this is just ugly and huge lol

“Sometimes I think of role reversal nygmobblepot where -insert a huge amount of stupid bullshit that portrays Oswald as the most evil person in the whole world vs good little Eddie teddie weddie-”

Lol, you mean Oswald Cobblepot, who still hasn’t done anything to harm Tabitha, who has even offered help to hers and Barbara’s operation, who showed mercy to his greatest rival, who gave mercy to Butch and Tabitha more than once who both betrayed him, who forgave Ed even after he completely desecrated his fathers remains, who has always forgiven Jim Gordon despite how Jim betrayed, used and abandoned him

Who, even after everything Ed’s done, is still apparently able to put aside his pain and hurt to work with him? But yeah the unfathomable evil that is Oswald Cobblepot would be so cruel & worse to poor little Ed. :( 

Do yall even listen to yourselves??? Like anything to make yourselves feel better about hating gay guys so much huh 

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oh! weird one but favorite fairy tale of the chocobros?

Not weird at all!! I loved filling out this request, it was super fun! 💖

I think he’d really be a lover of classic, princess-knight-and-dragons fairy tales, or alternatively tales that feature some kind of grand and epic adventure. From what we see in A King’s Tale, he seems to like a story with some decent action, so I don’t think I’m too far off! Sleeping Beauty is probably his favourite classic fairy tale, and as he gets older he just likes it more and more because lol he can relate to Aurora, the boy just wants to sleep constantly!! He would also be a huge fan of Momotaro – in a lot of variations of the story, Momotaro is lazy, but accomplishes great feats…I think Noctis would really relate to that!

He is secretly a sucker for the Ugly Duckling, because he relates to it a lot on a personal level. That take is what taught him a lot about self worth and being proud of yourself, so he jinks dearly of it. He’s also probably a big fan of really sappy, aesop-heavy fairy tales that encourage being a good person or that inner beauty and kindness rewards a happy ending, like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. Also LOVES the romance between a prince and a princess, or between royalty and knights that are featured in old classics!

Definitely an edgy lover of the Grimm Fairy Tales, and prefers the darker versions of old classics, like the Little Mermaid but the mermaid turns to seafoam, or Rupunzel, but the prince is blinded by thorns when he falls. Prompto really doesn’t like it when Gladio feels the need to tell him that someone died or was maimed in a different version of a classic fairy tale.

Ignis is a BIG fan of obscure fairy tails. He has probably heard of HUNDREDS, and is probably easily distracted when going through old palace books whenever he finds a new one. Culturally and historically rich fairy tales are a big favourite! He loves the classic dreamtime story of how the birds got their colours (a classic Indigenous Australian folklore). Also likes tales about humility and justice, so he’s a fan of stories like Hanasaka Jiisan or The Hare and the Tortoise.

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Why do people say your pretty You're the grossest and ugliest person alive I don't see what people find pretty about you its probably just pity actually, they all pity you for being so ugly it's sad really just how bad look in you are,your nose is BIG AND HUGE too it's like a t - rex is sitting on your face or maybe an elephant, I can bet 100$ your really far too you have a really chubby face it's gross frankly i wonder managed to not kill yourself if I was as ugly as you I'd have by now

Whoop whoop look who got another one! Once again entirely true!! Lol I wonder how many hate messages I’ve gotten by now lol ;w;

ngeenjay replied to your post “What this all means? WoD prelude issues”

It seems as if in your opinion trans characters can only be “good pretty angels”, which is a huge problem itself.

Oh no, of course not. Trans people are people. They can be bigots too :p

You know me better than that dude, you know I wouldn’t hold back punches at a trans character’s agenda just because they happen to be trans. If the super villain of the story is trans, good. But I want the character to be well written, to be charismatic as a character. They can be ugly, mean, flawed, that’s fine, but they need to be well written, because “lol I’m trans I got a dick” is not the representation they deserve.

A trans writer writing such things and allowing the fetishization of trans women like this horrifies me.

Best friend!Calum would include:

-“I’ll give you 20 bucks if you snort hot sauce.”
- Teasing each other every chance you get
- Pranks more often than not
- Him begging you to come on tour with him
- You rejecting the tour thing at least 20 times, because you’re scared to get on an airplane alone
- When you finally agree, he gets that huge smile where his eyes get crinkly in the corners
- Him teasing you about the underwear he found in your suitcase
- “Let’s have pizza for breakfast.”
- “We’ve had pizza every meal for the past 3 days.”
- Him literally dragging you to the gym with him
- Holding his hand
- Telling yourself it’s strictly platonic
- Getting asked if you two are dating all the time
- “What would you do if I tripped you in front of the paparazzi?”
- Him holding you into his chest every time he finds you crying
- Him getting asked in almost every interview if you’re his girlfriend
- Half of the fam absolutely adores you
- The other half hates you
- You not really caring about either, because Calum is all you’re really worried about
- “Why do you always date dicks?”
- “It’s not my fault, Calum. Who am I supposed to date?”
- Him getting all shy and mumbling “me” but it’s too quiet for you to hear
- Him trying to make you laugh everytime you take a drink to see if he can make you spit it everywhere
- Accidentally spitting it on him
- The other boys treating you like their little sister
- Going to concerts with him
- “Let’s say we hypothetically went out. What would you do?”
- “I’d hypothetically be the luckiest person in the world”
- Constantly rolling your eyes at each other
- Pointing to ugly people on the street and whispering “That’s you” to each other
- Both of you secretly wanting to be in a relationship
- Getting in a huge fight with him one night
- Screaming at each other at 1 in the morning
- Trying to push him but he grabs your arms and holds them down
- Staring into your eyes
- “Just kiss me already”
- That kiss being the greatest kiss you two have ever had before
- “I guess now would be a good time to ask you on a date.”

  • total , complete, stranger: hey
  • me: lol. HELLo , today. i gave the best fuckin blow job lol and im glad he didnt get his goods all in my hair cause i had to drop by therapy which i go to because i took 3 bottles of aleve last week for a leg cramp lol it was a total misunderstanding. also im have this huge fucking pimple on my mid thigh and its so ugly my ex had one just like it speaking of him sometimes i get the urge to brutally murder every guy ive ever been romantically or sexually involved with how are you ?

yesterday i made a post about some blogs i really admire and after i posted it, i realized i (stupidly) forgot so many amazing blogs and i just wanna apologize for that… so instead, im just going to post a complete follow forever because honestly, everyone i follow is amazing and i love everyone and their blogs blog so much :-)
{bolded are some of my favorite blogs/friends; additionally, if i forget anyone again, i’m so sorry! just let me know and i’ll add you in ♥}

also again, just wanna say a huge thanks to my bby @obrcden ♥ for the amazing (ugly ass dylan) edit and for always putting up with my ridiculousness and all the stupid pics i send lol anyways, luv u girl! ♥♥♥

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So everyone keeps saying hawkdaddy lied when he said Antibug was not Chloé and when people asked him who would win in a fight, Ladybug or Chat Noir (love would), but I believe what he's really trying to say is that nobody is themselves when akumatized. So Chloé wasn't Antibug, Antibug was just that, Antibug. And Ladybug didn't win against Chat Noir, she won against the Marionettiste. Also, most villains say "I'm not *civil name*, I'm *villain name*!" when called out. Does that make sense?

(Shrug) It’s tricky, because while you could say nobody is really themselves when akumatized, they still maintain major elements of themselves when they are under the akuma’s control; So actually, it’s like they’re twisted versions of themselves. 

An example would be how Mylene/Horrificator didn’t attack Ivan while she was under the akuma’s control:

If she had only been Horrificator, she’d have simply attacked him as well, but Horrificator is Mylene. She couldn’t attack him, no matter what the akuma and HawkMoth told her. So that actually makes me think that, yes, they are themselves, they’re just being controlled by their twisted negative emotions.

Hmm, that’s where I disagree, actually… Chloe is Antibug. Again, her feelings have just been manipulated and twisted, but her personality is basically the same. An example would be all the times she tried to bring Ladybug down by saying she needed Chat Noir, because Chloe’s never thought much of Chat Noir. Also, Chloe is cruel, and uh…

So is Antibug. Plus, she insulted Ladybug several times, which is something she constantly does (to everyone else) while in her normal Chloe form. It’s her personality, Antibug is Chloe, just more twisted. 

And about Thomas, I thought he wasn’t lying in that ugly sense, but that he was teasing us, instead. It’s possible that Thomas realized he had accidentally revealed a huge spoiler, and tried to tease his way out of it, lmao. Happens to the best of us, we’re only human, lol. And it’s not like the fandom didn’t see it coming, anyways~

But again, these are just my opinions, lol

​The other day I tried to write down some character situations, so maybe later when I’ll be in a terrible artblock I could use it for inspiration

Granted, I was very tipsy at the time in case if you noticed the silly pattern of the situations (but then again, who wants to draw boring situations rite)


