this is kind of poop but

Close Encounter of the Turd Kind

Context: Relatively new group of players, I am the DM. They are in the sewers of a city and are fighting a pair of giant squid

Dwarf Barbarian: Can I … poop in the water to distract them?

DM (me, laughing): You can try, go ahead!

Player rolls Nat 1

DM: You have constipation and now your butt is exposed to 16 giant tentacles!


Laura always had the liberties to wear and do whatever she wanted, she was the only heir of Alfred Rothstein (her grandfather), one of the richest and prestigious family on the country. 

She never hid her witch side.

 Oh, and by the way she has a passion for cats which makes her rescue all the cats she finds on the streets or are abandoned. She lives among so many cats one lost the count of it. Rivershire swears her house smells like cat poop, but that’s a lie. 

some heads idk

Told my friends to give me some animals. They gave me goat and french bull dog. Drew these 2 gals afterwards.

Let's get something straight

I do not hate Iris West. In fact, when I started the show last year, I kind of liked her. She was feisty, and for the most part, she knew what she wanted. But, even in season one, she did stuff I didn’t like. But I didn’t really care. I was excited to see what was gonna happen on the show. And as I started shipping Snowbarry, I was excited to see where that would go. But then I got on Tumblr. Mistake. Well, actually, not really, but yet, it kinda was. If you are confused, let me explain. It wasn’t a mistake, in that Tumblr is a place where, for the most part, I can safely fangirl about my ships, without the eye roll from my sister as I start giggling uncontrollably at 10:30 pm. But it was a mistake in that, not only did it open my eyes to how badly Iris is being written (I was ignoring because I had, at this point, become indifferent to Iris), but I also discovered how nasty people can be. Especially when you don’t happen to really like their interracial ship (oh no). And actually, up until I really got involved with the Flash fandom on Tumblr, I could live with WA. I might not love it, but I could live with it. But, as I read the horrible things written by the WA Stans, even the name Westallen started to make me roll my eyes, because WA fans take that poor ship, and hold it over us Snowbarries, calling us racist pieces of turtle poop, telling us about the canonicity of their ship, shoving it further down our throats than even the show does. And you know what? I would actually like Iris more if they let her go back to doing her job at the paper, telling us that she actually still has a life outside of Barry. That is all.
Footnote: I am actually not a racist piece of turtle poop.

¼/2017 Today is our third straight day of below-zero temperatures, which is weird but fun. There are a couple drawbacks, though.

The internet informs me that in cold weather, ducks stand on one foot and tuck the other one into their belly fluff to conserve heat. Our ducks attempt to tuck both feet into their feathers, and flop onto the ground, where they lie around like feathery little speed bumps.

Also, goat and sheep droppings freeze into glassy little poop spheres. The feral cats are convinced these are the best cat toys, and bat them into all kinds of odd places where no reasonable person would expect Slipping On Marbles Obstacle Course.

I want a comic where Sokka goes off on his own in the earth kingdom and a sabertooth moose lion charges at him so he just kind of accepts the fact that he’s gonna die and like braces for impact but when it gets close to him it stops, smells him, and runs away. Sokka is confused until he brings back an apple.

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could you and your followers respond to this post with drawbacks about owning a dog? i'm looking into adopting my first and i want to know everything beforehand! thank you!

Well, it really depends on the individual dog and your capability of training. Every dog has some characteristic that another dog may not have. Lots of undesirable habits can be trained away, so things like barking, jumping, humping, wouldn’t really be true for all dogs.

Things you cannot change? They pee & poop. You have to pick up said poop, and the pee might smell and ruin your grass.

They wag their tails, sometimes very violently and leave marks on your shins. (not applicable for dogs with nubs)

They need their nails trimmed, and it can be kind of stressful for you because of the ever feared Quik that will make them bleed and make you feel like The Worst.

They get sick. Sometimes for funsies on your carpet, but sometimes for realsies and you have to spend lots of money at the vet and feel really worried and sad.

