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just another coffee shop AU

So this was part of a not!fic challenge but it ended up as more of a fic than a not!fic, so I’m posting it here. The challenge was to put a trope in my inbox and I’d tell you about the story I’d write. (Honestly, I’m tempted to adapt this and try to do it as orig fic, haha) So enjoy.

It’s harder than you think to get a job in a little podunk town that’s mostly home to fishermen. Dex takes what he can get, and what he can get is a job dishing out lattes and scones at the little pretentious coffee house that vacationing yuppies love to frequent on their way to Maine’s outlet malls. It’s barely a living, but Dex doesn’t need much.

He serves coffee one day to the preppiest of the prep – a luxuriously coiffed writer who tells him that the coffee shop has the perfect atmosphere for inspiration. Dex snorts. This is a guy who wears his stubble purposely rough, to achieve some kind of effect. He probably wears “pre-distressed” clothing (although right now his outfit’s actually really sharp, with this vest over a fuzzy, tight-fitting sweater.)

The writer challenges him. “Come on, you have to have a little poetry in your soul?”

“I sold my soul for a three-dollar latte,” Dex replies.

The man laughs, and goddamn, even his teeth are perfect.

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An Encounter, Daveed Diggs x Reader

Prompt: You see your ex-boyfriend at a hotel, and now you can’t feel your chest. 

Word-count: 1,306

Warnings: None apart from like, sADNESS. 

Note: Hello there.

So. Um. Yeah. Angst once again. Ha ha. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO STOP ME. 

First time I’m posting something with Daveed, although this is far from the first time I’ve wrote for the man. It’s not angst, really. Well, it is. I guess, angst with an ambiguously happy ending?? Does that work??? 

Speaking of angst, Circumstance part two will be coming up in the following days, and the last Perks and the sequel to Chase next week. 

Anyway, I love you all, enjoy. 

Much, much love. xx

You know how these things go.

There will be quiet moment that lasts for maybe a second, and then the tide rushes in.

You feel a tug right behind her chest, and it seems to break you open until the hook catches onto one of your ribs. Your heart stays, though, and it remains, beating traitorously fast against the heel of your palm, which you have pressed to your sternum in an effort to somehow stop your pulse from rising any further through external force. It isn’t working.

All he’s doing is standing there, nothing more. He’s there, just there. His there-ness shouldn’t be affecting you the way that it did.

You should have moved on by now, leaving him in the dust and effectively cutting him away like a stubborn weed.

You realize somewhat belatedly how you must look, standing there with such a wretched expression on your face, glasses askew, your heart in the soles of your shoes. Pathetic.

God, what is he doing here? Why is he here? How is he here?

“Miss?” someone asks and the dam breaks and you are out of the mystic realm. You stutter a response and turn away, half-dumb. It’s fine, you try to tell yourself, mostly failing. “Your room key,” the poor receptionist says, looking at you with obvious concern. You take the room key, hands numb and trembling. You’re praying that he doesn’t see you.You’re praying that he passes by without so much as a glance in your direction. You’re praying—


Damn it. Damn it all to hell.

The key is a sharp sting in your hand as you face him, and the twist in your stomach nearly makes you bowl over.

He’s still beautiful. As stunning and as unreachable as you remembered.

“Hi,” you say, and you inwardly curses at the crack of emotion so obvious so noticeable so very much there—

“It’s been a while,” he says with a breeze of a laugh. He smiles and you know that if you were standing any closer, that smile could easily kill you. You want to scream, or yell, or screech. All three.

“It has,” you say instead, managing a smile of your own. “How are you?” You hate this. Hate this. Absolutely. He shouldn’t be standing there all beautiful and put-together while you’re a crumbling disaster.

“I’m doing great, yeah,” he says, scratches the back of his neck, the gesture so routine and so familiar that it sends you back, forcing a finger down your memory’s throat.

You’re back to two years ago, and he’s standing next to you on this small little hill in your small little hometown, holding your hand, and the weather was so humid you could feel it in the back of your throat. He’s saying something to you, you can’t quite remember anymore.

You’re back to one year ago, and you’ve been yelling for hours now, fighting for what seems like years. You’re tired and sorry and angry and you just want to get this over with. You both do.

“Why do we keep doing this?” you can’t help but ask into the silence of your dimly lit den. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see him turn and look at you.

“What?” he says. “Keep doing what?”

You don’t speak, because for all this show of confusion, you know he knows what you’re talking about.

He moves out of the house within the next month.

