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“There’s a separate facial capture, which is a whole other challenge. So you have to kind of think yourself back into the scenes that you’ve shot maybe one or two weeks ago, and, without moving your body - just moving your face - do the scenes, whether they have lines in them or not.” - Dan Stevens on working with facial motion capture.

lostuntothisworld  asked:

a while back you recommended the movie Autopsy of Jane Doe and it was fantastic! Do you have any more horror movie recs that are psychological like that (with minimal jump scares preferably?)

omg yesssssssss, i sure as heck do. i looooooove recommending horror movies. kay, here we go, pychological, disturbing, and minimal jump scares: 

1. Get Out (2017) - this is a newer movie, and I’m sure you’ve heard about it (and maybe even seen it already). I finally got to see it in theaters and it was marvelous. Very tense horror, minimal jump scares. Definitely recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet. 

2. The Thing (1982) - this is probably my favorite horror movie, and one I will always, always recommend to people. It’s more sci-fi/horror, but horror none the less. This is a movie that feeds on uncertainty and tension, fueled by distrust and paranoia between the characters. (There was also a prequel to this movie made in 2011, and I certainly enjoyed that one as well, but it still couldn’t quite deliver the same chills and fear the 1982 version did.) 

3. They Look Like People (2015) - this is another one that I just watched recently. Probably one of the best that fits the category of psychological horror. It’s a bit slow to start, but develops into a story that will leave you tense, unsure, and unsettled. Plus, it’s probably the only horror movie I have ever seen that manages to highlight mental illness without demonizing it. 

4. As Above So Below (2014) - this is a movie that honestly, I was very skeptical about seeing. It’s a found footage movie (which I typically hate), and it got very poor reviews, but I wound up watching it on a whim one day and found myself enjoying it a lot more than I expected. It honestly is more of a adventure/horror film rather than a strict horror film - and the reviews might have been better, I think, if its marketing hadn’t painted it as a strict horror film. There are a few jump scares in there, but not a whole lot. Much the movie relies on claustrophobia, confusion, and mystery. It’s really an interesting look at a journey into hell. I greatly enjoy it, though your mileage may vary. 

5. Event Horizon (1997) - another sci-fi/horror film. A nightmarish movie about salvage/rescue crew that goes out to salvage a ship that vanished on its maiden voyage and reappeared 7 years later missing its entire crew. This movie deals well in suspense, fear, and our ultimate terror of what evils could lie beyond the unknown. 

6. The Descent (2005) - yet another movie I recommend to everyone. Set underground in an unknown cave system, and led by an all female cast, this movie is just full of anxiety, paranoia, claustrophobia, and unease. It’ll certainly make you never want to go caving. 

7. The Strangers (2008) - a great take on the classic home invasion/slasher film. It boasts a really creepy atmosphere, an isolated setting, and has moments of genuine, realistic anxiety and terror (even the small things, like trying to find somewhere to hide and realizing you can’t fit, etc…) I saw this movie with my best friend back when it first came out, and it’s still one of my favorites.

8. The Others (2001) - this is not your typical ghost story. Honestly this one is hard to describe because I don’t want to give too much away about the plot. In the last few days of World War II, a woman and her two children wait in isolation, after the mysterious disappearance of their servants, for her husband/their father to return from the war. It’s only in the isolation of the house that they begin to realize the house might not be as empty as they thought it was. Very, very unique take on a ghost story. The case is wonderful, and the pacing and setting of this movie creates wonderfully creepy, unsettling fear. 

9. The Witch (2016) - slow-burn horror and very setting specific, this one’s focus is on religious fear and the sexual stigmatization of girls and women. It’s slow-paced, but really great at building up a sense of unease and dread, and even the small things in it, like small rabbits in the wild, can make you feel unsettled. 

10. Black Swan (2010) - not strictly a horror movie, this one is heavily psychological, and I almost want to cast it as a thriller more than anything, but some of it truly does fall into the realm of psychological horror. Paranoia, obsession, and tension, this movie is chock-full of it. 

11. Funny Games (2007) - this one is actually a remake of a 1997 movie of the same name. I feel kind of bad, but I actually haven’t seen the original, but from what I hear, the two movies don’t differ much. This one is particularly unsettling because of its constant underlying feeling of authenticity. Much like The Strangers, this feels real, like it could happen to anyone, like its psychopaths could be anybody, any well-to-do strangers. It’s a long, sometimes unbearably frustrating game of physical and psychological torture; and the few moments of well-timed 4th wall breaking really up the frustration and distress. 

12. 1408 (2007) - based on a Stephen King story, this film heavily relies on psychological and anxiety-building elements to create its tension. Every thing that happens in this room makes you question what it will do next, what trick will it pull, what hopes will it dash. There’s not much else to say about this one exept that… “It’s an evil fucking room.” 

13. El Orfanato/The Orphanage (2007) - man this one is definitely a favorite of mine. Very unnerving and deeply emotional at the same time, this one is a very well-crafted and clever take on the haunted house/orphanage trope. It’s spooky, chilling, has some moments that will genuinely crawl under your skin (the 1-2-3 toca la pared scene always does it for me…), and features a wildly emotional ending. 

14. The Babadook (2014) - this one doesn’t rely on cheap scares at all, but still features some truly creepy and unnerving moments that left me on edge. But in addition to that, this movie is about so much more than a boogeyman lurking in the shadows. Heavily psychological, this movie delves deeply into how we process loss and deal with all-consuming grief. 

15. 28 Days Later (2002) - I probably don’t need to say much about this one. It’s a movie that most people have either seen or have at least heard of. But there’s a reason it’s consistently named one of the best zombie movies around. It deals with not only the horror of the zombies (and they certainly make that aspect scary on its own), but also the darkest aspects of the fall of society. We’re given a frighteningly grim look at the degradation of humanity and the darkest aspects of human nature as society falls apart. 

