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I’ve been watching too much Forensic Files lately, I’m getting paranoid over dumb things.

Also, why do these people have such poor impulse control that they think they can just kill people? How is that a thing that goes through your head?

“Maybe I’ll eat a fourth piece of pizza…” now that’s a kind of normal bad decision. Not, “maybe I’ll crush up cyanide and put it in random Excedrin bottles in an Albertson’s so my husband’s death looks like an accident and OOPS I killed a random lady, oh well.”


The best of being a pre-teen in the late 90s/early 00s

ENTJ Gothic
  • You laugh. Everyone else stops laughing. Someone’s hand shakes, and a wine glass shatters.
  • “I’m such a realistic person,” your Te assesses. Your Ni nods affirmatively, and goes back to making weird shit up.
  • You’ve been elected student council president. They won’t let you streamline the class period system or fire any of the teachers. You silently curse Kill la Kill for giving you unrealistic expectations.
  • “You’re so unfriendly and you hate parties. How are you an extrovert? You must be an INTJ,”  your friend says. She’s right; ENTJs are just INTJs on meth.
  • Why do all of your friends think that processing means hugs and validation? You just want advice. Your therapist won’t even give you advice without “listening empathetically” first. Why are your parents paying $80 an hour for this?
  • You’ve been elected student council president again. “Do I have to do this?” you mutter. You don’t remember running this year. “You’re an ENTJ; you want to, right?” the principal says. You don’t want to; you won’t able to make any real changes in policy. You’re just a symbol. The principal tells you it will look good on your college application and offers you a cookie.
  • You decide not to major in poly-sci.
  • You are officially an adult. You have been ready for this moment since preschool. Your friends say they still don’t feel like adults, which sounds terrifying and is probably the reason they are still dependent upon your friendship.
  • “Time management! Attention! Priorities!” you snarl for the fourth time this morning. Your coworkers spend the next hour brainstorming ways to get you fired.
  • “You’re an ENTJ? Can you help me make a five-year plan?” they ask. “Of course,” you reply. You give them control of your crumbing ponzi scheme, and they spend the next five years in jail.
  • Everything is closed on Sunday. Don’t they realize you have things to do before the week starts? You drive and drive and drive, looking for a city that never sleeps. The sky darkens; your car melts into the pavement. You are the city. You never sleep.
  • Someone thinks you’d be a power bottom. At least you aren’t a needy top like all five of your ENFJ friends. You delete three of them from your contacts while you’re thinking of it.
  • Your job involves expensive suits, firing people, creepy motivational posters on the walls of your office, and a formal title that your friends and family don’t understand. They ask what you do at work. “Extroverted thinking,” you tell them, and they nod politely and ask, “But what does your company make?” “Money,” you say. “But how do you earn the money?” “Introverted intuition,” you tell them. They nod again. It’s a very ambiguous function.
  • Your ISTJ coworker pipes in. “We trade stocks.” This is technically insider trading because Ni is psychic, but no one says anything.
  • You care about someone; this is not part of the plan. You race around doing errands in your black Camaro, swearing profusely at people who drive the speed limit.
  • It’s time to make some major life changes. Everything is boring and the days are starting to blur together. You engage your Se.
  • We don’t talk about what happens next.
  • The scientists have discovered a way to see inside your brain. They find out it’s just a game of Tetris. “Perhaps we can program the perfect leader somehow,” one of them says. You slide an I-block into place and exhale, contented. The brain scans turn blue.
  • You move to the coast, work in a little coffee shop and play your saxophone in a pub band by night. You date ISFPs who read you their poetry. No one is afraid of you anymore. You are peaceful and connected. Your therapist said this would make you happy.
  • You still cannot sleep.
Chapter fucking 19 (spoiler alert)


Just SO shocked right now okay.

First she got stabbed (like predicted, poor girl) but there is a backstory and I don’t speak korean so I didn’t get it but I know Bum kind of related her with his high school crush

Right in the boob  wow

Look at how proud Sangwoo is

nice ass btw bum got bums; yeah  boiiii

And FINALLY This!!!! You know what I kind of saw this coming because I myself wrote a fiction like this (you can read it here) so I am just so excited/happy and sad at the same time OMG I CAN’T WAIT *evil giggle*