It wasn’t the most painful breakup of your memory (heaven knows you’ve had worse), and if you were being entirely honest, the split was entirely peaceful. But they always said that it was often the little things that kept haunting you. (Your breakup wasn’t a little thing. God no. But it was a lot less than the others. Less shouting. Less fuss. Less. And yet here you were, torn completely asunder with barely five sentences.)

“Anyway,” he says, and it breaks you out of your stupor. “How have you been?” Belatedly, you realize that you’ve been quiet for some time, only staring at him like some depressing fool.

“Oh, you know,” shriveled up, scattered, scrambled, et cetera, “the usual.”

“That’s great.” He sounds so sincere. It makes you want to hate him, but it only makes you love him more. “It’s been such a long time…”

There is a moment of silence that you mourn and revel in. You’re too emotionally confused to take in anything else. If you had your head on straight, you’d feel awkward. You don’t, but that was neither here nor there.

“Have you been seeing someone else?”

The question was so sudden, so out of bounds that it renders you mute for a solid second.

“E-Excuse me?”

He’s sheepish now, embarrassed by his own bald honesty. “You heard me,” he says at last. It was somehow comforting to know that he was still himself after all this time, still too confident for his own good.

“No,” you say after forever. “N-No. I’m not—seeing anyone at the moment.”

He lights up, and then maybe realizes that he should not be, dimming. “Sorry,” he says. “That was terrible of me.”

You don’t know what to say, so you keep silent. You just now notice that you’ve moved. You’re near the lobby now, instead of the receptionist desk. There is traction on your feet now as you drag it, the floor going from tile to carpet.

“Why’d you ask?” you say, feeling something burning in your body, just below your trachea. Your stomach’s twisting so badly it’s a miracle you haven’t vomited yet. Your heart was a battering ram against your uvula.

“Look,” he says, breathes, “I know that it’s crappy of me to bring this up now, and here of all places,”

“Daveed, we’re in a hotel,”

Exactly. Like, what kind of guy talks up to his ex-girlfriend in a hotel? But it’s been a year since I last saw you and you were there and prettier than I remembered and—“


“Let me finish, please.” He inhales through his nose, lets the air out sharply. “Y/N, I miss you.” And then your world stops, and you’re struck dumb in the wake of whatever this is. “I miss you. Present tense. I don’t even know what happened to us, Y/N. We were so good and then we weren’t and I can’t wrap my head around it.”

You want to walk away. You want to scream ‘No’ until you’re hoarse. But you couldn’t be yourself unless you were an idiot. So you stay.  

“I want you back, Y/N. I want us back. And it is a one heck of an assumption, because who knows, you might have some other guy there in your heart, but I’m not leaving here not knowing. I’m not walking away from this place knowing I could have had a chance with you and not taken it. Please, just let me know.”

He turns and starts to walk away, and you’re struck by how unfair it all is. You’re the one who’s supposed to be walking away. Not him.

“I don’t,” you say, louder than you would have usually. He stops in his tracks. “I don’t have anyone else in my heart.” You hate how truthful you’re being.

He faces you, smile so wide and so bright that it makes your eyes hurt. He looks like he wants to reach out to you but thinks better of it, which was all the best. You couldn’t take it if he held you now. Instead he opts for the next best thing; he cocks his head to the side and gestures for you to follow him. You do.

You’re swerving back into his lane now, and you could only hope that the collision doesn’t hurt too much this time around.

Crash. Bang. Smoke.

Summer Rain [Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader]

Summary: what else are you supposed to do but run in the rain after finding out you’ve been in love with your best friend?

Word count: 2,334 (the longest one yet!)

Warnings: cursing, alcohol… 

A/N: The fluffiest of fluffs for Oak, because he deserves it. Thanks to the hamwriters groupchat, I finally had inspiration to write for Oak and I’m pretty happy with the result. I hope y’all like it!

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You could give a million excuses to why you showed up on his doorstep like this, at that time. You could say the storm caught you by surprise, or maybe you were around and your umbrella broke and you remembered he lived close by.

Blatant lies to cover a moment of courage with no limitations.

It was 1 a.m. when you woke up that night, the storm making the New York you knew your whole life just a gray scenario outside your window. Your forehead covered in sweat, but a smile across your face.

You were in love with your best friend and the dream you had just proved everything you suspected for weeks.