15 seems like enough! And hopefully you’ll like some of those!! :D 

(also, for those reading this, please watch Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) cause it’s amazing)

Follow-up on the live-action Beauty and the Beast thing.

Out of curiosity, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for the movie on YouTube.

Oh, my God, you guys.

It’s so bad.

The actual production of the music is all well and good, but the writing… They’re using most of the lyrics and most of the script from the original movie, but every so often, they pepper in all these little changes in the words, just because they can, and it, like, actively damages the point.

This is going to be really nitpicky, but fuck it. I will pick some nits.

Here’s an example, a small conversation that happens within the song “Belle.”

Original version:

Good morning, Belle!

Good morning, monsieur.

Where you off to?

The bookshop. I just finished the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and–

Uh, that’s nice. [to his wife, off-screen:] Marie! The baguettes! Hurry up!

Live-action version:

Good morning, Belle!

Good morning, Monsieur Jean. Have you lost something again?

Well, I believe I have. Problem is, I can’t remember what. Oh, well. I’m sure it’ll come to me. Where are you off to?

To return this book to Pere Robert. It’s about two lovers in fair Verona.

…Sounds boring.

This is… Ugh, there are just so many kind of insignificant but also really, really fucking obnoxious changes happening here.

Like, in the original version, Belle actually has an opinion about the book she read. She’s invested, and she jumps at the chance to talk about it.

In the live-action version, there’s literally no passion. Just, factually: “It’s about two lovers in fair Verona.” Well, thank you, SparkNotes.

Meanwhile, in the original version, Belle’s getting so worked up, but the guy just cuts her off right there because he doesn’t really care. He was just being polite. He doesn’t actually have time for her, and he truly doesn’t care to make any. He’s busy minding his bakery, all caught up in his “provincial life.”

You know, the thing Belle wants to avoid? The kind of thoughtless, shallow, workaday life she dreads the thought of having?

Because she wants adventure and whimsy and bigger, more dramatic things than just going to work or keeping house every day?

The…theme this song exists to express?

Demonstrating that concept is the entire reason this song and this exchange exist in the movie, but, somehow, the remake doesn’t seem to get that.

Instead of just being an average guy hard at work, an example of the “ordinary” person Belle doesn’t want to be, the kind of person who doesn’t have time for books or fantasy or fun conversations, he’s…some kooky whimsical dude aimlessly wandering through town for reasons he can’t remember.

That’s, like… Kind of the opposite.

Instead of being caught up in the needs of his work, he just…randomly thinks Romeo and Juliet sounds boring. Why? What’s the point?

So, then we actually get to the bookshop.


Ah, Belle!

Good morning! I’ve come to return the book I borrowed.

Finished already?

Oh, I couldn’t put it down! Have you got anything new?

[laughs] Not since yesterday!

That’s alright! I’ll borrow…this one.

That one? But you’ve read it twice!

Well, it’s my favorite! Far-off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise…

[laughs] If you like it all that much, it’s yours!


Ah, if it isn’t the only bookworm in town! So, where did you run off to this week?

Two cities in northern Italy. I didn’t want to come back. Have you got any new places to go?

I’m afraid not. But you may reread any of the other ones that you’d like.

Your library makes our small corner of the world feel big.

Bon voyage.

Number one, intensely tortured metaphor.

Number two, you know, in the original, the book guy didn’t have anything “new” because the last time she came in was yesterday. It illustrates how borderline obsessed she is, how much she depends on this place and the books.

But the remake doesn’t mention that. In the remake, he just randomly doesn’t happen to have anything new. Just…in general.

Number three, I love how the cartoon made for tiny little children operates with more subtlety than the teen-y live-action remake. In the original, she talks about what she likes from that specific book, and the viewer naturally picks up the impression of why these books are so important to her. In the remake, Emma Watson’s just fucking narrating the subtext to the audience.

And then we get to Gaston’s introduction.


She’s the one! The lucky girl I’m going to marry! The most beautiful girl in town! That makes her the best! And don’t I deserve the best?


Belle is the most beautiful girl in the village! That makes her the best.

But she’s so…well read. And you’re so…athletically inclined.

Yes. But ever since the war, I’ve felt like I’ve been missing something.




Why is this here?

The original is so clear-cut. He thinks of women like objects and feels like he’s naturally entitled, by virtue of his ~stunning manliness~, to the prettiest one.

In the remake… He’s a veteran?

He’s a veteran. Of a war. Readjusting to life at home. Pursuing Belle. Because he thinks she’ll make him feel complete again.

What the fuck am I listening to?

I mean, you know they’re not even going to commit to this. You know this is not going to be, like, an actual new take on the character. This is not going to be a totally reimagined Gaston. This line is just here. Because…why?

Because someone sitting in a boardroom somewhere said, “Gaston needs a more sympathetic motivation. Sympathetic motivations sell toys”?

Because they’re hoping for a gritty Gaston war prequel somewhere down the line?

Because the writers are just really, really, really bad at their jobs?

- Mod A.

“Age Gap” anime & manga

It’s funny how watching something you like can quickly lead you down the path to finding other shows just like it. This was the case for me with lots of different genres of anime and mangas that I’ve really come to enjoy. For example, sports anime wasn’t something I had really considered liking until I watched “Kuroko no Basuke”. Prior to that I would always look at the tags for sports animes and think “nahhh…” But what a colossal shame it would have been if I hadn’t actually bothered to check it out. To think of what my anime experience would be without the likes of “Kuroko no Basuke”, “Free”, “One Outs”, “Giant Killing” etc. makes me rather sad actually. The same happened with the yaoi genre.. I read the synopsis of “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi” and was initially like “huh? the person the main character went out with in high school was a guy? really?” and I left it at that.. What a fail! My curiousity got the better of me though and instead of going for something like “Junjou Romantica” or “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi” which makes yaoi palatable for a general audience, I dove headfirst with “Okane ga Nai” as the first anime/OVAs that I watched in the yaoi genre (incidentally, there’s an age gap here too). My eyes nearly fell out of my head initially, but beyond that, I began to appreciate that there was more to it that just the guy x guy vibe. With this in mind, I went back to “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi”, gave it a chance and checked it out. After that, the rest is history.. I fell in love with the genre and haven’t looked back since.

