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Highlights from the Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire panel at Storytelling Con, Barcelona, April 22, 2017

  • Lana came in first…..
  • Did she prank someone on set:  “Well I stole Rebecca’s dog.  She was not happy about that.  But she stole my chocolates so I thought it was fair to steal her puppy.  It was my Wicked Witch moment.  I stole her Toto.”
  • Which Meryl Streep movie would you like to have been in:  Mama Mia, the Deer Hunter, the Devil Wear’s Prada.  
  • FMK:  F Emma, M Zelena, K Rumple.  “I would sleep with myself, I’d marry the Evil Queen, and I’d kill my mother.  Nooooo.  That doesn’t make anyone happy.”
  • Favorite con activities:  “I love the meet and greets because they’re really intimate and you get to learn a little bit more about my people.  Those are my favorite moment.  Also just hearing people’s stories.  These are fun.  I like the panels because I like the energy.  And it’s just fun because I get to see everyone and hear everyone, feel your energy and hear your voices and your shouting, your cheering, it’s electrifying.”
  • What was it like meeting Johnny Depp:  She was seven all over again, and she had a crush on Johnny Depp during 21 Jump Street.  She was starstruck and fangirled and looked stupid in that picture.
  • What has she learned from Regina or the Evil Queen:  “I’ve learned a lot of lessons.  And a lot of similar lessons that a lot of you have learned from these characters because they are very inspiring women.  One a little bit more than the other.  But even the Evil Queen I’ve learned lessons from her in what not to do.  And with Regina just always striving to be the best me I could be for myself and others.  That’s probably the biggest lesson.  Sounds cheesy but it’s not.”
  • What is it like to live with four boys:  Fun, loud, energetic, with a lot going on.
  • Best advise to give to your fans:  “Be kind to one another.  No more segregation, no more separation, no more hate, no more bullshit, I mean there is a lot of that happening in the world.  Why would you want to be part of that?  So especially in social media I see all the negative banters back and forth and it’s just… I just recommend if you get the impulse to want to say something really shitty to someone … go do something else.”
  • Sean Maguire joined at this point….
  • What is your favorite one liner:  “I love fillet the bitch.  I just think it’s so fun to say.”
  • They took a picture with an OQ banner presented to them by fans.
  • What would they as their characters use to describe the other…
    • Lana:  “Chivalrous, Smells like Forest, Handsome, Father, Loving…”
    • Sean:  “Dynamic, Stunning, Courageous, Beautiful, Powerful.”
  • What do you think the EQ and Robin are up to in the wish realm?  “I know what they’re up to but we can’t say. […] I think they’re having a really good time.”
  • Question about how Robin and Regina never said I love you on the show:  They both seem surprised that they did not.  
    • Sean:  “Well if that’s the case it’s an oversight on our part or the writers part or they’re really holding out to do that line.  He’s already dead and you are still holding out?”
    • Lana:  “I feel like they had to have said it…”
    • Sean:  “I think you’re right… […] it’s because Robin and Regina are really shy…  But did you get the sense that we both felt that?  [Audience affirmative]  Well then we did our job.”
    • Lana:  “I’m here to tell you all that Regina and Robin Hood loved each other.”
    • Sean:  “We certainly did.”
  • Lana declines to sing again… which … she does a lot at cons.
  • First impressions:  
    • Sean:  “Lana was the one on my first day, Lana was one of the first actors on the show to say hi to me and welcome me to the show.  So I was really … it’s like the first day at school and when someone who has been there a while welcomes you it makes you feel really relaxed.  So I was very, I loved her straight off the bat, I was like ‘oh she’s nice.  We’ll get along well.’ not knowing we’d end up working together.
    • Lana:  “I saw Sean before he saw me and I felt a warmth and a kindness and a sensitive sweet soul and you can see it.  And I thought that’s my Robin Hood.  So I went and introduced myself.  And I knew we’d get along.  And Sean knows this I’ve told him this a million times he’s been like an angel for me on the show and I love him so much.  And I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful, beautiful, love interest, co-star, friend, we really enjoy working with each other and I was so glad he came back this season.  Honestly when Sean’s not there it’s weird.  He brings so much light and laughter, he is, he makes everyone, the crew smile, everyone laugh, he’s missed.”
  • Does Regina think Emma is too good for Hook:
    • Lana:  “Ahhh I mean I feel like Regina … I feel like I’m going to say yes for them but honestly I think that Hook has come a long way …”
    • [At this point the audience starts making noise…]
    • Lana:  “Shhhhh do you want to answer the question or do you want me to answer the question?  You may not like my answers but that’s okay, it’s still my answer.”
    • [Moderator/Translator:  “Drop the mic.”]  
    • Lana:  “So I think that Hook has come a long way.  I don’t think that Regina necessarily likes him very much.  She tolerates him.  And she supports her friend.  All the Swan Queens are going …”
    • [Moderator/Translator goes ‘Swan Queens chill’]
    • Lana:  “I have to look at the story as it’s written so I’m answering the question as the character and what is written.  And I don’t think she really cares for Hook.  She’s always sarcastic, she’s always belittling him, she puts up with him, and if he makes Emma happy she’s happy.  Now I’ve lost all those fans…”
    • [Moderator/Translator :  “No you haven’t.”]
    • Lana:  “I’m just kidding.  I know I haven’t.”
  • Future projects:  
    • Lana:  “Well we don’t know if there is a season seven.  So we don’t know what is going to happen but we’ll see.  In the meantime there is a lot to catch up on in life.  We’ve been working on Once for six years so … it’s important to take time for yourself and to try and try to reconnect and try to get some things done on a personal level.  Who knows what lies ahead.”
    • Sean:  “The show finishes filming around April … and those going back go back in July and Lana and I and a lot of the cast in that time travel around the world.  We go to Brazil we go to Paris which we love and we’ve had an amazing time meeting all the wonderful fans.  But it sometimes doesn’t leave us a lot of time to do the personal things that we want to do…”
    • Lana:  “No rest for the wicked.  But we’ll see.  I hope you follow us no matter where we go.”
  • Best day of your life:
    • Lana:  Being born.  
    • Sean:  When his son was born.  Lana and Ginny told the assistant director to send him home when he showed up to work the day after his son was born.
@alkja replied to your post: forcearama: pattroughton: So Vader has a…

