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Do you have any favorite chanbaek fics? Maybe you can share some of them with us? :з

oooooooh man, you put me in a spot here well if you must know my favorites are:

-coffee and tv (i just love how realistic this fic is. how the author describes the fall out and the reconciliation like, how the characters handled the situation and stuff it’s just amazing. and i don’t know there’s smthn about the writer’s style that makes it so light. i mean light like it’s not a burden to read??? do you get me??? lol anyway just read it. i was enlightened and my chest felt lighter after reading this, it’s just so amazing and also all of her fics p.s i cried. not bcos it was sad, and heart breaking but bcos it was just so beautiful. like the way it was written was beautiful. the words the ending the feelings. thinking about it makes me tear up ;;)

-lost forever (okay when i read this i was just so happy and very impressed that the author put in little facts from canon to the fic. it is so good. as a reader i appreciate little details like this and it is not only from this fic but others she did as well!!especially her so sick of love songs (whispers read it) i also love how the marry-each-other-when-we’re-still-single-at-some-age was used in here like when it was brought up the “courting” started and the following events were so feel inducing. really good read!!!)

-forever (and the reasons why we fall in place) - (i have no words. just read it and you will understand)

-run away with me (of course then came you is a given, but my second most favorite fic from this author is this one. she claims this to be cliche but i did not think that at all and that’s what made me love this fic so much. the author took a different route from the usual romance+fluff she’s so A M A Z I N G at and it frickin worked. this was more romance+slight-angst but the romance is very evident. the love, the feelings ugh how to explain. okay let me put it this way, the author’s way of describing the character’s emotions was so raw, so solid and i love it.)

-light up (i love love love love love love love love the setting of this fic!!!!!!! like the soulmates au in a different light and it is so out there that i need more [bcos it’s not complete yet] it’s like 25 lives but with a meaning behind why person a in the pairing has this kind of status in life while person b is in that kind of status and stuff like that. AND ALSO!! while reading this you could understand the desperation in baekhyun and why he keeps doing what he’s doing (this takes the cakes for me bcos a lot of fics i see have no explanation as to why baekhyun keeps staying even tho chanyeol’s being a selfish asshole [i do not count “because i love him” as a valid explanation. no.]) i seldom read angst but when done right i thirst for it. and she did it right.)

-the boss (the setting of this is so cool. and i really like that the author made the mafia boss as baekhyun and not chanyeol and she made baekhyun so B A D A S S . yes. the badassiest. and the progression of feelings between the two is not fast paced and hurried. i LOVE progress and not in-your-face feelings eww lol and it’s kinda like reading a thriller novel or smthn idk. really cool!!)

-listen closely(this could be a start) - (basicaly the bodyguard au series. i love this au series bcos I LOVE AUs LIKE THESE. I AM A SUCKER FOR THESE THINGS FUDGE IT. I HAVE WAITED FOR SO LONG TO READ AN AU LIKE THIS AND SHE DELIVERED OMG!! it’s not finished yet so i am sitting on the edge of my seat bcos i want- no - i NEED to know what happens next ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; i like that she made baekhyun all shy and reserved and just plain baekhyun around chanyeol but on stage he’s all charisma and confidence and that makes for great fluff material. she’s a talented writer, srsly very good ;; you should read all of her fics!! 

 -six days left to be hip young and loving it (from all the fics my sister made this one is my favorite. i was so game on how they made-up at the end and how they “talked” it out lol. i really didn’t feel like it was fast paced or in your face at all. i really love that when she writes it’s so unconventional and things are so unexpected!! such a breath of fresh hahaha and she has the same sense of humor as me and everything she writes is very funny especially i wanna dance with somebody (with somebody who loves me) it’s kaisoo but the side chanbaek here is G O L D. )

-we make a great pear (the author described chanbaek’s height difference so well!! i cry ;;;;;;;;;; she got the perspective of both baekhyun and chanyeol on their height difference so perfectly that i can just imagine canon chanbaek thinking the same way. very lovely ;;)

-vampires in space (look at the title. how could you not)

-17/31 (age gap at its finest!! i really like how the author made it that the younger one is thirsting [and i use this term literally] for the older and it is amazing. i love how persistent and sure chanyeol is in getting in mr. byun’s pants lmao very nice read!!)