Now, those are pretty standard genres I’ve given as examples. but these days I find myself drawn to a bit of an obscure “genre” if you want to call it that.. “Age Gap” anime and manga. I’ve given it that name since I see that a lot of people use this as a tag when referring to manga/anime where the romance is between people with vastly different ages, whether it be a younger girl with an older man, vice versa or a younger guy with an older man (think: Miyagi of Junjou Romantica). In all honesty, I think I’ve always been drawn to these kinds of animes but it’s only recently that I have recognised it as one of the genres that I have a deep liking for. I know I’m not alone here, because why else would such manga/anime exist if there wasn’t anyone who enjoyed this? It might sound odd to some, but this kind of topic is usually handled with a lot of care by those creating it so as not to make it perverse. When there is such an age gap, where one party is more mature than the other, the owness usually lies with the maturer of the two to be the responsible party. They usually endure a lot of conflict as a result of their age and the consequences of being with someone much younger are always taken into consideration - a realistic approach to the situation. The other strong emphasis with these types of stories is that the focus between these couples is more on romance/feelings/caring/protecting/supporting each other than it is about getting down to business, so to speak. The love that the characters share doesn’t always have to be expressed in a physical way and that’s another thing that makes it appealing. Sometimes, the “love/romance” aspect is just hinted at in the background but it’s enough to make us feel that we want those characters to be together.


In the interest of full disclosure and protection of the eyes of those who have not watched the shows I’m about to talk about, please note that there are some spoilers ahead about “My Wife is a High School Girl”, “Speed Grapher”, “Angel Heart”, “Skip Beat”, “Glass Mask” and “Ristorante Paradiso” among others.

I did say that it was only recently that I realised that this actually a genre that I enjoy and it’s the anime “Glass Mask” (the 2005 remake) that made me see it. 51 episodes of watching Maya and Hayami grow closer together was bound to make me swoon and the more I watched, the more I realised that this is the kind of thing I love.. Hayami and Maya have an age gap of 11 years between them and they meet when she’s only 14 and in middle school (making him 25 at the time). Even so, as a consequence of their jobs they get to know each other and maintain a kind of working relationship over the years where Hayami gets to watch Maya grow up and Maya comes to understand more about the adult Hayami. Their history becomes rather complicated and the as time goes on, he becomes more attached to her. She is the only one that treats him so normally - whether it be sharing a biscuit together or having a fight/war of words, which slowly makes him realise that he does indeed have feelings for her. As such, he struggles with the idea of being so much older than her and is even more frightened by the idea of being rejected by her. She is someone that he never wants to lose and would even be willing to remain in her life anonymously, so long as he can be around/in contact with her somehow. So you see, it’s not about him just wanting to get in her pants.. It goes beyond that because of his consideration of the consequences and the things that he does for her, without her even knowing it.

One of the first shows I watched that addressed this topic has to be “My Wife is a High School Girl”. To be honest, I watched it because I had to see what it was about - the title sounded a bit insane so I gave it a go. Again - turned out to be rather sweet and in fact, it’s the girl who wanted to “be with” her husband, but out of respect for her father he’s avoided doing that at all costs until she’s 18. Sure, it’s probably unrealistic to think that he would be able to hold out, but look, the show was made for the public so of course it would have to be this way. In any case, it had its moments - like when she fakes being sick, he sees her in the hallway, drops all his books and insists on carrying her on his back to the infirmary - like any good husband would do. Like I said -it was rather sweet.. He looks like a bit of a nerd (although beyond the glasses he’s actually rather cute) but he’s a good husband (despite having to keep it a secret) and is protective of and loyal to his wife.

“Speed Grapher” was another one and probably one of my favourites.. Tatsumi (33) and Kagura (15).. From the moment he sees her, he’s spellbound and after finding out about her circumstances, he makes it his mission to save her. He rescues her time and again from those that wish to use her for their own purposes and over time, she comes to develop feelings for him and him for her. As is usually the case, he looks after her more like a guardian but you can tell that it slowly evolves into something more than that as they spend more time together. They never cross the line but they do acknowledge their feelings for each other as Tatsumi pleads with Kagura to live on.. If not for her sake, then at least for his.. The best pay off is the ending, where we fast-forward five years from the events that brought the two of them together. Kagura has moved around a lot after that and eventually comes back to Tokyo to be with Tatsumi. And even though he’s now blind, he knows that she’s there the moment she returns to him. It was super satisfying as an ending and it made you feel alright to want them to be together because she’s now 20 and he’s 38.. Still a fair age difference, but at least now she’s an adult and they’re both still in love.

“Genji Monogatari” follows the exploits of Genji - a man hailed as one of the greatest lovers.. Although he initially falls for a girl that’s a little bit older than him (and his father’s wife), he manages to distract himself rather well with a whole host of girls.. But I wouldn’t have included this in the line up if there wasn’t a little something extra that made this one memorable for me. And that is the last few episodes. Although he was with plenty of women and have quite a few lovers, a young girl is brought to his residence and she ends up living there. She initially sees him as an older brother kind of figure but as she grows and becomes more aware of herself, she develops feelings for him and only wishes for his happiness. Just before Genji is to leave his place for a while (a few years perhaps?), she lets him know of her feelings for him and he is flattered and returns her sentiment. It’s then that he proclaims her to be his bride and they spend the one evening together - just talking and being in each others’ presence. From what I understand, she waits for him to return and is the one he is with at the end. I could be wrong though because I haven’t read the books and the anime is quite open ended. Although she wasn’t such a major character, you could see that way she felt about him and he always took good care of her and treated her well and as someone precious to him. That’s why it was rather nice to see that she got the man that she had always wanted and that he had no issue with being with her either. Then again, this was waaaay back in the day when getting married at 14 to men who were old enough to be your grandfather was no problem.