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i wonder how many times louis has come home from a long day, and he’s all tired or whatever – kind of tense and a little snappy, and just /so/ exhausted – and when he walks into the house, he sees harry asleep on their bed in one of his hoodies. and like. it /works/ (though even if it didn’t harry still would) bc louis always buys his hoodies bigger than his body anyway and seeing harry wear his clothes is just…. disgustingly endearing…..simply ridiculous to be this fond, honestly. and so louis feels all the crappiness of the day just melt away because here’s harry and harry is Soft and harry is home and he loves him loads and loads, so he climbs into bed and curves around harry’s body…. and harry stirs a little and wakes up just enough to intertwine his and louis’s fingers together across his tummy and mumble a quick “missed you” before he’s drifting back off and louis kisses the back of harry’s head and tells him he missed him too even tho harry’s already asleep and his bad day is forgotten and they’re relaxed and comfortable and safe and :(

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Celebrities are people too and they mess up and do crappy things and it's not ok to just say "whatever it doesn't matter it was so long ago" like no we aren't gonna sweep it under the rug so you never have to face the fact that they aren't the 'perfect love of your life uwu, so good and kind I lov uwu' grow up and face the facts


17 Crazy Interesting Facts About Dopamine

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What does dopamine do? Well, at the most basic level, everything you think, do, and are is basically part of one big chemical reaction. That’s not an altogether comfortable thought for some people - but it’s the science. It’s hard to deny when you start looking into incredible brain chemicals and neurotransmitters like dopamine.

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RFA Members + Birthdays Headcanons

bc it’s ya boi Jumin’s birthday today !! Will be reblogging this on each member’s birthday because I have nothing better to do with my time lmao


  • Probably the type of guy to plan his own birthday party.  He wants it to be done right, after all
    • That being said, he doesn’t want it to be huge: just the RFA members (Jumin included!! wow!!), and a few cast and crew he’s close with
  • He likes going to a restaurant on his birthday–nothing too fancy.  He keeps it simple.  He rents out the back room for the night (always making sure the restaurant he chooses has one) because this is one night he doesn’t want his fans to photo-op.  
  • Usually forgets to get himself a cake, so you always end up buying one of those nice three-tier cakes.  Every year, he tells you that you don’t have to do that, that he doesn’t need a cake, and that you always end up with leftovers for the next month, but you can see it in his eyes that he loves the fact that you remembered to get one even when he didn’t.
    • (”Jeez, this one’s huge!  We’re going to have so much leftover!” “Are you really complaining about extra cake?”)
  • Birthday sex lmao of course
    • Has been very good about not smoking, but allows himself a cigarette on special occasions.  This is one of those occasions.
      • You complain as he stands by the window, dressed only in boxer briefs, saying that he’s letting the cold air in.  (”Guess I’ll have to get back in there and warm you up, huh?” he teases)
  • Your present to him is always something handmade.  For whatever reason, he loves your crappy DIY craft projects, because it shows that you put the effort in.


  • The kind of person that talks about his birthday weeks in advance.  It could be a month away, and he’s asking about what you got him.
    • In some ways, you can’t help but think his giddy and excitement towards his birthday, a year most adults dread, is both adorable and endearing.  However, when you’re actually trying to get him his present and hide it from him, it gets frustrating.
  • Invites the RFA members for a small get together at your apartment, and then has a separate lunch with his parents.
    • Because Zen always brings beer to Yoosung’s party
      • And Yoosung always gets tipsy
      • And by the time everybody leaves, he’s passed out on the couch.
      • You end up sleeping out there with him because you’d feel bad if you left him.  He wakes up and, still a little drunk, gets a bit frisky.
  • One year, you got him the thing he’s been wanting for ages: an autograph from the LOLOL programmer.  Granted, it was an eBay purchase, so the authenticity was questionable, and you had to outbid about a hundred other gamers, paying a ridiculous amount, but the look on his face when you handed to him was more than you could’ve asked for.
    • (”Y/N… how did you… this is…” “There’s no guarantee that it’s completely real; I won the bid for it on eBay, but people seemed to be clawing over each other to get it, so I have a good feeling.”  He darts over to you to give you a back-breaking hug, and you let out a little squeak of surprise.  “Thank you… so much!” he shouts, grinning wildly.)


  • You plan her a surprise party, because she’s the type that thinks celebrating is pointless.  Too busy to have a party, even one with just the RFA members?  Please.
    • You decide that rather than having a standard party, you’d invite the RFA members to have brunch at her favorite little coffee shop just around the block.  It’s nothing fancy and out of proportion, and you’re correct when you find out that she loves it.
  • You do all kinds of cutesy things that day: a walk in the park, going around to different dessert vendors, window-shopping for cute outfits, etc.
  • At the end of the day, the two of you head back home, only for “phase-two” of your surprise party plans to go into action: the day spent together is somewhat of a ploy, as the rest of the members were busy decorating your apartment
    • You can see that she’s a little irked about the mess that they’ve made, but that feeling passes quickly as she realizes the effort put into just making her day special
  • There are drinks and a homemade cake that go around, and at around eleven PM, she finally kicks everyone out
    • (”Thank you all so much for today.  Really, it was lovely.”  “Then can’t we have a sleepover?” “Saeyoung, I don’t trust you in my apartment at night.”)
    • She’s blunt, but the members understand and take it lightly
  • You spend the night cuddling on the couch binging movies until she realizes that she has work the next morning.  You convince her to take a sick day.