THERE ARE MORE OMG BUT THESE ARE ALL I CAN THINK OF RIGHT NOW ;;;; i’m not sure if i will add more or smthn but if i think of new ones i wil put it here i guess lol. i hope you don’t mind my ramblings on them i can’t help myself lol

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hey mish!! could you please rec me some fics for hq!!? i dont really mind the pairings, but i need new content

Hey anon! Honestly I recently started reading fics (just out of curiosity I guess…) so I’m basically going to recommend you stuff you might have read already. Sorry if you have >.<. Also, all are non-nfsw (or…it might be implied but nothing graphic!)

the jacket you never returned by daisuga - Bokuto/Akaashi - it’s not entirely easy to put me to tears but this had me in pain and have tears in my eyes the entire time. Bokuto loses his memory and forgets all about his relationship with Akaashi. The story is centered around the struggles of Akaashi, having to let go of his beloved Bokuto, and Bokuto, who’s convinced he’s not in love with him. SO FUCKING SAD. 

tea-stained polaroids by dalyeau - Bokuto/Akaashi - an incredibly sweet fic about photographer!Akaashi and barista!Bokuto. Basically Bokuto has it bad for Akaashi and Akaashi has too good of a poker face. Also: cute owl drawings. Very important. 

How Icarus fell in Love with the Sun by tsukkkiii (becauseitisbitter) - Iwaizumi/Oikawa - oh my god this is my new fave iwaoi fic. Who doesn’t love a good fake marriage fic? The deal is, Oikawa is on the verge of being deported back to Korea, so his brilliant idea is to ask his new neighbour Iwaizumi if he would marry him! Lots of funny moments, lots of tense moments, and also, Tamagotchi, the lovable dog. 

rated m for by sungjoon - Matsukawa/Hanamaki - voice actors Hanamaki and Matsukawa are asked to be lovers in a boy’s love drama. The problem is, Hanamaki believes he hates Matsukawa and Matsukawa is too fucking cool and cute. 

no room for pretend by sunjoon - Iwaizumi/Oikawa - okay this is hands down my all time fave fic ever. EVER. Oikawa is stuck in a bind and needs a fake boyfriend asap. Who is more reliable that his best friend Iwa-chan? Also: my fave part about this fic are the group chats. Please appreciate the group chats. And also: Matsukawa and Hanamaki are me. I swear. 

The PDA Jar by Poteto - Iwaizumi/Oikawa - the first years (mostly Kindaichi) are too innocent, and thus, the PDA Jar was created. Your favourite sarcastic duo Matsukawa and Hanamaki have taken it upon themselves (with the support of the rest of the team) to preserve the first years (Kindaichi’s) purity. Because Iwaizumi and Oikawa are so comfortable with each other, they tend to show “too much pda” and so, every time they’re caught, they have to put money in the pda jar.

taxis by trashcannot - Iwaizumi/Oikawa - idk if you guys remember my drunk Oikawa and taxi driver Iwaizumi headcanons, but this fic was written using those! Basically Oikawa is drunk and madly in love with Iwaizumi at first sight and clearly can’t control his hormones. Meanwhile, Iwaizumi doesn’t get paid enough for this. 

in defense of our overgrown garden by carafin - okay technically this is iwaoi but…it’s kinda hard to explain what this actually is lmao. Just read it. The style is very clever, the content is very clever, and everything is just too amusing. Oikawa and Iwaizumi are neighbours with their favourite Ushiwaka. What could go wrong? 

And…here we are….I only meant to give you like three or four lmao. Sorry there’s a lot but hopefully you’ll find some you haven’t read yet and will enjoy!