this is kind of presh

walking-through-the-willows  asked:

My question is how do you find the confidence to message him so often? I'm typically a very extroverted person, but I'm just like Okay, one reply is fine. Ahh but I love how kind he is! So presh!

I’m a very introverted person, but I somehow build up enough courage to send him a message every so often. Most of the time, it’s something that I feel is really stupid. So, when he was on last night (early morning for him), I apologized for always sending him stupid things and we ended up having a short conversation (mainly him telling me not to be afraid) and that’s what happened.

Am I the only one who just got really giggly when Brock went dead serious after Nogla said Joe took his chocolate sandwich?? Like a second after Nogla said it, Brock went dead serious and was so concerned about Joe and my heart just melted because I know Brock said he loves dogs, and anyone would get concerned because chocolate is bad for dogs, but just hearing Brock switch from “Haha, fun and games on BO3 zom-zoms :D” to “Wait, did you say there was chocolate in it? You CAN’T let him eat that!” just made me feel all kinds of feelings.

I want to protect that presh bab even more than before <33

u know those friends that u like become friends w/ really quick like

at first y’all were like eyeing eachother like “where r ur boundaries” but now ur talking about dirty shit and p personal stuff and it’s only been a short time

those are some of my favorite kinds of friends. good friends. blessed presh lil friends.