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So, I know that the line in this scene was probably meant to be amusing and that I’m just digging way too deep into this show. But after seeing all the theories regarding the lack of development regarding Victor’s family, his home life, and just his background brought this to my attention.

So when Yuri was late to practice, Victor wasn’t angry but instead made a joke about how only an airline has made him wait this long. And yes, at first glance I thought it was amusing. However, we are talking about (according to episode 1) five time consecutive champion Victor Nikiforov. 

There is a distinct lack of Victor’s background (specifically his family) which is odd for a show about love. Of the three main characters we know at least some things about both Yuri and Yurio’s family and home life. But we know almost nothing about Victor. What we do know just convinces me more that Victor probably has no family, or isn’t on speaking terms with them,

We know his coach, Yakov, was the only person to see Victor off (or try and convince him to stop) when Victor left. We know Yurio was the only person to try and bring him home. We’ve seen a single snapshot of his wealthy apartment/condo. It’s been over eight months since Victor left Russia and he’s had no on screen communication with family or friends (that weren’t at competitions). And then there’s Maccachin, who only exists and we know nothing about Maccachin’s origin. We literally only know that Maccachin is important to Victor. 

This got me thinking… maybe Victor is telling the truth. This man has had the skating world dancing in his palm since he began competing. His only goal has been to surprise the audience, because winning is expected of him. He has no one to beat, no more goals to overcome – he only wants to surprise people.

And people love him. They attend to him. They cater to his every need. The man is wealthy and has innumerable fans. People treat him like a celebrity. Every interaction (at least the first interaction) he has with nearly every character results in someone idolizing Victor (heart eyes from crowds, nose bleeds, awe, etc.). I mean, Yurio heard the radio, Victor had already quit skating and the radio still called him “our national hero”. 

Nobody has treated Victor like a regular human for a while. Even Yuri, who treated Victor as a distant goal or idol in the beginning of the story. And slowly, Yuri became one of the only people to treat Victor like a regular person, like an equal. Yuri lets him wait. Yuri tells him that he’s not allowed to take pictures in the onsen. Yuri barges into his room at late hours of the night. Yuri yells at Victor. Yuri is probably one of the only people who treat Victor like a human.

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jumping on @boopliette ’s “Sonny does not wear appropriate winter clothing” headcanon like there’s no tomorrow because I love it (and her, and all her art) with a practise sketch!

Some of my favourite Bones episodes are BB centric episodes and also dramatic episodes, but that doesn’t mean that the show can be focused on Booth and Brennan all the time (and only on them) and be dramatic all the time. I am pretty sure s12 will be hella dramatic starting from like mid season (even before that, spoilers hint that ep 4 will be pivotal) but I really appreciate the balance. They are giving a closure to EVERYONE. And it’s so right, otherwise the show would feel chopped. Everyone has their preference, there’s people who would love to see Booth and Brennan for 42 minutes every week, but every character on this show deserves a send off. I am one of the people who doesn’t think that the show lacks any BB, but would it be fair to just ignore everyone else?? Last week (and this week too) they closed Hodgins’ storyline (in a great way too), this week we said goodbye to Daisy. And it was great. Also, they introduced Max’s storyline and it was really solid. They did it lowkey, but the scene in Brennan’s office was amazing and so was the final scene. I have always appreciated the way Bones did drama, it was never too much or never too loud. Everyone can cry and scream all the time, yell or things like that, but is that good drama? Good drama could also be a dad watching his daughter turning 40 and realizing he won’t be there any longer. It was very dramatic to me, even if there was no crying or screaming (yet.) Also, the best thing about this episode was that Brennan’s gift was the realization that the happyness of those around her was everything she could have asked for. Brennan had money, success, beauty even when she was 28, when the show started. But she lacked family and friends and she was extremely unhappy. Now she is in her 40s, she has a husband, two biological children and another kid she basically considers her child. She has friends and colleagues that look up to her. Even in s9-10, when she had so many of these things already, she still struggled with professional jealousy, which was unpleasant to witness sometimes, but not even that hard to understand, since Brennan is a genius. The fact that now she has evolved EVEN more, makes everything so worth it. Not to mention the fact that Booth gave her the best present, just like when he showed her that she gave Zack the best one as well.

sometimes when I’m having a bad day I remember how steve and bucky once blew their train money on hotdogs, hitched a ride in the back of an ice truck, how bucky made steve ride the cyclone with him, how they were inseparable in school and during the war, how bucky remembers the newspaper in steves shoes, how they went to the beach together, to starks expo together, to a baseball game together, shared the same apartment, accidentally synchronized their movements, went on double dates together, slept on couch cushions on the floor as kids, hid away at the bar together and I just…

say it with me now–





Lardo, 5″1′ tiny manager Lardo, sneezes like thunder and violently erupting volcanoes. Bitty fears that the house will collapse from the force of her sneeze.

Holster, 6″4′ all american jock Holster, sneezes like a tiny, little kitten who just got a little too cold. It always amuses Ransom especially because Holster sneezes in multiples of 3.