on sickie because they’re just..always ill.

jUST give me sickly cuties!! ok!!

Always wanted

Happy x Reader

18+ only

Warnings: Talk of smut. feeling depressed

Just a little drabble I had on my mind.

You walked around the clubhouse irritated to all hell. Happy had not touched you, let alone make love to you in over a week. if he was on a run it would have been understandable. Yet, he wasn’t on a run. Both of you made love often. At least once-twice a day. You sat at the pic-nic table, your head in your hands. All you could think of is that he was not attracted to you anymore. You thought he might be stressed, but as far as you knew everything with the club was fine. “Hey baby, you look upset what is wrong?” Gemma sat next to you handing you a cig. You lit it, inhaling the toxins into your lungs and sighed. “Nothing Gem..” “Don’t lie to me.” Gemma shot you daggers. You looked at the queen and sighed. “Happy had not touched me in almost two weeks… not sure If I am ugly, or he is cheating… or maybe he is just stressed.” “Hunny, he is just busy, you are gorgeous.” “Thanks Gemma.” You kissed the queens cheek, getting up and flicking your cig out.

You shot three more holes into the chest of the picture. Men at the shooting range complimenting you on how well you where doing. You smiled a bit and kept practicing. You felt your phone go off.

Happy: “Where are you?”

You: “Shooting Range.”

Happy: “With who?”

You: “Myself.”

Happy: “Why the fuck did you not bring a prospect?”

You: “Because I am a grown damn woman and a better fucking shot.”

Happy called you and you clicked ignore. You sighed shutting your phone off and kept shooting. You where angry, you had sexual build up, an old man who denied you loving and not to mention thought you need a baby sitter. Forty-five minutes past and a group of guys where watching you shoot. you ignored them, trying out different guns and feeling different kick backs. You felt a hand on your shoulder, instinctive you elbowed the person in the chest. You looked to see Happy bend down coughing a bit. You took off your ear muffs looking at him. “Sorry, what do you want?” “You need to come home little girl.” Happys voice was cold, he was pissed. “No.” you replied and turned around and emptied the clip in the head of the picture. 

*That night*

You sat on the couch, you knew Happy was pissed, but he was acting cold towards you as well. No kissing in the club house, no fucking in the dorms. You put you head in your lap and started to cry, Happy and you had been together for six years now, maybe he was fed up with you.. You laid on the couch, falling asleep with tears in your eyes. Happy soon opened the door, seeing you laying on the couch. He quietly took off his boots, walking over to see you. He was going to carry to the bed, when he seen your cheeks where stained with tears. He keeled down next the couch. “Y/N… Y/N..” You opened your eyes and seen Happy, his usually stoic face filled with concern. “What… do you want Happy…?” Happy frowned more “What is wrong, why where you crying?…” you sighed sitting up. Happy stayed on he side of the couch watching your every move. “Because… you have not touched me in over a week, you never want to spend time with me.. you don’t even seem that busy… I guess… I am just.. not attractive to you anymore…” you felt the hot tears roll down your cheeks. You wiped them and went to stand up. Happy grabbed your legs, making you fall back on to the couch. “Happy stop.. let me go to bed… Go ahead and find someone who fascinates you..” “Shut up Y/N… I have wanted you all week… I have wanted to hear you scream my name as you rode me, or see those beautiful lips agape as you cum. Truth is.. last time we had sex you didn’t come. I felt kinda bad about it… I wasn’t feeling well enough to try again..” “Are you ill?” You sat up looking at Happy. “No.. I mean… it made me feel less like a man..” “Happy stop.. you have made me orgasm thousands of times… you messed up once.. even know it felt amazing.. geez.. that is what all this is about.. I thought you found me ugly…” Happy looked at you shocked. Sitting up, he lifted your tshirt a bit and pulled down his boxers that your wore. “Baby girl… don’t ever think that…. your the most beautiful woman… EVER…” Happy smirked brushing his fingers gently against your lips. You let out a whimper, looking into his eyes,full blown lust. “Let me make up for the last week…” Happy whispered as he bit down on your neck.”


i’m tired. i guess this will be my journal for today, it’s Monday, August 7th, 2017. that probably isn’t the right way to write the date with the commas but oh well, i suck at grammar anyway.

i’m feeling all weird in my chest. i go through my day and there’s so many distractions that i never really stop and think about my feelings. i hate feelings and i hate talking about them and dealing with them, but i know it’s unhealthy to keep it all bottled up. i think there’s so many distractions that once i get in bed at night and i’m alone in my head, it’s scary and it makes me feel helpless sometimes. i feel alone and unable to express my emotions.

it’s really weird to be sharing my thoughts and actual feelings with my followers, i don’t even have my name or state or even age posted in my bio, i like to be pretty private. i’m feeling helpless though and i just wanted to start expressing it.

in 3 weeks my nannying job will be over, i have the modeling job, but that isn’t full time. you just get booked when people randomly want you. so i need to get a new full time job, it stresses me out looking for jobs, i really hate it. i couldn’t tell you why i hate it but i just despise the feeling it gives me.

i have been on medication for a few mental illnesses since i think around march (?) maybe april, they help miraculously! but i also feel guilty about slipping up into the bad places with bad feelings again. it makes me feel kinda like i’m failing or not trying hard enough.

i think today was an alright day though, i need to just keep looking at all the positives life gives me. i need to not worry so much and just do whatever makes me happy and doesn’t harm anyone. i know i’ll feel better soon, it’s always just this bad feeling i get randomly…it’ll go away by the morning i’m sure.

i definitely over shared and debated on deleting all of this and writing a more vague entry, but whatever this is my blog and i can do what i want. thanks for reading.


