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Hi I’m Max!  I’m 18, from TN.  I’m back on here, still looking for that special girl and still learning from my past relationships.  Some pointers: if you smoke, drink, do drugs, like violence or are really sexual I wouldn’t message me, because I am 99% probably not your girl.  I’m kind of the innocent type and like the innocent type as well.  I like girls that are sweet and considerate, clinginess is welcome- I think it’s adorable.  Girls that send long messages rather than just “lol” and “k” are also appreciated.  Girls who wear snapbacks and/or button ups are my weakness.  If you like doodling, writing, dancing, singing, acting, playing games (whether it be digitally or like board games) you probably have a decent chance at catching my interest. Oh, music is a pretty big part of my life too- as well as YouTube.  My favorite band is PRVIS and my favorite YouTuber is Jacksepticeye.  My age range is 16-19 but I’m kind of interested in the older ladies (like 18 and 19).  If you’re interested at all you should come talk to me @ilovelezziesultrabad

Humans are weird

Just imagine an alien’s reactions to getting a tattoo. I’m picturing the conversation going something like:

“Wow human-Sandy, that is a lovely painting on your arm. How long will it last?

“Oh, it’s permanent. It’s a tattoo.”

“What’s a tattoo?”

“Well it’s kind of like painting on your skin, but we actually inject the ink into us with needles so it’s more permanent.”

“Oh. That’s… nice.” And as he walks away he’s just muttering about how humans drink poison that ruins their liver, and inject ink into themselves “for fun” and none of his crewmates believe him because no species could be THAT self destructive, not even humans! 

Of course later, Sandy tells them all about it, and once again they are left completely confused by the entirety of human existence.

  • Winston: So, Lena, how's life treating you?
  • Tracer: I'm fine big guy! I've got someone very special for you to meet though!
  • Winston: Oh? Someone special you say? Are they European?
  • Tracer: Yep!
  • Winston: Long hair?
  • Tracer: You betcha!
  • Winston: Is it the very special kind of person?
  • Tracer: Mhmm!
  • Winston: Then I have a feeling I already know who it is.
  • Tracer: Well allow me to introduce you to...-
  • Winston: Amélie!
  • Tracer: Emily!
  • All: ...
  • Winston: Who the fuck is that?
  • Sakura: I know someone who has a crush on you ;)
  • Naruto: Is it-
  • Sakura: Not me, baka.
  • Naruto: Oh... Who, then?
  • Sakura: Well I promised I wouldn't tell but... If you guess who it is, it's won't be a problem, right?
  • Naruto: Uh right! Right! Give me a hint!
  • Sakura: This person has pale skin, and black hair, and they're from a very old, powerful clan
  • Naruto: Um...
  • Sakura: Also, when we were in the academy, they were always watching you, though you never seemed to notice
  • Naruto: Eto...
  • Sakura: They have a rare bloodline limit
  • Naruto: *scratches his head and squints*
  • Sakura: It gives them very special eyes
  • Naruto: So, you're telling me this person... *counts on his fingers, muttering* and they... Aha! I get it.
  • Sakura: Finally
  • Naruto: Hehe, Sasuke, that bastard must be pretty embarrassed
  • Naruto: Oh well, I guess it makes sense
  • Naruto: Though it's weird that we're both guys...
  • Naruto: Don't tell him I said this, but I always thought he was really pretty, not like a girl, just, um, in a different way
  • Naruto: And he's really cool, but, but sweet too, like awkward in a cute way when he tries to be nice. Plus we understand each-other.
  • Naruto: Even though we fight a lot- hell, even fighting with him is really fun.
  • Naruto: And those times we kissed... They were an accident, but damn, that bastard had soft lips. I wonder if- uh *blushes* never mind.
  • Naruto: All things considered, it could be a lot worse
  • Naruto: I wonder if I should ask him out on- Sakura-chan?
  • Sakura: It's- It's-
  • Naruto: Sakura-chan, your eye is twitch-
  • Sakura: HINATA
  • Naruto: What?
  • Naruto: ...
  • Sakura: ...
  • Naruto: I don't get it. What does Hinata have to do with Sasuke and me?
  • Sakura: You know what, never mind. Yeah, take him out to eat ramen. Figure out how you'll revive his clan together while you're at it. It's not going to be easy since you're both guys, but when was anything ever easy for you two? It never stopped you before.
  • Sakura: Kami-sama, I tried. I really did. I'll leave the rest up to you.
  • Naruto: Sakura-chan, you're not making any sense. Where are you going? Oi, Sakura-chan!