  • Day starts off with a  b i r t h d a y  b l o w j o b
  • Like Jaehee, has little regard for his birthday, and sees no point in really celebrating, but you insist.
    • He ends up just making reservations for the two of you at a high-class restaurant, and when you protest, saying that you had things planned, he reminds you that it’s his birthday, and he just wants to spend it with you
      • You stop complaining
  • He works the entire day, but you take the day off and keep him company
    • o f f i c e  s e x 
  • You help him out with his work, and while ideally it isn’t how you would have wanted him to have spent his birthday, he seems content enough, so you won’t fuss about it.
  • When you finally get to the restaurant, you see that he had requested a table secluded from the rest of the restaurant.  He really meant it when he said he just wanted to spend time with you.  That’s all he really ever wants due to his busy schedule and frequent trips away.
    • Your most notable present to him was another cat (even though, when he had arranged to get one himself, you had talked him out of it, because one was enough.) He’d never admit it outright, but he was beyond ecstatic.
      • (”I took the liberty of naming her.  I think it might be fitting, since she’ll be living with Elizabeth.”  “Oh, did you now?  Enlighten me, what did you name her.”  “Victoria,” you answer with a grin. “So they can both live like queens.”)
  • After dinner, when you arrive back at his apartment, things quickly spiral back into how the day started: in bed
    • But it’s slow and sweet, and rather than usual when he’s calling the shots, you remind him that it is his birthday, and that it’s about him for the night.

Saeyoung (+ a lil Saeran)

  • This guy completely forgets about his birthday.  And so does his brother.  When you wake him up, grinning from ear to ear, he just looks at you, confused, until you tell him.  Then, he laughs, because he genuinely did forget about it.
    • When you tell Saeran, “Happy birthday,” he looks at you blankly before muttering an, “Ah, right,” in response.
  • It’s okay, though, because you had a feeling this would be the case.  You have everything planned out.
    • Similar to Jaehee, you make the boys go out with you for the afternoon while the rest of the members decorate the bunker-esque house.  They couldn’t get through the gate, and your cover was almost blown as you walked them through the answer over the phone.
  • You treat them to lunch (even though Saeyoung vehemently tries to refuse) and they are both completely taken by surprise when they return home.  To them, birthdays had always been just another day.  They never had parties as kids, and never really gave much thought as adults (especially since Saeran never even got the chance to take it into consideration).  Saeyoung is floored by the love he’s surrounded by, and Saeran, though first uncomfortable with the festivities, eventually begins to enjoy his party.
  • Food courtesy of Yoosung, drinks from Jumin, and Zen brings a karaoke machine.  Everyone has the best time making absolute fools out of themselves, belting pop songs to movie soundtracks.
  • That night, after everyone has left, and Saeran has gone to bed, Saeyoung holds you close to him and thanks you profusely for the best birthday he could have asked for.  The sincerity and true happiness in his voice is enough to let you know what you mean to him.

Things I don’t understand are SJ-types who will say every body type or physical characteristic is valid but when they come across someone they intensely dislike they’ll point out a feature of their body or physical characteristic and make fun of them based on that. You can make fun of Nazi’s without saying they’re ugly, fat, short, whatever, you know? Think it just goes to show how social justice for a lot of people is entirely conditional and that’s kind of crappy tbh. 

A Little Love for Spotlight

So, I’ve gotten so much love over my Spotlight Series in the past week (Like, what?? It’s over a year old!) that I just need to tell you guys how thankful I am for all of your kind words! They have definitely helped make this busy, crappy, crazy week much more bearable!

Also, can I just say that you guys write MUCH better reviews than any review I’ve seen on book covers? Though Ellen Degeneres’ “Seriously… I’m kidding” book reviews on the back of hers comes in a very close second. :)

(And I’m sorry I’m so awkward with responding to compliments! Just know that whatever I say on here, I’m feeling, like, a billion times more gratitude and bubbly, happy stuff than I show!)

