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The X-Files MSR Analysis Series: Season 1 Episode 8


Previous episode analysis - 1x07 Ghost in the Machine.

Ice is an episode that is largely about paranoia, but when it comes to the MSR, it’s more of an episode about trust.  

Scully’s trust in Mulder, and his trustworthiness are focus points of the episode in general.  When put in this pressure cooker environment, filled with paranoia and fear - how do Mulder and Scully cope?  How does their relationship hold up?  Well, it turns out that Scully, as always, is the real MVP.  She passes this test with flying colours, whereas Mulder sadly falls at the final hurdle.  

It could be easy to be critical of Mulder, sat writing this in 2017, but it’s worthwhile remembering that this is 8 episodes into the first season.  Their newly minted partnership hadn’t yet been put to the test, and Mulder - while willing to give Scully a chance to prove her trustworthiness to him - still has not fully reached the point of complete trust in her by the time we get to Ice.

Mulder desperately wants to trust Scully, and he has on many occasions prior to this.  But clearly he has some niggling doubts that when magnified by extreme stress, made it all too easy for him to turn on her when he makes his descent into full blown paranoia.  

It would seem that the idea of having someone he can truly depend on to have his back, is still a very foreign concept to him at this point in their partnership.

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Headcanon(s): Genderfluid Bucky Barnes

Things I need: Recovering genderfluid Bucky who wears whatever the fuck he wants to wear like really loose sundresses when spring rolls around simply because he loves the freedom they give his body + the fabric is soft as shit + no pants = no problem. (+ he looks and feels hella cute and is comfortable as fuck with it)

When he starts rehabilitation, the team doesn’t bother teaching him about any of the ‘gendernorm’ stuff such as, “thats for girls/for boys” because as Tony puts it, “Genders are way overrated and for the simple minded” and Natasha will put any man or woman through the wringer that says she ‘cant’ simply because of her genitalia.

This gives Bucky true freedom to do what feels best for himself. And Bucky doesn’t cut his hair and lets it grow past his shoulders because he likes it. And because he doesn’t feel like the old James Barnes anymore. He still identifies with he/him/his pronouns… and doesn’t feel weird or wrong when someone uses them even when he’s wearing a dress.

Some days he wakes up and feels a little more masculine and some days he wakes up and feels a little more feminine and it’s 100% okay, because HYDRA’s messed with his brain so bad that this is him trying to find out who he is now and realizing that he’s all of these things and none of the Avengers say shit because they all know what its like to be denied happiness.

Clint brings Lucky to the Tower whenever he gets the chance and the dog absolutely adores Bucky. Clint tells him about his days in the circus and about all the weird shit he’s seen and says, “Barnes, there are photos of me in full on drag- heels bigger than the ones Natasha wears, and riding a white horse… completely shitfaced on a golf course. There is next to nothing that you can wear/identify with that will make me look at you differently.”

Natasha speaks to him in Russian, Romanian, English, and German, sometimes switching through all four languages before they finish a conversation. Bucky’s hesitant in asking for anything so she takes Clint for company and one of Tony’s charge cards and goes to town, buying literally everything from nail polish, sun hats, dresses, scarves, boots, heels, hell even lingerie, and they work out Bucky’s likes and dislikes together. She tells Bucky how proud she is of him and constantly reassures him that, “No, it’s okay. That ‘for girls’ stuff” that he sees in magazines and in stores and online, “is complete bullshit. You can do whatever you want, котенок.” She never fails to defend him during board meetings, spitting, “Yes he is wearing a dress, will this be a problem?” with determined fire in her eyes at whatever ignorant agent/politician that gives Bucky a questioning glare. When his hair reaches past his shoulders she sits behind him and puts it into braids during Avengers movie night. She teaches him how to curl it into soft waves, and how to tie it up and shove it all under a baseball cap for days when he doesn’t want long hair at all.

