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hey, i dont mean this to come off as confrontational and its a genuine question, but why do you ship kirishima and bokuto? i just never noticed it while reading and i wonder how u like, first thought of it and stuff. it seems p good looking at ur posts about it though!

dont worry about it! As for why I like them as a ship, well their together often like here’s a few examples: 

kirishima is with bakugou for alot of the sports festival arc:

then theres the villain arc:

Then theres also the color page’s where their always close to each other

And the theres also this and I dont even know what to say about this panel:

That and their just cute together to be honest (ps sorry for the long post, im just pump to talk about bakushima!)

Update: since this post is still getting notes (to my surprise!) i thought I should update it and say

This entire current arc started because of kirishima’s broken gay little heart

poor baby, dont worry you’ll get your bf back soon

Update Again!: 


Whats that sound? ITS ANOTHER UPDATE!:

I swear to god this post just keeps getting bigger every new goddamn chapter holy shit

“sheer heart attack has NO weakness! but this post has a new UPDATE!”:

off they go ( i hope they pass please god let them pass)

The ultimate UPDATE embodies the powers of each and every living thing, all lives gather as one. And… How beautiful it shines! Truly the most wonderful thing I have ever beheld… I have finally, finally UPDATED AGAIN!


“tell him to update this post, Johnny”
“you tell him”

Damn, well atleast bakugou’ll just do the extra courses and get his soon so thats a relief. Also YAY KIRISHIMA PASSED

Destiel Fic Rec

Just a heads up: I’m a vanilla type of girl and I basically feed on fluff and happy endings, so don’t expect much angst in those fics. Also, I’m not going to link the fics because it would take forever, but you can just google “title + ao3” et voila! Anyway, enjoy :)


  • These Violent Delights - YOU HAVE TO READ THIS IT’S AMAZING. Cas is human and Dean, Sam, Kevin and Charlie teach him about humanity through Shakespeare. It’s cute, it’s lovely, it’s funny and it will leave you all sweet and warm inside.
  • The Pillow Verse - written before season 9 aired. Domestic fluff in the bunker ;u; (it’s somewhere on tumblr)
  • When Charlie Met Cas - we all know that Charlie not meeting Cas is a crime and a tragedy, but fortunately this wonderful fic exists
  • Face To Face With The Skies - written some time ago, but worth reading nonetheless! Instead of getting killed like in the season 4 finale, Castiel is transported back in time where he meets a seventeen year old Dean. Back in the season 4 timeline, Dean meets Castiel in the barn and is shocked to see that he looks just like the man he loved years ago.
  • Soft Touch Raw Nerve - set in season 2; Dean breaks a leg on a hunt and has to go through physiotherapy. Enter Castiel, his physiotherapist. (just fyi, I find the language in this fic a tad too flowery, but it’s still good!)
  • The Story of You and Me - Dean wakes up one morning in Bobby’s house not knowing how he got there. Or why is he in bed with naked Cas.


  • A Beginners Guide to Communing With The Dead - Dean is a police officer in a reality where magic is a normal thing. To solve a crime he contacts a creature from another dimension - Castiel. IT’S SUPER CUTE YOU HAVE TO READ THIS
  • Bratishka: Little Brother - also a police!au, also super cute. I loved how everyone in the fic knew that Dean and Cas were a thing before those idjits did
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - Jurassic Park au. Enough said.
  • Angel’s Wild - wip, but with weekly updates. IT’S AMAZING YOU HAVE TO READ IT OH MY GOD
  • Hunting For Faith - reverse!verse with priest!Cas and angel!Dean. Written by the same author as Angel’s Wild, so obviosuly it’s also AMAZING
  • Learning Curve - THE SWEETEST THING OH MY GOD I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVED IT. Featuring kindergarten teacher!Dean (MY FAVOURITE THING) and legal guardian!Cas. WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO READ THIS
  • Try-Something Tuesday - again, kindergarten teacher!Dean (I’m sobbing) and librarian!Cas. Also, gay penguins
  • Dark Side Of The Moon - gays in space
  • Cooking with Gas - SO SWEET AND FLUFFY AND HOT
  • Drive Darling - my fic, heh. It’s a wip, but I’ll update it soon and then hopefully keep updating it on a regular basis. Dean is a writer who seeks inspiration on the road, where he meets Castiel. Sweetness and shenanigans ensue.