Let’s all imagine Luke finding the castle and realizing he’s only the #2 Obi-Wan Fanboy in the galaxy while FG!Anakin squirms in embarrassment. “Really, dad? Really? Why not a lock of his hair too?” “…With his brush in that gilded box.” “DAD” “It was really lovely hair, ok?” “…Force’s sake.”

Hahahahahaha, I live for Luke finding out about his dad’s eternal love for Obi-Wan. He is absolutely going to run across that room at some point and either die laughing or die of embarrassment, or both. It’s going to be hard to make eye contact for a couple of weeks afterward.

Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost is going to die for a second time about all of this. He will literally blush himself to another death when Luke finds this place. 

Actually, I kind of want Kylo to be the one to encounter Vader’s little Obi-Wan Room. Like, he’s got this image of Vader as an all-powerful Super Scary Sith Lord Whose Work Must be Continued and Who Loved Nothing and No One, and then he’s gonna find out that Vader spent much of his leisure time drawing saucy pictures of some Jedi and writing shitty romantic poetry about him and…it’s gonna be awkward. 

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What do you think about noora now after the whole kissing yousef thing?? (Spoiler alert lool)

Honestly I couldn’t think less about Noora, it was shitty done of her but she’s 18, she just found the guy she thought was the love of her life had gotten a new girlfriend when she thought they were still kind of together (which obviously was a messed up situationship before any girl entered the picture and fucked her up mentally) AND that her close(st?) friend didn’t tell her about it (to Noora: lied about it) when she opened up something she was hurt about and hasn’t spoken to anyone about.

There’s no doubt in my mind that she knew what she was doing, she knew this would hurt Sana, that’s part of why she did it.

She was lonely…

Yousef going to get Sana to help Elias and then bolting? That’s not him.
Yousef not supporting his bros in a fight? That’s not him.
Yousef making out with Noora at a party where Sana is? That’s not him.

I don’t think it was Elias who hit Isak, I think it was Yousef. Now, the WHY is going to be way more interesting though…


Missed connection:

You, with the bloody knuckles, angry and wound up like you were set to burst.

Me, blue balls, and bluer, hypothermic, balls.

It’s Marco who leans over to whisper conspiratorially in his ear, “That’s Eren, you should talk to him.” He says it with a smile that dimples both cheeks, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he’d funneled vodka down Jean’s throat like it was going out of style, he could be mistaken for the picture of angelic innocence. 

As it is, he’s funneled vodka down Jean’s throat. As it is, Jean’s spent the better part of two and a half years in love with him, wasting his lit major on truly terrible poetry about longing and unrequited love. Not that he thought it was terrible. His professor told him that.