Tony pulls up article upon article about genderfluidity one night and reads all of them. He even prints some out to give to Bruce, Pepper, Rhodey, and anyone else he can find because suddenly he’s interested. He’s the one who first asks Bucky what his preferred pronouns are because, yes he may be an asshole, but he isn’t that kind of asshole. Sleepless caffeine nights turn into a week long shebang where he runs around the tower making heartfelt and manic speeches about the, “Utter shit that are genderroles. Why not be both? Why the fuck not?” Because Tony of all people knows what it’s like to grow up under such standards. After all, he spent most of his childhood comparing himself to his father’s greatest creation, golden-boy Steve Rogers. Back then, all Tony knew about the soldier was that he seemed to be the epitome of what it means to be a ‘man… and a hero.’  He programs JARVIS to monitor and tag the things that may be harmful to Bucky and his development on news feeds and around the tower, just like he has done for each and every one of the Avengers induvidual triggers.

Sam helps Bucky make sense of it all. He’s the only Avenger who isn’t just saying, “Yo, do whatever the fuck makes you happy,” Because sometimes Bucky doesn’t know what makes him happy. Sam will sit with him and help him figure out the ‘why’ it makes him happy and the ‘why’ he deserves to be happy. Sam is the only one who really, really doesn’t treat Bucky any differently. Never even bat an eyelash the first time Bucky showed up to a meeting with his hair in a long braid with a couple of small lillie flowers sticking out of it. “You let me know if I ever say something that you don’t like, okay? I may not know much about genderfluidity, but I’m willing to learn and I won’t be offended if you teach me a lesson or two… or five-hundred.” Sam is solid

Thor is just as confused as Bucky is at the self-discovery, but for entirely differen’t reasons. It’s the first spring day that has reached over 40 degrees and Bucky walks into the foyer of the Tower wearing a lose charcoal knit cardigan, a gray tank-top dress that ends mid-thigh, skin tight black leather leggings, tall socks, and combat boots. His brown hair is tied in a bun. No one notices Steve drooling in the corner in favor for Thor’s loud exclimation, “This Midgard attire of yours, son of Barnes. It is very nice! I have seen Darcy Lewis wear similar. Is it customary to cloth oneself in such wears here on Earth? If it be okay, I would like to know where you obtained this,” Thor runs a ringer down the edge of Bucky’s oversized cardigan and smiles, “it is very soft!” He frowns at the dress and Bucky is about to protest when Thor continues, “Though I think wearing something like this would not go over well for me. It looks comfortable, but you see, I fear that there is nothing but air to hold my nether regions-,”

“That’s what underwear is for, Thor.” Natasha rolls her eyes.

Tony loudly interjects a whole spiel of education about genderroles to Thor who just looks more confused by the second.

“This…” Thor points to how Bucky is dressed, “Is not consitered… the ‘norm?’” His frown deepens, “But… why not? I do not understand why this would be frowned upon? On Asgard it is normal for warriors and people to dress however they please, whether it be in hard armor like Lady Sif, or in robes of lose silk like my brother finds comfort in. Like how on Asgard… it is also normal for a warrior to lie with another of the same gender as them. The ways of Midgard baffle me sometimes. Are your people so little minded?” He finishes with a shake of his head.

Bruce doesn’t say much, but he is gentle and kind and thats more than Bucky could ask for. He reads the articles that Tony gives him and even looks up some on his own. Every once in a while he will give a small smile to Bucky and say offhandedly, “That color looks good on you.” or, “Your hair looks really nice like this, did Natasha teach you how to do it?” and then they will go back to doing whatever they were doing.  He also understands what it’s like to be afraid of yourself. Part of the reason why he is gentle, and withdrawn, is for the fear that one day he will hurt someone that he’s grown close too. He lets Bucky stay in the lab with him sometimes, and they just talk through their problems together while Bruce tinkers. Not really comparing expierences, but understanding the fear in eachother that no one else really gets. Bruce tells Bucky about how he copes and about how the fear will never really go away, but he’s learning. And what he has learned is that maybe, just maybe, if he builds bridges that are built on trust, love, and respect, those bridges will be strong enough to tell The Other Guy, no, these are your friends; these you protect. When Bucky’s boyfriend of 8 months breaks up with him because he’s done waiting for Bucky to put out sexually, each of The Avengers don’t have time to be pissed off because they’re too preoccupied with containing a very very angry Bruce from Hulking out and ripping the guy to shreds.

