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"To misunderstand #7 is not so angsty" I read the words again as tears are literally streaming down my face. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Angst aside, I really loved the way you wrote the MC in this one. The MC is all too often seen as a perfect being in fanfiction, which makes sense since in-game (and not during the bad ends) she always knows what is the right thing to say and do. However, I really enjoyed this MC- who can be wrong and hurt people, albeit not intentionally. Thank you!

IM SORRY @marshmallows-and-unicorns !!! I HONESTLY DIDN”T THINK IT WAS TOO ANGSTY!!! I bet you the angst fest I have planned later on- which i cried while planning mind you- I’ll warn everyone about and you’ll all think it’s fine, that it needed MORE angst… *im too desensitised now i think* 

Yes I wanted MC to be in the wrong in this one, like- completely in the wrong. Not for the baby brain or the rage but in the way she handled it. Let her make the mistake, let her be the cruel one for once- we all have it in us to be that way and it really was time someone wrote it… at least in this context :) 

Thank you as always for being so kind to me my darling, I always appreciate your lovely words and to hear your thoughts! MY MANY THANKS!!!

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it was this young man jon snow who took the qall and held it, against all the fury of the north. he has proved himself valiant, loyal, and resourceful.



happy happy (early) birthday! 

you already know that because i often let you know but it’s your birthday and i’m allowed to get sappy fucking fight me!

nikki, you are a person i truly admire. you’re smart, funny, beautiful, kind and insanely talented. your life is tough. but you manage to live and you  don’t let things to stop you. you always fight and keep on going and i’m so proud of you and i take and learn a lot from you, you’re like a big brother to me :’)

the thing i love the most about you, i think, is that you are a good person. literally. you have a heart of gold. you care, and you love, and you listen, and you are a great friend. you always try to remember facts and things about people so you could give them a more friendly, personal vibe when you talk to them even if you’re not even mutuals, you just want to be as nice as you can and that is something about you that i have mad appreciation for. like, it’s truly admirable. you’re also always there for anyone who needs a friend or someone to talk to and that is another thing about you i really do appreciate a lot. you’re just a lovely person. you put a smile on so many people’s faces daily and constantly.

i’m very bad at writing but i hope you know i love you and that i consider you as a close friend and a person i’m genuinely happy i’ve met. you’re an amazing person, so fun and interesting to interact with and it’s just wonderful to have you around! 

happy birthday nikki i hope you have a good one and may phil finally work on his horrible posture just for you <3

with all the love in the galaxy, millie

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Um.... Hi, I've been following u for a while now, more like stalking but no worries, no bad intention and I just want to say OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH, I LOVE YOUR ART AND U REALLY INSPIRE ME TO DRAW AGAIN AFTER A LONG TIME , looking at your Yoi arts makes me feel so happy and u r also very friendly, so friendly that it makes me cry of your kindness. U R AMAZING pls keep on being amazing and spread love to this world. Btw I've been calling u my tumblr MEME queen, is it ok? If it's not then I'm sorry

THANK YOU!!!! (yas im honored to be a meme queen)

Reaction: GF Being 150-155 cm Tall (hyung line)


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He would not mind it at all, I think that he would really find it cute that you’re short and would…admire it. but we can’t forget he’ll also share your pain cause he is the shortest in hyung line.


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He wouldn’t mind you height as all, though he probably will view you as a smol being and protect you more, even if you slip, cause you are precious. He gonna catch all them jokes about your height and throw them back at ‘em.


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

Seriously though, I think Johnny is the type to go up to you and be like, “Damn girl you short,” so most likely he would make fun of it because it’s you(also cause he a tall as person). Or come up to you like"hey shorty" with a smirk every time you guys meet, then act all precious afterward.


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He probably can’t help but smile when you talk about your shortness and your struggle, especially when you seem serious but your short so it makes it funny.


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Will be like Johnny but maybe too playful about it leading to small unnecessary arguments, and the thing it, he probably never stop doing it unless you do truly feel hurt about it.


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If your ever feeling insecure about your shortness, Kun will take care of that, I feel like he’s the cliche type of person in a drama that constantly take care and compliments an individual and that is you. where my baby at though, he long gone ;-;


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He’ll make fun of you just like Johnny but will immediately apologize because he feel bad for it like, “Hey shorty, Im sorry, I can’t help it.” and then just few second of awkward silence then his awkwardness has risen again.


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Probably won’t understand why you might feel insecure about your shortness, but he’ll assure you that you great just the way you are, although he will still laugh.


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He would absolutely just love watching you with your struggles, but he is a kind person so in the end, he is mostly likely to help you even though internally, he’s laughing his ass off and is actually enjoying it. an evil sweetheart.


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I don’t think he’ll talk about your height a lot since he’ll most likely only care for you as a whole.

