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BTS reaction to their S/O always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit

‘’Hello, can you do nct 127+bts reaction to their gf always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit 😇 thank you in advance’’ ~ @sinerwhoisasin

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Jin would be surprised every time it happened at first, but be completely cool with it later on. He is pretty confident over his looks, so if his girlfriend would touch his body too he would only get more confident about himself.

He wouldn’t really like it if you’d put your hand underneath his shirt in public, though. He’d probably quickly push your hands away and make up an excuse why you couldn’t do that. You would understand, though, and feel a little guilty since it was just a habit and you couldn’t really help yourself, either.

If you would up his sleeve, he’d be cool with that, though. And that is what you probably did most of the time. Especially if the two of you went shopping, at some random moment you’d up his sleeve and clung onto his arm, making him laugh out loud.

‘’Ah, Y/N. I don’t wear long sleeves for nothing! It’s cold like this,’’

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Wouldn’t mind it at all. Heck, he’d probably love it. Not exactly in a perverted way, though. He would just love it that you liked touching him, even if it was just a weird habit. It was cute in his eyes and there is no way he would ever tease you about it. Maybe in his head a little.

The two of you were just chilling on the couch as you both had a day off for the first time in forever, and you made sure you would spend it in the best way ever - exactly, do nothing. Nothing than just cuddling every now and then as you watched a movie, or a random episode from a random series, and so on.

An action movie was next thing on the list, and the both of you were so into it. All the explosions, gunshots, everything just got you two hooked. You’d snuggle closer against him, and the next thing Namjoon knew was having your hand underneath his shirt which caused him to frown.

‘’Ahh you could’ve just said so, Jagi.’’ He laughed as he pulled up his shirt so you could touch his skin better.

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Two things could happen - he could get incredibly shy, or confident. No in between. It would depend on the situation, though. When the other guys were around, he would react shy as the guys would be yelling stuff like: ‘’His abs will get their comeback someday, no need to check everyday.’’ or anything in that line. So he would just laugh it off a bit and try to distract the guys soon after.

However, when the two of you would be alone, it would probably ‘’awaken the beast inside of him’’. You had been bored for a while, but didn’t really want to disturb Jimin, who was reading through a notebook from one of the members which he needed for their next practice.

Yet, after half an hour, the boredom would really start killing you. You’d walk up to Jimin, wrap your arms around his waist and move your hands towards his front. Your hands would quickly make their way to Jimin’s ‘abs’, smiling a little. Jimin put the notebook down as he looked at you,

‘’Aish, Jagi. You know what that does to me, right?’’

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And then, there’s Taehyung. He would laugh it off and tease you a little bit, just being playful as heck. Of course he’d still be shy about the fact that you were touching his skin just like that, I mean you could also just touch his cheeks, so why either his arm or belly? Was it more special?

Anyhow, he would still think it was the cutest thing in the world since sometimes you didn’t even notice your habit was showing up and casually touched him like that. Yeah, it could really make this smol baby smile.

You were hanging out with Taehyung and the other guys, having a normal conversation. Nothing special, really. Until you’d suddenly up Taehyung’s sleeve and poke his arm, all focused on that, and that only. Taehyung would laugh and hug you tightly in front of the others.

‘’Ahh see how cute Y/N is? She can’t even take her hands off of me!’’

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Shook. End of story. Bye.

No, seriously. Jungkook would be really shook, and have no idea what to do or what to say. Push your hand away? Just smile it off? Say something about it, for example he didn’t like it or that he didn’t mind? That he’d prefer it if you were alone? No idea, he would simply have no idea and just stand there and wait until you’re finished.

So every time, once you were done touching either his arm or his abs, he’d just look at you with a slight grin on his face.

‘’Your habit was showing off again, Y/N. How did it even come to this?’’ he’d tease you a bit in the end, before pulling you into a tight hug.

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Okay, I think we all know that Hoseok wouldn’t mind this at all, either. He’d smile brightly and fanboy about you touching him all over just because you felt like it. It was a sign of affection to him, so no way that it would get Hoseok either shocked or surprised. He would really be happy about it.

After a new concept was released, he would take a look at it together with you. This time, instead of fangirling like you usually would, you took a good look at Hoseok’s photoshoot, then to Hoseok himself, his photoshoot and then him again; you decided that after seeing the photos you really just wanted to touch Hoseok’s beautiful skin.

A smile appeared on your face, and you knew that it was just a stupid habit of yours, but you went along with it anyway - Hoseok didn’t seem to mind it, after all. You sat closer to him and quickly slipped both of your hands under his shirt as you smiled brightly.

‘’Hehe, the real thing is the best, yes.’’ You’d saying jokingly.

‘’Jagi, why are you so adorable?’’ Hoseok responded, smooching your whole face affectionately.

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He didn’t exactly mind it, as long as you didn’t disturb him while he was resting/sleeping(no one would survive that). Yoongi wouldn’t really feel uncomfortable, but if you did it he would prefer you touched his arms instead of other parts of his body.

So sometimes you’d randomly up his sleeve and stroke his upper arm all the way down to the tip of his middle finger and back, probably smiling like an idiot since Yoongi had an incredibly soft and fair looking skin. Which is also how it felt like - soft.

‘’Y/N. That really tickles, you know? You’re really smiling like an idiot right now. This habit of yours is so weird… ‘’ Yoongi nodded his head a little, trying to hide a smile. ‘’That makes you… you, I guess.’’

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“Hell, Literally”

Summary: You’re stuck being company for the fallen angel, Lucifer. 

Characters: Lucifer X Reader 

Warnings: Annoyed reader, Lucifer’s sass (as always) 

461 Words 

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You bury your head in your hands. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put you in Lucifer’s cage? Right, God wanted Lucifer to have the company, your company. What’s so special about you? Nothing, as far as you know.

But still, you’re sitting across from Satan himself, listening to his never ending rant of how ‘none of this is his fault.' 

You lift your head and interrupt him, “Do you think that I’d go to heaven if I die?" 

Lucifer furrows his eyebrows at you, "Don’t interrupt me and no dying on me either!" 

You roll your eyes. You’ve had enough of all of this. You wished you were still an atheist, on earth instead of in hell, and didn’t have to listen to Satan whine about his problems. Oh, if your Christian mother could see you now. 

You laugh just thinking about your situation. You’re sitting in a cage in hell, with Lucifer, hearing him whine about his daddy issues. 

Lucifer rolls his eyes at you, annoyed at how you’re not paying attention. You never thought that would happen. 

"Are you trying to kill me with boredom?” How long have you been in here? It feels like an eternity! God, when does it end? 

Lucifer rubs a hand over his face, “Fine, what do you want to talk about?" 

"I don’t want to talk! I’m literally in hell for no good reason, with you of all things.” You snap. 

The archangel puts a hand over his heart, looking very offended. “Ouch, right in the heart Y/N!”

You turn away and look out the cage, only to close your eyes so you can’t see the fiery abyss of hell. When you open your eyes, you jump at seeing that Lucifer had scooted next to you. 

You scoot away, “Stay on your side!” He taps his chin. “Um, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m Satan, and you’re in hell, my hell. So, I don’t think I 'have a side’.” He crosses his legs across from you, putting his hands in his lap. “So, tell me about yourself." 

You look at him, confused. "You’re joking, right? You want me to tell you about myself?”

He shrugs and pouts at you, “Is that so much to ask of my only companion?" 

You roll your eyes before giving in, telling him the basics, like your favorite things.

He listens intently, strangely intrigued by how your favorite things are so simple, so human. Yet you make it sound like heaven. 

His new found curiosity of you, makes him ask more questions, and he soon finds himself upset that he wasted time complaining about himself.

Sending My Love To You (Yoongi)

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Group: BTS

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (ft. the rest of BTS)

Genre: Slight Angst, Fluff, A Little Bit Of Smut

Word Count: 1,670

A/N: I decided to write a little something to celebrate Yoongi’s birthday. I haven’t done anything like this before but hopefully it’ll be pretty great. Hope you guys enjoy and happy (belated) birthday to the lovely and wonderful Min Yoongi!

Today is one of those days where you should be joyful. You should be having the time of your life with your loved ones. Usually, they’re spending a night on the town, getting wasted with their best friends or dancing at the hottest nightclub downtown somewhere. But me? I’m just here. Alone. In my empty and silent house, standing on a foundation of loneliness and boredom. I have nothing to do but to receive phone calls from my and friends wishing me a happy birthday. It’s not as great as them telling me that in person. I just wish that someone would just visit me or something like that. I don’t like being alone on a day like this. But unfortunately it had to be this way.

I know that everyone remembered my birthday, but I guess they didn’t want to come and do anything for me. What if no one does anything at all? I would be so devastated if that happened. I’m just hoping and praying that someone, just anyone, would stop by here and keep me company for the day.

Then as I’m moping around and about to sink into my bed for the next 12 hours, my phone rings.