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§  Constantly late for almost everything
§  Quirky
§  Sneaky
§  Likes to cook
§  Sassy
§  Flirts with everything and anything that breathes
§  “Yuta stop scaring the servants, they didn’t do anything to deserve this “- Taeyong
§  “But it’s funny” Him
§  He’s a suck up tbh
§  Family crest is on his upper chest; Where his heart is located
§  His cloak color is mauve
§  Never takes off his crown
§  Likes to show it off
§  Hides taeyong’s things; His crown specifically
§  “Who touched my crown again?! YUTA!”- Taeyong
§  “Oops I suddenly have to leave g o o d b y e” – Him
§  Secretly kind and caring, he just doesn’t know how to show it
§  Fearless
§  Savage
§  Can be very intimidating at times
§  Talks a lot
§  Currently taking fencing classes
§  Because it gives him a reason to poke haechan with pointy things
§  “If you go anywhere near haechan, I’m telling mother”- Taeil
§  “Thank the lord” – Haechan
§  Likes playing soccer
§  Smart but also very stupid there’s no in between
§  Doesn’t like being told what to do
§  Unless his mother asks him to do something
§  Mommas boy
§  Stubborn
§  Also likes to brag
§  But won’t admit it


§  Once ran away from the castle because taeil was scolding him
§  Came along this small cottage by a river
§  “You in there! Come out here!”
§  And when you did he was stunned
§  He didn’t think someone like you could exist
§  You were everything he wanted
§  He loved the fact that you were mysterious and hard to figure out
§  Because that just made him want you even more
§  He came back almost every day to talk to you
§  This went on for at least 3 months
§  He wanted to come in but you would never let him
§  “Who knows what you could do to me? For all I know you could be some sex maniac”- You
§  “That’s not exactly true but it’s not false either” – Him
§  But you both would sit on the steps outside and talk about life
§  He would talk the most because he had more problems than you did
§  You both are completely different people who live 2 different lives
§  But that’s why yuta wanted to keep you close to him
§  Because you were like a breath of fresh air
§  He once came to your cottage, crying his eyes out
§  You never knew the reason why
§  “Yuta..” - You
§  “I didn’t mean to,,” - Him
§  That was the only time you ever let him inside your house
§  He fell asleep in your arms that night
§  Even though you hadn’t known him for very long
§  It broke your heart seeing him cry
§  You opened your eyes the next morning
§  Only to see Yuta giving you the most adoring and loving look
§  “Why are you looking at me like that..?” You
§  “They say that if you really love someone, you should tell them or show them through actions..or otherwise, you would have to watch them be loved by someone else..and I would rather not take that chance” – Him
§  You never realized how much you really loved and cared about him until those words came out of his mouth
§  He then asked you to move to the castle and meet the queen
§  Which terrified you, but you had a good feeling about this
§  “Wow Yuta..she’s quite the opposite of you, Pure and innocent”-The Queen
§  “Mother don’t expose me like that” – Yuta
§  “He has his moments though” – You
§  As you said that you grabbed his hand and looked into his eyes
§  He knew then that he wanted you to be his queen
§  But in his eyes, you already were his queen
§  And he was your king
§  And nothing would change that



Shoulders today so I took a picture of my back? Hmmm, whatever. Those back pics are hard to take, man. My right shoulder has been acting up again lately so I was kind of surprised I could go up in lifts today. Very interesting, body. Bodies are so weird. Seated Presses are really difficult for me. I tend to cheat and use my legs for a little help (oops) but when I’m sitting down I obviously can’t do that… . I was going to do burpees for my cardio portion but after a huge sports bra fail I stuck with high knees.

Incline intervals as well to finish up. Next week I’ll increase both my incline and my distance. I think. I think my back can handle it. My hips and lower back were pretty tight this morning but after I got moving they loosened up. I haven’t been having any other issues with them while doing intervals with the incline that I’m using so I think I can push up to another level. I definitely need to remember to take the time to stretch for a decent amount of time after workouts. 10 minutes isn’t gonna kill me, that’s for sure. I just get going on other projects and forget. I must make it a priority.

plot where ‘i had a bad break up with my ex of 4 years who cheated on me, and treated me like dirt and wow i just found out i’m pregnant and he’s the father so here comes the emotional breakdown and late night pounding on his front door. But oops you’re not him, you’re his brother and you’re being really kind to me and calming me down, and those kisses on the top of my head are so new to me.’ also referred to as the plot where Muse A is pregnant, her manipulative ex boyfriend is the father, however Muse B aka his brother had always had a thing for Muse A. The night Muse A comes banging on his brothers door while Muse B is staying there for a while, he consoles her and decides to help her through the break up and pregnancy. However feelings get involved, drama, fights, and his older/younger brother isn’t so happy about it. Yes pls

My name is Angelina,

So, welcome to part two of day one. I can’t follow instructions, apparently. ^^


I’m a late twenties something just trying to be a boss like the rest of us. I’m a writer, painter, creator of awesome things. I’m a crafty kind of person. The #septicsam beret you see being me is one of my recent creations. I can’t decide if I want a #septic sweater or scarf next.
Congrats on the soon to be 15mil!