Steve can’t even, because Bucky is just… sinfully beautiful to Steve no matter what gender he’s dressing as or wants to be. He quietly declares ‘Take Me to Church’ as the soundtrack of his wrecked life. At first, he silently supports Bucky in his decisions to go on a few dates with various people both male and female. He along with Natasha were in favor of letting Bruce have have his way with Bucky’s selfish ex. But it was hard watching people who were supposed to love Bucky, look at him like they would rather not have a partner that is mixed gender, or watching him have a partner that silently tries to push him to one gender. And one day he tells Bucky this and Bucky confesses that he’s just not good enough for Steve. He says that Steve deserves someone who knows exactly who they are and what they want, not someone who’s fucked up and only has one arm and isn’t comfortable enough to have sex. Steve tells Bucky that if he’s fucked up then Steve is fucked up too because he wants nothing more than to love him unconditionally. He loves Bucky Barnes new and old and all the ‘fucked up’ things that come with him.

Ice, time, death, aliens, bigots, fuckin nazis, and homophobia can’t even keep him away, so Bucky better get used to it, “Jerk, cause I want this… with you. I want you.”

Now adays 80% of their relationship is spent on the couch communicating feelings, memories, likes, dislikes, and just talking about nothing specific. Steve thinks that this is more than okay. They aren’t ripping eachother’s clothes off 24/7 like everyone else seems to think they do. If anything, they haven’t gotten that far in the sexual department because of Bucky’s trauma. Steve has read anything and everything there is about PTSD, brain injury, sexual/emotional/physical/mental abuse, to know that these things take a huge amount of time. And if their relationship never gets to that point, Steve has made it perfectly clear that he is 10987657890% okay with that. He thinks that seeing/being the cause of Bucky full belly laughing, throwing his head back and everything, is probably just as good as seeing him naked. If it would make Bucky happy, Steve would follow him to the ends of the Earth; sex or no sex.

Natasha tells him that this is love. He tells her that he knows.

He can’t really help the fact that his boyfriend is sexy as hell and sometimes just looking at him is enough to get Steve’s mind in the gutter, but he would never tocuh without permission. Hell, he rarely even looks without permission, used to blush maddly everytime Bucky caught him staring until one day Bucky told him that he likes when Steve stares, because it makes him feel wanted in a good way.

Of course Steve has his own PTSD from fighting in the war, watching his best friend die, drowning and freezing, and aliens to take into account. And Bucky is just as patient and understanding with Steve as Steve is with him. And they rely on their friends a lot for support and that’s okay.

On the nights that Natasha is gone, Steve will help Bucky with his hair, sometimes he’ll brush it out after Bucky showers. On one particular hot summer day while the team is out enjoying a picnic, Steve will pick some wildflowers and sit behind his boyfriend and gently weave them into Bucky’s braid without having been asked too. Bucky will smile at this and so will every one else. Steve will shyly compliment, “You look really pretty today… but you always look good so…” and Bucky will smirk and chuckle at him.  will let Bucky paint his nails and vice versa and doesn’t give a single shit about what any reporter says because, “I am a man who wears nail polish. Got a problem?”

dear god i have to stop because this is turning into a fanfiction and not a simple headcanon and omg someone stop me or i’ll literally rewrite this entire thing and turn it into a fanfiction i am sorry. It turned into my headcanons for the entire fuckin avengers team, not just one for bucky.

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I get where a lot of people are coming from but tbh i also understand a lot of people that like mutsukis charackter. Like imagine touka would get abused and then turnt into an abuser herself bc of the trauma with no good development at all and get even more hate for it. I dont want to imagine how the fandom would react if touka would die no one would say 'its his manga he can do what he wants'. I dont agree with people hating on ishida but i kinda agree the way he handles mutsuki is a bit messy?

I don’t think it’s messy at all. I have personally read many, many stuff about serial killers, crime cases, I’ve seen tons of documentaries about psycho killers, the most famous criminals of all times, sociopaths, and when I look at what Ishida has done with Mutsuki’s character, I see all of the symptoms of a psychopath, and with good reason? I think many people here don’t really understand Mutsuki’s trauma, it’s not that he’s going through a small depression with a bit of social anxiety and that’s it, it’s way more complex than that, and it can lead a person to commit the most horrible things.