You’ll never be able to be gone all day or stay the night anywhere without making accommodations for your dog.

They eat food that costs money.

They steal your heart.

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@ZELO96: 집 앞에 살아있는 염소 판다를 피하다가 그들의 응아를 밟는 꿈 여러분 이 꿈은 어떤 행복을 가져다줄까요, 제게?

A dream that while avoiding goats and pandas that were alive in front of my house(,) I stepped on their poop(.) Everyone what kind of blessings will this dream bring me?

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It’s funny to think about Sauron building his fortress, Barad-dûr. I mean, he built it all himself using the power of the Ring, right? That means he did all the architecture, all the interior design. He chose furniture and fixtures. Sauron designed kitchens and bathrooms. At some point, the Dark Lord Sauron had to make flooring decisions. He had to ask himself what style of spires would look the most fearsome and what kind of little horn blade things would complement the Eye.

Sauron designed the living quarters for the orcs. He made their little beds. That’s kind of sweet.

Does Sauron have a bedroom? What color sheets does he have? What time does he go to bed? Does Sauron ever have sex? With whom, and is it kinky, and what if it’s not even kinky at all? Does Sauron eat? If he eats, he poops. Imagine Sauron pooping.

I have so many questions.

Okay seriously…. why tf does allkpop needs to make an article about jungkook’s skin ?Like WE GET IT. HE’S HUMAN. HIS SKIN AIN’T PERFECT . DON’T RUB IT ON PPL’S FACE. DOES IT MAKES YOU FEEL THAT GOOD TO MAKE AN ARTICLE ABOUT SUCH A USELESS TOPIC ? Like bruh, you could’ve made an article about how Bts was jamming to Black Pink cause thats the kind of thing fans wants to see.Netizens are assholes for pin pointing this when jeon jungkook is obviously still a 19 y/o teen with hormones a human body like everyone else. He aint no superior specie. HE’S HUMAN. HE BREAKS OUT.HE CRIES.HE SMILES. HE POOPS TOO. SO WHAT???!!!! YOU don’t need to make a useless article about his biggest complex. Skin is hard to maintain and he does not have time on his hands , give him a break.

I really, really like this frame from the very first chapter of BnHA. It shows three completely different situations people born with quirks could experience: quirk being just a convenient tool, as for this boy with some sort of levitation or telekinetic skill; quirk being sort of inconvenience, as the ice-quirk girl is freezing and kind of scared; quirk as an utter nightmare, ruining your life, as for the fire-snake-quirk guy, who is clearly in pain and panic.

I’d surely like to read more about the inconveniences caused by quirks. It’s not all rainbow-pooping unicorns on the fields of cotton-candy.

poop emoji review

aka smiling pile of poop my all time fave emoji as i a piece of shit relate to it anyway lets begin 

i may be bias but this is familiar to me i view him as a friend he has a nice smile and kind eyes looks a little like ice cream but i feel that’s part of the charm 5/5

something about the eyes are off putting i feel threatened shaped like a flame? idk the bottom is round makes me feel like its floating very menacing im afraid of this emoji 2/5

again thick borders from microsoft but this guy does seem friendly unlike mr google up there his smile seems genuine feel hes trying his best 4/5 

what is this a blob?? no mouth?? where r the layers this poop looks sloppy n gross like u need to take the dog to the vet make sure hes ok and i dont like the floating eyebrows 1/5

its alright but i dont like the eyes to mouth ratio tho or the colour 2/5 

no effort from htc as per usual not even a face on this guy at first glance it looks like a thumbs up 0/5 

another poop emoji with scary eyes its a friendly shape otherwise 3/5

looks like a chrater from a kids movie that would be voiced by Patrick Warburton 3/5

what a cute guy the 2d approach looks good on this emoji he seems like hed always be excited to see you 5/5

he looks really happy and cute like hes ready to have a fun time 4/5

adorable i love the expression on this guys face shaped like a friend 5/5

emojidex disappoints again…