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I'd love to fuck Harry in a hot tub, on a balcony, in Jamaica. Some moans and dirty talk wouldn't hurt either. "Ungh, fuck, you like fucking daddy? Huh? You like sliding up and down my cock? You want me to fill your tight cunt all the way up to the brim? Tell me, pet". Just saying.


Can we talk about how this is the second time Bellamy has quietly pleaded with Clarke to come inside?

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With that epic Graveltone™ which Bob uses when Bellamy is trying to dissuade Clarke from doing something self-destructive and sacrificial (see also: “you’re out of your mind if you think I’m letting you do this alone”)?

Only this time, the gate they’re standing at is metaphorical and in the future – a gate that neither of them want to be standing at.

But this time, he isn’t taking no for an answer. This time Bellamy Blake is not letting her walk away into nothingness. Last time he thought it was what she needed, now he knows it’s not. This time, he has faced the fact that he needs her and he cannot come to terms with his own name on that list unless hers is right beside it.  What’s more – and this is the clincher – he’s got an honest to god reason to fight for his own survival because now he’s convinced that Clarke believes in him and maybe, just maybe, that means he can look himself in the mirror again.

And you know what else? This time she doesn’t fight him. She knows, now, that she doesn’t have to bear any of this alone. And what is more, when he writes her name down, he’s letting her know that she, Clarke Griffin, deserves to be on the list. Not just for him (and yes for him because that is also what he’s finally telling her) but for everyone, all the people she couldn’t bear to face when she walked away last time. Because even though she thought she could leave because they had you,  ultimately that wasn’t enough. Not for Bellamy. Not for her people.  She matters to everyone and she only believes it because Bellamy believes it and finally, finally she’s allowing her faith in his judgement to override all her self-doubt. 

Bellamy and Clarke’s belief in each other is life-affirming, folks.  They finally understand what they mean to each other and that’s what validation looks like.

Hang on, as far as I’m aware, all Tom Hiddleston is guilty of is using his acceptance speech to shed light on what’s going on in South Sudan and then saying he feels proud that something he was a part of was able to provide some form of relief for charity workers that work tirelessly to try and help people in places like South Sudan and all over the world… And people are calling him self-centered?

If Meryl Streep or Denzel Washington had said the same thing, they would be hailed as humanitarians shedding light on important issues… Which is what Tom is and was actually doing. Tom works really hard to regularly raise awareness about the work UNICEF and other organisations do to help people, especially disadvantaged children, around the world, and for people to just shut him down and call him self-absorbed is uncalled for.

Just because his work isn’t as well known as those from some of the other actors, it doesn’t mean that what he says isn’t as sincere.

I just want to say a huge congratulations to Tom on his award; it was very well deserved. And thank you for continuously using your platform to raise awareness about important issues and unrecognised saviours of the world. ❤

Fairy Tail AU where everything is the same except every time Jellal’s around and there’s a serious convo going on he just blurts out with “I have a fiance.” whenever it’s just uncalled for and random. And he says nothing else. That’s it.

Find Your Chill, Love.

James hurls a pillow from across the room at Sirius, who has been sat in front of the mirror, occasionally narrating, for the past 30 minutes.

James: Sirius, could you maybe chill? For like, two seconds?

James gives Sirius an affronted look, putting a hand over his chest in mock-offense over their outburst.

James: Evidently not, then.

Sirius: Well. I’m not wrong. Obviously. But, you know, knee jerk response and everything. May have been a bit uncalled for. It’s just… *turns back to the mirror*

James: *shaking his head is disbelief* … My god.

Sirius: *has already stopped listening*

I love how Americans aren’t allowed to be angry about their vote being tampered with because the government has tampered with elections in other places like…how does that even make sense?  ”I guess Americans don’t like the taste of their own medicine” shut the hell up.  Sorry, that’s just so ridiculously uncalled for. 

I wish people had some tact and learned that people don’t always need their smug bullshit.  Like black votes have always been under attack and have always been in danger of being tampered with so and no one will bring *that* up…But they’ll talk about our government’s actions in other countries…which aren’t really relevant to this (at least in the context that people are using) and it would be nice if American marginalized people could talk about this stuff without other people hijacking it and turning it into an issue about American Imperialism, or saying that we’re getting what we deserve. 