@roxy-davenport reblogged: Wow! What a powerful, unique and engrossing series! Loved it. 😍😍

I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone describe my writing as powerful, but I like that a lot!!

@bradygabrielle-blog replied:  This was such a great story!!!!

Thanks! This is seriously one of my favorite things I’ve ever written!

@fan-grandma replied:  This is one of my favorite series!! I’m so glad I found it! Beautiful. Amazing. Brilliant writing. Keep up the incredible work. 💜💜💜

I’m so glad you found it and liked it!! 

@redeyedvixen replied:  I want you to know that I stayed up till 5am reading this series lol I have 0 regrets. This was great!

Pretty sure there were times I stayed up that late writing this series :) For some reason, this seems to be a series that people stay up late reading!

@docharleythegeekqueen reblogged:  Okay everyone please go read these series! From start to finish it’s engaging and beautiful! 💜

Powerful AND engaging? I really need to add those words to my resume ;)

@duherica replied:  Aww! Such a great ending, too bad it’s the end tho. LOVED the entire series ☺️

Ya know, ever since I finished writing the last part over a year ago, I’ve had this tickle in the back of my mind that I need to write an epilogue for this series. You know, like a “Through the Years” type thing. Maybe this summer when I have time… So maybe this isn’t the end

@mrswhozeewhatsis reblogged:  I binged this entire series today, and IT IS AWESOME!!!! I might as well have rented out the back half of my seat because I wasn’t using it. If you haven’t read this, GET READING!!

I loved your reblog! Sitting on the edge of your seat! 

@vvinch3st3r reblogged:  I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCHSHIAABKA

The gif you added made me laugh out loud! 

Ponboy turning 15 headcannons

• “I’m not a kid anymore. No sir! I’m a man, a real, real man. NO MORE KIDDING AROUND!”*how you like me now starts playing*

•He stays up until he’s “officially out of the child phase”

• Soda want to throw a big sha bang bang party for him

•Johnny helps plan it for weeks with Soda at the Curtis house

•Two-bit fakes sick, Steve plays hookie, and Johnny man just plain doesn’t show up for school so they can help set up

•Two-bit gets tangled in ceiling streamers. OMG. XD

•Dally gets in the way

•Sodapop and Steve hang up a little banner with the direction of Darry

•" Over to the left…Steve! Your other left!“

•Ponyboy tABLEFLIPS, BACK HANDSPRING, douBle WhaMMIES anyone! Who calls him :


•Sodapop makes the cake

•Steve try’s to eat it, but gets his hand slapped

•Dally gets in the way

•Ponyboy puts on Darry’s cologne

•Johnny takes fOevErrrr to blow up one balloon XD

•"Steve, take that party kazoo out of your mouth!“

•Johnny is in the look out for Pony’s arrival

•Dally eats some grapes and gets in the way

•Two-bit brought “the beer and party hats.”

•they all hid behind the small items of furniture and scare Pony half to death when they all rOAR!:

• “ S U R P R I S E !!!”

•Pony blushes a lot and feels really loved and the gang loves him so hey I get you.

•Steve gives Ponyboy a big bear hug

•” Happy birthday kid! “

•Ponyboy is internally enRAGED! but keeps his cool for the sake of the party

•Darry cuts the cake and serves the ice cream/ also gives Pony first dibs because he’s such a kind brother Darbear

•Dallas messes up Ponyboy’s hair and tells him how great of a man he’s become

•Johnny was the only one who actually wore that Party hat, aside from Two-bit

•Pony is in LOVE with all his gifttsss

•They stay up till midnight just to savor the kids special day

•Pony talks about growing a mustache.ahahaha. no.

•Steve has a second helping of cake.

•a third

•a fourth

•ok! It was a fifth…!

Sorry this is sooooo crappy. Whatever–hahahahaha hope you babes like it! XD C:


i don’t know what kind of interests you have, but i saw your birthday post… so happy birthday to you !!!!

i don’t know, doggos in general make people happy, so here are two very cute ones for you. also happiness makes people happy, so take a look at me and my very best friend being super happy in this crappy selfie!

i wish you the best of luck whatever you’ll need it for!!