“Another phone call? I wonder who it could be this time.” I ask myself as I slothfully walk over to answer it. As soon as I hit the answer button, an ecstatic voice starts singing the happy birthday song to me. She’s so loud that my eardrums rattle and I have to put the phone down before she stopped. I can still hear it clearly even though it’s not at my ear. As soon as she gets finished, I hold the phone back up to my ear and she begins to actually speak.

“Baby! Happy birthday! You know you’re really old now right?” She jokes with me.

“Y/N. Twenty five years isn’t that old. When I turn thirty, that’s when you can start doing those old jokes with me.” I joke back. So my girlfriend of the past five years called me. I wonder what she’s going to do for me today. I hope she makes an appearance at my house.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. So how’s my birthday boy doing today? Are you feeling happy?” She asks.

“Well, kind of. No one bothered to visit me today but everyone managed to call me to tell me happy birthday.” I say in a depressed manner.

“Awww. And that’s why I’m coming over right now. I’m like three minutes away from your house.” She says on the other end, making me gasp in disbelief.

“Are you serious? Please tell me you’re kidding? Y/N?” I get happy and overjoyed as my girlfriend is making her way to me. I can’t stop smiling! Finally, someone is actually making the effort to come see me on my special day.

“Nope. I’m not kidding Yoongi. I’m almost there. And I have a surprise for you too so get ready.” Her voice is soothing my ears as I flop down onto the bed. This day is actually getting a bit better for me.

The three minutes have passed and we’re still on the phone. A car horn sounds and that notifies me to hang up and run downstairs. When I’m go outside, I see her standing on the side of her car with a giant bouquet of white tulips, walking slowly towards me. We get into the house and I grab the flowers from her.

“So Y/N. I’m glad that you’re here. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for someone to be here with me? It felt like forever.” I hug her and begin to sob. My tears leave a stain on her white blouse as I pull away.

“Aww baby. Don’t cry. I’m here with you. Now we can spend the rest of your day together. And with no distractions.”

“I guess you’re right. I’m just so happy that I’m not alone anymore.”

“Oh please Yoongi. You’re never alone. You’ll always have me” She plants a kiss on my forehead before taking me back up to the bedroom. Once we reach the bedroom, she locks the door and joins me on the bed, laid on our backsides, staring up into the ceiling.

“Y/N? You told me you had a surprise for me.” I look at her suspicious.

“Yes….” Her voice trails off and she innocently bats her eyes.

“Well? What is it? I’m getting anxious over here!” I stroke her face before stands. When she gets up, she immediately removes her white button down shirt dress, revealing a white laced up corset lingerie set.

“Holy…” My voice gets quiet as my eyes wander down her body. She looks so good right now and I don’t know how to handle all of this. She turns around for me and climbs into my lap and instantly starts to kiss my lips.

Our hands are wandering our bodies as she sneaks to lift my shirt over my head. As soon as I’m shirtless, she starts sucking on my skin.

“Baby, your skin is so soft and pale. I just love it so much.” She cooes as she goes to lick one of my nipples in long, painfully slow swipes of her tongue. I gently stroke her head as she speeds up with her motions. She stops and looks up into my eyes.

“You see, I just want you to have the best day ever and I want to make sure I make that happen.” She smirks and kisses me again, this time in the crook of my neck right on that sweet spot. A giggle comes from her as she sucks my skin, leaving a dark red spot there.

“Well Y/N. Do it. Give me the best birthday I’ve ever had.” We smile as we attack each other’s lips. I hold on to her hips and rub my hands around the small of her back. I can feel her grab for the waistband of my pants, undoing the button and zipper. A hand sneakily rubs over my erection, making me release little moans into her ear which makes her a bit hornier.

As she moves down on my body, getting ready to slide off my pants, she looks over at the clock and her eyes get big and she stops everything that she’s doing.

“Babe, what’s wrong? Why’d you stop?” I look at her, flabbergasted and confused.

“We have to go right now. Like, right at this moment.” She tells me as she hurriedly gets her clothes and puts them back on.

“Yoongi, get up. Put your shirt back on and let’s go!” She exclaims as she runs down the stairs with her things.

“Okay okay.” I’m getting a bit worried about what’s going on. No one’s telling me anything right now and I need to know.

When I get downstairs, she pulls me out and we get in her car. She immediately takes off and in about ten minutes, we arrive at a disclosed location. There seems to be no one around and that’s not good.

“Yoongi? Just stay here. I’ll come back out and get you, alright?” She tells me. As she heads inside the weird building, I just sit there, staring out of the window mindlessly. A few minutes later, she come back out with a huge grin on her face. She opens the car door and pulls me out. Still holding my hand, she takes me inside. As soon as we step through the door, she covers my eyes with a blindfold. When it is placed over my eyes, my vision goes completely dark. She starts guiding me to where I hear a rustling sound. I don’t know what’s happening but I’m really anxious.

Once we make a complete stop, she takes the blindfold off of me and when I open my eyes, I see a giant room full of my family and friends. They all jump out from their hiding places and yell “Surprise!”. 

I can’t believe it. So all this time, they were planning a surprise birthday party for me. They actually thought about me this time. They do love me.

“Yoongi! Happy birthday man!” A giddy Hoseok runs up to me and hugs me. His signature wide toothed smile shows as the rest of the guys come towards me.

“A to the G to the U to the STD!” Here comes Jungkook, Taehyung, and Seokjin running up to me singing my song all happy and joyful. They all gather around me to wish me a happy birthday.

Namjoon sneaks up behind me and places his hands on my shoulder as Jimin hugs me tightly.

“Guys! You did this?” I say as I’m still standing there in disbelief.

“Yeah. But it was all Y/N’s idea.” Jimin says as they all point to her while she’s standing making some small talk to some friends.

“Uh huh. She thought it would be good if we helped out with the surprise.” Seokjin smiles and waves at her. She waves back and decides to come over to where we are.

“So Yoongi? I think we’re gonna go and leave you two alone. Come on guys.” They walk away grinning as she reaches me.

“So Y/N. You were the mastermind behind this whole thing?” I look into her eyes and hold her hands. She looks back at me and blushes.

“Yeah, pretty much.” She smiles and her cheeks are a bright rose color. Her eyes get big and she starts standing on her tiptoes.

“I am so glad that you did this Y/N. This is the most amazing thing that anyone has ever done for me.” I confess as I hug her and the rest of the guys stand back and cheer me on, shouting funny things making me smile.

“Well, I told you that I was gonna make this the best day ever, didn’t I?” She whispers into my ear and places her head on my shoulder.

“You did Y/N. You did.”

I Could've Been Watching Goblin {TVD 8x11 Review}

OK! Hi all. For those who read my reviews you know I write this in real time which means any mistakes I make at the beginning might be cleared up in the end. There will be anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon sentiments. I will probably reference other shows and Julie’s blatant misogyny. If you don’t like it don’t read. This was done on my phone so beat with me. Let’s go.

1. So I don’t remember if this is from 8x09 or 8x10 when Sybil explains that opening the door from Cade’s world into this world will destroy everyone in this world but that is literally Buffy season 5.  Glory is a hell goddess who wants the key back into her dimension but if the key (who is Buffy’s sister) opens her world then the dimensions will bleed together and reality will cease to exist. LIKE??? Does Julie even know what an original thought is?

2. Is it supposed to be super evil that Cade killed Sybil and Seline?

3. So Bonnie doesn’t know what Cade looks like?

4. Cade is a petty villain. Him breaking up a couple’s marriage is like Katherine “breaking up” Tyler and Caroline because she slept with Klaus.

5. Damon is entirely annoying and I get that he’s supposed to be annoying Stefan by being all “my humanity is back!” but they’re BOTH boring me because HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE SEEN THIS? One of them chained or vevained or bleeding out or WHATEVER while the other is being the annoying brother being like “get your humanity back on!” like I’m OVER IT.

6. I could be watching Goblin now.  A show TVD could’ve used as a road map for interpersonal relationships.

7. “Contrary to your popular belief, it’s not all about you” that’s rich coming from Damon and from the show dedicated to centring everything around Damon.

8. So did Matt just get his job back? Like just like that?

9. “Left behind by the first settlers” so we’re just going to ignore that they would be colonizers then. I guess.

10. Lol Caroline’s other obligations is a time capsule?


12. So is Caroline just not going to be there to help get Stefan’s humanity back or…? I watched the “Inside ‘You Made A Choice To Be Good’” and Julie Plec said something along the lines of Caroline is living her life and just waiting out Stefan’s non-humanity because she’s over it and you know what if Stefan had chosen to turn off his humanity just for the fuck of it then I would be like Caroline, girl, do you but considering he did this for her daughters, I would like to see more commitment and not just “I’m staying positive.”

13. So Matt can say that it’s still Stefan who tried to get him to destroy the entire town but he can say that Damon turning and effectively killing Vicki is a long time ago, him murdering Tyler wasn’t him. OK true. Not transparent at all TVD.