A little request...

Is there anyone here who perhaps bought the Yume Hitotsu CD and would be willing to share with me the lyrics of Hitohira no Kaze (and possible the other songs)?
I have trouble figuring out them out just by listening to the audio and I kind of need them to finish the subtitles of Bakumatsu Tenroden…

Edit: All right, I found a new reason I shouldn’t be making request late at night. I was somehow convinced these CDs were released already… xD Oops, guess I’ll just keep struggling for now and release an updated version of the subtitles once I had a chance to confirm the lyrics. (Considering their actual release date, I may just grab a copy for myself while I’m in Japan… if I somehow manage to find them…) ^o^ But a thanks to those who already offered to share the lyrics anyway.

Phanweek Day 1: Wait for Us

Title~ Wait for Us

Summary~ After five whole years of waiting Zachary Howell-Lester is ready to go to Playlist Live. Unfortunately airports are trickier than they seem. Zach may be ready but Dan and Phil maybe not so much.

Words~ 4.3K

Genre~ Fluff

Rating~ G

Beta’s Note~ Hey @phanweek a bit of a late entry for Day 1 SFW. I’m actually the beta posting for Jay (the author) who’s not close to a computer right now and we kind of forgot day 1 was right now, oops!

Author’s Note~ Hi everyone! Big thank you to @natskindacrisis for posting this for me! I’m a dork who forgets deadlines @_@


“Dad! Dad, wake up!!”

Phil groaned with exaggerated annoyance and cracked an eye open to mock glare at the boy bouncing on his hips. “Hasn’t anyone told you not to wake up a sleeping lion?” he growled playfully.

“But Daaaaaad, we’re going to America! You promised I could go this year,” Zach whined. “Besides, Daddy said I could.”

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lcstrichards  asked:

✆, ø. ✉, &

Send “✆” for a MORNING text.
[Text To: Malcom💙] So remember how you let me borrow your sweater last night? Yeah, well I slept in it. So… It’s mine forever now. OH Also, good morning handsome. 

Send “ø” for a LATE NIGHT text.
[Text To: Malcom💙] I don’t know if you’re up or not.. But I’m kind of spooked? I know you always tell me not to watch scary movies before bed but oops? I just can’t sleep and I’m kind of scared, so if you’re up.. I’d love it if you could come over? If not.. Then this message never happened and you’ll never be able to prove that I admitted to being scared.

Send “✉” for a text that WASN’T SENT.
[Text To: Malcom💙] I know you’ve been through some things. I know you’ve been hurt in ways I’ll never understand.. But I’m here for you. I don’t care if you have these nightmares. I don’t care about the scars.. I just need you to talk to me, Malcom. I’m here for you. I want you to trust me the way I trust you.. [DELETED]

Send “&” for a LOVING text.
[Text To: Malcom💙] Do you remember that time we stayed in that motel? The honeymoon suite? I loved that. I think it was one of my favorite little adventures of ours. It was a mess and completely unplanned.. Just like us. It was perfect. 

[Text To: Malcom💙]
We should go back sometime. 

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Um.. what kind of stuff are you into?

I’m pretty vanilla actually~ I definitely love teasing, kissing until they’re breathless and watching their bodies heave. I will tease at the worse possible times too just to see their cute reactions (even if it’s in public oops.) I also love running fingers through hair and being the big spoon.

Part twooooo long overdue :P

@zenwisterias @veraandalyn

Here you go Taylor, sorry it’s late and it kind of got long…oops

More knocks against her door, the tapping gentle but insistent. “Vera, dear? Are you sure you’re alright? You’ve barely left your room all week.”
She didn’t move from her position on the bed, blankets scrunched up around her chin as she called a reply, straining to make her voice sound cheerful. “I’m fine, just worn out from rehearsals.”
Her grandmother’s voice didn’t sound very convinced, but she cared too much to push Vera. “Well, alright then, dinner is at seven.”
Footsteps retreating downstairs, and then Vera was left alone with her own thoughts once again.

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PRONOUNS:  she / her.
SEXUALITY:  straight but you know……. girls are cute


-  Just like my muse I am quite nerdish, but instead of being all about biochemestry like him, my thing is nuclear physics.
-  I’m so late about everything, a “last minute” kind of girl but it worked wonderfully well for me so far soo …. not changing that cause lazy. oops.
-  I’m part of these people who don’t like celebrating their birthdays cause meh.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?) :  Started with high school friends, which means 8 years… oh god?! how old am I-
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:   forums > facebook (ew) > tumblr + twitter
BEST EXPERIENCE:  TUMBLR 100%. I’ve learned english thanks to tumblr and met incredible writers and amazing friends, ones I still talk to everyday and share everything with, I’m grateful to tumblr for that. EVEN IF, forums were also a very good experience, I could write in my native language and explore more crazy plots, it was wonderful.


