this is kaner i swear

January 15 game observations (mainly player interactions)

This was an awesome game to attend, much better than last year when the Hawks lost (though I’m saying this as a Leafs fan, too). It was cool being there for Kaner’s first regular-season hat trick. The high stick on Kaner was a scary moment when he went down, but the Leafs fan next to me thought he was exaggerating. :P

Here are some moments/cute things I saw (I was pretty high up so I hope this is mostly accurate; unfortunately I don’t remember the exact times, and actually most of this is from memory so hopefully I remembered correctly; I numbered the 1988 moments to keep track):

Period 1

-1988 (1) bench moment: Instead of following Jonny, Shawzy (who was right behind him) waited by the door and let Kaner pass to sit next to Jonny

-1988 (2) leaning: Jonny was on the ice and for a second, he leaned up with his elbow against the boards to talk to Kaner before he had to go take a face-off

-1988 bench (3): they sat next to each other for a while again

-1988 (4): during the coach’s challenge they were standing side by side and seemed to talk

-1988 (5): during the coach’s challenge, Jonny was leaning against the boards to talk to Rasmussen, but he wasn’t looking at him - and I swear it looked like he was staring at Kaner who was in front of him

-Toews hit Panarin’s legs with his stick

-Toews was bumping into Shawzy when they were lined up before the anthem

-Panarin and Anisimov chatted throughout an entire time-out (?) and it was cute seeing them skate around together

Period 2

-before the period started, Jonny and Hossa were skating together, and Kaner skated in right in front of Jonny (I’m counting this as moment 6 for 1988, even though I can’t be sure they interacted…)

-it seems Panarin and Anisimov are dividing their bench time next to Kaner more evenly; I saw Panarin move aside and let Anisimov sit down next to Kaner, though a couple of minutes later, Panarin was next to Kaner (in fact, during the first period, there were often others between Panarin and Kaner, most notably Garbutt)

-Kaner and Shawzy exchanged a fist bump

-1988 (7) had a shift together

-when Kane and Toews returned to the bench, they sat next to each other (8); also Jonny slammed his stick in front of him

-1988 (9) were together during the time-out called by Q

Period 3

-Kaner also did the bare fist bump with Panarin

-Jonny reached over Anisimov(?) and Shaw(?) to fist bump Kaner for his hat trick (presumably) when there were about four or five seconds left in the game (10)

-Panarin hugged Kaner from behind and was pressed against his back after the game was over

-I was far away, but it looked like Jonny and Pat did their hand clasp chest/shoulder bump instead of a regular fist bump (11)

-Panarin went last, and Jonny seemed a bit more rough with him than he was with Kaner when he pulled him in for the hand clasp chest/shoulder bump (though I think this is becoming a normal thing - does anyone know when/why Panarin started going last?)


I also wanted to comment on the music selection, which was quite funny.

-When Jonny was talking to the ref about Hossa being offside, the song Raise a Little Hell was playing

-When the Leafs got a penalty (I forget which one…maybe the high stick on Kaner?) they played Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

-When Kaner scored his second goal, they played Shake It Off

So I know it seems I paid more attention to the players’ interactions than to the game, but I did watch it, I swear. ;) :P

Have any of these moments been turned into gifs? I guess I need to see what has been giffed so far.