14. It’s hard to keep giving him a pass. But Damon gets all the passes in the world? WHY?


16. Goblin is a Kdrama btw. Since my followers have been asking.

17. Ugh I every time I see BE I actually just groan.

18. Why is Damon giving him pancakes and not blood? Is Stefan not a vampire? Is he drying Stefan out? What’s the point of this?

19. I’m actually still really irritated that Matt said that he couldn’t keep giving Stefan a pass. Damon has killed so many people in this town. LIKE OMG. But Matt has a knack of blaming Stefan for shit that ISN’T HIS FAULT.

20. Also Matt calling intern dude and intern dude being like “I am a person not just your Wikipedia” is giving me Bamon vibes.

21. Oh my God, I am literally only 10 minutes in.

22. Oh his name is Dorian.

23. My anons keep telling me how Ian has these huge ass arms. I’m not seeing it.

24. The race track is giving me OTH vibes.

25. The twirl is cute, I will admit that. If there’s one thing BE can do, it’s Enzo twirling Bonnie.

26. But they just don’t have chemistry that it can sustain my interest.

27. Ugh Matt’s annoying me.

28. Cade is not intimidating.

29. There is SO MUCH TALKING.

30. Can they just get to when Stefan kills Enzo already?

31. Does Caroline work at The Grill?


33. Things are taking too long to happen.

34. I want to find Bonenzo cute but like … ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

35. People are talking a lot.

36. Wow, I found Damon mildly amusing in this scene. “I thought you promised you wouldn’t do anything stupid?” “When did I ever promise THAT?”

37. But Damon always does something stupid and people give him a pass but Stefan sacrifices and it’s hard to forgive him. Mmkay.

38. 21 minutes and 41 seconds.

39. The music is telling me that the stakes are super high but I don’t feel anything but boredom because people are JUST. TALKING.

40. No but seriously, does Caroline own The Grill or what?

41. “For generations we thought we were cursed” just like how the Whitmores thought they were cursed? Original, Julie. Also remember when the Whitmores weren’t cursed it just so happened that Damon was murdering all of them? But oh yeah that’s easy to forgive. My bad.

42. Talking talking talking talking

43. This is the final season though?

44. Stefan agreeing to kill Elena is too ridiculous for me to even be mad at it.

45. It actually just looks painful when Bonnie hugs Enzo like her arms are stiff.

46. “Your selflessness is part of what makes you you.” “Your humanity is the one thing who makes you who you are.” “Because that’s what makes you you.” How many times are we going to repeat the same sort of line?

47. BE kissing is just awkward.

48. Maybe run Bonnie? Like why are you walking? Like fam you’re taking for fucking ever. Enzo is no longer able to come into a house that you thought you owned. SHOULDN’T THAT BE A LITTLE I DUNNO SUSPICIOUS?

49. Don’t vampires have super speed? Like superhuman speed? I always thought a vampire would be faster than a car. So if Damon is so pressed about Stefan killing Elena like I would think he should just vamp speed to where he is.

50. Bonnie’s reaction to Stefan killing Enzo was anticlimactic. Stefan killing Enzo was anticlimactic. Bonnie turning Stefan human was anticlimactic because there wasn’t even a struggle. He just stands there!

51. Although I do find something poetic in the fact that Elena’s blood is in Stefan’s system.

52. I don’t care for Bonenzo but seriously Julie taking away Bonnie’s happiness at every turn is a blatant hatred of her character, I don’t give a shit if she says she gets an unexpected happy ending, the unexpected happy ending will probably be her and Enzo reunited in death or something.

53. Also Bonnie let out a psychic blast with her cry of pain like Cade did, if Bonnie becomes a next devil I will lose it. Or maybe her psychic world will be all angelic and shit and Enzo’s soul will be there and that will be her happy ending.

I was extremely bored this episode.  

Late Night Cuddles & Kisses

Anon; could you do an one where you guys are texting and you’re home alone and bored and ask him to come over and he does and you guys watch a movie and cuddle and kiss and cute stuff happen. thanks so much 😊😊

This is just a short cute drabble.

You sighed in boredom as you rolled over to look at your clock.

“9:00? Are you serious?” You complained, grabbing your phone off the nightstand to text H/N.

Me: Heyy

H/N: Hey, babe

H/N: What ya doin?

Me: Being bored in my bed

H/N: Need some company?Maybe someone to cuddle with?😏

Me: Maybe, but I’m a little more bored than to just cuddle😏

H/N: Be there in 10

You smiled to yourself and went to go change and get ready for bed. An oversized T-Shirt that belonged to H/N that stopped just a little under your bottom.

Checking outside your window you saw H/N walking up the path to your door and you quietly walked down the stairs. You opened the door, the cool breeze of the night flowing in. He walked in, grabbing your waist firmly and pressing his lips against yours.

“Hmm, we have to be quiet. My parents are sleeping.” You whispered, separating yourself from him. “Now come on.” You grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs to your room, locking the door behind you.

As soon as you closed the door, his lips were on yours again, pushing you up against the door. Your hands running through his hair, he picked you up and carried you to the bed.

“I love my shirt on you.” He muttered, placing kisses on your collarbone. You chuckled in response.

“If you keep doing that, we’re gonna get caught.” You mumbled.

“Only because you keep moaning.” He smirked, placing one last kiss on you before getting off the bed.

“Haha.” You mocked as he pulled his shirt over his head before slipping out of his pants.

You moved over to the side to let him on the bed ad pulled the sheets over the two of you. You rolled over, placing your head on his chest as he put his arms around you, his hand on your cheek rubbing small circles along your jaw.

“Goodnight.” He whispered in your ear, placing a soft kiss on your head.

Obsessed - Draco Malfoy

I thought I lost this when I got my new laptop but found it today.  Also im going to start writing a series about Bucky Barnes, the first part should be up by Wednesday.


You were in your favourite subject, Potions, eager to meet the new teacher, but also nervous knowing that he wouldn’t let you and the rest of Slytherin get away with as much as Snape did.  You walked in with your boyfriend of almost two years now, Draco Malfoy.  You were partners and had been since first year as Snape thought you worked well together.

You both walked over to where the rest of the class was standing, books in hand, while the teacher introduced himself as Professor Slughorn. Of course, Potter and Weasley were late. Slughorn was talking about amortentia, the most powerful ‘love’ potion in the world.
“Amortentia doesn’t create actual love, of course. That’s impossible. But it does cause a powerful infatuation or obsession.”  This was all you heard before Draco grabbed your hand,
“You’re already obsessed with me” he whispered softly in your ear, making you giggle slightly and roll your eyes.

The professor let everyone go up to the cauldron and share with the rest of the class what they could smell. Granger went first, saying she smelt grass and parchment, making you roll your eyes in boredom.  Eventually, it was Draco’s turn. He confidently swaggered up to the cauldron and looked down at it.
“I smell the smoke when a fire’s just been put out, the black lake, and-” he smelt it one more time before smirking and looking directly into your eyes “and coconut.” He concluded.  Some of the other Slytherins awed at this.  Coconut was the scent of the perfume he bought you for your birthday last year and you had worn it almost every day since.  You wore it so much in fact, that the smell of coconut oil automatically reminded him of you.

It was your turn now, and you had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  You walked up, smirking at Draco as he walked by to go back where you were both standing, and smelled the potion.  
“I smell bubblegum, the forest after it’s been raining, and-”  You paused to smell the potion again just as Draco had. You laughed to yourself before smirking at Draco and saying “musk”  It was the scent of Draco’s cologne and your favourite thing in the world. Whenever you took one of his jumpers (which was most of the time) it always smelt of him and felt like he was hugging you.

You walked back over to Draco and he grabbed your hand
“See? You’re as obsessed with me as I am with you” he smirked at you and you bit your lip, knowing how much that drove Draco insane.  He squeezed your hand and winked at you, still smirking.

no1fan15  asked:

We already know Dipper stims by chewing pens, what do you think his others are?

om fg i know they just break in his mouth poor boy

aside from that we know he also does the Pen Clicks (i dont have a gif of the “wHO STOLE THE CAPERSSS sss chch ch chch” but thisll do too

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umm as for other ones. i’m (or was, still kinda am) a nail biter but since i got my acryllics (and braces) it’s reminded me to maybe /not/ ruin my nails more. doesnt stop me from mindlessly picking away at my cuticles though
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I cannot do this anymore, brother, Hades thinks, watching from the sidelines as Persephone, who has given him a false name to match the one he gave her, kicks her hiking boots off and steps into the rain-swollen creek that slices through the desert landscape. His phone is in his hand and both are hidden in the pocket of his jeans, jeans he had to go out and buy when she asked him on this hike. He imagines the conversation.

What do you mean, you can’t do this? You do your duty and always have.

My duty is to my realm, not this fool’s errand you have me on. She is laughing now, a girlish shriek at the cold water that is already up past her knees. And there goes the dress, bunched in her hands up to her hips. This is they’re fourth, what, date? Here where he pretends to be mortal just as she does, where he pretends he does not know who she is. What she really is, she who makes flowers bloom when she walks by, who makes palo verde trees stand all the taller when she gazes at them.