i feel like introducing myself 

hai i’m sam ( sammeh, sammy, samsam ) and i’m 25 years old…i think. she/her pls n thnx.  lmao. super-duper shy and 100% anxious over everything. which has gotten kind of worse oops. i have this issue where i have absolutely no backbone and will take whatever you dish at me by laying down and accepting it tbh. including but not limited to; mean comments, criticism, and things i don’t like but will do anyway cause you asked nicely. i was also raised to love everything no matter how crappy it is. ( to date after years of searching, i’ve only found one movie i don’t like. ) i watch horror movies to make me feel better when i’m sad, i read a lot about tudor history, and i’m so scared of driving my whole body starts twitching the second i get in a car. i like to write smut probably more than i should, but smut is also the reason i don’t rp over IMs anymore ( except in very special cases. ) i get muses for everything ranging from actual canon characters to that one time i wanted to play the room from 1408. i can handle one-on-one situations ooc ( and in rl tbh ) , but the second a third person is added i tend to get really quiet and only comment sometimes/speak really softly. mort is my comfort blanket, sam winchester and clark kent are my stress pillows. scott mccall is the plushie i hug to my heart at night tbh.  jurassic park is what i watch every time it rained and i can probably recite it by heart now. remember i love you. 

NAME: Fuss
GENDER: Female. Mostly.
HAIR COLOR: Brown. (Notice a trend yet?)
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Terminally single.
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: She’s a dirtbaby who I could have done a better job designing, I think, but for what she is I think I’m pretty content with her.

WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MUSE?: Not in a million years.
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE KINDS OF THREADS?: Threads where two characters who can’t get along for the life of them are forced to worm their way out of a crappy situation together. That, or I love just plain fluff. Or shippy crap. Or whatever. I’m easy to please.

ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER?: Kind of. I have a baseline standard for literacy that I like to see met, but I try not to be overly picky.
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?: I finally sat down and watched Voltron back in August after I kept seeing fanart of Sendak popping up, because hey, fuzzy purple alien piqued my interest. Then searching for Galra material on Tumblr turned up some RP blogs. I thought the whole thing looked interesting, so I decided to give it a shot.
DO YOU SEE YOURSELF STAYING WITH THE FANDOM FOR A LONG TIME?: I’m a stubborn piece of shit and I have a pretty easy time evading the more… hostile elements of the fandom, so yeah, I figure I’ll stick around, as long as there are people to RP with and I haven’t somehow managed to piss everyone off.

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Crappy fire is crappy ;D

Apparently some people liked how the text changed on Sans’ shirt in the PTA comic, and so the running gag continues :P

(Also, if anyone is wondering:
-The font I used for “TalkShi®t Adventures” is called Fixedsys,
-The text on the shirt -except the handwritten one- is AR CENA,
-The small inputs I made are Tw Cent, and you could say it’s kind of my personal font,
-And naturally, whatever Sans says is in Comic Sans.)

AN: Thanks to the anon that requested this! I hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, I got it from google. And please, as always, ignore my horrific spelling. Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Hey I have a prompt that ever since becoming an avenger Pietro becomes quite cocky and kind of loses sight of why he joined in the first place and all the avengers (especially Wanda) are really sick if it and in whatever way you want to write it he gets humbled somehow. Idk you can play with it however you want if you’re up for it

Warning: Slight smut in the very beginning. Very little. (Btw sorry in advance for the crappy smut bit, I am absolutely awful at writing that stuff)


“We All Make Mistakes”


“Y/N!” Pietro grunted as he moved in and out of you. You threw your head back and twisted your eyes shut, waiting for his release.

Pietro let out an animalistic growl and thrust into you with a great amount of force, and finally, you could feel him come. He groaned loudly and his arms collapsed, his entire body smothered you as you both caught your breaths.

He rolled his sweat covered body off of yours. “You okay?”

“Fine.” You grunted, rolling onto your side so your back faced him.

You felt disgusted with yourself, and you hoped he did too. You had grown to slowly dislike Pietro, he was cocky and self-centered, even more so now that he was one of ‘earth’s mightiest heroes’. Pietro and you always fought and argued, but there was still an underlying attraction between the two of you. 

A little over and hour before you had been in a late night training with him, fighting him with all the force you could give. Pietro, being the cocky bastard he was, kissed you when he got close enough. He had taken you in his arms and ran you to his bedroom, and before you knew it both of your clothes had been shed. It wasn’t any one person’s vault, you had both been blinded by your sexual desires and strong attraction. Still, you felt used. You felt like your own desires had allowed for Pietro to wiggle in between your legs without much thinking. You didn’t want to be thought of as 'cheap’ or 'easy’.

This was a one time thing, so you hoped that Pietro enjoyed it while it lasted.


As you had expected, you and Pietro had gone back to bickering and arguing. Days had passed since you had slept with him, and you were doing everything you could to forget. You took up extra training sessions, went for runs–anything to help you distract yourself from what you and Pietro had done.