Mutsuki has been raped by his father probably since he was a kid, his mother also probably never interfered, turning a blind eye. He never spoke about it, never had someone to talk about, someone to ask for help, until he had to take care of the issue by himself, and killed them all, including his little brother who probably had nothing to do with that, maybe he was abused too. And then, he LIED about it, and almost forgot about the incident actually believing that ghouls killed his family, and then he decided that he wanted to live as a boy. 

The fact that he started to kill animals when he was feeling unstable and under pressure (his days at the academy were very difficult, and he was being bullied) it’s a huge, HUGE symptom of a psychopath, psychologist can determinate if a kid is dangerous and has probabilities to become a future killer if they start murdering animals at a very young age. Killers kill because it helps them to release their anger and frustration, if we count all the times that Mutsuki has killed something… he was under a lot of emotional pressure. 

1. When he lived with his abusive family.

2. When he was being bullied at the Academy and he killed the cat.

3. When he saw Haise and Touka interacting (he went to the forest and killed some animals, or maybe humans, who knows)

4. He killed the investigator to eat him because he was hurt and unable to regenerate.

5. He killed Torso in the most horrible way because he was being tortured and abused, and he didn’t just stab him once so he could die once and for all, he mutilated, this isn’t a normal “self-defense” kind of murder, this is the kind of murder only a sadistic psychopath can commit, playing with the body and enjoying the slaughter. Criminal investigators can detect the type of killer they’re facing just by the way they kill their victims, there are patterns that are being repeated constantly (in this case, Mutsuki taking their tongues). 

and now he stabbed Uta to death because of the accumulations of all these previous traumas. Almost every single character in Tokyo Ghoul that went through a very serious abuse or just dealt with many many shit, they managed to move on somehow. Despite how bad Kaneki’s life has been, he always finds the way to get his shit together and move on and face his fears. Takizawa seems to be doing fine right now. Juuzou also had signs of being some kind of psychopath but he got the help he needed through Shinohara and he’s totally okay right now. If you think about it, if you compare that to real life… it’s unrealistic. People don’t overcome their traumas just like that, just because they have someone special in their lives that tells them that everything is going to be okay. Mutsuki is probably one of the first characters in Tokyo Ghoul that has never been able to forget his traumas. Mutsuki is the living example of someone who can’t let go of their past, of someone who hasn’t healed their wounds. Because people like that exist in real life, people can live all of their lives with a trauma and not be able to overcome it. 

Many also mention how it is possible that Mutsuki was sexually abused and now he’s using his sexuality to control/hurt Uta. Well, here’s the thing: not every person who has been sexually abused is terrified of sex. It happens, of course, but it’s not always the case. Many people who practice BDSM admit that they have been sexually abused in the past, and because rape is all about domination, they develop a sexual attraction towards this kind of sexual practices. Pedophiles also admit that they were sexually abused as children. What happens in your childhood determinates absolutely EVERYTHING about your future. Mutsuki is the most realistic character in Tokyo Ghoul, because many people in real life had the life he had, or worse, you guys should read a bit more about these topics, because they exist. I don’t see Mutsuki’s characterization as a rushed one or something Ishida made up out of the blue, everything Mutsuki is doing right now it’s expected from a person who suffered what he suffered. Psychologists believe that if a kid who kills animals in a sadistic way, if they’re not stopped in time, if they don’t receive the mental help they need, they have a high chance to level up someday and stop killing animals to killing humans. Mutsuki never received the help he needed, and that’s why all of this is happening right now. This is all about psychology, and how the human mind works. I have studied psychology in high school, we had a subject about it for over a year, and we talked about these topics a lot. This is very complex and not a joke at all. There are many movies about famous serial killers, and no one seems to complain. This is the same thing, but in a manga.

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It would be lovely if you could write something about Hux and the doctor reader dancing, it wouldn't matter which setting or how, just them dancing.

What a wholesome ask. Let’s sprinkle in some class-war and swearing. 

Let me take you back in time to the Academy when Doctor Reader was still in touch with her inner backwoods weirdo and Hux wasn’t out burning villages to steal their kids to indoctrinate into being unquestioning killers, mmkay?