- Admin Casper REQUEST OPEN

I am back!!!! It’s okay everyone who it of that height, I am too, and i had all these feeling before ;-;, i love tall people too but lowkey hate them XD and heres Maknae Line

GOT7 Reaction: You are a Foreign Artist he is Attracted to but he Finds Out You’re Dorky and Tomboy-ish

Request: Hi ! I really liked your Got7’s reaction, so I wanted to request you too, if you don’t mind. Would you be okay doing a Got7 reaction, in which you are a foreign artist. They find you physically attractive but upon befriending you they realize that you are quite a dork and a tomboy. So not at all what they pictured, haha. Sorry for all the details lolol

I tried to do my best on this request, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to add the artist part into this reaction so I wrote whatever I could, whether you two saw each other on the street in SK or whatever country you’re from or met at a music festival - I just hope this was request was good and made enough sense (:


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He noticed you at a coffee shop. A few people were swarming around a girl who didn’t seem to be from South Korea, so he was a little curious as to who you were. Jaebum was looking at you with interest. While he was fiddling with the cup of his drink, he noticed how pretty your smile was when a fan tried to tell you how amazing your music was and how gorgeous you looked in person.

I think Jaebum would be a little troubled on how to approach you since he might have have difficulty speaking to you in a way that the both of you would be able to understand each other, but he gathered up the courage and stood up from his table in the corner of the shop, strutting towards your table once you were alone.

He was a bit nervous, but he didn’t show it. Tapping your shoulder, you turned around with a kind smile on your face, leaning your head to the side as Jaebum then made hand gestures trying to think of how to greet you. “Hello,” he breathes, pointing a finger at himself, “I am Jaebum.”

You laugh softly at the way he tries to talk to you and you introduce yourself the same way he did. “Hello, I am ______.” you held your hand out for him to shake and he immediately took it, a relieved smile on his face.

“Are you.. famous?” he stumbles over his words just the slightest, but you still understand, and nod as an answer. You cross your legs and fix your hair while you tell him that you’re a singer, and that you’re in Seoul for a concert that you’re going to perform.

You tell him to sit down across from you so that he is more comfortable in talking to you and he obliges willingly, marveling at the way you look while tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. He tries to ask you common questions like what your hobbies are and such.

He was surprised to learn what you were interested in that he originally thought he didn’t think you would be into, so he was completely caught off guard. He responded with a drawn out ‘ohh’ of interest, resting his chin in the palm of his hand on the table with an adoring smile on his face, listening to you talk more about your hobbies.


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Mark was in L.A. when he saw you chilling at a table outside of a cafe. He recognized you immediately since it didn’t seem like you were trying to hide your identity. You were wearing sunglasses, slumping in your chair as you enjoyed sipping on your cold drink.

You wore a summer dress that was suitable for the weather, and a snapback to help shield your face from the sun. Mark was enthralled by how good you looked in the dress and how well the sunglasses framed your face.

I think he would have approached you confidently considering he knew English. He walked up to you with a bright smile, giving you a bow when he sees that you notice him. You struggle to sit up properly since slumping in a chair felt much more relaxing, but you did it for the sake of being polite. “Hello,” he greets you, pulling out the chair across from you all the while asking if he could sit with you. You tell him yes and he finally plops into the seat with a comfortable sigh.

“It’s nice to meet you.” he smiles shyly, holding out his hand for you to shake. He held your hand firmly and shook it, his arms getting goosebumps when his fingertips just barely brush over the inside of your wrist.

Mark seemed to be at ease when you told him that you knew who he was and how you loved his work. He responded the same way and went straight into asking you what your hobbies were and all that. You weren’t a person who would question things people do so you eagerly told him all about what you like, what you enjoy doing, and all that. You even mentioned that you normally don’t dress the way you are right now, but because of the weather, you kind of had to if you didn’t want to have a heatstroke.

Mark was interested in hearing this because he didn’t see you as the type of person who wore baggy t-shirts or knee length shorts. He also definitely did not see you as the type of girl to like Pokemon, or watch different mystery/adventure shows. He was so intrigued with the fact that you were different from the way you dressed, and so he stayed outside with you longer; eager to listen more about who you are.


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You two meet each other at the MAMA Awards actually. You were just a guest that was watching the awards. By chance, you and Jackson were seated near each other. He was sitting at a circular table while you were on one of the front seats behind the tables.

He noticed you first, noticing the gorgeous outfit you were wearing and also seeing how nonchalantly you rock it. Jackson was definitely impressed. He turned around in his seat and began talking to you in English, sensing how you only knew a few words of Korean. You were only able to come to South Korea because one of your friends understood and spoke the language, so you came along with them to watch the awards.

