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Well it wasn’t much of a mission but I guess we handled that alright.

How to Accept Yourself

1. Focus on your positive qualities. It’s true that we can all improve in some ways – but start by finding your good qualities – and recognise that these are a major part of who you are.

2. Be aware of, and fight against, your negative self-talk. Negative self talk can quickly snowball and become an angry tirade against yourself – so you become your own worst critic and your own worst enemy. Instead, choose to respect yourself, to love, affirm and believe in yourself.

3. Don’t dwell on things you know you cannot change. We all have imperfections, weaknesses and flaws. They’re really not that crucial, and they’re not that big a deal. Try to keep them in perspective – and change what you CAN change.

4. Make your own decisions – don’t always look to others, and think that they know better … But choose to trust yourself.

5. Always try to do your best – as that’s all that is required. You’re a normal human being who’ll sometimes get it wrong. Get up, forgive youself, then just choose to move on.

Okay so we all know that one bit of Russian in The Abduction, right? Imma chime in with what I’ve been told by Russian friends is the correct pronunciation to save a life. 

Vsego horoshego
Na pososhok

see-voe ho-roe-sha-va
na poe-soe-shoke

That “cha” is pronounced with the same sound a chet in Hebrew makes, but a hard ‘k’ sound works too. 

fun times ;PP (click on photo for better quality)

erro by @loverofpiggies

ikn by @comyet


“I only know of the tradition,and I’ve never given it a try”

…he looks like he wants to try it…

“Um…would you mind stooping down for me,please?”

Of course not!”


some commissions/gift art i’d done in the past time!
i am very very thankful for every commission and i’ve had the pleasure to get to draw some wonderfully creative ocs, and everyone i’ve worked with has been incredibly kind. i’m so so lucky!!

Edward in school, 1918

His father, a successful lawyer, provided Edward with many advantages, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private schoolEdward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist.

A concept: Steve being that asshole that you kind of hate but also totally want to be because he’s so in love with his husband. You wanna discuss the Avengers? Tony’s the best Avenger! You wanna talk about Steve’s service? It was all worth it to meet Tony! You wanna talk about Steve’s charity work? By the way Tony has a great charity if you wanna donate to it!

He’s that lovesick asshole that posts on lost & found sites “HAVE YOU SEEN MY HUSBAND? HE STOLE MY HEART!!!!” He straightens up and smiles when Tony walks into the room. He follows Tony around parties like a lovesick puppy and happily talks about how great Tony is when anybody stops him.

And Tony has no idea.

Don’t get him wrong: He loves Steve just as much. He loves making Steve happy and doing things for him that no one else can. But he has no idea how in love with him Steve is.

At least, not until Tony finds Steve showing pictures of him at one of his expos to the aliens they’d just incarcerated for trying to destroy a Macy’s building. “And here he is with his newest water filter for water bottles! For every one bought he donates one to impoverished areas in–” The aliens are nodding but they look confused. Apparently enthusiasm is universal. (Tony still makes him stop showing pictures of him to the enemy. “But they haven’t seen how adorable you are in your bathrobe!” “STEVE.”)

Okay friends, buckle up. I just finished marathoning One Day At A Time, and let me tell you about it:

▪️old-style sitcom without the racism/sexism/homophobia/etc

▪️about a cuban-american family comprised of a middle school White Sneakers boy, an SJW 15yo debate captain girl, a nurse mom who served in Afghanistan and is equal parts badass and relatably falling apart, and their grandmother who’s a wholeheartedly catholic woman who also enjoys flirting with e v e r y o n e

▪️deals with tough shit like divorce, ptsd, homophobia, racism, veterans assistance, and plenty more.


▪️(but in all honesty when she comes out 90% of her family is loving and supportive and they make sure that the one person who isn’t doesn’t make her feel like she’s doing anything wrong)

▪️basically just go watch it it’s hilarious and sweet and s2 is coming to Netflix on January 26th

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It's for the a e s t h e t i c

Vld writer: “they locate the lion through Fraunhofer lines.”

Someone In The Crew With A Little Interest In Physics: “but Fraunhofer lines describe the spectrum of light something absorbs which can pretty much only get observed if it gets burned and the lion is in a closed off cave-”

Vld writer: “do it.”

Vld writer: “the lions are super fast, so let’s make them fly to Kerberos in a few seconds.”

Someone In The Crew With A Little Interest In Physics: “but that would make them faster than the speed of light-”

Vld writer: “do it.

Vld writer: “now let’s open the hatch and have Keith hang on to it.”

Someone In The Crew With A Little Interest In Physics: “but that would mean that he is supernaturally strong-”

Vld writer: “d o  i t.

Vld writer: “let’s shut Lance up by making his lion accelerate which presses him back into his seat.”

Someone In The Crew With A Little Interest In Physics: “but so far the lions have been shown to cancel out acceleration forces inside their cockpit-”

Vld writer: “you know what? I’ll transfer you to the animators, fuck you.”

Vld animator: “let’s put some floating rocks here.”

Someone In The Crew With A Little Interest In Physics: “but it was just said that the planet has 2.5 times of Earth’s gravitational force and it would be impossible for magnetic forces to hold them up for a number of reasons.”

Vld animator:

Vld animator: “anyway let’s put some floating rocks here.” 

Vld animator: “open the doors.”


Vld animator: “doesn’t matter just open the stupid doors.”

Vld animator: “let’s put some formulas in Pidge’s book.”

Someone In The Crew With A Little Interest In Physics: “Great! Can I suggest-”

Vld animator: 

Someone In The Crew With A Little Interest In Physics: “NO YOU CAN’T JUST WRITE THAT IT’S COMPLETELY WRONG-”

Vld animator: :)

Someone In The Crew With A Little Interest In Physics: “NO-”

Vld animator: “do it.”