“Nah,” he says instead, glancing quickly over at Eren – eyebrows knitted, frowning, fingers clasped around a dart – “I’m here for you, babe,” he winks, and it feels less stupid than it is because Marco laughs and because he has half a bottle of hard liquor sloshing around in his stomach.

Regrets, like hangovers, are saved for morning afters.

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Irresistible Mistakes - Go Okubo Main Story Walkthrough

 I’ve created this walkthrough so that people who don’t have time (or are lazy), or are just simply struggling to get the endings that they want can get through them. 

Other IM walkthroughs:

Shunichiro Tachibana

Toshiaki Kijima

Toma Kiriya

These answers should yield the results to the ending you want.

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I want loads of followers and decided to go the desperate tacky way and fund a give away. I did my research and they seem to be the popular way as people like free shit. My favorite catch phrase in one of the "give away's" was "You don't have to follow me but it would be neat" typed out twice. I can't help but picture these tacky assholes as the fat kid at school who buys friends with food and shit. If I do a give away do you think people would see me like this? Part 1

I feel like you already answered your own question, if you think that’s a tacky way to get followers then that’s probably what other people will think too( I tend to have the same thoughts, I mean if you just want to be generous and give shit away that’s one thing, but just to get followers is a nah for me). I just want to say, the number of followers you have doesn’t matter, because you could have 10,000 followers but if they aren’t interacting what does it matter? You just want to say you have that many? Or do you actually want people to follow along with your content? Because if that’s what you want the best advice I could give you is to just be an active member of the community and I don’t mean by making cc. I mean follow people, comment on their stuff, so many people bitched about having commenting back yet now that it’s here it’s like they forget how to use it. I don’t do follow backs, most of the people I follow have been really active on my blog and it makes me check out their blog and 9 out of 10 times, their blogs are fucking awesome so I follow and by follow I don’t mean click the follow button. I read, I comment, I send asks. I make it known that I love their stories, content, edits little ramblings, whatever. Simblr is supposed to be a community but there is just so many cliques, and I feel like people think if you don’t ass kiss to the bigger simblrs or you don’t bow down with the sheeple you go unnoticed and I mean it’s kind of true to an extent, but for me I’d rather have people following along and getting into my story because I write well or they like my shitty pictures or they think I’m a genuine person not because so and so has my sim in their game, or this person reblogged my post or I’m ass kissing to get noticed, or doing a giveaway. Sorry this is long, I know how good it feels when people like or comment on your stuff, I’m not saying that it’s not important because it is, obviously, but first and foremost simblr should be fun, you should like what you post and you should like the stuff you see on your dash, and if you want loads of followers or notes I hope you get that, but it can be really hard,I’ve been here a long time and I’m still a really small blog and I’ve asked myself a thousand times what is the point and the point is I like having a place to be creative and I like the small group of people who love my story and chars as much as I do and that’s enough. Because even if you have a shit ton of followers and no one leaves comments or likes it’s gonna make you feel upset and if you aren’t having fun, what the hell is the point? Ya dig? I dunno I hope this helps you. LOL 

(And thus is the end of my stuff for rarepair week! it’s been really cool seeing all the different ships that people have. I think it went pretty good for my first official “fandom week”. But yes my last stuff for the week. Base off stuff me and @saaiie had talked about and he drew some stuff about it)

Bakushin- Coffee Shop (Day 7)

-Shinsou’s insomnia decides that it’s gonna have a goddamn party and keep him up for almost a week straight (he gets an hour or two here and there). He’s desperate for decent coffee since he got bored of the stuff he already had in his apartment and didn’t want to spend money on a brew he might not even like.

-He usually hates the places that are exclusively for coffee. Too many people trying to be cool while not even drinking coffee (just sugary nonsense that made him gag). He also doesn’t want to be included in that stereotype that most of them proudly seem to fill.

-But, like said, he’s desperate and he heard they have strong stuff. He resigns himself to suffer and just hopes no one will start commenting that he looked like he drew his eye bags (he didn’t, and the people who said that didn’t know half of his pain)

-When he goes in, he ignored everyone until he can order his coffee. The strongest shit they had, plus more. Hot Guy™ behind the counter almost spilled his drink. Shinsou didn’t comment on it mostly b/c he’s tired but he also is lowkey checking said Hot Guy™ out.

-The coffee actually didn’t suck so Shinsou starts going back every morning for his daily dose of caffeine.