You brushed a few loose strands of hair away from your face and leaned closer to him so that you could hear more clearly what he was saying. Jackson introduced himself to you, since it seemed like you had no idea who he was (of course you knew him, he looks too good to not be well known).

Happily, you held your hand out for him to shake as you introduced yourself. He looked at you in surprise and gasped as he took your hand in both of his, smiling brightly. “You’re ____? You look so pretty in person!” he claims and uses his compliment as an excuse to have his gaze roam all over your face, admiring every feature while you take the time to reply.

Blushing, you shake your head and wrinkle your nose. He asks why you’re saying no and you explain to him how you don’t normally look like this. You’re usually wearing sweats or sports clothes since they’re more comfortable than other clothing. You don’t normally wear makeup since you don’t understand how it really works, and you definitely aren’t like the image you have as an artist and celebrity.

Jackson is listening to you intently with amazement and holds his chin in both of his palms as he listens intently to you rambling on and on about how much better and comfortable it is to just be yourself instead of pretending to be what you have to be for contract purposes.


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I don’t think Youngjae would approach right away once your aura and style attracted him. He noticed that you were a foreigner and famous even, when he saw that people were walking up to you and asking for selfies and autographs; the like. You were just hanging out at a local field where you played soccer with one of your Korean-Canadian born friends.

He was going to play soccer by himself at the same place, but it seemed that you already took a part of the field for yourself and your friend. He frowned at this and sat at the side to watch you play since you had to take a big part of the field just for your enjoyment.

Once he saw you play, he was immediately impressed. He wanted to talk to you, but he wasn’t very sure because his English was a bit weak.

He went up to your friend though and greeted them with a loud call of their name (you were like?? you didn’t know your friend knew this boi), bowing in your direction once you see him come up to you and your friend. You introduce yourself with one hand on your chest, trying to catch your breath from dribbling the soccer ball so much.

Youngjae greets you with his broken english and smiles the best he can, greeting your friend in Korean while you say hello. He was quite astonished when you spoke to him in your own broken Korean and he grinned in satisfaction, even though you yourself didn’t really know what you were saying.

Your friend properly introduced you to Youngjae and he nodded, looking at you with a soft smile.

Eventually, Youngjae warmed up to you because you were so kind to him even though both of you didn’t really know each other’s language. Thankfully your friend was there to translate. When you thought your friend and Youngjae were having a normal conversation, it suddenly felt like your friend was telling embarrassing things about you to Youngjae.

You glanced at their direction and saw him have different kinds of surprise and interest on his face as his gaze spaces out on you while your friend continues talking. In his head, Youngjae can’t believe you’re dorkier than you let on. Hearing your hobbies and what you like to do when you (think) are alone. He laughs along at stories your friend tells him and you’re just wondering about what they’re talking about, a lost look in your eyes and Youngjae continues to laugh.


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I have no clue how Jinyoung  even managed to get to you. You had a gig at a club, and it just seemed that he was at that very club to have a drink or two with some of his other members.

The club was crowded that night because you were performing a gig. When Jinyoung saw you singing the most beautiful song he’s ever heard, he couldn’t help but basically fall in love with you at first sight (hearing??). You even did some cute gestures between measures of your music while the people in club cheered for you and got closer to the podium you were on.

A kind, warm smile was on your face despite the fact that you were practically sweating buckets. Reaching out to the people who were holding theirs hands out for you to touch, you kept on singing passionately, your eyelids eventually falling shut when you immerse yourself into the song.

Jinyoung stares at you adoringly, his lips slightly parted. A few moments you were acting cute and now you were acting like a true singer - one who sings their emotions. He starts to sway along to the lyrics you let out from your mouth and closes his eyes as the sweet melody of your voice goes through his ears.

He opens his eyes once he realizes you’ve left the podium, his gaze trails after you until you enter the dressing room. Jinyoung stands up from the stool he was sitting on and sneakily enters the room you entered after knocking and you telling the person to come in. You were surprised when you saw him, but he just gave you a smile and proceeded to compliment you and your voice and how breathtaking you looked when you sang your heart out.

You cooed at him, responding with a gentle kamsamnida. Even though you didn’t know much Korean, he was still satisfied with how many words you knew. You didn’t find it that weird that Jinyoung was in your dressing room, you enjoyed the company and you knew him as a fellow celebrity and so you two talked about a lot of things. You shared a lot of stories about yourself and even threw in a few lame jokes here and there.

Your jokes caught him off guard - they were even so bad that he laughed at your jokes for being so bad. He shared a few better jokes with you, and laughed twice as hard as you did when you opened your mouth to share another bad joke, sometimes sighing in despair when the joke is especially bad. He seems to enjoy your bad jokes and cute gestures though, so it is okay.


