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For mun: Who are your favorite blogs?

//like other askblogs? Ahh, I’ve not talked much to other mun’s bc starting conversations hikes up my anxiety buuut…

@ask-aph–croatia who’s Croatia and art are just plain adorable

@ask–gerbelg more really great art, and it’s not really a pairing I’ve considered before ,but it’s grown on me!

@ask-aph-la-catracha the art is so gorgeous?? so pretty, and such a great oc too!

@ask-informant-belarus has a super cool plot and again v cute art, it’s new but v interesting

@ask-aph-fruk who doesn’t love this blog tbh like it is so amazing

@ask-miss-andorra hasn’t posted much but their art is so pretty??? and has obvs put a lot of thought into Andorra too

@ask-demon-2pamerica their art is so absolutely gorgeous and they update so often, I’m in awe : o

@ask-southernitalian I love any blog that adds history to the character, and they put a lot of it into Romano and it’s great

@ask-republic-of-ragusa is just great, pretty art-wise and pretty oc-wise

@ask-romacat is so hilarious and their art is so cute, Romacat reminds me so much of my fat cat Charger

@ask-aph-faroe-islands the art is so gorgeous, and another oc with a lot of history and thought put into them

@ask2pbelarusdear the art is so cute! I look at it and go !!!!

@asktherealhero nyomerica is my weakness and their Amelia (and art in gen) is so gorgeous…..

@ask-alabama-the-beautiful historical oc’s and such pretty traditional art! what more could you want!

@ask-la-joya-belize Again, great art, great oc, great history, just great

@ask-bulgariq what beautiful art… like, goals right there

@ask-thenetherlands they promo’d me when I first started and I wasn’t expecting it and it made me so happy!!! Their Ned and their province oc’s are adorable and have so much personality!

@ask-ukalicekirkland their art is so pretty it looks like how calm days feel

Some that aren’t askblogs but I really enjoy!: @aph-artist-cat , @elija1996a , @miladrawsstuff , @yugofann , @arreloi , @akarui-33 , @incorrectbalkantaliaquotes 

And lots of others too! Anyone I follow really! I only follow if I do like the persons blog!

Anyways, this got long but the world could always use more compliments and happiness (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

smash that like for trans paladins

[*commissions info*]

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Ugh I've really enjoyed these past 2 episodes without Negan so much. Like to the point where I kinda even forgot he existed lmao. I get he's necessary to the plot but he really has been bringing the show down for me in the worst way. (Nothing against jdm btw cuz I think he's a great actor but yeah)

tbh I was watching the preview for next week and just thinking how i’m not looking forward to it. i’ve enjoyed these past two episodes a lot too and i don’t want this to stop. i thought i’d enjoy negan as a villain more than i actually do. because i enjoyed him more in the comics. but i really just don’t for the most part. they just went way too over the top with him, imo. so i feel you. 

Guardian Angel-Jeno Fluff

Request: “ hihihi im the anon that asked aboat the jeno scenarios shsjsh (im such trash for him tbh) can u write a fluff scenario where ur the awkward, anxious girl @ school and like him?? and like he tries to be nice and talk to you? and u just like run away at first bc ur so nervous, but he thinks ur cute when no one else does? sorry if this is too much!!! please have a great day😘”

Song: Halo Cover-Ane Brun

“Hey, want to go out to eat after school?”

“Let’s go see that new movie this weekend!”

“Come over tomorrow, we can study together.”

I wish someone would invite me sometimes…

You were sitting in your last class of the day, waiting on the bell while listening to your classmates make plans for afterschool. You were feeling left out but you were used to just blankly sitting there while everyone ignored your presence. Sometimes they did it so well, you felt as if you were a ghost looking in on the lives of the living. It wasn’t like you hadn’t tried to get closer to your peers. It was just you were a bit…awkward. Well “a bit” was an understatement. But you still hoped at least one your classmates would give you more time to show that you were more than just the shy, anxious girl that they had categorized you as. Although you had hope that someone would come along to offer their friendship, you were so used to seeming invisible to your classmates that you didn’t try anymore. You simply attended school and only spoke when appropriate, and for you, that was usually just when the teacher spoke to you.