“Skip Beat” is similar to “Glass Mask” in some ways - a young girl trying to make it into show business and changing the life of a man that she gets to meet through her profession. The concept is slightly different because the only reason that Kyouko gets into acting is because of her wanting revenge on her ex-boyfriend. And even though she doesn’t initially get along with Tsuruga Ren - the major star from her agency (and her ex’s main rival), she eventually comes to respect him for his talent.. He initially doesn’t like her either because he hates her reasons for wanting to become an actress. Even though they are initially at odds, they slowly come to know and understand more about each other and it’s also revealed that they actually met when they were kids.. She doesn’t realise that this is the same boy that gave her comfort when she was a little girl. As time goes along, situations and circumstances put the two of them together and the once apathetic Ren finally starts to care about someone. The anime didn’t quite hit the mark with the pay-off (probably because they thought that there would be 2nd season or maybe in an effort to make you read the manga to get to the pay-off) but seeing how their relationship changes and how he becomes affected by her being around him was really touching. You realise how lonely he actually is and she comes into his life and changes that.

In fact, a lot of the animes/mangas that focus on age gaps seem to use that concept - the loner old guy whose life regains excitement and changes thanks to a younger girl coming into the picture. In my opinion, it’s their youth that actually plays into this. If this same concept is applied to two adults, it seems like a normal romance story, but the thing is that adults don’t have the same direct nature and purity of emotion that teenagers do. And this is the difference. These loner dudes are usually quite content to be loners and to maintain their sense of normalcy and other adults would usually respect that and so things would continue as normal. But when you have the introduction of a younger character, that straightforward nature pushes these loner types out of their comfort zones and shakes things up. That’s why it works. The don’t treat their potential partners as business associates or colleagues because they haven’t acquired that skill set yet and so these loners get treated like normal people, no matter what rank they may hold..

Actually, thinking about it now, even a show like “Brothers Conflict” has some age gap going on.. Masaomi is 31 when he meets the 16/17 year old Ema.. And a lot of the brothers are way older than she is.. Doesn’t stop us from wanting to see them vying for her affection now does it? Lol.. And “Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie” has Sayuri sharing special bonding moments with her teachers, seeing them as people rather than just instructors.


“Angel Heart” fell a bit out of the norm in terms of the romance thing because although it initially seemed like the main girl was going to fall in love with Ryo Saeba, it became a situation where they became more like father and daughter. She is 15 and he is in his 40s so it makes sense in that respect, but even though you know that the idea is that he is her guardian, there is undoubtedly a secret part of you that kind of wishes that they would actually be together in some way. The age gap is huge, but nevermind.. Love can overcome it in an anime right? Lol.. Even though there wasn’t any romance, the connection and bond between Ryo and Xiang-Ying is something special and I don’t think there is anyone but him that can get through to her and help her get back to being a regular girl, rather than an assassin. Ryo, having a similar background and getting involved in fights etc. is the best person for her and seeing how close they become is rather heart warming.

“Ristorante Paradiso” is definitely an in-your-face age gap anime seeing as the main character, Nicoletta, not only hangs out with waaaaay older men (in their 50s) but also falls in love with one of them. Although the age gap is a bit too extreme for me - I prefer protective men versus overly knowledgeable men - it was actually rather sweet and instead of finding it creepy, you find yourself routing for Nicoletta to be with Claudio. They meet and she falls for him but his complicated history makes being with him a challenge for Nicoletta and she has to take her time to try and get him to see her as more than just a worker in the restaurant. That said, he’s her confidant and the person she always turns to and even when he thinks he should be putting distance between them because he knows how she feels but isn’t sure that he can return her feelings, he finds that he can’t bring himself to be so cruel and goes back to being by her side. She exercises her patience but it surely pays off, which was rather nice to see..

“Junjou Romantica”  is by one of my fave mangakas, Shinjiku Nakamura, and she has been known to use age differences (along with height differences) as one of the defining features in her stories. The most obvious one is the age difference between Shinobu (a high school student) and Miyagi (a literary professor) who also happens to be his ex-brother-in-law.. The storyline falls under the “Terrorist” subplot and is about how this young guy convinces his ex-brother-in-law that they are fated to be together. They go through a lot of ups and downs where Miyagi tests Shinobu to see if he’s being serious about this and they constantly fight and argue but at the end of it all, Miyagi eventually gives into his “fate” by being with Shinobu. He deals not only with being with someone younger, but also agonises about the fact that he’s loving someone new (a huge issue for him) and that it also happens to be a guy. The main characters, Misaki and Akihiko also have a big age difference between them (10 years) and most of the men that go after Misaki, e.g. Ijuuin and Haruhiko also have a similar age gap.. However, unlike Miyagi and Shinobu, Misaki doesn’t pay too much attention to the age gap but worries more about the fact that he may cause trouble for Akihiko (because they’re in a relationship - everyone close to Akihiko knows that he’s gay but they don’t want that information to become public) and he worries because he needs to figure out his life at this stage.. And in “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi” the biggest age gap there is about 9-10 years between Kisa and Yukina - something that Kisa tends to agonise about a lot.. even though he’s so baby-faced that he actually looks younger than Yukina.