-Bakugou started working at the coffee shop b/c he really needed cash, and is pretty much forbidden from the front counter due to his attitude. But the person on that shift decided not to show up and he had to. He got three people mad and two refused to put stuff in the tip jar and then he almost spilled one of the coffees (he got flustered and forgot how gay he was when he was taking the purple haired guy’s order). Kirishima picks up immediately and starts teasing him and the other three idiots joined in.

-Turned out person who used to work the counter on Bakugou’s shift quit suddenly (bakugou hated him anyway) and now Bakugou is stuck covering that b/c no one else wants to and he did it already. He had planned to go back to his place just getting the coffee ready and not dealing with people. But he’s officially stuck at the counter until the boss decides otherwise.

-Him and Shinsou then continually have interaction after interaction as Shinsou orders coffee Bakugou’s sure could kill a man and Bakugou grumpily gets the coffee.

-Bakugou learns that Shinsou likes cats and draws shitty looking cats on the cup near Shinsou’s name (they’re kind of lumpy potatoes with eyes and whiskers). Also Bakugou starts calling Shinsou “Panda-eyes” after he learned that Shinsou’s eye bags were actually 100% real from sleep deprivation. He tries making the coffee weaker, but Shinsou picks it up instantly and warns him not to.

-Shinsou loves the lumpy-potato quality cats and takes pictures of them when Bakugou is busy with some huffy costumers.

-One day, Shinsou is in a rush and doesn’t bother with his hair and Bakugou has a mini heart attack (I like the idea of wavy-haired Shinsou, so it’s all wavy and fluffy looking and yes). Bakugou gets nagged by Kirishima, Ashido, Sero, and Kaminari to put his phone number on the cup, and does it just to make them shut up.

-When Shinsou leaves, he realizes what he just did and regrets everything. Shinsou didn’t even notice it at first, only when he was looking at a particularly squiggly lumpy-potato cat. He puts the number in his phone and sends the picture of the lumpy-potato cat. Bakugou tells him not to mock his shitty art skills.

Uchiha Sasuke's Sharingan Legend chapter 3 ~full!~

As I promised, here’s the full chapter 3 (I thought I’d translate it because it’s the only one missing. And because I got many Itachi fans after I translated the shindens, so this one’s for you). The scans are a little bit meh because they’re my scans this time. Hope you’ll like it~

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Steve Harrington Analysis

Or, in other words, all the little under-appreciated and overlooked things that Steve did that prove he’s already a better person than the “rich, popular, playboy” stereotype makes him out to be even before his redemption arc (plus those aspects, too).

Note: This in no way is meant to drag down any other characters (except for Tommy and Carol they can choke but I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement on that). I love Jonathan so so much and if anything said about him in here sounds offensive, it was not my intention. He, like Steve, is still growing and maturing so they’re both bound to make mistakes along the way (which they both have). This analysis is just to simply highlight some of Steve’s moments that show he isn’t just a one-dimensional character since some people in this fandom dislike him and only focus on his negatives. Ok, anyway, here we go… 

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I want all of you to be okay. There’s a community here and we’re all tied together by our love of one particular band. That’s all I need. If you’re ever having a bad day, mentally or if stuff is just kind of shitty, if you ever just need someone to vent to, I may just be someone on the internet but I want you all to be okay and know you have an outlet. Shit, hit me up if you just want me to spam you with animal pictures or talk. Or…IDK. I’m good for bad puns and dad level jokes. We’re family here and I may not know many of you but I’m here when and if you need me. 💚💚💚

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My (half) sister was in South Carolina for Spring Break and was having an amazing time in her hotel’s jacuzzi tub, but when it was time to come back, everything went bad. A tire on her parents’ car went flat and she was forced to find a hotel on her phone that had 8% at 2:00 PM in the middle of Virginia, which she knew nothing about. Then she was informed her best friend’s rabbit had passed. She was so upset when she came back, but I, her favorite little brother, came in extreme clutch.
I got her a case from her favorite anime a few days prior, so I grabbed that. Then I went to Dollar General and grabbed donuts, candy, her favorite candles, a bottle of soda, and ramen. I went to her house, gave her all these things, and she almost burst into tears. Everything had pent up and she wasn’t doing good, but I somehow made things better.
It’s little things like these, people. Little things that make someone’s day, week, month, and even year.
Do a little good thing for people every once in awhile. Make the world a little less shitty.