“Hey Jeno, want to play basketball after school?”

You looked up and saw Mark, one of your popular classmates, talking to Jeno. Jeno has been your crush for some time now but no matter how hard you tried to come out of your shell, he was one person that you always got too nervous to talk to. When you looked towards Jeno, you somehow found him already looking your way. It seemed like he was staring right at you but you figured he had just zoned out and forgot you were even in that direction. It wasn’t until he noticed that you were staring back at him that he gave you a small smile causing you to quickly turn your head around in embarrassment. You could have sworn you heard a small chuckle come from him before he turned back towards Mark.

“No, sorry man. I have something else to do later.”

You looked out the window as you continued waiting patiently for the bell. You tried to forget the small encounter with Jeno by admiring the tall trees near the school. The leaves of them were slowly turning different shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown due to the fall season approaching. You were glad since the coziness of fall always made your anxious feelings melt away a little bit. It was almost like the wax melting off the candles that you burned for the sweet smell. Although it could take some time for the scent to spread across a room, it was always great to enjoy the mood the warm scent left over. You wish people would see you like that.  You wish Jeno would see you like that. As soon as you finished that thought, you heard the bell ring, signaling the dismissal of students. You hurriedly grabbed your things and sprinted out the door and down the halls. You didn’t want to run into anyone so you always tried to be the very first or last person out of your class. You were just about to exit the gate of the school when you heard someone calling your name, followed by loud footsteps.

“Y/A! Hey, Y/A! Slow down!”

You turned around and saw Jeno running towards you. He was running so fast he could barely stop himself from almost colliding into you. You closed your eyes out of instinct, expecting to be pushed down which, fortunately, didn’t happen. You waited a few seconds before reopening your eyes when you were sure that he hadn’t ran into you. You opened your eyes and saw Jeno’s face just a few inches from yours. Your heart starting beating fast from the close proximity but Jeno didn’t seem to notice. He was leaning up on his toes, causing him to look even taller as he tried to balance himself. You couldn’t take the close proximity anymore so you casually stepped back giving him room to take a step forward and rebalance himself.  You waited patiently for him to start speaking as he wiped the sweat from his run off of his face.

“Wow Y/A. You’re a really fast walker! I almost couldn’t keep up.”

He knows my name. How?

“Uh ye-yeah. I guess I am…”

He chuckled at your simple reply and just continued to stand there smiling down at you, his eye smile showing more prominently now. You were shifting awkwardly from foot to foot as you waited for him to say something. It seemed as if he was waiting on you to speak first since a few moments had passed and he was still silent.

“Well…if that’s all you have to say, I’ll be going now,” you said, already beginning to walk away.

“No wait! I’ll walk with you.”


“Well, I know we live in the same neighborhood and…I don’t know. I just thought it would be fun for us to be walking buddies or something!”

What is this? One of those cliché movies where the girl gets betted on by the popular guy and his friends?

“Umm. Thanks but no thanks. I’m fine walking alone.”

You began walking off once again, this time in a speedier fashion. You could hear Jeno behind you trying to catch up as he called your name out loudly. You chose to ignore him and instead began walking faster until you were positive he wasn’t behind you anymore.

You reached home and found it empty of your parents. They were on a business trip and that meant you would be home alone all weekend.

If only I had some friends to invite over.

Since it was Friday, you decided to just stay in and watch some movies. You were watching movies back to back when you heard a knock at the door.

I’m not expecting anybody… I wonder who that is.

You cautiously got up to answer the door. As you looked outside the peephole, you saw Jeno.

Oh my gosh. He must really want to win this bet. I might be shy but I’m not dumb. I’m going to tell him that!

You opened the door and saw Jeno’s face instantly light up with his famous eye smile.

