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I can totally understand and see your point, but you pointed out the way he announced it. Don't you think, that they would avoid all the mistakes they made with Babygate? The announcement is a big thing and Louis' was terrible. From day one, there was such a poor planning and to many mistakes. They probably won't do the same mistakes again. And it is kind of weird, that none of the boys have acknowledged no name baby. Kind of seems like history is repeating itself in that aspect...

Maybe… But this is a real baby, she was really pregnant, the situation is confusing af to me. And like the last post I reblogged said: I’m too tired of this to be guessing, so I’ll just wait and see 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I don’t know what to do. I with 100% of my soul DO NOT believe Cheryl’s baby is Liam’s I see just as much shadiness with it as I did with BG 1 just very different. But my entire dash has just… accepted it! I feel like a crazy person and now I’m questioning my own ability to judge things! It’s really unsettling to me to not trust myself… should I just accept it now or continue to trust my gut?

Trust your guts, nony. Your opinion is yours and you shouldn’t change because everyone is changing :)

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Cheryl is fame-hungry that’s why she was selling the story to UK tabloids before she even got pregnant. And that’s why it seemed so shady. But that’s the thing. Cheryl is so horrible and now Liam will have to deal with her for the rest of his life because they have a child together. Even if they break up he’s still going to be linked to her because of a child :( That makes me really upset.

Yeah, that’s why I’m so :/// I don’t want it to be fake but if isn’t… 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:To be fair, I’d probably have accepted bg 1.0 if Briana has been pregnant (not believe that Louis is the dad, but like accept it and move on) because there is one specific kid that came from Cheryl so how do I overlook that. I must admit that Liam being a dad doesn’t make sense because it was a bad decision time-wise and the whole timeline is bullshit. But Cheryl has always been fame-thirsty and that explains like 90% of it. With Louis… nothing can be explained by 1 excuse.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I personally don’t think Liam is the biological father but to me it looks like Liam has a family now


atla | zuko | wait for it

Sadly, this is as HD as the ATLA episodes get, but I hope you give the video a shot anyway and maybe experience some of the emotions I had making it.  Big thanks to @worddevourer for having this idea and my twin sister @splickedylit for consulting with me during its creation!

Song: Wait For It from Hamilton
Show: Avatar - The Last Airbender

TST is so goddamn blue: a meta

TST is just all kinds of weird. Everything feels off, and even the first third, which is supposed to be light-hearted and funny, is unsettling in many ways (for instance, why was John, a doctor, driving the car when his wife, Mary, was going into labor instead of having Sherlock drive? We know Sherlock can drive very well from THoBV, so wtf? And why would Sherlock ever say that Mary is better than John when it clearly hurt John that he’d say that? And what was the narrative point of the dog being there, apart from the fact that Sherlock likes dogs? Anyway, I digress.)

One theory that I’ve seen going around is that Sherlock is narrating this episode, and therefore, we’re dealing with an unreliable narrator. If Sherlock is in fact telling this story to his therapist, Ella, at the end of the episode, and is lying about some parts of his story, then what is he lying about? Well, one option is that he’s lying about how Mary died in order to protect someone. But he’s Sherlock… who would he bother protecting?

“It’s always you, John Watson.” Of course. It probably has to do with John. With saving and protecting John, as is Sherlock’s MO.

One theory by @the-7-percent-solution that I’m extremely fond of at the moment is that John killed Mary, and Sherlock is lying to his therapist in order to protect John (just like Watson may have lied in the original ACD story Charles Augustus Milverton to protect Holmes after Holmes presumably killed Milverton, which is what Mofftiss believe happened), and to give John an alias. Which would mean that quite a lot of the episode is either a fabrication, or changed slightly in order to make the story more convincing.

And, since I noticed that there is a LOT of blue in this episode, I decided to go through and examine the most blue-lit and blue-colored scenes, and see if I anything popped out at me. Something did. It might be nothing, but I’m gonna roll with it and see where it goes.

This is the scene where Sherlock discovers the A.G.R.A. memory stick in the Thatcher bust, and fights with Ajay. Everything in this scene is blue, or lit up with blue: the pool, the pool lights, the waves painted on the walls (real subtle with the Water Thing there, Mark), the police lights. It’s overwhelmingly blue. Which means that, if blue coloring or lighting means that Sherlock is lying (and I will explain why I think that might be the case in just a second) then Ajay’s story about why he’s actually hunting down Mary - or even the way/reason that Sherlock discovers the memory stick - might be either a lie, or a half-lie on Sherlock’s part (assuming he’s telling Ella all this after it’s happened.)