  • Confession: I’ve had a really shitty week. My life is in a shambles. I’m not worried about losing followers because I only have 86 to start with.
  • Seeing that Taylor is doing the show in December should make me happy.
  • Instead I’m reading people who hope her and Joe broke up, why is she doing such a small show, and all kinds of negative things.
  • I enjoy coming on here and reading fanfics because I enjoy reading and having some hope of love.
  • I enjoy seeing pictures of Joe and Taylor because they are in love. And if I feel like it, I’ll reblog them.
  • I know I will never get a Taylor follow and I’ve accepted that.
  • I have no extra money because I live paycheck to paycheck. Because I have my daughter and my beautiful granddaughter living with me.
  • Yes, I am older than most of you.
  • I have anxiety and I’m still learning how to deal with it.
  • So please can’t we be kind to each other and just fill our blogs with love for Taylor. For Taylor and Joe and for her musi


too many yandere US sans, not enough obsessive US pap. what kind of brother would he be if he didn’t take pictures of his cute little brother 24/7/different timeline and tear out the minors and have a room just dedicated to sans’ pics. not obsession bro, it’s LOVE! papyrus is just CRaZy In LoVe!!111 

i spent all night studying with caffeine so i cant really sleep today. idk if i should continue studying or just draw until i pass out vwv

 draw. soemthing. really. shitty. cuz. i. dont feel like finishing this.

hey everyone. here’s the thing: i hate life and existing in this bullshit universe, i hate porn culture and the god damned mountains of terrible dumbass drawings of anime girls and all kinds of other gross misogynist shit fucking garbage. i’ve decided this ruins my life so much that I need to come up with a coping mechanism other than wanting to FUCKING kill myself so I’ve decided every time I have a fucking meltdown whenever I see shitty artwork, which is every day, all the time, basically constantly because it’s fucking absolutely everywhere, I’m drawing pictures of non sexualized lesbians who love each other instead. this one is in honor of today’s eclipse, which is when two gay celestial entities become especially gay with each other in a rare, extremely gay event. thanks for following my Fuckass art blog

i love the way you laugh by makesmewannatsss (vansandburberry)

“Think we can blow the classroom up?” Louis whispers.

Harry snorts, covering his mouth quickly and earning a glance from their teacher.

“Well? Do you wanna?” Louis teases with a grin.

…All of a sudden Harry is reaching across him as quickly as he can and grabbing the vial out of his hands…Just as their bottle bubbles over. And by bubbles, Louis realizes that there are literal bubbles, colored a tinge yellow and getting all…over…their desk.

It smells kind of weird, too.

“Fuck,” Harry curses under his breath and, wow, okay – maybe not the moment for this but Louis realizes just how much he appreciates that word out of Harry’s mouth.

Behind them, Louis can hear Niall laugh his arse off and whip out his phone to take pictures. “Gemma’s gonna love these!” he shouts.

[Read on ao3.]

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Out of curiosity who are your favourite taz blogs? I need more people to follow.

Honestly I don’t follow many taz-specific blogs!  I’m weird, I troll through the tags to find stuff instead of following people.  There are a few though!

I’m a fan of @lucretias-journal and @whyismagnuscrying, they both make me laugh all the time.  Why is Magnus Crying also has a steady flow of cute dog pictures, which is important to my every day health and well being.  @fantasycostcocatalog is also cool!  And if you like that good good Magnus/Taako/Kravitz content, @threesomeonthemoon is VERY GOOD.  And if you’re the kind of person who wants to see literally everything the Taag has to offer, @taagnus-is-canon is a godsend.  Oh, and I personally love @shitty-tazquote-edits, because dumb quotes over pretty pictures is my aesthetic.

Cool TAZ content creators I follow that are not specifically TAZ blogs and may not post about TAZ super often, but are still worth checking out (in no particular order, just going down my following list):

@doodlebugjug, @artbychromo, @epersonae, @the-nothing-maker, @bocsart, @themonsterghost, @the-syrup-witch, @smokysardonyx, @this-artist-rushes-in, @saveyourheart13, @lord-bilingual, @rosepetaldyke, @catsi

hONESTLY I just let other people find stuff for me a lot of the time, ya’ll have excellent taste.


I’m tired of shows showing latinos like sangre caliente people and with a horrible English accent and speaking really slow with dark skin only and usually uncultured, speaking through a stuffed nose with a weird guatemaltecan accent and into some kind of drug cartel. 

1) We speak very fast. Really, really fast.