Your duty is to me, and I have asked you bring the wandering girl back here where she belongs. Hades can hear the boredom in his brother’s voice, even though it is a mere phantom, an echo in his head. That is how well he knows Zeus, despite spending most of his days in his own lair, his own thoughts, far from the fickle whims of his brother.

She is no girl, he thinks, smiling despite himself when she turns and beckons he join her. She is a woman, and every day in her presence I feel less the god and more a man, only flesh and blood, only want. I will not snare her as you ask. I will never give her to you.

You will do as I–

I am drowning in her. I am drowning and I do not care. I will do as I please. I will do what she wants.

“Are you going to stand there staring or are you going to get in here? It’s the hottest day of the year so far, I’d think you’d be swimming already,” she says, voice bright like sunlight winking off metal. Hades has never so much as walked his backyard barefoot, and suddenly he is compelled to remove his shoes and join her. He imagines stripping himself to the bone for her, wonders if she’d ever ask it of him.

“Coming,” he says, and the smile she gives him is vivid and red, and when he stands before her in cold mountain runoff, she flings her arms around his neck and pulls him down for a kiss, for the first he’s ever had. He can feel creek water drip from her fingers down his back, can feel the wet cling of a sundress against his thighs. Drowning.

Because if she did ask him, ask for his skin and his heart and his lungs, for sinew and blood, he’d oblige.


Merlin | Merlin BBC 

Merlin: “Y/N, I’m bored! Why are we stuck cooped up in here?

Y/N: “Because Merlin, Magic isn’t all about fun and games, now help me look.

*Merlin suddenly runs his foot up your leg*   

Y/N: *Blushes* “Merlin! What are you doing?!

Merlin: *Grins, and does it again* “Nothing, just relieving the boredom.

Y/N: *Smirks, and starts to return the favour* “If that’s how you want to play it then.”

Only Fools Part One

Summary: He was someone that everyone in the organization had a reason to fear, you were the one that made them all fools. 

Warnings: Blood, spy stuff, angstyangst, eventual lots of stuff

Parts: Two / Three

The door slammed shut behind you as you ran your thumb along the corner of your lip to wipe away the spot of blood that had gathered there. Your heels clacked dangerously, kohl-lined eyes snapping up to glare at your brother in front of you. You cocked a hip, your chin titled up to stare down at him.

“What are you doing here?” You turned to spit out the coppery blood that had gathered in your mouth, wiping your arm along your lips to rid yourself of the crimson that had leaked out. You didn’t care about how you looked, you weren’t about to play your role on your brother.

His eyes traveled from your face and that busted lip of yours down to the plunge of your neckline and the way the dress hid pretty much nothing from the imagination. Aside from the small injury you looked exactly as you had when you had walked into that room with your target. He supposed that was something that had made you good at parties; your kills were always a secret unless you wanted them to be known.

“You’re not supposed to damage your face, remember?” He chuckled, pointing finger at your lip from underneath his crossed arms.

You shrugged, giving him that older-sister-dramatic-eye roll that you used to give him when he was being a brat as a child. “People get a little upset when they’re played the fool–this one just had a real nice slap; even I was caught off guard.” You sneered at the memory of that man’s hand on your face, after that you had shown very little mercy–starting with that hand of his.

He snorted, shaking his head at the smirk that shone on your lips as you recalled the past few minutes of your life. “Really, you’re not beautiful enough to play this femme fatale part that you seem to enjoy. I don’t know how you do it; you’re completely ordinary and boring.”

You scowled at him as you slammed your fist on the top of his head, dropping him down enough to tuck said head under your arm so you could rub your fist into his hair–the big-sister-was-just-insulted noogie, you had always called it. You only released him when his hands flailed up to your face, fingers digging into your lip and up your nose.  "Ah!“ You dropped him to the floor, kicking him lightly with your foot. "Disgusting ungrateful brat!”

Jungkook laughed, watching you scramble as far away from him as the hallway would allow, the heels of your hands scrubbing at your face. “You’re the one who started it.” He pushed himself to his feet, brushing the dirt off the seat of his pants and straightening his collar; his gaze never left you. “I’m here because my boss wants to speak with you.”

You suddenly dropped the part of you that was his sister like it had rotted and died long ago, replaced only with the woman who only knew business and nothing else. “I don’t play between these two warring sides you know–it’s dangerous to get caught up such a mess.”

“He promises it’ll pay well.”

You raised an eyebrow, that slow dangerous smile tugging at your mouth until your grin was all teeth. “Well, why didn’t you say so?”

Even Jungkook knew that this was a job that only you would be able to pull off.


“Taehyung hates you.” Namjoon stared at the mess that was Yoongi’s completed job. It was a horrible mess, tipped over chairs broken shot glasses, a decanter tilted on its side, a glass table shattered inward, and a count of at least ten bodies in the one room alone. Namjoon hadn’t even bothered exploring to the bed, bath, kitchen or dining areas of the ritzy, expensive apartment.  Instead he focused his attention on his partner who was currently too busy cleaning his silenced pistol on the couch next to the body of one of the ring leader’s guards.  "Nice company you have there.“

Yoongi didn’t even look up, his eyes focused only on the task at hand. His suit was perfectly in place, like he had never even been in a fight in the first place–he didn’t even have a speck of blood on him from the people he killed. He was one of the only members to consistently pull off such a feat.  The only time Namjoon had seen him looking like a scraggly bloody mess after a fight was back when she was still alive and using him like a yo-yo toy.

She had been the only person to wind the wild-card that was Yoongi around her finger.

Yoongi nodded a note next to the pile of bullets he’d carefully set on a spot devoid of blood.  "I know. That note says so. He knew I’d find him here–it’s a game we like to play, leaving little notes back and forth to each other. We have a collection of them you see.” Yoongi looked to Namjoon from the corner of his eyes, giving him a smirk that didn’t yet show his gums. “A game between uncontrollable wild-cards, its fun.”

Namjoon could easily see why people feared him, even now with bodies around him the man only saw killing as a sport. He only saw stealing, thieving and looking good at the end of it as a way of winning over another person. At least, that was what this man showed to the real world.

Namjoon was close enough friends with him to know that Yoongi only wanted her back, this game was only a way to rid his mind of it.

Namjoon adjusted the buttons on his sleeve, staring at Yoongi through his brow. “Our boss wants to meet with you–he says he’s got an important job he has to hand to you himself.”

“Is that because he’s going to try and have people killing me again?” Yoongi chuckled, placing the bullets in the barrel of his gun. “You will be with me right? I would hate to be on trial because there wasn’t a witness, again.”

Namjoon sighed, kicking aside some broken glass to dig through the pockets of a nearby body. “Maybe if you stopped going rogue he’d stop trying to kill you.”

Yoongi admired his work, twisting the gun underneath his scrutinizing squint. “It’s too late for him to stop trying now–I’ve done what I want and I will continue to do what I want.” Satisfied, he tucked the gun away into his holster and pushed himself up off the couch. “The man is just lucky that bothering Taehyung is what pleases me.”

“I don’t care what pleases you–just talk to him before he starts thinking he needs to go after me as well just because I associate with you.”


He stepped in to his boss’ large posh office complete with a supremely clean desk, fluffy nice carpets and a desk lamp in the corner. He even had photos of his kids lining the front of his computer monitor like this was the sort of job where you’d want to show off their smiling faces to your coworkers. It was good blackmail though, Yoongi made use on that little idiocy card often.

“I want you to eliminate Taehyung.” He said before Namjoon had even fully stepped into the room behind him.

Yoongi raised an eyebrow, adjusting the cuffs of his sleeve. “You’ve wanted me to do that for years and it hasn’t been able to be completed because he’s exactly like me, rogue and good at what he does. Ask Jungkook, I hear he’s reaching up in the ranks and will soon replace me due to the fact that he’s much more obedient.” Yoongi jerked his arms in front of him, effectively settling the fabric of his suit jacket on his shoulders. “Besides, I don’t want to kill him–I just enjoy messing with him to ease my boredom.”

His boss was getting angry, he could tell by the way Namjoon gripped Yoongi’s elbow to pull him back. It was a favorite past time of his actually, Yoongi enjoyed winding the old man up and watching him go like a pissed-off, red-faced toy. Yoongi was a lethargic man, but he was the last person anyone in this organization wanted to face; he enjoyed seeing which mood their boss was in and if he was feeling especially risqué today.

“Does this game of yours put money in your pockets? I don’t believe I pay you to fool around and not fulfill what I ask of you.” It was practically a shout, accompanied by his fists hitting the table top and knocking two of the three child’s picture frames face down on his desk.

“Anyone else will hire me if they found out I wasn’t currently assigned as your dog–getting money that doesn’t come from your own wallet is a cinch. You should thank me for being so loyal.” He flashed his boss that gummy grin of his, causing Namjoon to pull him back even farther like that would glue Yoongi’s mouth shut. Yoongi never listened to the warnings; as he had said he always did what he pleased.