Spoiler alert: Doctor Reader is basically a redneck raised to be a decent person. Filthy-mouthed, woodsy, but intelligent and kind. Would bite a person in a barfight but would do everything to not start a fight. Wears flannel but can read a book. That sorta person. Her planet knows how to party but they’re basically considered the weird trashy planet compared to the rest of the First Order. Their representative could explain quantum mechanics from memory and the other ones would still go “ok, sure buddy, whatever you say.”

Second spoiler alert: I project shit on Doctor Reader sometimes, but today I will allow it because probably 90% of the Female Reader stuff characterizes her as having pretty much all feminine traits and I’ve characterized Doctor Reader as “against the grain.” You can read Doctor Reader as trans, non-binary, or gender fluid if you want/that’s your impression, but just a warning that while I support those groups and practically all others, I’m not a member of those groups and I’m not very comfortable writing for those groups because I do not want to misrepresent them. I think everyone’s cool unless they’re a douchecanoe, it just seems like a subject where imagination isn’t a good base to write from.

This is for my bae anon.

Note: It took me like 30 minutes to figure out wtf the name of the hairstyle I was trying to describe was called. It’s basically a really plain and tight French Bun with no puff on the top. Took me forever to find a gif I was satisfied with.

The day before graduation was a hectic one. Today everyone was running around making themselves look their best, except for you. Several girls on your floor had offered to do your hair, give you a make-over, or let you borrow some clothes, but you had to find several ways to politely decline. They all gave you pouting faces and tried guilting you into it, saying things like “don’t you have someone special you want to impress?” or “we finally get to wear something other than that horrid uniform, why wouldn’t you want to go all-out?” You just smiled and thanked them for the offer again, walking away to go pack up your room. For hours you caught glimpses of girls mid-transformation, looking like the images advertising beauty products on store-fronts in town, until finally they were glittering and glowing like holo-stars.

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Soooo.... Doomsday Clock?

Yes, I read The Thing. That fact in and of itself is another piece entirely; here I’m just talking about it in semi-isolation as an artifact (sans spoilers).

It is certainly better than I had any particular reason to expect in terms of raw panel-by-panel storytelling technique, is my immediate takeaway; in fact, it’s almost certainly Geoff Johns’ greatest achievement in that regard. It’s hardly comparable to Watchmen itself, but it’s juuuust close enough at a casual glance that it’ll probably be functionally indistinguishable to the actual target audience, i.e. theoretical readers for generations to come who would have only ever read Watchmen and maybe three or four other comic books but will now throw the Doomsday Clock trade on top out of curiosity. For my money, it does well in regards to tone as well - this *feels* like the uncomfortably heady rush of the world collapsing around you, and with Gary Frank lending his usual glossy line-perfect talent to the mix, it certainly gives a reasonable impression-at-a-glance of being part of the same world as the better comics it’s trying so hard to make you think of. The only point where the tone and storytelling style breaks into more typical convention is in the last few pages where it gets recognizably Geoff Johnsey, and there’s even an argument to be made that that’s a deliberate stylistic decision (though in my heart of hearts I suspect it’s more him deciding the ‘important’ part he needs to give all his effort is on pause). Hell, there’s even some interesting plot points and good decisions.

All that being said, yeah, the idea that this could be some sort of passable successor is laughable upfront. This isn’t a story using superheroes and clever structural conceits to talk about politics and messy life shit, this is a comic with some political overtones and some character moments that’s clearly going to be about superheroes with some structural homages, and there’s little reason to think it’ll grow beyond that. It’s by far one of the best examples of that kind of straightforward superhero book we’ve seen so far this year, but that’s what it is and any growth beyond that is likely to be relatively shallow by the evidence of this first issue, which compared to the incident and character-packed first installment of its predecessor is about as standard and unambitious as superhero books get in its immediate aims plotwise. Some disagree - I know Kieran Shiach for instance is intuiting a fair deal out of this between its usage of a different Ozymandias poem, a prominently featured book near the end, and some interesting structural work mirroring the story beats they enable. But to be honest, even given how admirably far above their usual weight class the Johns/Frank team is punching here, I very much doubt they’re going to follow up on their implicit promises to the extent that you’d want out of something like this.