2) Not all latinos speak Spanish. Some speak Portuguese, English, Hindi, Deutch, native languages and French. Most of us speak Spanish, yes, but every country has a complete different accent from each other, what makes it very easy to know where is the person from after a couple of words are spoken. This is isn’t just a different “tone” it’s also a different way of spelling, pronouncing and slang/idioms that we HARDLY share. 

3) Enchiladas, tacos and nachos are things you eat in Mexico, open a book, we are much more than Mex (that is part of Northamerica, not central-south America as many of you believe). America is a continent with so many different cultures, food, dances, people, history (even when almost all of us were conquered by Spain, except Canada that was taken by the English and the French only, and Brazil by Portugal) Yes, even the States was taken by Spain.

4) Not all folkloric dances are cumbia, merengue and salsa. If you go south you have vals, for instance, tango (some countries not all), cuecas, etc. 

5) We are so much more than the caribbean, and we have achieved a lot of things being under the hate and pressure of the States and Europe. We have been assaulted, murdered, and taken in so many ways, yet we push and move forward while you sit in your couch calling us “slacks” “primitive” “ignorant” and “criminals”.

6) Yes some of us are in fact crap as that. But some others are brilliant, as EVERYWHERE.

7) Spanish is way harder than English, and even when some may speak it with difficulties they still do…besides, did you know that the States language IS NOT English? The US doesn’t have an official language, so fuck off.

8) There are some places that are more expensive than North America - Europe, where college debt is the same that the States, our min wage is a fourth of what’s the USA’s, working 45 hours a week and 4 weeks. There are also places cheaper, way cheaper, but not with a higher min wage.

9) Some police are awful and horrible, some others are even better than North - Europe. Don’t assume all of us are sleeping under a tree, running naked and making lines for a little food wearing plastic-bottle sandals. 

10) We got schools and universities just like everyone else, and we get ipods, and computers, and bikes and cars. We are not set anywhere BC riding dinousaurs to work (joke, we aren’t that ignorant to believe dinos inhabited along human beings).
*Doesn’t Santiago de Chile look amazing?


11) Some happiness indexes here are higher than North/Europe.

12) Some of us are privileged enough to drink water straight for the tap cause we one of the purest water sources in the world.

13) No, llamas aren’t a thing. They’re just a joke to anglo speakers.

14) Some of us have a better foster care and adoption system, and a higher index of kid’s respected rights along less child abuse than the US, for example. Some others are shitty and must be corrected ASAP.

15) We are black, brown, white, chinese, japanese, indian, russian, korean, blue eyed, tall, blond, red headed, short, fat, skinny, with big noses, with white teeth, with small feet, zero muscle, a lot of fat, very muscular. We are like every other place is. We are not just the picture of the first Salvadoreño from a camp you found online. 

*Love to Salvador, where not everyone is homeless, poor and barefoot.


16) We are NOT skinny with a big ass and huge boobs or really fat with an “I hate you” kind of face, we have different shapes, like everywhere.

*Thank you Rio, Brazil, where you can also find blond people. 


17) I’m not talking about Asia because a far as I know they don’t look down to us as most of North americans and Europeans do.

18) I don’t mention Africa cause they have suffered the same hate, killing and discrimination we have through the years. Lands stolen, people killed, goods stolen too.

19) We can’t undo the past but you can start showing more respect and interest into who we are: the people YOU ASSAULTED (Europe) and your neighbors and continent-sharers (North America, yes, I’m including Mexico).


Drew goblin junkrat for inktober and had to tie him down some when I started BRAINCRAFTING my new magical AU! And, since I’m going with actual playable races and classes for the main heroes, I switched Roadhog up a bit (kind of). Decided to render out a picture of Roadhog for the sake of showing off his armor, but Junkrat’s in there for scale.

Meet Jammfixx “Junkrat” Boomrocket (boy do I love goblin names) - goblin warlock engineer, “kind of a shitty wizard” but notorious in his circles for being a remarkable demolitionist, craftsman and prime example of everything terrible about goblins and warlocks alike. Being a mercenary loosely (underline loosely) allied with the Horde, the junk man’s well sought after by bounty hunters and various authorities, necessitating the “hiring” of one Mako “Roadhog” Rutledge. A horrifying force of nature, this undead death knight now serves only his own enigmatic interests and spreads unholy terror in his wake.


pictures I’ve taken in London feat my finger, because I don’t know how to handle disposable cameras, and my friends, on the second to last pic (that blue haired darling is @gumballcutie ). I took all of these so fast they’re all shaky and messy and these are definitely not the best kind of pictures I can take, but they mean so very much to me I can’t help but love them.