FEMALE OR MALE :  I have other muses and they are all males… except one but I clearly enjoy writings males more.

FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT : It actually depends a lot on the character I am on. With some, I will go full angst and love it ; with others, I would rather keep it light and fluffy. As for the smut, i’m always okay with it.

PLOTS OR MEMES :  I love plots. I used to write general but now I’m full OC because it allows me to plot more freely and that’s what I want. 

LONG OR SHORT REPLIES : Usually long, even if I try to “keep it short”, I can’t haha..

BEST TIME TO WRITE :  Anytime except very late at night- Even if I’m very comfortable with english, when it’s too late in the night, my lines become a mess.

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): Hmm, Ken is the muse I’m the closest too. He’s an optimistic despite everything he went through, he doesn’t like discussing about his past and stays focused on the future. He can switch from random to serious too. I’m not an handsome japanese male but for the personality , yeah I’m more or less like that.

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Adam sees Nigel tipsy for the first time

(and by tipsy I mean oops, pretty drunk and a bit of a mess?)

Nigel sometimes came home late. Not just after-dinner late, or after the Actor’s Studio late, but middle-of-the-night late. It wasn’t Adam’s favourite sort of time to wait up until, but as long as Nigel let him know when to expect him, Adam understood that sometimes, it was the kind of late that couldn’t be avoided.

It wasn’t until he heard a very large object come crashing to the floor in the hallway that Adam realised for once, he’d actually fallen asleep well before Nigel walked in the door. If it even was Nigel. Nigel was always very quiet when he came home after dark.

Motherfucking fuck this goddamn fucking coat stand…

Yes, it was definitely Nigel. Granted, he made an effort to keep his cursing to a muttered hiss, but from the second clatter when Nigel collided with Adam’s shoe rack several steps later, that seemed to be about as subtle as he was going to get.

“Nigel? Do you want me to switch the hallway light on? There’s still a side table and a bookshelf to go, before you reach the sitting room?”

Nigel seemed to find the light switch by himself, poking his head round the corner a moment later. “Got it. Sorry, darling. I was trying not to wake you.”

Rubbing his eyes, Adam smiled, wriggling himself free of the throw rug. “Oh no, I’m glad you did. Otherwise I would have been sleeping on the couch the whole night, instead of our bedroom!”

As he made his way over, Adam couldn’t help notice Nigel looked a bit like he’d just woken up himself, hair sticking in a few different directions, shirt half-untucked.

“No, you wouldn’t have. I’d have carried you.” Nigel gave a crooked grin, flopping down on the cushions beside and pointing to the book spread across Adam’s lap. “Whatwereyoureading?

Tipping his head to one side, it took Adam a split-second to realise the blur of syllables had been a question. Giggling, he held the cover upright so that Nigel could make out the title. Leaning in close, Nigel still squinted as he read it out loud.

The Ghost in the Atom: A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics.” His eyebrows pinching together at the middle, Nigel stifled a hiccup behind his hand.

Placing his bookmark neatly where he had left-off, Adam gave a solemn nod. “A comprehensie collection of radio transcripts from the mid-1980’s, when several leading physicists began to grapple with the interpretation of quantum theory, a subject that had until that time, been largely disregarded.”

The book had no sooner vacated Adam’s lap before Nigel replaced it with his head, nuzzling his nose against Adam’s cardigan.

“Well. No wonder you fell asleep.”

Winking up at him, Nigel looked like he regretted the decision very soon after, quickly maneuvering himself to sit upright again. Scrunching his eyes closed, Adam thought Nigel looked a fraction paler when he re-opened them. It didn’t stop him from smirking though, even if was in the wrong direction.


Nigel re-focused enough to give him a hazy nod. Adam tilted his head to one side, curious.

“Are you… sleepy?”

Wiping his nose, Nigel gave a rueful shake of his head, unhooking a crumpled packet of cigarettes from his pocket. Tucking one at the side of his mouth, he already had the lighter half raised before remembering he wasn’t on the balcony. Avoiding the coffee table whilst getting to his feet, Nigel took a few backwards steps, jerking his chin for Adam to follow.

Amused, Adam took his hand, not quite sure it was the right evening for Nigel to not be looking where he was going. As Nigel fumbled with the latch on the balcony door, Adam’s mouth suddenly dropped.

“Oh my goodness.”

Squeezing Adam’s palm, Nigel leant down to touch their foreheads together. “Mmm?”

“Are you tipsy?

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