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Well it wasn’t much of a mission but I guess we handled that alright.

fun times ;PP (click on photo for better quality)

erro by @loverofpiggies

ikn by @comyet


hey yall I just wanted you all to know that I started watching RWBY because my friend was begging me to, and it’s nice. Neptune is my favorite.

Neptune on the outside: I’m so cool. (sparkles)



a beginner’s guide to baccano made by me

it has alchemy and immortality and gangs what more could u want

disclaimer: i’ve only seen the anime so the light novel stuff and characters are not in here

(sorry if it sucks i was bored and wanted to show my fav anime some love)

(also huey and dallas are cool as hell characters i actually like them a lot im sorry i did not do them justice ;;; )

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Dan and Phil have publicly been nothing but kind to Marcus. Dan has complimented his physical appearance multiple times too. How could Marcus just go and do that? Wtf is wrong with him? D+p are some of the most down to earth big youtubers they don't deserve to be made fun of like this. I'm happy to criticize them when they do iffy stuff but that was awful. Some people on the internet really hate when girls like things.

preach it sis 

(the worst thing is that the whole attitude he adopts makes me feel like he thinks he’s being respectful to dnp bc he’s not making fun of dnp themselves, he’s making fun of their fans .. as if hoping this could be some sort of comedic method of bonding with dnp over how ~~~wild~~~ their audience is. which is just mind bogglingly stupid and condescending lmao. i’m so irritated by this whole thing)

Tbh I’m surprised that people (probably a lot of ga.jevy fans or levy/lily brotp fans) wonder why Pantherlily is carrying Freed and not Levy in the chapter because to me it was immediately obvious that ‘yea Freed’s the heaviest and tallest of them all so Lily is carrying him yea’.

What I did wonder about instantly was why it’s necessary to carry Freed at all because well y'know… he has his own wings. But I’m guessing it’s to safe every single bit of magic power or something bc while Mashima does forget or just doesn’t use a lot of the characters’ abilities (which is a shame) he never forgot about Freed’s wings before.

Charles Xavier x reader (yes, another one)

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“Y/N, could you please come to my office for a second?” You heard Charles’s voice ring in your head.

“What is it Charles? Can’t you tell me now?” You asked turning pages in the book you were reading.

“I would prefer you coming here darlin’. It’s important.” You sighed and put the book down.

“Alright professor. I’m coming.”

“Thank you dear.” You walked up the stairs of the busy school. It was filled with children of all ages. From afar you could see Hank desperately trying to rush some of them into a classroom but that didn’t seem to work very well. You giggled and walked down the corridor to the professor’s office. You knocked twice and entered the room.

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Funny thing, for some reason I could never seem to side with Gansey when he fought with one of his friends, even when they were being irrational.

its because holy shit,, they had Valid reasons to be mad at gansey or in general… i know he always tries to help his friends and that he cares about them, but gansey is just so… Like That. you know when you’re unable to sympathize because you havent been through something and you dont know what that person is feeling, you try to help but you’ll never be able to understand them. i get that, but i So not get the fact that he gets Mad when either ronan or adam dont act accordingly to how he wants them to, and that he thinks they dont care about him when they both would do anything for him

and most of all, when he doesnt accept certain parts of their friends (e.g: ronan and “why arent you like you used to be” and adam “look at yourself in the mirror”)

im just… yeah, man. it sucks

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... do you know what the meaning of homophobic is? Homophobic is being AFRAID of gay people. Making jokes about gays or not "agreeing" with it doesn't make you homophobic, it just means you don't agree with it lmao

firstly i have no idea what post this is in reference to but i feel like i need to correct u so. actually that ISN’T the definition, the official dictionary definition is “dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people” (no fear in there anywhere). dislike can mean disagreeing, dislike also means prejudice (”preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.”), making jokes about them just because of their sexuality is prejudice. need i go on?? just a tip, in future, when trying to correct someone on a definition, make sure u use the correct one urself xo