“Hey Y/A! My mo-“

“So how much?”

“mo-wait, what?”

“How much are they paying you?”

“…how much are who paying me?”

“Your friends. Aren’t you getting some kind of reward for making me fall in love with you?”

“What!? Fall in love with- Y/A, what are you talking about? Nobody is paying me to make you fall in love with me! I mean, if they were, the reward would be a good relationship I guess…but that’s not the point! What are you talking about?”

“You…aren’t in some kind of bet to be my friend or something like that…?”



Oh crap. I guess my anxiety made me come to an irrational conclusion once again. He probably thinks I’m so strange! This is so embarrassing!!

You were about to apologize when Jeno began laughing.

Of course it’s funny that I would think he would be my friend, even if he were to get paid.

You quickly muttered an apology under your breath and began to shut the door, only to have it blocked by Jeno’s foot.

“Wait wait! I’m-I’m sorry for laughing! It’s just, you’re hilarious Y/A!”

“Yeah, yeah. Laugh all you want. Just…what do you want?”

“Well, before I was interrupted, I was going to tell you that my mom cooked and was asked by your mom to bring you some! Your mom said you would probably spend all weekend “cooped up and might forget to eat” so I brought the food over for you. Here!”

Wow mom. Thanks for making me sound like a loser to my crush.

“Oh uh, thanks Jeno….well since I’ve embarrassed myself enough, I’ll see you later.”

“Wait! Is that [Insert Amazing Halloween movie here] I hear playing?”

“Um yeah…I know it’s not October yet but I’ve been having Halloween and fall fever lately…it’s stupid, I know…”

“No it’s not! And I love watching that movie during the fall season! Can I come in and watch it with you?”

“Uh-um y-yeah. Sure, if you wa-want to.”


You opened the door wide and let Jeno in. You both went to sit in the living room to enjoy the movie. You sat awkwardly on one end of the couch while Jeno sat on the other, already beginning to get into the movie. You couldn’t concentrate on the movie for the first few minutes due to Jeno’s close presence but after a while, you managed to get comfortable enough to focus. You almost forgot he was even there until the movie was coming to an end and he began speaking again. As he asked you question about your other favorite fall movies, you slowly slipped into a relaxed conversation. You two talked for a long time, learning more about each other than you would think possible with your intense shyness and anxiety. It wasn’t until his phone rang that you even noticed how long you two were talking. You also didn’t notice how close you were now sitting. You backed away slightly as Jeno answered his phone. After he finished talking to the person, he hung up and turned back to you.

“Sorry. That was my mom telling me that I should come home now since it’s so late.”

“O-Oh. It’s fine. You should probably get going then.”

“Y-Yeah…I should.”

Although he should have left, Jeno just sat there quietly staring at you just as you were staring at him. You didn’t know how to break the silence so you just turned away, hoping he would give his goodbye’s and leave before your heart burst out of your chest from his intense stare.


You looked up at Jeno and saw him sitting close to you once again. You were shocked and didn’t know what to do so you just waited for him to say something.

“Will you got out with me on a date…tomorrow?”

Jeno looked down shyly at his hand placed near yours on the couch.

Wait…He wants to go on a date? With me?! This must be a prank.

“Jeno…are you…are you serious? This isn’t some kind of joke, right?”

“What?! No! I already told you, it’s not like that. I’m not like that.”

“Then why do you want to get closer to me all of a sudden?”

“All of a sudden? Y/A, I’ve always wanted to be close to you. I just wanted to give you your own time to come out of your shell but since you don’t seem to be doing that anytime soon, I decided to speed up the process so we can be friends…and then maybe more in the future when you’re ready.”

“Wait, so you like me?…Are you sure? I mean I’m not the prettiest or the most outgoing or-“

“Stop it! Of course I’m sure! I wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t. And you are so beautiful to me! I just want to stay by your side. I know you’re probably insecure do to your shyness but trust me. I’ll be your guardian angel and I’ll prove that you can overcome your shyness. I know I want to be with you. Please give me a chance? I’m being sincere.”