Sticking with yaoi, another one of my faves is “You’re My Loveprize in Viewfinder” and the age difference between Asami and Takaba is 12 years. It shows in the most spectacular fashion in their attitudes, the company they keep, they way they dress and just the way they live their lives in general. Where Takaba is carefree, freelance, casual and hangs out with friends, Asami is serious, has numerous businesses, always dresses smartly in a suits and has very few, if any, friends. But in spite of all the glaring differences, they are naturally drawn to each other - a case of opposites attract perhaps? Asami sees Takaba as naive and reckless, and Takaba sees Asami as controlling and condescending, but each respects the other. Asami loves the fire and fierceness that accompanies youth in Takaba and Takaba thinks that the things Asami has achieved is amazing and wants to be on his level someday. This difference in life experience is something that plays more of Takaba’s mind than Asami’s - which is somewhat different from the norm - having the younger party worry about the age difference. Whereas Asami doesn’t care what anyone thinks - such is his level of power that he answers to no one.

Apart from anime, there is also the world of manga that awaits in terms of the age gap genre.. Just the other day I came across a manga called “Kore Wa Koi No Hanashi” and although the age difference is astounding (21 years between them), it’s actually been handled rather well. The difference makes him more of a guardian to her initially but there is potential brewing in the background. The initial volumes that I’ve read thus far are more about how this girl changes this man’s life just by being there.. Her presence introduces something new to him and for the first time, someone seems to be showing him genuine care. The developments are sweet and there are enough characters around so that it doesn’t become a complete creep-fest and there’s actually a fair amount of humour involved too. That’s why I say that even though age gaps could be considered creepy from a face-value point of view, the way that these stories are portrayed lends itself to being more sweet than anything.

Other mangas which I’ve only heard about that fall in this category (which I’ve sourced from doing some investigation - I haven’t actually read these yet) include: Hotaru no Hikari, Eden no Hana, Sugar Family, Hana no Namae, Ingènuo, Mademoiselle Butterfly, Love So Life, Hakuji, Antique Romance, Veins, Wagahai wa Yome de Aru, Toriko - Aigan Shoujo and Hana to Akuma. So if you’re looking for something to read that falls in this vein, then checking these out might be a good idea. I know I’m going to.

To be honest, the whole idea of younger girl, older guy probably screams “daddy complex” but I don’t see much of a problem with that.. After all, this is what anime and manga is - something we watch or read for our enjoyment. No one can tell you what to feel about it and whether or not it’s your thing is completely up to you, as an individual. I’m sure some people will probably think “lollicon” when they hear the words “age gap” and that’s entirely up to them. But for me, the age gap genre is about how love & just caring for someone can always transcend age. Changing someone’s like doesn’t come with an age requirement and watching how these unlikely pairings change each other for the better over time is always so satisfying to watch. There are always moments of doubt and frustration with these stories, but the wait is always worth it.. To get that happy ending and see the triumph of the couples who believe in each other and the good of having that person around.. Sure, it’s idealistic to think that way, but hey.. that’s why we love manga and anime right? :D

Update: Part 2 is out here!

actual-dalish-mastermind  asked:

Your Alistair cosplays are so amazing! The sheer amount of detail is just mind-blowing! I am curious, how did you embellish the breastplate with the griffin? Is it just another layer of foam? I need to remake my breastplate, for my Warden cosplay, and that was the thing I majorly struggled with when making it the first time.

Thanks for the kind words!  It was a frustrating amount of work, and I’m still not fully happy with it, but I’m pretty proud of some things, primarily said griffon.

It’s hand-carved out of Sintra(PVC foam) using metal picks, many hours, and very raw hands.

Because I am insane, apparently.

anonymous asked:

Why do you have a burning hatred for Cabin in the Woods? I have a cool indifference towards it and think it's overrated and whatever, but don't particularly see what's outright hate-worthy about it

It’s not a popular opinion, but I hate Joss Whedon’s writing. Specifically how he handles dialogue, which is weird because I do like Buffy. I generally have a real disdain for script writers trying to impress with how witty they are instead of their characters. For the same reason I struggle with Kill Bill and Death Proof.

The film felt unbearably smug. We’ve had plenty of really good horror movie deconstructions, but Joss Whedon wasn’t the guy to deliver that. He didn’t really have the knowledge or credentials to deliver what he thought he was writing, so as someone really in to horror films it felt really shallow.

It was like it thought it was a great statement on horror movies by someone that had only watched slasher remakes from the time period it came out in. Anyone can just point at cliches, but even then some of them were based on such a shallow pool of research.

It seemed to think it was so clever for being another Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Remake, etc, but did little to actually elevate itself above those movies it thought were so terrible. Scream kind of already did all of this, by someone who knew the genre, knew first hand the complaints he and his peers received and managed to make a satire and a solid horror film in its own right.

Scream pointed at cliches and then did something with them. Whether it was inverting them, making strong social commentary, writing strong characters, taking tropes in to a new generation and making it scary again (mobile phones).

It reminds me of The Simpsons after season 10. The episodes contain constant jokes about how bad they are compared to how they used to be, as if pointing out how bad they are now suddenly makes them funny again. Just being meta isn’t enough, it’s what you do with it.

It’s basically like Whedon saying “Yo, did you realise characters make stupid decisions in horror films? Like, you probably didn’t notice, because you have to look really closely, but they do.”

But despite all this criticism, that isn’t enough to write the movie off completely, it’s just something about Whedon’s delivery that bugs me.
(Undertale AU) Monofell - So Easy [PV]
Rated R for Ridiculously Fluffy! -- [7/7/2016]: Okay wow I didn't expect this thing to hit 4k views--and I REALLY didn't expect it to get more than 10 likes ...

I actually missed the anniversary for this and I feel… slightly ashamed of that?