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You had a fansigning at the mall and it so happened to be that Bam Bam was at the mall when you were singing a part of one of your songs all the while signing a fan’s album and photobook. Your voice was filling the whole place since you had a microphone that was hooked up to two large amps.

You voiced a few Korean phrases, giggling happily when your fans cheered or said ‘gwiyeowoyo’.

Bam Bam was walking down the escalator to see who was doing a fansigning at the mall today and when he saw you, he had to do a double take. His mouth fell open just a little while he watched you run your fingers through your hair. You held the microphone to a fan that was letting you sign their album. She tried her best to sing your song even though she stumbled a few times over the words.

Grinning at her, you lightly squeezed your hand before she went and continued to sing along to your song while signing photobooks and albums, receiving a few plushies and cute headbands in the process.

Bam Bam immediately went to go meet you. He didn’t have anything for you to sign so instead he held out his phone case for you to write on. He wasn’t sure if you were allowed to sign things other than your merchandise. He was relieved when you signed it anyway and kneeled in front of your table for a little longer, hoping that they wouldn’t force him to keep going.

They did force him, but you held onto his hand once you recognized him, giving the guards a double chin frown when they keep telling Bam Bam to go. He giggles behind his other hand and you do the same, looking at him with a wide smile. “I know you! Wanna hang out after my fansigning?”

He quickly nodded and you two shared memes with each other after you met at the food court. He absolutely adored you already, even if you just showed him two memes. (What can he say, they were really good.)


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Yugyeom actually met you at the Duet Song Festival. Everyone at the festival thought you were just a normal foreigner who enjoyed singing music in your spare time.

No one had an actual clue that you already established yourself as a singer in your home country before moving to South Korea where you thought you could have a career in the industry here too. You weren’t as well known in SK as you are at home, but at least a few people recognized you.

You had to practice a song with Yugyeom before it was you guys’ turn to sing on stage.

Yugyeom was quite shy around you at first since he thought you were just a normal girl with an extraordinary voice. You two hung out a lot whether it was practicing for the festival or you two just wanted to chill and get to know each other more.

He found you quite funny because you had really good jokes and he was content of the fact that you were semi-fluent in his language. He struggled a bit with English (or your native language) and all, but you both spoke in Korean most of the time so he didn’t have to embarrass himself with his broken English.

He was attracted to you, no lie, but he didn’t know how to approach you with that fact at the back of his head. He was still shy around you, but was much more comfortable once you two got to know each other much more. He was surprised at how boy-ish you dressed when you were either outside or inside and was happy at the fact that you knew how to play the piano and ate very well.

When he found out that you were actually a well known celebrity outside of SK after the festival was over, he squawked in surprise and asked you to show him your songs.

Prompt Master list!!!!!!!

I do requests for:
Team 10 house - all cast
Teen wolf -all cast
One direction - all cast
5 seconds of summer -all cast
Chicago fire/med/PD -all cast
Buttercream squad - all cast
Harry Potter - all cast
Marvel - all cast
Vanoss gaming crew - all cast
The vampire diaries - all cast
Twilight (all movies) - all cast

Shawn Mendes
ED sheeran
Cody simpson
Zac efron
Channing tatum
Chris hemsworth
Liam hemsworth
Chris pratt
Justin beiber
Chris pine
Jonas brothers - all

To request:
●I need the grouping or person you want.
●A prompt from the list below (can be morethan one. Max is 5)
●Little bit about you if you want me to put you in it.
●a plot or backround of the imagine if you want (i can make it up)

If i do not have your fandom or personal you would want messege me and i will do research and let you know if i can do it or not. Xx