“Wow. You’re really mature for a 16 year old. I’ll accept to going on a date with you tomorrow. But since I don’t talk a lot, it might get boring.”

“Nothing could be boring with you, Y/A.”

Jeno grabbed your hand and gave it a firm squeeze before pulling you up off of the couch with him. As he stood before you, he really did seem like an angel with a halo shining above his head.

“Well, I guess I should go before my mom calls again. Thanks for the movie night Y/A.”

“Thanks for the food and for coming over. I’ll walk you to the door.”

Jeno flashed you his eye smile one more time before quickly kissing your cheek and walking out the door, leaving you in shock from his boldness. You got into bed later that night after eating the delicious food Jeno’s mom had cooked. You were full and almost asleep when you received a call. You looked at your phone and saw that the number belonged to Jeno. You tried to shake the sleep off as you answered the phone.


“Hey Y/A. Were you sleeping? I’ll call back tomorrow.”

“N-no! It’s fine. I was still awake….what’s up?”

“I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overstepping my boundaries by kissing you on the cheek earlier…”

“No, you’re fine…I like it.”

“Ok, good. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow….goodnight, princess.”

hmmMMM he just called me princess!

“Oh uh, ok haha. Good night Jeno. Sweet dreams.”

You went to sleep that night dreaming of your guardian angel.

I don’t know if you guys can tell but i am ready for fall because it is too hot outside! i tried to be fake deep at the beginning but then i remembered this was supposed to be fluff

New Beginnings 

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Iwaoi, Oikurobo (platonic)

[Fighter! Au Tag]

A/N: Sequel to Welcome to the gym! I actually had a lot of fun with this and I introduced a whole set of new characters too. As always, @ryugazakkis helped so much with the ideas and everything! Feel free to share head canons or ideas, my askbox is open~ 

Oikawa’s a smart man.

This isn’t just a self-proclaimed observation, this is fact. He’s observant, with a keen eye and a sense for the feelings of those around him. He has a fantastic memory and his wit is sharp and fiery, fine tuned after years of practise. He’s no genius, but his instincts are honed to perfection and on point, and he’s used to figuring people out at the drop of a hat.

Which is why it pisses him off to no end when he can’t, for the life of him, figure out Bokuto and Kuroo.

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╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 10: Favorite making of/documentary/interview: Mein Teil Making Of

Yeah, yeah, two days with Mein Teil, I know, but what can I do? I would pick an interview, but honestly, I don’t want to have too much Richard here, because y’all know I’d pick one of his lol and honestly, I just love everything about the Mein Teil making of. It just makes me happy, I can watch a thousand times tbh and wouldn’t get tired. (The Du Riechst So Gut ‘98 was a potential one, but…). I really could be spending days here to talk about it, but instead I just made gifs of the boys being pretty and just overall great, so, yeah, enjoy ~ and besides, guys, who doesn’t love Frau Schneider? I know I do. And I love Zoran also, y’all can fight me. (Plus look at how happy they look in the last gif)

Full Challenge Here.

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why i like homestuck

- really good mythos. i think one of the parts that’s really stuck with me the most is when john’s like “i’m supposed to save the world right nanna?” and nannasprite is just like “lmao hell no it’s way too late for that! your destiny is much bigger” IM BIGTIME PARAPHRASING but it’s really epic and cool
- it’s basically an Internet Age creation myth TBH and it’s really neat
- great character development + really well thought out characters (mostly). all dialogue is delivered via text chat logs and it really gives you an incredible feel for the characters
- not an overwhelming amount of heterosexuality TBH… a great majority of the characters that the story focuses on are gay or bi
- really well-written female characters like homestuck is up there with ATLA on my “best female characters ever” list. they’re incredibly memorable and not cliche at all. not that “passing the bechdel test” means anything but homestuck passes the bechdel test with flying fucking colors….. it genuinely set a new standard for what i want to see wrt female characters interacting with each other entirely outside of male characters
- really cool villains!! my fav villain is actually doc scratch because he’s the slimiest and creepiest and was really well done (he is a man in a green suit with a cue ball for a head…) but all of them – bec noir (demon dog with a sword, i shit you not), her imperious condescension (evil power hungry immortal alien queen), and lord english himself (universe devouring demon with pool balls for eyes) are all super fucking cool. capes and masks are so blade these villains are fucking MEMORABLE
- a feast for the eyes! some of the stuff in homestuck is just pixels/simple art and some of it’s an honest to god eyesore… BUT there’s a lot of really beautiful imagery with some killer color palettes (the land of light and rain definitely comes to mind) that’s TBH really cool & neat