“I will kill you.”

Yoongi shrugged Namjoon off, smoothing the wrinkles in his sleeves. “You’ve tried, and as you can see I’m still standing.”

Namjoon seeing how quickly this was going to escalate into a shooting battle again he stepped between both men, breaking the eye contact that only increased the tension in the room. He put a palm out to both men. “Yoongi, shut it.” He looked to his boss next, speaking slowly and calmly–every time he spoke quickly his boss had to have him slow it down and repeat his words. When the man was this upset he became hard of hearing, probably too much blood rushing past his ears. “You know how he can be, Sir. I recommend that you just tell him what he has to do.”

His boss rested his elbows on the table, pinching the bridge of his nose as he waved his hand towards the door. “Bring her in.”

Jungkook came in first, a set of chains wrapped around his fist connected to the cuffs that wrapped around feminine wrists. He yanked on them, pulling you forward until you fumbled in and fell to your knees in the circle of men.

You looked worse for wear. Your lip was split and bleeding, blood staining your teeth; you had a trail of crimson dribbling down your forehead and smattering your temple; your dress was torn and in tatters, ripped from the hem by your ankles all the way up to your hip to expose a cut and bruised leg; and he could tell that one of your wrists in the cuff was definitely broken. You looked like you’d been put in a fighting ring and had come out the loser. Even underneath all of that he could tell that you were an extremely beautiful girl–one that was deserving of being called Jungkook’s sister.

“This is-” His boss started to say before Yoongi decided to interject.

“Y/N, Jungkook’s sister and the famed femme fatale that was able to make even the most guarded of men fall in love with her with practical ease. She’s killed nearly as many men as the best in any organization and she’s completed missions within weeks that someone like me couldn’t even complete within a year.” He nodded to you, but his gaze refused to break away from his boss’. “What is she doing here, why does she look like absolute shit, and why the hell should I care about her?”

Namjoon sighed, bending down to take the chains from Jungkook and help you up to your wobbly feet.

“She is the only one in this room that will be able to successfully eliminate the target Taehyung. But, he’s a bit eccentric and as you already know, rogue. I figured I’d get her a tutor that knows all about uncontrollable eccentrics–so here you are.”

“Why would you think I would agree to this?” Yoongi chuckled. “I have no reason to seek out time with a woman who could possibly turn on me–thanks but she’ll be fine without the tutor.” He turned to head back out the door, catching a glimpse of Namjoon holding you tightly against him so you wouldn’t fall. You looked terrified to be there, like you’d rather be in any other room that didn’t include his boss or Jungkook. He wondered which one had done that to you, but then he had to remember that he didn’t actually care.

“Because,” His boss’ words stopped him in his tracks “She will die if you don’t.”

Yoongi turned slowly, feeling his throat start to go dry. His gaze flit between you shivering into Namjoon in fear, to his boss’ grin growing into something only the Cheshire cat would be able to wear properly.

“Do you still think of her?” His boss’ voice grated his ears, driving him further and further into that dark pit within himself that he was desperately trying to pull out of. “Or were those feelings as fleeting as your loyalty is now?”

He grabbed you from Namjoon without thinking, holding you by the chains between you cuffs rather than the long dangling one that Jungkook held out to him. He had more control this way; he could ensure you wouldn’t escape.  "I’ll help her.“ He started tugging you closer towards the door, closer towards his eventual escape from the man who was prying far too deep today. "If only to make you shut up.” Yoongi muttered, Namjoon helping escort him and you out into the hallways and down towards the parking lot where his car waited for him.


Yoongi had Namjoon sit in the backseat with you, so he could unlock your chains and keep a close watch on you. He was going to take care of you, teach you and make sure that you did your job correctly–but he was going to trust you as far as he could throw you.

It was your profession to fuck over men like him, and hell if he was just going to be another broken man by the end of this idiotic job he’d accepted.

“Make a deal he says.” You mutter from the backseat, rubbing at your broken wrist gently even though it caused your face to contort into pain. You looked like a mess of pain, but even a woman like you was probably used to the torture. People in his world weren’t successful by sitting on their asses and experiencing little pain.  "My brother, my own little brother and his goddamn boss.“ You shook your head. "I’m going to kill them both when I’m done here, family loyalties be damned.”

“Jungkook has always been a ruthless child.” Namjoon said sweetly, smoothing out one of the knots that had gathered in your hair from your excursions.  

You swallowed, leaning into the kind touch. You hadn’t experienced a kind touch in a while, not one that wasn’t pure lechery or feigned kindness brought on by your job. “He has to get it from somewhere I suppose.” You pulled yourself away from him, trying to avoid the unnecessary attachment, even if that was what your business thrived on.  You chuckled, curling up onto Yoongi’s backseat and resting your forehead against the cool glass of the car window. “I have no choice I suppose, I still love that brat. I will do anything for him–even this. He’s my brother.” Yoongi watched your face in his rearview mirror, seeing an emotion akin to a mixture of sadness and happiness. “He’s all I have left now.”

“Are they going to kill him?” Namjoon asked you, shoving the chains to the floor and pulling the first aid kit off the front seat–Yoongi keeps it there for emergencies, even though he knew very well that it was mostly for his team members and rarely for him.  "If you don’t do this, are they going to kill him?“

"They thought money wasn’t enough of an incentive.”

Namjoon wiped an alcohol pad along your temple, carefully cleaning up some of the blood while Yoongi drove, watching the interaction. He was only curious about you, how you operated. This was his way of studying you, his way of figuring out if he could trust you or not. He had to know how you’d behave, how you’d react and what you would do if push came to shove. Right now it looked like you’d do nothing, stare off into space and let whatever may come just happen to you.

He knew for a fact that wasn’t your character. He’d heard about you enough to know that, even heard it through some of the men that have died by his hand.

You weren’t to be trusted, at any cost.

He knew how Taehyung operated, how he would behave what sort of move he would make to counterattack Yoongi’s. Life was a big chess game in which the opponents were constantly flicking pieces off of the board and into oblivion– a spy was only as good as his intel, only as good as his anticipation of the next move.

But he knew nothing of what you could do, nothing of how you would react. You were a player he had never had the opportunity to go against.

And now here you were, you bloodied and bruised with only a few pieces left standing while he stood on the other side with nearly a full board. Yet he could already sense that you were the one smiling and he was the one about to be in a cold sweat from your next play.

Despite all of this he couldn’t help but feel the beginnings of excitement build in his gut.

His boss had really brought him such a fun game to ease his boredom.

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can i also request how ikon would react if you asked to go look at all the christmas lights with them? like who would think it was boring or who would get excited or anything like that

Hi there! Thank you for sending in your request! Hope you’ll enjoy it! MERRY CHRISTMAS! ^-^

Hanbin: “Did anyone say Christmas lights??? I’M ON!”

Bobby: “Christmas lights… hmmm, yeah, sure… of course she wouldn’t call me in to give me my present ‘cause why would she do that…”

Jinhwan: “Girrrrrrl, I’m deal!”

Yunhyeong: “Remember that we almost burnt down the house last year with the Christmas lights??? And that we had to pay a huuuge bill? Me neither, but I’m telling you what could happen of we put those Christmas lights on just to stare at them. How about a movie instead? :D”

Junhoe: “You woke me up just for that? I hate you.”

Donghyuk: *does quick math* “Lights mean intimacy… lights mean romantic mood… lights mean s - Sure, lets do that! :)”

Chanwoo: “I’m very grateful you thought of me although you I’ll die of boredom

VIXX Drabble: Before Work


“Hakyeon I have to go to work!” You repeated, trying to pry Hakyeon’s arms from around your waist.

“Is your work really more important than cuddling with me?” He replies, looking incredibly offended.

“Well, would you rather I get fired for being late or stay here and do what I always do with you?” You asked, finally getting out of Hakyeon’s death grip and standing by the bed.

Hakyeon looks at you blankly, blinking a few times before answering. “You get fired.”

You scoffed and grabbed your bag from the armchair, muttering ‘tough’ under your breath.

“Wait!” Hakyeon shouts before you can leave the bedroom. He jumps up from the bed and runs to the door. He pecks your lips and smiles. “Have a nice day at work, honey!”


Taekwoon’s soft hand runs over your shoulder. “Sweetie, you need to wake up now.” His impossibly softer voice whispers in your ear.

You groan and roll over, taking his hand and holding it in your hands. “What time is it?” You ask. Taekwoon looks at the clock on the wall. “Eight-thirty.” He replies.

Your eyes widen. “Oh! I’m going to be late!” You exclaim, kicking off the blankets and running to the bathroom, frantically trying to wash yourself up. You hastily got ready and grabbed your work supplies, shoving them into your bag.

You scurry over to Taekwoon and stand on your tiptoes, kissing his cheek. “I’ll be back for dinner!” You call behind you, leaving the house.

“Be safe, and make sure you eat lunch!” Taekwoon smiles and shouts after you as you run down the street.