Long story short, if you’re looking for a really solid and exciting superhero joint with some characters you might already like, with the weight of what’s by default going to be a significant moment in the history of the superhero genre and its conversation with itself regarding its conventions and assumptions - regardless of whether it deserves that weight - then yeah, this might be up your alley, certainly more so than Before Watchmen. If, however, you’re looking for something that was Good the way Watchmen was Good, get Vision or Omega Men or The Multiversity: Pax Americana (along with the rest of Multiversity) or Mister Miracle or Top 10.

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I just wanted to say that I know how you feel about DA2. I started playing the game just after I got kicked out of home and I was dealing with a severe mental illness and neurological medical condition (still am). I will honestly say it saved my life and even to this day, I still believe it's a masterpiece. I will defend it to the grave against people who say it's shit just because of reused scenery. It's a beautiful game and no other one could probably ever compare.

Yours isn’t the first story I’ve heard like this, and it makes me wonder: maybe you’ve had to have had a certain amount of lived experience to appreciate DA2? Not that young people can’t appreciate the game, but it’s just — the story seems to speak to a certain kind of person who’s, for lack of a better term, seen some shit.

Because Hawke sees some shit too, right? They and their family aren’t big damn heroes; they’re just regular people in extraordinary circumstances, just trying to get by the best they can. As a penniless refugee and also a mage (or a sibling of a mage), Hawke starts from an extremely impoverished and disenfranchised position in society. And you see some of the consequences of that position — how it robs you of choices, how you’re forced to take big stupid risks, even risk your own life, just to make it through the day. Even when Hawke strikes it rich, inside they still act like they’re just another Lowtown scrapper, a displaced doglord without a home.

As a consequence of that position, Hawke sees some shit. And even when Hawke gets swept up in greater things, their goals and motivations remain remarkably simple: Keep my family safe. Keep my home safe. Keep everybody alive. Most of us have goals like that. At least I know I do.

But — and here’s what I think really makes Hawke relatable — Hawke fucks it up. Hawke fucks up and keeps fucking up and doesn’t stop fucking up, no matter what they do. Each step forward is accompanied by two steps back. How many of us have felt the same way in our own lives?

But Hawke never stops trying, and I think that’s what speaks to those of us who’ve seen some shit too; because after a certain point, it’s so easy to want to just lay down and give up. So maybe why I find Hawke so inspiring. Maybe that’s why DA2 will always have a special place in my heart. It’s a reminder that even fuck-ups can change the world, but more importantly, that even fuck-ups can find a place and friends and family and home.

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Do you think the MCU is homophobic??

In short: yes. 

I think the MCU also has a problem with the way it represents women and other non-queer minority groups but at least those people are starting to be represented on screen. In the movies, queer characters are pretty much unofficially “banned” thanks to censorship in Russia and China and other big players in cinema that Disney get a lot of money out of. But even outside of the movies, such as in the TV shows where they could plausibly have queer superheroes and characters, the MCU is littered with microaggressions, exploitation and queer-baiting of queer characters. 

Think about Jessica Jones. I was initially very excited when I saw set pics of the show and the possibility of a wlw relationship. Then I watched the show and it was basically a train-wreck when it came to the queer characters. One queer woman is cheating on her wife (who she wishes to divorce) with a younger woman. I would normally be okay with this kind of thing if this wasn’t THE FIRST LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP IN THE MCU. LIKE, IMMEDIATELY IMPLYING THAT QUEER PEOPLE CHEAT ON EACH OTHER BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT IN “””TRUE”””” RELATIONSHIPS. People have tried to play the realism card but really. By the end of the season, one queer woman is dead, the other is sitting on a murder charge and the pivotal queer woman of the show turns out to be an absolute shit-bag. Even the way the dead queer woman, Wendy, is killed is unnecessarily brutal compared to other deaths in the show. A straight guy, Reuben, is killed off-screen (admittedly his body is left in the protagonist’s bed, but still) whereas Wendy has her head smashed into the side of a glass table and is left dying with her eye twitching. Again, using the MCU’s favorite trope of killing off their gays without any real character development.