Some older AUs you all probably already know:

  • Have Love Will Travel - if you haven’t read this yet, you’re missing out big time. It’s one of my all time favourite fics. It’s hot, it’s sweet, it’s well written - GO READ THIS
  • Play It All Night Long - I’ve read it twice and I’ll read it again, it’s amazing. The ending always gets me.
  • Kiss You When It’s Dangerous - ahhh I loved this one! Cas is a detective who gets sucked into the hunter’s life.
  • Crossroads State - IT’S SO SWEET AND ADORABLE OH MY GOD I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS (especially Dean, he’s so loveable in this one)
  • The Voice of a Turtle Dove - Castiel is a priest, Dean is a young boy. It’s the most angsty fic on this list, but it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve read it twice months ago and it still haunts me. I don’t think it’s anywhere on the internet, but I have a pdf so you can contact me about it if you want to read it (and you should)

This is only the tip of the iceberg, my all-time favourites. I have a word document with the titles of all the fics I have read. It’s three pages long. So if I need more recommendations or if you’re looking for something specific, let me know and I will bombard you with amazing Destiel fics :)

An Open Letter to Dan Howell

on June 11th, 2014, I was counseling two-week summer camp, fangirling because it was the 23rd birthday of a youtuber I had discovered only two months earlier. I spent lunch break that day watching his videos, giggling like an idiot.

and here I am, one year later, writing him a list of all the reasons he’s great.

now I know you don’t like your birthday; it’s a lot of unnecessary and unwanted attention. it’s people calling you and giving you presents, leaving you with the obligation to say “oh thank you” on repeat for at least a week.

but this is something you don’t have to say thank you for. don’t try to say “oh I’m nothing special” or be bashful; I’m simply telling the truth, and there’s no need to feel like you don’t deserve to hear the truth.

24 Reasons Why Dan’s Not a Fail (yay!) (in no particular order)

  1. He’s attractive. While looks are not everything, it would only be fair to include the fact that you’re cute. From your dimples to your cute lil tummy, everything about you is nice to look at (especially accidental model Dan Howell like that’s gr8.). 
  2. He’s intelligent. While you see your opinions and thoughts on things you’re passionate about as rambling or waffling, I personally find them to be well-thought-out and gracefully worded. That’s part of why I love your liveshows so much; I love hearing your thoughts on things you care about. I (and many others) would be so willing to just sit and listen to you talk for hours because when you feel strongly about something, everything you say about it is so well-put and eloquent and articulate.
  3. He’s successful. At 24 years old, you should be just out of college, still trying to find your place in the world. Instead, you’re living in London with your best friend and working for one of the largest radio companies in the world. You’ve met, interviewed, and played little games with countless celebrities. I mean you and your best friend have written a book and been in an Oscar-winning film for god’s sake, and that’s pretty damn incredible.
  4. He’s nerdy. You get really enthusiastic about anime and music and video games, which is extremely adorable. You whole-heartedly, completely unironically love so many things that most people I know would look at me strangely for liking, and I love that about you.
  5. He’s a survivor. From dropping out of university to the multiple existential crises, you made it. Even when you had no hope for yourself, even when all seemed pointless and you felt as though you had no worth, you kept going. You survived, and because of you, I survived too.
  6. He’s selfless. You care so much about others, sometimes more than yourself. You seem to go out of your way to help others, and that’s something not many people will do nowadays.
  7. He’s relatable. From your reflections on the universe to your fear of the dark (tbh same), people watch your videos and they understand where you’re coming from. Although it wasn’t until I started watching your videos that I started to realize that I have a place in the universe and became self-aware, which is both the greatest and worst thing to have happened to me in a while.
  8. He’s inspirational. Your videos have inspired so many people. More specifically, you’ve inspired me to start making youtube videos. It would be a dream to create content as creative and funny as yours, but just making the videos would be enough. 
  9. He’s heroic. From personal experience, you’re a hero. You - and many others - saved me from myself, saved me when I felt lost and hopeless and alone. Numerous people (including myself) are on the road to recovery from mental disorders because you helped them get there.
  10. He’s humble. You refuse compliments even though you deserve them. You don’t believe you’re anything special when you are. You don’t let people tell you how lovely you are, even though it’s one of the truest things about you.
  11. He’s sarcastic. You’re full of witty comments and sarcastic remarks. From one smart-ass to another, your sarcasm is just another great thing about you.
  12. He’s funny. From your “Danecdotes” to random comments in liveshows, your somewhat dry sense of humor paired with your sarcasm makes for a comedic style that cannot be replicated.
  13. He’s awkward. Just another relatable thing about you is that you’re awkward. As someone who is very prone to feeling alone in a crowded room or feeling overwhelmed in large crowds, I find knowing that you sometimes find yourself in the same situation a bit comforting.
  14. His ironic appreciation. Your ironic love for Comic Sans, swag, yolo, etc. is one of the dorkiest and cutest things I have ever seen. Although I do sometimes worry whether or not it’s all ironic.
  15. His meme-ness. There is no denying that you are meme trash (with a surprisingly good doge face), but you’re cute meme trash so it’s okay. (Also I - a stupid American - am now educated on how to speak Lad so thanks for that, too.)
  16. His laugh is contagious. Whether you’re laughing at one of Phil’s silly jokes or something else, I can’t help but laugh along with you.
  17. His smile is a beacon of light. Your smile is possibly one of the greatest things I have ever seen. You seem to light up a room whenever you’re happy, and your smile is just another thing that glows.
  18. His fashion sense. Although some of the things you wear might seem odd to some people (but they look damn good on you tbh), your wardrobe is something I envy. I always seem to find myself wondering “wow where did he get that shirt?”, occasionally paired with “holy shit I can’t afford that what the fuck is this?”
  19. His friendship with Phil. You and Phil’s friendship is one of the most genuine friendships I have ever seen. I can only hope that one day, I will find that companion. 
  20. His taste in music. Although I personally don’t listen to rap music, I love your appreciation for weird artists (also I used to hate Kanye but now I have a respect for his music). The first Muse song I ever heard was “Panic Station” on one of the old radio shows, and now they’re one of my favorite bands. An old friend originally introduced me to Fall Out Boy, and now - despite not really listening to them when he was still my friend - I own all of their songs (my favorite song is “Coffee’s For Closers” even though that’s irrelevant information). You introduced me to St. Vincent and My Chemical Romance, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the 630-song iTunes library that reminds me that I’m alive. 
  21. He can play the piano. Despite your arguments that you’re bad at it, you’re actually really good. As a matter of fact, I asked my mom if she would teach me to play because of you. I actually taught myself three songs; well, part of three songs (the intro to “Welcome to the Black Parade”, the intro to “The End of All Things”, and the intro to “Terrible Things”), but I’m learning.
  22. He’s a star. Dan, simply put, you glow. In everything you do, you shine and sparkle and glow. You are made of starstuff. We all are, and that is why we are all beautiful.
  23. He’s wise beyond his years. You’re smart, Dan. You know so much for someone so young, and you’ll only learn more as you get older. You have taught me so much about life, about my existence. You know more than I can ever hope to learn, but I hope that you can teach me more.
  24. He’s only 24. Dan, you’re still so young. There is so much life ahead of you. Few people are your age and as successful as you are. There are still so many things you haven’t experienced, so many things you are yet yo learn, so many days left to enjoy.