“Jaehwan! Stop. Jumping. On. Me!” You groaned, grabbing the pillow and attacking Jaehwan’s legs with it.

“But I made some breakfast! Try it!” He pestered, taking the pillow from your grasp and taking your hand in his. He led you to the kitchen where sat his morning meal for you.

Still drowsy from being playfully woken from your sleep, you opened your mouth when Jaehwan held the spoon out to you.

“Is it good?” He cutely asks when you swallowed the mouthful he gave you. You nodded and took the utensil from him to take more for yourself.

Jaehwan smiled and wraps his arms around you from behind. “I’ll make some more, the we can eat together!” He kisses your cheek and opens his mouth for you to feed him. You did so and he grins happily.

“Go and get ready for work, and when you’re done we can eat together.”


“Wonsik you were meant to wake me up almost an hour ago!” You complained, trying to tame your hair to go to work.

Wonsik groggily rubbed his eye and sat up. “Whoops.”

“Whoops? I swear if I get fired cause I’m late, I’m holding you responsible.” You warm.

Wonsik grunts in reply and rolls over, burying his face in the pillows. You glare at him and use your foot to poke him in the ribs. You giggle as he bends his body in strange ways to try to escape

“I’ll be back before dinner. We should go out tonight.” You smile, turning towards the door.

“Wait you forgot something.” Wonsik announces. You turn and raise an eyebrow.

“What did I forget?” You ask. Wonsik points to his lips and makes a kissy face. You smile and walk back over to the bed, kneeling next to him and holding his face in your hands as you lean in and kiss him on the lips. “I’ll be back later. Don’t stay in bed all day.” You order.

“Bye baby.” He smiles, pulling the blankets over his head.


You roll over in Hongbin’s arms and come face to face with him.

“Good morning.” He murmurs.

“Good morning.” You reply.

“Don’t you need to get ready for work?” Hongbin asks, eyeing the clock on the wall.

You hum and close your eyes, soaking in the felling of his arms around you. “Maybe, just maybe, I can make up some excuse to why I was late today.”

“Like what?” Hongbin smiles.

“Many things. I could say there was traffic, or that the coffee line was too long. Or I can say I had an irresistible urge to cuddle with my boyfriend. But, that one might not get me off with a warning.”

Hongbin grins and kisses your forehead.

“Yeah, I also don’t want an angry phone call from your boss, scolding me thinking I’m the reason you stay in bed for hours each morning.”

“But you are the reason I stay in bed each morning.” You reply, leaning in and gently kissing his lips.


“I’m just saying, why can’t someone’s significant other come to work with them?” Hyuk asks, munching on the morning snack you made him.

“Because, Sanhyuk,” You finish tidying your hair and turn to face him. “They can be seen as a distraction from the work we’re supposed to be doing.”

“But, I can just say I’m there to encourage you to work harder, since you’re texting me half the day saying you’re bored.” Hyuk replies, giving you the look that he knows he’s won.

“What would you do the whole day, huh? And sitting in my desk chair spinning isn’t an option. You’d be more bored then I will.” You finish, picking up your supplies and packing your work bag. Just before you were to leave, Hyuk picks you up and spins you, pecking your lips multiple times. “I’ll come and rescue you at lunch and we can grab something to eat, okay?”

“Okay. Now put me down, child.” He does and kisses your cheek again.

“Have fun, and don’t die of boredom.”

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- Charles ⊂((・▽・))⊃

that post about Sans constantly offering to sell you things, because he’s somewhat aware of the Shopkeeper Immunity (like what Gerson taunts you with in No Mercy) has me fucked up

‘cause I’d been wondering why he does that. why does Sans try to sell you fried snow? why does he sell you a round on a telescope? why does he for real sell you hot dogs? Is it just a quirky thing to give him a reason to tail you the whole game? Is he pulling it out of his ass out of boredom?

does he actually have vague understanding of how you can’t attack someone when they’re in a shopkeeper screen? because that’s fucked up. it doesn’t even work. all that and it doesn’t fucking work, Sans doesn’t have a shopkeeper screen even when selling hot dogs, he’s not immune to shit and you could probably kill him by shoving him slightly, this is fucked up

How long does it take for a heart to heal? How long does it take for a tear to travel down the cheek of a broken lover? How long does it take to get over someone, to feel worthy of attempting love again? How long are the times and distances that separate two memories? How long does it take for your whispers to reach the moon? How long can someone go without truly living even while they are alive? How long will it be before they shatter completely? How long will they have to wait before they can trust their heart again? How long must they wait to love again, to bare their selves out to a world that will warmly embrace them? How long does it take for a wish to be fulfilled after you see a shooting star? How long will his heart have to beat uncontrollably with the fear that she won’t show up? How long will it take for him to fall in love with her laugh, for her to fall in love with his eyes? How long will they fill the silences with yearning gazes before they confess their feelings? How much time will pass before they settle in a content relationship? When will that contentedness turn to boredom? At what point will she text him that it’s just not working out anymore? How long will it take him to respond with an crushing and final “ok”? How many months will pass while he cries what they could have had, while she mourns the loss of the spark that they had felt on the first day? How many countless hours will they each spend reliving the mistakes, the guilt, the shame, and also the smiles, the kisses, the surprises?How long will they remain lonely and shaken for? Oh, tell me: How long does it take for a heart to heal?
—  shards of our love lie on the floor // 11:01pm, a.c.
The Bias Wrecker - Part Three (Jimin x Reader)

(gif originally posted by @whyparkjimin)

The Bias Wrecker - Part Three

If there was a sound for letting a soul roam free, unconstrained but the realities of life or from the strict self standards set for itself, it would probably be something like the consistent pounding of footsteps on pavement, rushed breaths that speak in soft whispers and a deafening syncopated heartbeat that refuses to settle. The air would curl harmlessly around those sounds, enveloping them and encouraging them to let go, to stop worrying about the little, the small things that aren’t worth worrying over.

Those were the sounds you heard as Jimin whisked you out and away. They were the only sounds that filled your ears as you mindlessly kept up with the boy with the breathtaking eye smile and voice like a gentle caress: countless footsteps, ceaseless panting breaths, and a heartbeat that marched on like a relentless drum. Something felt right about the way your hand fit in his and that simple idea in itself felt so wrong.

“Do you do this with all of your stylists?” Your words came out cheeky but a small part of you was really curious. Deep within you, the idea that this was special treatment made your blood sing and toes curl, but if you dared to look even further, the idea that it wasn’t overwhelmed any emotions that suggested happiness and you weren’t sure you wanted to know the answer to your question.

Without faltering in his confident path he managed to look back at you and flash you that smirk that sent shivers down your spine. “Only to the ones that call me egotistical.”

Any hopes of your free spirit being nailed down once more were lost, Jimin’s words and smile making you feel like you were floating way above the rest of the world, high with the stars and clouds and constellations. You were in a whole new world.

These unfamiliar feelings were terrifying, but you gave in to them as quickly as they came, becoming drunk on the endless unknown.

“Tell me, Y/N,” He stopped in his tracks as your name fell like silk from his lips and he turned to look you dead in the eye. You took an involuntary step back and it was then that you realized you were standing at the edge of a pier. “How do you feel about cotton candy and rides that don’t look safe enough to be around let alone ride?”

The setting sun served as a backdrop for the glittering lights of a festival that took stake all along the wooden pier, stretching far into the ocean. Smells of fried food and sweet substances wafted through the air, overloading your senses and making your stomach groan in desire. There was something unreal, almost magical about the scene that had you itching in anticipation.

Quirking your eyebrow at him you flashed a smile that you hadn’t realized made Jimin lose his breath for the millionth time since he had laid eyes on you. “I’ll let you in on a secret,” and then you were leaning in close, your lips hovering close to his ear, “I don’t usually disregard my own health and safety like this, but for you, I’ll make an exception.”

And then your free soul was bouncing around from kiosk to kiosk and ride to ride, the lights and sounds becoming a twisted blur and cacophony. You couldn’t remember the last time anyone other than Hana or Yuri had made you laugh this much or smile this brightly. Jimin made you feel like you could do anything, like you didn’t have to be keyed up all the time. Like you could break the rules and not worry about the consequences or repercussions for once in your goddamn life.

He made you feel alive.

The cotton candy floss felt like angel kisses as it passed your lips and made you slip into a sugar induced coma. Jimin didn’t seem to be having as much trouble as you, though, continually swiping pieces from the soft cloud and enjoying it with those cute cheeks and cheerful demeanor. You had opted to take a break and snack after countless rides and the feeling of all consuming breathlessness.

“When did you come to Korea?”

“Last month, actually. I’m here as an intern for SM with my two best friends, we’ve been wanting to visit for so long and then this opportunity came and we couldn’t pass it up.” Your response was automatic and easy, just like all of the other conversations the two of you had had that day.

“It’s funny how people always want the things they don’t have. I wish I could visit America more often than just the occasional schedule but who has time for that?” He chuckled, talking almost dreamily.