The year just kind of flew by for it–but I still remember all the long hours I put into making this video to try and help give an idea of what this AU was about.
Sadly, I think it flopped a bit even if the people who love it tell me that it didn’t–so a major project of mine that I’ve been doing in private is… well–

I’ve been remaking this to be a bit better drawn. At first, I was going to PAINT every single scene… which, please don’t misunderstand, I can do! And if I did, it might look amazing? It’s still kind of up in the air if I’m going to transform the newer sketches into small paintings or not–
Just know that this video will be seeing a remaster as well as the cover for the comic, because I feel like it deserves it!

This video is important because it’s basically the ENTIRE MF comic in a nutshell… only with a lot of important bits cut out, of course!


I want to talk about this moment.

More specifically, I want to talk about this moment and why it makes me so fucking mad that I could actually punch Emma Watson in the face.

For those of you who haven’t seen this train wreck captured on film new Beauty and the Beast movie, let me provide some context - Belle doesn’t leave the castle to go rescue her father in practical traveling clothes, she immediately runs out the door in her big impractical poofy ballgown. Now, I’ve ranted about how ridiculous this is before, but I’m willing at least to set aside my rage momentarily? There’s a proud Gothic tradition of heroines running from decrepit castles in incredibly impractical clothes. If this were done For The Aesthetic, I could absolutely forgive it.

The problem, of course, is that it’s not done for the aesthetic. It’s done for the sake of this moment right here. The moment when Belle The Weird Pod Person Who Stole Belle’s Identity (referred to from now on as Not-Hermione) can somehow take off her complicated laced-up evening gown ON HORSEBACK just to make a point about how feminists don’t like pretty things. No, we must be Practical, we must be Utilitarian. We must… ride back to a pocket dimension where there is currently a shitton of snow and ice in our literal underwear? (And, like. It’s not as if our heroine had to be femme? If you want Not-Hermione to be Imperator Furiosa, go ahead! Just don’t heavily base this film off of the original animated one. Go full The Jungle Book and only use what pieces of the 1991 movie you want. (brief aside, to all the people calling this a “shot-for-shot remake”: have we been watching the same film???) I will hate you WAY less if you do that.)

I’d even be willing to forgive Belle spending the climax of the film in her actual honest to God underwear if it was meant to be some kind of genuinely vulnerable moment?? Because, again, Gothic tropes and all that. Like, I’m imagining a brilliant and emotionally wrenching scene where she tries to get back to the castle and she gets caught by the changing landscape (due to the curse finally coming back home as the last petals fall) and she has to tear her way out of her gown to get to the Beast’s side in time to confess her love. Not-Hermione in this film is remarkably immune to emotion (Belle in the original was soft and warm but definitely not vulnerable, which is part of why her crying over the Beast’s body is so moving) and her visual vulnerability paired with an emotional vulnerability would have been beautiful. Also seeing her in the ruined tatters of her dress would pair well with seeing him in the ruined tatters of his suit. But, again. This isn’t about emotionally resonant storytelling this is about Not-Hermione being Feminist, and Strong, and Throwing A Year’s Salary In The Dirt Because Feminism Doesn’t Value Labor (no really you could read this shot as a bizarre metatextual commentary on how Emma Watson’s own brand of ‘feminism’ basically told Jacqueline Durran that her labor wasn’t valuable AND how white feminism profits off of poor working-class people all over the world with its fake “activism” but assuming that kind of critique is giving this movie way too much credit)

also, Not-Hermione. You can’t show up to a joyful, well-lit reunion with both the household staff AND the entire village (who show up in this version to see what’s been happening in their local enchanted pocket dimension) in your literal honest-to-God underwear. Especially not holding hands with a similarly half-dressed man who won’t stop grinning. You are telling the whole world you just fucked this guy, and your social reputation will be ruined.

this film SUCKS why does it have no idea of how things WORKED why is it so TERRIBLE why is feminism represented with this PIECE OF SHIT GESTURE and [deep breath]

basically I hate this shot. I hate this theme. I hate what it represents, and I hate the lack of caring for historical context and labor and other opinions besides Emma’s that it represents.

rant over. for now.

My review of BatB (2017): part two

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

Here are a few other changes I didn’t like:

1. The prologue was a complete MESS. How could they screw this up?? The animated film did it perfectly, so why not keep that the same? You don’t appreciate the beginning - the “once upon a time” bits - because there’s just too much going on.

2. The film is too fast paced. The story doesn’t move naturally like the animated version did. Everything here happens so fast … and before you know it something else is happening on screen that I almost forget what happened in the previous scene. It’s like they wanted to jam as much as possible into this “remake”. I felt very overwhelmed tbh.

3. I’ve already talked about how underwhelming Belle’s costumes are here (all thanks to Emma Watson), but I honestly wasn’t a big fan of most of the other costumes either. Nothing really stood out enough for me to remember later on. Same with most of the set designs. I think it’s because I don’t like the color palette of the film. Everything was either really bland and boring or it was just too over the top and tacky (too much gold/beige) for my liking. Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette did a great job in the costumes and set designs department. I would have wanted to see BatB do the Rococo era that way instead. With more pastels and bright colors. There are some exceptions though - I liked Gaston’s clothes, the prince’s/beast’s formal wardrobe were great. Audra and Gugu had very nice costumes too, but we don’t see enough of them to enjoy the glamour. Some parts of the castle were beautiful, but I also think I’ve seen better (example: La Belle et La Bete).

4. The CGI is a kinda … too much. It’s not very pleasant to look and there’s A LOT OF IT. The character designs for everyone under the spell are bad imo. The castle staff didn’t translate well from animation to live-action. And I don’t like the Beast’s design either … he looks too human-like to me. He needed to be more scary looking, more intimidating.

5. Was it really necessary to make the story about Belle’s mother so tragic? I mean, REALLY?? Also, I felt very little warmth between Belle and her father. I didn’t feel like there was a genuine bond between them.

