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What's the point in feeding your crabs moose poop? How did you get moose poop???

It’s mostly just kind of a weird “extra” thing that’s safe for them to have & they seem to like. XD Herbivorous poop tends to have undigested or partially digested nutrients still in them, due to their digestive system & plants being tough & whatnot. So that’s the theory behind hermit crabs enjoying eating it, they’re getting those nutrients. And it’s similar to why some small animals like rodents & such will eat their own poop as well. 

You can put in poop from either wild herbivores (moose, deer, sheep), or captive ones [if you know they’re fed a healthy diet & haven’t recently had medications] (rabbits, guinea pigs, I’m sure others I’m forgetting right now).

I got the moose poop from one of my favorite crabby shops - They also sell dall sheep poop, which I’ve gotten for them before too.

Yeah, I make chickens. I take two - I take two different kinds of chickens and then I make them fuck and then they make a different new chicken that’s different then that was before and then a lot of times that chicken will poop stuff out that you guys want and then I’ll give it if I if you ask for it and then it did it then I’ll give it to ya and I’ll say here’s the thing you asked for and then, uh, then sometimes you guys will say I need this and then but I don’t that doesn’t, that’s not a chicken yet so I’ll take two other chickens and I’ll make them fuck and then that’ll make a thing and then uh then uh when that chicken grows up to be a uh big mom chicken it’ll fluh it’ll shit out what the thing you need it’ll give it to you

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James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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why the Live Boston Stunt Spectacular is the best episode of TAZ

-Jerald the Catwalk Boy
-“you have a beautiful body. but you do not have the soul of a champion-” / “I punch him in the face.” / “…Interesting.”
-“and that’s Griffin McElroy!” / “hi I play the part of Douglas. he’s a gnome thief.”
-Taako pretending to be straight is #relatable
-“you… you just want to be Stripe Man.”
-Angus using the Mage Hand that Taako taught him to save the day and Taako proudly shouting “that’s my boy! my beautiful magic boy!”
-Magnus clapping when Jeff Angel, his opponent, comes into the ring
-“I’m about to do something really out of character. I’m gonna do like a cleric thing.”
-Taako bursting into giggles when he is called a “powerful, master wizard”
-“this started out as kind of Andre the Giant-esque and then took a pivot towards fuckin’ DROOPY.” / “it’s like Droopy and Andre the Giant had a sad baby.”
-“I’m whispering mean things in his ear like ‘uh… you’re a poop” and 'nobody likes you rawr!’“
-"these guys seem like the kind of people who don’t call their dads!” / “and uhh that’s the end of his speech.”
-“I cast Zone of Truth!” / “I NEVER CALL MY DAD!”


send ⍟ for our muses to go to a carnival
send ❀ for our muses to go to a park
send ☸ for our muses to go ice skating
send ♞ for our muses to go horseback riding
send ♫ for our muses to sing together
send ☼ for our muses to go to the beach
send ☂ for our muses to play around in the rain

“Speed up or I’ll eat all your ice cream!”
“Don’t tickle me!”
“Would you look at that— It’s cuddle huddle ‘o’ clock!”
“Isn’t the sunset beautiful?”
“I just adore stars, don’t you?”
“Oh my gosh! Look look look, a butterfly landed on me!”
“I bet I can run to the aquarium faster than you!”
“Mm, this is delicious! You made it yourself?”
“Shhhh, don’t spoil the movie for me!”
“Do you ever just… Really wanna pet a cat?”
“Can I please have a hug?”

[ text ]: Don’t forget to bring me tacos
[ text ]: i just ate a whole bag of sour skittles at once and I am filled with regret
[ text ]: what do you do if a bird fuCKING POOPS ON YOUR SHOE
[ text ]: One of my earbuds stopped working is this what hell is like
[ text ]: What’s your favorite kind of flower? And food?

((thank you to guest writer @hurricanesunny !!!))

Michael backspaces on the seventh text he’s typed out since getting here twenty minutes ago. That, of course, doesn’t include the panicked phone call in the parking lot that he ended on the second ring or the three blurry Snaps of the sidewalk that he deleted, but who’s really counting?