Well here’s the thing: I have been doing it long enough now to know that there are really great times and there’s not so great times. It’s all a rollercoaster, man. It’s up and down, and people are going to love things you do, people are going to hate things you do. That’s part of it. Actually, it’s nice when people hate what you do, because it’s still a passionate feeling about it. It’s kind of when they’re indifferent, you’re like, “Oh, well, what am I really doing?” It’s nice to go one way or the other.


Summary: Adrien gets Marirekt.

So have this hot mess. No literally, this is a hot mess. I’m sorry for the lack of betaing and the cringy sexual tension. Under any circumstances, I’m not sorry for seductress!Marinette. Also, this is long.

This is some kind of bad boy Adrien lol not really and good girl Marinette lmao as if.

Also, I could have sworn today’s prompt was tension, but oh well. I was a day behind. *shows later to the Love Square Week with starbucks*

One thing Adrien Agreste learned in his first year of public education was that people couldn’t take no for an answer. No matter how polite he was or how firm he tried to be, they never seemed to understand the meaning of that simple two letters word. Adrien hated it. And after a couple of months of putting up with that, he decided it was the time to do something about it. Of course, he couldn’t just start being rude to people. So he came to the conclusion that if he can’t push people away, then he should just keep them from approaching. That was what his best friend, Nino, called the birth of bad boidrien.

(What a good pun, he was proud of his best friend.)

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I was hungry at first but after awhile I got used to it, I guess. And I liked having the extra time to study and the more I thought about it, well if I don’t need lunch, then maybe I don’t need breakfast or dinner either. And it kind of became a new project for me. To see how long I could go without eating any food.
—  Emma Chota on how her eating disorder started

I can’t do these kind of things, but oh well.
This is how I want to remember a woman that inspired me so much, both as a fiction character and “in real life”. Not as the iconic princess with those terrible chignons and the white gown, but as General Leia Organa. Older, a survivor of many painful battles, and yet still standing and ready to fight again. Wiser and more mature, but with that spark in her eyes from when she was nineteen years-old, when she bravely faced the most dangerous man of the whole galaxy with her head held high.

So long Carrie Fisher, and may the Force be with you, General.

I’m not gonna make this long and I’m just gonna say one big thank you to all of you for following me! I recently hit 20k followers in less than a year and I’m honestly blown away by that. I ‘lost’ my previous blog so I had to make this one and start all over again and honestly at that time I didn’t take it well. But oh well, I’m kind of glad I did now. All in all, thank you all once again, for following, for all nice comments and liking my content, it really means a lot. So here are some awesome blogs and people, you guys are seriously amazing~❤️ I know that I maybe don’t talk much and I really wanna talk to some of you but I’m kinda scared to say hi and all 😅 *Also I’m trying to be more active on my twitter and I wanna follow more people, so yeah, my twt is @yoochiim *


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You’re My Family

Pairing: Jonathan x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of death, Loss of loved one, Misguided reader, Father abandonment.

Words: 2,783

A/n: I have no idea what inspired me to write this… But oh well. SO nothing actually happens but it’s fluff galore and slight angst so I hope it suffices :)

Summary: You and Jonathan used to be friends, but after a rough spot in your life, you go running back to him.

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INTP: *shows up; hair disheveled and eyes bleary*

INTJ: Somebody had a blissful sleep last night.

INTP: I had an idea for a story at 3 am. I had to write it at the moment so it wouldn’t be disregarded due to loss of interest. I finished the first chapter.

INTJ: Well then. I wonder what kind of fantastical creature I will being seeing tomorrow.

INTP: Nah. I lost interest.

INTJ: *shakes head bemusedly and offers a cup of tea*

INTP: Thanks. You know, the story is inspired by our conversations.

INTJ: Oh Lord. You portrayed me as a pretentious snob, didn’t you.

