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sirius black was thirteen when minerva mcgonagall saw the quill he was writing with jerk across the paper and the way his hand curled into a fist for a moment when she called for ‘mr. black’ to answer a question on transfiguring large animals. she stopped calling him mr. black after that, and ignored questions from other students about why she called him by his first name unlike everyone else.

sirius was seventeen when minerva forgot he and james weren’t really related and called sirius ‘mr. potter’ during a detention he’d been given. he smiled at her and pretended he didn’t have tears in her eyes, and told her he was much too attractive to be james’ twin, but didn’t ever correct her. she did it again later, on purpose this time, and noticed how pleased he looked. she called him by it more often after that, and every time she did he seemed to light up.

he was thirty-three when she saw him for the first time in over a decade, and it was the first time she thought he resembled his lineage. his eyes were hollow and empty, and she couldn’t reconcile him with the boy she knew years before. he went back to being ‘mr. black,’ and he no longer had the energy to flinch away from the name.

in the jacksepticeye community, we don’t say “i love you” we collectively scream in unison at zalgo text and i think that’s beautiful.

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i didn't even think of robert cheating at first i thought magnus was talking about how robert and maryse lied to their kids for years about not being members of the circle rlfnelrnfelnflnerfnlkref

I think it was a reference to all those things tbh waoejfwoa the Lightwoods don’t really have a reputation of being honest about much. In all seriousness, though, it’s very telling that this is the point Magnus chooses to attack – like it’s definitely a harsh blow but it isn’t one that came out of nowhere. Magnus fell for Alec in large part for his honesty. That has always been the consistent thing about Alec – he was always upfront and honest even when his honesty meant he said some foolish things before he could think better of it. Alec has never once lied to Magnus until now.

And honesty is something Magnus values deeply, especially after having been jerked around for decades by Camille but also just in general. You can tell from the friends he keeps, people like Ragnor, Luke, and Raphael who don’t hesitate to tell him what’s on their mind even if they’re not exactly delicate about it. (We haven’t met Catarina on the show yet, but she’s much the same in personality, too, in the books.)

On top of everything else he’s been through and what this means for the Downworld, it’s why Magnus’ reaction is so severe. Like, he was really out for blood and even Luke had to tell him to chill the fuck out. It’s understandable why Magnus lost it, but Luke’s voice of reason isn’t wrong: Alec is trying and objectively, we know he’s a more trustworthy ally than the Seelie Queen. But while it’s true that they’re very powerful, it’s also worth noting that Magnus’ snap decision was to ally with the only Downworlders technically incapable of lying. At its core, this is what it comes down to – that someone he trusted so deeply lied to him.

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I've been doing a rewatch of TCW, and I have to ask the question: are we really supposed to believe that Luke Skywalker never ran into Hondo Ohnaka? I mean a huge bounty attached to a Skywalker name and Hondo doesn't attempt a kidnapping for old times sake? No ransom and double-cross? No attempts to get him drunk while talking about Kenobi? No offers to transport illegal weapons? (*sniff*Anakin from that arc would have been so proud of his insurrectionist kids😭)

At first I thought you were going to go with Luke as a small child somehow running into him on Tatooine, but oh man – Luke post-ANH is way better, because they can openly discuss Obi-Wan and Anakin and get drunk together after Hondo attempts to kidnap or swindle him. Yes: they totally ran into each other at least once. 

There’s Luke, out running around the galaxy trying to Uncover the Secrets of the Jedi and whatnot, and maybe Hondo tries to sell him counterfeit Jedi artifacts or take him hostage to get that reward he heard the Empire is offering. Luke is furious: look pal, he’s just trying to learn how to be a Jedi like his father before him! and that’s when Hondo is like WAIT your FATHER was a JEDI WHICH ONE WHICH ONE I HAD SO MANY VERY CLOSE JEDI FRIENDS!! 

Luke tells him that his dad was Anakin Skywalker, and Hondo is beside himself with glee. He’s got some (very embellished) stories – and a really good, 100% true story about a time that Anakin and Obi-Wan got drunk at his house and ended up passing out. (He, uh, leaves out the part where he may have electrocuted them.)

I feel like this is going to end with Hondo as like, Luke’s weird uncle who occasionally shows up to sleep on Luke’s couch or try to goad him into some ridiculous scheme. 

There’s a certain level of emptiness inside that I can’t write about, I have tried– I tend to come up short, does anyone else feel this sort of thing? I feel like there’s a piece of me that I should be throwing away, or is it because I don’t know how to keep anything for myself? Heavy lies the heart that gives too much, too often. Maybe I’m too emotional, but it’s still there. One second everything is fine, the very next all hell breaks loose. Am I doomed to feel this sort of thing? Alas, there’s this haunting feeling creeping down my spine, there’s a hand piercing its way out from inside of my chest– I don’t want to live is a mantra for some days, does it go away? If so, how?