Then there’s Agents of Shield and the three queer characters we’ve seen on that show, two of which you would have only known were queer if you read the comics. There is Isabelle Hartley, who is killed in the same episode she’s introduced in, and then there is the tragedy of Victoria Hand. AoS could have worked some real magic with a queer woman in a position of power like Victoria Hand. Instead she is murdered by Ward, who is generally woobified by the fandom. Finally, there is Joey Gutierrez, who I actually have some hope for. Admittedly I have stopped watching AoS because the writing got bad imo but from what I can gather from what people have told me, Joey only really exists in a team capacity or when he’s protecting or helping Daisy (i.e. making the straight heroes look good and progressive) plus the fact he is OUTED by Bobbi who has been snooping around in his personal life. UGHHH.

Honestly the only good thing that Marvel has arguably done for queer people is Deadpool but that’s Fox, not the MCU, and Wade’s sexuality has yet to be fully explored only alluded to (here’s for hoping in the sequels!!!) And I literally hate whatever comes out about queer people from the mouth of Kevin “there will be a gay superhero in the MCU within ten years” Fiege and all of the shitty loose promises Marvel have been giving to us to avoid confronting the fact they are being homophobic. Or worse queer-baiting. Looking at you Sam L Jackson. Now all we have to go on is loose rumours, like people saying Marvel would want to make Punisher bisexual if he landed his own show, but even that could be problematic if handled by the wrong people considering how violent that character is. UGH UGH UGHHHHHHHHHHH.

Day 6 - Holidays

And there really isn’t a better holiday I could think of! UFO Day is actually celebrated on two dates; once based on the first time a UFO was reported by a US pilot, and the other marks the anniversary of the Roswell incident in 1947.

I’m not sure which Ronaldo would go for; possibly both(!) depending on whether the mysterious crash in Roswell actually happened on the Earth of Steven Universe.

Poor Peridot, though… all this alien paraphernalia!


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MAMA! So I'm moving out on my own for the first time and I'm nervous that I'm going to fail and won't be able to take care of myself and be a functioning adult. Any tips?

First: Vitamins are important. Not necessarily multivitamin gummies, but vitamins in food. Foods like Spinach are generally cheap but have like 80 nutrients that you need. Of course, diets high in nutrition might be kind of expensive compared to just buying some gummy vitamins. Figure out what’s right for you.

Drink enough water. 3 liters a day. Look at me. 3. Liters. A Day. Do your best.

Speaking of figuring stuff out, a basic way to build your finances is this:

Don’t buy any extra shit month one. Buy food, gas, pay the bills, put everything else away. Keep every receipt. At the end of month one, total everything up. That’s your necessary funds. Round up to the nearest 50, just in case (822 - 850 for example). Got anything left over? Divide that. Half into savings. The other half? Whatever the hell you want. You may want to half it again for a rainy day fund or you may want 5 orders of the 20 count McNuggets. Live your dreams. Drink water.

Do what you can to get 8 hours of sleep, but don’t feel bad if you can only get 6 or 7. You’re doing your best.

See that there day off? Yeah you’re going to want to use it for food prep. Cut up veggies and meat. Mix eggs for scrambled eggs. Put that in containers so it’s ready for you to cook. You’re going to want something easy.

Pack enough for lunch when you work. You’re gonna want to pack what you normally eat. Pack a little more than that. Don’t make my mistakes.

Drink water.

Eat Breakfast. I know I know I’m not a fan either but you gotta do it friend. We both gotta do it.

Clean regularly. I know it sucks and you’re tired but it’s better to wash a plate then spend your day off handling Mount 3-Day Old Spaghetti Sauce.

Here’s some links to blogs that have adulting tips: for general adulting needs. A lot nicer than the url implies. for cleaning adulting needs.


-Lou the Lobster

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I loved, loved, loved the foul mouthed Danny AU. Do you have any more headcanons on his filthy mouth? The ways his friends react to his swears? When Vlad and him first fight? Like, seriously, I love that AU!!

Aaaaa thank you! o///o

Sorry for the wait! Tbh, foul mouthed Danny isn’t one of my more developed AUs mainly because the differences aren’t as.. er.. extreme as my others, but I can give you what I’ve got so far! Nvm, I lied. Under the cut because apparently this AU had more to offer than I thought.