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yeah i make chickens i take two- i take two different kinds of chickens and then i make em FUCK and then they make a different new chicken that’s different that was before and then a lot of times that chicken will poop stuff out that you guys want and then i’ll give it- if i- if you ask for it and then it did it then i’ll give it to ya i’ll say “here’s the thing you asked for” and then uh, then sometimes you guys will say “i need this” and then- but i don’t- that doesn’t- that’s not a chicken yet so i’ll take two other chickens and i’ll make them FUCK and then that’ll make a thing and then uh- and then uh, when that chicken grows up to be a uh, big mom chicken it’ll fluh- it’ll shit out what- the thing you need it’ll give it to you

So B is a demon whose goal in his immortal life is to bring back A from the human world. (A was expelled because he’s kind).
“Can’t you do just one bad action?!” B yells. “Just once! Just do- WHAT ARE YOU DOING HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING TO ME!”
“I heard you.” A says, blinking innocently. “But, c'mon, I can’t leave my dog’s poop there. It’s just nasty.”
B squints his eyes at him.

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Hey! Love your blog. A question: out of all cockles panels (JIB & honcon) witch one do you think is the gayest?

This is such a tough question! 

Since we’ve gotten to see Jensen and Misha’s relationship develop over the course of about ten years, there are a lot of flavors of Gay to sort through! And it’s so hard to pick a favorite! 


Bad and awkward jokes, weird distance and stiffness, nervous fidgeting and adjusting, Jensen constantly reaching out for reassurance, basically “do you like me do you like me do you like me” on repeat, god he is so desperate, and a little possessive because it’s all just so new, Misha’s playing it cool but poking fun at Jensen is way too fun to pass up (he also does humor him quite a bit because, yeah, ok, he’s cute), tender, NEITHER ONE OF THEM KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING BUT THEY’RE CLEARLY SMITTEN

  • Onstage orgasm??? Jensen has NO idea what to do with his face let alone the uncomfortable boner he’s sporting? “Am I turned on? Am I afraid? What is happening?”
  • THIS WAS THE BRACELET YEAR! They got each other matching jewelry? It’s so sickeningly high school I just - god, they’re so small. So innocent. So gay. Look at Jensen’s really bad hat.

It’s sweet and hilarious and also painfully embarrassing. Actual footage of Jensen and Misha today looking back on JIB2:

JIB3: Tense gay

This was a weird one because it’s the first Cockles panel after the alleged breakup. It’s probably my least favorite because nothing really Gay happens, but I do have to talk about it a liiiitle. There’s some distance between them and some awkward fumbling, but Jensen is trying REALLY HARD TO PUSH THROUGH and he even puts his bracelet from JIB2 on again, he’s extremely masculine and a little cocky (it’s very hot), it’s one of the really rare moments when Jensen takes control of a situation and pilots with his stage persona? Lots of “just dudes being guys” moments. Misha slowly thaws out and the mood improves but they’re not quite at a strong level of comfort yet. Weird moment when they no homo away Destiel that drags on for way too long, almost overcompensating.

  • Noteworthy: “We get a tingly feeling when we hear it so we know it’s you.”

JIB4: playful, charged dork nerds exploring their relationship

Best possible improvement after JIB3. Soft friendship, lots of blushing and “ums,” real shy and tender and a lot of tension that sneaks out in laughter and bad eye contact, which promptly gives way to wild energy and close hovering, stuttering and big smiles and adjusting, awkward gestures, constantly making fun of each other, pulling on pigtails and clumsy teasing, a kind of self-consciousness runs through everything but they are sweet and steady and push each other past the discomfort, so much sexual tension

  • THE WHOLE RESUME BATTLE DEBACLE???? Will there ever be anything more iconic than this? Utterly ridiculous, the ultimate flirty pigtail pulling
  • Flowers??? Most gay.
  • Honestly so flamboyant and funny this is where they start to really get comfortable with each other and it only gets better from here

JIB5 is like…. honeymooning Married And In Love gay

SO VERY GIGGLY, really dumb gags, soooo smiley!!! it’s actually stupid!!!, bodies under extreme gravitational pull like seriously they are constantly moving into each others’ space, HIP CHECKS!!!, reminiscing onstage together, no blushing just chill and happy and playful and secure in each other and themselves, heart eyes to the extreme

mayday, mayday!!!! man down!!!!!!

other highlights include:

  • Actually, I forgot, there were TWO onstage kisses, the other one happened when Misha uninvited just hopped up on the stage with Jensen and kissed him right on the cheek
  • It was so gay that I actually wrote a fic about it
  • This has nothing to do with anything but they both look so good. Jensen’s hair and Misha’s shirt (the color!!!) and he’s tan and they color coordinate and they’re so happy and ugh I just love it. One of the most aesthetically pleasing panels even if Mish is a string bean

JIB6: Ultimate Soft Dad gay

Comfort, easiness, not extraordinarily Gay™ but clear love there. Very family oriented with a hint of dirtiness? They keep the romance alive but their lives are so much richer and fuller and they’ve come together over it, you know what I’m just going to start listing things you’ll get the idea