altogether homestuck is a pretty big undertaking and can get confusing but it’s totally fucking worth it. there’s some necessary content warnings about uses of slurs and some generally inappropriate shit, which kind of sucks (it’s Problematic to say the very least) but outside of that it’s really an incredible piece of media & 100% unlike anything else you’ll ever read, watch, or see in your life

since the end is coming soon i really genuinely do recommend homestuck to anyone who’s ever considered getting into it, now is a great time & ppl like me LOVE to help out and explain things to anyone who gets confused or caught up

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I noticed that in Dark Cupid too! Like she didn't get all mad at Sabrina, her reaction (to me) was more like "Great more bad pictures/publicity." I mean like her dad has been mayor now 4? terms, I wouldnt be surprised if she's used to that kinda thing, used to the news throwing her under the bus for every little thing, even if she is just a kid. Tbh, the spoiled rich kid look is probably expected of her, safer because why would the news care as much if she's doing what's expected of her?

ooh, yes that’s true! chloe is probably used to the publicity. i think she has thick skin with stuff like that. *PERSONALLY* i think she has thicker skin in general than people think and while i’m sad she’s been reduced to the spoiled rich kid trope so far, i’m still open and eager to seeing them develop her more. :)

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002 Victuuri!

  • when of if I started shipping it. ok tbh i started yoi between eps 2 and 3, and because of that i only lowkey shipped thembecause at the time i was still recovering from the greatness that was pokemon xy&z, but when episode seven aired. i literally screamed when i saw that kiss. and that was when i was like, “this ship is canon, this ship is real, this ship has blessed me”.
  • my thoughts: i really have too much to say about them, so i’m just going to do a crappy summary: THESE TWO MEN ARE LITERALLY MADE FOR EACH OTHER THEY COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER IN SO MANY WAYS THEY HELP EACH OTHER IN SO MANY WAYS SEASON 2 WILL BE A BLESSING FOR THIS SHIP
  • What makes me happy about them: episode 12
  • What makes me sad about them: literally……WHEN ARE THE TWO OF THEM GOING TO HAVE A SERIOUS HEART TO HEART AND TALK ABOUT THEIR DFEELINGS. I mean their relationship is probably healthy enough but they really need to stop having misunderstandings ;;;;
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: s m u t. i never like smut fanfics at all so i try to avoid them but when i come across it i just. ugh. please tag your smut with the appropriate rating writers……..and then also theres ooc yuuri (aka assertive yuuri which is just…….it doesn’t make sense to me im sorry)
  • things I look for in fanfic: literally anything that touches on viktor’s past
  • My kinks: no i dont want to answer this sorry
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: uh………………………
  • My happily ever after for them: both of them retire and begin living together in either st. petersburg or hasetsu, obviously, but yuuri also becomes a coach and coaches minami.

thanks so much for asking!!

send me a number and a fandom/ship/character! (yoi, free pokemon ONLY)

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I don't get why Brian and Mia get this great couple storyline, like they went through some shit too but at least it was properly written. Dom and Letty have been through so much and now that Brian and Mia are gone they have to fuck them up even more? To an extent where it's just getting ridiculous? Even Dom feels out of character. I mean, he turns on HIS WIFE to save his BABY MAMA! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!??