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i am SUCH a gryffindor, but i also got thunderbird and it kind of makes sense to me as well? are thunderbird and gryffindor a likely combo?

So I actually did a survey on how hogwarts houses compared to Ilvermorny ones when the quiz first came out and I was going to release and comment on all the info I gathered but then life got kinda messy and shit happened so I never ended up talking about it. So anyway, might as well show it now so this is how the 624 gryffindors surveyed were sorted at Ilvermorny

Which you can see is pretty overwhelmingly thunderbird. A pretty significant number of pukwudgies in there too but thunderbird seems to be where gryffindors are most likely to end up. This is kind of what I was expecting for a few reasons:

  • thunderbid is the house of the adventurers and you need to have the courage to step outside your comfort zone to do that
  • the thunderbird can create storms as it flies which implies to me that thunderbirds may be highly emotional, as are many of the gryffindors we see in the series, particularly when it comes to matters that are important to them e.g. hermione with spew
  • thunderbird apparently represents the soul of a person which lines up with the (albeit problematic) representation of gryffindors as the golden kids throughout the series. Barring pettigrew, most gryffindors are overwhelmingly on the ‘good guy’ side of the spectrum which would tend to ally itself with an emphasis on the goodness and purity of the soul presumably favoured by thunderbird
MTMTE 48 musings and whatnot

- Rung’s ‘dirty little secret’. Coming from a medical background, continuing to practice while having been struck off is…wow, that’s a big no-no, especially when you don’t actually tell anyone you’ve been struck off. (Froid’s version of events - if they can be trusted - suggests that Rung took the crash as an opportunity to continue where he left off, effectively erasing the decision that was made.) Rung is excellent at what he does and clearly cares very much about the wellbeing of his patients, but what he’s doing is also a huge breach of patient trust. His intentions are both good (’I want to help people’) and selfish (’I don’t want to give up the job I love’) but ultimately his decision is unethical. No wonder he wasn’t able to traverse the “guilt forcefield” at Tyrest’s…

- That said, I wonder what exactly Rung did to be struck off? Did he strike up a relationship of some kind with a patient while in his care? And how does that read when compared to his present burgeoning friendship with Skids?

- Speaking of unethical…while I understand Rodimus’ motivation in obtaining Tailgate’s memories as evidence (’there’s a dangerous guy on this ship and nobody else knows who and I need to stop him before he fucks more shit up’) it’s still really, really dodgy of him to go ahead without consent - and apparently not even consent by proxy (assuming TF medical ethics mirror human ones.) Additionally, doing so in an issue where Rung takes pains, in the first few pages, to point out how potentially dangerous mnemosurgery can be.

- Which is mirrored by Chromedome’s presumed condition post-surgery, which Rodimus (somewhat offhandedly?) describes as not being too good. As an aside, while Chromedome absolutely has agency and the ability to refuse an order, he’s also a known addict - I can’t help but feel like Rodimus isn’t helping the problem by continually utilising his skills. What kind of a state will Chromedome be in if Sunder comes knocking?

- I sometimes wonder what Megatron’s opinion on mnemosurgery would be had he not suffered at the hands of Trepan.

- Speaking of crazy unethical mnemosurgeons - Sunder has been let loose on a tin can full of issues and dirty secrets and he is going to fuck shit up.

- I wonder if the glimpse of Quark was just a callback or whether it’ll go on to be significant?

- Tarn knew Skids’ name, and presumably his ability as well. I wonder if this is a hint towards Tarn’s identity (Roller, perhaps?)

- I give it til issue 50 before Getaway gets away.

People in the Fandom: *talks about how Lucy should smack some sense into Natsu for leaving*


Fairy Tail: *Erza punches Natsu to knock him out when he has motion sickness* *Erza beats up Natsu and Gray when they get into a fight* *Gray and Natsu literally beat each other up all the time* *Gajeel beats the crap out of Levy the first time they meet* *Jellal tries to kill Erza* *Minerva beats the shit out of Lucy, but Lucy forgives her anyway*

I DON’T think Lucy slapping Natsu one time is that big of a deal compared to the above. I’m not condoning it, but seriously?