INTP: I portrayed you as you portray yourself, friend of mine. *clinks their cups*

Ice Ice Baby  1

Author: really-meg

Paring: OFC X Stiles

Word Count: 754 (Sorry its so short)

Series: Ice Ice Baby

Synopsis: The Beacon Hills Cyclones are one of the best high school hockey teams in the country. Stiles Stilinski: team caption, womanizer, cocky, sarcastic and extremely good looking. Alexandria Reyes: beautiful, brilliant, witty, kind and amazing at hockey. Two completely different people, one hockey team.

A/N: Here it is!! My new Stiles fanfic when i posted that teaser I accidently left in the hockey part but oh well… I really love hockey and Stiles but without the help of my one of my favorite books Puck You I wouldn’t of been inspired to write this. I really hope you enjoy this as much as i love it.

Stiles POV

It was finally here. Hockey season was upon us and today was the first day of tryouts. Thank god. After the long treacherous summer, all I’ve really wanted was to get back on the ice. I walked through the doors of school carrying my equipment over my shoulder.

“Aye, you ready for today?” Someone asked as I passed by.

“Couldn’t be readier,” I said happily. Normally I wasn’t in such a good mood, almost never. But there were a few exceptions today being one of them. I continued down the hallway getting the usual ‘hey’s’ and ‘smiles’ mostly from the girls on that last part. I see Malia and Lydia leaning against their lockers laughing.

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To be honest I didn’t know Yamato had long hair?? Where did that hair come from?! I thought his hairstyle was dumb before so I’m glad it’s actually long :’) Not to mention I almost had a stroke when I thought they weren’t going to show Tsukumo but then

!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY I didn’t think he would be shown at all in the last episode but he got a full four seconds fknwekfbow yAY though I kind of wanted to see him with his hair down too but oh well i can’t even complain

Taeyong as your soulmate (Soulmate AU!)

I dunno, this is a new blog and I’m super confused😂 Well I just wanted to say that I accept requests for nct and seventeen. I’m having Taeyong feels lately. Basically, the first sentence your soulmate will say to you is engraved in your wrist.

  • As a kid, you lived an embarrassing life. Everyone around you seemed to have beautiful words engraved to their body, many kinds such as “wow, your stunning” or “is this love” (I dunno smh)
  • Well..not really everybody, some of ur friends also have shitty words like “uhm..can you shut up for a little bit” or “ur being annoying”
  • but urs is like on a whole different level, it literally said “Oh shit, fuck, sry for slapping you, omg, ur crying, holy crap, sorry” like who the fucking hell is this guy (author: taeyong you beautiful shit!). Your parents was so embarrassed they had you wearing long sleeves for years.
  • one day you intentionally slap yourself cause your bored af as well as practising for the day u’ll meet your cursed soulmate.
  • every time you see those annoying kids from the neighbourhood, you imagined them being ur soulmate. U’ll end up cringing and run for your life.
  • One day you got a part time job in a famous music store near your house and ur super happy.
  • Music was your passion and you had talent in dancing
  • Every day you always wonder why there was nobody that unintentionally slap you, WHY ARE PEOPLE SO NICE DUDSVCUVFUSJX HF!!
  • One day there’s this guy (u cannot see his face) holding a cup of coffee while taking selfies in front of a bunch of TVXQ albums
  • his selfie stick almost hit your precious albums, so you walked to him to tell him to be carefull.
  • but he suddenly took a 90 degrees turn and unintentionally slapped you with his selfie stick and spilled his coffee all over you.
  • “Oh shit, fuck, sry for slapping you, omg, ur crying, holy crap, sorry” he said frantically trying to wipe ur shirt.
  • While doing that he accidentally touched ur thighs and screamed “ OH MY GOD SORRY I DON’T MEAN TO”
  • Truthfully you were just crying coz it was too funny
  • You stopped crying and started laughing insted. “HAHAHA YOU JUST SLAPPED ME…”you stopped to take a deep breath “….WITH A SELFIE STICK AHAHAHAHA
  • He just smiled sheepishly and a second later, HE WAS SCREAMING AGAIN “ YOUR MY SOULMATE!!OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY”
  • You just reached out your hand and said “Your so handsome, Im Y/N by the way”
  • He blushed furiously “Ahh you’re also beautiful, Im Lee Taeyong” he shaked your hand “Well your stuck with me forever then”
  • “Yeah i’d love that” You said.
  • There is no way you won’t fall in love with this precious bean.

That’s all my lovelies, if you have any request just send it to me. if there is a lot of good response, I’ll write a continuation of this scenario.

