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So while I was reblogging all this Satan Pit/Impossible Planet stuff today, I thought of something super sad. What if Rose had managed to stay on the planet instead of leaving on the rocket and the Doctor didn't know, so he made his one trip to pick up Ida and he was in such a buoyant and happy mood that everything ended up so well and he asked if they had Rose Tyler on board expecting them to say yes because of COURSE they wouldn't leave her there and when they tell him no he's really confused-

-because why would they do that?!?!?! And he watches the Planet fall into the black hole and he just dies a little inside. Omg can you imagine.

I think about this a lot actually (anybody surprised about this…anybody?)

Because she wouldn’t have left voluntarily, she couldn’t, not when the Doctor was still on the planet. Not even though he might be dead after falling into the pit. She flat out refuses to leave him there by himself, even if it means dying herself.

But even though the Doctor had just made this huge speech about believing in her, he never thought she’d sacrifice everything for the chance of staying with him. The depth and enormity of her love and devotion don’t really seem to get through his thick skull until Doomsday when she jumps back after he sends he away and tells him that she made her choice. You can see it sinking in when she says that and at that point it’s too late, really.

But god, if he’d called to the rocket in that cheery voice, asking about Rose and they had to tell him “No, she stayed on the planet to wait for you. We couldn’t make her come with us, we tried.” And the planet’s already gone, he’s missed his chance to save her because he didn’t know she needed saving and the black hole outside is nothing compared to the hole opening inside his chest because she died because of him. Because she believed that he would come back for her no matter what.

Silently he returns Ida to her crew and then goes back to watch the black hole, contemplating just stepping outside the TARDIS’s protective shield and letting himself be dragged into the black hole to join Rose because anything, anything, would be preferable to the pain he’s feeling now.

I mean this would be worse than Doomsday because he couldn’t even tell himself that she was happy. She's dead and it’s his fault and he only realized exactly how much she loved him by the actions that led to her death. He’d always known of course, just like he knew that he loved her but the enormity of it hadn’t been realized before that moment and…it’s too late for him to tell her that it was reciprocated. She died thinking that he was either dead or just didn’t care enough to come back and save her. She died alone, so far away from home, just like the Beast had said.

And it was all his fault.


F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gabsy.

perfectlyrose got me thinking about Jackie Tyler. Ugh.

Can we just talk for a minute about the fact that while it was awful Rose was trapped in the parallel universe after Doomsday, she at least had Jackie and that made it a little better? I’m trying to imagine what it would have been like if Rose had been trapped there without her and it’s just…horrible. What would she have done? Sure, she would have had Mickey and Pete, but they didn’t raise her. They didn’t take care of her when she was sick, and lay on the couch with her and cuddle her and watch Disney movies with her. They didn’t hold her after Jimmy Stone broke her heart and told her that no matter what happened, she was still loved. They weren’t her best friend and her mother.

Can we just talk for a minute about what it would have been like if Rose had been trapped without Jackie?