These screenshots are taken from the montage of Rosamund Mary’s escape trip. Again, there is quite a bit of blue, especially in the transitions and maps. And the dice. Again, just like the scene where Sherlock finds the A.G.R.A. memory stick, this part of the narrative has been twisted or is unreliable. We’re not seeing the full truth here. Maybe Rosamund Mary had a much more sinister reason to leave London than just escaping another assassin. (I’m not sure this part holds up as well as some of the other blue-colored scenes, but still. I thought it was very interesting how they stuck with this one-color scheme across so many scenes in this episode.)

This is the scene where Rosie begins crying, and John texts the girl from the bus stop. Again, everything in this scene is pretty damn blue; at least it stood out as being strangely blue to me. I mean, c’mon, even the bathroom tiling and towels are blue:

So maybe that means that this scene isn’t entirely true, either. The unreliable narrator - Sherlock, possibly - has embellished or left out something critical to understanding (in context) this scene. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this one, but maybe someone can help me out with figuring out how/why this scene might possibly have been a lie or a half-lie.

So I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. This whole scene is so strange and off, as many people who are much better at this whole meta thing than I am have already pointed out (I.E., John, an army doctor, not doing anything other than talk to his dying wife when he could clearly do so much more to help save her… jfc?)

Maybe Rosamund Mary didn’t really die in this sccene. Maybe, after finding out something about Mary’s past or present while confronting her about the A.G.R.A. memory stick or Morocco (again, assuming that both those scenes weren’t shown to the audience exactly how they happened) John killed her, and Sherlock’s protecting John by not telling the story how it really happened. Or maybe it’s something else… but there is an incredible amount of blue in this scene, which very clearly connects it (for me) to the previous scenes I’ve mentioned.

After Rosamund Mary’s death scene, the camera pans up and we get this shot:

A blue shark. And since sharks have repeatedly been associated with villains already on this show, that’s pretty damn suggestive. The shark is still swimming - it hasn’t stopped, and therefore it hasn’t died.

After the blue shark, we immediately get this shot a box (coffin? Ashes?) burning with blue flames:

Again, this is sticking to a common color scheme present in many other scenes that could easily have been changed or fabricated to hide a much more sinister side of Rosamund Mary, and a very different version of that aquarium scene. So maybe Rosamund Mary isn’t actually dead, or the how/why of her death is a lie, or, or, or…

And that brings me to why I think that blue might be important.  In one of the last scenes in the episode, we see that Sherlock is in therapy, and trying to figure out what to “do about John.”

Strangely, the therapist, Ella, has an office that’s painted blue: walls, ceiling, everything. (It is also shaped similarly to the tube in the aquarium, and lit in a very similar way to the room where Rosamund Mary died, but I’m not entirely sure that has any significance?) Oftentimes, when pressured to make something up or lie about something, people will look to what’s around them to help them come up with material for their lies. So if Sherlock is recounting this story from his memory, isn’t it possible that his surrounding are leaking into how he sees those memories, especially the ones that aren’t coming from his memory because they’re partially or fully falsehoods?

And then the episode ends on this shot:

More blue, with Sherlock framed in front of water, on his way to “save John Watson.” Real subtle, Mark.

((If anyone recognizes a reference to one of their metas in this post, please, please, please tell me and I’ll tag you and give credit! I really don’t want to seem like I’m stealing anyone’s theories, I just got excited by all the metas I was seeing and decided to make one, too!))

AAAAA JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK U FOR 1000+ FOLLOWERS ;A; it the most i ever had h hh – This is also kind of a redraw of this,, hhhh ill try to be more active here,,, try being the key word hahaha

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the quarians were SUCH A LETDOWN for me.. in ME1 i was like ok the tightly fitting armor leaves little to the imagination but maybe at least their faces are weird? then in me2 you could kind of see very human looking eyes glowing through the mask and i was like NO.. PLEASE NO... and then in me3 it was like The Big Reveal.. A Human, With Glowing Eyes and i was like NOOOOOOOOOO

Maybe they were really just grey humans this whole time.. 

I know they were originally going to make them look more like this:

Which might still be too humany for people but I think its much better then “literally a human face”

Anyways this is my…attempt i guess

They are otherwise very humanoid (though convergent evolution remarkably human-like) except their bug face, which includes both compound eyes and lensed “simple eyes”. They have a diet primarily made up of liquids and mush, and as a result have to puree much of their food.

so my mother has always had kind of a weird thing about meryl streep: “there’s just something i don’t like about her.” “there’s just something about her face that doesn’t appeal to me.” that kind of thing. meanwhile i’ve never heard my dad mention meryl streep at all.

last night my dad called for help with his computer. i literally told him to turn it off and turn it back on again and he was not even a little bit offended. “what a good idea! i’m so glad I called you!” anyway while we were waiting for his computer to boot up again, i brought up donald trump. trump has really bonded me and my dad politically so i figured we were gonna get into the press conference, the russia hacking…I was ready.

my dad: did you see what he said about meryl streep?

me: yeah…hey, isn’t it wild how trump’s press secretary was gonna eject that cnn guy from the conference?

