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“Some governments do hate us,” she insisted. “They hate anything they can’t control, and Hunters are a threat to their law and order. Because we have our own law and order. Few years ago I caught a criminal called Donatello Bratva. In a town called Vladinberg. He was a post-soviet mobster and I was paid in secret by the acting secretary of the country himself. Their government had this rule against associating with Hunters after the Ant War because we’re presumably"—she lifted a lazy hand to air quote—”‘wildcards’. I had to pretend that I was just a regular mercenary.“

I scoffed. “Isn’t the Hunter Association the very reason the Ant War had ended?”

“Yes, but after seeing what the late Chairman did to win the day against the King; hiding a poisonous bomb inside his chest, some governments around the world now regard Hunters as proof of ‘the ruthlessness of the human animal’ and ‘the marriage of brutality with nobility’, and that’s why we can’t be trusted. They believe that many of us Hunters have no problem sacrificing too much in order to win, prove a point, or get our way.” Shrugging, she added, “Which is true,” and then took a long swig of her beer.

- Chapter 52  

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