this is kinda a simplistic thing sorry

Amalgamated constructs and other forms of demonic wetware emit a low, ambient ‘purr’ that is said to sound like a modulated rainstorm. Some find it relaxing.

A select 9% of the population appear to perceive the noise differently, often describing it as akin to 'multiple human screams simultaneously.’

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About bull being seen as "stupid" from the fandom- u said u guess u already knew why they do that?? It's haunted me for years pls share why u think the fandom is so insistent on making iron bull dumb the only thing I can come up w is that they really don't talk to/ understand his character

part of it is for sure that they don’t get to know his character. if you never take him out on missions and listen to him talk to the other characters, you miss 90% of his characterization. another part of it is that he does sometimes play dumb– but again, if you spend time with him, that’s shown to be a very deliberate act

if you don’t pay attention to his character, the way he acts, and the things he actually says, it’s easy to cast him as “big muscles, small brain” (and big dick). his carousing, easy-going nature can be simplified to something flat, violent and stereotyped

it’s not because he’s a warrior. i’ve never seen anyone question if cassandra can do basic addition. i’ve never seen anyone joke that alistair is irrationally violent. i’ve never seen anyone characterize cullen as interested in booze, sex, and nothing else. what makes bull so different? every warrior in the game is strong, every major member of the inquisition has killed at least one person.

really, i think his being qunari is a huge reason why people– even people who like him– can get stuck on that surface level of characterization

there’s TONS of discrimination against qunari in the game. they’re called “ox/oxman” by humans, elves, and dwarves alike, they’re painted as savage, terrifying, violent and Other. (and i’m white so i’m not an expert in this bit of it, but i think it’s worth pointing out that many of the things that the game uses to code the qunari culture as “other” and “foreign” are things that are normal parts of lots of people lives. just not white people. and one of the biggest, shittiest, indicators of this is that characters of other races are constantly calling them slurs and insulting them based on their race. (qunari are also specifically coded as black– ex. Sten’s braids)

anyways, by listening to what other characters say about bull, and not what he says about himself, it’s possible to build a simplistic, prejudiced version of him that’s violent, sex-obsessed and unintelligent. by relying only on archetypes and in-game stereotypes, bull can be flattened way down, and the first thing to go is his intelligence

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hi im a patron um!! sorry for asking here but asking stuff off anon makes me anxious so i cant ask on patreon. ive been meaning to rq smthn in a stream but im worried about asking for something you wouldnt wanna draw ;; so um! do you have anything in particular you wouldnt draw (outside of nsfw obviously)? are ocs and fanart okay? how simplistic/detailed should the requests be? AH GEE THATS A LOT OF QUESTIONS SORRY i just wanna make sure ur 100% comfortable ;0;

it’s fine!

honestly i’m kinda fine with anything, if a character design is too detailed i can always simplify things a little (plus sometimes i’ll make it a Surprise Shitpost depending on if i come up with anything)

but other than that there’s no limit on what kinda characters i’ll take!