Jimin is always getting random af texts in early hours of the morning from an unkown number, he soon finds out it’s the most popular (bad) boy in school, jeon Jungkook. 3/?

This one has a bit of a weird layout?? Sorry, the tweet one kinda failed ill try again tomorrow, but anyway heres the third part, enjoy! (and get prepared for draaaammaaaa)

kinda unpopular onion but i think the mental illness community on here’s failure to admit when a terrorist is mentally ill only makes the issue worse. there’s not like any denying that a person has to be mentally unwell to do something they know will probably kill a person and in the case of mass shootings they definitely have to be to repeat that action over and over again but the refusal to admit this is so strong in certain people because they somehow only care about their “community” looking bad when you only look worse trying to subtly push the idea that poor uwu smol mentally ill beans are incapable of doing horrific things to other people and they o,nly wwant t0 hur t themsd elvvvesss,,, like damn it’s a shit look!

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Glad to see you are ok Senpai, I thought your blog died but now that you are active again I’m really happy to also know you are alive and well. I guess we all were worried to some extent -a shipping sushi-

actually i feel kinda happy that someones concerned about me but at the same time i feel bad for not posting a little update of whats going on. ill try to remember next time but im easily distracted and i tend to forget so i cant promise anything

im sending lots of love your way my sweet worried anon ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

It’s ok too...

Sleep in late - Your body is just getting the rest it needs and by letting it do that instead of waking up at like 7am with an alarm you’re looking after yourself. There’s no need to feel guilty about looking after yourself!

Take some alone time - Sometimes you just don’t want to hang out and be social or whatever and that’s totally fine. Take the time you need to just relax by yourself. You don’t need to feel guilty about this!

Take a break - It’s probably the best thing to do anyway. There’s no point in getting so worked up that you don’t get anything done. Go take a break for a while, relax and come back to whatever you’re doing when you’re calmer, more focused and less stressed - no need to feel guilty!

Say no - For whatever reason it’s 100% fine to say no. Whether it’s to being asked if you want to come out tonight, if you can finish some extra work, babysit siblings or even bigger things like sex. Don’t feel like you have to do something for fear of letting other people down - it’s fine to say no

Ask for help when you need it - Whether it’s for homework or something bigger like mental health - asking for help is fine. Nobody is going to judge you and you don’t need to feel bad about yourself for doing so

Take time off - Kinda comes under take a break but kinda doesn’t. If you need to take time off school or work or wherever else for whatever reason, that’s fine as long as you don’t over do it. If you’re ill and need some time off don’t feel guilty - crawl into bed with hot chocolate and relax and just know everybody will appreciate that you’re not spreading it.

Make mistakes - Everybody does it and it’s perfectly natural so don’t beat yourself up over it. Apologize if necessary, try to fix whatever went wrong if possible and just know that nobodies perfect.

Treat yourself - There’s no need to feel bad about spoiling yourself every now and again. Sometimes it can be the best thing for you so go and have some chocolate or go to Lush or do whatever you want to do for a treat and know it’s perfectly fine to do so!

Generally look after yourself!- It’s fine to do all of the above (and a lot more) to make sure that you’re a functioning, healthy human being both physically and mentally!

*sorry for this and how cringey it is but I felt that it was important and was mainly for my benefit when I was feeling bad anyway*

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okok ill try again: does etney have any tells when they(she?) lie or bluff?

it’s she :) her deception check is actually -1 thanks to that low low charisma modifier so she’s not that great at lying. she kinda stammers and does a lot of ‘uhhhhh’ing and is really bad at making eye contact. lots of hand (paw?) gestures too

ask me about my D&D character

Minario Plinami

How I imagine Minami meeting Plisetsky would go:

Yuri: who the hell are you?


Yuri: huh? What are you, trying to suck Yuuri’s-


Yuri: …sorry


Yuri: That’s funny, cause I’m pretty sure I just kicked his ass at finals

Minami: …

Yuri: :)



Yuri: …

Yuri: Your hair is kinda cool, though.

Kamilah felt a little tired as she walked though the streets, mentally tired of course over anything as dealing with kine was a rather exhausting thing she had come to learn. Somewhere along the way she had led herself to believe that things would be different to them now that she was kindred, but alas, the remarks they made towards her were all the same. Mostly all having to do with where she came from, the color of her skin or the hijab she wore. If she were any less of a pacifist or any more blood thirsty she might have just led one or two down an alley to snap necks.

This all honestly felt like a test, just to see if she could still be the same person she used to be now that she could be considered a monster. Still, it was rather annoying to have to deal with people, trying to learn to hunt by going into bars to see who she might be able to lure away or talk into letting her have a little bite, and hell, she didn’t even really know how to start a conversation for the last bit.

It honestly just drained her emotionally and mentally, enough so that she had purposely tried to find herself a place where no one else was so she could relax. Looking for buildings that were condemned or abandon seemed to be the real plan for tonight, so when she did come across an old looking broken down building that might have been a store one time with maybe someone living above it she felt relief.

It would be dusty and gross of course as she was sure no one had lived in such a place for years, maybe even dangerous as she wasn’t sure how sturdy it all was, but it was worth a try to get in, and now she started to walk around it, trying to find a back door she could break into since she certainly wasn’t slick enough to pick locks.