-rages over slow aggravating game/console updates that happens right after purchased newest hypest game ever
-and a very intese UNO round with friends
-and a very intese JENGA round with friends
-feels awkward in crowd cause he just thought about dicks
-tastes Salmiakki for the first time
-and a box of puppies
-and a box of kittens
-and a box of all kinds of fluffy baby animals
-and a box of not so cute animals
-tries to explain otters why Frozen is a bad movie
-mixes up sugar with salt while putting it in coffee
-watches Mufasa dying
-realizing they forgot 20 bucks in that trouser’s pocket they tossed in the washing machine after starting the program
-gives “They never get my name right” face at Starbucks while holding a cup
-tries to steal cookies from the cookie jar
-receives their annual ugly christmas sweater from granny
-makes faces at other character’s browser history
-aggresively tries unfolding the mystery of the last missing ice cream between flatmates
-gets caught while picking their nose and tasting their booger
-reads 50 Shades of Grey while making 50 shades of facial reactions
-uses kitchen for the first time
-assembles an IKEA furniture
-reaches toilet just in time
-is suddenly a character/witness of spanish soap opera scene
-is too cool for school

(PS: You can totally add your own ideas so maybe at some point it could turn into a huge list, I kinda wish it would lol)


I know I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes, but the saran wrapped head in CAS (and in game too, although it’s quite a bit more subtle there) made this hair unusable for me. I’ve been meaning to fix it for ages, but I kept forgetting to add it to my projects list until a friend of mine started retexturing it tonight and got me curious about it again.

I can upload my retextured/fixed version if the plastic shine bothers anyone else (although now I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only who even noticed it, lol), but my textures are still ugly a huge WIP, so I won’t bother unless someone asks. Not that I mind sharing. I’m just lazy. :P

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can u list some online stores where u buy clothes?

sure omg im shopping rn lol

ssense (retailer)

hypebeast (retailer // contrary to the name im not a fukn hypebeast god  // sometimes there are huge sales like 20-30% off)

opening ceremony (both a brand and retailer)

barneys (retailer)

doverstreetmarket (comme des garcons + a few selects)

antonioli (retailer)

aloye (japanese)


saks fifth avenue (retailer)

1LDK (japanese)

selfridges (retailer)

maison kitsune



i love ugly.

and basics / antifashion i just go to the cheaper places:

american apparel



my favorites are bolded and i def forgot some lmk if u need more or if a link doesnt work or smth


It happened twice in one day, so I thought I should make a little post about this…

I am very happy that Anthony liked my art like he did. Sincerely. But it makes me very sad that no one credited me, I bet he doesn’t even know the two pics he saw today were from the same person lol. It makes me… yeah, sad, because as silly as it sounds it’s a dream for me that they see my art, and now it looks like other people realize my dream with my own drawings ?? Ugh. So, yeah, I know it wasn’t meant to be mean or anything (the first person who shared the Christmas chibis even replied that I drew it, but honestly I don’t think he saw). I am not mad, not at all, I am just sad, and I am gonna ask you, please, please credit me if you share my drawings. And even more if you send them my drawings. You can link to my twitter, @DrewWinchester, or this tumblr, Now you can share all you want, just please credit me. That’s all I ask.
I’m sorry for saying this, it’s just… weird how I was just thinking a few hours ago “for Christmas I just wish they’d notice me” (truth lol, I’m not kidding, I was thinking that while I brushed my teeth) and this happens, it’s like… yeah, it felt… unfair. I only wish he knew who drew it. 

As for now, because of that, I’m going to put a huge signature on all my drawings. It looks ugly and I am sorry but… I think you will understand.

Now I’m gonna cry in my bed lol

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i just wanted to say to that anon that there's also a huge difference between a fat woman telling a skinny woman that she needs to eat a cheeseburger and the things skinny women and other skinny people tell fat women lol. like fat people are always told they're ugly, not deserving of love, are made to feel like they shouldn't be seen, are shamed even when they're trying to work out and eat better, etc. comparing a skinny woman's experience to fat woman's is a false equivalence.

Just want to underscore this. Shaming is unacceptable in any scenario. And there is a huge difference between shaming and bias.

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do you cut your own bangs and the bangs on your wigs? if so could you give us a tutorial or tell us how you do it? your bangs are always really niceee

yeah i do!! i cut the ones for this one (used to be long, down to chin) and this pink one (used to be blunt)

i actually have no clue how to describe how i cut it or to teach anyone bc i dont really have a technique LOL i just cut with the scissors vertically and cut a little bit at a time while making sure it looks nice

ok um… my art skills appear again but basically the black is the hair and the red is kinda how i cut it fack its so ugly and confusing

like i do very little and lots of cuts so that im not taking off a huge chunk and then i pull the hair down and the hair on the most right/left of your face should be longer

i suck at explaining and drawing but i tried

***edit remember that everyone’s hair texture is different so it might not work the way it does for me on you**