Brian and Mia had it so easy compared to Dom and Letty and that is something I always envied them for tbh. I like that couple, I’m happy they got to share so many precious moments, and I’m sad Paul’s passing put an end to it, but really, us Dom and Letty shippers have been through so much, it’s not fair! It’s just not!

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Matt Daddyasslessrio is such a good egg though. He knew the shit going on and still held a live stream and saved Valentine's Day. I love this mayo man tbh. Hope you had a great day too, yayra!!♥♥

he really is a good egg, everyone managed to forget about the fuckery sh pulled when he did that stream so it was really nice of him to speak up on how he felt while calming everyone down. and he’s just a sweetheart over all, idk free me from this white man because i love him wayyy too much. i hope you have a great day too anon! 💙

honestly I feel like this needs to be said so thank you for saying all these nice things about my face what the fuck? like it’s wild tbh because my selfies never get this much feedback it’s weird….. what a confidence booster tbqh……. like idk what’s going on that isn’t even a super great pic like I took that shit in my bathroom 20 seconds before sprinting out the door to go buy comics…… I love you guys??? ur too fucking nice????? in general too tho, not just regarding this specific selfie… y'all are sweeties and I don’t deserve u and it freaks me out


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I felt like I should share that I just got got my second tattoo and now I have Bodhi Rook's face on my arm and it is the greatest thing I have ever done. But also I hope you are having a fantastic day and that this is a great week for you!

omG DAMN THAT’S SO COOL THO bodhi is so pure that’s a Perfect choice tbh

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2.7k followers and barely any notes. Even the other admin that was here hated you and found you annoying lol. Catch on already. No one is here for YOU, they're here for your WRITING, so don't get pissed when people point that out. don't call yourself a writer but instead just whine all the time about how much your life sucks. you're not special. everyone has issues, and lots of people have issues with you

No notes? Let’s see… the number of notes on my last scenario was 68 which by my calculations is 68x more friends than you have. Then again I’m not that great at math,, that number seems too high tbh

I was gonna delete this but I had to post it made me laugh bitch logic - if they didn’t care about me why haven’t they all left me for not updating? Why are they taking time out of their lives to defend me? And why do you have so little a life that you sit at home hiding behind those anon shades spewing out thoughtless arguements? Thank you for entertaining me so much you sad little anon, I hope you realise the other admin left because she’s the bitch in the wrong, I hope you realise this is fueled by jealousy because I’m popular, people care and wait for it - I’m a genuinely good person and your pettiness is really funny to me right now. Love you thanks for making me smile, my followers are just the best :“”)

-Admin Belle

Miraculous ships

There’s not enough art for miraculous ships. I mean, there is, but I’d like to see other pairings besides the cannon? One of the funnest parts about fanon ships is that you can see the diversity in characters that could possibly be a pairing. Y’know? Two characters that you think would make a great pair. A little canon is fine, but too much is just a little boring :/

I’m not a huge fan of Marinette/Adrien. It’s just a bit too cliche for me. Tbh, I want more Adrinino and Alyanette.


So I’m just casually searching Seventeen for whatever reason (I already know too much about them but I was curious how tall Dino was bc I forgot lol) & I was just looking at all the members profiles. So tell me why everyone is labeled as a (lead) vocalist except China line. Seriously… I know some sources are not very reliable but why does no one give them the credit they deserve. Anyone who has ever seen seventeen tv or any of their predebut stuff, they know that Jun has great vocals. Minghao has shown us his great vocals too but tbh I feel like they haven’t been given many proper chances. Please stop treating Jun & Minghao like they aren’t as important in the group. I know a lot of us do show them love & I’m happy when people comment on how great they are but when I see stuff like this I get kinda upset & confused as to why they aren’t considered (at least that’s how it seems) as important. Its the fact that stuff like this has happened more than once. They don’t have to be your bias or anything but please just remember they work just as hard & sacrificed just as much as the others.