“That must mean that one day you’ll miss all of this.” You countered.


“Fame, busy schedules, millions of adoring fans.”

His smile was dazzling. “I already feel like its slipping out of my hands faster than I can enjoy it, so there’s no question that I’ll miss it when its gone.”

A comfortable silence enveloped you two as you thoughtfully chewed, wondering what it would be like to be in his place.

“So how long have you been a fan of Bangtan?” He asked suddenly between bites.

The question threw you off entirely, and you nearly choked if the cotton candy hadn’t melted away in seconds. “What?”

He gave you a meaningful glance that suggested it was no use pretending or keeping up a facade. Caught.

“I don’t know, probably a few months or so after your debut. How did you know that I—“

But he cut you off, “You’re pretty easy to read, Y/N, despite how hard you try not be.” He chuckled to himself, fingering a piece of pink fluff. A violent blush spread across your skin like wildfire and not for the first time you wished it wasn’t so visible. “Plus you fainted that first time so…” He didn’t bother to finish his sentence, a smirk doing it for him.

Huffing almost inaudibly you turned to stare at a passing family. “Okay so you got me, but I’m not acting like a crazy nut on the outside so what does it matter?”

“You don’t seem like the type to fangirl.”

Oh, how you are wrong Park Jimin.

“Maybe it’s because you’re not the one I would fangirl over.” The reply left your mouth almost instantly and just as quickly you regretted it. Jimin’s demeanor shifted completely, his flirting eyes and cute smile wiped away and replaced with feigned boredom that struck your chest.

Sitting back, he too found a place to look other than at you. “Well who is it, then? Your bias, I mean?”

This is a loaded question. You know that before all of the words have completely left his mouth. Suddenly those invisible strings of responsibility silently tied themselves around your wrists like anchors to the earth. Just when you thought there was never a chance of coming back down, those pieces of fantasy slipped between your fingertips like early morning dewdrops as the sun peeks through the trees.

You tried to chuckle lightly, but there was no humor in it whatsoever. “Come on, Jimin, why so serious? Who cares anyway?”

His eyebrows scrunched together like he was thinking really hard about something, his hands simultaneously curling into fists that he tried to hide by pulling his sleeves down in attempt to look like he was warming himself up against the early winter chill. “I do.”

Biting your lip so hard that you thought you tasted the faint coppery taste of blood you thought your next words through carefully. Obviously this was unpredictably a touchy subject for the adorable boy sitting across from you and you tried your best to tread carefully. “Well it…it bounced around between all of the members for a while. I had a hard time picking just one of you guys…” Now that you were saying this out loud it sounded like you were picking the best cucumber at a farmer’s market not human beings.

You watched with bated breath as his eyes narrowed slowly, not bothering to look away from whatever he was watching intently. Nothing had ever made you feel more isolated. “Y/N, why are you making this such a big deal, just say it.” His teeth were nearly gritted by the end of his sentence and you resisted the urge to lie and say it was always him.

So in a single, sinking breath you released your grip on the clouds and sank back down to reality.


Sucking in his upper lip he began to nod slowly after a second. You waited anxiously for his words, eyes wide and limbs filled with anticipation. The following moments were filled with aching silence that screamed louder than any words could. Jimin’s eyes became hooded and blank, his bangs coming down to form a physical barrier between you and him.

“I bet you wish it was him instead of me sitting here, huh?”

Each word felt like a separate bullet flying straight into your chest and knocking all of the air out of your lungs until you forgot how to breathe completely. By the look on his face you could tell this wasn’t the first time this had happened to him.

Instinctively, you leaned forward in an attempt to break down that wall that had wordlessly been built up within seconds. “Don’t say that Jimin, of course I don’t feel that way.” But your sincerity seemed to be lost to him because stood up, gesturing for you to follow.

“I have to get back before the guys start to panic.” There was no hint of emotion or sadness hidden in his tone, it was simply blank, similar to the way your mind went the second he began asking questions.

You stumbled out of your seat trying to keep up with his already fading figure. Something told you there was no coming back from something like this. Your short lived fantasy was done.

No words were passed between the two of you and so you just absent-mindedly followed Jimin, assuming he was going back to the studio you had previously fled. This city was still so unfamiliar to you, relying on locals and google maps to get from place to place. You hadn’t an inkling of an idea what part of the city Jimin had led you to and how to get back.

So lost in your own world you hadn’t even realized Jimin had stopped walking completely until you slammed into his immobile back like a brick wall, the force sending you scrambling backwards, a bewildered look on your face.

Jimin snapped around so quick you felt yourself get whiplash simply from looking at him. “Why are you following me?”

The innocent guiltiness for hurting him was washed away from those five short words. Anger coursed through your veins to the point where you were nearly fuming as you spat out, “I thought you were going back to the studio! I moved here less than a month ago, Jimin, I have no idea where I am.”

He laughed a short, dark laugh as he crossed his arms, the annoyed look refusing to leave his damn face. Without another word, he turned around and continued on. How quickly your cosmic potential romance had dissipated into nothing more than a childish game of “Who can go the longest without speaking to the other?”

“I’m not going to set you up with Tae or something like that just so you know.”

The statement sent you reeling back, frustration welling up within every inch of you. “At what point did I even begin to suggest that was what I wanted?” You bit back angrily.

Jimin just shrugged his shoulder in a display of nonchalance, “Just putting it out there.”

“You’re acting like a child. You wanted to know and now you’re all butt hurt because you found out it wasn’t you. Newsflash, Jimin, it means nothing.” You were aware of the way your words came across as insensitive and careless but you felt the need to defend yourself against all odds.

Shoulders stiffening and aura becoming somehow even darker than before, Jimin just replied, “Whatever your say.”

Thankfully, it wasn’t much longer before the familiar building came into sight and you wordlessly moved past him, needing to put as much distance between your bodies as possible so that you could take a breath and just think.

Within minutes of re-entering the nondescript building your tired body was leaving once more, belongings in hand and mind scrambled beyond comprehension. In the time that you had been away, the work day had come to a close. Hana was most definitely on her way home by now, but you weren’t sure that was where you wanted to be.

Today you had tasted what you could only describe as danger. Jeopardizing your entire internship and career, as well as Jimin’s, you had thrown caution to the wind for once in your life and followed a boy who made your head swim and heart flutter into the a blank unknown, and look where it had gotten you. All of these years, there had always been a reason you stuck to the safe side, not daring to move out of your personal comfort zone or risk anything. There had always been a back up plan, a way out for exactly this reason.

In an effort not to be hurt, you had built up countless defenses and never even dared to look out onto to the other side.

Yet here you were, walking the streets of a city you had longed for with nothing more than a hollow sadness. You had done nothing wrong. You kept reminding yourself of that. Jimin had asked and you had answered.

But if that’s what you believed in your head, then why did the stars in your mind and body align differently? In such a short time, these feelings that you had pushed down and denied, that you had insisted were wrong had bubbled to the surface until you no longer felt like they were wrong.

Goddamn Park Jimin. In less than three hours he had wrecked his way to the top.

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Analyzing one of my favorites:

In 4x12 when Damon is under watch bc of Kol’s compulsion, Klaus is prodding him because let us all never forget, this was 3 episodes after he killed Carol. And he’s prodding him because Damon’s done stuff just as bad, but yet somehow, Elena doesn’t hold it against him romantically. And truly it’s a glaring concept that this 1000 year old original vampire finds that so baffling that he has to ask Damon how he does it because he just doesn’t understand. Klaus simply cannot wrap his mind around Elena forgiving Damon for everything he does, because he can’t ever see Caroline forgiving him for killing Carol Lockwood. And he’s talking down to Damon like this is a normal conversation. Until finally, Klaus see’s a window and goes, “Ah yes, for the love of Elena.” and that’s when you realize what this conversation is really about. Because at that point, Klaus had made significant progress with Caroline. After their date in 4x07, they were on pretty good terms. So much that in 4x09 Caroline felt guilty because of what she knew Tyler was planning to do. There was even that line from Stefan where he tells her “I mean we all do bad things.” and that’s truly a very focal point in the endless cycle of the relationships in TVD. There was a very teeny window of opportunity for Klaus here, and he closed it so fast by choosing to do what he did.

“How is it that she manages to overlook every horrific thing you’ve ever done? Is it willful ignorance, or perhaps something more pathological.” And when Damon answers, “Some people are more capable of forgiveness than others.” Klaus has like this grimaced look. Because that’s not the answer he needs. Klaus knows that. Caroline particularly is someone who is more capable of forgiveness than others, her simply giving him the time of day solidified that. But this is different. It’s not that simple with Caroline anymore. He made it that way when he killed Tyler’s mom. So Klaus laughs and starts pacing.