  • “My friend and protector”
  • “Save it for when we take our pants off” *Jensen reaches for his belt*
  • bulldozing and steamrolling over one another, Jensen flat out ignoring Misha for several minutes to talk about his own thing, much to Misha’s annoyance
  • they literally go on for 15 minutes unprovoked in their own little world before realizing that they should probably take questions, “i think this is just two idiots up here talking”
  • big laughs big laughs everything is hilarious jensen is such a disaster
  • touching <333
  • drinking “apple juice” with their faces on their knees side by side
  • tum tum tum tum tu mtu tmutmtut mmm m SHOWIN’ OFF THE DAD BOD. JEN IS WELL FED AND GLOWING.
    • Misha: “In one slight flip of the wrist, you just sold out Jus in Bello 2016”
  • Misha leans in and smells Jensen’s armpit and Jensen just stands still? and lets him? what kind of weird domestic bullshit…….
  • “Jensen doesn’t have any annoying qualities”
  • Riding innuendos
  • some actually really great JMDV content
  • Dad talk! Talking about kids and poop! Together!
  • Dad dancing, I’m cringing, I’m upset

JIB7: settled down, quiet but steady gay

A Good Mood, composed but really no fucks given, the throes of sexual passion have left them behind to be replaced by soft introductions and quiet comfort in each others’ space, overflowing compliments but also constant poking fun at each other, reading each others’ minds, silent communication, in sync and slowly getting closer and closer together, sass, innuendos like you would NOT BELIEVE and from MINUTE ONE, but then they also get excited talking about…. phone plans and saving money, commiserating about being old and bitter together, rambling, oh no, much more chill than last year

  • Misha’s full bodied laughter, kicks his actual feet up in the air so we see the bottoms of his shoes
  • Guitar playing :(
  • Both influence and When Harry Met Sally making… a comeback
  • Jensen swearing more than once, two F-bombs

JIB8: a disaster, chaotic gay, objectively PEAK Gay

y’all. listen. wild ride from start to finish. just watch it.

HonCon 2017: I don’t even know what this is

it literally just happened so bear with me if this is incoherent but we got about 40 minutes - not even a full hour!! - in which Jensen Ackles told the story of when he first realized he was in love with Misha Collins while wearing matching shirts that he bought for the two of them and it’s so……… unbelievable. i honestly don’t have enough critical emotional distance at this point to rate this in comparison to other cockles panels but i know without a doubt that this moment will go down in my book as one of the absolute best ones

So how is one expected to choose!!! They are all gay and all terrible!!!! We’ve gotten to see an entire spectrum of relationship development, from crush to starting over to securely together to honeymooned to new dads to Old Dads. It’s incredibly rewarding and all you have to do is pick out your favorite stage of the relationship to get your best answer.

Of all of these though, I have to say that JIB4 and JIB8 are probably my favorites, with JIB5 and JIB6 also being a very strong contenders. I like the panels that show off Jensen and Misha’s friendship first, the moments where they can really let loose and just be silly with each other without reservations, whatever form that takes. I live for that.


Some Autism Mom™: I’m tired of being an autism mom. My child can’t talk, can’t go to the toilet, can’t get dressed, can’t do anything and he makes my life hell. I wake up every day feeding his every need and all he does is scream and smear poop. I get no rest or respite. Yesterday, he bit me because I hugged him. I don’t want to be an autism mom, but I have no choice. I love my son, but I wish he wasn’t autistic.

Society: Wow, you’re so brave, mama! Thank you for being real and truthful!

Some Autistic Person commenting on the Autism Mom™: I’m tired of autism moms posting embarrassing details about autistic people’s lives and telling the world how hard we are to deal with. Those kinds of posts are why we get murdered by caregivers and why our voices are constantly ignored. I wish moms would listen to autistic adults more instead of crying on the internet about how hard their lives are and saying they have no help. Autistic lives are not a side show, please stop treating them like one.

Society: OMG shut up, yo’ure so disrespectful to her struggles! You don’t know what she goes through. You must be really high functioning to use a computer and type, so you don’t know real autism and you can’t speak for really low functioning people who don’t even know they’re human!

Spot the problem.


Title: Downsized

Summary: You always knew life with the Winchesters was crazy. But when Sam brings back home a three-year-old Dean, you begin to question your own sanity…

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester

Word count: 2163

Warnings: Some language. Fluff and crack. Crack and fluff. Mentions of sex because Dean’s a cheeky bastard. That’s all I think.

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @trexrambling and @wheresthekillswitch “Crack Challenge”. Ladies, thank you so much for letting me participate, this has been one very interesting ride. 