Pietro used to be a nice guy, in fact, you used to have a crush on him. But, the man that he has been lately was less then pleasant. He was rude and seemed to think of himself as the king of the world. Most of the Avengers just ignored it or sometimes cast an annoyed glance at him, whereas Wanda and yourself seemed to hate it the most. Wanda would tell him all the time that he needed to watch what he said or be more considerate, yet he never listened to her. He never listened to anyone anymore, he just did as he pleased.

Just like, as it seemed, he was doing today.

“What do you mean you don’t want to train?” Natasha said, her hands rested on her hips and his eyes narrowed at the white-haired speedster. Nat didn’t normally intervene with Pietro’s antics, but when it involved training and helping improve the team, she had fight back on it.

You walked into the kitchen (where the entire team had congregated) and wiped the sweat from your morning run. Tony, Bruce, and Thor were talking about something, and Steve, Clint, Natasha, and Wanda were huddled around Pietro.

“Kid, you’ve gotta train. You wont get any better at fighting otherwise.” Clint said, trying to support his best friend while also trying notto anger the loose cannon that was Pietro. 

“I don’t see the point. We already have two training sessions a day, why do we have to add another one?” Pietro sneered.

A small, almost unnoticeable blush tinted your cheeks when you thought about your last training session with Pietro.

“Because, son, you’re not as strong as you would like to think you are.” Steve said with a frown. Steve never liked it when people complained or skipped out on training, he thought that any amount of training could help save more lives when in battle.

Pietro was up in a flash, his nose nearly touching Steve’s. You were surprised how closely Pietro’s frame was to Steve’s, yet, Pietro still was smaller.

You walked over to Pietro and grabbed his arm roughly. At this point Tony and the rest of the team was watching you both intently, ready to intervene if things got ugly. It was no secret amongst them that you two had some intense feelings of dislike for each other seeing as you two were always fighting.

“Pietro, I think you need to step back and cool down.” You said calmly, yet still dead serious.

“Screw you!” You shouted as he ripped his arm out of your hand. “You guys don’t own me, you can’t make me do anything!”

You narrowed your eyes and clenched your fists. “You are tasked with protecting citizens! The Avengers is about helping those in need, or have you forgotten that?”

“I know what I’’m supposed to be doing!” He directed a finger at you. “Don’t act like you are above me, don’t talk down to me! Wanda may let you people do that to her, but I wont!”

Wanda’s red eyes were cast down to the floor, partly from shame and partly from embarrassment of her twin.

You’re knuckles began to turn white, “God, when did you get so self-centered? When did you stop listening to others and decided that you were better than everyone else? You are such a stupid, inconsiderate ass! I hate you and what you’ve become!”

You turned and began to stomp away, but you heard him call to you, “You were singing a very different tune the other night when you had sex with me!”

You froze mid-step, you back him. You could see Bruce, Thor, and Tony all looking at you with unbelieving eyes, and you could only assume that the rest of them mirrored that expression. Tears stung your eyes, your heart felt like it was about to claw it’s way out of your chest.

Mortified, furious, and full of shame, you said. “Yes, well, we all make mistakes.”


“Yes, well, we all make mistakes.” She said just loud enough for him to hear, then left and presumably went to her own room.

Pietro stood there for a second with his fists clenched looking in the direction that Y/N had left from.

“Yes, well, we all make mistakes.”

Her words seemed to burn into his brain, draining any anger he had with complete regret.

He swallowed, then looked around. They were all looking at where Y/N was moments before with wide eyes. He had to get out of there before they asked him questions, and before his pride was wounded any more.

He zoomed around Steve and booked it to his room to sulk, and on his way there, he could have sworn that he heard sobs coming from Y/N’s room.


Gunshots and the sounds of bombs exploding vibrated through the rubble of abandoned factory. HYDRA agents were everywhere, doing everything they could do to try to keep the team out of their base.

Tony had found the location of a HYDRA base hidden under the remains of an old candy factory, and the entire team was on warrior mode trying to get in and destroy whatever horrid experiments they were cooking up.

Pietro was partnered with Thor for this mission, which he was thankful for. Thor didn’t ask many questions. He still hadn’t spoken to Y/N since he slipped out that they had slept together, she wont even look in his direction.

“Help!” A frantic voice buzzed through Pietro’s earpiece.

“Y/N?” He heard Steve ask, a little out of breath.

“Natasha’s out cold, I can’t take them all out on my own. There’s way too many!” Y/N cried, and Pietro could hear gunshots and yelling in the background.

“Pietro, you hear that?” Steve shouted into the headset. “You’re the fastest, can you go get her and Nat?”

