this is kind of choppy :



darling one, deep down you know you were not built for fighting but that does not mean you are not prepared to try. what they don’t know is your real advantage; that when you live for someone, you’re always prepared to die.

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the five times dan missed phil the most

word count; 1.6k
warnings; alcohol, vomit, swearing, mentions of sex, pda, depression, dependency
synopsis; exactly what the title is nice
a/n; hello here is a short dumb 5 times fic. it’s kind of choppy but whatever hope u enjoy

i wrote a sequel that no one asked for: the five times phil missed dan the most

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Making this gifset, I remembered when I first became interested in Arashi and had thought ‘Aiba is so incredibly average you almost forget about him!’ but now, watching this frame by frame, and thinking of what an incredible spirit and determination he has, all I can think is 'this is a truly beautiful person.’

Happy Birthday, Aiba Masaki! May you continue emanating light and joy!