1. “Stop moaning you big baby”
2. “Stop winking”
3. “Why did you have to be a smart person?”
4. “You’ve got to be kidding me”
5. “Wht the hell are you drinking. At this hour?”
6. “Take. A. God. Damn. Break.”
7. “Shit, im sorry”
8. “How did you manage to be this stupid?”
9. “Your hair is so soft”
10. “Sorry. I just got lost in your eye’s”
11. “What are you writing about?”
12. “I love you”
13. “Is that my t-shirt?”
14. “Please don’t leave me”
15. “Please say something…”
16. “We collide”
17. “Thats a stupid rule”
18. “How are you so pretty?”
19. “What the fuck?”
20. “You wanna go!?”
21. “Even the best fall down sometimes”
22. “You and i. We’ll be alright”
23. “What are you even saying?”
24. “Do that again”
25. “Please don’t”
26. “Hold me back!?”
27. “Oh its on”
28. “When i look into your eye’s its over”
29. “I feel lucky like a four leaf clover”
30. “How are you so tall?”
31. “Not in that drawer!!”
32. “Dont touch that”
33. “Im always going to be here”
34. “Help me up asshole”
35. “Ill show you where my shoe fits!
36. "Dont tell me to shut up”
37. “Dont dare touch me.”
38. “Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment!?”
39. “Country music is always the best”
40. “whatever she’s got”
41. “Dont you know how to clean?”
42. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
43. “Is that the best you can do?”
44. “Dont you dare throw that snowbal-OKAY THATS IT!”
45. “You’ll catch flies”
46. “Im a little drunk on you”
47. “I touched the butt…”
48. “Its too cold! Come back”
49. “No. im not letting you go. Its too early to get up”
50. “C'mere, you can sit in my lap till im done working”
51. “Im not going to stop poking you untill you give me some attention”
52. “Just pretend to be my date”
53. “I think im in love with you. And im absolutely terrified”
54. “Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day”
55. “Its not bad to cry. In fact i think it make a person stronger”
56. “I remember practicing asking you out in the mirrior..”
57. “Let’s just stay in bed”
58. “We live together, you can’t blame anyone else for this.”
59. “I want to try for a baby”
60. “I think i might be pregnant”
61. “Think about it. The little patter of children in out home”
62. “I want to marry you”
63. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water”
64. “You lost your chance.”
65. “Dont look at me like that”
66. “Pack your shit and go. Get out of my sight.”
67. “I dont want to live in a broken home.”
68. “I cant do this anymore. Not with you.”
69. “I tried to move on but no body is you.”
70. “Please take me back.”
71. “Maybe im meant to be alone.”
72. “I fell like everyone has forgotten me. Like i dont exist.”
73. “Ive been alone for so long…”
74. “I can’t Belive you’d do this to me.”
75. “What about me!? Did you ever think of that?!”
76. “Did you think i wouldn’t find out?”
77. “Im going to skip the "how?” And “why?” And go straight to your cleaning this up.“
78. "Its 11:00pm, why are you making cupcakes?”
79. “Aphroadite ain’t got nothing on your beauty. Trust me”
80. “Sorry im rambling” “it’s okay. I like hearing you talk”
81. “You were supposed to be my forever”
82. “Pfft. the stars have nothing on your eye’s, doll”
83. “Im mad at you because i love you.”
84. “I cane to this city to ment my broken heart. Never imagined i would find you to help me piece it back together”
85. “Is that a turtle?”
86. “The heater broke and im freezing, can i sleep with you?”
87. “I hear cuddling helps you sleep better, wanna try it out?”
88. “I know how to settle this. DANCE OFF!!”
89. “Will you stope stroking my hair and whispering ‘my precious’?”
90. “Are you eating a jar of nuttella in one sitting?” “I have problems. Leave me be”
91. “If you insist”
92. “Thank you kind sir” “your welcome m'lady”
93. “I think you two should get married”
94. “ are you from Starbucks cause i like you a latte”
95. “Seriously?”
96. “I hate you.”
97. “Stop being cheesy.”
98. “I’ll slap you.”
99. “Since when did you cook?”
100. “You know what! I love you. I fucking love you okay!?”
101. “Could you help me”
102. “Fuck off.”
103. “You lied.”
104. “You think that im going to fogive you after all you put me through?”
105. “You broke what?!”
106. “Im sorry run that by me again”
107. “Its not nearly as bad as it looks, Darling”
108. “Frankly i couldn’t care less.”
109. “I don’t know where she gets it from”
110. “Bring that pretty little butt over here”
111. “We have to pretend to be married”
112. “Why are you dressed like that?”
113. “At what point did you think tbis was a good idea?!”
114. “Let me love you old school”
115. “You had me at 'free pizza”
116. “Why are you always pushing me away?”
117. “How did you even get that up there?!”
118. “You’re evil”
119. “The sign said not to push the button, so naturally i had to push it”
120. “That came out wrong”
121. “I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”
122. “I just came to dance”
123. “You know my name?!”
124. “Oh, you beautiful weirdo”
125. “How bout dat!”
126. “Ive never felt this way about anyone before…and it scares the crap out of me”
127. “None of this makes sense”
128. “You have a wicked sense of humor”
129. “I won’t let you fall.”
130. “Do you remember me? We were only 15”
131. “Your voice is like a melody, i could listen to you all day”
132. “Im your’s”
133. “Im only human!”
134. “Must be love on the brain”
135. “What do you want from me?!”
136. “Don’t mind if i do”
137. “Shut up and kiss me”
138. “Dork”
139. “Asshole”
140. “Ah, but i am cute”
141. “You will forever remember this as the day you nearly caught captain jack sparrow.”
142. “You did all this for me?!”
143. “What ate you afraid of?”
144. “What the hell was that?”
145. “Well the powers out”
146. “What now”
146. “Well. This sucks.”
147. “Awkward”
148. “May i have this dance?”
149. “Hand’s and eye’s off mate.”
150. “She’s mine.”
151. “Don’t freak out….but i think we got married last night.”
152. “Somebody is in love”
153. “You what?!”
154. “Did i stutter?!!”
155. “Fuck you.” “Please do.”
156. “I can’t wait to grow old with you”
157. “Why are you covered in mud?”
158. “You take one more step towards me and i will knock you on your ass.”
159. “Let him go. It’s me you want”
160. “Dont deny it.”
161. “Okay. This is seriously creeping me out”
162. “We have to find a way to make this work.”
163. “Is that…my picture in your wallet/ home screen?”
164. “If he asked. I’d be his”
165. “Come over here and make me.”
166. “Wanna bet?!”
167. “Pfft. Hold my beer.”
168. “Do you….well….i mean…i could give you a massage?”
169. “Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed?”
170. “Kiss me.”
171. “Marry me?”
172. “Im pregnant.”
173. “I wish i could hate you.”
174. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
174. “Please…dont do this…”
176. “I love you….”
177. “Is it really you?!”
178. “I’ve missed you”
179. “Boo.”
180. “Have you seen th- oh…”
181. “Shit.”
182. “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go and get ice-cream?!”
183. “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”
184. “The only thing i want is you.”
185. “Are you ticklish?”
186. “PILLOW FIGHT!!!”
187. “Fight me”
188. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.”
189. “I need you to pretend we’re dating…”
190. “Im not leaving you.”
191. “Please…let me go.”
192. “You weren’t even going to say goodbye. Were you?”
193. “Im hopelessly in love with you.”
194. “I bet i can make you scream my name”
195. “Pervert!”
196. “Childish. Thats all you are.”
197. “I love you a lot. But stop trying to cook me dinner. You suck”
198. “If you shove cake in my face. This will be the worst wedding night of your life.”
199. “I bet its a girl/boy”
201. “Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build a pillow fort. Not me”
202. “Your dad is really excited to see you soon…its driving me crazy”
203. “I think we should have another”
204. “Are you drunk?”
205. “Im flirting with you”
206. “I had to see you again”
207. “Our baby is the cutest”
208. “I cant wait to meet you”