Pietro looked at Thor questioningly (knowing that Thor was hearing what he was through his own headset). Thor bashed his hammer against five HYDRA agents and nodded at him.

Pietro took off for the other side of the factory.

Pietro!” Y/N yelled desperately, making Pietro run even faster. His legs couldn’t carry him any faster.

“I’m coming, hold on!”

He heard a loud shot come from the other end of the communicator followed by a scream that made his blood curdle.

When he made it to Y/N, she had HYRDA agents circling her like dogs. Pietro ran took care of them as quickly and efficiently as he could, then ran by Y/N’s side. She way laying on top of Nat’s unconscious body.

She had been shot in the stomach.

“I…I saw them point a gun to Nat…I threw myself over her…”

Her eyes were fluttering, her breaths were slowing.

“No, no, no, no! Baby, keep your eyes open! Please!” Pietro lifted up her shirt and began to apply a generous amount of pressure to the wound.

“Y/N’s been shot, we need medical help here! NOW!

“We are on our way, we’ve finished the rest of the HYDRA soldiers.” Tony said in a surprisingly calm tone. How could they be so calm? Don’t they know that her life is on the line?

“I guess those extra training sessions would have been helpful, huh?” Y/N said in a slowly fading voice. “Next time we train, we’ve got to work on your speed.”

“Yeah,” Pietro said as he gathered her in his arms. He tried to fight off the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes. “next time.”

Y/N reached her hand out and captured a lock of his white hair in between her shaking fingers. “Pietro…”

He shook his head, already knowing what Y/N was going to say. “You aren’t going to die, so don’t you even dare say anything like that. You hear me?”

A small smile graced her dry lips. “Loud and clear.”

She sounded lifeless, like her soul was being drained from her. Big, fat tears fell down his face and along his chin.

The next thing he knew, Tony was next to him.

“Get Nat and run her to safety, I’m going to fly Y/N up to the helicarrier to get medical attention.” Tony instructed Pietro as he took Y/N in his own arms.

Pietro watched him jet off into the sky with Y/N, and in that moment, he knew that his life would  over if she didn’t pull through.


Pietro sat in outside the surgery room on the helicarrier for hours, tapping his worn sneakers against the floor and staring at the ceiling.

Hours passed before Doctor Cho came out of the room. Pietro instantly shot up from the floor, scaring the poor doctor.

“Oh!” She exclaimed. “You scared me!”

“I’m very sorry.” Pietro replied, trying not to be rude. “How is Y/N? Is she going to be okay?”

Doctor Cho nodded with a smile on her face. “Yes, she’ll be just fine. But no visitors yet, we are still trying to rebuild some of her tissue.”

Pietro grinned and kissed both of Doctor Cho’s cheeks in pure joy. “I will come by and see her later then, I have some apologizing to do first.”

Alright listen up because I had this thought and it won’t go away until I tell someone else and since im alone in my dorm y’all get to hear it

so lets talk about Hanzo, his chicken legs and lady ankles

So I remember how the Overwatch devs spoke about how Hanzo had “delicate ankles” after people mistakenly thought his boots/whatever were prosthetic replacements for his actual legs below the knee. I’m saying what if they kind of are, but it’s just not his whole lower leg?

I personally have weak ankles and a very high arch on my foot (its along the medial longitudinal arch which is the one on the inside of your foot, going from your big toe down) so I have a really tiny area on the outside of my foot trying to support all my weight, on top of crappy ankles that all in all want to make my feet turn inwards when they should be resting on the outside part.

this, essentially, is what the foot usually looks like when you show the sole. So you need a orthotic meant to support the inner part of the foot.

So how does this relate to Hanzo? I’m suggesting that Hanzo has a high arch on his foot, possibly also weak ankles, and has some kind of high tech future super support orthotics.

What’s important to remember is how often, fast and quietly Hanzo runs. My turned in and weak ankles often roll and twist when I try to run even a bit. Having the support on the bottom of my feet helps, but I would need a lot of ankle support too to be able to run normally.

Looking at his shoes/boots you can see that they offer support mostly on the toes, heel–and most importantly, arch and ankle. Plus there’s all that extra stuff in between the metal on his knees and feet, which could also be supportive in some high tech way. 

In total, these new age orthotics could be helping correct his posture, the way his feet and ankles sit and enhancing his ability to run all at the same time. 

Plus its fun to imagine tiny Hanzo picking up archery because it involves less running and he works on the movement part later when he gets help for his fucked up feet.

So I encourage you all to please support Hanzo Shimada and his delicate ankles.