Its that “if you voted for Hilary than you don’t care about what happens to people in other countries” all over again.  Tired of this idea that Americans should throw themselves on swords and never think of their own self-preservation in favor of performing a show of solidarity that fails to help *anyone* at all.  That logic is so flawed that it drives me up the wall. 

  Yeah be happy that millions of marginalized people were put in danger because of people voting for it and because of outside intervention, while complaining about that same thing being done in other places. Sounds legit.

Lord forbid we don’t accept what’s being done to us and think we’re entitled to complain about it. 

Phil posting that selfie whilst Dan wasn’t with him was uncalled for. Like, just imagine poor Dan looking at that selfie and now imagine the frustration Dan must have felt. I bet Phil did that on purpose and gleefully smiled when the barrage of texts from Dan lit up his phone reading:

‘fuck phil’

‘why are you doing this to me’

‘can you not please i can’t handle that photo’

‘what did i do to deserve having to see that when you’re not with me’

‘get on skype now’


I feel like you’ll become a bit happier than you are now if you [just leave Cloud Nine behind and go outside].
- If only we’d met… under better circumstances or at a better time.

Danny and Danielle riffing each other like dumb siblings tho
  • Danny: *rambling about space* and did u kno that Uranus has rings
  • Elle: YOUR anus has rings
  • Danny: That was dumb, ur dumb
  • Elle: Space is dumb
  • Danny: *GASP* HOW DARE U
  • Elle: fite me nerd
  • Elle: Good 'cause u ugly
  • Danny: that was uncalled for
  • Elle: your face is uncalled for
  • it kind of just goes downhill from there
mchanzo fanfic
  • Hanzo, rolling an arrow between his fingers menacingly yet alluringly: at last we meet. Jesse Mccree.
  • Hanzo: the cow man.
  • Mccree:
  • Mccree:
  • Mccree: cowBOY
  • Hanzo, rolling his eyes: look, it's hard for all of us to admit we're getting old, but i think your outfit is as big of a delusion as you can manage
  • Mccree, voice cracking: okay, you know what, that's just uncalled for

if a character is treated like shit in a fandom, there’s a 101% chance that I’ll end up liking them out of spite

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CONSIDER THIS. UT and UF Sans having a crush on a quiet and calm person then one day someone goes too far, insults the skele by saying something really uncalled for and crush just silently rolls up their sleeves and then beats the snot out of the tormentor before silently sitting back down and continuing what they were doing.

* DUde what is with all of you and secretly badass smols


He is… very surprised. And impressed. But mostly surprised. Just well then okay. He’s somewhat pretty amused that someone so badass is also simultaneously so reserved. He supposes that quiet power is uh… kind of… attractive. Heh. Not important. They’re still the same person and he likes them all the same. He might threaten people with his crush in fact, saying they’re gonna beat them up all casual like. He thinks it’s pretty attra-… cool.


He is positively absolutely unrestrainedly delighted by his crush’s badassery. Watching them do shit like that, he thinks to himself: yeah ok i have good taste. He falls even deeper in like with his crush, especially the fact that their badassery is hidden. In a way, he’s also relieved because he knows they can hold their own if it comes to it. He really wants to see them beat up more people. Becomes one of his frequent daydreams about them.

Fix fic:
  • *Natsu forces Gajeel on a cart down into a mineshaft and decides to fight Sting and Rogue by himself*
  • Natsu: *spelling out COME ON with fire between his fingers* FIGHT ME!
  • Sting and Rogue: No.
  • Natsu: That's what I tho--wait, what? No?
  • Sting: You heard us.
  • Rogue: We said no.
  • Rogue: What you just did was shitty.
  • Sting: Seriously, it was uncalled for.
  • Rogue: Not that our guild has room to talk, but that was a pretty rude way to treat your teammate.
  • Sting: We didn't come here to fight Natsu Dragneel. Well, I did.
  • Rogue: We came here to fight Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox.
  • Sting: I'm all for challenging fights, but I would never do to Rogue what you just did to Gajeel.
  • Natsu: But--! But you--!
  • Rogue: If you really want us to fight, go down that mineshaft and get Gajeel back up here.
  • Natsu: Or what, you'll beat me up? *smirking*
  • Sting: Or we can go down there ourselves and get him.
  • Rogue: And then all three of us can beat you up.