6. I know this is gonna sound mean, but I liked the Beast more when he was illiterate. In this version he comes across somewhat pretentious to me. I didn’t like how judgmental he became when Belle told him her favorite book was Romeo & Juliet. I hated the way they handled the library scene here. It wasn’t nearly as cute or sweet as the animated film did it.

I’ve already talked about Emma’s singing (and how unimpressive it is), but I have to admit everyone else sang well enough. Audra is fabulous, of course. Both Luke Evans and Dan Stevens did a good job with their songs (especially Luke). I still prefer Angela Lansbury over Emma Thompson, though. I still think they should have cast proper singers in all the roles.

Other people have complained this movie isn’t a remake, but is actually more of a reenactment. And I agree. Cinderella (2015) did stay true to the 1950 animated film - it had the same charm and essence of the original - but it also expanded on the story/characters and made a few changes that refreshed it for audiences. The BatB is almost a shot-by-shot kind of remake … which seemed like a missed opportunity imo. I understand that they probably felt pressure to stay faithful to the animated classic, but this went too far. Where the 1991 BatB was romantic, exciting and entertaining, this new version just falls flat by comparison.

anonymous asked:

Also not a headcanon: If Sailor Moon did truly return and produce new storylines, what would you guys like to see happen?

In no particular order…

  • Starlights origin story. It starts off with Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten having familiar wacky monster-of-the-week adventures. Then things get progressively darker, the victims start actually dying, eventually there are mass attacks being carried out in broad daylight. By the end there’s anarchy in the streets, the princess has disappeared, the rest of the royal family has been assassinated, everything is on fire…and our heroes can’t think of anything to do except flee to an alien planet and disguise themselves as a boy band.
  • Anything else about the Sailor Wars, really. Especially if it involves Takeuchi designing whole swathes of gorgeous alien senshi teams, who will only appear for a handful of panels but inspire tons of wonderful fanart.
  • Anime adaptation of the Sailor V manga. Or maybe a whole series of analogous specials/mini-arcs, where each of the senshi gets to fight some minor villains on her own.
  • On that note: Haruka and Michiru’s globe-trotting adventures, living a life of ridiculous luxury, in between taking on evil in a new exotic location every week!
  • Future adventures of Neo Sailor Moon. Including some kind of actual background for the Sailor Quartet, lots of crystal technology, cameos by adult versions of all the present-day characters, and hey, while I’m fantasizing, make Chibiusa/Hotaru the main Miracle Romance.
  • Remake/expansion of the Ail and An arc, tying in Fiore and introducing new characters from the galactic plant-person diaspora, so they can gather enough people to land on a new planet and start a real society.
  • That last one can end with a flash-forward to a spaceship landing on a Tokyo park. Green-skinned aliens step out and say in perfect Japanese, “Take us to your leader.” The Prime Minister is there on the next helicopter. Aliens frown: “No, your leader. She’s about this tall, blonde hair, very distinctive buns…?” In the Tsukino household, where Ikuko and Kenji have been glued to the 24-hour coverage, they turn to each other and just staaaare.
tale as old as next time: the blanket fort’s beauty & the beast review

Originally posted by kinginthenorthjonsnow

Basically, this is me and probably the rest of the of Beauty & the Beast fandom right now. 

The good news:  the live action movie is nice and entertaining enough, with its own kind of charm.  The bad news:  the original animated film is still complete and utter perfection.  The live action movie can’t even hold a candle to it. 

And no, I don’t think it’s unfair to compare the two.  If you create what is really an unnecessary remake of the legendary Disney animated film that forced the Academy to create a category for Best Animated Picture, because it could and should’ve won the actual Best Picture Award, then you’ve got some seriously big shoes to fill.  Good remakes and re-imaginings have been done before (the Charlton Heston Ben-Hur, anyone?).  This movie needed to be balls-to-the-wall amazingly good. 

The problem is that it’s just in that category of “okay,” “nice” and “it’s entertaining.”  

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(Spoiler time - you have been warned)

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i’ve honestly never met someone whose BPD controls their life as much as mine does.
i can make decisions with 100% certainty and maybe a day, a week or a month down the track, I’ll feel the entire opposite way. 

Kind of makes me feel like nothing I say or do has any validity. I don’t really get why people put up with me when that’s the case. I’m too transient lmao. 
I’m so sick of changing my mind about everything. 
I’m sick of constantly deleting and remaking stuff bc I’m stupidly impulsive and my emotions feel like thoughts but they’re not. 

i bet that it’s super annoying to watch me exist, but it’s even more annoying to actually Be me and be aware of the stupid shit I do and be unable to stop it. 

tl;dr thanks for being patient with me everyone ;w; it means a lot 

I’m not usually one to shit on other people’s ships but like.. I started following some stanfou blogs cause I’m a slut for some happy canon gays and also beauty and the beast is cracking but apparently a lot of these people ship gafou as well. okay, that’s fine. but also I have never had such a notp. like I say, I’m not one to tell people what to ship but I’ve just got to rant because you know what gaston is?? you know what the wonderful gay man howard ashman, a gay man who died of aids, created gaston as??? a manifestation of toxic masculinity and homophobia. gaston exists to demonstrate the fear held by lgbt+ people of homophobic manly men who literally kill lgbt+ people every day. and now we get the lovely new lefou who is more of a real person and switches sides! who realises what a shitstain gaston is!! who sings “there’s a beast running wild there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monster’s released” when gaston leads the attack on the castle!! who dances with a man who we earlier saw enjoy dressing in drag (and who is played by a gay actor I believe)!!!! and gaston still dies. this film shows us a canonically gay man moving away from toxixc masculinity and overcoming homophobia (both of which are represented by gaston), and both of these things ultimately being defeated as gaston dies. when disney first created beauty and the beast, howard ashman partly created the beast to show how, although people were vastly homophobic, believing hideous things about gay men (they were predators, perverts), there was kindness and softness there that no one wanted to see. the message of beauty and the beast is that passing negative judgement just because that’s what society says you should do is very wrong, and even those who seem so different from you are just human, really. beauty and the beast is, at its heart, a message of hope for lgbt+ people. it was the final work of a gay man who was dying as he wrote it. an integral part of the hope is that homophobia is defeated. the remake actually furthered this! with lefou being announced as canonically gay and actually taking steps to remove himself from the toxic and EVIL gaston!! the representation of homophobia!! but people still insist on shipping them because they have close contact and at first lefou likes gaston and lefou is gay as fuck. and it just grinds my goat because it feels a little like spitting on howard ashman’s legacy.