my dad: he said she was overrated.

me: yyyyeah….anyway….

my dad: now i don’t know how you feel about meryl streep… [dramatic pause for me to share my feelings about meryl streep; i have none]…but i think she is the greatest actress alive.

me: …ok…

my dad: …and he called her overrated! first of all, he’s wrong, second of all, how childish! the behavior of a toddler!

me [trying to find common ground]: he’s always like that. remember when hillary called him putin’s puppet in the debate and he was like, you’re the puppet?

my dad: this is worse because it’s a non sequitur! what does her acting have to do with it? which, by the way, is superlative. her acting is superlative.


me [out loud]: ok, is your computer back on now?

my dad: have you seen sophie’s choice?

as it turned out, restarting the computer solved one of his problems, but i was then unable to successfully talk him through how to copy a document to a folder or save it to a flash drive. “okay, what happens when you right click?” “i don’t know.”

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Is there a corner shop that the students visit for supplies; ramen, snacks, booze? Is the shop keeper effected or concerned about how these students constantly buy salt? It's not good for you know. Or is he/she in fact and it?

It’s the Walmart inside the campus grounds and it’s another liminal space that neither students nor Gentry ever try to end up in, they just kind of… find themselves there, distressed and alone, with a cart full of marshmallow peeps and bottom shelf sweet wine. The manager is more concerned with keeping staff for more than three days than they are with what customers buy - everyone knows college kids are weird af anyway, but the manager wishes they’d stop paying in dead leaves. The manager wishes they’d notice when people pay in dead leaves. To the manager it always looks like real money until the night shift ends, and then all the registers are full of dead leaves and 5/7 employees are missing, again. The manager has bigger problems.

I really love the idea of simple misunderstandings for the sake of humor and stuff, so anyways pls imagine everyone in the bureau of balance becoming slowly more aware of Kravitz’s existance but not being able to find out exactly who he is

Carey and Killian start playing a game called “preference or powerful” b/c they’ve met Kravitz a couple times and have seen the kind of clothes he wears and Carey’s convinced it’s because he’s just a weird goth man. Killain thinks something about Kravitz rubs her the wrong way and that he’s probably more powerful then he seems, but because he never actually told them his name and b/c he doesnt use his accent at the BoB they havent figured out that he’s kravitz

Carey enlists magnus and angus into the game but magnus has never actually seen Kravitz around so all he has is second hand descriptions that have led him to believe Taako’s dating the Strangest Man Alive. Meanwhile, Angus has everything figured out pretty quickly, but he’s not really sure if he sound say anything.  Merle has seen Kravitz, but everytime he has, he just assumes it’s a BoB employee he doesn’t know about, and therefore doesn’t care.

Avi & No3113 both see Kravitz turn into a skeleton at one point but Avi just stares for a second and goes “well this is not my problem” and decides to never mention it. No3113 told Carey and Killian eventually but she feels bad about it b/c she thinks she’s chosing Killian’s side.

Meanwhile, Johann and Leon are trying not to get sucked into the game.Johann’s met Kravitz once and they had a very small bonding session that was basically just Kravitz going “hey i know shit about music” so he’s convinced Kravitz is like, the best person ever. Leon doesn’t want to talk about anything related to Taako, which includes his boyfriend.

everyone agrees not to tell the director because she has enough to worry about without someone telling her a stranger keeps showing up on the base

Y’all want to know the first names of them Friends of the ABC when you could be interested in more important matters, such as which ones like pineapple on pizza, which ones hate it, and which ones are neutral on the matter


[Connor]’s the kind of player that coaches like to coach, and players like to play with.


I wanted to do this redraw in… October, but now I’m kind of glad I didn’t, even if it’s out of season. Still makes me laugh a little… and the original first one still shows up in my notifications even now?? Why.

Anyways I mean maybe I should just own it and call them my pumpkins lol.


Welp, that sure was weird to draw…

Anyway, I’ve kind of had this idea stuck in my head because Mob says his lack of physical prowess is because he’s relied on his powers all his life. Even though he barely uses them. And even though none of the other espers, some of whom are the epitome of relying on one’s powers, seem to have the same problem. Boy, I think you’re just not that athletically inclined.

What if Friday the 13th IV
  • Setting: Marinette's bedroom
  • Marinette: Today has been kind of weird, hasn't it? All those accidents...
  • Adrien: *has borrowed her good luck charm as a precaution* To be fair, there was a statistical probability that all of that stuff would have happened anyway.
  • Marinette: I guess. Oh, let me get us some snacks. I'll be right back. *leaves*
  • Adrien: Relax, Agreste. She just went downstairs. And you have the bracelet. *mannequin topples over and takes out Marinette's computer display, sending it crashing to the floor*
  • Adrien: ...I'll buy her a new one.