“Come on, there must be a secret. It can’t just be the sirebond, what is it? Compulsion? Manipulation?” He’s like legit poking & prodding this topic. It’s astounding to see. And then he stops pacing, his whole face falls, and his shoulders slump in utter defeat. He let’s out this sigh that just reads, ‘I can’t believe this is what I’ve been reduced to.’ But yet, there has to be something. There has to be something he can do so she’ll overlook it. So he goes,

“What is it you say to her?” This line, you guys. THIS FREAKING LINE. At this point Klaus realizes that vague leads in the conversation isn’t going to get him the answers he needs. How contrast it is that one of the oldest beings on the planet is that naive. And that’s when it hit’s Damon that he’s been interpreting the conversation all wrong. It’s not about doing what they need for Jeremy’s mark, it’s not about Elena–it’s about Caroline. 

So in true Damon form, he teases. But he also tells him the truth. Because while yes, Damon has done bad shit for no reason, there have been instances where there was a reason. And after Klaus killed his hybrids, killing Carol was truly not necessary. And that’s what Damon tells him–the truth. There was no purpose to killing Carol, why should Caroline overlook that? The answer is she shouldn’t. So Damon tells him, “Be bad with a purpose, otherwise you’re just not worth forgiving.” and that I think, was Klaus’s intake from this whole conversation. 

Forward to 4x13 where Caroline is just not having it. She’s not going to forgive him for what he did, she doesn’t even want to talk to him. So when that realization hit’s him, he has no problem disposing of her the way he did Carol, to punish Tyler. She made it clear that he ruined whatever he had going for him, so there was no need to hold up any longer. So he bites her and is willing to let her die–until he isn’t. I think Klaus was trying to accept that whatever he & Caroline could have had was no longer an option. But when Tyler & Klaus are arguing and Caroline say’s from the couch, “Get me out of here, I can’t even look at him.” His face gives him away. I think he thought that accepting the situation would make him apathetic towards her, but didn’t realize he’d still care. Klaus took what Damon said to heart, he does things for no reason, he’s a soulless monster with no internal structure. 

So when Caroline’s lying on the couch and she say’s “How could you do this to me?” he say’s “I’m a 1000 years old, call it boredom…Fine, maybe it’s because I’m pure evil and can’t help myself.” That’s where what Damon said to him comes in to play. He often does do bad things without a purpose, and that’s him admitting to it. Then Caroline tells him that it’s because he’s hurt, and if he’s hurt, then there’s a part of him that’s still human. And then Klaus is just so dumbfounded. Because, he listened to Damon tell him that he does things for no reason, to which he’s now agreeing to, but then he has Caroline telling him that there is a reason. So he stomps over to her and asks her how she could possibly think that there’s any humanity left in him. How there’s any reason besides who he’s become after 1000 years to explain why he does what he does. He doesn’t want to be that person, but he is.

So Caroline tells him. She’s seen that better side of him. It’s something he’s chosen to show to her. And that she’s “Found herself wishing I could forget all the horrible things you’ve done.” To which Klaus confirms, “But you can’t, can you?” And that folks, is the bottom line. He knows she’s never going to forget or forgive him for the choices he’s made. She’s shown repeatedly that she’s not going to gloss over those choices. That being said, why is he indulging her? He’s decided to let her die, why is he listening to her and why does what she say matter?

“I know that you’re in love with me. And anyone capable of love is capable of being saved.” I don’t think Klaus knew any of that until she said it to him. Like he was racking his brain trying to figure out why he cared and she just told him. Some have read that scene as Care manipulating him, but I read it as her realizing his feelings before he did. It’s why even though he’s made peace with why & how he is, he can’t seem to not care. So he saves her, because that person who he’s accepted he is, isn’t going to be who he is towards her. At least that’s how I interpreted this. Re-watching TVD can be a dangerous thing, I do not recommend. Jk, I totally do, go drown in feels.

AN: I am not excusing the bite or the stabbing with the lamp. Seriously, I to this day hate Klaus for that crap he pulled. I’m simply stating the progression. More from Klaus’s end, obvs. 

deanbraidssamshair  asked:

kiss along the hips with weecest? pretty please :)

“It’s not like I’m asking you to freaking kiss me, I’m just asking you to be a little gentler!”
They’re in another little “argument,” Sam complaining about the way they spar; how Dean’s too rough and he shouldn’t be that rough ‘cause Sam’s still smaller than him and it’s totally not fair, yada yada yada.
Dean had suggested they spar, completely out of boredom of course; Dad’s occupied in the room next door and there’s no real leads on any cases so they do what comes naturally. At least, to Dean it does.
Sam’s on the bed, half-sitting half-lying down, he seems just as bored and maybe a little tired too. “Like, don’t leave bruises on my body.”
Dean scrambles on the bed practically on top of Sam. “I never leave bruises on your body!” Their hands collide, wobbling as Dean’s press in against Sam’s bony palms.
“Yes you do!” Little angry Sammy is so much fun. They fall, or rather, Dean pushes Sam down firmly, sitting on top of his hips so that Dean has ideal leverage. Sam squirms around underneath him.
“You’re making one right now!” Sam’s neck cranks to look at his shoulder where the meat of Dean’s hand is keeping him pinned to the bed.
Dean loosens his hold. “Oh please, you’re such a sissy.”
Sam kind of laughs even as he says “no I’m not!” and they struggle again, Sam trying to knock Dean off of him or get the upper-hand, Dean not giving him any room to do so.
Dean!” Sam whines, arching his back.
“Boys! Enough over there,” Dad’s booming authoritative voice echoes from one room over, warning.
“I’m not doing anything!” Sam exclaims, looking for a way out, hoping Dad would come in and break them up. Dean’s other hand comes up and digs into the bone at Sam’s other shoulder, eliciting a tiny noise from Sam and more fruitless struggling.
“Dean! Enough.” Dad’s aware now that Dean always gets the upper hand when they spar like this.
Immediately Dean retreats, sitting back on his heels and they’re both silent until they hear the rustle of newspapers again.
Dean’s fingers come to wrap around Sam’s throat, attempting a false threatening tone with his voice even though he knows Sam sees through it. Always does. They’ve been playing games since Sam was in diapers. And even then he never fell for it.
“So you don’t want this, then?” Dean squeezes his fist a little tighter around Sam’s neck, which isn’t saying much at all; it may as well be a tickle to Sam. And in fact, it seems like it is. Sam laughs sadly, squirming in his hold and scratching at Dean’s hand half-heartedly.
“No?” He squeezes tighter.
“I can’t breathe!”
“If you can talk you can breathe.” Sam always over-exaggerates. Little drama queen.
Deeeeeeeean,” Sam’s whine is broken-up with poor little sobs in the middle. Dean loosens his fist but then clutches Sam’s jaw tight enough for white marks to form under his fingertips, contrasting the harsh pink of Sam’s cheeks.  
“So you don’t like that?” Dean teases further. It’s just so much fun.
“So you want me to pretty much do this, huh sissy?” Dean leans forward, and even against Sam’s struggling places a big noisy kiss right on Sam’s boiling hot cheek.
Sam laughs lowly, half-dazed eyes hiding a dark mischief. Dean awakened his playful side. “Mhm,” he mumbles, biting his rosy lips nervously.
He wants that! Dean chuckles. “You do? You little sicko.”
Sam just laughs in response, wriggling around excitedly under Dean.
Dean turns Sam’s head with the clutch he’s got on his jaw and leans close to his neck. “You want this too?” Another too-gentle kiss gets planted on the burning skin at Sam’s neck. Sam makes a soft little hurt noise with his throat, clutching at Dean’s fingers and trying to pry them off. More casual playfulness. The struggle makes everything more fun. When Dean pulls back Sam’s almost grinning.
Dean shifts down but Sam doesn’t get up. Sam’s t-shirt’s already halfway up his chest, exposing his flat tummy and tiny belly-button and so Dean just migrates there naturally. They’re still playing when Dean’s fingers inch down the waistline of Sam’s pants just to get better access to his hip-bones that are jutting out rather prominently.
What?…” he hears Sam whisper nervously.
“Calm down, sicko.” Dean should take his own advice. His heart is pounding rapidly, even though this is just a little bit of fun they’re having. So why is he so nervous? Why is he being so deliberate with his movements? Why does he keep watching Sam, loving the way he’s just letting him do this now, loving the way Sam’s eyes are looking down at him nervously but excited too, anticipating something.
Dean’s lips part and he leans down against Sam’s skin, gently placing a kiss right on the bone of his hip. And he feels a thickness forming in his mouth, even as he plants another and another, up the curving line and back down, gently over the warm, soft skin. Sam’s stomach is rising and falling rapidly, it looks like he’s giving everything he’s got to stay as still as he is, he’s even clutching at the bedspread tightly. It’s all kind of …hot…
Dean’s so taken aback with how light-headed he is that he retreats, sitting back up slowly.
Sam just stares up at him with round, unblinking eyes.
“Dean!” Their father’s voice like an alarm sounds from next-door. “Come in here for a second.”
And Dean scrambles off of Sam and it’s over just like that, whatever game that was, ‘cause that’s totally what it was - all it was. Or whatever.