RebelCaptain AU >> Assasin!Cassian & Crime Bosses Daughter!Jyn

Falling for the marks daughter was not in Cassian’s plan, but her sad eyes and kind heart pulled at something buried within him. Something he thought he had once lost. She was impossible to ignore, stubborn, and far more dangerous there her father ever was or will ever be, yet the words “i love you’ fell easily from his mouth.

heart attack summed up
  • magnus: oh hey there im magnus. im 420 friendly. must love dogs. if you're looking for a dual-classer for you i could be the one
  • merle: oh hey im merle im kind of a...bad boy im 6 foot 8, 170 pounds
  • magnus: wrong and wrong
  • merle: and i love the three b's -- books, bongs, and......billabongs. if ur looking for a cleric call my stone frequency at the bottom of the screen
  • magnus: SHIT i forgot my frequency here it is...............................alright
  • taako: oh hey whats up? sorry i didnt see ya. listen i could waste ur time w a lot of BULLSHIT about my different interests but thats not what u come here for *pretends to deepthroat the umbra staff* there u have it. whatever u want swallowed im ur man
  • merle: I THOUGHT OF A THIRD B. boogieboards. books, bongs, and boogieboards
  • magnus: I THOUGHT OF A NEW NAME im not magnus anymore now im...jizzblaster dan
  • merle: i wanna change mine too, mine now is baxter bulldong
Headcanons for the Phantom Troupe and their favorite foods

And a thank you @shalnarkonice because she helped me with a few of these that really stumped me!

Shalnark- soup. Any kind of soup, because it’s warm and he loves the texture

Uvo- really big fan of meats. Big on anything that bad for his heart (too bad he can’t eat chains…. I’m sorry)

Machi- she really loves seafood. Sushi especially. I feel like she is a big sushi girl.

Phinks- bacon. Steak. Give him all the high in cholesterol foods (shit, is it even cholesterol that’s bad for you? Idek im tired and I wish I cared)

Nobunaga- I really wanna say he likes chicken nuggets but we all know that’s unrealistic. He probably likes rice. Also really loves his tofu.

Pakunoda- she tends to go for fancier foods. She likes fruits and dark chocolate and maybe tuna sandwiches? Idek what do fancy people even eat?

Kortopi- does he even eat? He probably likes a lot of junk food. are his main diet, like popcorn (the noise is what he really loves) but he puts so much butter on it it almost is soggy. He loves cookies and brownies too.

Chrollo- he seems like the kinda guy who puts all those fancy vinaigrette dressings on chicken salads. He probably loves wine?? He has that middle aged mom aes down

Franklin- eats anything really. He is not picky, but prefers salty foods. Burgers are nice. So is pork.