REQUEST: JungkookThigh kisses + first time, hickies

AUTHORS NOTE: kind of long for just a drabble but oh well Admin Charcoal x

“You okay baby?” he whispered putting his hands on your underwear. You nod your head frantically feeling your arousal in between your legs he smiles and pulls them down. He starts to kiss you his lips brushing against the soft skin of your thigh while he ran his finger up and down your clit. 

You start to breathe heavier and he smiles up at you pleased with your reaction. He rubs your clit and kisses you all over, massaging you with his tongue while he slips in a finger and then another. Before you know it you are in a frenzy starting to moan and chant Jungkook’s name you feel something stirring in your stomach becoming tighter as you clench down on his fingers. 

“Go ahead. Come baby.” He mumbles into you. 

“Oh, Jun- Jungkook! Shit!” you moan out as you come onto his mouth and hand. You watch him as he stands up to remove his loose sweatpants
Jungkook moves his body back up to you, kissing you when you reach for his boxers. 

“Patience baby this has to be about you tonight.” He says, kissing you again. He has such soft lips and definitely knows how to use them. He starts rubbing your breast with his hand and sucks on the other. You start to lightly moan and Jungkook takes this as you are ready. 

He gets up and pulls his pants down along with his boxers. At first you were just staring at his abs but then once he pulled his boxers down, and rolled down a condom your eyes went wide. Staring at his wide long length you immediately started to feel more nervous and afraid. Jungkook senses your tension and kisses you softly on your lips.

“I am going to go slow so I don’t hurt you too much. And I will wait till you say you are okay. But promise me that if you want me to stop, you will tell me.” He whispers against your lips Jungkook looks you in your eyes with a serious expression. 

You nod frantically. “I promise.” He smiles and kisses you again. He rubs his tip at your clit which makes you shudder your breath hitches as He starts to push inside of you his soft lips kissing you to distract you from any possible pain. You feel a sharp pain and Jungkook immediately stops staring and waiting for if you don’t want to carry on but the pain wears off once he is fully in you shortly after.

 “Move Kookie. Please.” You run your hands through Jungkook’s hair 

“shit baby you’re so tight” he mutters as he starts to slowly thrust into you. “You okay baby?” Jungkook asks through high pitched moans and with a dry voice. You moan back a yes and he smiles at you now that he knows you like it. He starts to slowly progress and go faster until you are moaning below him. Jungkook takes this as a sign to move faster and this causes to moan more and say his name. “Shit. Y/N. You make me feel so good.” 

“I am going to come soon baby. Are you going to come?” Jungkook begs you as you get close he rubs your clit frantically not wanting to cum before you.

“Y-yes.” You say. 

“Okay baby. Be good and come for me.” His words throw you over the edge and you are running your nails down his back. 

“Oh god Jungkook! Kookie! uh.” Your tight walls clenching around his dick you’re entire body shuddering all you can hear is his loud whimpering as he shortly cums after you and collapses down next to you.

anonymous asked:

you're always so full of surprises like I followed you back in Harry Potter days who would have ever thought you would love things so varied and finally come to the point of being a world authority on my favourite morally grey goose

(oh wow you’ve been on a long ride my friend) and shucks! I just like to… like things? Yeah. Also no way am I a world authority it’s kind of hilarious that I’ve honed in on this one character when really I love the whole cast- I mean heck I could also bounce around for days talking about Fethry do you like Fethry ‘cause I adore Fethry. I guess I am just excited to introduce people to characters who, I’m assuming, are largely unknown and may well be appearing in the Ducktales reboot, and perhaps encourage people to read the comics a bit before the show starts so they can get in on that level of excitement.


Silvia: Okay so when we tell mom about the wedding, I’ll do all the talking because she’ll trick you into letting her plan the wedding. She’s been wanting to have a Disney themed wedding for a long time. I’ve seen her notes. They’re scary. 

Danny: Oh… oopsie?

Silvia: Oopsie? 

Danny: Well you see I kind of may have told your mom on our Philomel group-chat. 

Silvia: Wait… there is a Philomel group-chat? Why am I not part of it?

Danny: Well I was going to add you but your mom said not to because you’ll try to ruin the wedding plans. So… I didn’t…? Oopsie?

Silvia: Oh my gosh!