I don’t know why I made this. I’m not telling you what to ship, I’m not saying don’t ship it, I know I can block it if I don’t like it yadah yadah yadah (although I am a mobile blogger so I.. can’t really block things…) but like I say - I’m not asking you not to ship it! do what you want, have fun, if you like gafou then ship away. I just think that more people should be aware of the importance of gaston and him being a villain. a lot of shipping him with the lovely lefou makes him kinder and forgivable. homophobia is not forgivable. gaston is not to be forgiven.

I’m not dictating, do ship what you want to ship.

tldr; I guess I just think it jars that so many people want to ship lefou - one of disney’s first gay characters, a character with such development and progression in this film - with the physical manifestation of homophobia. particularly when stan is right there like come on guys let the gay boys be happy.



- remaking the rwac comic (i’m redoing the whole thing b/c i feel like the story is kind of iffy), it should be coming in 10 page bursts from now on

- finishing the hcat animatic (this is gonna take some time, guys)

- actually drawing out the ‘monty hall’ b99 short

here’s a preview:


- a comic adaptation of Temper by Bullfinch. Read it here!

- more First Strike parody pages. I had one planned out for Jack but the guy I drew didn’t look at all like Jack so I need to re-do that, too.

- another animatic? after i finish hcat? here’s what i’m considering:

NO GOOD DEED – by Idina Menzel, from Wicked

It’s about the rise of Soldier 76 and Reaper, plus it features science-witch Mercy.

DEAR THEODOSIA (REPRISE) – by Leslie Odom Jr., from Hamilton 

It would be about Reinhardt helping Fareeha after Ana’s death, with Gabe and Jack being bitter in the background.

I AM DAMAGED – by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe, from Heathers

All about Jack and Gabe’s final interactions during the explosion @ Watchpoint: Zurich.

THIS ISN’T THE END – by Owl City, from the Ultraviolet EP

A sad, but ultimately optimistic story about Fareeha and the rise of New Overwatch. 

WEST COAST – by the Neighbourhood, from The Love Collection

A super self-indulgent, Gabriel-centric thing that highlights Gabriel’s relationship with Jack.


TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME – by Idina Menzel & Tracy Thoms, from RENT

More R76, obviously. I figure that Jack used to be pretty promiscuous before Gabriel tied him down. 

A HAMILTON SONG (mostly about the Omnic Crisis)

could be






ALWAYS GOLD – by Radical Face, from The Roots

Also about R76. Honestly, that’s all that’s really going on here.

Also here’s some extra r76 doodles:

plus some Coast Guard AU:

PS: in case it wasn’t clear, i’d like a vote on what to do next.

Dirty Dancing: 10 Most WTF Moments from ABC’s TV Remake - Rolling Stone

The original 1987 Dirty Dancing is a movie that worked against all odds. Eighties sensibility (and hairstyles and theme song) shoehorned into a Sixties nostalgia piece, a miniscule budget, a cast of unknowns, and a troubled production – not to mention a heroine named … Baby. And yet it positively crackled, thanks to Eleanor Bergstein’s deeply personal script, crazy chemistry between leads Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, and the ethereal gyrations of the late, great Swayze.

Wayne Blair and Jessica Sharzer’s remake attempts to be all things to all people, and ends up being nothing to anybody. The 2017 made-for-TV Dirty Dancing manages to be both a grim, workmanlike re-creation of the original – some scenes are rehashed shot for shot – and also a vast extrapolation that bloats the original’s runtime by more than an hour. It’s also a musical (but only sorta), a melodrama about the decay of marriages, and a clumsy (if well-meaning) treatise on issues ranging from feminism to institutionalized racism.

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Mercilessly Judging the Camus Archetype

Per request by Markoftheasphodel, here’s a bonus round of the Mercilessly Judging series, in which I’ll be using my discriminating taste and considerable experience with hot (and not-so-hot) gay sex to grade that most curious of Fire Emblem character archetypes, the Camus. What was probably intended to be written as a figure out of classical tragedy has instead morphed into an only occasionally tragic sex symbol, because that’s what you get when your namesake is the male equivalent of Helen of Troy. Since I like my men like I like my roux - rich, seasoned, and thick in just the right places - I’m especially well-equipped for this undertaking.

The Arbitrary Requirements

Slotting characters into FE archetypes can be a slippery business, and so to get that part out of the way first I’ve settled on the criteria I’ll be using to determine who will end up on this list. These guys must possess at least three of the following traits:

  • Unrecruitable, at least in the main game or the game/route in which they fulfill the Camus role
  • Unwavering loyalty toward his country and/or a major antagonist
  • Blond
  • Black armor/clothing
  • A legendary weapon
  • A paladin or other horse-mounted class

They must also be male, both because I am absolutely not the person to ask when it comes to judging women and because the female Camus, a.k.a. the Ishtar, comes with traits of her own, such as a greater predisposition toward magic and a romantic inclination toward the antagonist to whom she’s loyal. The latter trait is obviously absent from their male counterparts, except in Tellius because of course.

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