Kalluto- eats like a bird. He likes tea and sweeter rice. Probably puts honey milk and sugar on his rice.

Hisoka- fuck this guy he’s prolly a cannibal when he’s not chewing that stupid gum

Feitan- though he is a light eater, but likes spicy foods. He is the kinda guy who can eat 5 bags of those spicy Cheetos and not need any water (I admire you Feitan, I cry after eating 1)

Shizuku- chocolate speaks to her. Feed her chocolate. I beg of you.

Bonolenov- how does he eat without unwrapping himself?? Idk but he probably likes burnt toast or some shit like that

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hi i saw your workout post um what workout would u reccomend to get a kpop idols body such as nana sooyoung goo hara hyorin hyuna etc i know i cant get there exact bodys but what would u reccomend lol a body like good waist thin but toned legs etc like a skinny toned body i know its kind of a weird question lol and sorry if my english is bad im from brazil ps love your blog you just scored a new follower

I’ve answered popular kpop diets here and you could see a general trend of idols eating similar foods that you could incorporate and adjust to your meals!

And I found some workout and diet advice from female idols on youtube:

Some are more helpful than others, but they all give good motivation. And the ones without subtitles, you could get a general understanding and see the food and workouts. Good luck :-)

my thoughts on ep8

I’ve been thinking a lot about how yuri is going to handle not having victor as a coach, and how it’s going to reflect on his performance… Because we would have two possibilities :
 - yuri doesn’t skate very well, and doesn’t rank higher than 4th; he wouldn’t be able to participate in the grand prix final. Would Victor still be his coach? that”s something even yuri wondered about in this episode
 - yuri skates well, and rank higher than 4th; would victor think yuri doesn’t need him as a coach? how would yuri be able to skate without victor’s moral support/presence ?

I personally think yuri wouldn’t be able to rank higher than 4th without moral support, and yakov/lilia doesn’t seem to be the “reassuring type”, so, my guess is that during the time where victor isn’t there, yuri & yurio are going to become a lot closer.
let’s not forget yuri himself said he didn’t have a single skater he gets along well there in moscow. He’s completely alone. Yurio probably knows very well that yuri /needs/ victor to be able to skate at his fullest. And in onsen on ice, we saw that even when competing, yurio still helped yuri practice. So maybe yurio will try to assist yuri, in his own way; just like victor & yuri (unvolontary) did during this episode. (and i’m sure yurio wouldn’t enjoy to win against yuri with him in bad conditions!)

as for the true star of the show, makkachin, i’m sincerely not sure. i’m more leaning towards them living, for no other reason than “fuck u if you kill makkachin then i’m gonna flip my shit”

my forecast ranking would be :
1. JJ             /  yurio
2. yurio         /  yuri
3. yuri           /  JJ

things i want to see in episode 9:
 - victor reassuring yuri thought the phone (maybe an “i love you”?)
 - yuri & yurio having a long talk
 - either yuri or yurio doing something not planned in the performance and JJ being shocked
 - yuri & victor’s happy reunion with a big fluffy hug on the mouth

if i got a dog i wouldnt know what kind i would want most bc i love sighthounds like borzoi and silken windhounds but also i love australian shepherds and blue heelers and then theres the whole part where you have to make sure youre getting a dog in a good way and not an evil way so…. 

when my family wanted to adopt a dog this rescuer showed us the one dog named freckles and she was…. so hideous im sorry i still feel bad saying it but it was true she looked not cute… and i tried to convince my family so hard to adopt her bc i thought no one would so probably something like that is how id end up with a dog

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Reinhard, how do you feel about Subaru's self proclamation

At the time, I felt a whole range of emotions, to be honest



(maybe even jealousy)

But most of all

I felt a suffocating sense of guilt. I lacked virtue to stop them: what kind of knight I am, if I can’t even protect those I love?

• reassurance

nonnie requested: i’m feeling real hollow and empty so you don’t have to, but if you could write a cisco x reader imagine where he cares for her after being ghosted a billion times, and reassures her that she isn’t worthless, and it’s just real fluffy and lovey-dovey, my garbage heart would really appreciate it. thank you so much doll!! love your writing and i hope you’re well.

A/N: I didn’t get this request until I woke up so I’m sorry that this is delayed. I really hope you feel better about yourself. *hugs nonnie* My IM is always open if you guys need someone to talk to even if I may not reply quickly. I might not always cheer you up but I’ll try. This is more of Cisco reassuring reader than anything but I’m sure he wouldn’t leave your side if you felt bad plus I kind of don’t know what ‘ghosted’ meant and I don’t know if I did it right. Writer me is sick so my mind is a bit scrambled? Sorry? I’m glad you like my writing, so yay! And as always requests and ships are open unless stated otherwise by me.