Dan, life is short. You helped show me that. You helped show me that I only have one life to live, and that I’ve got to have the courage to live it. Because of people like you, I’m figuring out what I want to do with my life. I’ve figured out that I want to go to an arts school in my state to take writing classes during my last two years of high school. I’ve figured out that I want to move to London when I’m older. I’ve figured out that I want to be a youtuber and a writer. I know so much more about myself than I did a year ago.

“I don’t know who I am, but now I know who I’m not.” This lyric by one of my favorite artists (Sleeping At Last) could not be more true to me. 

I’m still young, and yet I know so much about life. In comparison to the vast expanse of the universe, I am but a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of it, and that’s okay. I know death is inevitable. I know that I only have a relatively short amount of time to really live, but because of you and Phil and so many others, I know how I want to live it. There’s so much to life that I have yet to learn, and it wasn’t until recently that I started wanting to learn it.

Daniel James Howell - born June 11, 1991 - turned 24 today. He still has his whole life ahead of him, and yet he’s done so much with it already.

For anyone else reading this, you still have your whole life ahead of you. There is so much life has to offer, and you only have a short amount of time to experience it. I was in a bad place a year ago, caught in a war with depression. Since then, I’ve started to recover. We all have bad days, and that’s okay. It’s okay not to be okay.

But because of this man, this meme-loving, anime-watching dork of a man, I know that I will be okay.

So, Daniel James Howell - danisnotonfire - thank you.

*me watching romcoms through middle and high school* wow these movies totally exaggerate…they act like falling in love with a man is the most wonderful magical thing ever…everyone knows it’s just another average part of life like getting a job or moving to your first house or something…

*me now* holy shit I can’t wait to fall in love with a woman…I can’t wait to stay in bed all day watching Netflix and hold her hand while I drive and surprise her with her favorite food and kiss her hairline it’s gonna be the most wonderful magical thing ever

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I kinda want to know... What do you see in your favorite ship- what is it about them together that makes you love it so?

Well to no one’s surprise, my favorite ship is Cecilos. Why? 