Special thank you to my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for coming up with a very important (and hilarious) detail about this. And for putting up with my whiny self. She’s a hero, really.

Now, my prompt for this was “I’ll give you three seconds to stop doing that” and is included in bold in the text below. Honestly, this is my first time doing something like this but I think I like what I’ve got. 

Without further ado. Enjoy <3 

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You hated the silence.

You’ve always hated it, ever since you were a kid, but now, after you’ve spent years of your life filled with noise and cries and laughter, filled with arguments and bickering about whose turn it was to go for a supply run, or short, angry snarls and whispered promises in a dark room when it was just you and Dean, that absence of sound, of speech, made everything worse.


You stared at the clock on the wall and bit on your bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.

Something was wrong. You could feel it. You didn’t know how, or why –the details weren’t important anyway. What really mattered was that Dean hadn’t called since that morning and that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach that just wouldn’t go away.

Maybe you should just-

The sound of the bunker’s door being opened then closed interrupted your thoughts and, before you knew it, you were practically running towards the library, eyes wide and senses alert, until your leg gave out and you stumbled into the doorframe, muttering expletives under your breath. 

“Hi there, Y/N.” Sam greeted you with an amused smile. “I’m glad you’re so happy to see me.”

“Oh, shut up. I was worried. How did the hunt go? Why didn’t you call? Are you injured? Where is-”

“Hey,” the youngest Winchester chuckled, all delight and waggishness, “one question at a time, champ.”

Rolling your eyes, you raised an eyebrow in suspicion; despite his playfulness and confident swagger, you could see the way his smile seemed a bit too forced and his forehead puckered just a tiny little bit.

“Where is Dean?”

“Um,” he started, rocking back and forth on his heels, “about that.”

“Sam.” you tried again, a bit more forceful. “Where is Dean?”

And then, right before he could actually reply, a little kid with blonde hair and green eyes gripped on Sam’s leg and swam into view, wearing what was supposed to be one of Dean’s shirts and, oh, God, this was not happening.

“Is that-

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need help !! hurt bat !!

alright heres the deal: a collegue at work found a bat and gave it to me bc “i love that stuff”

and i hear yall “how do you find a bat ? you cant just pick those up off the floor“ well actually, with this one you can

because it’s missing about half of its right wing

ive been feeding it dry cat food mixed with water (thats what the vet assistant told me to feed it) and its been doing alright, i dont even think its health is that bad besides the wing thing

so heres the point of this post: QUESTIONS

if anyone knows stuff about bats, IT AND I NEED HELP

  • how can i keep it at my place in the best conditions until it gets better ? (or until i can give it to a shelter type of thing)
  • can it even get better ?
  • could it have been born like this ? is there anything i can do to help ?
  • what kind of “easily accesible” food can i feed it besides cat food ?
  • its been biting (?) its broken wing and i noticed whenever it does this its to the point of it bleeding (not much but still) whats up with that ?
  • there seems to be just a little bit of blood coming out sometimes when it poops but then again it could be the coloring of the cat food but still im a bit worried

its desperately trying to take off everytime i get it out of its box its heartbreaking please i just want what’s best for this little angel !!



SDCC 2017 Voltron Showrunners

Things we learned from this video

  • Both Lauren and Joaquim drove to the con
  • Both had pretty good drives free from most traffic
  • Lotor is not just a “liar”; there is genuine element of honesty to him
  • Zarkon is very much about Galra bloodlines
  • Lotor is much more about who is best for the job even if that means they’re not “brute strength”
  • Lotor’s generals are referred to as half breeds
  • Female (full!) Galra do exist and are generals! They just! Never showed them! (Arrrggh whyy)
  • A, imo, leading question by the interviewer that Keith’s emotionality over losing Shiro could be “his galra side” coming out which they do partially concede to (IMO it doesn’t sit well with me to link very understandable human emotions such as anger as being because he’s galra, and that the galra are just this blood thirsty inherently violent race)(I can understand his emotionality triggering galra abilities though)
  • Keith & Lance have a “natural arc” of coming to “kind of respect each other”
  • Joaquim reiterates that all ships are valid
  • but they make everything before fandom and apart from fandom
  • “Even if….we couldn’t go back to change the story and be like ‘and now they’re in love!’““We arent trying to cater or bait anyone””We’re just trying to do what’s right for the story”)
  • They don’t know how spaced out future releases of episodes will be
  • Are mum on whether or not Shiro will be seen
  • The seven episodes were not a “planned” season but a place in the story with a natural cut; this season won’t end with the same kind of finale we saw in S1 and S2
  • EDIT: How could I forget the brown lion? Yes, its a poop joke.