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  » Relationship(s): Cisco Ramon/Reader (crush; eventual established) «

“Y/N, you deserve so much better than that Ben guy. He probably wasn’t worth your time anyway.” Cisco’s voice could be heard as you looked at your phone with the supposed great guy named Ben that you fell in love with but he just seemingly vanished in thin air. Not hearing a peep from him but he wasn’t the only one. And it made you feel like there was nobody out there who would love you but there was someone who did. You just didn’t know quite at that moment that it was your friend Cisco whom loved you so much.

You two met when you were just the new person with an astrophysics degree at S.T.A.R labs (I couldn’t think of anything else so I’m sorry), a very smart and quite young at the time to have such a big degree. So you definitely had brain power and a smile that could make anyone else smile, including sometimes Dr. Wells if he was in a good mood. But sadly the one thing you wanted was love and you never was quite lucky in the love game. Most men didn’t want a girl with brains and wanted her to do stuff while he was the bread winner. And you didn’t want that at all, you wanted to prove people wrong that girls can be just as smart as men.

Cisco admired your smarts and quick wit even if others didn’t see it, he was your best friend and you were happy to have him as one. “I guess I’ll never find someone Cisco. That’s just it, no guy wants a girl who is smart like me. .” You say but before you could go on, the mechanical engineer stopped your words. “No. Listen to me, Y/N. You are smart but you are also witty, kind, you are care about others before yourself. You didn’t deserve any of this and I know someone who would never leave you. .” Your E/C looked confused up at the brown ones, who? As far as you know that all the guys you’ve met were jerks. Well besides Cisco, Dr. Wells, and Barry who appreciated your smarts like Snow.

“How would you know that Cisco? Stop lying to me.” You said while curling up in Cisco’s arms as he rested his head your shoulder. “I know Y/N. .because that someone is me. I love you, Y/N. I love everything about you, from you rambling on about astrophysics to you laughing at my scfi references. I love you. And I’ll do everything I can to prove that I do love you and I’m not going to leave until you feel better about yourself. Or so help me Barry if you are going to attack me.”

For once in a long time, you cracked a smile and wrapped your arms around him, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. Cisco was always there for you no matter what, then you realized you loved Cisco Ramon back. And he never left you like Ben or Eric or whatever. Those guys aren’t important anymore after you got together with Cisco. He proved himself as you worked together to help Barry and you helped him out when he went as Vibe. From watching scfi movies to saving Central City or the world, he never left your side.

You never felt being ghosted again with him around as he was proud to show you were his.   


sign of the times!!!!

hello!!!!! i was tagged by @harrysfalsettos to do the sign of the times tag!!! thank you ily

  1. Describe SOTT in three words: WHAT A BOP
  2. Where were you when you first heard it and what time was it? i was in my bed in my dorm and it was 3am rip
  3. What was your first reaction when the song started? literally the first chord my heart dropped but the good kind of drop!! i love piano and i love the f chord idk why ldksjflsk i’m a nerd but i couldn;t scream bc it was 3am and i live in a dorm and my roommate was asleep fjdkslalfksd
  4. If you were listening to Harry and Grimmy on the Breakfast Show, what was your favourite part? i didn’t listen to the whole thing!! but i listened to the beginning and i can’t pick a favorite part bc honestly my memory is fuzzy bc i was so tired i can’t remember :/
  5. What is your favourite part of the song? the end when hes like WE GOTTA GET AWAY!!! WE GOT TO GET AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! WE GOT TO GET AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also all the other parts of the songs. all of them.
  6. What are your favourite lyrics? “you look pretty good down here, but you ain’t really good” “we can meet again somewhere, somewhere far away from here”
  7. General opinion: aaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH (the good kind)
  8. Expectations for the rest of the album: um idk i expect it to have a similar vibe/genre to sott but each song is going to sound uniquely amazing of course. i think we’ll get lots more classic rock vibes mixed with a bit of pop!!

idk who’s done this/who’s already been tagged BUT i tag @stylesweaty @psicostyles @intoyouharry @styleslettos @revolutionaryharry @harrydaze @darkharries @haprilh7th @yeshaddy and @harrycherub :-)

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hey can you draw something like ghost fighting with nightmares of a sleeping guy? okay it's already sound stupid but imagine if nightmares weren't just things in our head they were actually kinda ghostly things which could surround you at night and cast a spell on you. (i don't know i am just suffering from nightmares and wish somebody was here for me ehh don't mind me)

hi im late to everything but you can call me nana~ im kind of in love with wendy so sorry in advanced if i cry over her???? idk what else to say but i hope to plot with yall soon and get some threads started!!! i need to get onto making a connections episode but u kno me, late to everything. ill get into some notes about jiyeon under the cut!!!! [ tw;death ]

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