  • It’s godamn canon. Fuck. Yes
  • Both of the character’s involved are super complex, and you always see new sides of them. It’s like they are actual people instead of stereotypes. Woah.
  • At the same time, there is a lot left for imagination and headcanons, Meaning a lot of wonderful fan-creations! Fanfics, fanart and theories everywhere also smut heck yeah
  • Even though being canon, Cecilos does not at all follow the “omg our biggest problem is that we are gay oh noes what shall we do in this cruel society!!” it’s more “wait shit the toaster grew sentient again get the vinegar, sweetie”
  • It is not perfect. Yes- It’s the most adorable thing ever and you can clearly see that they love eachother, but it is not without issues. Despite this, there is no “villain” in the relationship, they are both ridiculous dorks and the new episode guys holy shit.
  • They actually seem like a flawed realistic couple (besides the whole universe they live in. I don’t think most people struggle with other-dimensional deserts.) and it’s wonderful to see a ship portrayed (canonly!!) the way Cecilos is.
  • All in all, it’s just great to see a canonly gay couple portrayed as actual complex people with an actual complex, lovely, weird, frustrating and adorable relationship.
  • Though Carlos get your godamn ass back to Night Vale okay thanks.

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eric bittle's guilty pleasure is probably hallmark's mystery series "murder she baked" and all the books by joanne fluke that the series is based on.

i thought you were fucking with me but i googled and holy shit it’s real oh my god

im lmao at the thought of like… everyone in the haus eventually noticing that bitty tends to hide his book when someone walks in on him reading, so everyone thinks he’s reading cheesy harlequin romance novels and is embarrassed by it

and when one of them finally manages to snag a book out of bitty’s hand (bitty hid it behind his back when ransom walked in and started talking to him, holster showed up and grabbed it from behind his back) they’re basically just like ‘what the fuck’ and chirp him for a little while but holster gets CURIOUS and when he sees one of the books at a used book store he can’t help himself and he buys it and read its and actually kind of loves it?

and from there it’s like a virus, everyone wondering wtf is up with those books and why people in the haus are reading them and before you know it they’re arguing over which recipe from the books bitty needs to make next and they’re all getting together to watch the next movie’s premiere on hallmark until it’s just an accepted thing that everyone in the haus is a huge murder she baked fanatic

even jack watches along via skype and it’s probably the most heartwarming thing bitty has ever seen because holy shit does jack get INTO IT, he doesn’t usually yell that much at the tv unless there’s a hockey game on

(also imagine them road tripping to some kind of nearby convention because the author is going to be there, and they all bring their favorite books for her to sign, oh gosh and bitty talks her ear off but she’s so CHARMED (bc let’s be real who isn’t charmed by bitty) and by SOME MIRACLE they end up exchanging numbers so now bitty sometimes gets the inside scoop and when one of the new books features a small southern figure skater everyone flips the fuck out)

So for those of you who may not know I work at a community pharmacy IRL 

and being a small-town community pharmacy we get a lot of interesting customers (we also have a post office in the same space, one time nick kyrgios’ (yeah the douchebag tennis player) tennis trophy got sent to our post office?? but whatever), but today kind of took the cake

Firstly, a regular customer of ours walked in with a giant cockatoo on her shoulder just casually chillin’

(non-aussie friends: this is a cockatoo)

and I learned that she is the bird equivalent of a crazy cat lady? she rears fifty-six parrots and this particular cockatoo is named ‘Pretty Girl’. Pretty Girl was really well-behaved even though bird lady was at our pharmacy for almost twenty minutes just talking to us about her birds. It literally just sat on her shoulder and nuzzled into her the whole time, it was adorable

Then some generically white aussie dude walked in (I don’t mean to be rude by that description he was literally generic white aussie dude in some security uniform? idk) and asked for some bandaids, and he was lovely, all smiles and ‘how was your day’ and being really polite to me, and then

he goes to pay and pulls out a credit card and I told him we had an eftpos minimum? so he replies ‘aw fair dinkum mate’ and I just kind of. stared at him for a second because who says fair dinkum unironically oh my god 

anyway, he grabbed something else and was like ‘does this do what I think it does’ so I said ‘yes’ and he goes ‘poetry in motion mate thanks for the help’ and I just… poetry in motion who even. who even speaks like this?! oh my god?? idk it was one of the weirdest encounters of my life?? don’t get me wrong, it was adorable, i kind of wanted to hug him he was so lovely but oh god i was choking back laughter the whole time

and THEN poetry in motion dude leaves (i kind of wish i’d asked for his number bc he was cute and i wanna be friends with anyone who speaks like that tbh) and this guy who is dressed in the most impeccable hipster outfit I’ve ever seen in my life walks in with a girl who is most likely his daughter on his arm and I??? Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to not lose it??!?! he didn’t do or say anything funny but oh my god the instant he left I grabbed a loose piece of paper and sketched his outfit out because holy shit. was he going to a costume convention? idk but whatever he was going to next he was dressed up for it

Like????? That WAISTCOAT?! THE HAT? The fucking glasses omg they were the most hIPSTER things I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. My scribbles don’t do justice to how hipster they were?? what even

Anywhoo, this is your daily reminder that the world is full of weird, wonderful, interesting people and I just so happened to meet three of them in one day